Porchlight is On Vol 257 (Done)

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  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids!

    Please read Annie's Post about Danny's Musical Performance.
    It is so heartening!!

    Huggles 'til later,
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  2. fibromickster

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    I did read that post and boy let me tell you, that should be in the news or on You Tube. What an inspiring thing to happen to your son. Again, great job Annie!!!!!

    Thanks for starting us Mrdad, you are the MAN!!!!

    Rock, I wish I would get stung by a bee because I really want to try the penny thing, LOL. I guess pennies are good for something these days. Gosh, I remember when I was little, I would go to the "Dime Store" and get gum for a penny.

    Georgia, I do hope you are feeling better today. Please let us know. I am worried about my cow town girl.

    Well, Linny has another game tonight, I think I already told you guys this. But oh well, I will just tell you again. Hopefully, she brings home a winner, then they will be 4 and 0. They have an awesome team and they never practice. I think they had one practice at the beginning of the year.

    I do go out front with her and throw a lot with the girls. As I said before, I miss playing and coaching so much. Softball was my passion and I loved it. I would travel on tournaments and play all day long and bring the kids with me. I can't even imagine playing all day long anymore.

    Heck, maybe I will try it and see how I feel the next day. I get so many calls from people asking if I would play on their team. I just tell them I have no time anymore rather than explaining my situation.

    Anyway, gang/porchies/pals/friends/etc........ Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a good Thursday. Yippee, tomorrow is Friday already!!!!!!!!!
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Hi there ALL,

    Nothing to exciting happened today except for a wash and going to the gym. The gym was NOT fun but I did the usual (which isn't alot plus the treadmill). I push myself to go every time I do with DH. My legs feel like lead and don't have much energy.

    Annie - again, a job well done by you MOM, Danny, the school and the kids. YAY!!! Great story and post.

    Mrdad - thatnks for starting us all up again ad telling everyone about Annie's post. I actually saw it efore your post.

    Mickey - I hope Linny wins her game tonight. I know how exciting it is with 2 of my girls playing and also with our son too. Our daughter who was a really good player's name was Lynne and sometimes we called her lynnie also. What is your daughter's full name, You might have mentioned it before but of course I have forgotteh it (-: !

    I also read your post back to Nancy. I know what you bth mean. My DH thinks he know sna dunderstands this or these DD's and me but he does not even after all this time. However, he is caring, most of the time (-: !! I really think he forgets that I am in pain a the time cause I am not lying in the bed moaning.

    I will be at a friends house tomorrow so I may be checking you out either before I go or in the evening after dinner.

    BIG HUGS and Blessings to you ALL,

  4. fibromickster

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    Linny's full name is Lindsay Michelle. Yes I gave her my name for her middle name. I love the name Michelle (my real name) and wish I could have named one of my girls that. LOL I hope that doesn't sound conceited. LOL

    I gotta run. See you all tomorrow.
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  5. Cromwell

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    Thanks mrdad and the rest. I am still on cloud nine re all this. You know, just when my faith was getting low, this restored it. I will ask the lady who was filming to put it on utube actually if she will, I don't know if she pointed the camera at the kids in the audience too, hope so-you can imagine we were both so stunned we were in shock!!!

    You know I have more good news to pass on and for people here to pass on.

    There is an area called Jamestown, NY that is at the end of lovely Chautauqua Lake. Lucille Ball was born there. It is very nice, and the houses are very cheap even in the nicer neighborhoods, with some nearby places you can buy homes ON the lake for about $150,000. The wonderful Chautauqua Institution is close by (google it) Lily dale spiritual community too. Anyway, they are looking for 1,200 people to fill long term engineering jobs and will soon need about 600 people to help build the clean coal plant. They have really lovely homes for sale for under $75,000.

    As I know some people live in areas where work is hard to come by, you could pass this to your churches etc and let them know. Western New York is a great place to live (I only hate the snow in the winter,they clear it quickly, I just don;t like cold, but then I hated the rain in Oregon winters too!!!) Mostly, the people seem old fashioned, salt of the earth types.

    We live in a truly lovely New England Village about 25 miles North by Lake Erie. It seems such a shame that when I see people are desparate for work on these boards, really struggling,, these towns don't go national to advertise, so I am passsing this on just in case.

    Plucking up courage to go to Wallies to collect pills and shop-it is super Wallies here-can u believe on the edge of a delightful village? (we are off a thruway ramp that serves many local small towns so we get big stores within a mile-best of both worlds!)

    OOO we can lie in till July 7th now school is out, then summer school starts but still can lie in till 7.00 then instead of 5.30 rising-yippee! And as one person said-no packed lunches for a while-if there is a sorrier sight that a woman who is dead tired, with stiff hands like claws, back not straight yet, legs full of cramps still, trying to make packed lunch at 5.30am (LOL)

    Well hafta watch BBC news now then ABC News then Wheel and Jeopardy and that is our excitement for the evening!!!

    Don't forget to watch that CNN food program on Sat and Sun 8 and 11.

    Love Annie

  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    We have a chatauqua not too distant from us. I gre4w up going to the programs during the 2 weeks that it was open/ The rather primative cabins have been updated and have passed from generation to generation. our youngest son stayed with a friend whose parents had a cottasge and we spent numerous evenings there.

    Grannie: that last "porch" yo0u mentioned Pick and Save. We had one just about 17 miles from jus gthat we shopped at frequently.

    To whom ever asked-------no, I am not youngish!!!!!!Wish I was LOL. The sorority that I belong to is a philanthropic one. I am honorary now ----been in 20 years, then you get to rest!!!!

    This stupid thing right here+_--------!!!! I called my server and I was on the cell phone for 1 houfr and 18 minutes. And guess what?????I can't get e-mail. The last opnes I received were on the 21st. I am too tifred rivght now to call him again!!!!! Tomorrowq is another day!!!!

    I can get things that are under my Favorites though. Think I'll go get my shower now and sit and look atg magazines and TV - Hey, I did see arry King with Luke Ressert on it.

    Luv you friends - you are so caring!!!!


  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---on the Porch today. There's so much going on and, it's
    Summer they say. More light and time to be doing outdoor
    things. Most of Northern Cal sky is bathed in forest fire
    smoke, including SF. Over 800 fires burning here and possibility of more dry lightning over the next few days.
    Seems like the news is filled with fire and water lately.

    Annie, we are, again, so proud of Danny's performance and
    the tribute of his peers and teachers too! You certainly
    deserve overwhelming recognition for the unrelenting love
    and guidance on Danny's behalf. He was so fortunate to get
    the kind of Mother his needs dictate!

    Where's Elaine today? Out sudsing-up that Car again! She
    must have the cleanest car in the neighborhood.

    Julie, hope the ear is doing better today. I wish your return home wasn't greeted with pain. Let us know how you
    and doing, 'K"?

    Rocky, do you play Chess "on line"? Just seems like it would be something you would do. Are you still playing
    cards? It's amazing what one can do on these "machines"
    now, isn't it?

    Joan, I always like to see you Post. I left a note for you
    inquiring as to how your Hubby was doing and ifin' you were
    able to get any help at the House? Hope you're feeling
    "well-er" than we usually feel!

    Mickey, the weekend is almost here! I mostly worked on weekends, but can appreciate people that don't, looking forward to Friday night! Is the flooding under control in
    St. Charles's. Been concerned about Tom, Huck and Jim too!
    That River seems to have always had a mind of it's own.
    (I shocked my friends in High School by pitching a 6 inning
    fast pitch soft-ball game NO HITTER) "Well, Joe let's see
    ya do that again----with this volley ball"!! Poor sports!
    Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Well, lots of ya are beddy-bye back there! Know I missed
    "talking" to most of you, but maybe I'll ketchup tomorrow?
    Sleep tight, "K"?


  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well Lindsay's team brought home another winner. It was a good, long game. They won 14 to 11 and played girls that are 18 and Lindsay's team is only 15 and 16 year olds.

    Joe, I know a lot of guys that played fast pitch softball, my ole coach for one. I didn't realize there were that many men that played fastpitch softball. Wow, a no hitter, that is awesome. I was also a pitcher and played 3rd base. I remember passing out from heat stroke a few times pitching. I just love that sport and getting dirty sliding in the base.

    One time I slid into home and when I went and sat in the dugout a girl stated WOW look at your leg, I looked down and my leg was the size of 3 legs. I went to the emergency room and was told that it was a blood clot that burst. Yikes, I could have died. Anyway, I was in the hospital for a week after that.

    I also ran into poles, got hit by the balls, concussions, but you know, none of that ever made me stop playing. That was how much i loved it. Okay I am really missing it more by talking about it.

    Anyway, I was up until midnight making homemade moscechelli for work today and then had to bake it this morning. Lydia, I had about 4/5 hours sleep too. That just doesn't cut it. Oh well, I can sleep in tomorrow, I think.

    Sorry I am not addressing everyboddy today. I am just whooped today. Take care all my porchies and I will chat later.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, here is the report. I found my keys; Gordon found my checkbook; we are making inroads in the battle against the fleas.

    I am so tired of losing things. I've had brain fog for 25 years and Alzheimer's for about 3 and if this keeps up much longer, I am going to get annoyed. I am about ready to resign from the Optimists Club. Actually I'm about ready to resign from the human race.

    Last night I finally got to the Emotions Anonymous meeting. I missed the first four meetings at the new site. After half an hour I had to leave cause I was falling asleep.

    Do I sound a little crabby this morning? Well, I am.

    Well, what can we do but plod along as best we can?

    Annie, your mention of Chautauqua reminded me of my great uncle by marriage. After some effort I came up w/ his name: Truman Quanrude. Isn't that a great name? Anyway he was a baritone and traveled w/ the Chautauqua for some years back in the 1920s.

    He was the Lutheran Choir Director for 50 years. Thelma Peterson was the church organist for even longer: 60 years.
    Best church choir in town.

    Mickey, yes, I can remember when a penny would buy something. For a penny we could buy gum or candy. And for a nickel one could buy a popsicle, ice cream cone, candy bar or bottle of pop. (No aluminum cans in those days.)

    In 1980, when my son was nine, we saw some pennies in the grass. Maybe 6 or 7. He wouldn't pick them up. "They're not worth anything."

    He was right.

    I remember when I was a teenager and worked at a tourist attraction. The cash register was mechanical, not electric. The smallest sum we could ring up was a nickel. You just had to round things off.

    It was common in those days for a shopkeeper to say, as you were digging in purse or pocket for pennies, "Oh, never mind". And they were worth much more then too.

    Think I will go see if the 99 cent store has flea collars. Sometimes they do and sometimes they etc.



  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The one I love was Yogi Berra, "A nichol ain't worth a dime
    anymore" Or the time he signed an Anniversary card to his
    Wife, "Yogi Berra". Just remember at the .99 Cent store to
    get your Penny change today!

    "It's so crowded, no body goes there anymore"! (Y.B.)

    Later Kids!


  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    and now I am stuffed to the gills. My moscechelli was hit. I know I didn't spell that right, but oh well it sounds right. LOL.

    Rock, I am sorry you are crabby, but that is okay, we are all entitled to have our crabby days. I hope your mood gets uplifted soon. Maybe if you take a walk or hey I know, bring your worthless pennies to a fountain and throw them in the fountain. I used to love doing that when I was a kid and my kids loved it too.

    Elaine I wish my Dad would ground me for life, then I would have an excuse not to go out. I am such a homebody anymore. However, we do have the Pool, poker table, shuffleboard, etc...... so there is a lot to do at my house. That is why I have the parties all the time. Everyone wants to come over. I like that though, then I get to stay home. LOL

    Georgia, I hope your poor Rottie gets better. Poor baby is right. Don't you wish you could just take their pain so they aren't in pain anymore. I can't stand when my doggy is in pain.

    I will never forget last summer, when me and Jack (yellow lab) were attacked by 2 dogs while I was on my nightly walk with him. This lady was walking her 2 dogs and they tore away from her and chomped down right on my baby and me. Jack had to get tubes and stitches all over his neck area and I had to get stitches all over my hands from trying to punch at them.

    When they finally let go of Jack she started leaving. Luckily I had about 8 witnesses, they stayed with Jack while I followed her home to get her address, home insurance, etc......all the while I was bleeding profusely. Not one time did she offer any help or apologize.

    That was a horrible time. I still see her out walking her dogs, however, only one at a time now. I carry mace with me all the time and my cell phone for now on. Her home insurance settled with me and Jack and they quarantined her dogs for 10 days and now they are free again.

    Whoooooo, another long story for you all.

    I hope everyone is having a good day, I am, even on 4 hours sleep, but that is only because it is Friday.

    Gotta run and get some things done here at work. I will check in later before I leave.

  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I know there is a way to read the posts and answer at the same time. Which button do we press? Alt or womething. I used to do it, it gives you two windows.

    First mrdad so sorry about those fires. I just read an article in Science News this week about they expect the fire situation to become even worse due to changing currents off shore due to global warming plus the tops of the trees being even drier.

    Rock I am so sorry about the fleas. The only success I ever had in treating fleas was to clear the house and cover put away all food etc, take doggies out etc. and use the flea bombs that you stand on a chair on newspapers and set to spray (delayed timer)you may not be able to buy the in CAL, I know you cannot in Canada, but it is the only thing that worked as Boric Acid only works well when heated to high temp. They probaboy came in from when you were treating the wild cats. Unless they are sand fleas.

    Companys in NJ charged about $120 to fumigate the house completely and we had that done once. Some confession from an organic nut like me!!!

    Now onto Chautauqua. If you google Chautauqua Institution you will get a lot of info. It is actually the name of a community where the home prices and admission to stuff is far too high for anyone but the rich yet Sundays they do freebies. The village looks adorable and the houses all qualnt Victorians mostly. You pay to even walk round the village! They have world class speakers and artists. You also have to at nearby Lilydale, but homes there are very cheap really-they are oppisite side of the lake. Joan I live 26 miles North of Jamestown in Western NY if you are anywhere near let me know.

    The other Chautauqua where I used to live/work fairly close to is near Pleasantville NY where they publish the Readers Digest. Very sweet little town. I worked for a Senator there and I believe the Clintons now live in the next door house. The house was a duplicate (brothers owned originally) of the one I worked at and it had 36 rooms!!! The Senator had a summer cottage that had nine bedrooms (LOL) so this is why they hafta have the free health insurance!!! So either fo these your Chautauqua Joan?

    Gosh I hafta lie down I am so tired, been shopping most of the day for food and such. Went to collect Danny's results of MRI from hospital and no tumors or anything else. All it showed was thickened skull tissue no known cause. His bloodwork is off which is worrying.

    I am hoping the lady who filmed will do a disc for me and I am also hoping sopmeone filmed the audience kids. In which case I will send these to Carla and she can Utube them for me as I would not know how and she is already a star! Then you can all see the lad!

    Bought a teapot from TJMax that matches my kitchen and is metal so this one will not break.

    Love Annie and tx again to you all.
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I came earlier and posted but it is gone. Probaly user error.

    I can't stay and won't be around much tomorrow. The store was a mess and only had one of the 2 ac's on and it was 85 at noon.

    I love my boss, she is a sweetie and MANY days I don't earn my keep BUT this weekend is one I will.

    I have to work 10-5 tomorrow and need to go now, gotta run a credit card close out- So I will be MIA to AWL-Big wave and kisses for all-Carla
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is time to shut this down and head home for the weekend. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love Fridays and this week really flew by since I was off on Monday.

    I am also off work from the 1/2 day on the 3rd, 4th, 7th, & 8th. So in case I don't get on the computer that much then, I will be okay, I am just taking a break from everything and relaxing.

    August will be my next days off, taking Ashley to college and moving her in. That will be the sadest day of my life. However, I really am happy for her and proud that she has grown into a intelligent, beautiful young woman.

    Seems everyone is MIA this afternoon. Hope you are all doing something fun. Stay healthy and pain free and I will try to get on this weekend, but you know me. I am just too lazy to get on the computer when I am at home.

    Love you guys/gals!!!!!!!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Yes, please listen to Linda. I tend to agree with her (another used to be healthcare worker here) especially if you are on antibiotics. You SHOULD be feeling better after being on the antibitics.
    Make sure you tell them where you have been for the pst months too. That might have a bearing on your case. I am sosorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Why do people get or feel sicker on the weekends ???Please keep us updated.

    Mickey - Well I know you are home and probably in your pool but wanted to say hi and hope you have a nce relaxing weekend with the family.

    Linda - your updated pic on your bio is really beautifully scenic. It is just gorgeous up there I know.

    Carla Iknow you are really busy working today but just wanted to say hi anyway kiddo. Try not to wear yourself out completely (-: !!

    Elaine - Don't worry about your head not being on straight cause mine isn't either a dn i am so achy today (more than usual). Good grief and I went out and helped DH pull weeds. today -- really helpul to the pain I am sure. Plus is is getting hot and should be in the 90's later on so needed to get out there early.

    Mrdad - I just loved your Yogi Berra stories and jokes and all the Yogisms he tells. He is something else and I love him too. How is yourweather? Hope you are not to hot with no a/c !!

    Rock - Glad you found your keys. Don't feel bad I am always on the hunt for my keys or something else. Does Gordon help to keep you straight? We all need alot of help with that. I know I do (-: !!

    Georgia - Hope all is well with you and it is not to hot for you. Still working on Mr. M's Gaban (sp?). Hope you are staying cool !!

    Annie _ know how to do what you asked about the locking into the volume as you write your post. However, I will have to chekc it out so I cana tell youright, K?? There diffrent ways but I find this way easiest for me. If I can doit anyone can (DUH) ? A techie I am NOT.

    Love you y'all and everdobby not mentioned too !


  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Annie,

    I hope I can explain this right so you can understand it:

    Get to the Porch and click RIGHT on reply.

    Then click left (Open new window) on the little screen that pops up for you.

    After you have done that you can start writing your post and click (Left) back and forth on the BOTTOM (in those blue tabs (or whatever you call them) that says ProHealth Chit Chat Board. ) Click the one on the right side, the last one to come up.

    Now you should be able to click back and forth as you write . Click BELOW again on the BLUE (Prohealth Chat Chat Board )when you want to go back and check to see what peoole have said. Click again down below to get the volume you want to post on.

    Does this make any sense to you? I know it took me awhile to feel comfortable about it but now it is easy. Let me know if you understood what I said.

    Good luck !


  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just trying it out now.

    Hy to y'all hope you all get well and cooler....Annie

    Got torrential rain for 40 mins here now it is nice again.
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Any chance of a UC Davis reasonable operation for your

    Rottie? It's terrible how animal medicine is getting about

    as expensive as for humans!


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