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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. mrdad

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    Mornin' Kids, or afternoon!
  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I made it just in time for Julie's Birthday Party. Happy 50th birthday Julie. Please let us know how you doctor visit went. I have been so worried about you especially since none of the medicine is working.

    Guess what?????????? Rock's birthday is 8 days away. So, Rock, how young are you going to be?????? We will have to have another party on the 8th. Hey, that is my Mom's birthday too. Well why don't you all just come on over as I am sure their will be a party at my house again.

    You all have been so busy. Did you miss me????? It is just so hard to get myself to go downstairs and get on the computer when I am home. Sorry, I am not ignoring you guys, I just have so much to do on the weekends. However, I am only at work until Thursday afternoon and then I am off until July 9th, so I will have to get on the computer at home because that is way too long, and I will miss you guys.

    Whew what a weekend, you guys are going to kill me, but I let my daughter get her belly button pierced. It really is cute. However, my DH is really mad at me, he didn't talk to me all last night. I knew he would say no if I said anything to him about it, so I just took her on Saturday and got it done. I think he is over it already because he was really affectionate this morning with me.

    Lindsay won another game Friday and yesterday. They are now 6 and 0. Their uniforms are dark green and white and the name of their team is "The Drillers", I like that.

    Went to church yesterday morning with the whole (DH's side) family as they were honoring the graduates. There were 4 kids graduating. After the service, we had a pot luck lunch and they each graduate's member of their family came up and said a few words. Ashley's grandpa went up and made everyone cry like babies. It was so heart warming what he said about her. Ashley is very very close to her Grandpa and Grandma and she goes to church with them every Sunday. They love her there.

    Well this is so so long. I did read everyone's posts (took me an hour) so I am caught up on everyone's goings and doings.

    Love ya, and I will come back later.

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The "game show" offering a chance for winners to have GORDON'S

    MOTHER'S Voice implanted on one's answering machine has been

    unfortunately, postponed. Negotiations with Alex Traveck to

    host the show are currently deadlocked! His demand to

    be compensated in Canadian Dollars rather than

    U.S."Greenbacks" is currently a stumbling block. Sorry about

    the disappointing delay----

    P.S. Anyone see Mickey?

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  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Mrdad, we must have been posting at the same time. I am back, just took a break over the weekend from the computer since I am on it 40 hours out of the week. LOL

    I am so bummed out about the game show, I was so looking forward to playing that. Well, maybe we can get substitutes for the voice and the host.

    Hey Rock, I was reading one of your posts and noticed you said you are on generic Effexor. I am too, I think it is called Veneflexanine (sp????). You have to take it twice a day. I get the 3 month mail order for 25.00. YOU ARE RIGHT, IT IS A LOT CHEAPER. The only down side is sometimes I forget to take the evening dose and then I am so dizzy the next morning.

    However, it works great and is cheap, so I am happy.

    Well, my daughter is here with me. I brought her to work with me today, because she is going to spend the night with a friend that lives closer to my work. So I can just drop her off on my lunch break.

    Lin thanks for the compliment, they are both wonderful daughters. Just because they have a piercing or two doesn't mean that they are bad. That is just on the outside, the inside is what counts. And anyway, if I was her age, I would get it done too, it is really really cute.

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just poppin in to see if Julie has checked in and thank Elaine for getting Jermone to take care of my car.

    I can't wait to get a peice of that 50 tiered cake, does each layer have a different flavor??

    Oh Mrdad sorry the game show is not working out-keep at it tho it may work out.

    Well I have a lot of things to do, so behind in my bills and papers- so gotta play ketchp-BBL-Carla
  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Boy Elaine, you were right about the food. Yum Yum, it is delicious. I have to see Lin play the guitar, I hope she is somewhat like Angus Young or wait, does he just sing. I can't remember.

    Anyway, sounds like you had a fun and exciting day swimming. What an imagination you have. Maybe you should write a book. You would be very good at that.

    I can't wait for the fireworks. All those sparkly colors in the sky and the big booms. I just love that.

    Yes, the gift bags do have some sparkly things in them. Not sure if Rock and Joe would like it, but I sure do. Thanks Julie.

    Well, I will be back in time for the fireworks.

    Chitchat later, Mickey
  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Awww Greorgia, I am so sorry and you will definetly be in my prayers.

    Times right now are really tough, I know. That is the only reason why I am working to put my kids through college. Hopefully, by then I can quit.

    I will pray and pray that Mr. M gets another job really fast and that you can go back down to part time.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I hope all is well with Julie and her ear and the doc got that taken care of for her. Ir aure sounded PAINFUL !!!!

    I brought some extra Amarettta to put in the Bileys with ice. MMMM, is that ever good !!!

    After a few more of those I will really be ready with my other 2 gals to do our Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy dance. By the way you can take a peak at us in our uniforms in my profiles However, they are a few years old !!

    Mickey - Hi there busy gal. So you let your daughter put an earring in her navel? HMMM?? I know my neice who is now married and has one child and is due with another one had hers done some time ago also. It sure is better than piercing your tongue, nose or their abouts. How can they eat with it in their mouth-yikes. It surely does look uncomfortable too. At least you can hide the one in your navel if you want to at times. Yes, it is true that it is what on the inside that counts.

    Georgia - I am so sorry to hear about Mr. M losinghis job. That is awful and I hope that he will be able to another one to his liking very soon. So sorry that you have to go and get a full time job now.

    Mrdad - Sorry about your r not being able to have the game show but well I guess we will have to wait for another time won;t we shen Aex will accept your prpoosal (-: !!

    Well, I have to leave for now as DH needs the puter.

    Hugs to all,

  9. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Happy day to Julie, hope your ear is doing better. If it is still hurting, just drink, some of Grannis Amaretto, and Baileys.

    Elaine, you know if you are throwing a party the press is bound to show up, I just hope you don't get caught dancing on the tables again.

    Georgia, I am sorry to hear about Mr. M's lack of work, times are getting tough, hopefully something will turn up for him.

    Hi to all,

  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Elaine, that is just not right. How in the world could you not blend in with the group. I would think you would be the center of the group. You are the life of the party.

    Well, you sure would blend in with mine. Anytime girlie, you make me laugh and I love your wild imagination girlfriend.

    Lydia, thank goodness you got in to your doctor. I suspect you will be feeling better in a couple of days with the cleaning that he did to it. I will pray that it does.

    As long as Lindsay is under my roof there is no way she will get anymore body piercings. My mother in law is not happy with me either. It really is so cute, it is just a little bitty diamond, nothing dangly or big, just about the size of a popcorn kernel. She has a cute little body and it looks great on her. If she doesn't like it in a year or two, she can always take it out. No big deal.

    Also, she doesn't walk around with her belly showing ever, so I really don't even know why she wanted it done. I like it when she wears her swim suit, then you can see it.

    Anyway, I agree with Julie, Jerome did a wonderful job with all the decorations and music for Julie's 50th party. Thanks Jerome.

    Come joing us Porchies and help celebrate the Birthday Girl. By the way Julie, try to post a new picture of your new blonde hair - psssss I love my blonde hair and have always been blonde.


    Well I am back, it is 4:45 now and I am ready to shut down. It has been a long long day and I am ready to go home, sit in the recliner and watch my shows that I recorded, especially House Hunters, my favorite. Until tomorrow, bye.
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and glad you made it to the doctor OK ? Sorry you had to wait so long to see him. Hope all he did helps you. I am sure it will but wit hall the digging and stuff he did to your ear I am sure it is probably very tender and possibly inflammed a bit for sure. Hope you will feel as good as new very soon !!! Glad you have pain pills(-: !! Sorry about Amy's house but I am sure later on she will find another just as good or maybe better that meets all her specifications and is just the right price and not in the flood zone !! Enjoy the rest of your party sweetie !!

    Gee whiz, I didn;t expect to be doing our dance on that balance beam.. I am glad we are still all alive !!! Wow, I need another drink of Baileys and amaretta.

    Elaine - I think Mickey pegged you right. You would have made a good Lucy (-: !! I loved her too !

    Well, everyone else party on. I have to go and start fixing dinner. Hopefully I will be here for the end. I didn;t remember to look at the number of posts we were up to in this volume, Wow, I am already so full from all thise party food.

    Hey Julie - has Kiera tried birthday cake yet???

    Bye for now y'all !



  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    to our birthday girl! Hope the lavage was effective, and you will be restored to health promptly! From what I hear about that cake, you will be able to take it home, freeze it, and still have some left next year at this time.

    No, I will not be 39 again. Will be 68, however, I can still pass for 67 and a half.

    Granni, I'm like Li'l Abner. Just love dem pork chops.

    Mickey, who got pierced? Ashley, Lindsay, both? I used to have a dozen or so piercings myself, but I took them out after several years. Still got the tattoos tho.

    MrDad, did you know Alex Trabek and I are the same age? Who do you think has less talent. Alex or Ed McMahon? I'm sure Alex has less personality. Probably as much as Ed Sullivan.

    Elaine, I just can't see you as a synchronized swimmer. You are too much the individualist.

    Linda, I haven't seen a report on your surgery for quite a while. Still getting stiumulated? Will you be up to dancing on the table w/ Granni and Elaine?

    Have to go lie down. I went out in the heat. Weather report claims it's only 84, but it sure feels hotter than that.

    I trust everyone will be on their best behavior. Jerome told me no more cavorting w/ lampshades on the head as he replaced the lamps w/ track lighting.



  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I need to leave the nuttery bipples alone. I posted then went to the hot tub for awhile and my post is gone! I didn't understand.

    Then I clicked on my email program and there it sat, I wrote it but didn't post it, geezzzzzzzz. I'll just blame it on the rum layer of the rum cake glad a good time was had by all so here is what I wrote a while ago

    Well this party is moving right along. Elaine wowed us all with her sync swimming and Granni dancing on the balance beam, but I wouldn’t try it again after Bailey and AM.

    I can’t figure out which flavor is the best, if you see little bites here and there ,It WASN”T ME, ok well maybe one or two

    Julie glad the Dr could fix you up, I would say you were very lucky you cam home when your did, hope you can get some rest tonight, of course after having 40 flavors of cake.

    The Red Velvet is ssssooooo good with the cream cheese iceing, the carrot cake oh another favorite, I Italian Cream cake is just to die for and may if I keep trying all the flavors, hehe.

    Rock you have a tattoo? Will you share it wiff us, piercings too, hmm very cool.

    Micky glad you and your girl had fun getting her belly button, you are a good mom and it shows. You are truly blessed and if I had your life I wouldn’t want to leave home either, wait –do you have pool table????? I am a championship pool player.I miss it so bad but the last year of so I played my fm kicked in and the positions were really hard on my back and neck. But I loved it.

    Is Mr D running around in his speedo I though I saw “something” fly by look for his furry friend or the BKN girls.

    I think I am going over the hot tub for a while and soak in the atmosphere, I do have my camera so be careful what you do, it may be on the Enquire

    Party on-check on my in an hour so to see if I am a prune, Happy Birthday Julie and many many more Hugss -Carla
  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I see the party is almost over except for a little bit of cake. Jerome is asleep in Elaine's chair so I'm being very quiet..................

    Mickey, of course you were missed. There was a hole in the line dancers up on the railing. I'm so glad no one fell off.

    Joe, I'm still working on getting Carl Castle's voice on my machine but he's a busy guy. Think I'll try for Gordon's mom's voice next time. You looked amazing in your Speedo, BTW. Those BeeKeeKee girls thought so too.

    Lin, I did see that the Absolut was missing so I'm glad to know where it went. I will absolutely bring another bottle and hide it deeper in the freezer.

    Carla, I brought my bills along since I heard that you were paying them. I knew you wouldn't mind. I'll do the same for you next month.

    Elaine, so that was you doing your famous tuck and roll off the high beam with Jerome? That Jerome is getting to be a very busy guy.

    Georgia, I'm hoping for a new job very soon for Mr. M. so you can go back to part time. On the other hand, maybe you'll want to stuff those bills under the mattress as fast as you can with this economy.

    Granni's dancing ladeees were one of the main attractions, I hear. And they sang!

    Bevy, it's good to see you feeling better - and blonde! Your party hat almost covered that pretty hair. And you can hear!

    Rock, I know you have a birthday coming up soon. Do you have any requests for a special cake or entertainment?

    My heart goes out to Annie and Danny and Dan. Such a long road they've been traveling. I'm glad you all did a special flashlight tribute at the party for Danny's quick recovery.

    Time to get on with my happy day. The trip to the vet with both cats yesterday wore me out even with my gd's help. At least Sophie finally has a canned hypoallergenic food she will eat - and it's venison! Go figure. Honey won't eat it, of course. :>/

    We're having lovely cool nights and 80 degree days. Wonderful sleeping weather when we're not partying!

    Catch U later. Sending hugs,

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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    First of all, Annie, I just want you to know I just finished saying a long prayer for Danny. I really hope this is an answer to all of your prayers. He has been through so much and deserves to get better.

    Julie I can't believe you are 50. You are beautiful and so young looking. I bet everyone thinks you and Den are the parents of Kiera.

    Lin I love blonde hair too, however, sometimes I do act like a blonde, ask my husband, he will tell you. LOL

    Rock, it is Lindsay, the 15 year old that I let get her belly button pierced. If I was younger I would do it too. I always wanted to get it done, I was just a big scairdy cat. Tattoos are okay for guys, but she better not get a tattoo while she is living with me or she will be grounded the rest of her time at home. LOL I just don't think they are very attractive on woman.

    Carla, I do feel truly blessed to have my life. I have a wonderful husband, 2 wonderful girls, a doggy, a home, a job and family that is close knit. I should be thankful. Thanks for pointing that out to me Carla. It sure would be a perfect life if I didn't have to work though. LOL

    Marta I am glad you missed me, I missed you too. I did kind of trip on the porch but at least I didn't fall. Jerome was ready to catch me if I did anyway.

    I am sorry, I hope I don't offend anyone, because no matter what is on the outside, it is the inside that counts and I love everyone on the Porch no matter what kind of tattoos, piercings, etc... you guys have.

    Elaine, I kind of have to personalities too. I am a Gemini you know. I have a professional one and a down to earth, crazy one that I don't want my kids ever to know about the crazy part, LOL.

    I love pool too and used to play all the time at the pool hall. I wanted a pool table so bad when we finished the game room, however, my husband wanted a poker table. I let him win. He deserves it. So now, we don't have room for a pool table. Oh well, maybe if I got rid of the big leather sectional some day we could put it there and just put a few chairs in the theatre area.

    Well I am so glad it is Tuesday, one more full day and one half day to go to work and then I am off for 6 whole days in a row. I can't wait. I just hope it doesn't go too fast.

    I will come back later porchies. Gotta get some work done.

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  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Julie, glad your B'Day Party was such a success! So happy
    that you arrived home to us in time to celebrate your special
    day on the PORCH! You look MARVELOUS for Forty!

    Thinking of Danny this morning and hope we hear some encouraging reports today! He is such a sweet young man.
    He's so fortunate to have such a loving Mother and advocate
    in Annie.

    Georgia, I think you are wise to wait b-4 finding additional
    work. I'm sure that Mr. M will find some work soon! Have you
    directed Him to "Craigslist" Job Opportunity Forum? It may
    be a good place to look. Does he have a particular skill?
    Drop me an email when time permits. (Baa--Baa--Baaa!) Oh,
    Georgia, I think someone is calling for ewe!

    Later Kids!

    P.S. I'll b-bac!!

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