Porchlight is On Vol 261 (Done)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey kids!! Got ya started but gotta run for my walk to the

    Park! Yes Granni, to see hopefully see my Squirrel and/or

    the "bee-kee-knee" Girls!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I wrote you some questions on your recipe in the last porch volume. Could you go back and check it out for me., Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks Mrdad - for starting us all up again !! Didn't notice till I got done and figured soeone else would be starting up and I'd get caught in the door.. I almost did already !! Bevy has to check my last post !!

    Bye to all, more later on.


  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've turned over a new leaf and read the old volume before coming here! Is that progress or what?

    Thanks to MrDad for getting the light. Hope you had fun at the park. I think you're beekeenee girls took the squirrel because they were jealous.

    Rock, Carl Castle is an NPR reporter/announcer. On one of their Saturday programs, you can win his voice on your answering machine. And yes, venison comes canned for cats. At $1.75 per can, it's too bad I don't like it! I'm also wondering if that's the cause of the tufts of dark cat fur on the floor..... oh deer.

    Julie, two hours of gardening are like two days of most anything else for me. Unless it's hauling rocks, right Carla? I hope you don't pay too dearly.

    Back in the old days of the 70s we went through an energy crunch a bit like now. Hubby and I installed two woodstoves: one on the main floor and one in the lower walkout to use instead of heating oil. It was my job to keep them going all day long to heat the house. I had muscles on my muscles back then and could out arm-wrestle my sons! That was back when the cost of wood was low. Too bad we didn't continue with our pursuit of alternative fuel.

    Linda is our angel. I can only imagine what a welcome vision you were to Annie and Danny - and Dan! Continue to give her our best and let her know we're pulling for them, please. And you take care of yourself!

    Gosh, Elaine, you're having diarhea of the mouth too? I've notice that same thing with me lately. I think something and out it comes. I shock myself but feel no regret. How about you? I often wonder if those of us who are sick swallowed too many opinions over the years.....

    My notes have become indeciperable so I'll just wave hello to everydobby else: to Georgia (good luck with the beans), Granni - hope you get your recipe, Mickey - gotta watch that stress!, and Bevy whose recipe made me burp just reading it. 'scuse me....

    Hugs also to Sweetie, Jodie, Jinlee, Lacymae, Jole, Joan, Kjm, Kylob, apinawareness, springwater...... and Clay Aiken??? Where did that come from on my list??

    Have a great 4th!
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nope, Granni, haven't spent my stimulus check yet. Haven't even gotten it deposited.

    Mickey, my dear, are you crazy in the head?! You work, you are providing the house and pool AND you're going to make all the food?!

    Listen to your Great-Aunt Rock. Tell your daughters to call everyone who is coming and say, "Mom feels terrible. We are canceling the party...Well, maybe if everybody else brought the food...Oh, could you?...Well, why don't you call Dolores and Margaret and ask them if they could bring something too. Otherwise I'm afraid...

    You know what happens to people who do all the work? After awhile they get resentful...and rightfully so. You can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself first.

    You are just being too nice. I was that way most of my life. I've changed in the last decades or two, and am much more content. And guess what. The things I used to feel I had to do get done by somebody else.

    Let others have a turn at being noble.

    Granni and Bevy, I am too Norwegian to eat anything spicier than sour cream. However, once a year a neighbor brings over his home-made jambalaya. I just stand there shoveling it in while explaining I don't eat spicy food. The whole situation is ridiculous. Also delicious.

    Here's another little illustration of the deteriorating world in which we now live. To combat the vicious fleas I bought a lot of chemicals including Lanacane.

    On the front of the box it says: fast, soothing relief from bug bites.

    On the back it says: Do not use on animal bites.

    From the viewpoint of a crabby old men it appears that:

    our schools can't teach;
    the kids don't want to learn;
    nobody cares much anyway.

    Oh, forgot to do this in my mailbox. Better quit before it goes pooof.


  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I never heard it said better.

    AND since it's Rock's birthday on the 8th, I think it calls for another party! We can duplicate the last one or get more ambitious. I'm for easy. He'll be just as old. ;>)

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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I actually just posted not to long ago but just read the latest and thought I would at least at my two cents !!

    Mickey - I must have missed something??. Are you having another party or get together ?? Wow kiddo you really wear me out. Of course you are alot younger than I (and Rock too) actually he is the same age as I until he has his birthday, which I believe is coming up soon.

    I agree with "Aunt or is it Uncle Rock" and nowadays when we do have a party or get together I have everyone bring something and do not do it ALL myself. Yes I used to that too till I got smart and OLD (-: !! No way can I do that unless it is for one couple or two OR go get something from Sams that I can throw in the oven, that is already prepared" ,like their Stouffers Lasagna " - very yummy.

    Of course Aunt or Uncle Rock has good old Gordon who can do most of the cooking - that lucky guy !! My DH can cook steaks on the grill, and stuff like that and , open a can if I am not there to supervise the opening (-: !!

    Seriously Mickey, do not try and wear yourself out !! Give yourself a break !! I think you have been trying to wear yourself out.

    Gotta run so DH can have the puter.

    Luv y ALL,

  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    We have been in drought conditions and we finally have some rain. Yeah! We haven't seen rain, since April.

    Granni, I used fresh tomatoes, 4 of them. The spices were to taste, we started with with about a tablespoon of each. We take it easy on the salt, I swell too much with salt, I think the Tony stuff has enough. We also used 2 cups of rice which made a big pot full. We used the Kielbasa Brand, not kielbasa sausage. You should be able to find it, it is made here in TX. If you can't find it try a smoked sausage. You may also add shrimp, or chicken.

    Marta, you are so cute, burping up the jambalya. I did my fair share last night.

    Mickey, you and I sound a lot alike. I love to entertain, but then I pay for it. Everyone suggests for me to do pot luck, I just can't do it though, I always think what if they don't bring what they said then it throws it all off.
    I would rather do it myself. I also love to do it so maybe I have some control issues. Don't know, but do try to take it easy, and enjoy your hard work.

    Well my washer took a poop on me so I need to figure out if it is worth dh and my aggravation to have it fixed or buy a new one....grrrrrrr.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just figured that I might not be here or able to check the Porch much tomorrow . So, I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, fun, safe, 4th of July tomorrow and that you alL feel well enough to really enjoy it.

    I have to go to DS and DIL tomorrow. Another daughet and fiance should be thee, maybe the boys, not sure. They may be at their other grandparents home in Granbury.

    Gee, it just hit me, I guess Mickey was going to have a 4th of July party - duh !! I think I probably missed a post or two today. My son and dil will be making steaks and potatoes or pot. salad, and I will bring a veggie, another daughter will bring rolls and probably a dessert. I am sure there will also be some chips and stufF there. She said she wanted to make it esy for everyone and I agree. It will be a small gathering if daughter #3 has the kids to bring.

    Mickey - you can still make some good stuff for the party even if you ask those coming to bring something. Anyway, have fun do whatever makes you happy. I am to much in pain to stand to long to make alot of stuff anymore.

    Bevy - Hope you are not to bored with your son gone but enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Thanks for the jambalya recipe. It sounds very good- yummy and thanks for the more specifics !! With something like that you cr add what you want. Did you add any liquid for broth or just what was from the tomatoes. Also, did you put the rice in with it at the end to cook or cook it separatedly. Sorry for ALL these questions. You can tell how much I have made it (-: !!

    Marta - Hope all is well with you and those wild kitties. Yes, lets have aparty for Rock. It does sound like a gareat idea. Then we can give Elaine, Mickey and maybe Bevy something to do if they want to do all the cooking (-: !!

    We'll talk about it later but now e have to conentrate of tomorrow- the 4th of July. Luckily we won't have to bring to much stuff, oh also a bottle of vino.

    I will be gone tonight to choir practice so I just wanted to tell everyone to have a wonderul and safe Fourth !!! Put out your flags now !!

    Big hugs to Y'ALL !!


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  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope what it is that you do for this holiday that it is everything you wanted it to be.

    I will be at the sweat shop tomorrow. I hope the ac is working as hot and humid are the in the forcast.

    Elaine yes I have been gone, lurking now and then but still in a flair after last weekends work. I have a lot going on, got someone to tear my building down and thought he would build me one, but that part didn't work out - so now I have been out looking at buildings plus rock hauling in between, I am just a little overwhelmed from being so tired after feeling so good for awhile. Just a hump I will get over...eventually :)

    Rock I too like the way you think, life is too short to spend it with people who suck the life out of you. I am always looking for something too, I have spent countless hours in my life looking for something that was right in front of me,lol. I hope you and Gordon enjoy your weekend.

    Bevy are you in the tub yet, with bubbles and a little bubbly or bev and just relaxing. Treat yourself well and rest up for what is coming up when the kids do come home.

    Monica- glad to hear you are feeling better and the surgery was a success except the migrains, hopefully with time. I love the rose, I missed the other pic and my plant still has not fully bloomed.

    Granni hope you have a good time at the son's with the steaks, sounds good.

    Julie are you starting to settle in a little more today. How long do you get to stay home before going back? I hope your feeling better as well as Kiera, it is so hard on babies to feel bad and can't tell you what is wrong.

    Mrdad are you spending the 4th wiff the little guys, maybe try catching crabs again? Hope you are feeling up to a good time.

    Hello to Marta, Linda, Lacey, Springwater, Rosie, Joan, Sweety, Georgia and anyone I can't remember at the moment, I am doing well to remember my own name this week- Love ya all and hopefully will bounce back soon-Carla
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  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Stopping in to wish each of the "Porchies" a happy 4th. We have no plans other than to grill a steak and have a watermelon. In my past life, we always spent the 4th at the beach with my family. Things have really changed.

    Julie...Wishing you a happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed your party. I do hope you are feeling better soon. There is no pain quite like that of a bad earache. I still remember when I was young and my eardrum burst. I can't hear very good with that ear since then.

    Linda....You are an angel. What a wonderful friend you were to Annie. I wish I lived close enough so that I could visit with you guys. That is a dream of mine.

    Jodie...Where are you??? Are you OK?

    Carla....Sorry you are not feeling very good and that you have to work today. You need to take it take care of yourself.

    Georgia....Sorry about Mr. M's job. We are in the same boat. Husband is still looking and son has just started to look. He has just been released by his surgeon to work so he is just now able to file for unemployment. Every bit of money will help but it is far from being enough to pay our bills.

    Rock....Sorry that you have been losing items....so frustrating. I wish that there was a solution for it because it is so irritating. That was one of my worst problems but for some reason I have made some improvement. It may be the extra Vitamin D that has helped me.

    Got a phone call. Got to go.


  11. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am getting ready to go to the laundrymat...boo hiss, we haven't decided which way we are going to go with the washer. I have to wash my sheets due to my dog he was playing in the mud, and jumped up on the bed.

    Granni, you must use 2 x as much liquid as rice. We used beef stock, but you can use tomato sauce, or chicken stock, whatever you prefer. Just remember 1 c. of rice to 2 c. of liquid. Let me know how it turns out.

    I have to get busy now, so everyone be safe.


    Oh Lin, thanks for giving us an update that is great news for them. Please let them know that we are all hoping for the best.
  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    At first I thought how pathetic to be online on the fourth of July.... then I thought about how lucky I am to have a computer, to have people to write to, to have this lovely day. And that's the best Pollyanna imitation I can do today.

    Linda, Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a lot of fireworks in your day.

    Julie, I made it 20 minutes in the garden and still was pooped, so I can imagine what you felt after two hours.

    1Sweetie, yes, things have changed. I remember well all the July 4th parties I had and went to. It was just something people did.

    Georgia, thank God for unemployment. And they've extended it too.

    Bevy, there for a minute after reading about you doing laundry, I thought you were telling Granni to wash the rice.

    I'm going out into the yard now with my sparkler. Since it lasts all day I'd better get going. Thanks, Elaine!

    Hugs to all, near and far - and may we have peace on earth,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got back not to long ago from the afternoon with our son, DIL, daugther #3, fiance and three sons. We stayed for lunch and left before dark./ They were going off to go and buy some fireworks for the kids. DH could care less about the fireworks and wanted to get home before dark. it takes over an hour to get home,

    Hope everybody had or is having a wonderful time, with family, friends, or as someone said ( I can't remember", OR whatever makes you happy !!)

    Bevy - Thanks for the info about the rice and liquid on the jambalaya. I thought it would be rather dry with out it (-: !!! I will try it one day when I have all the ingredienets. I might eliminate the radishes. I am nto sure I ever put that in anything besides a salad. Also, the Tony Chachere's seasoning (sp) mightbe enought without the Chili powder. Will see after I mix it up and taste it. I also put less chili powder in chili than they say also. Like they say you can always add but taste first. It is kind of hard to remove anything once it has been put in there (-: !!

    Linda - Have a vaery happy Anniversary ! How many is it for you? If you mentioned it Imissed it.. Thanks for helping us keep track of Annie and Danny.

    Marta - I just noticed your pic in the bio. Is that Honey? She is a honey color if that is her. What a tired kitty she looks like in the picture. Yes, we have to be thankful for what we DO have. Luckily our get together was inside and not outside and also the humidity was down a bit today.

    Elaine - Thanks for the sparkers. I remember doing that as a kid. That is all I need and to watch some of th pretty ones on TV.

    Carla - Hope you get a little more energy (maybe it is all those joyrides in your golfcart??). I know all that work and moving stuff has not been easy on you.

    Sweetie - Hi there. Glad to see you here on the porch for a bit. Hope things will work out for you soon and your DH will find a new job and your son can get unemplyment too. You have been through so much is such a short time. I hope things will straighten out for you all soon.

    Georgia - I remember those sparklers too growing uo buta did not get to blow them up as we did not live in the south and had red ants. However, my brother used to fry them under a magnigying glass when the sun would hit them - crazy kid !! That was a little boy for you ! Hope things will work out for Mr M soon but glad aat least he is getting unemployment which is a big help.

    Julie - How is your ear doing? I don't think I remember you mentioning it. Hope it is feeling alot better by now.
    You are right when you say that ELAINE should stay the way she is and keep telling those guys to "straighten up and fly right" as they say - OR GET LOST !!

    Well all, I have to get off here and at least starta getting ready for bed, take a shower and all that stuff. Tomoorrow will be a fun day of weeding and also a little bit the gym. We did not go the other day we were going to do so. I just know I will not do the weights on my arms, and hest area, as I think they are finally starting to feel better.

    I'm off to take a shower and go watch some fireworks and listen to some music on TV with DH, I believe.

    Love to you AWL,


  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope awl are doing something that keeps your spirits high and honor our country, we are very lucky to be free to make choices in our lifes and I appreciate those that have gone before and those that are serving now and the families for fighting for our right to be free now and the future.

    Now my 4th was a semi quiet and COOL day at work, it was slow for awhile and I read a small book I bought for my grandaughter about life lessons for graduates, it was very cool and got it at the $1 store, yippeee. Gotta love that place.

    Then one of the new vendors came in and a few customers came in, some to sell and some to look. It was a nice break from the last 2 weeks.

    Stopped and got some rocks on my home and now need to unload them, most are small, one hand thing-grab and toss.

    Oh Bevy I remember those laundry mat daze, the only good thing is you get it all done at one time. MANY years ago like the early 80's, I was single and worked as a waitress and a very nice seafood and beef house, I worked a lot of spilt shifts and had to go the laundry mat. Then found out the owner would do your laundry for you, put it on hangers and fold for a very resonable price. So once a week I would drop it off and pick it up the next day, so nice and well worth the money.

    Elaine thanks for the sparklers, the gorls don't know what to think about it tho.

    Marta glad you got out in the garden, even if for a short time. Enjoy your sparkler.

    Linda hope you are enjoying your anniversery, are you going to go to the falls and watch fireworks? I bet it is beautiful. Oh I just check the tv guide and there is a show called COnquering Niagra, I think I have seen it tho, about the people that have got to close to the edge and often go over, ow I bet that left a bruise.

    Mrdad you have been quiet, hope you are out having fun, watch out for those crabs.

    Georgia I hope you and Mr M are enjoying your weekend and your extra time together since he is on a paid vacation, sounds better then unemployment :) I know he will find something soon, good mechanics are always needed. DO you fish in a boat or on a bank of a river or lake? I LOVE to fish and miss it very much, my ex and I had a small boat or large canoe but it was enough for us put lounge chairs on the small deck he built and we would stay all night on the lake and wake up and fish the dawn. Then when it got hot and the jet skiers and such came in, we would leave.

    Julie I hope you had a good time with the family and didn't over do yourself and let someone else do the work.

    Granni I hope you ate enough steak for me too, I love a good filet mignon or prime rib, was there any red, white and blue jello?? A 4th party isn't complete with out it.

    Well better get busy as I don't want to do this in the morning, I am going to look at more buildings. Hope everydobby has a great weekend-Carla
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I have been doing alot of piddling around today. Did a bit of weeding. ran out of barrels so didn't have to do it that long. Also, went to the gym and did some on the treadmill and the leg pushy thingy since we didn't go the other day, plus a wash. I guess that was something but thee is alot ot do at home that I do not feel like doing-ugh.

    Julie- So sorry that your ear is still bugging you and hope the doctor can take care of that once and for all on monday when you go. Also sorry to hear that they still so much help back in Belize where you just came from. It is wonderful that Den has the skills and you both have the love and patience to do what you have been doing there. Sounds like they all need SO much and may need help for some time.

    Hope that you enjoy the races like you used to. Might help for you to forget some of you ear pain and discomfort.

    Carla - Sounds like yesterday has been alot more restful that those you have had recently (-: !! I think you needed a break!!

    Georgia - Glad you had a restful day yesterday. That carne asada sounds good. Not sure Ihave ever had it but it is Mexican and contains meat and that is all I can figure out. Is it an easy or a difficut dish or should I say one that takes time and prep? I usually try and do stuff with as little prep and ingredients as possible.

    Hope today is a restful one too since it is a saturday. What are you knitting now? Finished with the shawl or the whatever you call it for Mr. M that you had to redo parts of it?

    Hope everydobby else is doing well and feeling ok this holiday weekend. Hope all are not feelig to badly.

    Hi also to Bevy, Marta, Sweetie, Annie, Linda, Mrd, Rock and whoever else I forgot to name.

    Jodie are you still around sweetie? Hope all is going well and that ou are just busy!!

    Hugs and blessings to Y'ALL,


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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, now I'm getting worried. Why haven't we heard from Mickey? It's been 3 days since she posted. I hope she's not mad at me.

    I hope she doesn't think I was butting into her life.

    Some of the changes I've made in my life over the last couple decades were because people pointed out things to me that were helpful: get toxic people out of your life; stop volunteering; let others share the work; don't pick up the check when it's not your turn; don't work overtime unless you get paid for it.

    It is not your responsibility to make your crazy family happy. And you can't do it anyway, so quit trying.

    Well, I hope the reason that she's not posting is cause she's busy w/ holiday activities.

    Mickey, are you reading this? I'm sorry if I offended you.


  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Of course I cannot say for sure but I don't THINK that you hurt her feelings any. If I had to guess, I would say that she was just super busy and doing to much stuff for everyone else and not mad at you.

    You are to sweet for her to be upset at you, my friend. Plus, I told her almost the same thing as you did. So, if so she will be upset at me too but I don't think so.

    We just got home for a delicious steak dinner at a new restaurant.. Boy was that good and not cheap either - Chateau Briant - Wow !! It was really excellent. Next time we will probably try their Fish and Chips. It is an English PUB and Steak House. Even the boss, an older guy originally from England was there supervisiong and bringing things to the table, slicing the meat, etc.. The meat was so tender you did not need a knife. It was really delicious.

    Hope everyone is having fun with friends and or family.

    Hugs and God bless to AWL,


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  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea. I wouldn't worry too much about Mickey being upset.

    You're such a great guy that even GORDON never has found a

    reason to "yell at ya"!


  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Gonna sneak in under the wire.

    Rock everydobby is right-Mickey is on vaca and is home entertaining, no worry that is great advice and do my best to live my life as such.

    Need it simple, altho I have to admit my projects never are,LOL. But they are all a part of the bigger picture and I just hope I live long enough to reap my rewards for my hard work :)

    Just a drop in to nite-nity to awl, I did have a full day but made it threw it and enjoyed most of it.

    I took the girls with me and Twy played Houdini again, once at Lowes, I was standing there looking at sheds and out she goes.

    The other 2 times was at my rock collection sites. I just let her go and started to leave without her and here she came. She loves the chase and momma don't play that game anymore,lol.

    Catch up tomorrow- Carla

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