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  1. mrdad

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    Sey Hey Kids! Hope awl had a wonderful Independence Celebration yesterday! There was, thankfully, a "small"
    group at the BBQ. Most were Kids under 4ft!! As I said,
    a rather "small group".


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  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Of course you didn't offend me. You could never do that. I wish I would have taken your advice. I was so sore and tired that I couldn't even clean the house for the party. The girls did most of it and they did a great job.

    Russ barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers, my Dad brought ribs and my Father in law barbecued pork steaks. I made fruit salad and corn on the cob. My sister, the one who asked me to have this party, didn't bring a thing. I am so mad at her. She even invited HER friends to come to MY house. LOL can you believe it.

    She is a piece of work. Anyway, we didn't have much to go with the barbecue but oh well. Like you all said, I am not doing it all anymore. Everyone uses my house they can at least bring the food.

    I woke up this morning barely being able to move. I broke down and took 2 pain pills and laid back down for 1/2 hour. That really helped, I feel fine now. Russ went fishing all day, and Lindsay and friends went to Six Flaggs this morning. I of the other mother's brought them their. I just got back from picking them up. That is a 2 hour round trip. It was worth it though they had a wonderful time. 2 of her friends are spending the night.

    Tomorrow my Sister asked me to babysitt from 12:30 to 3:30 while they go look at houses. It is about time, they have been living with his Dad for the past 5 years because they filed for banqruptcy a while back. They both have jobs, but they just don't know how to save money and they don't pay their bills. they just spend spend spend on vacations, etc.......

    Hopefully one day they will learn. I don't see how any bank is going to loan them the money to buy a house. If they do their interest rate sure will be sky high. They are both 40 and 43 so you would think they would learn by now.

    Last night after everyone left I went out and sat on the deck and was able to see tons of fireworks all over the sky. It was beautiful.

    I just want to say to my Porch Family that I love you all and thank you so much for caring about me. Rock I would never take offense at whatever you say. Like I said you are the best and a friend that I will cherish forever.

    Love you all and hope you all had a wonderful 4th with your family and friends.


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  3. mrdad

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    ---at the BBQ I said to the hostess, "why NO, I didn't bring

    any 'contribution' to the BBQ"! I never have to bring any-

    thing to Mickey's BBQ's, and SHE has a SWIMMING POOL!

    (Ya have to put your critics on the defensive)!! Ya know

    what I'm sayin'?

    Hope awl are havin' a great weekend!

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  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    MRDAD you better bring a dish or you can't go swimming. Ha, that is what I can say for now on. Good one Joe. Elaine, I too always bring a dish when I am invited to a party, that is just common courtesy.

    Anyway, I am glad that is all overwith. It is 11:30 and I just woke up, WOW, half my day is gone already. I think I got too much sleep, because I am really dizzy now.

    No Rock it is not because I have blonde hair, hahaha. How are you doing, I hope you log on soon so you know that I didn't take offense to anything. Lydia was right you are the best and you are so sweet to look out for all of us.

    As for as I know, there shouldn't be anymore parties at my house for awhile. I may have one for my Daddy's birthday at the end of August, but I will make sure and tell everyone "NO SWIMMING UNLESS YOU BRING A DISH". It is funny I didn't think I would have to tell anyone to do that, I just thought you know to bring a dish to someone's house when they invite you.

    Well, I better go get in the shower, my niece is coming over at 12:30 so her (deadbeat) Mom and Dad can go look at houses. Hopefully they will be back at 3:30 like she said, but I doubt it. It will probably be around 6.

    Love you all and i will check in later. By the way, arent' you all proud of me for loggin in while I am at home. LOL

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Porchies,

    Just went to church this morning and it seemsed so weird since I wasn't singing in the choir cause theu were off this weekend. They are also singing at different Masses at least for the summer. I do not know what is going to happen after the summer. One of the other choir directors also retired, and lots of things going on with lots of changes. So, we wll see !

    Mickey - Yes, I told Rock not to worry as a bunch of us did, to tell him that you were not and could not be upset at him. I also told him I told you the same thing, to have others bring food to and let others do some of the work for a change. That girl needs a BREAK !!! Since you have a pool I think some of them might have been taking advantage. Some may not even think about it but they need to learn if they do not know what common coutesty is. If you continue to do a bunch of stuff for everyone they will all just expect it (or at least some will). I usually not make a dinner for a bunch of people by myself unless, it is already done and all I have to do is throw it in the oven.

    I just thought of something you could do if people forget to bring food. Make a big sign and put it next to the pool saying - NO SWIMMING ALLOWED UNLESS YOU BROUGHT FOOD OR DRINKS TO THIS GATHERING. They might be taken back but I'll bet they may not forget to bring something next time. HOPE THEY ALSO BRINNG THEIR OWN TOWELS AND SUCH TOO.

    Rock - see we told you Mickey wasn't mad at you. We all love you to much anyway and you keep us on our toes and make us laugh !!!

    Mrdad - Yes I kike small gatherings too (smal people anad small numbers) esp if I have to feed them. That was a cute one. Glad you had fun !!

    Elaine - So sorry to hear about your insurance problem. What a mess and some are getting so expensive too. It is really bad for those of us with chronic problems, neeed alot of dr visit ans meds.

    Yes, eliminating alot of the toxic people in your life has got to make you and everyone else feel better, that have those kind of people around. Hopefully they are not your relatives but I know some of yours are.

    Hey, your tap dancing wasn't all that bad. Want to try and tap dance with me or would you rather sing a duet (-: !!

    Well, I have to go and do some other stuff. Don't ask me what cause I do not really feel like doing much of anything (-: !!

    Hugs to Julie, Carla, Sweetie, Marta, Lacey, Linda, Kylob, Annie,Joan, Springwaters and everyone else I can't remember right now !


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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here I am, typing away in the mail box. Or should we say "keyboarding" now that we don't use typewriters. I told my brother I clicked on the Compose box. Did that make me a composer?

    He wrote back and said, "No, it makes you a clicker."

    Mickey, I see you and Grannie are thinking along the same lines: First you carry in the food. Then you can get in the pool.

    I was posting yesterday. Took me ten minutes to think of the word "potluck". Anyway there were three dishes I used to take to potlucks. Imitation cheese cake; tuna hot dish; ham-cheese salad.

    The cheese cake was imitation, because it was no-bake. And the recipe called for pie filling on top.

    People were always impressed since I was a "bachelor" and they expected me to bring something simple like a jar of pickles.

    You and I both slept till noon, Mickey. I wanted to go to the Farmers' Market and see Aunt Willie, the bee lady, but I always sleep late when I need to be up early.

    This conflict between what I want to do and what my body wants to do has been going on for almost 30 years. I am really tired of it, but there is no reasonable hope for change at this date.

    Well, anyway, I'm glad your party was a big success. I guess you've pretty much recovered from being worn out, huh? I am happy to hear your were not offended by my advices. (Had a co-worker who always used the plural.) "Please send me your advices at your earliest convenience."

    Thank you for your post putting everything in perspective, MrDad. i.e., I never take anything to Mickey's BBQ and she has a pool!

    Elaine, I would never consider you uppity. I admire all your energy and joie de vivre. Hard to believe you were once confined to bed.

    I was trying to picture you lying on the floor in your ball gown. Possibly looked a little like Cher's bathmat, huh?

    Well, I'd better do this in sections so as to minimize shrinkage. Back in a bit.


  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm jumping in here while the crowd is small. I see that Jerome picked up all the burnt out sparklers Elaine kindly brought. That sucker had me up half of the night. It would NOT go out.

    Joe, glad you had only a small BBQ and I'm with you about not taking anything. When I used to have get-togethers, the women used to complain that the single guys never brought anything for a pot luck but the women always felt they had to. A hangover from the Old Days, I guess.

    Mickey, I'm proud of you for having a new outlook - and Julie's getting a St. Bernard?? With the price of gas, maybe you can ride him.

    Elaine, I have the same conumdrum here about insurance. I have Medicare Part A and B, plus D which covers no drug I take, and I have supplemental insurance besides. I think I'm over insured but when I think of dropping some, people tell me that would be foolish. Like you I can't think of too many things that would make me need all that expensive coverage. And yet.........

    Granni, next thing you'll be directing that choir, I just know it! You could do it, too!

    Rock, you hit on a question I've had. If we're not typing, what are we doing (assuming we're fingering our keyboard). Keying is, I think, the word but I still "type".

    'Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm reading a real good book, so back to it I'll go.

    Hugs all around, near and far - to ALL,
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, the kitties eyes look ok. I just had to catch whichever I could. Gordon said maybe I was catching the same one over and over. "Put water on its tail. That way you'll know if you treated it already."

    The kitties are now so big and can run so fast I can't catch them. From what I can see, the weak boric acid solution worked. They are still hiding in the flowers. It's like having pixies in the garden.

    Their favorite game is to swat the fern fronds. (She sells sea shells and fern frond from the sea shore.)

    Bevy, I wrote something by your name that looks like "wanker died". Couldn't figure out who wanker was, so went back and looked at your post. Oh, it was "Washer" died.

    Remember when Lucy's washer died, well, was replaced? The Riccardos sold it to the Mertzes and from thereon the plot developed.

    Just read a book by Madelyn Pugh. Name sound familiar? She wrote for Lucy for decades. She greatly admired both Lucy and Desi. She did say that Lucy invented some of stories that she told when interviewed.

    Still planning to try the jambalaya, Granni? Your group can sing that song that Jo Stafford and lots of others recorded. "Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou." Big hit in the 50s.

    I think that was written by the famous country western singer...what was his name? Hank Williams, maybe. He died very young, about age 29. Shoot, I can't remember anything anymore.

    Once I knew all the Presidents in order (Well, there were a lot fewer when I was in the 7th grade.) and all the counties in Minnesota (about 70, I think). Now, well, you know how it is now.

    Ok, will have to comeback and finish this later.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Back again. Georgia, I'm reading Dancing at the Rascal Fair by Ivan Doig. (We just read one of his other books in the book club.)

    The "Dancing" book is about raising sheep in 19th century Montana. The characters (the non-sheep ones) are immigrants from Scotland.

    I took cat's claw at one time. From the rain forest: una de gato. Supposed to be good for the immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

    Thanks for the reports on Annie and Danny, Linda. Happy 22nd anniversary.

    Julie, I wasn't sure if you were talking about getting on a mower or a blower. I see from your latest post it was a mower. Land O Goshan, I'd be afraid to get on one of those things. Remember when Lucy rode one thru the suburbs and down the highway?

    You're right, Sweetie, losing things is irritating. What's even more irritating is that no matter how careful I try to be, it keeps happening.

    I hope some job leads come along for the men folk. Same for Mr. M., Georgia.

    You know, a quiet afternoon on a porch (a real porch) w/ a rocker or a glider and some watermelon (w/ flavor) sounds wonderful. I am so sick of the big city noise and crowds and confusion.

    Don't think you need to worry about being a pollyanna, Marta. You know, I've never understood that dichotomy about the glass half full, etc.

    "Half" means half. It's it's half full it's also half empty and vice versa. It's never one; it's always both. Or am I missing something?

    Can't read what I wrote after your name, Carla. Looks like honk and squat. Maybe it's hide and seek w/ re: to Twyla. She's a scamp.

    Time to do a few errands, but it's too hot to do much.

    Oh, yeah, I have no desire to have a fuss made re: my birthday. On the other hand, if you folks feel you need to have an excuse for another party, I don't want to spoil anyone's fun.

    One of my coworkers who was of Swedish ancestry said one time, "I don't like to stick out. I don't want to be the first one into a room, and I don't want to be the last one. I want to be in the middle."

    That's pretty much the Scandinavian view. Scandinavians aren't what you'd call demonstrative.

    There's an old joke about the Norskie who loved his wife so much he almost told her.

    Hugs and Kisses to all

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I brought my famous chocolate chip cookies, so may I please jump in the pool?

    It has been a busy day but did hire out a job I just couldn’t do which was digging out the rest of my front ditch.

    But then fussed with my mower today, I am now a mechanic. It did this once before and I fixed it but not having luck today, plus it won’t start…again, I still have to return my down the road neighbor his charger and go buy one tomorrow

    I did get the front yard done then it died so I gave up too. My legs were really hurting from all the squatting, bend, ect. Then it hit me, I had forgotten to take my afternoon meds, I was so busy with people here and such just forgot.

    My body remembers tho, so now I an stretched out waiting for the meds to work then will take the girls for a ride.

    Mickey I slept until 11 myself, so I know what you mean, it is 7pm ALREADY where did my day go???

    Julie a ST BERNARED?? I have one in my neighborhood, he chases us in my golf cart. He is not a mean dog as I have stopped and he is very lovable but when my girls act up because I am petting another dog, then it is Woof Fest. He is very LOUD too. I would not want to feed him or clean up after him. Better you than me-

    I used to go to the drag strip and monster truck stuff but can’t imagine with your ear issue how that must have felt. Hope you get another treatment tomorrow and get threw this thing.

    Rock I love cheesecake real or otherwise

    Elaine very nice entrance, makes up for the one bad fall you took.

    Granni I feel like you- I have things I need to do but don’t want to do anything.

    Marta you could have been on my porch and listened to firework and multiple gunshots that were going on all around me- really at 1 am someone was shooting guns- redneck 4th thing.

    Well I guess I need to get going before it gets dark and see if I can at least get my mower started and the girls a ride- So CYL-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Gee, the kids got a St. Bernard puppy !!! Wow, I am sure he is going to eat alot and not be to dainty around the house. However, they do seem like very sweet dogs. As you said, at least he will not be in your house most of the time, Yes, I think Kiera will soon be able to ride him !! Glad that you are going tomorrow for another dr. visit about your ear. Hope that clears up soon !!

    Carla - Thanks for those choc chip cookies - yummy !! Better hide them or my DH will eat them ALL. He is a choc chip cookie freak !! I like them pretty much myself especially right out of the oven when the chips are melting - mmmm!!!

    Marta - Don't know about me being able to lead the choir. It takes alot of skill and alot more music than I have had. It would be fun to try though (-: !! Thanks for you confidence in me though hon ! How are those silly kitties doing?

    Elaine - Pssst !!!Be really quiet and don't tell Rock cause he doesn't want any fuss but - - - - Don't forget about Rock's birthday tomorrow. Gee's he going to be older than me now by a few months (Poor guy). We have to make him feel happy. I like those ideas for presents that Julie gave us especially the computer that works by itself when he talks into it. I could use one of those myself.

    So get your party planning hat on and maybe Mickey can help a little if she is not to busy (-: !!

    Sorry all, DH needs the puter again so I gotta run. Hope to come back later If not it'll be tomorrow.

    Love tc everydobby !!


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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Gee, now you are older than I am by a few months. !! That means you are so much smarter - right (-: ???

    Wow, how do you like those neat things in our bag that help us find out stuff if we tend to misplace them. Don't worry Rock we all hae the same problem with losing stuff !!

    Yes, I called our gals and they will help to perform for our entertainment later on. Hope I dont end up in the pool like Elaine was talking about with her syncronized swimming act. I may be a fairly good dancer but swimmer I am not. I would also hae to have fancy life jacket so I do not drown (-: !! Wow, that food looks fantastic and I am starved. So, I guess I'll be meeting Elaine at the food table.

    Rock - Is Gordon whipping up something scrumptious for your birthday??

    Julie - Thanks for letting us use the kids new St. Bernard pup for pony rides. Hope he doesn't eat all the food (-: !! Also, let us know about what the doc has to saw about your ear.Thanks also for the eautiful jello layerd
    Jello surprise or whatever. It is not a surprise cause it siso baing you can't really hide it anywhere.

    Well Elaine has named just about everyone. Hope to see you all at the parter sooner rather than later I am writing fast now. When DH comes home he will want to go work out and or weed after he check what he has to on the puter.

    Elaine - you look so dazzling with that tiara. Are you sure you want to sell it to someone.?

    See you all later on after I fill up on food.

    Hugs to everydobby!



  13. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Well, I've brought all kinds of meat so lets get that grill going and have some "Good Eats". They had ribs on sale so I stock piled them up and we are going to have some sweet and them some sassy. Since I know our Rock isn't partial to spicy. I also brought some good 'ole WI brats just in case somone cares for something different.

    I see Carla is coming with her nuttery bipple and Granni has the Bailey's --- should be a good time in the hot tub tonight.

    Elaine --- You always look stunning my dear. I can't wait for the entertainment.

    OK, enough jabbering from me...the coals are getting just right so I need to get those ribs on so they are just perfect.
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wow! Here's hoping that you have a wonderful B'Day! Any
    big plans apres the PORCH PARTY in your honor? Or will we
    just wear ya out?

    Waiting to get a report on Danny. Hope he's doin' well,
    Annie too!

    Gonna be warm here today but not as hot as Georgia's Cow
    Town! Stay cool ifin' ewe can. Keep the Sheepy in the
    shade wiff lots of water available. Carna Asada!! "The
    last steak I ate, I cut out of 'Good House Keeping' magazine"! (Hawk Eye---"MASH")
    Try: Breast of Chicken marinated in toematio sauce, on Bar-B
    wiff jack cheese>melt>more sauce. Remove & varnish wiff gracumolie and sour cream! It's good!!! Brown rice and a
    Dos XX'e!! (or three!)

    I'm gonna leave for awhile to render B'Day greeting space for our Rocky! B-Bac later, "K"?

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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I think his birthday is tomorrow, the 8th. Oh well, we can celebrate for 2 days.

    Julie I love St. Bernards, they are so cute and sweet and BIG. They are cuddlers too. I would love to have one of those. However, I don't think Jack, my yellow lab would be too keen on having one.

    Well today is Monday and I AM OFF WORK, YAHOO and TOMORROW TOO. Man do I need it, however, I need to go to the bank, the goodwill to drop off clothes, Spring store because my daughter's phone is acting up and I am picking up my niece and nephew to take them swimming here. they just love their Aunt Mickey.

    It is already 11:40, I slept until 9:30 this mornign, with no alarm clock, that was so nice.

    Rock, those cats must be a hoot to watch. They are the funniest characters. Also Rock please always "Please send me your advices at your earliest convenience." as your co-worker says. I welcome any and all advice from my Porchies.

    I will bring the fruit salad and the pool tomorrow for the party. I will rent a big truck to haul it there. LOL

    Oh I wanted to write so much more, but I am being paged by my daughter, we really do need to get going if I am going to get my kiddos by 12:30.

    I will come back later Porchies.

    PS I also really would like to know how Danny is doing????? Lin, do you have any updates yet???? Thank you so much for keeping up apprised of Annie and Danny, you are a GEM.


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  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Rock and big Happy Birthday to you!

    Yep, Jerome, Elaine, Julie, Monica and awl have done a great job on the porch, looks so festive. And that big bag of presents oh my can't wait to see what all is in there.

    Now where did I put that thing that finds everything for you???

    I thought I would build a rock garden for Rock, then he and Gordon can place their beautiful orchids when the weather is right or just sit and stare at it like the clouds and look for hidden shapes in the rocks. Hey if someone can see Jesus in a grilled cheese samich, imagine what you can see in rocks that are older than our Rock, esp after a nuttry bipple or two :-O

    JULIE- look at my profile pic- it is the St Bernard that chases us, except they shaved him for the summer. The first time I saw him with his new hair cut I didn't know what he was,lol. He is taller then me when he jumps up and puts his paws on my shoulders but I am only 5'3 but still he is big ole boy. Now can you send Den over to fix my mower...please??????

    Hope the Dr appt went well.

    Saying prayers for Danny today as he is having his surgery today, we need to save some left overs for Annie, but it looks like there will be plenty, esp the 68 layer of jello.

    Well kiddies I must run into to town for a spark plug, fuse and a charger and will return later. So party on! Carla
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So, I guess we can paraty for two days or what??? Ihave the calendar in front of me and it is the 7th and I looked up on Rock's bio and it is the 8th. So, so we are all a day early.

    Julie- I'll bet you had a scare at first and thought you forgot your docs appt. For some reason Ialso thought your appt. was today (monday). Gee, another day to wait for them to look at your ear. They surely don't rush with their dr. appt's to check on their patients sometime. I supposed he did tell you to call if there was a problem and you had more pain.

    Carla - Gee, I like your idea of a rock garden for Rock !! That would be so relaxing and beautiful !!

    Elaine - Thanks for reminding us of Danny's surgery. It seems like I have missed a bunch lately here and there.

    Gee, if we have the party tomorrow Iw ill be gone for part of the day also but will try adn get my ongrats i to dear Rock !!

    I am really pooped as I actually chealnned the horribly dirty blins one one half of our bedroom. One siide looks fine and he other awful. I needed to get that done before I put up the curtains on this side of the room. I have been looking at it daily and not wanting to do it. So, I forced myself and of course my arms and back hurts from doing so. So much for the maid who I wish would come to my house and do this stuff (-: !!

    Well, I will come by later and check to see if we are still partying or what. Hope so but I havent even seen our Rock today. Hope he is doing OK.

    Bye for now Porchies.


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, what a big bunch we have on the porch. We're getting an early start, I see. I am bringing all my pot-luck specialities and Gordon is bringing Cantonese Shrimp w/ his own black bean sauce, fried rice and marinated chicken wings.

    We are not bringing any Jello. When I was a kid and church pot-lucks were a common event, there was always a ring of Jello salad, sometimes two or three.

    At one time the Jello people (General Foods) made a celery flavor just for Jello salad. Didn't catch on tho. I looked it up.

    Other discontinued flavors include vanilla, coffee, tea, peach, cola, apple, chocolate, tomato, and Italian Salad. I remember the peach and apple. They weren't bad at all.

    I also found a recipe from the Dark Ages that combines lemon Jello w/ cabbage, ketchup, vinegar and celery salt. Sounds like something from home ec. class circa l918.

    So there might not be 68 flavors, but there are a lot.

    Marta, "Keying" is ok if you're typing (oxymoron?) but one can't say it w/o a glottal stop.

    Julie and Elaine, I would love some kind of GPS to keep electronic track of my stuff. Here's an anecdote from 15 years or ago.

    Guy at our bridge club showed us his new key ring. It came in two pieces. One you kept on your belt. Keys misplaced? Just press the button and your keyring would beep.

    So a couple hours later people were leaving and he was wondering around pressing the button, listening, looking. Still couldn't find the darn things.

    Finally, when there were only a couple of us left a lady came in from the parking lot. "You know, I don't think these are my keys. They keep beeping at me."

    Julie, a mower is certainly an original gift. When your hubby gave it to you did he say, "Because you're such a cut up"?

    Carla, I didn't remember Danny was having surgery. Did I miss that post? I hope it helps. He seems like such a nice young man.

    Did you get your charger? Did you pay cash or charge the charger?

    Back shortly.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your kind wishes. As someone named Anonymous pointed out, Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

    John Glenn took another viewpoint: There is still no cure for the common birthday. Does that sound like something John Glenn would say?

    I searched for "the wit of John Glenn". All I got was: Do you mean the weight of John Glenn? So I figured, why not? Back in the days when he was circling the Earth he weighed 170. Less than a St. Bernard.

    Granni, w/ regard to your remarks on the talent required of a choir/chorus director, did you ever read about Peter J Wilhousky? Remember when we were teenagers? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir had a top ten hit w/ The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Wilhousky was the arranger.

    Many other recordings used his arrangement. He was the chorus director for the New York school system, worked w/ Toscanini, and provided the English lyrics for the Carol of the Bells. Possibly our country's greatest chorus director.

    Georgia, do you knit year round? Gordon only knits in the winter. Says it's too hot in the summer here in LA.

    Brats sound good, Monica. I'm German as well as Norwegian and Irish and etc. Meine Grossmutter war ein Deutscher. Her name was Rudnick and she came over w/ some cousins around the turn of the last century.

    MrDad, you have adventures menu ideas. Keep on cutting out those pictures from women's magazines.

    Cost-cutting tip for today: Many thrift shops and libraries will be happy to provide you w/ a variety of magazines for ten to 25 cent apiece.

    I remember when I was a kid, one could subscribe to a comic book for $1 a year. Now one of those old comic books would be worth big money. And a new comic book costs more than an entire subscription used to.

    Julie, no need to be embarrassed about having brain fog. I think everydobby here has it. Last week I simultaneously thought it was Wednesday (day of the library sale) and Thursday (day of my Emotions Anonymous meeting). It's impossible to think one day is two, but somehow I did.

    Mickey, you are right w/ Eversharp regarding my natal date. When I got my first job as an atty I had to produce a birth certificate. I was surprised to see my first two names were reversed. Either my folks changed their minds or the clerk wrote it down wrong.

    Hugs and Kisses to the absent, those on their way, the late comers and the late, late show. You are all the bestest!

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - I am so glad you are OK and the Gordon is bringiig some of his special food. Wow, that Cantonese Shrimp with black beans sauce eith fried rice and marinated chicken wings sounds absolutely fantastic - yumm, yum !!!!

    I like jello but DH hates it so never make it anymore. I used to for the kids and put fruit in it for them and myself.

    I love that story aoaut the missing keys and the beeper. I could use one of these.

    Julie - I wouldn't have gotten a lawn mover for any occasions as I never had to use one. Either DH or the kids did it . Now, we don't even have any grass but do have to trim bushes and weed.

    I'll be back later and check on the party. I may miss some of it tomorrow. I'll just grab some shrimp of Gordons on the way out -mmm-Good !!

    Hugs to everydobby,
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