Porchlight is On Vol 263 ( Este Done)

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  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! Quickly. Hope no one fell of the PORCH during

    the turnover. The Party for Rocky continues!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I always forget what time zone is what and what everyone might be doing at that time. i just had dinner and will be thinking aboaut getting ready for beddy bye soon.

    Tomorrow I will be gone at least some in the morning so I may miss part of this party on Rocky's actual, and real birthday !!!

    I just ran in and took some more shrimp that Gordon made even if I just ate dinner. It was SOOOO good.

    Julie - Hope all goes well with your doctor visit for your ear tomorrow.

    Thinking about Annie and Danny's surgery. I didn't even know he was having surgery but someone mentioned it I think in the last volume.

    I will check in later to see if anything is going on and if anyone has any lampshades on their heads and the like (-: !!

    Where did Elaine go? I figure she might be getting something crazy ready for the party. Whether it happens today or tomorrow we will not know till it happens (-: !!

    Bye fer now. Hope allt his food will not spoil. I know the shrimp won't, cause I am going to eat it !!

    Bye for now Y'ALL,

  3. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    This sure looks like an interesting place to be. I too have a degree in Poly Sci, Mr. Dad (BS here) with a minor in History.

    So what goes on around here? Someone mentioned lampshade on the head. That used to be my speciality......
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from my nap. Keira and I are at that age where naps are vital. Won't be long before Keira has more teeth than I do.

    I put red potatoes in the crock pot before I lay down. Should be ready in about another hour.

    Julie, thank you for the ode. "Ode" comes up frequently in the crosswords. A poem dedicated to someone or something. I was very touched.

    Your grampa sounds like a card. I remember that old joke about catching a mole. Haven't heard it for years.

    Georgia, why were you mailing a 25 lb sewing machine? Is it an old one you are selling?

    When I was a kid in the 40s many homes had a foot-powdered sewing machine. Even when people used them less and less, they seemed to be reluctant to get rid of them.

    Our village had a seamstress. She did alterations and sewing for the whole village. Think her name was Alma Torgilson. Can't remember for sure. Something Norskie anyway.

    My great-aunt and uncle had a victrola w/ a horn for a speaker. You had to wind it up for each 78 rpm record. The mechanism was in a large cabinet that also held the records.
    A record had only 3-4 minutes per side: two songs per record.

    And many living rooms had a snow globe and a conch shell that you held up to your ear to "hear the ocean". The local postmaster had numerous fancy kerosene lamps in his living room. The lamps were decorated w/ two glass globes that were painted, usually w/ big red roses or peonies.

    That living room was very crowded; also had several spinning wheels for decoration.

    Well, I've seen a lot of changes in my 68 years. Not so many as my grandmother tho, who went from the last Indian battle in Minnesota and horses and buggy to television and exploration of space.

    Here's a birthday thought from Stephen Wright (world's most mournful comic): The candle factory burned down. We all just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.

    Thank you all for the wonderful party. Don't know when I'll have another one so splendid.

    Big hugs and waves all round.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Texangal - You are more than welcome to come and join in the fun here on the Porch. You can even have your own chair and comfy blankie with your name on it. We are now celebrating our good friend, ROCK'S birthday that we thought was today BUT IS tomorrow. So, it looks like we are sort of having two parties for Rock.

    I am the one who mentioned the lampshades on people's heads as somehow that is one of the many things that seems to go on at these fun parties.

    Elaine - where are you girl. You are usually one of those crazy people who ends up with a lampshade on her head, or thrown in the pool doing s synchronize swimming act. Of course she had no idea of how she got there.

    Whenever the party gets really going I will be doing a tap dancing and singing act with two of my friends. That will also be interesting with this group of Porchies. Bikini tops have also been known to have been found in the pool the next day - really wild and crazy people. You just never know.

    I would say are you sure you want to hang out with us crazy people but I have seen your posts and so I think you are ready whatever goes on in our fantasy world. The parties are the most fun times.

    By the way come and have some great food and also would you lkike a drink of Baileys and amaretta- really yummy !!

    Carla - Where are you too?? She may come zooming in on her golf cart too at any time with her girls (doggies - Missy and Twy) either chasing aftaer her or riding in the cart.

    Rock - glad to see you again after your nap !! I hope you get used to the attention cause we will probably have another one tomorrow since that is your REAL birthday !!

    Just join in Texangal and have some fun. We just need to drag some more people in here tonight and tomorrow, even if it almost time for my meds.

    BIG HUGS and BLESSINGS to everydobby,

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  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Can only stay a minute as I have to tend the bonfire. I have all the stuff for the smores so come on over.


    Elaine you louk marvelllousz in your tirea, you better watch it I think granni may be eyeballing it for her song and dance portion.

    Then again all the shrimp stuff Gordon made is nearly gone, so she may be nappin by now with Julie over there in the corner...sssssssshhhh.

    I may sneak over and "borrow" her mower since she is not using it at the moment.

    I made the rock garden a fire pit so come on over and grab at stick- Carla
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No wonder your arms were aching with carrying that heavy 25 lb. sewing machine. Even if you were just carrying that to the the post office from the car that is pretty heavy, especially with all your (our) physical problems.

    You really need a break after that one girl. I guess Mr M was not around or else you just thought you could do it yourself, right ?? If so, I know what you mean and you get tired of asking them or complaining so you just do it yourself. Or they are not around and you get tired of waiting for their help or won't ask for it in the first place.

    Take a hot bath or shower and maybe that will help. I thought I read in the other volume that your arms were aching but I could not find it on this volume. Hope I was not imagining things but 25 lbs can be heavy, esp if you are not used to it.

    Hope to see you sometime tomorrow at the party. I'll be gone in the morning for awhile for sure.


  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just went thru the porchlight posts and found out its Rocks birthday so Rockgor HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    That party at the porch sounds like its a very very wild and boisterous affair...the kind at which people start dancing on tables...and swinging from chandeliers and jump into swimming pools fully clothed...maybe even a food fight if the champagne flows too freely...all this after enjoying granniluvsu's dance troupe perform of course...I love granniluvsu in her Moulin Rouge finery..and tiara (borrowed) from Elaine!

    Ive been laid low a bit with a bout of acute CFS/depression, and sleepwalking my way thru most things but I have been reading the porch goings on....and always interesting to read about the goings on in other porchies lives...

    hi to everydobby who came and went and everydobby who pops in....

    i loved reading about Rockgors reminisces about the days gone past...just wished i lived those days...the days seemed to be longer and gentler..hope elaines computer is fixed real soon

    God Bless
  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wow, alot has been going on since this morning. It is 11:15 and 45 minutes away from Rock's Birthday. I have to stay up until midnight to make sure my daughter gets home on time. Since I am off tomorrow I told her it was okay to stay out that late.

    Rock, I don't think that jello recipe that includes ketchup would be a good idea. Just thinking about that makes my stomach churn. However, the shrimp Gordon brought I could eat all night. I am a sucker for seafood. So do you feel older or do you feel a year younger?? You sure do have the humor of a young lad. I just love it.

    Julie, I sure hope you get some relief tomorrow at your doctor appt. You just tell him to make this better, that is why he is a doctor. There is got to be something to help you.

    I remember when my girls were little, I would always rock them to sleep too and then do their nails.

    Granni, I can't wait to see your singing act. That will be the highlight of the party. However, I am not sure about the bikini tops in my pool. I do have 2 teenage girls at home you know. LOL. This is not "Girls Have Gone Wild" Video. So no Bailey's for you.

    Julie, I have my sleeping bag and pillow all ready. I brought marshmallows too so we can roast them over the bonfire that Carla created.

    Thanks Carla. Hey I could haul my mower over if you need it. I wouldn't know how to start it though. I am embarrassed to say, I have never cut the lawn before.

    Georgia, I think that is wonderful that you are carrying on your family's tradition of the spinning wheel. Way to go.

    Elaine, I hope it is not going to be 2 or 3 days without a computer, we are all going to miss you big time. Oooooo I love jello wrestling, sounds like fun. Hurry back girlie.

    Hi Springwater, I am so glad you joined the party. You are a fresh of breath air and I sure hope you are feeling happier today. If anyone can make you feel better, it is definetly us porchies.

    Hi Texan girl, welcome to the porch and the party. Have fun.

    Well Porchies if I missed anyone, I am sorry. My finger are starting to get really stiff here.

    I will check in tomorrow.

    Toodooloos for now.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Okey dokey. It's the middle of the night. I may be a little more confusiated than usual. Oh well, with this wild party going on, no one is likely to notice anyway.

    You asked how I feel, Mickey. I feel one day older. Haha.

    I read many decades ago that once people feel they have become adults (sometime in their 20s), they pretty much feel the same age the rest of their lives...even though they also realize they are aging.

    Sort of a paradox, but it feels right to me.

    Of course if you work it right, you can be immature at any age.

    Hi, Texangal. As Granni and others have said, welcome to the porch. Since the porch exists in cyberspace, the food has no calories, the liquor has no deleterious effects, and we are all revitalized while we are here.

    Pull up something and set a while. We have bales of hay, old rockers, a glider, a bean bag chair from the past and some lumpy but comfortable easy chairs.

    Julie, your post reminded me of a movie called The Money Tree. Only when I went looking for it I discovered that's the name of a movie from the 90s about growing marijuana.

    Finally found the movie that really had money growing on trees. It was called "It Grows on Trees". Came out when I was in 7th grade. I thought it starred Donna Reed, but it turned out to be Irene Dunne. Well, I was close...sorta.

    I hope your ear problem resolves rapidly. Never known this kinda thing to hang on so long. Course it would help if the medical establishment would cooperate.

    Drop by more often, Springwater. A little silliness is good for what ails us.

    Yes, I sometimes rattle on about days of yore. When I was a kid cars had running boards, but no automatic transmissions or dome lights.

    Housewives didn't have washday detergents or cake mixes. There was no diet soda or aerosol cans. Refrigerators didn't defrost themselves. The long playing record had not been invented.

    Typewriters were not electric, and if you wanted to make a phone call, you picked up the handset and told the operator what number you wanted.

    Ordinary people did not ride in airplanes, and only a tiny number of movies were in color.

    Well, this machine is freezing up again, so will have to quit for now.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi dear Porchies,

    I just did a quick read of the porch events and stuff going on now. Gee, I am all worn out.

    Mickey - wass that you that said something about me and bikini top being in the pool; I was NOT I my friend. There are lots of other rowdy gals here that I am sure were the culprits. Don't worry I a not naming any names.

    Elaine - no I am not doing any rock climbing and includes climbing on the Rocks or on Rock (-: !!! Girl, where do you come up with these ideas?? Glad you actually got to drop by at the party busy gal. Hurry up back if you can.

    Julie - (Jello Queen)Hope your doctor fixes yourt ear up better this time. Glad the kids seems to have found a house. I hope that it works out for them.

    Texasgal - Hope you are enjoying the festivities so far

    I hope to check in later as I have to run this morning and will be back sometime this afternoon.

    I didn't connect to the new volume so I don't remember what everyone has said and done. So, I am outta here and will do my big dance number later on with a song or two. How about a sing a long??


    ROCK - Yes, those were the days. Unfortunatly I do remember alot of the stuff you were mentioning. OH DEAR, NOW I AM YOUNGER THAN YOU -HA, HA !!

    So, carry on Porchies and and another HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR ROOCK TODAY ON HIS REAL BIRTHDAY !!

    See you ALL later, taters !!

    Love to all you dear Porchies (old and new),

  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    to Rock! Wow, a two day celebration but if anyone deserves the special attention it is you. Today is a good day to thank you for just being you. I enjoy your posts so much....brings back to memory better times.

    Hope you enjoy a great year and thanks for the party. I haven't been to one this wild in several years. It is good for us to "let our hair down" occasionally although Jello wrestling is not my favorite thing.

    What is going on with Danny and Annie? I've searched and searched and can not find a post that explains why Danny is having surgery. I'm very concerned. If anyone knows anything about this situation will you please post the info.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You all look pretty chipper for people who have been carrying on for two days. I am having breakfast. The potatoes I cooked yesterday and some zucchini.

    Many people have asked for the secret of my crockpot potatoes over the years, and I have finally decided to let the world in on it.

    First, buy a bag of potatoes. No, wait, first buy a crockpot. Or should it be, first buy a house? I see this is going to take some more thought. We'd better come back to this topic later.

    Elaine, I wonder if Jerome had lipstick or Jello on him. I'm glad to see your new medicine is working. You seem much calmer than usual.

    Julie, you are almost as giddy as Elaine. Some of you young folks just go crazy when you hear the word "party".

    Well, I hope your shopping spree at the Goodwill doesn't get outta hand. Back in the days when I was married, my wife bought an Oscar de la Renta dress at the Goodwill.

    It has decorations on the front that looked like little brass nose cones. Reminded me of those old Flash Gordon movies from the 30s. She never wore it anywhere, but I guess she got her money's worth by telling folks about the great bargain.

    Ok, Granni, here are some old songs suitable for group singing: Goodnight, Irene and On Top of Old Smokey. Both sung by the Weavers.

    Marching to Pretoria. We used to sing that at Bible Camp.

    Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes. We used to sing that on the school bus.

    This Land is Your Land; Woody Guthrie.

    Georgia, have never had cranberry beans or strawberry bread, but would like to try both (not necessarily together). Did blueberries every have any flavor? They sure don't now.

    I remember when hamburger cost a quarter a pound. Now vegetables at the supermarket are 3 to 6 bucks a pound and hardly worth eating. This is change, but hardly progress.

    Sweetie, I don't know what kind of surgery Danny is having either. I hope it does him a lot of good.

    I haven't seen any Jello wrestling on the porch. Someone (Elaine?) fell into a bowl of Jello, but that kind of thing happens at even the most elegant parties.

    (What? It doesn't? Well, I wouldn't know. Only been to one elegant party in my life. It was a big, expensive Jewish wedding for some law school friends. I felt like I was in a movie.)

    Never seen Jello wrestling or mud wrestling. About 20 years ago there was a bar here in Los Angeles that had gals in swimsuits who wrestled in the mud. One of my coworkers went. He reported that it was highly over-rated entertainment.

    Furthermore mud splashed on his suit, and he had to have it dry cleaned.

    Well, into each life some mud must splash.

    Better quit before this goes puff.


  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow that was some shindig, jello wrestling, BKN tops in the pool, now Elaine is training for her big trapeze show, wow girl you never ceast to amaze me.

    To clear up Danny's surgery, it is dental surgery, they found out the facial swelling is realated to some kind of infection in his roots. It was postponed and rescheduled for Wed. So please keep them in your prayers. Annie has been staying at the hospital and/or Ronald McDonald house. I hope that clears up some confusion.

    Sweetie it is so good to see you made it to Rocks party. I hope things are improving and your DH and son find work soon.

    Welcome Tex- We love all kinds of visitors to the porch, Rock did a good job explaining it. We post 30 times then close the volume and start a new one, that way it stays on one page.

    You do not have to address everyone, it takes awhile to remember who is who but you will get the hang of it. We share our lives and have a little fun with fantasy too.

    This porch started around Sept 2006 and have been rolling along ever since. So just tell us about yourself, I have read some of your posts and you will fit right in here, I like your sense of humor. So jump in anytime.

    Springwater- so glad you have been visitiing the porch, how are things on your side of the world? Is the graduation and all over now and your son deciding what he shall to with his life?

    Like Elaine, I am having computer problems too, it has the same problem I do-not enough memory or hard drive. So I have been trying to delete everything I can.

    I was up until 2 am with the bonfire, it was rather a big one at some times but sat there with a water hose on it until 2am.

    So I am going to take some jello and go sit in the pool for awhile. Hello to awl that has came and gone or will be back soon, it is perfect day to continue on with Rock's party. Carla

    I came back as Linda and I were posting at the same time, yes Marta you better hurry, I just saw Linda trying to undress Mrd from his tux and was headed to the pool with a tray of jello shots-hope she has her life preserver.

    No rock climbing for me today, the bonfire did me in so I'm over here in the pool waiting for that tray of jello shots. So get yer but over here-Carla again
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  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know Rock, we really knew it wasn't your B'Day yesterday
    but just wanted to celebrate a Grand Friend by doin' it
    over a 2 day period! Hope you're havin' a great one too!

    Sweetie, how ya doin'? I'm glad you're here today! Danny
    was to have some Oral Surgery yesterday b ut I believe it had been delayed? We should hear more soon. "THEY" think some of
    His teeth may be infected possibly causing some of the facial
    problems etc.

    It's 'posta get to 85 here today in SF! It will be cool in
    relationship to Georgia's Heat in the Valley today. I'm
    sure it will be at least 104>106 there today. Ukiah 111 "they" say! Even hotter in Redding Ca!! But, I closed all
    my windows and turned my heat up to 105. At 3pm when I go
    outside to the mailbox, 85 is gonna feel KOOL and refreshing. Ya know what I'm sayin? (We're gonna half ta start putting nos. on some of these repetitive silly stories)!!

    It's always nice to "see" a new friend come to the PORCH.
    Welcome Texangal! Yes, I think knowing that you likewise
    have a background in Political Sci. & History, I can utilize
    your collaboration attempting my "Revisionist History" of

    I'm very fortunate to have some House mates who are easy to
    get along with and for the most part, "keep their social
    distance". But we kid one another too! Told my House mate of about six years Sunday that, "Kurt, you might enjoy going
    to the Sunday concert at the Park today at 2pm. Ya know
    Kurt, just because it is over at 4pm doesn't necessarily
    mean you have to leave and come HOME!" He didn't. But HIS
    extended social life went beyond the concert at the Park.

    Springwater, you're always so refreshing! Glad you've
    gotten over the "blahs" and are back today! Hope things
    are going well for you and the "Kids".

    Hey to everyone else tOo! Gonna maybe go turn up that
    heater a bit more! I'll never feel relieved & KOOL later!

    Warm Huggles,

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  16. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Rock, happy birthday to you.

    The good thing about singing on the internet, it that I am not torturing all of you with my voice.....

    I hope your day is going well, I do not have any broken wankers...broken washer lololol. We found out that it is years of being overloaded, three wonderful children have been hard on the washer, so time to replace it. I hope my dh doesn't realize that I am worn out by the children as well.

    Carla, your fire is perfect to roast some s'mores, yummy.

    Welcome to Texangirl, I am not to far from you (Texas standards) so welcome to Texas, and to the porch.

    I am having hand spasms, so I am missing the keys I need to be hitting, to many corrections, so farewell to all

  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member




    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YOU! and many moooooooore....

    On with the party for our birthday boy!

    Birthday Hugs,

    Oops! Forgot the cake. Now where is that icon when you need it?????[This Message was Edited on 07/08/2008]
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I thought that I was going to be running to one store and it turned out to be three of them and alot of running around and on my feet. So, I am rather pooped to say the least.

    I have to go and start thinking about fixing dinner so I can't stay long. Hope to come back to the party when all are stil awake and the party in full gear.

    Elaine - Gee you sure had this party planned didn't you or was it Jerome ???? I surely hope you get you puter fixed really doon. The party will be quiet without you.

    Julie - you too hurry back if you can. Hope all goes well with your doctor visit today and he finally fixes up your ear.

    Bevy - sorry about your hand spasms. I hope they subside real soon for you. I am sure Rock appreciated you efforts of singing Happy Birthday to him !!! It is the thought that counts for sure. You too Marta - GOOG JOB !!!

    Linda and Carla - Thanks for the updates on Danny. Hope they can take care of it all tomorrow. I think someone mentioned it was postponed till wednesday.

    Rock - Hope you are having a great time at home and that Gordon is making you all kinds of goodies for your birthday. However, do not got to full as thee is still lots of stuff here at the party.

    BTW, I think I know all the songs you mentioned except for the camping one but if you sing it really lound I will remember it, K??

    Texasgal - I hope you are dong OK and we haven't scared you away with out antics. However, somehow I don't think that is the reason (-: !!

    Hugs to ALL. I have to run for now. Will come back later to check on everyone and make sure all are behavin (-: !! Tee hee



  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hey Guys!!!

    Well first thanks for the good prayers and wishes, they meant a lot, more than you would know.

    Well what happened again today is that the endodontic surgeon from University never showed up again so we made a decision to leave and reschedule as outpatient basis as 9 days on a 2ft wide cot was about getting to me, plus being like a prisoner as being up there alone, it was hard to even get a shower as whenever I thought I would take at least a little walk yet anpther doc would show up. Most days we saw at least 8 or 9 docs as wlel as all else.

    You all should be really proud of Linda who came to visit and also has called me often with goodies and advice. She was my only source for fresh veggies and bless her!!! I also cherixh a hairbrush she brought me as it kept my straggly witch hair sane (and me too) I was about to get my hair cut the day we were admitted, so that is ON the agenda for sure now.

    Here is the latest: They do not know what is causing this yet. We have some outstanding tests: BUT due to two strange findings, 1) the skull tissue that is front face being a peculiar thickened tissue that looks like repeated trauma!!! so cell changes going on there 2) these multiple root infections could be the smoking gun, as not only is it unuusal to see them in a child, normally they would abcess adn also impact the sinus's but in this case neither of the above happened. 3) we are all worried about the fact that the sweeling is increasing and moving all over the face and on the lips. I guess the fear we have is what if it moves into the throat? Or brain? 4) GI have seen some condiitons of Crohns, celian and sprue that cause similar swelling plus RA (which he has plus he had a positive test for C Servisia which is usually Crohns related. They also cancelled his upper/lower GI, but I just booked that for overnight in early August as I want to get the dentyal stuff out and cultured(they will do biopsies, cultures and bone scrapings).

    We had seen the doctor for the first time day of admission and she is fantastic. It goes without saying that the silence from his actual pediatrician has been deafening the whole 9 days! So we hope she will agree to take this role over (we saw her as rheumie patient). She is an amazing person who would come every day to see us even at midnight!

    They are also running toxicology tests as some of the docs thought is looked like Herbicide impact as seen with Agent orange. Also some vascular concerns. But right now we are still in "rule out". Very impressed with the hospital, the cancellation was from an outside expert, not staff BTW.

    So glad we could visit Roc's party via big screen, sorry not to have been there if only to shout Rock ON Baby!

    So what do you say in the USA, you don't say "in hospital?" I never knew that.

    Hope Julies ear is doing OK and I have to now catch up with all else.

    Love to all for everything.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Now where was I? Oh yes, the secret of my fabulous crockpot potatoes. Here are the instructions. Be sure to follow them closely for best results and to avoid personal injury or property damage.

    1) Wash and peel potatoes. (The peeling is optional.)
    2) Put liquid in crockpot. (This can be water, chicken broth, cooking sherry, ice cubes, etc. You can also omit this step.)
    3) Put lid on crockpot.

    4) After an hour or two, check on proceedings. This would also be a good time to plug in the crockpot if you neglected to do so earlier.
    5) After a few more hours, poke potatoes. A fork is good, but you can use whatever you have around the house: an old cavalry saber, a BBQ spit. Gordon uses a chopstick.

    6) When you think the potatoes are done (or when you get bored w/ the whole business), turn crockpot off and do what comes naturally. (Old song by Dorothy Shay, the Park Ave Hillbilly.)

    Annie, I am so glad to see you again. Bet you are glad to see us again. 9 days in the horse pistol is way too many.

    (That's what we say on this side of the pond. Aunt Sally was ailin' and they had ta take her to the horse pistol.)

    I was hoping Danny had something that could be fixed w/ the wave of a scalpel. I never heard of infected roots that didn't cause an abscess. I've lost a dozen teeth that way in the last couple decades.

    We sure can't get much cooperation out of the medical establishment lately. The drs all seem to be so busy. Playing golf, meeting w/ their stockbrokers, going on lavish cruises, etc.

    Well, we all hope the lab people and the drs can figure out something that will help Danny.

    Elaine, did you leave a jet? I thought it was a jet printer. Well, I don't have either, so whatever is much appreciated. Whichever it is, I'll have to have lessons.

    Anyway, hope the folks at Staples can help. I didn't know they did computer repairs.

    Julie, icon is not short for anything. You can read about "icon" on Wikipedia. Lots of history from the Greek Orthodox church.

    Linda, that was very kind of you to visit Annie and Danny. You mentioned ice cream cake. When I was a teenager my mother made an delicious ice cream pie a couple times.

    Decades later I asked if she remembered how to make it. LOL She didn't even remember that she had ever made such a thing.

    My parents were lousy at parenting, but they were both wonderful cooks.

    Is your bonfire still going, Carla? When I was a kid we used to burn the trash in the back yard. A chore most kids didn't mind doing.

    Non-burnables we took to the village dump a mile out of town. I used to take along my .22 rifle and shoot rats.
    Margaret Olson was once driving back from the dump when she discovered a rat had climbed in her car.

    She always claimed she made the trip home w/ her feet on the steering wheel.

    Oops! Just got interrupted by my former secretary singing Happy Birthday. She is allegedly manic depressive, but in 22 years I have never seen her anything but manic.

    Today she was all excited because she had been to the court house to report for jury duty. The jury workers selected people who could reasonably serve on a jury, i.e. they got paid by their employer while they were off work, they were retired, etc.

    Other folks were excused. Don't have to go back. Big improvement on the old system.

    Renee types 120 words a minute and talks 3 or 4 times that fast. Wears me out to listen to her. I prefer to communicate by e mail.

    Yup, MrDad, it's been a grand birthday. The most festive one I've ever had.

    Bevy and Martha, thank you for singing. If there were any less than perfect notes, they were smoothed out by the electrons.

    Hey, smores! Haven't had them since I was a Boy Scout. I don't suppose modern kids roast a marshmallow on a stick. They probably use something w/ an electronic temperature gauge that costs as much as a tank full of gas.

    Granni, sit down and rest for a while. All that shopping will frazzle your nerves.

    I better quit before I lose this. Tusan Taak everyone.
    (Thousand thanks in Norskie.)


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