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    Ho-Kay! Here we go again!

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    I need to be retrained or restrained? Hope my previous
    error gets deleted soon! I've been watching the Olympics
    (when I can stay awake)! Disappointed that I haven't seen
    either Peggy Flemming or Dick Button there yet. I'm sure they
    will do an excellent job commenting on the Ice Skating Competition. Dick was the first competitor to do a 3X axle
    in the early fifties event. And then there's Jean Claude
    Kelley, the French ski jumper in 1960 at Squaw Valley!! Oh
    Boy, can't wait! KT-22!!! Too!! or is it TuTu??

    Well, hope you awl had a nice weekend and that Fort Sumter
    isn't being bomb barded while Linda's Daughter is visiting!
    A special "Buenas Nachos" to MR M and hopes for a speedy
    recovery from his accident! If you haven't already Mr M,
    rent "Once Upon a Time in the West". Claudia Cardinale is
    worth the LATE fee!

    Well, after 'bout two weeks, we finally had a nice day here!
    About 72 and sunny! 'Posta be this way all week. Gonna be
    spending lots of time at the Park, if ya know what I'm sayin'!

    Linda, bet you're glad the "Yard Sale" is over! I mention
    here some time ago about my going to a "Yard Sale"; bought
    it, then couldn't figure out how to GET IT HOME!!

    Well, gonna cut this short and see if I can find Peggy and
    Dick on the Telly!

    Huggles Kids!

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    So good to see ya here maning the porch again. I hope this is a sign of things to come. We miss ya.

    I have had a balanced day, the weather has been great, low humidity in the high 70's. I rebuilt my large worktable that I took apart 3 years ago when I moved it from my mothers house. Was built in the basement and wouldn't come out any other way.

    I had everything, just needed to screw it back together again. Then just more moving, slowly, things in the new shed. Went for TWO rides today, since the weather was good was able to go around noon, then worked, ate and rode again.

    Then settled into the couch wiff my girls to watch the olympics. I felt bad for the US girls gynm, they didn't get a good start.

    Hey Julie glad things went well at camp, and hope you get a day off but I won't bet on it :) Life just keeps getting in our way sometimes LOL.

    Sometimes living alone has it's advantages, I have no one else counting on me for anything. The flip side, no one to take care of me when I need it. Always a trade off isn't there :)

    Georgia glad you are going to a atty, people like that need to be showed they can't bully people.

    Elaine I hope you were following Drs orders and having fun today, that was sweet your sis sent you a card. One small step at a time, huh?

    Sweetie glad to see where able to get away from the scrabble thread,LOL. I was having fun too, but haven't able to submise the brain power this week to keep up.

    Linda that place is where the man that was my boss in VA got married a while back. His wife died 1/07 and he met someone with a fix up and the rest is history. He is a very wealthy man and went there for a weekend of stuff. My freind who worked for him, she now owns the company, didn't go because the villas where just more than she wanted to spend to go to his wedding. She has worked for him for 25 years then he sold her the bus after I left for Ky.

    Anyhoo- Really a nice place, it's great she has a freind that gets to take her these cool places they go. Sorry you can't retire there on your yard sale. I know what you mean about declutter, I did it but now somehow it came back.

    Granni are your about ready. That was some great buys you got, I love a good sale too

    Well watching swimming and want to get back, I like the diving better. I just enjoy the back stories they tell about the athelets - good nite to all and I'll leave the light on-Carla
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    Well, not for me. You are all not going to believe what I am about to tell you. It is very embarrassing for me, however, I know you guys will give me great advice and I really need to talk about it.

    First of all, I would like to say I read everyone's post and you all seem like you are doing much better and things are getting better. Elaine, you are very lucky to have so many friends. Cherish them. Mr Dad I am glad you are starting to get your energy back and being able to get out now that it is getting a little warmer, that is always a cure, nice weather. Lydia, my daughters loved their church camp and their adult counselors. I can just imagine them all loving you and den.

    Carla, I am glad you and your little girls love watching the olympics, I do too, I just haven't had time lately. Georgia, you should definetly take up with workers comp, especially the way they have been treating Mr M. He deserves it, so keep with it.

    Well here goes:

    I always talk so highly of my girls and what GREAT GIRLS they are. Wellllllllll, at 4:30 a.m. this morning, we get a call from a police officer telling us we needed to come pick up our daughter (this is my 15 year old), whom was supposed to be spending the night with her friend (I even talked to her Mom to make sure).

    Well, Russ went and picked her up (at this time I did not know yet what happened, except that the police said she was fine). They get back about 5:45 a.m. (of course i didn't go back to bed). Her, 2 other girls, and 3 boys (that Russ sais he has never met or ever seen her with) got caught stealing alcohol from a convenient mart. Well, 2 of the boys are the ones that got caught, Lindsay and the others were in the car.

    The only reason they didn't take Lindsay into the police station was because "she didn't give them trouble", all the other kids he said were very disrespectful and ignorant. Anyway, that was why they called us to come get her, I guess they knew that she didn't fit in with this "crowd".

    I am so so heartbroken over this, I can't believe that "MY" duaghter would ever be around people like this. I definetly can't trust her for a long long time and she will never spend the night anywhere for a long long time. We have taken her phone, ipod, any kind of things that she likes.

    I am still having her tryout for softball (which is today) because I want and need her to be in activities that keeps her out of trouble, do you guys think this is the right thing to do????????????? I really even hate to let her do this, because she loves softball. I just want to take away everything that she loves.

    The last time she did something wrong, we grounded her for a month, made her go to church camp (which she loved anyway) and we even have been going to church faithfully every Sunday. I thought this would all help.

    I know she is a "good" girl in her heart, but she is just a follower and to me it seems she will do anything to get people to like her, which I don't understand because she is a very likeable, sweet, loving person.

    Any advice from you guys/gals would be so much appreciated. Like I said my heart is so broken right now and it aches so much over this.

    Sorry for the pity party but you guys are my "loyal" friends and I know you will give it to me flat out!!!!!, which is what I want and need.

    Love you all and thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Well, I've been awake for half an hour, and the light flashes have gone away so I can see to post. A quiet weekend here. Haha. We always have quiet weekends.

    Yesterday Gordon kept asking, "Do you want to go to the 12-step store? Want to go to the market? The thrift shop? Rodeo Drive?" He believes it is healthful to get out of the house for a while.

    I just kept saying, "No, I'll just lie here and read my book."

    Mr Dad, what error are you talking about? How can we enjoy it if you delete it? Actually, you could post backwards here and everydobby would understand.

    I remember Dick Button. As he says himself, "I used to skate back in the Dark Ages." First to do a triple loop or eat a bowl of fruit loops or something.

    Peggy Fleming was famous for her axel haircut. The axel, by the way, is named after a famous Norskie skater. His name was Ole. Haha. Actually it was Axel Paulsen. His brother was Ole.

    Elaine, I never heard of Og Mandino before. Wasn't Og a charter in the comic strip Alley Oop? I started to watch a speaker from the Og Institute, but as is so often the case, the video on YouTube froze up after a few seconds.

    Mickey, I'm sorry to hear about the problems w/
    Lindsay. You must really be shaken up. Part of the problem is when you tell a teenager, "I want you to be safe", the only thing they can hear is "I don't want you to have any fun."

    I just finished a "women's book" called Firefly Lane. There is a girl there who starts early. At age ten she is determined to be cool and popular and she treats her mother w/ complete scorn and derision at all times.

    Old people used to be treated w/ respect because they knew so much. But nowadays the world changes so fast we old folks don't know much of anything.

    And there was no media culture telling kids the only important things in life are to be cool, rich, famous, well- dressed, slim, beautiful and sexy.

    I think all teenage girls should be required to do research and write a paper on what happens to girls who give up the protection and love a family provides. Their future is not pretty.

    Not that I am an expert. I read every book on rearing children in the Ventura County library. I spent more time w/ my son on a weekend than my father spent with me in his life.

    My son was a straight "B" student, never gave us any trouble, had a wonderful, loving personality. And now that he's an adult he wants nothing to do with me. Is afraid I will make a bad impression on his new in laws.

    Doesn't answer e mails or acknowledge gifts. So I certainly am no expert on child rearing.

    Well, guess I'd better come back and post more later. Somehow got outta the mood.

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    I was looking in on the other boards and saw vol 282 was up and well on its way! The Porchlight should enter the Olympics, Im sure it would win a medal for speed....

    thank you MrDad for doing the honours this time...I dont know what error you are referring to.

    I see most Porchies are having Olympic fever. I just peeked and saw Roger Federer playing someone else.

    The Indians have won a gold medal in shooting and the channels are showing nothing else- since our cable gets network from India too I am bored with them.Of course i am not expecting Nepal to win anything. Its tottering just trying to keep its people alive so i know no money has been spent on promoting sports. They did used to win in Taekwondo ..USED TO being the operative word here.

    I saw Mickeys post...and very sorry...I remember how shocked i was when i was summoned to school because the teachers had caught my son...and two other boys bunking school and hanging out in a video arcade. They got suspicious because one of the boys had been seen boarding the school bus but at roll call he wasnt there. And when three boys were absent they called the homes. We parents wer summoned to the VPS office and the boys were there hanging their heads and wearing hip hop t shirts over their school pants.

    Two days before, my son had been wrongly accused by a shopkeeper of stealing a Pepsi bottle on a school trip. He had bought the Pepsi outside our home before leaving for school but the old woman shopkeepr on the trip site thought he had stolen it. Teachers were summoned and they sent people to outside our home to verify and it got proven he hadnt stolen. However he is very sensitive and the trauma made him depressed. And when a little girl the next day on his school bus teased him about being a Pepsi thief, he decided to bunk school. Also he was having problems with Science and a couple of other subjects and had just got a terrible firing from his father for flunking his midterm so he was under stress.

    He and the two others were suspended for two days. The teachers in Nepal are so regressive. They just took a scissor and cut up the Hip Hop T shirts the boys were wearing. And the parents were suppporting the teachers actions. I protested so they did a little side cut only on my sons t shirt...they think wearing Hip Hop t shirts and baggy pants is like taking drugs. I was very depressed and worried about him. So I can empathise now about how Mickey feels.

    However, I just want to say things change...my son has improved...my husband took him aside and told him there was no pressure, he just had to try and whether he failed or passed school wasnt an indication of how well he would do in life..but he had to try at least. Also some teachers wer very understanding and supportive of him. He is now settled down into his new HS school after passing the final school boards at the old school..says he likes his subjects, Sociology and the like, plays basketball and is pretty cheerful and relaxed compared to those horrible grade 10 days.

    Im sure your daughter will also come out of this phase. She is so young. And basically good. Can your other daughter talk to her? They seem to open out more to their peers than parents. Obviously monitoring friends is going to be necessary. I dont even know who my sons new friends are at the new school. He still seems to hang out with his old bunch some of whom are very bright and nice students, but my son wasnt able to get into the school they got into, much to my disappointment. I just hope he takes up with some nice kids at the new school. He for sure hasnt bonded yet with any kindred spirits like my daughter did at her grade 11 school. He said at the new school "theyre a nice lot but he hasnt connected the way he did like at his former school."

    God Bless

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    I don't have much time, I have been helping David take care of his paperwork and fianlly got him an appt with a his surgery on 8/25. Poor man, all he wants to do is work.

    Then I bought a new computer, Sony is having a 18 month no interest deal, so I bought a Sony Viao with all kinds of bells and whistles, now have to get broadband and I will bee set.

    Mickey I am sorry to hear this about Lindsey, I know you have a great relationship with her but you need to be her mom here and not a freind. Altho, I am not the best person for mother/DD advice either :)

    I would ground her the rest of the summer, except baseball, as you already took everything else away from her. I would make her do more around the house with chores she is not use to doing.

    I know you are a great mom and want to do everything for them that you didn't get from your mom. But we do them no favors by letting them have all the fun they want without responsibility, esp to help with her laundry, cleaning, ect.

    You and your husband work and have given them a good life, more then some kids could ever dream of. Do you think they REALLY know how good they have it? Maybe have her volunteer somewhere like a shelter, boys/girls club or a children's hospital where she can see how great she has it and not take it for granted.

    What does your DH think about all of this? I would also be calling the mother you spoke to and she how these kids got out at 4 am. Last winter my GD was suppose to be at work and got into a freinds car in the back seat and was involved in a head on collision. No serious injuries, but they were sent to the hospital via ambulance. She was so lucky, but she didn't see the harm at the time.

    I use to have a "Bad Mom" letter that is really great, I will see if I still have it as I think it will help you. You are a wonderful person and mom and she will not die or hate you forever for making her own up and be responsible for her actions. She will proably thank you....much later but she needs the cwap scared out of her now.

    I know you will get threw this and as someone else said maybe your other daughter has gotten more attention and she is a little envious that she gets to go out and live her own life at school. Hang in there and know we are all here to support you.

    Well guyz I need to get busy, have lots of things to get done. So a big wave for now and ketch ya later-Carla
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    I know exactly how you feel! My daughter has matured into a wonderful young woman but she had her fair share of problems in High School. When it happens you feel as if YOU are the world's worst parent and that it is all your fault. And it doesn't help if you have people in your life who think the same way (my mom loves to blame me for some of my daughter's issues).

    Just remember, your goal as a parent is to raise an able-bodied, intelligent young person who can make their own way in the world. And how can they do that without making a mistake or two? I feel certain that she is already punishing herself for disappointing you and her dad. Yes, she made a very poor decision and I agree she needs to be reprimanded for that choice. I'm sure you and your husband can figure out something appropriate.

    YOU need to quit beating yourself up over it, which I am sure you are doing. I truly believe you can do everything "right" and still hit a rough patch with your kids. They are their own autonomous creatures and sometimes do their own stupid things!

    If you haven't already, you should sit down 'woman to woman' and talk to your daughter and just ask her "what happened, why this group of people"? The very fact that she was so polite and respectful tells me you've raised a wonderful girl. And this little episode might be a blessing in disguise to deter her down the road from an even BIGGER mistake.

    And in the end, she is STILL your daughter. Just continue to love her and guide her and she will get past this rocky spell - you both will.

    Take care and God Bless,

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    I've been keeping up with everyone but my brain just hasn't been letting me post much. To everyone who has inquired about my lap band - I am continuing to do fine! I am now eating soft foods - cottage cheese, pudding, chicken salad (more like chicken spread). Since the band has not yet been filled, I am experiencing hunger but it isn't as bad as before I got the band, and while I can eat more than I anticipated, it definitely stays with me a lot longer.

    My weight has been fluctuating a little as my body is adjusting to more substantial food, but today I got on the scales and finally broke through the little "up and down" plateau that I had been on. My follow up is August 27th and that is when I'll get my first fill. I'm anxious to see how that changes things.

    I have a mini-goal in mind. My family and I are planning a trip to Ohio at Thanksgiving to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. We are thinking about renting a van and stuffing all of us in it - Mom, dad, me, daughter, son, and grandbaby! We are talking a 1200 mile trip. Yikes! I haven't driven it in 10 years, since my uncle died. The last 3 times up I have flown.

    It is funny, I used to have a debilitating fear of flying but after my divorce, I HAD to fly in order to attend a wedding. Guess what? The fear was gone! The amateur psychologist in me determined that it was because I was no longer being controlled by my ex-h. After I got divorced, I began to control my own life and once I was in charge, I didn't fear handing that control over to an airplane. For whatever reason, I'll get on a plane now *L*.

    Ok, enough babbling, back to the original topic - my goal is to wear my NEW mink coat that I bought on Ebay in June when I go up there in November. To that end, I'm trying to add a tiny bit of exercise each day. When the weight restriction is lifted (I can't lift anything over 10lbs right now), I'll slowly add some strength training. But I have to be so careful, finding that perfect mix is hard.

    So anyway, I think the fog has lifted a little so I'm back on the porch. I was craving Italian, so please enjoy the veggie lasagna, tossed salad, and homemade bread I brought. I used low fat ricotta, part-skim mozzarella and whole wheat noodles. Can you tell the difference?


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    Hi Porchies,

    Rock, I am sorry to bring back bad memories for you. I didn’t mean to make you down. Please accept my apologies. All I have to say is that your son is really missing out on a good thing with you. How could anyone ignore or not want you in their life. You are very precious to all of us hear and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    Lydia, oh yes, I wish my girls could be babies again and then I wouldn’t have to deal with this mess. LOL. I don’t think she was dragged that was for sure. I have always told her if she ever gets into trouble or her friends are about ready to do something she knows is wrong to call be no matter what time and I would come pick her up. I do know that she didn’t know that they were going to steal anything. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time, however, there is still the fact that she was supposed to be spending the night with her friend (curfew is 11) and it was 4:30 a.m. when we got the call. So regardless, she was doing something wrong

    Yes, I do believe it is poor judgement, well I know it is. Her choice of a boyfriend she has been dating for a couple of weeks is definitely the “why” she is doing this. I didn’t like him from the beginning, but I had no reason to tell her she can’t see him, I didn’t even know him, but I just had bad vibes. When Russ went to pick her up, the police asked him if he knew the other kids, he said no except he has met lindsay’s friend a couple of times. The policeman said, well he is the worst one of the bunch.

    I know she is not a terrible person at all. I love her so so much no matter what and will always be there for her. But I have to nip this in the butt NOW. This is just so unlike her. We never compare her to Ashley; they both have their good qualities and their bad qualities. But you could be right, maybe we have been praising Ashley so much over the last few months with all of her scholarships/recognitions, etc...... Tonight we will definitely have a heart to heart talk.

    Springwater - Thank you for all you kind words too, she is basically a good girl, just hanging out with the wrong crowd. I guess you call bunking when the child misses school, we call it skipping. LOL Yes, I did talk to Ashley today (they do get along pretty good and Lindsay does look up to her) to see if she could talk some sense into her.

    Carla - You hit the nail on the head. Right now I am definitely not her friend, but just her Mom. You are so right. School starts tomorrow and I am making sure that she signs up for the Volunteer Knights and the Big Sister/Big Brother Program. She said she will do that. That is a start. Also, I called school and asked them if she would be able to do those programs and play ball at the same time. They said no, because of conflicts. So, NO BALL for her this year. It is not like she would have gotten a scholarship for playing ball or anything anyway, their team is very NON-Competitive. She is going to be in as many activities as I can get her in to keep her occupied and having friends that do those kinds of things too.

    Elaine - Yes, it was definitely the crowd she was with and she doesn’t have enough hardness in her to say NO, I want to go home, which I wish she would of. By the way, it was only 1 daughter, the younger one. Ashley has never done anything like this before. That is why I want her to talk to her too, because Lindsay really looks up to her big sister. The sit down talk will be tonight when DH and me get home, although we will be exhausted, we have no choice. For you not having kids, you have really good advice too girlie. Have fun on your errands.

    Erin - You are so right, she is punishing herself right now. I can tell in her face and the way she was moping about. She wishes so much she could take it back. Unfortunately, we haven’t had time to talk much yet, since me and hubby had to work today and this happened at 4:30 a.m. I get home first, so that is a wonderful idea, I will take her in her room, close the door and have a talk just me and her and no one else. The girls and I really do have an open communication relationship. I have always told them that they can tell me anything and I will “try” an not be mad but understanding, but I am sure they don’t tell me everything..

    Thank you all so much for your comments, advice, goodwill and concern. I am sure things will turn out okay, I just have to be strong and stick to the punishment so she knows that she cannot get away with something like this ever again.

    Whew, I am pooped. You all have a good day and God Bless you all too.

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    I am so sorry! You have to be heartboken about the episode with Lindsey. I am certain our kids did things we didn't knowe about. No. ! son had a party8 while we were gone overr a weekend. I guess we trusted too much. When we got5 home he said he had had the flu. Yea--- The stain all over the floor told us better. Years later, out daughter said she was sooo scared. I said that wee knew better than to believe his story.

    She and hher boyfriend ( now DH) went to the oprom with another couple, good friends. We had gone to bed and she knocked on our door and shyly said she and thre test had been drinking beer! I said thank you for telling me and go to bed.

    # 2 son had a good friend that we just cringed when he went to the guys' house. His parents were good people (found out later gthat he had a girlfriend). once his brother fell off a chair and broke his arm!1!!!!!!!f Our son knew how we fet about the situation but he did call us from somewhere about 30 mi. away (and I could tell he waS SOBER) and said he had to ddrive the driver of the car home----also thanked him.

    @2 son and wife don't drink anything now!!!!!!!

    It is so important to know and watch who they run around with. Some young people have sooo much influence over others---the kids usually buckle in to be popular. Guess that is what Lindsey did. Yes, she does neexd punishment and only you can know2 just what will the most difficult for her. That's the one. But in the meantime, you arer heartbroken. When she is older and married with family, you can tell her this sgtory so she will influence her children.

    JULIE:On my, your cooking sounds soo good! I love a roast with potatoes - makes wonderful gravy! And BarBQues ribs too. You great lady for doing all gthat cooking. Just think===you have other meals all done!

    I can't see straight and even worse, I type terrble!

    Sorry I blabbed on about my children - I forget that we were talking about lindsey. Bless you!

    iHad the Olmpics on yesterday afternoon but didn't watch the beach volleyball. Don't "beans" abput that sport!!!!

    Luv ya all and can't remember names at all ----so it was good talking to you abnd listening to you.

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    Went to my Rheumy appt. this morning. Went OK, we spoke mostly aboutmy sleeping issues which she says she also has the same. TYrying to cut back on my Clonoezepam and will add some more melatonin also to my Flexeril too. Don't want to bore you with stuff so won't talk about it any more. I don;t have to go back to her for 6 months. I may try the Fibro Sleep. I told her that if it works I will tel her cause she has some of the same problems although she does not have FM.

    MrDad - thanks a lot for starting us up again. It is good to see you back and hope you are feeling better ar at least somewhat so. I know none of us ever feels great for sure !! Be sure to watchout for those BKN girls. If you do we know you are doing better.

    Mickey - AAACK, I just wrote a really long post, mostly to you Mickey and when I tried to send it it got jammed or something and then I tried to un jam it and it went POOF !!! Oh, I was so mad, I was writing to you and also doing some of my own venting considering my #3 dayghter when she was in H.S. I will not get into it all again as it was not pretty either, she wouldn;t listen, snuck out of the house was supposed to go to work and went to her boyffriends, wouldn't come come till all hours if she did at all. She is the one having all kinds ofproblems now with her oldewt son .He really hasn;t gptten into any problems that we know of but has no self assurrance and is lazy. He is sosmart, which is terrible. I won;t continue with it the situation but alot now is my dauaghter's x and his father - lazy, cheap, among many other things inc some drinking. He has never grrown up and is in his 40's now.

    Have no fear I am sure Lindsay will be fine with you watching and taking care of her,. Now you will be even more watchful. Just be consistant and keep her busy as you said. You are doing the right things. So many have already given you great advie - Erin, Elaine, Julie, I think Carla. If you know that she reallyloves softball you can always tell her that is the next thing to go if she messes up again ( and then hope she doesn't). I have done alot of bribery in my day, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn;t It depends on how hard headed your kids are (-: !! Just noticed that Linda had some good comments to. I noticed after I first posted so added this.

    Oh I have had many a sleepless night and I believe that is when I got sick with this stuff although these problems with my daughter was not the ony thing. I also had a FIL with alzheimers at home too, and was watching children in my home and had some of my own also still.

    Keep it up sweetie, I have every confidence things will work out with Lindsay. It sounds like she was very polite to the officers which was a good thing. Glad she didn't end up in jail !!! That would have been terrible but then that would have scared her too !! Been there and done that with the worry. That al comes with being a MOM - oh dear lots of sleepless nites for me. Be confident that you are doing the right thing. Try not to worry so much but I know you will, it is natural !! Enough of that for now. Believe me when I say I do understand !! However, she( my DD#3) has suffered through making wrong decisions like who she married, goofing around in school, etc.

    Elaine - you little squirt. How could you not tell us it was your birthday??? Hope you had fun. I didn't get a chance to read the old volume so may have missed something. Gee you are so young - SIGH !!!!43 - om my that is like my dear daughters.

    Well, I better sign off before this one goes poof too ! My love to EVERYDOBBY !! More latter on or tomorrow if DH is busy tonight on it.


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    Had a nap. Was a little groggy when I first woke up, but now I'm sharp as a tack, slick as a whistle, right with Eversharp and faster than a speeding bullet.

    May also be manic and somewhat delirious. Haha!

    Congratulations on your new computer, Carla. Hope it works for you. When you and the girls watch tv, do they respond? I've seen videos of animals who seem to understand the tv images, but none of my dogs or cats have ever paid any attention to tv.

    Don't respond to images or sounds like dogs barking. Maybe it's because they didn't watch Sesame Street when they were young.

    Julie, sounds like you're going into the catering business w/ all that cooking. I hope a few restful days will put an end to that flare.

    Linda, glad to hear you have been de-cluttering. If necessary you can also resort to defenestration: throwing things out the window.

    There is a lotta clutter here I'd like to get rid of. Funny thing, it's all Gordon's.

    Granni, how long did you live in New Orleans? Guess it would be like a foreign country if you went for a visit now.
    By the way, if you gave your kids a reward for good behavior that is not bribery. It's just a reward.

    Micky, you didn't bring up any bad memories that I don't bring up all by myself. I guess my unspoken message was, no matter how hard we try, we can't control the outcome. We can just do our best and hope things work out ok. Don't blame yourself.

    Springwater, teachers cut up clothing? Do they think the clothing contains evil spirits? The book I was reading about a friendship between two women that lasts for decades is called Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.

    Many happy returns, Elaine. Gratulerer med dagen, Alles gute zum Geburtstag, and Breithla Shona Dhuit. 42? But you seem so immature. I mean so young and full of joie de vivre. Wish I had ten percent of your energy.

    Time to water the plants and do the dishes.


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - Sorry that I made you a year older !! Gee girl, I sure do wish I was your age !! Or do I ?? Hmm, being younger brings other problems too as does being older (-: !! Have fun with your new friend "John" !!! Enjoy it before you get old <> !!

    Julie - wil you please go get some rest. I am all warn out listening about all uyou are doing and cooking, etc. How about some food for us poor Porchies ! Your meals sound wonderful Don't know when I have made a real roast.
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow and are feeling better - remember to REST or take it easy !!! WEe can only hope !!

    Rock - we lived in New Orleans for two years before we went to Houston for DH to relocate. It surely was a culture shock coming from New York. We did enjoy it though and the food was fantastic.

    Well it is about time to take my meds. So bye for today. Don't let the bed bugs bite !!

    Love to everydobby,
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rockgor - i was going to respond about yuor son and then this brain fog ...got caught up in replying to Mickey. I want to say how sorry i am your son chooses to do what he does...maybe it is his immaturity and his time of learning hasnt come yet....but it will.

    In the meantime, it is he who loses out...on all the good times you could have had together...you bring so much to the porch with your wisdom and humour...

    About the teachers, and their cutting up clothing....they are just very regressive, they think hip hop is evil, so even the clothing must be evil....and to think the boys themselves have stopped wearing them on their own...it was just a passing fad. Lasted for about a year and now i see all my sons huge baggy pants and T shirts lying in the cupboard gathering dust because he has moved on to more main stream clothing, bound to happen with maturity and age...same with his friends all that fuss for nothing.

    Elaine - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It did seem you had a wonderful time, what with even your sister making reconciliatory moves and all your brothers calling....

    I did go to see The Dark Knight inspite of my bad cold...and altho i liked it, I too found it dark and gloomier than othr superhero movies. Husband too found all that violence unsettling. Heath Ledger was good but somehow i kept thinking of his other hero roles and thought inspite of all that paint and scraggly hair they didnt manage to make him ugly. Ive always liked Aaron Eckhart but cannot imagine him as Two Face. He just radiates goodness.

    Nice to read about everyones memories about how their kids put them thru the test...kind of comforting to know most parents go thru this and some good advice given....

    Hello to all porchies

    God Bless

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    FIrst a big Happy birthday to Elaine (belated), I still think we need to do something to her, oh I mean FOR her for keeping it a secert. Glad sis gave you a nice card for it and good luck with John Smith Wed. I saw Mr & Mrs Smith when it came out, what was their first names in the movie??

    Yeah Angelina did have some OUTFITS, no doubt and no wonder Brad fell for her, now they have a baseball team, well pee wee for now.

    I got an email from Sony, my computer left CA last night, should be here by Fri!! I am so excited but then realized I have learn something new, but I think I will get over it.

    Can't stay today, I have a 9:45 Dr appt with my gasto, a follow up for my scopes I had in JUNE- good thing I got my own records so I didn't have to wait this long to find out the results.

    Julie I hope you get some rest, that is the only way to get rid of the flare. I must say I am over the hill, in more than one way,LOL- from my last flare. Starting to feel like myself again.

    Well gotta go- hello to everydobby and hope you are all haveing a good day.

    PS Springwater- I saw your post about Twy, I have a youtube channel where you can see about 21 videos I have posted of them. Look for CKBALLL with 3 L's- Carla
  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You are my age now. I am a few months older than you. Well I don't know about you, but I don't want anymore birthdays. However, I will take the presents, just not the ages. LOL

    I am glad you had a good day, birthdays are special no matter how old you are. On my husband's side, we celebrate everyone's birthday a whole day with presents, cake and food. No skipping birthdays.

    Well, I really took all the advice in and one thing I had Lindsay do when I got home was write down 3 punishments and 3 extra chores that she thinks she should do for what she did. She looked at me funny, I told her it doesn't mean that is what is going to happen but I just wanted to see how serious of an issue this was to her.

    Well when Dad got home, and after dinner, we sat and talked. She cried, she said sorry, she even wrote a letter to us saying how stupid she was for doing what she did and that she is so so sorry and how much she loves us.

    Anyway, it does mean a lot that she did this, however, it doesn't make the punisments any less of course.

    She wrote for her punishments for extra chores, vacuum whole house 1 time a week, clean all windows and glass 1 time a week (oh, now I can't remember the 3rd thing). Anyway, that was fine.

    Then......grounding from cell phone & computer for 2 weeks, and grounded from going out for 2 weeks. LOL

    Well, it will be more like 1 month for all of those, except for homework of course. If she needs to get a hold of me she will just have to do it the old fashion way, go to the office and call me.

    By the way, she started back to school today, I am so so glad. Hopefully that will keep her out of trouble.

    Oh, now I remember the 3rd thing, no softball this year ( i was really surprised about this) and she does want to join the Big Brother/Big Sister and the Volunteer Knights Programs so I am really happy about that.

    She hugged both of us and cried and apologized, she really does feel bad about what she did, my heart just melted when she did that. But I know, I have to be tough and keep to the punishments and I will.

    Thank you all so so much for all of your advice and concerns. It really helped me through this. Hopefully this will be the end of it, but I am not letting my guard down, that is for sure.

    I have read everyone's posts, but my hands are really aching and I have a lot of work to do right now. So take care, God Bless, love you all and I will chat later.

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Georgia, I hope you didn't have Mr. M sign anything yet until your attorney has a chance to review the papers. By the way, I think you are defiently doing the right thing, especially the way they treated Mr. M. Good Luck.

    Carla - Good luck at your gastro appt. and yes I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith too. I think Angelino is adorable and they make a great couple. I also admire them for adopting all of those kids. They seem to be wonderful parents.

    Springwater - Yes, that was what was so embarrassing for me. I am always bragging about the girls and how wonderful they are and then Lindsay goes and does something stupid like this. But like you all said, she is a really good girl, she just made a mistake. I just hope she learns from it and makes the right choices in the future. I can only guide her but I can't be around her 24/7 unfortunately.

    Hey I have an idea, I could lock her in the basement like my Mom did to me for a couple of weeks. LOL, now way, I am just kidding. I would never to that to my child.

    Granni, wow, sounds like you went through some rough times back then. However, your kids seem like they all turned out great, so you did a wonderful job. I was pretty bad back then too and did a lot worse than what Lindsay did (which I will never ever tell her). I only hope she doesn't do near the stuff what I did. I guess I get some payback.

    Julie - I am praying and praying you get out of this flare real soon, especially for yourself. YOU need you more than anyone else needs you. Take it easy as much as you can, love ya Julie.

    Elaine - Oh man you are only 42, I thought you were my age, Darn. Well if you were we wouldn't be able to be sisters, so I am glad you are only 42. You are now my husband's age. Yes, I married a younger man. LOL

    Maybe I should have you email Lindsay and talk to her. She would definetly listen you. She would also love you lots. She is a very sweet loving little girl (well, young lady). She smiles ALL THE TIME. Those are her great qualities. Anyone that meets her always falls in love with her.

    Rock - thanks for making me feel better. I would feel horrible if I made you down in the dumps. I will tell you what, you can adopt me as your daughter and I could come visit. Well, I am not sure how old you are, so I may only pass for a sister. Anyway, I would love it if you were my 2nd brother/father.

    Linda Lou - you are so very wise, I bet your kids are the best behaved kids. I am sure they have some faults but they have a great Mom and I bet they wouldn't even think of doing something like Lindsay did. I love your advise and yes, I did talk to the mother and she had no idea that Lindsay left the house as she was planning on going back there through the basement in the morning. I wasn't her fault to watch Lindsay like a hawk. She was probably already in bed when it happened. Also, her friend that she spent the night with I love her too. She didn't sneak out with Lindsay, Lindsay went with some other people that we didn't even know. I actually feel sorry for her friend for Lindsay using her. I made Lindsay call her and her Mom and apologize. I just hope her Mom still lets her see Lindsay, because she is a really good girl. She probably thinks Lindsay is a bad influence now.

    Well gang, my tummy is a growling and I need to leave to get something to eat. I am going home to check on Lindsay, she only had a 1/2 day today on her 1st day of school so she should be home by noon.

    Love you all

  19. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I don't want to get caught in the door.

    I kind of caught up on the events of the porch....

    Happy Birthday Elaine....I just knew you were a Leo, I will be turning 42 on the 21st. I hope your day was a happy one.

    Julie, did your ear ever clear up? I skimmed the previous volumes, and I may have over looked any news on that.

    Granni, I see you are going to AK. I will be going Sept. '09. We are flying into Anchorage and staying for 9 days. Being from our wonderful state, you will appreciate the cooler weather. When do you leave?

    Txgal, I hope you have fully recovered, and are doing well.

    I have been busy, I had a wedding that I provided all of the flowers, and centerpieces for on Saturday. Everything was beautiful, the bride cried when I showed up with her bouquets, she said that it was more than she expected.

    My son has been at band practice everyday for 2 1/2 weeks now, so I have been driving back and forth 6 times a day. He likes to come home for lunch, and I am taking advantage of it. It won't be too long before he doesn't want to spend his lunches with me....They are looking pretty good. I love to go early and watch them march. The directors are already saying the State title will be theirs this year. The band has 250 members in it. My son made 3rd chair which is awesome for a freshman. There are 2 seniors that are 1st and 2nd. There are 19 trombone players.

    Okay enough bragging about my child. My daughter came down to help with the wedding and let me know that she is now engaged. I am so happy for her, her boyfriend is wonderful, I just hope they wait to get married until after she finishes her internship which will be Oct '09.
    She wants a big wedding, and she will need that much time to plan it.

    That is all for now, it was nice to see that Springwater, lilaclover checked in.

    Hi to Mickey, Rosie, Carla, Rock, Dad, and all I missed.

    Big box of hugs and kisses for all...

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there all,

    I checked on you alll before I left to go to the store this orning. However, I didn;t have much time to write. So after picking up some last minute things for our trip I came home in the pouring rain and ate lunch. In awhile our small singing group will be meeting after more than month off. I am guessing we will do more chatting than anything (-: !! It doesn;t help that the leasd is more of a chatterbox than all of us !!

    Bevy - Yes I (we) are both starting to get really excited about our trip. We leave next monday to Anchorage, have a land tours till thursday evening and then take the ship (Royal Caribbean) for another 6 or so days at sea. We leave Vancouver on the 29th.

    I am going crazy trying to decide what clothes to bring esp for the cruise. I know it is much cooler (even this time of year) than we have here in TX. I am also such a cold natured person (hypothyroid plus I think I have always had that problem). We wiol be stopping in Seward (where we get the ship) The land tour covers Anchorage>Denali>Talkeena>Seward. From the ship we go to see the Hubbard Glacier>Juneau>Skagway to Icy Strait Point>Ketchikan thru the inside passage> Vancouver, BC.

    I know it is very pretty there and alot cooler than it is here in TX - like 90's plus lately. I know you are not that cool in San Antone either(-: !! Everyone I have spoken to who has gone to AK said that they just loved it . Some lucky people have been there more than once.
    Where are you going on your trip ??

    Georgia - glad that you are getting a good WC lawyer. I hope Mr M didn;t get into a mess by signing anything before hand that they made him sign. I think that is what you said. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Good luck and special HUGS !!

    Mickey - Glad that Lindsey is apologizing . It does sound like she is remorseful and glad you made her call some involved to aplogize - her friend and mother, etc. Yes, you have to be vigelant tho as I have found out. I hated to sneak around my daughter but I had to get the true story to find out the real truth. Now she knows what she did wrong of course but now is trying to undue some of her bad earlier decisions.

    She will always have a difficult time but at least has found a good guy, that she had known before and they are engaged. He loves her and all the boys. The boys love him esp the youger ones. One has leukemia and the other has learnig disabilities and is mostly special ed. Her X never did tht much to help out just lots of criticism and everything was her fault. You at least have a close family with a caring husband . Yes and you must provide a united front. I think that was already mentioned but is IMPORTANT.
    As I said before with your family she probably will be fine. You just have to be watchful. Nowadays , I hate to say, there is so much stuff out there that the kids are exposed to earlier and earlier. Not that we didn't have all this stuff but it wasn't as prevalent or talked about and it is done earlier. I know when I was a kid alot of this stuff was done in college not H.S or under.

    Where is that housemother when you need her !! We had one of those in Nursing school and we had curfews. Now it is anything goes attitude.

    Carla- Hope your dr. appointment went well and that your scoping results are great !!!

    Julie - Will you please get some rest my dear !!! You need to take care of you !! BTW, do you have any of that roast and potatoes left over ???(-:

    Rock - that is a shame about your son. He is really missing out on being with you. He might even learn something good besides learning how to laugh. Sorry I forgot to mention this before. It is his loss but I know it probably upsets you. We love you though !!

    Mrdad - hope you are feeling better. Have you seen any BKN girls lately? If you have been looking I know you are feeling better.

    Well, sorry gang, I have to leave for my practice or chatting session.

    TTY all later !!

    Love and soft hugs to everydobby,


    [This Message was Edited on 08/12/2008]

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