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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Happy 300 Porchies! Gonna get this set up and continue

    on later, "K"?

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey, I got back just in time!! I didn't realize I was really

    gone all that long 'til I saw my Pic on that milk carton

    at the groc. store! "HAVE YOU SEEN MRDAD"?? Thanks for

    everyone's concern. They been keeping me in an "undisclosed

    location" known only to my handlers. Hope all are "well" and

    that the Party will commence without further delay!

    Huggles to all!
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    So glad to see you at the helm again, It suits you well or your suit suites you well.

    We can go ahead and start own own lil partay until the others join us later, The place looks great I can see Elaine and Jerome have been busy.

    This party will be hoppin later. It is hard to beleive 300 posts in 2 years, someone knows the date this started and we are near our 2 year mark. My how times flys when your having fun or lose your memory :).

    I'll grab a drink and sit for a spell and take a lil nap and be back, oh my naps have been know to last 12 hours lately. God it's great that I get to do that :)

    Well better corral my posse in the house, don't want Missy the chow hound taken off with the food like last time.

    So come on in and make yourself at home. See ya later- and thanks Mrd, it wouldn;t been the same without you-Love CArla
  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked up the road and saw the tent (no elephants yet). It seems that Mr.Dad did his usual great job of getting the party started - now he's off with those beekeenee babes and the sun lotion again. Carla is probably painting a picture of the tent but she was here and so was the ring mistress, Elaine.

    I'm claiming a bean bag chair over there in the corner where I can be comfy and watch everyone come in. I hear the bands warming up and the disco ball is turning. I brought my geetar just in case the bands need a break. I been practicin' and can now use both hands!

    So, hello to everydobby. I brought a huge basket of warm hugs as my contribution. Help yourselves.



  5. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi ALL Porch Friends,

    Glad to see everything I ordered for the Party was properly set up.

    MRDAD ===== Ah, he is here! How exciting. PERFECT to have you start us up for the 300 Party Bash.

    MARTA ===== Why HELLO & it is a great idea you brought your geetar. You never know, one of these bands here may want you to join their Group and go out on Tour with them!

    ROCK ====== Yes, I know perhaps I went a bit “all out” and purchased more things than needed. It’s the 300 Celebration, so I wanted to cover all areas.

    GORGIA ====== Did she really knit something for each of us?? Thanks and I love this color “sky blue”.

    JULIE ===== Relax in a comfy chair!

    CARLA ===== With the bat of my eyelashes, I mysteriously just transported over here to the party! Huh, interesting!

    I believe I am going to try on one of the 500 costumes I see are all set up for us.

    I know, I’ll change into an ...... “I Dream Of Jeanie” outfit & it comes along with bottle too --- just like on the TV show.

    Geez, I sure hope nobody asks me to sing that Christine Aguilera song called “I’m A Jeanie In a Bottle”. Oh boy, I’d need one of the bands that showed up to crank up their speakers so loud, hopefully it drowns out my voice !

    Maybe MARTA can play her geetar really loud.

    I take no responsibility for my “poor dancing skills”. I’m here to have fun.

    GRANNI ======= Wow, I saw her in the Costume changing room & guess what outfit she was putting on????? (----- HINT, I believe I heard her say she was going to sing her infamous “Happy Birthday Mister President” song!)

    See, I just knew it. I knew she was keeping her true identity hidden from us.

    Although, GRANNI did look very stunning in that form fitting, glittery dress!

    DOOBER ====== Thanks for letting me hack into your contact list. Look at all of the musicians who showed up??

    Can you believe Sir Elton John is here & I heard he said he wanted to play his famous song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” --- which is the song he wrote about Norma Jean, Marilyn Monroe.

    Hm, he said he wanted to wear that “Duck” outfit he sported years ago?? Perhaps he has had a few too many drinks! Who is serving those drinks, anyway?

    Oh, NO, what if GRANNI comes out in her Marilyn outfit when Elton John is singing?? He may pass out.

    MICKEY ===== Oh, I see she is over there in the Olympic Size Swimming pool & she is having races?? Wait, she is placing bets too and I heard already won $5,000 bucks!

    Hey, I see people are showing up on the JUMBO-Tron! I wonder if we can find others who have been MIA?

    LINCAMP always looks so beautiful up on the Jumbo-Tron, yet how did she do that if she is sitting right next to me?

    They are now calling out the winners for the LOTTERY tickets.

    == Ticket number 15 just won free gas for their cars and homes for 3 full years.

    == Ticket number 23 is the winner of an “Around The World Vacation” in a Hot Air Balloon?? Hope that person enjoys it!

    == Ticket number 4 gets a $1 Million Dollar Shopping Spree to any and all stores of their choice.

    == Ticket number 12 gets a “Magic Wand” and it comes along with 3 wishes. Sounds kind of neat.

    I’m heading off to get some food.

    Oh my gosh, WOW, look at EVERYDOBBY showing up! Oh, this is just so exciting, I can barely contain myself! Although, I will try to.

    == Elaine
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning to ALL you dear Porchies. Is everyone ready for a PARTY ??? Knowing this group, they usually always are.

    MRDAD - - What a pleasant surprise to have you opening our special volume. We have really missed you, you know but am so glad to see you back. Hope you have been feeling OK and that you will be able to make some more frequent visits to see us all. I guess you were doing some lurking so as to know the proper time to make your entrance. Hope your not being on the Porch was NOT that you were feeling to badly !! HOPE to see you more often here.

    Elaine - Well, I see the planning you did is really something elwe kiddo. Where do you get ALL your ideas? Waiting now to see who will show up and if there will be any great surprises.

    You had better watch out with your special musician "crush" musician and your new fella "John" . Maybe Mrdad can help to keep them apart from each other (-: !!.

    I see MARTA over there with her basket of hugs. I am going to go and get me a few !! Glad you brought your geetar so now maybe we can do a music number too along with my singing and dancing. Glad to hear that you have baen practicing !!

    That music sure sounds inviting already, even if they are just warming up !! Boy everything looks so festive. Elaine, as always you have done a great job.

    I brought some cold boiled shrimp to munch on with my favorite red sauce with horseradish. It is zippy but not really HOT. Also have some delicious scampi t hat i made the other night and have it keeping warm in the crockpot. BTW, I also bround my Bailey's and Amaretto for later on. To early for me to drink for now but I'll be back. DH is gone this morning but when he comes back I know he will want to run and do some errands and going to the gym for the treaadmill and a few machines. We haven't been since the hurricane and I think before that. I also have to be out tonight to Chorale practice so may have to do my partying early.

    MMM- I see Mickey's famous fruit salad that she dropped off the other day. That would be good for my breakfast. Thanks MICKEY !!

    Well everyone I am going to leave for now but I hope to be back soon to see wht al has transpired and what Elaine and everyone elsa is up to.

    As I have said before, hope we get some more MIA Porchies to our party.

    Hugs to ALL,


    PS - OMG- I see Linda has popped in and Julie who is still not feel well. Hurry and get well JULIE. Elaine came back I see and is causing a commotion in the cornor with her special guy and her musician friend" or should I say musician love ? Be back later y'all. It is already getting wild and it is early around here.

    It seems to me every time I leave to edit someone else popped it . Can I have a ride on Lucie LINDA??? I might break her back poor baby.

    HI to Sweetie and Marta !!

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  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    So elated to see MrDad at the "head of the table" again. It is where he belongs. You have been missed. My fellow bush dweller, Marta, is present too. I can't believe it has been so long since we started this thread. Sure hope Annie shows up today and wouldn't it be great to see Carla NL too. Good morning to Julie, Elaine, Carla, & Linda.

    Elaine thanks for setting up this party. It is quite impressive.

    Will be back later to have some fun. Long Island Ice Teas will be here for all.
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Yes I did sneek in a little early as I needed a lil nip for the nip that is in the air.

    I was lucky number 12 -I will have to think for awhile on how to use my 3 wishes.

    Julie-can I get you anything? I am sorry you are a punk? or did you mean funk??? I see Elaine brought a bouncy chair Keira so she can do the binky bob for us.

    Marta awww you look so comfy in the bean bag chair, just let us know when you want to get up and we will give you a hand or two, those bean bags are so comfy but impossible to get out of after a few hours :)

    Linda glad you brought the V-ball team I want to see that match, I think Misty May has lost her edge after going girly on Danceing with the Stars, so I bet your girls are a shoe in.

    Can't wait to see Lucie in her new saddle, I think Keira should get the first puppy ride. Thanks for motor carts for zipping around in, they are really fun and I will stay away from the cliff- that is until the bungy guy shows up :)

    Hey Rocky 76 please do jump in anytime, this is a BIG porch and can handle lots of people, the more the merrier here. Don't feel like you have to address each of us, just a hello all and how you are doing is just fine.

    Granni slipped in with her shrimp and other goodies, can't wait to see her and Marta do a number together.

    Sweetie so glad you could make it too, we have missed you and hope things are on the upswing for you and you come to see us more often.

    Well I think I will head over to the costume area and see who I want to be today and zip around to see what all Elaine has orchestrated. I'lll be bauuuuckkkk! Carla

    Elaine you have done an excellent job of playing the Ring Mistress
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have had the hardest time just trying to get onto the New Board today. I got into Yahoo OK but could get into OUR NEW board and our 300th POST psrty. The few times that I did in I noticed the number was same for the posts. It was stuck at 10. I hope that others are not having the same problems. We all cannot always get on when we want to . It has to be a conveneit time for the person posting. HMMM, what is going on here. I am afraid when the party really gets going I'll be out tonight.

    Hope things get busy soon or I may have to wait till tomorrow. That will even be a busier day for me. I was going to go and grab Marta and start our duet - Marta on the geetar and me singin and dancing. It will be sort of a Kareoke with dancing - different eh ?? Yep, ELAINE has been peekin to see our costumes but we may fool her (if we can).

    Hope to see some more Porchies at the party soon and esp some MIA'S like MRDAD and 1SWEETIE.

    I want to be here when Kiera gets to ride LUCIE. That would be a cute picture.

    JULIE - is napping in her beanbag chair and is not feeling to well. Get well soon sweetie.

    ELAINE - where are you hiding my dear, with "John" and the musician fella??

    Gotta run for now Porchies.


  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Also Hooray that Joe showed up. You scared us mister. We are so glad you checked in to let us know you are okay.

    Wow, I won $5,000 Elaine, thank you , I could really use it right now.

    I am glad everyone is enjoying the party and enjoying the fruit salad; I am also enjoying all the food and the bands, but especially the long island teas and the company. It wouldn't be a good party without those 2 things.

    I am trying my hardest to get in the party mood, but I haven't slept since Friday night. I don't know what my problem is, too many things on my mind.

    You guys have a great time and I will stop back by later. Save some long island teas for me.

    Love you

  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    with the Long Island Ice Teas. There is plenty for everyone so don't worry Mickey. Remember this is The Porch and we always have plenty of everything and nothing hurts us here.

    Carla, I have #12 also. Elaine must have gotten into a hurry and doubled some of the numbers. I really have a need for 3 wishes now to be fulfilled and I'm sure you do too. I bet it would be OK with Elaine if we all got 3 wishes fulfilled.

    Our party is getting off to a slow start....no beekeenee tops hanging from the chandelier yet and no Rock. Where are the Porchies? All visitors are welcome. Elaine ordered food for 250.

    Will stop again later if able.

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I got called to duty for awhile for the art club but am done for now so I can play.

    Wow Sweetie there were 2 number 12's- Well one of my wishes was that all the main street people of the world would be healthy, happy and comfortably taken care of for life.

    All the banks, insurance, stock people have to live in a small 8 by 10 room while the main street people take over their homes, cars, boats, ect.

    I have to give more thought for wish number 2. Yes, where is everydobby, Annie said she couldn;t get on earlier and sent her regards so maybe the puter gremlins are at work. Or our 300th porch light blew a fuse.

    Mickey sorry you aren't your usual perky self and things change soon. I am sure it will all work out in the end.

    Hey the V-ball game was a slaughter-Misty thought she do play in her heels and it was a total disaster. The girl couldn't serve water let alone a V-ball.

    Now waiting for Granni and Marta to do their song and dance. I went threw the costumes but decided I like being me so that is who I am.

    Now where is our hostess?? WHich man is she with?? Hmmm maybe need to take a look for her so will be back later- Carla

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and I won #8 with the maid and grounds keeper. That surely would work for me.

    Julie and Mickey - so sorry both of you are not up to snuff. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

    Hey where was that MARTA . I had to go snatch her away (not telling you where from) to do our little gig. Gee she surely has gotten better on her geetar. I even had a couple of LI IT's before I had my Baileys and Amaarettas. Gee, I'll bet we are going to be GREAT after all those drinks. Not sure what Marta has been sipping. It surely was alot of fun I can tell you. I guess we did so much sippin before I don't remember what we did -hic !

    Did you like our sparkly costumes - Elaine sewed them for us. What a nice surprise ELAINE. Thank You !! Do you even remember sewing them for us ??

    *****OH, I REMEMBER what we both sang. How about "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT on the geetar and me singing. Even if the Pres. didn;t show up we sang it anyway.

    Gee, I am having a great time considering I haven't been here for to long today.

    Well, I think I had better rest up a bit after our singin and dancin routine. Hey who is that over in the corner with two guys, a musician fella and is that ELAINE and "JOHN"? Oh oh hoping there will not be s scuffling going on here over our sweet ELAINE !!

    Well, guys and gals I need to hustle for now. Not sure if I can pop in again before I go to Chorale practice.

    Hope we see ANNIE, CARLA NL, LACEYMAE, JOAN, BEVY, JODIE ,TEXANGAL, etc. and any other dear MIA PORCHIE who hasn't been here of late. I sure do miss them.

    Love to y'all (HIC!!),

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What's all this? Seems to be more than the usual amount of activity on the porch today. Who's that under the lamp shade?

    Why, it's MrDad. Good to see you, Joe. Glad you were able to join us.

    You too, Mickey. Tough to do much of anything when you can't sleep, right? Hope it's happy dreams tonight.

    Glad to see we have several of our furry friends here today. Lucie and Ursala; Missy and Twyla; Jack and Sheba and Sandy. What's that, Sandy? Oh. "Arf," says Sandy.

    Sandy's not much of a talker. Pretty much sticks to "Arf".

    Good to see you too, Linda. Yes, a massage would be nice. They are always being recommended as good for us. However, the people doing the recommending don't seem to know what a massage costs nowadays.

    And speaking of money, I haven't seen a bean bag chair for decades, Marta. In the 70s they cost 20 bucks. Just checked on the net.

    They are still being made. Price range from $160 to over $200.
    Somehow I have the feeling that if I bought one, there would be a news story the next day about bean bag pellets coming from China that are radioactive or otherwise undesirable.

    I didn't recall that you played guitar, Marta. I took lessons once, but didn't have the necessary chord-ination. Had to quit; made me fret too much.

    I couldn't agree more, Carla. How time flies when you lose your memory. I seldom know what day it is anymore. Never know if things that happened took place a couple months ago or 5 years ago. Good thing it seldom matters.

    Julie, find a comfortable seat or sofa and just rest. Same for you, Elaine. You've knocked yourself out w/ planning and hostessing. Time to r e l a x.

    Hi Sweetie, nice to see some of our founding fathers (and mothers) are here.

    Granni, have you and the band got your tap number worked out?
    I was on Youtube earlier. A gal was demonstrating how to do the time step.

    Regards to absent friends: Jodie, Annie, Jole, Springwater, Doober, et. al.

  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Zipped all over and missed Elaine, I wonder what her costume is??Hmm

    Well here comes David-I bet he wants to use the phone, then my girls are getting a bath- they found something and it wasn't sweet smelling, all they brought back was the smell-eehweeeeeee- So I am out until much later so all have a good time and I am so thankful for all of my freinds here on this porch and the entire board, it is a true gift- so thanks- ok see ya later-Carla
  16. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    my Porch friends. Enjoyed the party but most of all I enjoy your friendship.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the party but I love ALL Porchies the most. Sorry some of our Porchies did not check in today but hope they are not feeling to badly.

    Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone today. I love you all and I know you all must be pooped too. I know I am and just got back from Chorale practice. The show is neex week. Not much practice is all I can say. I miss two weeks with my Alaska atrip, one for Labor Day (everyone missed tht one cause they didnt have it), and Hurricane IKE. That God most of the songs are not to hard.

    Gotta go take the rest of my meds. Hope I can sleep good tonight and not have to get up with Dh tomorrow. Actually he did let me sleep later than he said he was going to do.

    Springwater - hope you are feeling OK, missed you today too.

    Hope Julie, and Mickey feel better tomorrow.

    CK - Hope you sleep very well tonight.


  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    What a lot of festivities...i have to say a great big thank you to Elaine who organised such a lot of it and to Granni for her performance...and to all those who turned up and made the party such a BIG success! And it was so sweet to see MrDad open up the whole thing.

    Im guessing i won the 'around the world in a hot air balloon' ticket...yippee! World, here i come, but only after i have fully recovered.

    I have come down horribly with husbands flu. Something which made a strong chap like him stay in bed for three days was going to take me out worse and i couldnt bear the aches and pains and fever after two days and have downed some antibiotics and paracetamol to help me battle it.

    Julie, Mickey sorry that you guys to are feeling under the weather. Still you came to the party and it was good to see you.

    Im wearing Georgias fawn coloured scarf she knitted.

    All of you porchies who came in i really enjoyed reading about your antics at the party and wish to take this 300th to tell you how much i love you all. And this foes for those who have been MIA too but might pop in later.

    God Bless

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Com'on in. As you see we had a big party. Lots of party food and drinks still in the fridge. Dig right in.

    Most of the time the porch is pretty quiet. Just folks sittin' and chattin'. Some in the glider or a rocker. Maybe a bean bag chair or a bail of hay. Whatever's handy.

    When we get to 30 messages we start a new thread. So it's time for someone to start a new thread. Looks like it's my turn. I'll see you on the next volume.