Porchlight is on, Vol. 317

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    Rosin on the Bow, and here we go!

    First two couples, forward and back.
    Bow to Susie, wave to Jack.

    Side couples, it's your turn.
    If you don't know, then you can learn.

    Now promenade and don't be slow.
    Where we're goin', we all know.

    Meet your partner; give a smile.
    Allemande left for about a mile.

    Back to home and give a holler.
    Hug the fiddler; kiss the caller.

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    Well, dear Porchies the guests have finally left and I havae have my puter back again (sort of). Our SIL that was here is addicted to video games (he works with computers too). However, he is on it alot if not having to do something else. He says up till all hours and plays the stupid games where people are fighting other people (characters). He is not a bad guy but is still, in my eyes, a bit immature . You wouldn't know that there was a financial problem going on with our economy. He had to spend a bunch of money getting stuff for his TV, suround sound and some other stuff. I think he said what he got it whould normally be about $1000 but he spent like about $700-$ 800 or so. Plus they bought a new vacuum on sale. Best Buy was pretty crowded when we went. We didn't by a thing except some calanders (large ones in Office Depot) for our desks. I am afraid many of the young generation have troubles holding onto their money and just have to spend it and get stuff that it took us close to 50 years to get. They both work but don't have THAT MUCH MONEY. HE just wants to keep up as they say with others. She goes along with him. Sometimes he can be bossy and thinks he knows everything so have to know when to open or shut my mouth (-: !. All in all he is isn't too bad but still immature and can say things without really thinking how it wil hurt others, including his wife. He is younger than my daughter by a few years. As everyone knows, you cannot tell kids (grown up kids) who to love and not love.

    Rock - thanks so much for your cheery square dance call and for starting us up.

    Linda - glad to hear from you and sorry that your hip is being so much trouble for you.

    Springwater - hvppy that that terrible massacre in India is over. Glad most of them are dead. Luckily, one is still alive and maybae they can learn something useful from him about how it was all planned and all.

    Rocky - Yes, that is right put them all in a padded cell and blast the Star Spangled Banner all day. That sounds like a good punishment but is still to good for them.

    Mickey and Georgia - are you both back to work today. Hope al is well with you both. DH ran to do an errand but will be back soon. I just wanted to check in to see how everyone way since I have been unable to get to my computer for a few days.

    Joan - Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving considering your DH is in the NH. Hope you got to see your kids too and that you are not feeling to badly .

    Well, I have to run and start cleaning up the house. I already have a wash started with the sheets from the guest beds, etc.

    Bye for now.

    Luv to everydobby,

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    Hmmmm, is everyone still digesting their Thanksgiving Dinners;not too many people have turned up at the porch.

    Rock, thanks for starting up the new porch...i hope everyone soon starts looking in

    Linda - good to see you, but sorry to hear of the flare ..hmm first Elaine, and now you...just hoping you both get better real soon...we dont get the new episodes of Ellen, the ones they show here are like one month old...but my how i love that gal, i still think of Ellen as a gal, whatever her chronological age. Yes, a Bollywood actress had taken out a fitness video. It must be that one.

    Granni - yes, its finally OVER! The whole nightmare, we were having non stop coverage from so many channels covering all the different hotspots, saw people dead bodies being brought out as it happened, commandoes going in...terrorists...firing gunshots at crowds outside, and being blown out of a window...and they got some shots of the terrorists, and they are all young lads!!! Clean shaven, wearing tee shirts and jeans, nicely cropped hair...they all were posing as college kids with college ids on them...what possible motivation is attracting them to such a gruesome cause?

    The foreigner guests who got rescued are so resilient, and some came on tv to say thank u to the hotel staff who instead of runnng for cover stayed and helped the tourists to take cover. One Britisher said his most defining memory of the entire event of more than 20 hours when he was inside and under seige, is of the way two young waiters both under 20 years of age, stood in the middle of the restaurant, directing the diners towards the kitchen and safety, while two terrorists sprayed bullets randomly from the entrance of the restaurant. He said he didnt know whether the two made it or not...prob not bcause the commandoes who came in later on rescue operation found the floor littered with bodies. He spent over 20 hours in the dark inthe kitchen while gunfire went on all over the place and bodies dropped dead. The some commandoes came in and escorted them out..while the gunfire raged in another part of the building. They found the Executive Chef of the hotels body too in the kitchen. Afer the whole thing was over.

    Well, i dont want to take the mood down but this morning mum in law called and she and i were supposed to go and meet the future bridegrooms family, (husbands cousins wedding) who have come in from Switzerland where they are settled. We take tea and some eating things as tradition, and i asked Mom in law to phone the place they were stayng at, first, and she did and if turns out this close relative of theirs who arranged the match, has expired of cancer, just this morning. Goodness, obviously this affects the wedding plans.

    I didnt even have the energy to call my cousin later and speak to her. I was going to go over and help them fix the house and stuff, but lord, today i was drained of energy. My guess is a quick registered marriage and no ceremonies. I havent even begun restringing my necklace.
    I dont have the energy to even think about it.

    I hope tomorrow i will feel lighter.

    God Bless

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Hey, where is everydobby- eating all that turkey?? In turkey food coma (-: ?? Unfortunatly, I don;t get to eat leftovers since we went to our son's. That is the one bad part - no leftovers when you wat someplace other than home - unless you brought the turkey.

    I guess many who work had off unless you are like my daughter who works in a hospital. Many of them are off too but not here. She is verifying insurance, probably for emergency cases, etc.

    Springwater - Yes, it is so terribly sad. I can imagine how you feel being fairly close to the Massacre situation, even if in a different country. Having the TV coverage on like you do now is like when we had the 9-11 tragedy and how that was for us in the US. It was just draining and horrible. If you have some troubles with depression and all, that certainly does not help at all. I just hope we all learning something positive from this horrible situation. Apparently they seem to think so far that they were from Pakistan but were such young men. Yes, you wonder how they could harbor such hate for such innocent people.

    Elaine, Carla, Georgia, Mickey, Julie, Linda, Rock, Joan, Sweetie, Jodie, Mrdad and all my dear Porchies, inc those MIA. I still love you (-: !. Hope you had a great holiday and are still enjoying yourselves.

    May try and check in on everyone later on. I have to do the hair project tonight -ugh !

    Blessings to all,'

  5. jole

    jole Member

    Wow! This week went by sooo fast. In some ways, a disappointment; in other ways a blessing...does anyone else feel like that??

    Our family all came in Wednesday evening and stayed until Thursday evening. I love it when they're all here because our kids get along so well together, even the in-laws. And the grandkids have such fun with their cousins.

    BUT all the over-stimulation about does me in, and I have to sneak off to my room fairly frequently to get away from it all.

    We had lots of good food (turkey, ham, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, cranberry/apple salad, blueberry salad, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, and several kinds of desserts) for the 18 of us. Then games after the kitchen was cleaned....although 3 pooped out and took naps instead.

    Anyway, yesterday I did 4 loads of laundry (towels, bedding) and swept the kitchen floor. Thought I'd get some more cleaning in today but I crashed, and the most I've done is this! Oh well, there's always another day, I hope. And that was much more than I thought I would possibly have gotten done.

    Rock, are you making up those calls as you go, or did you square dance in your past life? Those really were good days, when neighbors were neighbors and friends still cared....kinda like this board. Hope you're feeling well, and sorry no turkey for you~

    Lin, thanks for stopping in. How long have you been using a cane now? I know it's not fun to use, and I hope you can get "fixed up" soon. Constant pain sure does drain your energy in a hurry, doesn't it?

    You mentioned the Black Friday events....don't know when they started calling it Black Friday, but it's appropriate these days, for sure. I've never shopped on the day after T, but my one daughter does. She checks circulars for days ahead of time and gets some really good buys for gifts, but she said it is really vicious, and each year says it's her last. She's a smart shopper.

    Granni, glad your day was good with your daughter. Buying on sale is only good if it's something you need and would have bought anyway, I think. I just don't have the energy or peace of mind to go out in those crowds these days.

    I'll bet your right back in the swing of things while the rest of us are still recouperating, right?

    Springwater, so sorry about all the problems in your area of the world. I know we all wish for better, safer days ahead for everyone....yet for some reason I don't forsee that happening for any of us anymore. Maybe I'm just too pessimistic these days.

    Elaine, how does your mother like JS? Did he end up spending the day with your family? I hope things went well between you and your sis. Wishing you all the best with your pain issues also.

    Georgia, what a great idea getting a nice picture taken of the two of you! I would love it if you could post a picture of you and MrM so we could all see you! Good to hear you're both doing well.

    Okay, unless someone else slipped in here I'm going to say goodnight and see you all tomorrow, okay? Love to all***Jole***
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. Wouldn't know it from our place tho. No leftovers. That's ok. I've had a lifetime of TG dinners. Some good; some bad.

    You know, I think I only had TG dinner at a restaurant once. That was when my mother was here in California. I took her out to dinner. Had to call several places to find a restaurant that wasn't filled.

    The dinner was kinda expensive: about $15. That was over 30 years ago. But it was just fine, and no drunk, annoying relatives cluttering up the place.

    Yes, Jole, when I was a kid we did lot of folk dancing. We did square, line and round dances. They all had their origins in Europe.

    When I was a teenager the school gym was open one night a week during the summer. We did all the above dances. Then took our shoes off and had a sock hop dancing to the latest thing: Rock and Roll. Our was the first generation to dance to Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson and Elvis.

    I thought Elvis was the funniest name; still do.

    Georgia, has your missing goat turned up? How many do you have? Who took your pic? Was it a pro? I think more people should get their picture took by a pro.

    In the neck of the woods I'm from, people usually have a professional photographer take a baby picture, a graduation picture, a wedding picture, and a 50th anniversary picture. That's it!

    Sorry, Elaine, I got confused about the rose business. I get confusiated easily these days. Brain fog is bad enough, but I have AZ on top of that. (That's Arizona disease, you know.) Anyway, I think I finally got it straight. Your sister Rose had a bad experience w/ her car, and the axle dropped out. Hope she can get it fixed ok.

    Carla, do you think your artist friend will make a full recovery and be able to get back to her painting? Must be frustrating for her. Maybe she could do a couple before and after paintings. Or with and without. The cast, that is.

    Good luck w/ your cart. I hope you axle doesn't fall off. Give the girls a pat from me.

    Well, in the interests of safety first, I think I will do my usual installments.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just tried twice to send a long post to everyone and all I got wa a blank screen. I pushed submit twice afater waiting a bit and nothing happened. I checked and it was not there. I eventried refreshing and nothing happened. I am so angry cause it was a pretty long post.

    Jole - Yes, I agree with you about spending but many of the younger generation have no coception of really saving. My SIL will do what he wants to do and can always justify what he does or is going to do. It is not something he needed but he does WANT it. I guess it could have been worse since they almost bought a new BIG TV. They have a pretty big one now in their home and had a big one in their apartment before which took up most or all of the wall. If I didn't have a TV it wouldn't bother me as much as missing a puter nowadays. It gets me mad when the credit card companies give new college students cards and they ahve o jobs. It really gets them and their parents into trouble many times. I know !! Glad you had anice time with your family this holiday weekend.

    Georgoia- The picture you had taken of you and Mr M sounds really nice. I would love to see if it you would like to share. However you would rather ot I understand.

    Rock - glad you had a nice Thanksgiving even if it is quiet. Sometimes they are the best kind. Yes, I remember all the singers you were mentioning, including Elvis. I liked him when he first started out but later on he had to many problems probably brought on by the arly big money as in today's world of celebrities.

    Elaine - Glad you had fun this weekend with your family and John. You you get to feeling better soon.

    Carla - sorry to hear that it wil take so much money to fix your golf cart. I know that you all miss it.. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving too.

    Linda - Sorry to hear about your hip causeing so many problems and that you think you also might havae to have surgery. Let us kow when yousee the doctor. You just have to do what needs to be done. That Lucie sounds like she is such a sweet doggie. Does she l think she is a lap dog and does she hang of your lap?

    Joan - Hope you had a nice time with your family and DH. We are thinking about you.

    Well I had better try to send this and hope it goes this time.

    Love to everdobby inc those not mentioned .


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  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well it is good to see most had a good turkey day. I did too, then I had to work Fri and they about killed me, I didn't stop all day. I paid for it all day yesterday, had a horrible headache, shoulder pain and felt yucky.

    If that wasn't bad enough, I ran over Butter, the nieghbor's dog and Missy's brother. I think he is going to be ok but will need a lot of rest and TLC. I drove up the road to look for Twy the run away and when I came back here came Butter and Twy at me. I passed them about 50 feet before my drive and turned in and Twy darted out in front of me and I hit the brakes then went on to the end of the driveway and felt the bump. I thought I had hit one of the big rocks at first, then when I got out I saw Butter limping away, then he turned around and walked over to me.

    Oh my heart sank, there is no where other than a vet er open on Sat and it is $150 also Butter's family was not home. So I made sure he was able to stand and walk and no obvious breaks but the little is sore. They were gone until late last night, then up and gone all day so I told them awhile ago. Since he is ok for now they decided to let him stay on my porch in his tent I made him out of my lounge chair as it was raining pretty bad at the time.

    I have him tied up in case he decided to wonder off as we have a mountion lion loose in the area. There have been 13 dogs killed and/or missing and several reports of the lion in the area and animal control has traps set for it.

    I found the paw prints across the street from me yesterday on the logging road, I am loading the video on youtube and should be loaded soon. IT really freaked me out when I saw the prints in the dirt. I went to take pics of the sunset and then saw the deer hooves marks then the lions paw print. It is a big as my hand and it is no dog for sure as there aren't any more up here except for mine.

    I have already emailed AC and they should call me tomorrow. It was going to rain all day so I made the video as I knew the prints would be washed away. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

    I have also been trying to work out my painting, I had to go back to the basics of drawing again and doing pencil sketches to figure out how to get what I want.

    Forgive me for not addressing you all tonight but I am beat and need to go out and check on Butter and get him out to see if he will go potty then I am in the tub and bed. Carla
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Granni. Sorry you lost your post. Drives me crazy when that happens. I think you're right about what young people will pay for things. Apparently they have never heard of the law of diminishing returns.

    Apparently no amount of money is too much to pay when buying Starbucks coffee, designer jeans, snacks at the mall, fancy sneakers or electronic gadgets.

    Elaine is right about high interest rates. Why are credit card companies allowed to charge 20% interest? It's illegal for banks. Apparently the credit card companies have better lobbyists. But don't the banks own the credit card companies? Modern business is all too mystifying.

    Mickey, hope you enjoyed your time off. Did you go to a restaurant for TG dinner?

    How's that necklace coming, SW? Did you tie a knot between each bead?

    Sorry your leg is acting up, Linda. I hope you and Elaine can somehow avoid surgery. Yes, the teeth thing is getting tedious. I heard an ad on the radio for implants. They don't tell you the price but say "financing is available". I suppose a few teeth cost about as much as a grand piano.

    Hope Butter is better, Carla. Sounds like an anti-margarine ad: Butter Is Better. I hope the mountain lion moves on to a less-inhabited territory. I'm afraid in a century or two there will be no wild animals at all, and 40 billion humans cluttering up the planet. Not a happy thought. Well...

    Hug and waves

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just lost 2 posts and came back for more!

    Springwater I just want to say how sorry I am about the violence that surrounds you and about the death of the cousin. Hope you and you MIL can find a good day for both of you to shop.

    Rock thanks for your Butter getting better, my GD named him when he was born, he came out an looked like a stick of butter and the family kept it.

    Elaine glad to hear there was no roll throws across the table on TG. Sorry the hip and knee are still being a pain. Hope you get some relief soon, glad things are still good with JS.

    Jole glad you had a good day too, I do understand having to run away every now and then too.

    Georgia you and Mr M make a great pair, perfect fit. Giddy up :)

    Julie I hope you can peek in once a while we really miss you.

    Mickey hope you enjoyed your long weekend and wasn't out at 6 am Fri morning in all that craziness.

    Rocky are you still here?? Just jump on in any time.

    Well my meds are working and am afriad I will lose this so will go for now-hello to Granni and Sweetie where are you- Good-nite all-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just thought I would check the Porch before I have to go and try doing some more decorating today. I am havaing my small goup over for a Christmas Party next tuesday (not tomorrow thank goodness).

    I will NOT put up the tree. We wre not going to do hardly any dicorating this year since we will not be home for Christmas day with no guests. We will be at our daughter #3's home. Why should I decorat the tree when I do most of it yself and the kiddies will not be here to see it anyway. The singing group won;t care I think as long as they get fod and some wine? Everyone brings a salad dish or a dessert. So I pretty much just have to clean the house and do a bit of decorating.

    Elaine - Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving day and that your knee weems to be doing better onthe cluocsamine. Hopefully that means that you do not have to have surgery. That surely would be fantastic !!

    Linda - Hope they can do something for your hip .

    Carla - so sorry to hear about you hitting Butter by accident. I know that you must have been very upset about it. Glad that she seems to be doing OK !

    Georgia - those cards made out of material sounds so pretty. Wish you coud take a pic of them and show it to us. Hope you are feeling better today.

    Jole - Hi there kiddo. Is it quiet at yur house now? Yes, I know what you mean you enjoy the people but sometimes it all can get to much. Hope you have caught up on your rest now.

    Julie - We miss you sweetie. Hope all is well in Belize my friend !

    Rock - Hope you are behaving yourself today. Or is that impossible (-: !!
    Or are you just writing some more poems and square dance calls plus trying to figure out the problems of the world ? Maybe you and Elaine can figure them out (-: ! Ha, Impossible there are to many of them anyway. How is your weather in CA? It is rather chilly here in TX today. BRRR!

    I had better and try and put up a few more Christmas decorations today as I will out to a meeting tomorrow morning anyway.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Missing our MIA's !



  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good to see some feet stomping thru the porch after Thanksgiving tho we hav yet to hear from some of us like Mickey

    I been rushed off my feet past two days..first had to go pay condolence and help out at distant cousin and i went with mum in law.Straight from there went to husbands aunt, i didnt know what was happening re the wedding of her daughter which got postponed. aunt was in a tizzy, the couple were going to the courts the next day and she was preparing meals and cleaning the house for the bridegrooms family visit. That night when i came back home i had the mother of all headaches..nauseous and head thumping. Was able to take a tablet the next morning. Then again back to aunts house, to cook and wash and receive boys family and what not...and tried not to panic when talking in my broken Tibetan to boys family.The boy, bless his soul was a nice easy to talk to lad, so not too much stress there.

    Its bizarre, but my cousin and the bridgroom who have only had three days to talk and go out with each other seem joined at the hip now..and very much in love. Theyve been long distance engaged for a year now..but the only time they spent together was two years back when his family came to 'see' her. They got two days then to go out and converse and he decided he liked her. The he flew back to his homeland. She took longer to decide but gave her consent six months later over the phone and then the talks swung into action.

    The couple, and their parents and my husband and a lawyer went to the marriage registration bureau yesterday...and cousin told me later, there was pandemonium there with lots of couples breathing down the clerks necks and huge crowds waiting their turn and confusion and shouting. And our poor bridegroom turns to would be bride and tells her "this all isnt very romantic".

    I thought i held up pretty well thru all of this considering my CFS and all, but am really fed up at the thought of going thru all this again on Friday..aunt wants to have a more formal thing on that day..I think she is overdoing it considering the boys side have lost a family member. The deceased was the boys aunt once removed or something. Well, once that is over its done so i shall just gird up my loins and proceed. After all, i guess i hve to do the same thng for my daughter one day.

    Today i rested;feeling bit woozy. Had to attend neighbours father in laws funeral dinner, went with my son..after 13 days they give a feast..ate some spicy nepali food and my stomch is quasy, son gave me some digestive tab to chew on as he felt same,weoth have sensitve stomachs.

    Linda - i do hope by some way or other, your hip gets better and you dont have to have surgery. Sorry u missed the sales. I was alarmed at hearing of the stampedes at the sales tho so maybe good u didnt go; so much crowds. Hmm.. Slinky..hahaha..sounds like a name a coquettish dog would have.

    Elaine - sounded like you had a nice time playing cards with your family. It is strange how unalike siblings can be in one family. Mr J Smith seems well and truly entrenched into the family now and enjoying every moment.

    Rock - your posts never fail to make me laugh so i hope you dont lose more posts..that comment about Butter was hilarious. And no. I have not yet started on my necklace. Groan.

    Carla - thanks for your kind words. Sorry to hear about Butter. Very original name for a doggie. But i love it, now. Im going to try and look at your video of mountain lion paw prints.

    Granni - I remember watching an Oprah show where Suze Orman went on a tirade against credit companies for giving college students credit cards...she was going "how dare they do this to our children!" I agree. How scary is that...learning how to get into debt before learning how to earn.

    Georgia - those christmas cards sound very eclectic...silk stitched on to them..not many take the trouble, so i can see your lucky friends being pleasantly surprised this season...I hope your nerve trouble isnt too serious;that photo session of yours sounded like a lot of fun..i have never seen a real sombrero in my life except in the movies.

    Jole - your TG dinner menu made me drool, so many goodies. And the games afterwards boisterous and a riot; just what i pictured a huge family gatheringto be like. But i dont blame u for creeping away for some quiet time..i do that too..cant take too much noise for too long at a time.

    Julie - if you read this, thinking of you. Also Rocky, Texan, MrDad and others...

    God Bless
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon made cornbread this morning. Took the pan to work to treat his coworkers. I sampled a large hunk before he made his escape. He used the Jiffy brand mix. I remember when a box cost ten cents. Think it's up to 80 or 90 cents now.

    Anyway it was a nice change from the soft food diet, and I could eat it w/ no trouble. Pone or cornpone was a staple for our pioneer ancestors. About half a century ago there was a musical (Broadway and film) called "L'il Abner" after the comic strip.

    Featured a song about Jubilation T. Cornpone, a singularly inept general. It used to be on Youtube. Maybe it still is.

    All this talk about credit cards reminds me my mother had a credit card back in the 40s. It could only be used at one dept. store, and it was made outta cardboard.

    Today the card is made of sturdy plastic, and you can use it everywhere. Much easier to get into debt. This is called progress.

    What is Mr M writing in the cards, Georgia? Feliz Navidad? I had a law school professor who taught Entertainment law. He was also the atty for Jose Feliciano.

    Springwater, do they still have arranged marriages where you are? My boss was an orthodox Jew and a first generation American. He considered himself very modern. He told his four children they could marry anyone they liked as long as he and mama approved.

    I have no knowledge of his children's reaction to the announcement.

    Elaine, how bad is your arthritis? Mine is pretty minor. My finger joints are swollen, but I don't do hand modeling anymore anyway. (How 'bout you?)

    I think you have misconscrewed the sea salt therapy. The healing element is not the salt but the exercise you do in the salt water. An hour a day in the ocean (or the Great Salt Lake) doing jumping jacks, kneebobbles , duckwalks and handstands will produce big changes in just a short time.

    The necessary breathing discipline is also good for respiratory ailments.

    Granni, you asked about our weather. Generally speaking the temp is in the 70s during the day. Gets down to about 53 at night. We only have rain during the winter months. The rest of the time we live in a desert.

    Note: mnemonic device. "Dessert" has a double letter like "Jello". "Desert" has one "s" as in "Dry as a bone".

    Carla, I hope you: get some rest; your chariot gets repaired; Butter gets better; the mountain lion moves on...possibly to Hollywood to make Born Free: West: the sequel.

    Well, I have proofread this twice. Any errors still extant will just have to lump it. "The moving finger has writ. Not all your piety nor wit can cancel out a word of it."


  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wow, it seems like I have been gone forever. I was off yesterday too, so it was a nice, long, 5 days of vacation of doing practically nothing.

    We didn't do anything on TG, my Dad was sick so we decided not to go out to eat. We were going to go to Cracker Barrell. Anyway, Lindsay and I went over to my Dad's house to visit him and my Sister and niece were there too. So that was a nice visit.

    Friday I put a lot of decorations outside the house, however, I am still not done. It snowed on Sunday and it is so pretty outside right now. I love the snow, but I hate ice. There were so many snowmen up and down the roads that kids built.

    I made some more of my traditional party mix and some cookies and now I have to get ready for my big TG dinner on Sunday, the 7th. Like I said it will also be Lindsay's 16th birthday party. I bought a big 21 lb turkey for the occasion. My Dad is bringing a ham and everyone else will bring a dish as well. There should be about 30 of us so it will be a big party. It has been awhile since I have had one, so I am looking forward to it.

    I also took off next Monday, the 8th to recooperate and take Lindsay to get her drivers license. She is so excited and has already made plans for that night to go to dinner with friends for her birthday and she is driving. Sooooo everyone please say a prayer that she is safe, LOL.

    It took me a while to read all the posts but I finally got through them all and Springwater, the news on India is just horrible. All those poor innocent people dying for no reason. My prayers are with them and their families. I like Rocky's idea about locking them up and playing the anthem.

    I didn't get out on Black Friday until about 11, which was fine with me, there was just a couple of things I wanted to get so there was no sense in getting up bright and early to just be in all those crowds. Not worth it to me that is for sure.

    Carla - I hope Twy and Missy stay away from that Mountain lion. I saw all of your pictures and your youtube video. That is scary.

    Rock - I didn't have turkey on TG either, I think I had some taquito's and chips and dip. Not very TG. Oh well, it is just another day of the week for me this year. Sunday will be my TG. Oh, I see you posted same time I did. I don't like Credit Cards either, if we use one (our only one) it is paid off when we get the statement. Very rarely do we ever use it.

    Well It is time for lunch for me so I will come back later on and finish up with everyone. I am starving talking about food LOL

    I missed you all. Love ya,

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a board meeting to go to this morning and then dropped off something at a friend's home who wasn't at the meeting. We chatted for awhile and then went home to fix lunch for dh. After that I started putting up some of the decorations. No tree this year since no one will be here for Christmas. We will go our daughters. It is enough to put out the other stuff. Our singing group (small one) Christmas party will be here next tuesday. It is just a luncheon where everyone brings a salad or dessert. Just have to clean the house and decorate - what fun !!

    We will be going to our club thought tonight. We were going to go out to dinner tonight but will do that probably this saturday since our club party (Open House) is tonight. It is free except to bring some money $5 or more each for a needy local charity. Gee, and we even get a free glass of wine and hor dourves. How about that !! Hope we get to go out on saturday . It seems that something always gets in the way when we are going to celebrate our anniversary but it should be free (at least according to the calendar).

    Gee I can't believe that it is 47 years ago that we got married. Time is just flying by to fast these days. -ugh !!

    Mickey - Hope all goes well for Linsay's birthday celebration. Oh, to be that young again. However, when I think of it I do not think I really want to be that age again. If you want to you can come and help me deocrate ok?? Glad all is well at your house and that you were just busy or should I say relxing at home (-: ! Does that ever happen ??

    Georgia - I am sorry to hear that Mr M is so disabale aright now. Hope that will change soon. It is no fun not being abole to do anything and feeling badly !!

    Elaine - absolutely right on the credit card issue on giving them to college students who have little or no money. Yeh, just charge everything and send the bill home to mom or dad. I doubt if there are to many parents who could pay for their kids credit card bills all the time, maybe a few but not to many.. I think they cause to many problems. It is bad enough when the kids graduate and then have to pay back their student loans . Then they have more credit card bills - NO PROBLEM, just send them home !! Hope you are feeling chopper today. Glad to see you here on the Porch again.

    Bye again to ALL. I need to get back to my decorating..



  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Granni - Your party sounds like so much fun with your little singing group. A nice get together. I am sure you will do just fine decorating. I really should have become an interior decorator, I just love to decorate and am always trying new ideas. My newest one that i did was put writing transfers on the walls. It looks so neat. You just put it up on the wall, tape the edges and rub the part you want transferred. When you want to take it off you just blow a hair dryer on it and it peels right off. I will try and remember to get some pictures to show you.

    Georgia - I hope Mr M gets better soon, I am sure he is probably going crazy being cooped up but at least he is being good and doing what he is supposed to do. I would love to see a picture of you two all dressed up. Boy I bet you two just outdid everyone one else.

    Elaine - Sounds like you are on the healing wagon too. That is great. Just keep taking it easy so it doesn't all come back.

    Lin - I am so sorry for you to have to use a cane now. Gosh I sure hope this surgery will do wonders for you. Is it a long healing process???? I will keep you in my prayers. I am glad that you have a family that will all be there for you and help you out.

    Well gang, I didn't eat much at lunch and now I am starving again, however, I will have to wait until I get home. No food here. Oh wait, I do have micowave popcorn. I think I will throw that in my microwave.

    Oh Rock - there is about 15 of us in the office now from 32 people a year ago. Once the 3 people that are being let go at the end of December, we will be really small. It is so sad. Yes, we had enough food to feed an army at our little TG party here. But it was all good and we had lots of leftovers, however, my stuffing I made was all gone. So I guess everyone liked that. All it was is Chicken Stove Top and instead of using water you use chicken broth. I love it.

    I did get Lindsay's shopping for Xmas done, lots of clothes, makeup, jewelry, books, and the One Tree Hill DVD seasons 4-6. So she is done. Yahoo. Now I just have to work on Ashley's Xmas list. I also got Lindsay a digital camera for her birthday, her other one is not working and it is about 4 years old. She is reading the Twilight Series books and loves them. I am actually on Book 1 now (twighlight). It is okay, not as good as i thought it was going to be and what everyone was saying, but it is not bad so I will continue reading them.

    Well, I smell my popcorn so I am going to start eating that now. Take care and chat with you all soon.

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Seems to be the best time of the day for me to actually reply, although I do read several times a day. I'm working on sorting out boxes of Xmas ornaments, etc. that I aquired when my mom passed away, along with some of her other things.

    I promised myself last year that I would get rid of several boxes of "junk" each year....nothing like waiting until the last minute! LOL. Slow and steady, I guess. Just don't have to want my kids to go through as much when the time comes as I had to with my mom. It's hard to get rid of anything when the emotions are high.

    Sooooo I guess I'll have the same resolution next year.....

    Rock, you brought back a lot of memories with your stories of dances in the school gym when you were younger, along with all the good 'ole faves. Sometimes I have to laugh when I think about the words to the songs back then....not much different than today, just left more to the imagination.

    Cornbread sounds good. I usually make it with ham 'n beans in the wintertime. Haven't done that yet this year. Love it with butter and honey....mmmmmm good!

    I always remember dessert and desert by the 2 s's in dessert...meaning more than one serving. Yep, I like sweets!!

    Georgia, so your Mr M is a cowboy?? Does he round up your goats for you when they get loose? Bet he'll be happy to get back to Mexico one of these days, huh.

    Yes, your cards sound lovely. I am a great fan of anything Victorian....think I may have lived in that era in another "lifetime" (even though I don't believe in reincarnation). I have one bedroom that is semi-Victorian that is my most relaxing room, although my kids don't think so.

    Springwater, it's great that the young couple are starting out so happy after just a few hours of actually getting acquainted. The customs there are all so different and interesting. You definitely have a lot more socializing to do there than we do anymore....although you'd never know it to listen to Granni!!!! LOL. She's definitely one social butterfly compared to the rest of us these days...

    Granni, I'll bet you're right. Those ladies won't even notice there's not a tree if you serve enough wine (hint, hint). You must have some great friends to get together with so many people all the time. Nothing better than great friends and good food.....if I remember correctly!

    Rocky, I enjoy your posts to Georgia. I'm assuming you two know each other? And who are the two toothless guys??? You make me smile.

    Elaine, I'm happy your knee is improving...now if your mother's finger can. Gee, if that's how you treat loved ones, remind me to never become an enemy!! LOL (Yes, I know those games can become a little dangerous here too...upset chairs, etc.)

    Carla, wow! Mountain lion tracks....we've had them in our area before also, and each time there's been a sighting I cringe every time the dog barks at night. Makes you definitely not want to get stranded on a lonely country road, right?

    Mickey, it sounds like Lindsay should be very, very happy with her Christmas this year. Our kids never got a lot growing up, but then we had 5 compared to your 2 to buy for also. Ours usually got clothes too (out of desperation for something to fit). Sometimes they came from the better Thrift Shop...good as new, and our kids were thrilled.

    They remember those days, and still don't have a lot of clothes, but do buy good quality so they last a long time now. Guess that's why they're still good bargain hunters.

    So, do you have Ashley's shopping done yet also? It sounds like you really enjoy it. I'm glad. It always totally overwhelmed me and was a terrible chore instead of enjoyable.

    Lin, Joan, Julie and all, missing you and hope to see your smiling faces back on the porch soon. Is MrDad still on sabatical, or did he just simply vanish???? Does anyone know? We need him back........

    Love all you great and wonderful people***Jole****

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Back at work, another day, another dollar. Yes, Jole, we go to Plato's Closet a lot. It is a resale shop where they buy clothes and the girls also love their clothes. Usually at then end of each season, I make the girls go through all of their clothes and the ones they don't want or won't wear anymore we take them up and make pretty much money off of them. I just did it a couple of weeks ago and I received a check for $198.00 for about 45 items they bought from me. They buy clothes, purses, shoes, coats, etc.......

    I am sure if I had 5 kids I would definelty not be able to spend the money that I do on the girls, but that is okay, I would of loved to have a big family at least 6 kids. It just didn't happen. I guess I still could but at 43 I don't know if I want to start over. I think I will just wait for the grandkids. LOL.

    I used to spend a lot more on the girls when they were little, when the economy was good and we didn't have to worry about out jobs. Luckily I get $1,000 Xmas bonus from work. That goes to all the Xmas presents I buy for the whole family (inlaws, mother, father, husband, kids, etc.....). I am hoping we still get it this year. We haven't gotten it yet, but I have always gotten it ever since i have been working here. I guess we shall see.

    Well, I am swamped here, with being off 5 days they really bogged me down. Geez

    Take care porchies,

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    oh my goodness. Another death. Another condolence visit. This time my husbands uncles oldest daughters mom. My uncle and the deceased divorced way back before this daughter was born but she is very close to the present family. So fridays small ceremony which was planned is cancelled now. I dont know why all this is happening; the wedding has been affected enough already.

    I did dream of a black bare tree some nights ago which i always signify with sickness and death.

    But the lady didnt suffer. She was 69 and just told her daughter she had pains in the stomach for which daughter took her to doctor and they were awaiting reports. She walked around and talked with her daughters at home and at 12 midnight complained of pain again and then went to sleep and she just breathed her last at 1am. Her daughter ws with her. I say there are worse ways to go. Like the two funerals i attended before this. One suffered lung cancer and the other chronic asthma and diabetes for sev years.

    On good side, i got email from daughter. she sent me her videos of the two dances she choreographed at college on their Indian festival day. Its not clicked very well, the lighting is dark..her friend prob shot the video from her camera..and some of the Indian boys seem to be a bit awkward doing the steps but daughter seems to have had fun and thats what matters.



    She was given the songs by a senior girl and asked to choreograph around them. My daughter is wearing her blue and pink saree whch we gave her for graduation from grade 12.

    Its awfully late now so will write more later.

    God Bless
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Wow! The last three posts have a lot of variety to them, don't they? That's what makes this site so interesting.

    Mickey, it's great you get such a wonderful Christmas bonus at work! Mine was always a turkey. LOL. The money has to be a godsend toward the gift buying.....my sis-in-law gets a huge bonus, but says it's her money and won't spend a penny on anyone else in her family.

    Her kids got very little when small, while she bought herself one of the very first side-by-side frig/freezers w/ door ice/water dispensers years ago. Some people I just never understand!

    Rocky, great story, but can I trust you??????????? Gave me some good chuckles....you should write a book! You remind me of my sister. I kept some of her letters to me from when our kids were small and times were very hard. She had a wonderful sense of humor and could make even the most trivial things get me laughing in no time!

    Springwater, oh my gosh, more sadness. Your family has had enough, and the poor young couple....guess they'll have to wait quite awhile for their celebration. Too bad for all.

    Yes, you are right. When the end comes, that is not a bad way to go. My mother also had cancer and she lay in bed for 4 months with severe pain. Not good. But then, she never complained....I wish I could be more like her!

    Well, today I'm trying to get some more sorting and throwing away done. Went through my desk and got rid of all the papers, etc. that went to my old computer and pitched them. Now back to Mom's things again....mostly Christmas decorations that I don't need. Will go to Goodwill next week, and hopefully someone will still be able to use it this year.

    Next will be a recliner that's nice, but just not comfortable for me, and a desk. My hubby will have to use the small truck to take them over.

    I'd like to move the treadmill downstairs instead of it taking over so much room in the guest room, which is small anyway. Barely room to get into the bed in there, and need a little more space when the kids are home.

    As you can see, I will need hubby's help with must of this, and he really drags his feet when it comes to helping me inside. He will do anything for anyone outside....go figure!

    Well, best get started.

    Starting over. Have a good day all ***Jole***
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