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  1. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hope this works! Hello Everybody, hoping you are all doing well.

    Georgia: A very special happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day.

    Springwater: I'm very glad to see that your energy seems up; please send me some, along with some of your lamb curry! Yes, walking a different path can bring pleasant suprises and joys.

    Rock: It sounds like you have more wildlife in Hell A than we do here on the Lost Coast. I've been off the computer for a while, but have been reading all posts. (That doesn't make sense).

    Well, popping out of the cabin now after a ham and cheese sandwich to water the tomatoes and peppers. All my garden is a riot - colour of every hue everywhere; it brings me solace.

    Love to all of you,
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nice of you to step up to the plate of opportunity carrying the bat of optimism
    with the sword of Damocles and the triangle of hypotenuse, not to mention all
    those flowers.

    Speaking of Solace, once had lawsuit regarding same. Used to handle litigation
    for dozens of govt. entities. A newspaper reporter wanted to do a child abuse
    story. So she contacted a police officer about getting photos.

    The cop explained real evidence photos couldn't be used for various reasons.
    So the reporter had a photographer take a picture of a mother visiting her
    son in the hospital. No faces were shown in the photo. Mama signed a release.

    The picture was published. The caption said police officer provides solace to young
    abuse victim.

    Shortly thereafter Mama sued for defamation, slander, intentional infliction of
    emotional distress, etc.

    Turns out Mama had a Spanish surname which was spelled almost like "solace".

    So I called the plaintiff attorney and told him we weren't paying on this one. Mailed him
    a copy of the release. That was the end of that case.

    But there were plenty more to come.

    Yes, lots of wildlife here. Coyotes live over by Gordon's mother. And at the edge of
    the great metropolis there are bears and deer and rattlesnakes, etc. Every year at
    least one thirsty bear climbs into a pool or hot tub.

    Happy birthday to the birthday girls. Can't remember who besides Georgia. Sorry,
    mind just no workee anymore

    It's been a frustrating day. I had a little energy, but didn't accomplish much. Went to
    the post office. Took me 3 tries to get there. Called the dr. to make an appointment.
    Got that annoying recording: You call cannot be completed.

    Tried to order on the prohealth board, but couldn't get the procedure completed.

    My summary of modern life is: nothing works; customer service is dead; I can't
    remember anything; I can't find anything; modern music sucks; prices are too
    high; kids need to pull up their pants; 7 foot basketball players look ridiculous in
    bloomers that come down past their knees; everybody in Washington DC should
    be fired or imprisoned.

    Probably left a few things out.

    Hope at least some of the porchers are having a better day.


    ETA Just can't remember nothin' nomore. First paragraph is
    ala Dave Barry.

    Julie? I think so. Happy Returns birthday many, Julie.

    I also agree with Dave that there comes a point when birthdays should just be
    ignored. He thought it was age 12. I think it's when one becomes an adult.
    Lots of opinions on when that happens. I hope to grow up some day soon myself.

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  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Barry - Thanks so much for getting us started again . Great job !

    Rock - I just love all your analysis of everything in general ! Right on Rock !! Sorry you had problems with trying to get through to your doctors, place an order at PH , and whatever else you tried to do. Iknow what you mean about nothig getting done some days. Talk about frustration !!! AAACCCKKK !!!!

    Maybe you and JOAN can scream together with all the problems you both have had lately concerning these dumb computers.

    Pippi - Sorry you are back in the hospital hon. Hope you get to feeling better and you get everything figured and straightened out considering all your old information from the docs, etc.

    Hope Elaine is feeling well after her procedure today.

    Hi to Spring (glad you have some NRG), Julie, Jole and Joan.

    Gotta go throw the chicken for dinner in the oven.

    Hugs to everydobby !


  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    someone into getting us started. I have no idea what I would do if I tried it. No one else but you 2 above had been on so I went over to check on Kjade to see how her pregnancy is going. Think she is pretty frightened.

    Rock: sometimes I think like you - nothing works. Our home is long, living room, dining, kitchen, family room. and OLD, OLD, OLD. I had both front and back doors open to circulate the wonderful fresh air. I heard a big bang and the wind was strong enough that it blew through the house and banged the back door shut. And guess what? Now it won't open!!!!! I went out the front with the key that DH said unlocked both front and back----------it doesn't!!!! So now, I am locked in at the back. SIL will come Fri. for the 4th as will his son and our #2 son. Hope that they have some ideas.

    I feel rather sad today. I dread the 4th. DH was always there and was cashier for the food stand (although they had some help for him last yr. as he was slow in thinking) I don't know why but when I watched the late evening fireworks at the park, I always wondered what the next yr. would bring. Now I know - sadness and grief and loneliness.

    Elaine: I am so anxious to hear about your day and what happened. I hope it was good news and know you don't probably feel the best.

    Pippi: We love you too and hope all things turn out well. You have had so much on your mind with this and so much worry. God bless you.

    Better stop before I lose it.

    Gentle hugs,

  5. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Just kiddin! I might be in here a few days tho. But I might get help.

    Luv 2 All!
    Will check in later!
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima don't look the same. They've been altered
    by computer. The idea seems to be that since they don't look like a normal human,
    they will appeal to all groups and races.

    Marie Callendar has done the same thing. The grandma on the box has white hair
    but no wrinkles. She and her granddaughter might be pod people for all we can tell.

    Why don't these companies work on the substance of their product rather than
    the packaging?

    Along the same lines, I read that while General Motors was going broke, it
    was spending 2 billion a year on advertising.

    As some advertising guru said decades ago, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak."

    But don't people really want steak? Maybe not. Seems a lot of people will pay double
    for anything if it has a designer name on it.

    Did Sunbonnet Sue wear a long checked dress and a sunbonnet? I think my mother
    had something like that embroidered on towels and an apron.

    Well, at least Donald and Mickey still look pretty much the same.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    your garden sounds beautiful...i too feel calmed and at peace when i am working in my garden, or just staying.

    Rock - dunno bout basketball people but i get irritated when seeing young boys wearing their pants loose with almost half the underwear showing; and now the potholes which dot our streets, one hard rainfall, and all the streets start disintegrating.

    BTW, Georgias birthday is on the 7th July, and Julies is on 30th June.

    Joan - to open a new porch light; just click on the' Post Topic 'box..a new reply post for typing will open and you type and submit.

    Jole - hope you get your door open; stuck doors and lost keys drive me nuts.

    I didnt open another porch page so forget now what else...

    oh by the way where is Mickey?

    Bit worried because the ultrasound of my middle bro said hepatoma of liver, and advised ct scan; but the tibetan doctor they went to said first try some medicines...and he is supposed to go today. I looked up on net and it said theres cancerous and benign masses so Im just praying this is a benign one.

    God Bless


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I baked a bunch of cookies for all.....oatmeal ...... , some plain , some with nuts , some with raisins , others with butterscotch , none with camo or cameo ! LOL :>)

    If I didn't touch base with all , I guess I'll have to go bake a cake..... ;>0

    Blessings ,

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I had a peaceful nite at the horse - pisol!

    can't type at all, tho! LOL

    More later after ansthesia & procedures.

    Kinda loopy!!!

    C Y'all!

    Keepme in UR thohts!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have to go get ready to go and try and sing this afternoon at a local Assisted Living/Senior Retirement Home in a short while. I just wanted to check in with you all.

    Julie - Happy birthday my dear busy friend. I hope you get t do somethin g fun today before havaing to go pick you grandpa and then go with your mom to see about the growth on her kidney. I am sure you must be very worried about that. I hope all goes well and the news isn't to bad. Of course maybe they have to start talking about more tests first. I surely hope it is not malignant.

    Elaine - So glad to hear all went well yesterday. Hope all comes out well so they do not have to do more surgery. That is so funny to hear about those walkie talkies :) !! So sorry that you are in such pain thoughl. Glkad he is there for you. Come back when you feel better.

    I really need to get off here and hope this submits since Ihave also been on the phone with a friend who called to see how I was feeling.

    Bill- thanks for the yummy cookies --mmmgood.

    Pippi Hope you feel better after your nap and that you can get out of the horse pital soon. So sorry you are going through so much.

    Joan - try not to let these stupid puters get to you - just scream loud and maybe that will help AAAACCCKKK :) !!

    Love to all you dear ones,

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring - sorry but I forgot to mention. I am thinking about your brother, or was it bil? I hope he will be OK. I know it such a worry. Thinking about you, julie and Elaine today - also Pippi.

    I have to run now and attempt to sing and hope I do not start coughing. I have water and cough drops with me in case. I know I am not contagaious with my antibiotics.

    Blessings to all,


    P.S. I am now editing my post and adding to it. I got through the performance OK with no big problem and they all enjoyed it and were very appreciative of us. I am so happy to hear that. Itmakes it worth whil.e I was glad I went as we only had 5 of us. Others were gone, sick or had company in town, etc.

    Bye for now everydobby ![This Message was Edited on 06/30/2009]
  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I have been trying to post all day. We are having major problems with computers here at work today. I was off yesterday. It is quitting time, and i just wanted to let eveyone know i was still here. I will post tomorrow hopefully if my computer is still working.

    Love you, Mickey
  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My grandma made me a small SBS blanket when I was little. I wish I had it now - I don't even know what happened to it. I do have some beautiful quilts that she made. A friend ofo my aunt's made her a gorgeous Crazy Quilt. It is folded up in a chest has all sorts of fabrics, velvet, satin,etc. and sewn together with beautiful kinds of stiching, the kind that they used in Victorian times. Don't know what will happen to it. It can't survive use. Time will tell.

    And, I vaguely remember seeing Aunt Jemina at the Chicago World's Fair in 1934.!!!All I remember is her, the white "thing" she stood in and red geranimums (that's not spelled right!) A long. long time ago!!!!!

    Julie: Oh, how lucky you are to have raspberries at your hand! I saw them advertised in my grocery flyer and was there today and they were all gone when I got there.. 2/$5, that's 2 pts.

    I hope and pray for you mommy and the mass on her kidney. I know that has to scare you to pieces. May God bless her.

    My D and SIL's 36th annv. is today. AND, AS OF TODAY HE IS RETIRED.! The co. he works for asked to engineers to take full retirement early so today, they are going out with GS's finance's Mom and Dad. He retired today too but he needs another job. He has another daughter that just begins college this fall!

    Happy birthday Julie!!!

    i don't know it I have a sticky note feature on my comp. Have to ask SIL and GS this weekend.

    Pippi and Elaine: It is time for you to relax and rest and rest! And Elaine-------why in the world did you plan to drive yourself home??? You could have passed out - the pain must have been awful. That sweet
    J.Smith treats you like a queen. How very thoughtful he is! Hang on to him. He is a gentleman first class.

    I do hope the tests come back saying that you are OK.
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  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Forgot to tell you that one of my "coffee" friends came down during coffee time and got the door opened. I think that he kicked the door and turned the door knob harder that I did! But I am so glad to get that door open.

    I am also awaiting a call from my SIL to find out how my BIL's double surgery went. i think it was to be later in the day today.

    Elaine: You talked of Drafts - I hunted and hunted yesterday for my drafts. On my old puter it was right there on the left side where I could find it with any new folders. I liked it better.

    I need to go now and rest a bit from going to foot Dr., Walgreen's for 3 Rxs, to McD. for snack wrap, fries, and ice water, then t my grocery shopping. A lot tired now.

    Love to all you dear friends.
  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'll keep this short. have to. i keep drifting away. thats cuz of the meds, & I need sleep.

    Had a very VERY tuf day, but I'll tell about that later;

    For now, I'm sorta OK.

    Keep up the good wishes & thoughts!
    I think God listens to you Porch Peeps!

    I have compassionate (yet BUSY!) nurses.

    Had 2 procedures today, in sequence, so they'd only hafta sedate/anesthitize me once.
    I was in terrile pain when I woke.

    Mom stayed with me & rubbed my back, in the rocovery room.
    Instead of being furious with me because I'm not a good-little-patient, she was angry at the anesteshiologist.

    You're right (the person who made the comment, & whose name I forget). I guess I really should tell y'all some of the stuff (in general) that's wrong with me.

    G'Nite for now! I love my Precious Porch Peeps.

    Everydobby have a safe nite, & I'll meet up w/ya on the porch tomorrow!

    1:30 am DUH! I didn't say WHY Mom is angry at anestesiologist!.. He gave me a bad med! The med itself isn't bad. He knew I have a BAD reaction to it - Mom stood right there & told him not to give it to me, & showed him old medical reports to show him. I have a MASSIVE bad reaction to it. But this "doc" in his infinite doc-wisdom, knew better, of course, & slipped it in anyway!!! DOUBLED THE DOSE!!! In direct contradiction of my familiy's orders! & guess what.... Yep. Had a VERY bad reaction to it.

    PS: Doing way better already!
    Love ya PEEPS![This Message was Edited on 06/30/2009]
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry PIPPI - I think you missed your bedtime story and cookies. So sorry you are in so much pain. Yes, I thought the same thing as I believe it was JOLE but I am not positive. If you did tell us your medical problems maybe se we or some of us could help you in some way. There are so many people here that are so smart and have been through so much. Sometimes there are some good talkes to tell or things that might be helpful even if in some small way.

    Don't worry sweetie. Don;t worry if you do not want to tell us everything. We really do understand but we all do want to help.

    Georgia - I think I know wht you mean about possibly having IC. I have had alot of UTI's in my life, they go in spurts and sometimes I have wondered, especially when I have alot of urgency and paimn. I am in an off period right now, thank goodness but have read alot of IC on the boards. Not sure which boards it was though. I have had some horrible pain at times I just want to die. I think it was peridium that was also helpful to me. Isn't that what is in the OTC UTI drugs? Hope you get rid of it soon . I would be interested to when and if you find out anything more on IC.

    Julie - Hope to get some good news about your mom today, if there was any news to tell. Maybe just more test, I am guessing.

    Elaine - also hope you are in not tooo much pain tonight. Don't be a marter - just take a pain pill already :) !



    Well, I gotta leave for now .
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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday JULIE!

    Hope the day goes wonnnnnnderrrful for you.! With your loving family all around you.

    Georgia –that was heartening to hear about your co worker and the benign mass; praying my brothers is too. I ate some sweet stuff yesterday right before sleeping; today I have earache, slight one emanating from the tooth upto ear. Hope your pain goes away soon.

    Pippi – rest up. Focus on recovering. Do you have any reading material? Or too tired. I could tell you were very woozy. Prayers ongoing.

    Joan – that crazy quilt sounds beautiful..as does your aunt Jemima. Red geraniums with a white dress. Lovely picture that conjures up.

    Mickey – hope pc problems resolve soon.

    Granni – Im sure they enjoy having all of you ladies singing at those places. You must be bringing smiles to a lot of people.

    Elaine – lot of guts driving back home after a surgery! J Smith is a sweetheart taking care of you like that.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I cleaned some and then went visited my friend who still has the severe swollen leg problem. After a harrowing month of not knowing for sure, she says it seems to be inflammatory arthritis. Along with the conventional doctor she is also visiting a healer (Hindu) at the insistence of her friends.

    I seem to be doing a lot of visiting but want to get the social things over with while I feel up enough. I have yet to visit my husbands aunt. I figured no one would see the undone chores at home so getting the visiting done would relieve my mind. I never know when the energy surge will dissipate and I will be stuck at home.

    Its raining a lot now and the acute water crisis beginning to ease off. The power also is on for a longer number of hours.

    I tried to find my sons rain coat now that its begun to rain and couldn’t find it; dunno where I have stored it. Really need to organize the clothes..piles of laundry sitting in the spare room

    God Bless
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I just saw I put too many "e"'s in peeps,but that's ok.
    Trying to fix my posts right now, just takes WAY too much time! LOL!

    I updated (edited) the post i posted earlier, cuz I re-read it, & even being rather stoned at the moment, I realized I left out an important explanatory detail.

    It's about Mom getting angry at the anestesia-doc.

    Other than that detail (which WILL be be dealth with!),
    I'm having a fairly positive horse-pistol experience.

    More later! Gotta go. My nurse just brought me cookies!!!
    Hey! Maybe she's kin to Granni! LOL! Nah! Granni would take the time for a bedtime story! LOLOLOL

    Nite Everydobby!
  20. jole

    jole Member

    It's 1:35 am and ready to go to bed...

    Julie, sorry I've missed your birthday by an hour or so...but Happy Belated B-Day anyway. And why are you buying gifts for Keira when it's YOUR day????? lol I know, more fun, isn't it? Hope since you got the pizza your family did the clean up at least!

    Pippi, yes, I was wondering if you would mind telling us a bit more about your condition just so we could be more empathetic with what you're dealing with. Only as much as you want to say, though. I'm glad you're in another hospital, but sorry the anesthesia guy decided not to listen. Seems there are a lot of medical professionals who like to think of themselves as god. Get well, girlie so you can get back home!

    Elaine, wow! Walkie talkies...and you could use them all you wanted. Now there's a special guy!!!Yes, he does know you well, huh.... I hate to hear you're in pain, but knowing you it won't be long before you're back in full force.

    Georgia, oh crap! I just forgot what I was going to say...hmmmm...nope, not remembering. Maybe in the morning.

    Granni, good your voice held out for your singing "concert". Yes, those residents are so appreciative of anyone who spends time making them feel special and loved, aren't they? And they soooo deserve it. I loved the few years I worked in the NH...just a very hard job emotionally.

    Will try to catch the rest of you tomorrow. Hi to Rock, Joan (glad your door is fixed), Mickey, Deb, Barry, Bill, Spring and anyone else my mind has failed me on.

    A very nonproductive harvest day here today....blew out a large combine tire $1,000 to replace with trip to get it, tire, and crew to replace it. Then broke the back axle on the combine...not sure what that cost...hubby found a very used one (still good though) and replaced it himself. Makes the price of the wheat drop considerably...or gives us tax deductions, whichever way you want to look at it.

    Well, see you all the day after today.......Jole

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