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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks my Friends! New Vol. 46 on Chit Chat Board!
    Please read the previous Post # 44 for interesting
    messages and information!

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  2. bmadan

    bmadan New Member

    Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting earlier. It's been a long day.

    Work was okay, didn't sleep well last night. I had my appointment with the sleep disorder's doctor today. He started off by telling me, "I was looking at your results from the sleep clinic and it looks like you have sleep problems." Can you believe that???

    Well of course I do! That's the whole reason he is seeing me. Anyway, my night at the sleep clinic discovered moderate sleep apnea and Restless Limb Syndrome. Gonna need to get a CPAP machine.

    Anyway, made some pancakes from scratch for dinner. The batter was missing a little something. Need to tweek it I think.

    I am having a trans-esophagial echocardiogram (spelling??) tomorrow and my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. So, probably nothing but mashed potatoes for me next week.

    I hope everyone is well. I will try and catch up earlier with everyone tomorrow.

    Good night,
    Barbara :)
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh, Boy! Ya sure have a lot on your plate this week!
    Hope it all goes well for you. Suggest (if you haven't
    all ready) to get some soft foods and drinks into the
    house prior to the Oral Surgery day.

    Best wishes Barbara,
    JOE aka MRDAD
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    all goes well with your procedures, Barbara. I have some mashed potatoes Florentine here that I made yesterday.

    Mashed potatoes w/ spinach, sour cream, butter and cheese.
    (Supposed to add dill, but I didn't have any.) Isn't that a little rich? Oh, probably.

    I invited Rich Little but he was too busy. Couldn't mash the party into his schedule.

    We went to the thrift shop yesterday. Gordon got a whole book of potatoes recipes. Who would think of putting mashed potatoes in cake batter?!

    Had an e mail from an old college friend. About to leave on a trip to Ireland. Faith and Bea Arthur. Me great-great grandfather came from the old sod.

    He had a Scottish name tho. Well, people moved around back then too. Dublin, for examples, was founded by the Vikings. Those Norskies went everywhere.
  5. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Not only Norskies, but Swedes! Well, all one group once!

    Anyways, send some good vibes to my sister back home in Viking Land. She had a hysterectomy yesterday, but have some problems with recovery, bladder function, fever developing and severe pain. My poor sis, so scared of docs and hospitals. It always stinks to be so far away!

    On a lighter note, my son will be 8 next Monday! Always fun (see pic of him in profile). I am still wondering whether I should buy a cake, make it myself, or get an ice cream cake. Gee, those difficult decitions,,LOL!

    I managed to pull some hours for my landlord today, paint a unit and clean the carpet. I never seem to get done, perfectionist as I am. When I get that way I step away for a long break, walk back in and see things differently. Job well done! My little Angela was in a grumpy mood since she got a nasty cold, but it was all worth it, a couple of buckaroo in the pocket tomorrow! My back hurts, but no biggie, I get to lay down in a bit!!

    Have a good night!

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  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Kinda' quiet tonite on the Porch! Hope it isn't because
    Friends aren't feeling up to it! Watching Weather Chan.
    and the intrepid weather just keeps on comin' in the
    Northwest. Snow in Utah and Col. keeps the Skier's happy
    for Thanksgiving Week. Cool up here tonite. May have to
    get my plug-in heater out of the closet. Also have a "se-
    lective blanket" rather than heater after beddy-bye!

    Don't like being cold in a house. Always made sure I was
    warm all those Winter's I lived in the Sierra! Had a
    "Spark" trash burner stove in my first Cabin when I was
    teaching high school and it got that place so warm I
    could walk around in a tee-shirt in the Evening! Didn't
    burn hardly any wood either. Not like a fireplace that
    is for effect rather than a heat source.

    Tell Gordon I say hello! Was that story about Bea Arthur
    a truebie?? And to think I only new O.J. Simpson!

    "Talk" later,

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Good to "see" you on the Porch tonite espec. after working
    on that Apt. It's great that you have fealt "well enuff"
    to do that. I did reply to your message to me on the
    other Vol. so I hope you saw it as they seem to more
    quickly don't they?

    Did ya ever see the classic '50's Film "THE VIKINGS" with
    Ernest Borgnine, Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Janet
    Leigh was a spectacular movie (1958). I bet Rock remem-
    bers it well too! My Irish side is from Cork and Wexford
    and I'm wondering if I can get back the "stuff" yose guys
    took from us when crushing that Coast 1,200 years ago?
    Suppose you guys made some bad investments wiff it and
    lost it all in the Crash of '29! Oh, well. Ya gotta rent
    that movie though. The "Lil guys would think their Ances-
    tors were pretty "neat"!

    Try to stay dry. I'll be up that way next week.
    JOE aka MRDAD
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    ihope our sister gets better soon.

    mr.dad i have been taging and reading certain chapters to write up those good research stories to read.

    going to bed now. i think will blow off math lecture tomarrow so i can have the energy to finish up this segment of the paper. so i can go have a beer or glass of red wine for you.

    any luck for you liver?

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm still tired from my marathon phone conversation last evening but glad to hear her laughing and being so UNfoggy. (See last thread for info.) She is the brightest sick person I know in more ways than one.

    Jodie, love, you might want to pull your post from the last thread because it might get missed.

    Barbara: 'Ya gotta love those glib doctors! One of my favorites is to spend careful time filling out info forms including your need for the appointment only to have the doc walk in and say, What are we do for you today? Huh? You can read, buddy, that's what you can do! I even mentioned that to a doctor once (endearing myself to him, I'm sure) and he said they're trained to do that in med school to integrate themselves with the patient. I say they need to rethink that theory.

    Rocky, I'm now drooling all over my keyboard after your recipe for mashed taters. (Great visual, huh?) Must be I need carbs. Mmmmmmmm.

    Lena: Cute kid! The kind you wanna kiss and smooch until they say Oh MOM. I vote for the simple purchased ice cream cake if you have the bucks. Especially after painting that apartment and cleaning carpet. I gotta be missing something because I'm lucky to dust!

    This morning I was facinated to read the article in the on-line Pro Health bulletin about Dr. Myhill's theory re: CFS. That would explain so much. We're getting closer, kids!

    I'm gonna try to go love up some anamules today if I can. Anyone want a nice kitten or a very large dog? Joe, did that pup ever stop barking downstairs?

    Many hugs around the porch. I'm leaving some banana nut bread, warm from the virtual oven to go with your coffee. Slurp. I'd better go eat!

    Oh, and if anyone cares, I've made my decision about Thanksgiving and it's this: There are a lot of things I can't do anymore but I can still be a role model for classy behavior in the face of discouragement. I'm going if at all possible, with a ........erk....smile on my face.

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  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    This will be a very short post. I have to go to Durham in a few and I am not ready. I will be gone for most of the day. Mrdad thanks for your concern. My husband is going to take me. I would not be able to go if he did not drive. It will be a 4 hour drive (if we don't get lost).

    The weather is changing today. The local weather forecaster is calling for possible severe weather later today & into the night. I hope we get home before all of the rain and winds begin. I worry about my best friend ...my 110 lb chocolate lab. He does not know he is a dog.

    Love you guys and girls!

    LATER I hope.

  11. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Goooood morning everyone

    Just a quick check in and waves to you all.

    I just now realized that my son forgot to bring me my brekkie this morning so I gotta try to make it out to the kitchen. It was all that talk of those wonderful smashed potatos and banana (?) bread that made me realize!

    I read the Sara Myhill thing too and I think she/they are on to at least part of the mystery but I wish they’d call it Mitochondrial Dysfunction instead of Heart Dysfunction since the myto-motors are the actual root cause of the heart stuff. I’m being nitpicky I know . . . . .

    Sweetie good luck on your trip, I’m glad you’re being driven. That’s one big dog, is he an inside dog? A real coffee table sweeper with those big old thick tails that Labs have lol.

    Mrdad I can’t send you that drink today because the wet stuff actually quit! Yahoo! Oh well, you’ve got that Absolut to work on. I bet it goes great with Potatos Florentine. Of course Jeeves won’t be serving it to you ‘cause he’s snoring under the table again.

    Marta you can pet a kitty for me please, I love them but my hubbie is deathly allergic to them so no kitty for me ? I’m glad you got to talk to the absent friend, I never talked to her but always read her posts – so sharp! Good luck with the Thanksgiving, I think ‘classy’ is your middle name and you’ll do great.

    Lena, your little guy looks like a character! Star Wars fan too I see; my two are hooked also. Our Science and Tech museum in Portland (Omsi) is having a special traveling exhibit of Star Wars stuff from the movies: the actual R2D2, the actual snow speeder lots of displays and costumes etc. etc. I guess it’ll only hit a few cities in the U.S.

    Rock, great sounding recipe! I have ancestors from the green and misty isle – even a moldy castle somewhere. Of course I don’t remember where because I no longer have a brain. I’m trying to whack my way through a newest Edward Rutherfurd book titled “The Princes of Ireland, the Dublin Saga” but so far it’s reading more like a bodice ripper than a historical novel. I loved “London” and Sarum” so I’ll keep trying for awhile.

    Jodie, keep working on that paper – it’ll be done soon! (then on to the next one, right?)

    Barbara, sounds like you are going through a lot right now, I hope everything is better shortly.

    OK, I’ve got to go rustle up some grub as we say out here in the old west. Or as we old say in the west, one or the other.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, MrD. What is a spark trash burner stove? Reminds me that when I was a kid we used to burn the trash in the back yard. Didn't cause any smog either.

    You knew O. J. Simpson?

    Lena, cute boy. Why don't you let him make the decision about birthday cake, assuming you're up to making one. My son was the age of your boy when Star Wars came out.

    We saw that movie and Grease over and over for a year. I thought I would break the dysfunctional family chain. Spent more time w/ my son on a weekend than my father spent w/ me in his lifetime.

    Didn't work tho. My son has not e mailed me or spoken to me for a year.

    How's that paper coming, Jodie? Reminds me of Modern Civilization 101. We had to write a paper every week.

    Marta, you are a classy dame. Is that an oxymoron? It's wonderful of you to help the animals. I have a new cat coming round for kibble this past week. A big gray and white. Much less skittish than most feral cats.

    Gretchen, I have a family castle too. Saw a picture of it taken in the year 1901. One of my ancestors wrote a book at that time about the family history.

    A few years later he wrote a book on his experiences as a pilot on the Mississippi. He left that job to enlist in the Civil War.

    Sweetie, hope your hubby doesn't have to drive in bad weather. Here in Los Angles we have an average of 75 accidents during rush hour. When it rains the number goes up to 200-300.

    That's all the news from LakeWoebegone. Ha det bra
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  13. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I've been gone for about 2 weeks and no one noticed I was gone. :-( Ah, well...such is life.

    I finally got my TENS unit. I love it!

    I'm reading a fascinating series of books. They're written by the husband and wife archeological team of W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. Each book is a complete story about North American Indians. They go to different archeological sites and do research. Then they write a novel based on that particular tribe/clan. I'm amazed at how many different tribes there were!

    Anyhoo, time for my nap. The cats keep looking from me to the couch and back and so on.

    Everyone take care. I'm making turkey and stuffing for T-day. And I have a Trader Joe's Key Lime pie in the freezer. If there's any left (and I think there will be) I'll drop it off on the porch. It's a new recipe by Rachael Ray, and it sounds really yummy.

    If I don't see y'all...have a blessed Thanksgiving. Maybe we can each tell something we're thankful for?

    God Bless.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you're back and that the tens unit is helping.
    Read hundreds of medical reports re: tens units when I was working. Some people found them helpful and some didn't.

    Kinda like just about everything around here.

    One of the gals brought a lime pie to the office. She said it had only 3 ingredients. I think it was mainly cool whip and frozen lime juice concentrate. Cream cheese?

    Anyway it was pretty good.


  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just checking in so you didn't think I just croaked or something (-: !!

    I just have been so busy I don't know where to start and trying to do stuff to get ready for winetasting party that the KC's are having on saturday. BTW, you are all invited - a fajita dinner is included - that is why it is $20 a ticket. Messina Hoff is the winery doing the presentation and their wines are very good !! I didn't know I was going to be stuck with the job but I do have elp so I guess I can't complain to much. Between that and my music stuff I am going batty or should I say (battier) !!

    Don't have time to say hi to all individually but ROCK - those spinach mashed potatoes sounded fantastic.

    Sorry I forgot who ws having dental surgery. Hope al goes well with it.

    I have to run again but just wanted to check you all and makes sure all was well ( or as could be expected.

    Bye to Marta, Mrdad Rock, Barbara, Unicorn, Froggy, Sweetie and who ever else I might have missed today. Keep the porch going everyone!!! I love this place but am not always free to pop in every day. I am afraid with this Christmas season coming up and Thanksgiving I have alot to do and won't be on as much. Just wanated to let you all know I was still alive !!!(-:

    Love to you all,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  16. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    the Chit Chat Board. I posted this morning and went to the doctor and came back and I saw the message about the Chit Chat Board. I had trouble finding The Porch...not much activity today.

    I was not a member of the board when it was available before and don't know how it works. It said that all OT post are to be posted there.

    Do we need to close this thread and move the Porch to the Chit Chat Board? SMG where are you? I hope you have not gone to the Vatican before you can advise us to what would be proper.

    Will check back to see if SMG answers my question.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sweetie. We should probably move to the Chit Chat Board.
  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....like all the fights occur when I'm doing something else and now here we are faced with a move. Life just does not stand still.

    I began this post hours ago before an old friend called. Seems I'm the Phone Queen lately but I'm not complaining.

    Sweetie, I hope your trip to Durham was uneventful and your pup was good while you were gone. Is he/she a Marley-type when it storms?

    Gretchen, I'll be happy to pet as many kittens and cats as I can for you. I pet many today and loved every minute of it. I'm still holding out, for what I don't know. I also have my fingers crossed about the Dr. Myhill theory. 'Course Dr. Cheney's working on this one too. And thank you for the kind words.

    Rocky, I don't know if classy dame is an oxymoron or not but I appreciate it nonetheless. So glad you're taking care of all the neighborhood cats. You wouldn't believe what people do to many of them! And I'm terribly sorry to hear about your son. I would say it's his loss but I know it's yours too.

    Unicork, don't feel bad thinking we overlooked you. I'm certain that we made a comment about your absence but you must remember that we often don't remember where WE are. Welcome back anyway. You do have a chair and a bankie with your name on it so you can see you weren't forgotten.

    Granni, You and your quickies! Thank you for the invite to the party. I'll polish up my dancin' shoes and iron my purdy dress. I have a cousin who has a winery in Oregon name of Thomas Wines.

    Back to Sweetie's comment about the Chit Chat board. Awhile back that was where all OTs were posted until they weren't anymore. I don't know the reason for it ending and don't know the reason for it beginning again. But yes, we belong there wherever it is. I'll have to look around and see if it's up and running. It's no big deal, just remembering where to look.

    I'll see you all on some Porch somewhere tomorrow. The good thing is that ProHealth is who has to move all the chairs and ottomans. (We can carry our bankies...) We must tell Jerome and Jeeves too. Busy, busy....

    Hugs from,
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sweetie &
    Marta: I'm waiting for further instructions from SMG.

    I pray that there will be some word and definition in

    due time. As She instructed me in her classroom years

    ago, one does not "erase" a current answer until a new

    one is arrived at. I'm gonna stay up here on the Top

    step of the Porch until the "Shire- of- Reef" shows up

    wiff the eviction notice!

    Sweetie: Hope it all went well today with the long

    drive and all. Weather all around you was horrible!

    Hubby "done good" wiff the drivin' thing!

    Linda: Sorry that work is so tiring! Have you thought

    about maybe either cutting back or doing other RN dutys

    that would be "less" demanding? Just wondering out loud.

    I see how demanding a profession an RN can be as I watch

    my Nurses. Rest up, OK? P.S.(Those fires R 500 Miles SO.
    of me)
    Awaiting directions regarding the "PORCH" from a "higher"

    JOE aka MRDAD

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  20. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm fashionably late here but it's been a busy day again.I have to stop this pace.....lol a snail would beat me.As for the possible move. I got an email from the Shire that the OT Christmas post I put in this afternoon had been moved already. Ok no problem but it is kinda special and helps our military to.Check out my new pic it says it all about weigh issues.

    Ok I got a little smart here and made myself crib sheets:
    Hi Mrdad, Kinda partial to your name my middle son carries it in honor of 12 members of hubby and my families.Seemed reasonable being French/Catholics.

    Barb, On the RLS thingy. One of my sewing buddies keeps a bar of ivory soap in her bed as she swears it helps hers almost entirely. Nope I don't sell it or nothing just sounds like a cheap method that will work in the bath if not in the bed.

    Rocky, Top of the morning to ye. On your son try to think of it as no news is good news. If something was wrong you'd know soon enough.

    Lena, Happy Birthday to your son. The ice cream cake gets my vote.Saves dishes and it always pleases everybody.

    Jodie good luck on the paper

    Marta, the banana nut bread is yummy.As for Thanksgiving? You'll definately pull it off you chic lady

    Uni+Granni, nice to meet you

    Linda, I know for fact if your boos lets you go for health issues it may help with getting your SSD. It happened to me.

    Ok anybody I missed hi too.

    Oh yes the MRI has been postponed for a few weeks. I woke up this morning with my brain running out of my head, well it felt that way. Until this goes they would rather wait.New meds given today make this ok for a long while.
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