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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Hello Porchies, I'm not certain if Wake started a new
    Vol. I'll delete this if she did, "K"?
    Vol 48 is still available for your reading. OK?[This Message was Edited on 11/19/2006]
  2. 69mach1

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    cody made 200.00 tonight putting the computer on for my friend. i told him that was very generous. he said it has been about hours.

    so he can afford to buy us the porchies munchies this wek

  3. Marta608

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    I see Linda was here. Bless her heart, she tidies up as she chats so the Porch is cozy and clean this morning. I'm starting a fire in the big fireplace to keep out the chill. Bankies are on chairs, ready to snuggle.

    Sweetie, my favorite driver is me now. It used to be my second ex but he's now driving someone else with my blessing. I'm not sure if I'm looking for a new driver or not. Suppose I could teach Callie the collie to drive?

    Annie, isn't it amazing what doctors say? So you're sick due to eating too well, huh? I assume he thought he was making a joke... I'm happy with the news about Danny's test. You've been holding that one in, I see. Honora has decided that typing exhausts her so she calls instead. We must and will work out a compromise because talking is harder for me. She mentioned you the last time we spoke.

    Sassy AKA Rocky II, the movie: at the rate you're going you'll have that bod back in no time if it doesn't kill you first. Good luck!

    Wake, thanks for closing the board last night - or whenever. Sassy scooted in afterward but I don't think SMG saw her.

    Jodie, how nice to have such a productive kid! That's good money. Maybe it's just as well he isn't going to work on my mach-een.

    Linda, I didn't know docs got up so early. Hope the appointment went well and that your day at work goes smoothly. I smiled about the words from Leah Hazel because it reminded me how my dad used to say that they were no longer buying green bananas. One day, he was right.

    This morning is my last contribution to the refurnishing fund at my dentist's until spring so I'd better be getting at the morning ritual.

    Hugs to all on the Porch. Jerome said he'll keep wood on the fire today.


  4. opticaltech

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    SOrry didnt bring the spring water sooner..have the morning brew if you need a java fix or two!....Any other requests..my legs are working today so I volunteer to be the runner for the day!...Any porch requests? All tips accepted even advice!
    Sweetie... My driver of choice is Tony Stewart...my husband is a Gordon fan so he is also happy Johnson won the title.
    I went to Lowe's speed way a couple years back, Tony won that race. Lovely country you have...luck you...Since then I have only been to California speedway a couple times. But I prefer watching from home.
    Only 90 days till the start of the new season so we can keep eachother company!

    Okay porchies...gotta go get the kiddos up for school..you would think they could set their own alarm at this age!

  5. gilley

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    Joe - Have a great time on your trip. Blessings to the family. I packed you some travel goodies and left them on your porch chair. I hope the racoons didn't get them. SMG and I were in the chapel this morning and we said a special prayer for your safe trip. I do pray in the chapel, but, I am also keeping an eye on SMG. Shes been to confession 3 times this month!!!!!!!

    Lincamp - I am so touched by your story. How heart warming. You should call the local news and see if they want to do a special interest story. It is Thanksgiving and it is a tear jerker, the media loves those sort of stories. Good luck at the doctors. Have you talked to your best friend since you threw her out of your house the other night, lol.

    69Mach1 - Munchies on the porch, mmmmmm. Of course they are free of fat and calories!!

    Marta - Callie the collie probably drives better than I do. Do you remember Tunces the cat that was on SNL? I loved that segment on SNL. The cat drives better than me also!

    Opti - Thanks for doing the running today. Green tea with honey sounds great right about now. I made cinnimin buns that I will warm up. I see a chair with your mane has been added to the porch. Your tip is under the cushion.

    Rock - where are you. I miss your sense of humor. Hope to see you on the porch later today.

    Well dear porchies, I am off work today and I must get some work done around the house. I will meet you all later. I may run to the mall for a few things, anyone need me to pick you up anything?
  6. gilley

    gilley New Member

    Opti - I just reread my post and I of course meant your name , not mane. I probably should read it over before I post, don't ya think!!!!
  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Seems like folks are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. At the dentist this morning they were talking about having their Christmas decorations up! Seems a tad early to me but then theirs are done while mine are still pending.

    Lina, thanks for offering to fetch today. I'll take an icy Absolut...........oh, wait, I can't do that anymore. How about some of Mainweezie's spring water. Don't make a special trip. I'm so glad Sweetie found a fellow racing fan.

    Gilley, I wonder what SMG's been up to lately? I've noticed her acting odd since we hired Jerome. Thank you for the cinnamon buns!

    I'm cooking yams for my special candied yam recipe which I'll either send or take to Thanksgiving dinner. None of us need the sugar on them but they're been on the Thanksgiving menus all my life and my sons'. I'll bring some to the porch on Thanksgiving day. Plan on it.

    Hugs all around,

  8. Cromwell

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    Checking in here before Jeopardy. Dan and I have this ongoing outsmart one another in Jeopardy for a years.

    Have to go and read 48, but just wanted to say NO the doctor was perfectly serious when he told me that eating organic whole foods was not good for me.

    So I told him Joe(mrdad)gets lots of twofer coupons for such eateries as TacoBell, BurgerKing and MickieDees (NOT!) but I bet that's where the good doctor eats. His nurse called and asked "if I had changed my lifestyle". I was flaberghasted, I said NO, because I would have to go from eating a sensible, gut friendly diet with good exercise, to being a beerswilling couch potato living on Pizza. I have heard nothing from them about further tests!!!

    I mention this here as it is funny, I mean it could be in a comedy sketch!

    Love y'all.

  9. Cromwell

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    Just read 48 and Sassy2 I feel so sorry for that dx. I also read Jodie's reply and I have to say the same was true with our doggie with Degen DD, she was skin and bones and still no difference. I do hope you can avoid surgery.

    Joe: I did just get a hold of my SIL and Geoff is still plugging on, now breathing 18 hours day off vent. He has to make it through 48 hours before they unhook him and he can get the new trach that will allow him to talk and have liquids. Can you imagine 11 weeks of this torture and more to come?

    Love Annie
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Apologize for not replying to all the kind Posts wish-
    ing me a good trip this Thanksgiving! Please have a
    great Holiday. I'll be waving to ya Gretchen as I fly
    over the Willamette tonight. Will try to get back wiff
    you all while away!

    P.S. I requested that SMG treat ya all kindly while I'm
  11. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Hey I thought SMG was going with you!..we need a break here!.......Just when I thought I was gonna slip some mickeys in the tea...someone looking over my shoulder!..Oh well.....The absolute would be good in the iced tea...sort of like a short,long island!.......
    Thanks for the tips guys...will have to save up for the New Years bash...Anyone game?........Lina
  12. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Curious in Canada, Shannon :)
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he had ear infection. i could not find that purse anywhere. can you beleive i had a kind soul bring it back to me. with all my money. i tried to give them money even just for gas money. they wouldn't hear of it.

    then one time i found a retired military officer's wallet in shoppping cart w/ some duckets in it. but i didn't take anything. had the person page at commisarry. and they thanked me. boy i sure could've used the money. but i didn't need karma to get me back..

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    maybe 50.00...he is happy doing that type of work. my friend's ex fiance stole the company computer and erased his email and password. so cody had to help out getting it all installed. it was ready for work..

    next brandon wants cody to come over and show him some tricks of downloading music and dvd's legally.

    well i did homework tonight. i had to spend extra time in the math lab today. i will be spending more time in the lab tomarrow night to get caught up so i can talke my math test on wednesday. they are cramming things in before finals.

    then i would like to write up a few term essay papers for 10 extra points for psychology maintain my a+ in the class.

    much easier than the last one. i will do one on chronic pain. and figure out some other topics. it is so easy for me. i have had so many different problems, anxiety, depression. etc.

    i am thinking about writng a novel about my life story then i can have my bil edit.

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he is fun for now. i think he may have a bit of a hang up on the age thing because my son w/be 17 years old. an he is 30.

    anne this young man has been a gentlemen so far. but taking things slowly. he is going to lake tahoe to spend thanksgiving w/his mother and family.

    so who knows if nothing really becomes of it romantically that is alright. friends are fine as well. someone to go to movies an maybe i can get hime into weight training w/me.

    well as a friend of mine says, "it is what it is."

    i am wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving.

    i am spending some of my day up in sebastobol. or sonoma. i can't remeber where my female frien's exil's live. but cody and i were invited. so i am taking oppurtunity.

    cody has football practice at 8 am in the morning. he said he just wants to stay at home. i said he is going.

    they have semi-finals this weekend on saturday. if they win they go to finals at the oaklan coliseum. then off to l.A.
    for state championship.

    well can't wait for the outcome.

  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm a bit later this morning because I decided to casually order a gift from LL Bean - only to find that they're out of some selections! Panic! What is this before Thanksgiving thing that's going on for Christmas? Anyway, got that done but had the box shipped directly to California. Darn it, no chance to wrap and Bean doesn't wrap the gift I sent. Hate that.

    And I missed saying goodbye to Joe. Well, hopefully he got the plane off the ground and back on again safely. We'll surely miss him. When is he coming back?

    SMG didn't go??? Oh, no. Now we have to mind our Ps and Qs over the holiday. I hear she's off to the Vatican for Christmas though, so we can hold off on the party for a few more weeks I guess.

    Linda, what a bummer to get up that early for a 7 am appointment and find out you're not scheduled. Yes, your dream was prophetic. I will post my candied yam recipe another time so remind me if I forget (me??). They are wonderful, calories and all. I indulge in them once a year. Hey, I keep forgetting. When you have a second, could you close the last porch? I keep going to the wrong place. Thanks.

    Shannon, hello to you. I see you got the information about SMG. The only person Lin missed was Jeeves but he only seems to come around when there's Absolut so you may not see him. How're you doing?

    Carla ck, welcome back! I'm so glad you're up and running again. Was it as bad as you thought, being without your 'puter? Where, by the way, do you bathe the girls? Can't wait for more stained glass. You are so talented.

    Jodie, that's such a heart-warming story about the return of your purse. That's happened to me twice (I know......) and each time my purse or wallet were returned to me unmolested. One time I left my purse in the cart at a Mart when I put the cart in the cart park. The kid who collects carts was honest, fortunately. The other time only weeks later I left my wallet on the counter at our local Taco Bell and it was all there behind the counter where they'd tucked it when I went screaming back. Guardian angels, you know.... Plus people are basically good, I think. Do a term essay on CFS/FM. Maybe you'll enlighten your prof, at least. Good for Cody for being the honest guy he is. Another credit to Mom.

    Linda again, thanks for tidying up the Porch this morning. Maybe we could let Mable go; she's been wanting to work for that topless club again.... YES, I've had fried turkey and it's marvelous. My dentist said yesterday that he was going to fry one for Thanksgiving but he wan't going to burn the garage down as so many do. It's very moist and tender and takes much less time to prepare. Ya gotta keep an eye on it though.

    I am amazed at the clarity of the new Yahoo download I did last night. I can actually see the type!

    Hugs all around,

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  17. 69mach1

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    i am having my morning coffee, my friend that is going thru her divorce gave me a wake up call.

    i don't know were any realtionship is going w/this younger man. he is not perfect, but makes a very good income. self employed working w/his brother. roofing business. he has two children that live in florida w/their mother.

    he left there to deal w/some court stuff about the kids adn their mother. it seems the mother got caught doing some sort drugs. she went into rehab. he had told me she was a really good mother and didn't really want to take the takes away from their mother. unless he needed to for their protection.

    they are i belive it was 4 and 7 years old. i don't know if i could really be w/someone raising their children. it sounds sort of selfish of me. but i think it has to do w/my past and my son's father. the one that makes a better uncle than a father.

    well need to get going for class. it starts when i start. lol. it is sort of like drop in. it is the dragon speaking naturally. i could take this class up to four times. but once is enough for me because i purchased the program for home use. i should be using it more often.

    then i have psychology class. i want to write up a couple of papers 5 pages each on any topic in our text book, plus we must use one refernce. so now that i have that downloaded apa essay format. i pretty know what to do.

    so i figure anything to lock in my a grade. she said in the past she has had someon do up like 10 of those papers. then she didn't even need to come take the final exam. she still had her A for the class. well that is what i am trying to do.

    i can write about major depression, anxiety, cfs/fibroymalgia. so many things.

    got to fly now.

  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Not a lot of activity here today. I think we're all focused on the coming holiday in some form or another.

    Carla (ck), good thing you can sit down while bathing the girls! They must be smallish? I'm sure you've had pictures on your profile of them and I just don't remember. I do remember Smitten though. As you may know, I fell in sorta-love with a collie at the shelter but as of tonight I understand she has some type of urinary tract problem that must be treated. Also the person I spoke to reminded me that dogs are so much more work than cats who I recently read are "one step from a sofa pillow when it comes to responsibilty". That's a bit of an exaggeration but I'll just meander along until I fall in love with one or the other, I guess.

    Jodie, I do wish you well with your new guy. I passed up marriage to a man with two young children. I had raised mine pretty much and just couldn't bear the thought of starting over again although I loved the kids. Like you said, it made me sound harsh but I knew it wouldn't be fair to the kids, either. Obviously I wasn't head over heels in love with the guy or it might have felt different.

    I'm a little down tonight. Eighteen years ago my youngest son, the one who was here a month ago, had a very bad auto accident. As a result he had a broken neck and closed head injury that required a long recovery. It took us ALL a long time to recover! He regained all but his short-term memory (you think we're bad...!) but after his trip here, he had a numb hand and the CAT scan now shows a fracture of his C-5 vertebrae. He's not sure what happened or happens now and says he's sure it's no big deal (right) but they never get old enough that you don't worry about them.

    Anyway, I needed to drop that load off my chest before I head off to bed. Y'all have a good, restful night.

    Hugs all around the porch,
  19. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hi all,

    Marta - Sorry to hear about the worrysome kid. My 93 yr old grandma still worries over my 72 yr old mother so you're right, you never stop worrying.
    Was this the first time the C5 showed up? Odd that it didn't show up before if it was from the accident isn't it? That must have been a terrible thing to have gone through - every parents nightmare. I hope it turns out to be something benign and gone quickly. Anyway I'll be thinking of you and him. Keep us posted ok?

    Linda - We had to hire Jerome to help out because Jeeves keeps getting into the hootch, but now there's the problem of Jerome sneaking out back and we think maybe he's meeting SMG. We thought of setting a tail on one of them but what if she caught us?!!? I shudder to think of it.

    I tried to get some good weather for Joe, but it's been nasty and wet all day. It was absolutely raining buckets this morning. I'm tired of the soggy gloom already and we have several months of the stuff left to go. Yech!

    Nighty night everyone!
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just been a little busy w/school today. it is crunch time for all of the teachers to make sure complete everything in time for finals.

    boy can't wait for my semester wintr break. i can have all sorts of fun w/my arm in a cast and the hand as well.

    shoot this is the time i wished i was millionaire to afford to have some come do my hair and make up. should be fun trying to duct tape plastic bags around my arme to shower.

    maybe smg will send me some help. oh that's right the exhb said he would come to help.

    well need to do some math homework.

    good night or morning to where you are living.