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    it is still cold, dreary, snowy and I don't like it.'

    But I can serve you lemon cookies, chocolates, blueberries------what else is in my freezer?? I'd love to make a warm "Bubble Bread" for all of you but I have no ingredients!!!

    Hope that you still want to come in and swing and visit!
    When it gets warmer and I give some better refreshments. But I love you all!!
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    See you remembered ! I'm so glad to see you back on !! Glad all is well with you. In answer to you about Pipp, I haven't the faintest idea of what happened to her but hope she is doing OK.

    Everyone please go back and check on Elaine. She came back for a quick visit !! All ois well from what I can see.

    Julie Glad you are wtill surviving from all thta is going on with you and your family. Hope your GYN visit turns out OK. Please let us know.

    I have to get off now, jjust checking in and perhaps I maight get to check back again either tonight or sometime tomorrlw Tomorrow will be a very busy day though !

    Spring Water - My so much going on with you and your family. Take a deep breaath and all will go well. Some of your stories are really something and a bit scary. I do not think I have ever encountered anything supernautral. If so I did not recognize it or them :)!!.

    Georgia - Have a nice trip whenever you go.

    Diane - Hope you are doing better. I never did see Jerry's recipes. Are they on your thread with Jerry as I could not find them.

    Elaine - Glad all is well with you my derar . Still think of you often and you surely are missed here.

    Love to everydobby,

  3. springwater

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    Joan - thank you for opening up.

    Elaine - great to hear from you. You sound so busy, got dizzy!

    Granni - sometimes I wish i was the kind who didnt have supernatural experiences.
    Its unsettling sometimes.

    Julie - thank goodness its a benign polyp. I was hoping the warm weather and spring
    would come sooner for you there because it would make things so much easier
    with all the stuff going on, would make getting around easier.

    Well, yesterday was spent with niece. Elder brother and me went up there. Relieved
    coz she didnt insist on accompanying us back home but accepted that she would
    have to stay for more time but has told us to come get her on Friday. Told her even
    if we didnt come to take her home we would at least visit.

    She is still so delusional. Talking about haivng got visas to camnada and usa and earning
    thousands of dollars and got three jobs and blah blah blah. When will this girl get better?

    Enjoyed the scenic bus ride down to town.

    We've been eating pork balls and shrimp which DH brought. Since there so much power
    cut afraid the meat might go bad if we dont finish them soon.

    The daughter called up and i panicked since she doesnt usually call in weekday. Just
    turns out she wants to go on a group trip to Mexico in spring since she has enough
    money from her jobs now. And wants our permission. We dont like that she is going
    without her usual gaggle of friends from here but decided we have to trust her. Its
    going to be a group of her college friends.

    Well, all take care.

    God Bless

    God Bless
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yawn, got up very eqrly this morning , 6:00 am, not my usual hour to take DH to the meeting place where he is goiong with a bunch of men fro the Men's club. Theyare going to check out a plant of some sort and its working, etc. It is quite a drive there but I needed the car so he will go in someone elses car. They are car pooling as it takes lots of money to rent a bus for the day. They had checked out the prices some time ago. Then figured carpooling was the best thing.
    He should have a fun day. They are even feeding them all lunch.

    Julie - I am so glad that your polyp is not malignant and that you can wait to have it removed. Hiopefully, it will not give you any problems. You certainly have a lot on your plate right now. I know what it is like not to have insurance and now even with insurnace they are getting extremely picky on what they pay for, especially medicare. You have to many under your care to be sick or down with anything. Hope you don't fall apart and can relax once in awhile. Glad your parents seems to be doing better, especially your mom. All those meds can areally slow people down, especially older people. i think many times the older people, especially tend to get over medicated. Us younger people have to watch out for that too amd make sure all your docs (if more than one or two) know everything you or they are taking.

    Spring Water - Sorry you got scared when your daughter called during the week when you did not expect her call. Yes, there does come a time you have to trust your children to do the right things when away from home. Just hope your dauaghter is going in a safe part of Mexico. I don't know if it mostly in the border towns they are having such problems with the drug cartelles and them killing people. We used to do that occasionally and had a blast but won't be doing that any time soon unless lots of things are cleaned up soon. It is good that she is going with a group of friends and not alone. Sorry to hear about your neice. I wonder if she is on the right meds and or dosage. Sometimes it does take awhile to find out what drugs and dosage with work well on her.

    Can't think of anything else right now and who all I might have missed this time. I certainly dond;t have time to mention all our dear MIA's. I love you all! Have a uncehon to go to and choir practice tonight.

    I got in my jogging suit this morning to bring DH t the carpool but now have to redress and actually put on makeup and look like I am among the living :)!! TTYAL !!

    Please remember to check on Elaine's post in the last volume. Sems to be doing well !!

    Love to everydobby,
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    If you are getting a big snow storm I wonder where it is going ! I don't want any of it back here. It has just started so not sure where it will be going yet. It may not make it here :)!! Have to wait and see which direction it will be going. i know it is going south right now into CA.

    Glad you have your dad's warm vest to keep you warm. Do you have any nice warm socks and have you been knitting lately. You haven't mentioned it but you have also been busy with other things including your transcribing.

    Joan and Diane - Hope you guys stay warm too. These winter storms have been brutal this year ever for those of you that are supposed to be used to it.

    Well, better get off here and so something worthwhile !!
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    Looks like the porch is getting busier, which is always good! We haven't taken a stroll by the lake or been in the boat lately, have we? Looks like Joan stocked up the lounge for us though.

    Julie, I can relate to your parents very easily. Thank goodness I'm better with my thought processes than I was a few years ago...because I had no clue what was going on around me. Taking my meds and remembering I took them was a major achievement. I dread the thought of getting back to that place again but imagine we all will sooner or later. Not fun. And I made lists, but would forget to cross things off so didn't remember if things were done or not. Arrrgggg..what a way to have to live!

    Georgia, I've been meaning to ask you how you came about getting your transcription work. I'd love finding something like that to do since in my 'former' life I did medical transcription. It sounds so very interesting. Loved transcription, but there's no med transcription to be done anymore in this area. Another thing of the past.

    Spring, glad you had a nice visit with your niece. It sounds like she definitely needs different meds. I hope they get it figured out soon so she can get on with a normal life, and that they don't quit until they get it right. So much can be done these days. What a worry, and it's really hard when you're so close to her situation.

    I hope your DD has a safe trip to Mexico. I know Victoria lived there and said it was safe where she was, but there's so much violence and death along the borders now. Of course, that can be said for about anywhere these days it seems.

    Diane, our weather has been really nice (except for the wind, of course) the past week or two (in the 40-60 range). But it's suppose to snow the next few days. At least there's an end in sight now. I think I start dreading winter about the middle of July....lol.

    Granni, Rock, everyone...hope things are going well.

    Have been checking the book list out and writing down some titles. Decluttering my one closet. Laundry. Dishes. About the extent of the excitement here. Did get a text from my DD saying their vacation has been wonderful in the Islands, and they don't want to come home. My GS got caught in the tidal pond and had to be rescued. Glad I wasn't there to see that, although the water in the pictures is so clear and beautiful...along with the beach looking very inviting! So I dream...........Jole
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Did some washing today, really excitring and then went to the store with DH after he got back from golf. Looks like we will be getting some rain late today and maybe tomorrow. We surely can use the rain as long as it is not also freezing or subfreezing out. In the 70's today I think.

    Jole- So glad to see you popping in more to the Porch. There are so many peeps that I am missing from the Porch and it is a delight when I see them again. Hope you are feeling OK or should I say not worse.

    The transcription that Georgia is now doing sounds like so much fun but I don;t get to do other things around here tht I need to do plus my genealogy so I guess I won't start anything new.

    Georgia - Hope you dont get to much snow tonight. You don't to much of that usually do you? I know we don't and it is an EVENT if it happens here.

    Julie - your parents are so lucky to have you so close by to help them. I was so far away from mine. Plus I have felt so bad myself that I dont think I could really take care of anyone very ill anymore, otr taking a lot of care.

    Oh yes, I do make lists for myself of things not to forget, esp. things tht are out of the ordinary.

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling better today and niece will get the right meds and dosage soon. I imagine it is a very hard thing to find for each individiual person. It is especially sad as she is so young.

    Hi everydobby else and MIA !!

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - seven hours! that woud do me in. I dont knw where u get your strength from. I wish there
    was a kinesiologist here. Ive read about it and it sounds so interesting.

    Granni - glad you were able to do some washing and go to the store. its such a relief when a couple of chores are finished. I went out yesterday so again i have a backlog of stuff to do at home.

    Jole - im hoping and counting on my dds sense and her groups common sense to stay out of trouble spots. But i will also expressly tell her when we phone next. I wish the warm weather would come soon to you out there. Im sure the animals on the farm too are wanting to get out and about now.

    Georgia - i laughed when you said you are going cross eyed. I can just imagine you poring over those transcriptions. I must visit the site you have given. Although i dont think i will attempt any just yet.

    I dont have good sleep these days. Always having some nightmare or other. I took a walk down to the monastery yesterday too. Its not a peaceful walk by any means, crowds, dogs, cars, shops, dust, vegetables, meat, fruit sellers and hardly an inch to yourself as you jostle thru them all but its distracting. And the atmosphere in the monasteries themselves so calming.
    Quiet, dim, you can almost hear your own thoughts.

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    Diane i feel like i know you too since ive read the posts with green onions and the kitties lol.

    julie do you feel like i do? i dont want my kids caring for me later on. when my mom says things i make a mental note DONT DO THIS. lol kinesiology is fascinating. i fainted once and hit my head on the bathtub so i go to chiro he says your right arm is sore i had hit left side of neck. so i feel my left upper arm sure enough it felt all bruised. my chiro now doesnt use it.

    springwater your daughter is probably going to an all inclusive resort. those are very safe but alcohol is included so kids at least mine dont know when to stop.alcohol makes my boys stupid. youre DD sounds pretty mature.

    my dh has been so crabby cant say i blame him. theres always some drama going on with our grown children.im so protective i cant stand ayone to say negative things about them even their dad. he should know by now how im gonna act. this is the only thing we argue about.hes really a martyr doing everythingbut crabbiness is hard to deal with. a girl who worked for me said i was so happy to people it was annoying. i left my problems at home when i went to work.

    how do i get past my defensiveness? usually the next day i act like nothings wrong. well sorry for the rant. love gail
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - lol, your rotties antics must make for a lot of fun! even tho i am so tired of
    cleaning up after dogs now, and dont intend to keep many after this lot is gone to
    their long home, i still have to smile whenever i read about how dogs behave. The
    other day i heard my son let out a yell "O my God!" and when i went to see, he was
    staring at the bunch of dogs but in particular at Keechu our cream Apso. Keechu
    was looking back up at him earnestly as if to say "whats all the fuss about"?

    The fuss was that Keechu had gone and poked his entire head into the ashes of our
    helps fire which they always light in the garden to keep warm, must have been sniffing
    around for bits of food since they also cook on it. His little round head was black and
    grey with his two eyes shining brightly out. The lovely thing about dogs is they dont
    care how they look.

    Gail - yes, they should really ban alcohol out of peoples lives. Its caused me so much
    grief all my life. My parents, FIL, brothers all had an addiction and now my niece.

    Julie - i to really need to get a new pair of glasses. I cant see the tv very well, the
    small writing; so i know the powers gone up. I had two pairs and just the other day,
    the glass fell out of one of them and broke. so now i have one and no spare.

    Last evening I was settling in for the evening and DH came and said his friend has
    invited him to his restaurants 2nd anniversary party, do i want to go? It meant no
    cooking and i felt like listening to some outside talks, so said yes. Its a restrobar.
    With very dim lighting, and a band playing. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Friends wife is
    a very sweet lady. Her two kids too are studying in the USA. I drank a cocktail.
    And liked it, dont know what it was but it had a distinctly pineapple flavour. I
    notice drinks always help loosen me up. They served some sort of snack prawn
    wrapped in bacon which was good; anyway fried bacon always seems to taste
    good. I was afraid because ive been having a lot of gas, since ive been bingeing
    on junk to keep the depression at bay and then i found the friends wife too is
    suffering from gastric and didnt eat much.

    The depression and anxiety is spiking because of niece. She called yesterday also.
    Or rather made the staff call to tell me come take her away. She had said she would
    stay til Friday and i have to come get her. The staff told me to try and tell her
    gently she couldnt leave now. Of course that set up a storm of protest, with her
    threatening to run away again. I managed to convince her to stay some more. But
    had to phone elder brother to take younger brother and some clothes and cds and
    snacks she wanted; i was afraid she might lose patience and run away if no one
    visited soon. A bus ride would have taken hours. even older brother is feeling the
    strain of facing her and telling her she cant leave. he was grumbling. as for her
    own father, even the hospital staff seem to get she doesnt respect him; they say
    not to send him alone. now im dreading Monday coz thats when she said come get her.

    meanwhile, the bad scary dreams continue. Im pondering on how to get them to

    God Bless

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    More cold (by our standards) and rain here in Los Angeles.
    You should have seen the post-card scenery last weekend.
    The snow level was down to 2000 feet. The mountain tops to the
    E. of LA were covered w/ snow. Never seen it so low before.

    Gordon is downstairs monkeying w/ the Black & Decker
    coffee maker which leaks. B & D is an American icon. Been in business
    for a century.

    But now it's products (well, I'm not sure how many of them) are
    the same crap everything else is. Probably made in Taiwan.
    I am so sick of junky products and rotten service and clerks
    who don't speak English. The modern world is a big

    Wait. I'll give you a list of all the things I'm sick of. Probably
    take me a couple hours to type it up. I'm sure you all could
    type up a long list of your own too.

    Went to Wal*mart. How come I never see any of those
    terrible outfits you find at "People of Wal*mart"? Bought
    some shoes. I now have three pair.

    I know. It's a gender thing. The average woman has 7
    pairs of shoes, and those are just the ones in shades of white.

    Read a book called "Broadway Anecdotes". Lots of stories
    about the Barrymore family. I put some books from the
    bibliography on hold. Got biographies on 3 actresses: Ethel
    Barrymore, Kathrine Cornell, and Dorothy Stickney.

    The library produced all 3 at the same time, so I read them last week.
    Kinda got 'em mixed up in my mind. Especially
    since many characters like Theodore Roosevelt and Mary
    Martin and Irving Berlin appeared in more than one book.

    In case any of you (or maybe your grandkids) will be
    appearing in any theatricals soon, here is some advice re:
    acting. It's been attributed to various people.

    1. Do know your lines.
    2. Don't bump into the furniture.
    3. Do not fall off the stage.

    Hope all of you are staying warm and dry.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here is our daily quiz. Today's winner will receive a
    lifetime supply of Campbell's Tomato Soup. (I already
    have a lifetime supply, and I don't have any.)

    For those not enamored of tomato (You say tomato and I
    say ta-mah-toe) soup, you may choose an 8 by 10 glossy of
    Don Pardo.

    What student of economics came to this conclusion:

    1. Adam Smith
    2. Karl Marx
    3. One of our posters?

    "Things are always more expensive than what they
    ought to be."

    I might add that my experience is that things are generally
    more trouble and time consuming than one expects too.

    Joan, what is bubble bread? Is it the same as that monkey
    bread that was popular a couple decades ago? Or was
    that a cake? I think it was made in an angel food tin.

    Georgia, I looked up Edward Rutherfurd. Turns out I read
    his first book a long time ago. I started the second one, but
    never did finish it. Well, his books are as long as 2 or 3
    regular novels anyway.

    Gail, I know what you mean about acting like our parents.
    When I was rearing my son I would sometimes catch myself
    acting like my crazy parents. "Stop immediately!!!"

    Now the little rascal (well, he'll be 40 this year) doesn't want
    anything to do w/ me. Life plays cruel tricks on us, huh?!

    Julie, I am a big fan of de-cluttering. We moved 7 years ago
    and again last year. Took carloads of stuff to the thrift
    shops and the women's shelter.

    Still got too much stuff. And much of Gordon's mother's
    junk is still here too. Arggggggggg!!

    SW, do you have anything like the 99 cent stores over there?
    Several years ago I bought 6 pairs of glasses; 99 cents @.
    Three for reading and 3 sunglasses. Still have 5 or 6 left.

    Yes, alcohol causes lots of trouble. It should be outlawed.
    Oh, wait. We did that 90 years ago. Didn't work so well.
    Made bootlegger Joe Kennedy rich though. (Joe was the
    father of President J. F. Kennedy.)

    To be rigorously honest, I just checked Wikipedia. It says
    the bootlegging is an urban legend. Kennedy was a billionaire
    (if you allow for inflation) and made his money in the stock
    market, real estate, legal liquor importing, etc.

    Anydobby solve the economic puzzle? The answer is
    3. One of our posters. Julie! And a wise women she is too.

    Gordon and I are going to the library as soon as he gets back
    from some other errands. He is delivering a plant to a friend
    in Pasadena. I hope he gets back before the rain starts
    up again.

  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am sooooo tired of snow!!! on Thur night, it snowed 4 inches and that is 4 inches too much. That meant Eugene would come to scoop! He had surgery in his right hand so did ther shoveling with one hand. I told him after I saw that the sidewalk was shoveled that he didn't have to do any more but he said he could. It melted some that day butr last night just a littloe more!!!!

    No Diane: I am in Indiana but I think you get the snow from us--heads you way!

    i wanted to get back sooner but this week has been a week of doing odds and ends and somehow. they take me longer than it once was. I think I told you about cleaning and dumping from the medicine cabinet.Yesterday I cleaned off my dresser, threw away a cute (once) little box of flowerss, threw away more odds and ends and polished is very good with Pledge. Washed all the glass thingama jigs that sat around. Looked very good when I got done.

    Today I did 2 loads of laundry and actually folded them today. I have an antique dresser that has what they call handerchief drawers on each side. That had accumulated "stuff". I sorted and threw away and organized both. Why does that little bit make me SOOOO tired??? Guess iot is age!!!!

    Julie: Ii am glad the polyp was not malignant!! You don't need that! And my eyes too just don't take much reading. I have to take them off for the computer, then I leave and forget them and have to come back. My eyelids droop the long I use my eyes. I have never had contacts and con't think iI want them.

    Oh yes, Diane, I like sweet cornbread! i like it but sometimes have a problems with it---doesn't want to go down myu throat real well. Some work better than other.

    After I ate this noon, I went thru the frig. and found things that needed to be dumped so got that done.

    Do any of you like tangerines? Our store has Honey Tangerines. They don't look great, leave a lot of pith to peel off and have seeds! Now thaqt sounds like work but they are sooo good. I just get a lot of paper napkins, lean over the plate and go to it. I just love tghem!!!

    SW: Several of my grandkids went to the gulf coast for their honeymoons! The resorts are gorgeous and there are no problems. i have only been to Tiajuana (that isn't spelled right) It is wild. I had eaten at a Mexican restaurant in CA the night before and I got so sick the next day. Went on the bus anyway and the dtriver (fun lady) said the only potty was in the back of a dept. store. THE ONLY ONE! 'Well, I used it and got sicker and sicker so the driver took me back tio CA and said she would take us on the tour the next day. I know I wouldn't go there now.

    I don't know if I was fortunate or unfortunate to have problems with my paarents. Dad died suddenly at 65 from heart attack and Mom developed pancreatic cancer. So there were no mental issues.

    My mom and dad moved in with grandma (dad's) when they got married. Two kitchens, 1 bath, 2 living rooms------she died when I was 9. I don't remember a lot except I knew I wouldn't live with my parents. My parents did move 2 doors down from us when I was 30. it was no problem except after dad passed, when we left for vacat
    ion, she made me feel so guilty!! Have never done that to kids. Of course, they ilive too far away and so do the grandkids.

    Jole: I have never known anyone that has everything she has to do, buy, go, etc. like my 57 yr, old dauighter!!! Wish I would do that!

    Gail: So ifar, my kids don't have to care for me. After Harley passed away, older son told his wife that he thought he should come up for a few hrsl everyweekend. I said NO, NO, NO! He does come up every few weeks to visit, do some little thing I can't do and have dinner out or a deli meal here. D lives 345 mi from here so doesn't come as often. With the horrible price of gas now. I hate to have her drive that far.

    Rock: I hate to call a company, wait and wait for someopne to speak to then get someone that I can not understand at all! Some one told me to ask to speak to the manager. Don't know if it would work. I did find that if I waited and waited, I would run way8 over my cell mionutes.

    And Rock, both of our sons were in musicals in high school and were wonderful. They both have wonderful singing voices and have learned to speak and present themselves well from that. They have done very well in their positions and speakling and it all came from the plays.

    Sorry rest of you. I need potty, really need a drink and a snack and my eyes hurt. So I will return again.

    Loved talking to all of you. You are all such good, good friends.

    Gentle hugs and blessings to you.


    Georgia: I have a young friend who has done transcription at a local hospital. She often has the night shift but she loves it.

    I have no idea how that to Georgia got to the bottom.

    Rock: Yes, bubble bread is similar to monkey bread. I make it with buscuits, butterscotch pudding mix, cinnamon and melted butter. The first time I made it, I did use my 2 piece angel food cake pan and the next morning (it sets in the oven all night) there was gooey, gooey stuff all over the bottom of the oven. I then bought a bundt pan. I love it!!!!
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got busy doing little bits of nothing today and just got home from eating out with DH for dinner. It was fajitas with everything good in it inc shrimp, bacon, chicken, beef with sauteed onions, melted white cheese and I donpt know what else. You put that in a tortilla with pica de gallo ( pronounced galyo) and guacomole. Their chips are so light with a wonderful salsa they serve with it for free. Even splurged and had a Margarita -yummy !! Oh, it is also served with Spanish rice and we get the charro beans ijnstead of the refried. It is so yummy and is like a bean soup. It is also better for you than refried beans. So, that was my excitment for the day.

    Joan - so glad to hear from you again. I know whqt you mean about having to go potty. I think I know where most of the pottys are in each store. That bubble bread sounds very interesting. I am not sure I have had it. I might have had Monkey bread a time or two a long time ago. Iknow what you mean about hating snow. So glad we are here where they donpt havve any or hardly any and when they do it is an event, even when it is 1 inch :)!! or less.

    Rock - so glad you popped in today and made us alal laugh. Miss you when you are not here,

    Diane - Hope all is well with you, Kevin and kitties.

    Georgia - Hope you are able to get your transcribing done when your eyes get tired. I mayget to pop in tomorrow. All morning will be taken with practice and church and fellowshop afterwards. I am bring lasagna - already cooked (Stourffers) and just have to rebake it to warm it up again tomorrow before church. Is Sophie behaving and not eating any more of your food on the stove. That cracked me up eating all the soup out of the pot !!

    Well, gotta run for now. Hope to see you all tomorrow ! Hi to Carla, Teacher, Elaine, Gail Jole and all the rest hiding out !!

    Love to everydobby,

    Hope everyone is resting and having a nice restul weekend.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - hope you are not getting sick too and that it is just a change in the weather.

    Julie - Sorryyou are feeling bad and that your eyes are bothering you. I know i need to go and get new glasses too. DH never needed glasses until he got older and then started with the farsightedness. I could see far and not close - the opposite from me. Now he is getting a bit of both I think and I am getting worse with both !! Wis I had the money for lasik surgery for my near sightedness. However, I know I will never be able to. Actually, I do not have to wear glasses all the time as I compensate for my bad (or should I say worse) eye. I have worn glasses in school for some time, about 10 years old I think.

    I might have missed it but where did Amy and Clinton find Susan and how old is she?

    Diane - Hope you are feeling better. In the Red Beans and Rice how much tomatoes did you put in.?? I am sure it varies. I haven't made it in so long I do not remember if I had actually used tomatoes not in it and I know you can put susage, ham, ham hocks or bone in it with the water and seasoning. I can't remember what the usual recipe was. Not sure if I had made it with hamburger meat before and remember it more like Jerry's with chuncks of meat. He didn't say what kind of meat but like I said I seem to remember sausage and or ham. I think I saw a recipe of one lately that way. I know you can vary it to taste anywho and you can season it taste too.

    All the ingredients are so good either way it is yummy no matter what you put in it.

    Hi to Joan, Rock, SW, Teacher, Jole, Elaine, Mickey, Carla and everydobby else I have been missing lately.

    After singing for Mass this morning it ws time for the monthly birthday fellowship party. I brough lasagna ( I cheated with Stouffers frozen). It was really good but they have no oven in the room to keep things warm. I cooked it last night and warmed it up again this morning.

    Love o all,
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia – youre brave to take on latin; I tried to learn Spanish once
    Didn’t get past ‘la casa blanca’, Buenos dias, mucho gracias’ that
    Sort of thing.

    Julie – okay, the same things seem to be happening to us at the same
    Time. You need new glasses, I need new glasses. Youre down with
    A cold, Im down with one too. And it promises to be a bad one.
    I was wondering whether the universe was conspiring against me
    Because I was already feeling horribly achey and depressed and
    Had to make a visit to a relative. I couldn’t put it off any longer
    Because its been ten days since DHs cousin came into town. I
    Squeezed out a few tears and forced myself to go. It turned out
    All right. And what a relief that one chore is done!
    I hope you feel better soon. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed
    When one is already under stress and then gets sick.

    Granni – I wished I could have a bite of your fajitas with all those
    Wonderful fillings. Lol, I am such a foodie! I have never heard of
    Monkey bread and bubble bread. This is interesting.

    Joan – daughter sent me the schedule for her Mexico visit. Shes
    Flying to Cancun. I think she should be safe there. She really
    Wanted to see a real live beach. Shes been on the beach at Chicago
    But that’s a lake really.

    I pray I will not live long enough to have to be looked after by my
    Kids. And of course don’t want to live long enough to have a lot
    Of health problems on top of what I already have.

    Rock – I first heard of the word bootlegging when I was in school
    And was reading a book called Captains and Kings. I used to wonder
    What it meant. Yes, we have a Rs. 99/- store here. Lol. That would be
    $1.29. Lots of useful odds n ends can be had. Crockery. Plastic buckets
    little glass bowls.

    Very very low all day today and yesterday. Not looking forward
    To tomorrows visit to the mental institution. The doc is going to
    Discuss what to do with niece. The staff there are not sure they
    Can take care of her. Im at my wits end. We all are. On top
    Of that niece got it into her head to tell me on the phone last
    Time that her brother told her he fainted and had diabetes. I
    Was thinking dear lord, whats going on? Then today I spoke to
    Brother and the aunt and they say no, nothing of the sort.

    My Chinese friend phoned and we exchanged gossip. I always
    Feel much more normal after a nice long gossip fest. About
    This that and other. She has told me to see “The Kings
    Speech’ about King George of Britain. I always thought
    He was such a gentle gentle man. And felt sorry he was
    Pushed into becoming king when he just didn’t have his
    Heart in it. He had to become king when his brother King
    Edward abdicated the throne to pursue his romance with
    Wallis Simpson, a divorcee. I sure wouldn’t have wanted
    To be in that family at that time, lots n lots of upheavals
    Including the war.

    My DHs uncles daughter who studied in Minnesota is coming
    Tomorrow. My daughter accidentally told me on the phone
    The last time we spoke and then remembered she was not
    Supposed to tell anyone. So I told her I would act surprised.
    No one knows except my bro in law whom I think she entrusted
    With the secret because he usually goes picks her up.
    The girl wrote me an email yesterday pretending nothing was
    Happening and she was pursuing life as usual out there. So
    I also replied in the same vein, lol although I was chuckling
    To myself. She is so sweet.