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    Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go!

    Bow to the left,
    And bow to the right.
    Ladies, curtsey.
    A pretty sight.

    Right and left Grande,
    Then weave the ring.
    Dance all night
    Till the birdies sing.

    Chain of eight,
    Circle round.
    Keep those feet
    Right on the ground.

    All hands up.
    Pass on through.
    Now all go home.
    Our dance is through.

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    Got a new hard drive. That begs the question, do computers have a soft
    drive? If there is such a thing as a disgruntled employee, is everybody else
    a gruntled employee. If two of our Presidents were impeached, does that
    mean all the others were peached?

    So the old computer is workin' pretty well. Now all I need is some energy
    to operate the darn thing. My relentless insomnia continues, but I am sleeping
    more and more in the daytime. Yesterday I slept most of the morning.
    Then Zippy came in, and we napped 3 hours on the sofa. Uff-da!

    Gail, good ta see ya. Re: the thorny topic of marriage, I read many decades
    ago that friends and relatives are pretty good predictors when it comes to
    marriages. A dozen or so years ago, my brother told me he was gonna get
    married. The warning signals were big as the elephant in the living room.

    He'd known her only a few months. She was just coming out of a bad (alcoholic) marriage. She had 3 adult kids: one an alcoholic and one a
    drug addict. She was 10-15 years older than he. He was a longtime
    bachelor in his late 50s and very inflexible about his routine and opinions.

    Through a herculean effort I managed to stop myself from saying, "Are
    you nuts!!!" Instead I said nothing and nodded politely. I gave it 6 months.

    Only lasted three. She moved into his place (another bad move since the
    rules of the house had been established 30 years earlier) and brought
    her addict son with her. He stole everything not nailed to floor and pawned it.
    Also burned a hole in the kitchen floor.

    Hymen and Hera, the gods of marriage, probably weren't too surprised
    that the project did not end well.

    Julie, glad everydobby is finally home. Hope all goes smoothly, and that you
    can catch up on your rest.

    Hugs to all. Hope to come back soon.

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    Nothing much new here. Still waiting to hear form our DD to hear what type of surgery she will have to have - a lumpectomy or a more radical or intensive "cut". I know she must be upset and this waiitng can drive everyone crazy. So, we wait some more !!

    DH has a meeting and lunch to go to and I need to go do a little weeding before it gets to HOT. I even put on long pants so hopefully I don't come in caontact with any more Poison Ivy or Oak. Then need to change the beds, etc. It has been forever, or so it seems. I am already doing wash. and then in go the sheets - ugh !!

    Gotta run and get out there before it gets too HOT. I am sure it already is. I will be out there maybe a half an hour which is long enough for me, esp in the heat.

    Thinking about everyone and all their trials and problems. May God bless you ALL.

    Be back later everydobby.

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    Although with our energy levels it was more of a standing shuffle....lol. Sorry you're going through an insomnia stage 'cause it sure isn't any fun being awake when others are sleeping. I go outside and sit on the porch in the middle of the night. So peaceful. Tried walking a bit down the driveway, but we have cats, and you know how they are, right underfoot. Not the safest or smartest thing to do, so I'm back to sitting.

    Julie, it's great to hear the babies are doing so well and will be home (are home?) soon. I loved hearing about the Ronald McDonald House. My DD/SIL stayed for nearly 4 months when their little guy was born. Love the idea of the marker boards on the doors!

    Spring, people here were as helpful when someone was ill, etc. when I was young. Unfortunately, the changes made since then have not all been for the better. Seems as though everyone is too busy these days to do for others.

    Granni, hope hubby is feeling better and you stay well. I'm so sorry to hear about your DD, and pray everything goes well. Can only imagine all the stress you're going through now.

    Georgia, Joan, Teacher, Gail...and everyone...hope you're doing well.

    Still hot here also. Another 110 degree day! No green left anywhere. We're in the emergency drought area, and even one little cloud floating over causes everyone to smile. Don't know what would happen if it'd actually rain!! All us farmers are trying to hold onto our cattle...and farms.....feel especially sorry for the younger ones who owe so terribly much and have no choice but to sell.
    Can't imagine the cost of food getting much higher, but it sure will. *Sigh*

    Had our family get-together at the lake last weekend. Thankful for the water, and no harmful bacteria like so many of the lakes have. The kids practically lived in it to escape the heat. Mornings and evenings were great. Funny how 95 now feels comfortable out! I spent the afternoons in the little camper with air conditioning, although it was sooo hot even it didn't cool well.

    Still trying to recouperate from the relaxing.... Hugs to all

    LEFTYGG Member

    We are or we're in a drought 98 here today now it's storming and has rained 3 inches but they say the ground is so hard it just rolls off and floods.
    My ds and dh were at hs football and the baseball dugouts blew apart. I was at the mall and a tree was snapped in 2. I was upstairs and they turned escalator off. It's harder for me going down stairs than up.

    Rock family does see things the marrying ones don't.your poor brother! Did he ever marry again? This has cost my ds a lot emotionally. He knows what I'm thinking I don't even have to say it. I did get my 6 yo gs out of it and he's worth millions!!!hes laying here beside me right now.we are watching Tom and Jerry.

    Jole we went to the lake last week. The water was beautiful. I had fun with gs but dh gets too impatient. I told him it was last time Id put him thru it.he said I'm gonna change then I laughed and laughed.after 45 yrs I think not.

    Take care love gail
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    No rain! Thaat is the main topic around here in IN. It was 99 all day until about 3 p.m.

    I am only writing to tell you my trival problems of today. I got up and made my oatmeal in the mircro. While transferring it to the table, I dropped the bowl and it went on my slipper and my foot. Wiped off foot and put cool paper toweling on it. OK now. Then after dinner, I decided to put the jar of Equal in the cupboard----I only use it for grapefruit----and something else was there and it feel and spilled on the floor. The spillage is still there. I decided to make Jello, red Jello, and while stirring it, I stirred too hard and got it on the floor, carpet too! I had to take time out to get that cleaneed up.

    then I realized my family room AC, where I live most of time, wasn't working!! It got to 85 and I got hotter and hotter. I called the repair man. He came and found that because I had it plugged it in a surge protector, it couldn't handle it. Took 2 men------He plugged it into wall plug which I couiln't have done as it is almost on the floor.

    My weather gave a severe storm warning as did the Weather channel but----------not a drop have I seen but at least I got cooled off.

    Now, I know that isn't v ery important at all but tomorrow it will be laughable. Now, I will eat my supper and take a shower. Hope I don't spill or drop.

    I will get back on soon and comment on all the trials and tribulations thaat my dear friends are experiencing.

    Love you all my precious friends

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    Rock - thanks for opening. Insomnia is scary. With my DD, I get the opposite.
    Feel sleepy a lot of the time. Like you have Zippy, my snooze companion is
    Poopsie. Boy, does she sleep a lot. But then, she cant see much, nor hear.
    otherwise she used to be a very frisky, nosey kind of dog.

    Mikie - thanks for popping by the porch. It was good of you. I read
    the Lounge sometimes when i get time. Its interesting reading about
    other peoples lives. I know you struggle a lot with the DDs too and
    take inspiration from your strength in how you deal with it all.

    Teacher - I remember stacking garbage in the porch in special yellow
    bags and then taking several out to the street on Tuesday when the truck
    would come. There were eight of us living in the apartment in daughters
    town, so lots of garbage.

    How is your sisters foot doing?

    Julie - Good to hear the babies are all coming home. You must be relieved.
    Poor Lorraine. Didnt you hv an episode like that with keira when Lorraine
    was brought home? Now keira is the BIG girl. Howz that? Time flies.

    Gail - it's so lovely to think of the special bond you share with your sweet
    GS. Six years old is such a lovely age. Probably my best memories are
    when i was that old.

    Sorry to hear about your dear son and the marriage troubles. LIke Rocks
    brother also. Its scary when people get so emotionally swept away they
    marry in like 3 months!!!

    I just got to know a third cousin of DHs who had immigrated to Canada
    to work and has a husband and two twenty year old kids whom she took
    with her later, has gone and taken a paramour. She had left her husband
    here because he has his old mum to take care of, and their house is here.

    There are a couple of cases where younger couples divorced because the
    one spouse who went abroad to work found someone else, but this was a
    shocker. Imagine weathering more than twenty years together and then
    ending it.

    Jole- your cats get underfoot? our dogs do too! lol. they get so excited
    when we start down the stairs and bark their heads off scampering just
    one step ahead. its a wonder no one has tripped and broken a leg till now.

    the drought sounds awful. and i hope and pray it ends soon, but good
    to hear about the trip to the lake. that too with the family. sounds lovely.

    Granni - did you get the weeding done. I wish the drought would pass soon.
    It must be so tense, waitingfor word from your daughter. Hope things move
    along in the right direction soon.

    Joan - You spilt/dropped a lot that day! Im glad the a/c got fixed.
    If our one a/c in the bedroom didnt work, I would go stark raving mad!
    fortunately they have been sending the power on for longer duration.
    this is such a boon.

    Yesterday DHs second cousin sister came with her son who is studying
    in the US> He was in Boston and we had met him for dinner
    in New York. Daughter had sent my sons i phone which she bought online
    thru him. So after a month and a half my son finally has his present.

    My brothers came yesterday because elder bro was feeling bored at home.
    So i made pancakes and some curry. We spent time talking and then they

    Everybody take care

    God Bless

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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Was just listening to some old radio programs on the net: Jack Benny,
    Grouchy Marx, Vic & Sade. I was a kid during the golden age of radio.
    TV swept the country when I was in the 8th grade.

    Lots of the great entertainers have left us recently. Waiting in the wings are
    Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Caroll Burnett, Julie Andrews, Mickey
    Rooney, Carol Channing, Kirk Douglas, Maureen O'Hara, and Olivia de Havilland,
    et. al. Noel Coward's last play was entitled "Waiting in the Wings".

    Ya know, it's an amazing kawinkydink. Two of our most beloved movies were
    made in the same year and had the same director: Wizard of Oz and Gone
    With the Wind.

    Springwater, glad to see you had lots of energy recently. Both personally
    and electrically. Did you try pancakes while you were in the USA? Any
    difference? Maybe ours are fluffier? Glad to hear Poopsie is feeling frisky.

    Granni, I am confusiated (as usual). Do you have one daughter awaiting
    surgery and another who is job hunting. My mind is running down like
    a tired clock at the end of the day as Thornton Wilder said in "Our Town".
    Just checked to see how Caroll Burnett spells her name and then
    forgot by the time I got back to this page. Anyhoo, hoping the best for
    you and yours.

    Jole, Dave Barry says when you are at a function where people are
    dancing, get up and dance. Doesn't matter if you are a good dancer or
    not. I guess "a standing shuffle" is a good substitute. Have you
    recuperated from relaxing?

    Gail, took a minute for me to figure out the title of your last post. No,
    my brother never tired marriage again, although he cohabited with a woman
    many decades ago, and they had a child. The mother wouldn't let him
    see the daughter. When daughter grew up she hated her father 'cause he
    "abandoned her". Dysfunction is hard to remove from a family. I tried hard,
    but I couldn't do it. My son has disowned me.

    Lilac, always glad to see you on the board. Gotta watch out for that
    oatmeal. It can be vicious. Supposed to be good for our circulatory
    system I used to eat a high fiber cereal with oatmeal et. al, but I
    haven't sufficient tooth power anymore, so I take fiber pills.

    Got to thinkin' about oatmeal and related terms. Looked it up. Apparently
    porridge is made w/ grain like oats, rye, wheat, etc. If it's really thin,
    it's called gruel and served to Oliver Twist.

    "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    there they are standing in a row
    big ones small ones some as big as your head
    give 'em a twist
    a flick of the wrist
    that's wut the show man said"

    What gay TV personality, singer, piano player and entertainment multi
    millionaire had a hit with that song? Tune in tomorrow; or look it up.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing that new around here. The news from DD is on the other thread . She will have a mastectomy and most likely a reconstruction . She is making the decision know on hthat and has two dr. appointments. I've been looking up info and sending her websites in case she needs more info.

    Julie - Nice you are letting grandma gail try and bond with the babies since they will not be there all the time. You will get plenty of time with them for sure. Try and rest a little bit if you can. You do not need to get sick again.

    Rock - Sorry about your computer and that it is feeling like you tired and sleepy at the wrong times, most likely. Glad to see you back and that you started our new volume.

    Hugs to everyone. Need to do more stuff on the computer and then start supper. . Did a little bit of weeding again this morning . Only 1/2 hr.and 3/4 of an hour is all we've been doing, and it was still HOT.

    Love to awl,
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight with no babies to feed :)!!!!

    Hope you have a nice rest Julie. Glad you also got to go to the doc/chiro all by yourself this time :)!!!

    Good night to you and awl !!!

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - well, its a relief to know the course of action has been decided
    re your daughter, nothing more scary than waiting for word.
    Dont worry too much. I know as a parent how much stress this is.

    Julie - hope you got a good nights sleep. I guess those will be intermittent
    now, for a couple of months. But so good to know the little ones are growing
    big and feeding properly and home at last.

    Rock - no i didnt make pancakes in America, i think i bought a lot of corn
    cobs and used to boil those as snacks because they were so delish. But
    we got driven to this Indian store where we could get practically all the
    spices we normally use for curries etc. so i was cooking a lot. and it tasted
    just as yummy as here. we even got some wheat flour tortillas (roti)
    which we just microwaved and it was so good.

    Yesterday, i began coming out of the energy slump and had a good long
    bath and then stepped out. Went off to town and bought groceries
    and some CDs by Enya. I really need to work on destressing, the side
    of my stomach hurts, and a spot on my shoulder back and i knw its
    because of the events with my siblings and their family.The last thing
    this family needs is another person getting ill.

    Enya makes me relax deeply.

    I also stopped at this cinema which is playing a bollywood movie shot
    in London, and ive been too out of energy and demotivated to see it,
    but yesterday i booked two tickets for me and dh for today.

    tried calling him to confirm but he was working out. today he says i should
    hv booked the 6pm show, he wanted to rest after coming from saturday golf.

    well, for me 3 pm is convenient. then i can start getting dinner ready at
    usual time of 6:30pm.

    actually, im seeing this movie not only because i love england but also because
    ill hv somethng to say to daughter when we give her her weekly call. last
    week i was so exhausted i hardly had anything to say, and thats so awful.

    ive not even done my healing meditations for so long. but mean to start again.

    I think of all of you, and send good thoughts. Like Mikie said in her other post,
    this board is so comforting. We can always come here when we are sad or happy and know someone is listening.

    God Bless

  12. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Granni, glad to hear that your daughter has made a decision about the course of her treatment. I'm keeping her in my prayers.

    SW, I enjoy Enya, too--very relaxing. Good that you are feeling better and have more energy. Yes, this board is a safe place to come to. I don't watch the news, and didn't even know about the CO incident until I saw the other thread. Ugh.

    Am feeling better since I stopped taking Ambien again. I think it makes me worse. Am back to working two days at the shelter. Most of the dogs they have are pit bulls and chiquauas. Of course, I can't remember how to spell the latter!

    We are having very hot temperatures again--in the high 90s today.

    My friend enjoyed her trip to Nepal, although she became quite ill, I guess from some kind of food she ate. She mentioned the country is quite beautiful.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad to hear your friend enjoyed her trip to my country. I can
    see from an outsiders perspective how people would be fascinated with
    our culture and surroundings.

    Its so vast and theres so much history and tradition its mindboggling! One
    thing i really regret not doing is going off on a nice long trek into the mountains.
    I keep seeing photos of schoolmates/aquaintances from outside making these
    long and expensive trips to here just to trek and ive spent 30 years here
    and never done it! I wish my DH was an outdoors person. we would hv gone

    I never knew what a chihuahua looked like till I saw a photo of Paris Hilton
    carrying her pooch everywhere. I envy you working in the shelter. Maybe
    when brother is better i can volunteer too, that is if i can work on my
    energy levels!

    Rock - Wasnt Julie Andrews the beautiful beautiful lady who played Queen
    Mother of some country in The princess diaries?

    I vaguely remember seeing a magazine with a Julie Andrews and Goldie hawn
    in a pic called Shampoo opposite Warren beatty. I used to be in India those
    days.Grade sevenish. Or was that a Julie Christie?
    Okay. i just googled that was Julie Christie.

    I still want Scarlett O haras ballgown from Gone with the Wind! I want. I want.
    And i want to live in a huge mansion like she did in GWTW in a huge estate.
    I want the romance of those days! Lol! Im going mad.

    Dont mind me.

    Well, yesterday i went to see the movie. Glad i went out. I can feel the heaviness descending on me again.

    Talked with my brother who is going out it seems, visiting temples and all.
    Good. Does me good to hear him talking normally. Raises my spirits for a while.

    My friend phoned. Its her b day tomorrow and i hv to go wish her. Talked
    random things. Her sons in beijing china where they had the heaviest rainfall
    for 60 years but it seems he is all right. saw the clips on tv. streets are knee
    high in water! and the forecast is more rain to come!

    Well, everyone take care.

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Glad you brother is doing better and getting out. That is wonderful. Yes, your culture is very interesting and has such beautiful surroundings and places to visit. I love to read your newsy and glib posts. Hope you are feeling more up than down today :)!!

    Georgia - Glad you are doing better and getting out to work more in the animal shelter. I see you were working with the doggies this time. Are the cats and dogs separated and do they put you where you are needed? That would be fun I think !

    Julie - Don't wear yourselves out with all those babies :)!! I know you are hving fun but try and take it easy, at least some.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK today. Miss your sunny personality when your not :)!!

    Love you all,

    Things are OK here I guess. DD #2 is doing her research and checking out the best options for reconstruction and is going to visit the surgeons. I suppose she will have the surgery in 3-4 weeks or so after main surgeon gets back. She seems to be doing pretty well with talking to a lot of people who have had similar surgeries and dxs as well as our family and friends. A good support group is a great thing esp if you are away from family.

    Daughter #3 still doesn't have a job and is moving into an apartment with what used to be her SO. That is another saga and not sure what will happen there.

    Guess what, it looks like I got some more poison ivy or something or another on me. Just a few spots right now and am trying to keep it contained. That can drive you crazy. I wish we could afford to have someone do all our greenery and weeding. I can only be out there 30-45 min. and be careful and stiil I get something. The first day I wore a ss top and slacks. I got attacked by tiny little bugs after the rain and somehow they got into my pants and bit the bottom of my legs. They are OK now. Now, i got out there with longs sock, slacks and LS top, in the nice and humid heat. The bug bites were tiny and almost dried up now.

    I just washed my gloves too just in case some of the poison ivy or oak oil or whatever is still on then. I also wash my clothes after each time that I work outside to work. What a drag !!! Hooray, we got a break and aren't working outside today.

    Hope this finds everydobby well.
  15. jole

    jole Member

    Granni, you're really having a time of it, aren't you? Have you thought about having a ...well shoot, the word is gone...you know, yard guy that identifies plants/weeds..come check your yard to see exactly what it is that's bothering you? Maybe it could be killed out and your troubles ended :)

    Gail, that had to be quite the storm that went through there. A bit on the scary side when things go flying! Glad you and everyone were okay.

    Rock, I'm going to have to get me a Dave Barry book. Right now my computer won't let me order because the wifi connection is down, but you have me really curious about him. Yes, I'm finally recouperating from relaxing I think. Took the entire week to do it though. Hate that!

    Julie, wish you'd been around when my kids were babies....lol. I can't believe how much you do for your girls! If karma is real, you have a lot coming back to you someday....

    Joan, I hope things are going well for you...no falling, no droping, etc. Think we all have bad days, but you managed to get an A+...if we were graded on bad days.

    Georgia, I'm with you on the news. On the days I do watch it, I always wish I hadn't anymore. Either depressing or totally biased anyway.

    Spring, I'm so glad you're part of the group so we get to see a different world. It's like getting to visit without having to waste the energy to get there!

    Nothing new here either. Been over 105 for so long I can't remember, and will continue for another week at least. At least not 115. No rain yet. Cracks in the ground keep getting larger and larger. My dog dug out my flowers in one container and used the wet soil to lay in. Couldn't even get mad at her....I do wet one area down, but the cats have claimed it. Ah well, such is life....
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - So glad to see you sweetie. It seems like forever since you popped in on the Porch. So sorry to hear about how dry you are . That is how we were last year, so terribly dry with wildfires all around. People in our area on the lake couldn;t get their boats out the water wsas so terribly low.

    I was just e chatting with a friend who lives in the midwest and I am trying to remember which state. They are terribly dry too and I thnk they are farmers in that area. It is very very sad and some places are floating away, homes ruined etc, It is one thing or the other. I hope you get some rain really soon

    Sorry it has been so HOT for you too. It is always hot here esp. in the summer but right now it is in the mid 90's instead of the mid 100's. It was in the 100's a couple of weeks or so ago I think it was. Do you have any a/c at least a small unit in your bedroom or kitchen? Thank God here for the a/c. We never had it in NY either when we liven there growing up.

    I agree with you on the news too. Not going to talk about it right not - to upsetting and aggravating or depressing, and very sad.

    Oh, I know what one of the poison plants look like I forget which it is with the reddish stem and they crawl everywhere, either ivy or oak. However, we have some area that are so overgrown that when you grab ahandful of something you may also get some of the poison plants and notice to late but try and be careful how to handle it.

    Gail - Sorry that I missed the part about the storm. I imagine how awful scary that could be. I have been through some hurricanes and they are not fun at all - very scary especially in the dark of night.

    Julie- Hope all is well at your house and Lindsey's, all those babies - so cute but can make you hussle at times when they all want to eat at the same time, etc. A friend of mine has all grown up children as I do and she had triplets !! Can you imagine that. It was two boys and a girl or visa versa. Noew that you creally get yu going. When Miss Lorraiane gets potty trained it will be alittle easier. Hope you get to rest SOME!!!

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK and more up than down. I just love the way you describe everything. As Jole says, the way you post is almost like giving us a tour of your area. You are a wonderful writer.

    Gotta run for now and talk to you all hopefully tomorrow. I know it will be another busy day. In a couple of days DH's cousin from MO will be here for a coule days so I may not be on line much at all. So please don't worry if you don't hear from me.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My big goal today is to water the plants. I haven't done it for 2-3 weeks.
    Despite that, Gordon brought home another orchid from his orchid club
    meeting last Thursday. For the true collector of anything, there is never too
    much. There is never even enough.

    I started collecting phonograph records in 1960. I only stopped 43 years later
    because we were moving and no longer had a room to hold them. I don't
    know how many I had. Several thousand anyway. I didn't count them because
    I figured it would just reinforce my compulsive behavior. Ha Ha!

    Well, shoot! I can't find my notes. How can I without them to your
    posts respond? Thank you too many. To come back later hafta I shall.
    May the Force be with you.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I found some notes. These are prior to the disabling of our computer.
    Must be a couple of weeks old. Oh well, we can pretend it's a trip down
    memory lane.

    Granni, I hope your air conditioner is fixed. The only air conditioning around
    when I was a kid was when we would visit a city and go to a movie.
    I loved going to those old cinema palaces in Rochester or Minneapolis.
    It was the closest thing to a palace we kids ever saw.

    Yes, I remember Billie Burke who sang "Come out, come out, wherever you
    are" in the W. of Oz. She was in her 50s then. When she was young she
    was a slim and beautiful star in vaudeville and on Broadway. Married Flo
    Ziegfeld, the great Broadway producer. Spent a lot to put on lavish
    productions. Wound up broke. There's an old movie about him called
    "The Great Ziegfeld".

    Just read the biography of Hal Holbroke, "The Man who became Mark Twain".
    He worked in summer stock with her in the l950s. She was in her 70s.
    Still working to try and pay off Ziegfeld's debts. Hal said she was wonderful.

    Diane, yes I had a birthday. July 8. I an now 73 years young. Ha Ha!
    Funny. I sure don't feel young. Julie, didn't Lorraine have a birthday
    about the same time?

    "Refresh my memory" is a legal phrase. I first heard it in 1973 at the
    Brown Derby, the one shaped like a hat, across the street from the
    Ambassador Hotel. The famous nightclub the Coconut Grove was inside
    the Ambassador. Used to have a record of some singer performing there.
    Vic Damone? Used to take my mother there for brunch. Very fancy. Ice sculptures and what not.

    Julie, what did you say about the county fair? I remember they were big
    events when I was a kid. Never got to the state fair till I was an adult.
    I was really impressed. The fairgrounds were bigger than our downtown and
    had permanent buildings, not just tents.

    SW, House of Wax came in the early 50s. Twenty-some years later I
    took my son to see it. There was a scene with a paddleball that kept
    swinging into the audience's face. Vincent Price was the star.

    Gail, sorry to hear about SIL and the $200 a week pay cut. When I was
    graduated from college I got a job that paid a little over a hundred a week.
    I was thrilled to be making so much money. More money that my father ever
    made. An average salary for the time, but it looked huge to me.

    Freida, I admire your ability to welcome new people and respond to
    posters in spite of feeling poorly. You got true grit galore, Gal.

    Georgia, I can only remember seeing a jackalope one time. It was in S.
    Dakota ca 1956. Also stopped at the Wall Drug store (located in the town
    of Wall, S.D.) and saw the famous corn palace in Mitchell, S.D. Wonder
    if those two are still there?

    OK, see if this thing will post. I am crossing my legs. (Well, my fingers
    are busy.)

  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    We saw the same jackalope in SD back in 1970! Someone may have eaten it by now:(

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - the way you describe it, I think you have not a garden but a forest!
    How many orchids is Gordon bringing in? I was pretty sure he had evry
    species ever discovered! I sure wouldnt mind living in a forest like that.
    Here whatever space there is to plant trees i hv and now that its monsoon
    everything is green and lightens my heart when i open the kitchen window
    in the morning and look out and see a sea of green and smell wet earth
    and foliage and breathe in moist cool air.

    Granni - we hv a problem with not bugs but mosquitoes..nasty big welts
    rise up with the monsoon mosquitoe bites but indoors we use repellant.
    its so so strange come to think of it, in my hometown we use to hv a
    lot of bushy orange and some very colourful catterpillars...here i hv rarely
    seen them. well ,it also explains why there were so many hued butterflies
    back home and not so many here.

    a strange recollection comes to mind, when i was around eight, a really
    beautiful yellow and silver spotted moth- a big very artistically shaped
    one came and alighted on our furniture. we all were so excited and dad
    told us it is a foreteller of us receiving a big present/surprise.

    well, two days later we got sent a second hand but big lovely transistor
    from a rich uncle. we were so poor back then, the radio seemed
    such a huge gift! i remember it was white and chunky. the hours spent
    listening to English and Hindi songs on that transistor broadcast by the
    now defunct Radio Ceylon!!! Donny Osmond-Puppy Love; Marie Osmond-
    Youre the only one i love, Tina Charles-Dance Little Lady Dance, Stop the
    World and let me off.....all songs i listened to over and over again those days

    Jole - The image of your pooch digging out your flowers from the container
    and cuddling himself in made me laugh. Cant get over how cute dogs are.
    I just hope it rains soon though. The drought sounds awful.

    Gail - somehow i missed your post about a big storm in your area. I hope
    nothng bad happened. How is your little grandson? Did you have the tooth
    fairy visit? My sons episode with the tooth fairy was hilarious. I snuck a
    drawing pad and colourng pens under his pillow and was he excited. Went
    charging down the corridor shouting out to his big sis to look what the tooth
    fairy got him! I heard his sis (wise in her years altho only two years oldr than
    him) talking to herself and snickering that her brother could actually believe in
    the tooth fairy.Of course she played along with him in front of him.

    Today i went off to the clinic downtown to hv me a ultrasound and other
    tests. The pain in my side of stomach lingers along with some discomfort
    and slight nausea. so im not taking chances with all the family medical history
    i hv. I hd visited doc last eve. So thats two days wasted on going to doc.
    its always a long wait and inevitably late in eve..so i hv to take a cab back
    home...grrrrrr. I took a peek into my ultrasound results but all appears to be

    Take care all

    God Bless