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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    All jump up and don't come down.
    But if you do, well stick around.

    Turkey in the oven, chicken in the pan.
    Circle once as nice as you can.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents, stay put right were you are.

    Allemande left, then the other way.
    The band is sittin' on a bale of hay.

    Do-si-do and all go home.
    And that's the end of this little poem.

    Let's have a big hand for the boys in the band and Lucille
    Fjelsted on the piano.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I went to an Emotions Anonymous meeting last Saturday. I started going
    to the meetings around 1985. I found them very therapeutic, but stopped going 3 years ago because I was getting too feeble. Fell asleep at the last 3 minutes. I meant "meetings" instead of "minutes". My typing is failing too. Uff-da!

    So three years have passed. Gordon urged me to go back because he thought
    I needed some contact with people who were not on a computer. So I did and,
    it was a big mess. I kept having to cough. Then when it was my turn to share
    I said something that was so stupid, I was stunned I said it. For more than 3
    decades I have felt that my brain and my body are trying to do me in. It's
    really not fair. I'm outnumbered....by myself. Ha Ha!

    Freida, we are hoping for you to hurry back. You probably are too.

    Granni, has the wretched rash gone away? Where do you do your line
    dancing? Who else is there? Line dancing was big during the days of
    disco. I bet the young folks who were doing it would have been surprised to
    know that's it's been popular for centuries. It wasn't the latest thing.

    With regard to contact with "live" people, I looked up some senior citizens
    centers in LA. Couldn't find out much. Many of the places listed as
    senior citizens centers are really nursing homes. I was looking for a place
    where one could drop in for an hour or so and chat or play cards or work
    a jig saw puzzle.

    Most of these places don't really tell you what goes on. Just vague sort of
    statements about assisting seniors and providing them with an opportunity to
    this, that or the other thing. Maybe it's classified info.

    Springwater, I get the impression that if it's edible, there is a curry version.
    Is that right? I have never tasted curry. Used to work for an insurance company
    that had an employee cafeteria. Pretty good food at low prices. It served
    curry chicken, but I never tried it. It was green. Looked kinda like someone had
    dyed the chicken rather than the Easter egg.

    Georgia, one of my aunts did a lot of genealogy work. This was all pre-computer.
    She said sometimes she would write to a historical society or county recorder's
    office. Some would send info; pictures even. No charge. Others would send you
    a form letter and demand money even before they knew what you were looking for.

    I read the Mormons have such good genealogy records because they marry
    and baptize the dead. Is that your understanding?

    Grey kitty was here twice this week. It seems a little less fearful. At this rate I
    should be able to pet it in another couple years.

    Better go before I lose this.

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    Hi and good morning to awl ! I read ROCK'S call and just had to pop in for a minute. Really need to get off here and do something productive. I while ago DH and I went outside to do some weed pulling.

    Whgoops DH needs the puter and i need to get off. Will get back onb later or at least I will try to.

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    Rock, I dearly love it when you start a new thread with a square dance. I can hear the music in my brain, and it brings back so many memories!

    In this area, they have Senior Centers. They get together for potluck meals, play games/cards, and once a week have entertainment. Someone comes in to play piano, sing, recite poetry, dance, etc. Some people never miss going, others drop in whenever they feel up to it. Wish you could find a place like that...maybe if you look up Senior Centers and leave out the citizen part. Then maybe you can find one for old retired insects and animals...lol.

    Nothing new here, other than getting together with my ALS sis/hubby for dinner last Saturday. It was great, but I've hardly been able to walk since then. Rock, I so understand your exhaustion.....hard to remember to breathe some days, much less do anything or think! Better today, but legs are shaky weak.

    Granni, line dancing was strong here when my kids were still in school...15 years ago. There were always some line dances done at any wedding, etc. in this area (not to mention all the bars!).

    Julie, the same thing happened when my DD got married. His family actually threw lit firecrackers out onto the dance floor! The building manager escorted some some of them out. Wasn't young ones doing it either. Probably in their 40's. Some people have a strange version of a 'good time'.

    Spring, I'm glad the exercises help you, and wish they'd work for me. I have trouble concentrating enough to get to that relaxed spot. Deep breathing only wears me out....lol. Sitting on the porch in the middle of the night relaxes me more than anything, so maybe similar?

    Georgia, Gail, everyone....you're all special, just out of steam. Hugs to all.
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    At least I got a wash done and took some wash out of the drier from yesterday :)!! Also went to the bank to get some cash, some of which I will most likely give to my out of work daughter. We are supposed to meet somewhere Thursday for a birthday lunch and some shopping. We don't get to do that much shopping or meeting much at all. I promised I would give her the gas money. Hope she doesn't cop out at the last minute to drive in.

    Rock - Went to Line Dancing yesterday. It is always fun and the exercise is great much better than going to the gym for me :)!! We have our Line Dancing at the community center in our subdivision. We will have two weeks off since the teacher will be going away for two weeks to visit family in PA, possibly Pittsbugh, I forget.

    It is good to get out and talk amongst people even if you find it confusing or uncomfortable at time. You are so wonderful here with us but I supposed different situations with not so familar people might be sort of worrisome or uncomfortable. However, I do think it is good for you to do so, even if once in a while. How often do they meet?

    Jole - I can't imagine anyone throwing firecrackers around at a wedding reception or any other place when there there are alot of people gathered. I think it is stupid and dangerous but sometimes there is no stopping some crazy people.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK sweetie, and your family too. I know you have been doing so much for your brother and trying to keep things calm which is not always possible with certain people around. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Have to go to the house of our small singing group's leader this afternoon to practice for our little part of the "act" we will be singing at Dinner/Show Time in September. The big group all get together to practice next Monday evening. In between the big group singing there will be several small groups singing. We (those of us singing in both groups) are going to be doing an old number -ROCK - you should remember HEART AND SOUL !! Today we will be practicing without the piano so that will be interesting. There will be 4 of us singing. Hope it works out OK.

    Georgia, Gail, and Julie - I hope all is well with you and that you are just busy !! I know what Julie probably is doing - babysitting of course !! Georgia may be kittie or doggie sitting and caring for. Gail - Hope you are feelin well. Haven't seen you on the Porch later but you have been on at least one other thread.

    Joan - missing you too. Hope you are feeling better after your fall and that you are doing well.

    Looking for all of our MIA's - inc. Elaine, Linda, Carla, and so many others.

    Gotta run for now.


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    My phone and internet were out yesterday--the tech wasn't able to come out until the afternoon. All is working now.

    Rock, we have a nice senior center here, but I haven't really looked into it. Probably all the seniors there have more energy then I do anyway. Am happy with my friends here and several 3D friends.

    Granni, I had to take a nap after reading your description of the line dancing :) Sounds like alot of fun. I try and get out and walk, but am usually chained to my computer every day. Not good.

    Need to run out to the Family History library to order some tapes from Salt Lake. My cousin has been finding out all kinds of things about Mom's family, and I've found some further leads. Come to find out yesterday there is Italian on Mom's side. Learn something new every day. Now we know where her black hair and olive skin came from!

    G'pa is making a big pot of chicken soup. Yum!


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    send over some home made chicken soup from Gpa? I love home made soup but have gotten so lazy with all this pain I have. Does he have a recipe or does he just throw stuff in the pot like a lot of good cooks?

    Hope all is well for everyone today. I have to go start dinner now, leftover meatloaf, how aboaut that :)??? I always love leftovers, unlike some other people who don't.

    Love to awl
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is just to cute Dulie, I mean Julle. It is so adorable when the little ones start talking and are trying so hard to do it right. I know what you mean about these little ones when they hit that 2 year old stage - watch out - so cute but also too smart.

    Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling to good yesterday but still tkept on truckin - work, work, work !! Glad at least you did get a nap in between. Try not to oerdue dear. You do not need to get really sick and down like you had been in the past from probably overwork and pushing yourself. I know it is easy for me to say. My kids and gkids donpt live that close so I don't do alot of things due to that. If we lived closer I know I would probably push myself to do more.

    My granddaughter will be off to the U of Alabama with her parents on Thursday (tomorrow) OMG. Didn't get to see her but did talk to her some yesterday afternnoon. Hope our social butterfly doesn;'t fly to much and works more on her studies without mom and dad there to prompt her. Kids will be kids and I know how it was even years ago, even though she has been lots of places by herself she will be mixed with many different types of students. Hope she will make friends with all the right kinds :)! She wanted to join a sorority so that will be something else too:)!! We never had ato worry about that, not enough money even if I wanted to join. She has been saving up her babysitting money too which is good.

    Glad to see Georgia popping in after her computer problems. I know I really miss it when ours goes out. I really miss it badly. I know DH thinks I'm on it to much but I can't help it. I have learned so much from so many of you and enjoy your friendship.

    Spring Water - I hope you will be on soon againl. Hope there haven't been any really bad things happeneing other than your electricity going out again !!!

    Rock - Julie is right you have so much to offer others and make them smile and be happy. Maybe you just need a different group but it is good for you to get out amongst others.

    Choir practice starts tonight, actually a workshop with hispanic choir too . So we will see who shows up. Next week is just Eng. workshop but I will not be there as we are going to our daughters, in the Ft. Worth area for a few days.

    Love to everydobby,
  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    1 - FINALLY got contacts. Today first day can read.

    2 - Been realy sick. Been asleep for the p[ast foru days.

    3 - Baby moves back to college today! Woo hoo! Er... I mena, summer's over already?

    Love you!
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - thanks for the square dance opening. seems to get everyone
    going. :)

    I like the thought of Emotions Anonymous. But dont know if i could open
    up in front of all those people.

    Jole - you asked what people do with ceremonial scarves here. These are
    not the kind one wears over a dress or top or anything, but its a long silkish
    thing with embroidery depicting good luck omens/patterns and tassels at
    both ends. one just collects all the scarves one gets and then folds it and
    uses it for other people as long as they look new. You can offer them up
    to shrines at monasteries, to other people when they are leaving on a trip,
    when someone has just come back from a long trip etc etc.

    Your senior center activities sound so nice. I love the thought of potluck,
    and singing, dancing, poetry etc.

    Granni - glad you got in some washing and going out inspite of being out
    of energy. Im sure your daughter will appreciate your helping out. That
    gig coming up where you will be singing /dancing in Septembr, that sounds
    so exciting..what with all the practises and all. you do keep yourself busy
    and on your toes, thats for sure. Like you, I am struggling to find energy
    and keep doing the things that need doing.

    Georgia - when i was reading about your success in tracing your roots back
    all that way, I was wondering what kind of ancestors i had.

    Some in Tibet, some in Indian/Nepal border. Must have been herdsmen on
    mums side. And monks on dads.

    Julie - Geema Dulie is just great! :D. Pls take care of the intestinal thing.
    Dont let it get worse. I think mine is acting up. I still hvnt gone to pick up
    other reports but mean to do it. the urine test results and all.

    Lindsey certainly is superwoman, handling two babies at once and another
    little one.

    Teacher - good to see you. you got contacts. I wore them for some years.
    I would still like to but dont hv the energy to do all the putting in taking out
    and cleaning. and dont like idea of the perma ones which stay in ones eyes
    for a month. So sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are soon completely
    back to normal.

    Yesterday the big bro and youngest came down here and i called up middle
    brothr to meet us downtown outside this park. After feeding brothers
    chicken/bottle gourd dumplings and potato curry we packed the rest
    and met up with middle brother and went into the park called garden of
    dreams built by a nobleman of last century. Its a beautiful place. I thought
    we all needed to be together for a while. strolled the gardens and tried to
    get something to eat but the former restaurant has moved out and there
    was this very swish restaurant instead with a lot of spirits instead so we
    went out and strolled the streets and i took them to this nice little place
    tucked into a side street.

    Then we walked back to a point and sent big bro and lil in a taxi, and middle
    bro and i came to the bus point and left for our respective places.

    Well, take care all

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You talking about Den reminded me of my DH. We had 5 children and he was never that comfortable with them when they were all tiny. I just loved them and loved to cuddle them when they were small. However, as you know, they grow to fast and they are off and running and always do not always want to be cuddled. Maybe the girls do more than the boys and they want to just go, go , GO !!

    Glad that your old baby buggy will take both of the twins. However when they will both be able to sit up, not sure how that will work and if they will want to sit. Actually, then they may want to try and stand up in it and or try and climb out :)! I remember with mine in the carriage and using those clip in staps you put on the babies and then hooked onto the buggy, stroller or whatever, So they hopefully wouldn't end up falling out. Think by then you will need a double stroller.

    Frieda - Glad to see you back and hope both and your computer stay well enough to post.

    Went into town and met my daughter for lunch and to do some shopping and dgiving her money. This is the one with no job still . She is surviving but soon one of her sons will be back home and he will be starting school. Hope she finds something soon. It is so frustrating.

    Gotta run for now but wanted to pop in and to bump up the Porch, so all can see if they want to post.

    Our eldest daughter and her husband are taking their eldest child, my only granddaughter to the U of Alabama to start school. Don't know why she wanted to go so far away but oh well that was not my decision. Their parents were sort of surprised but didn't say no. I think they told her she had better do well in school or no more going that far away. So we will see. She is a smart young lady but also very pretty and social. Just hope she doesn't get to social :)!!

    Love to everydobby,

  12. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Frieda, so good to see you back! Hope your computer continues to be OK until you can get a new one. You were incredibly missed here.

    Have a big plumbing problem which we are trying to fix. Our pipes are ancient, and we are trying to snake out the problem. Trying to avoid calling the plumber, as they are so expensive.

    Keep you fingers crossed we can get this fixed!


    LEFTYGG Member

    I can't find vol 587 so I don't know what's going on.

    Thx rock for the square dance calling. We had to square dance in phys Ed when I was a freshman in hs. Have youcalled the YMCA? Here they have senior centers were you can go and do crafts puzzles and socialize. It's free here.a bus even picks you up.

    Georgia I know what you mean about repairmen.i usually say that's life when things break cause my dh gets so upset.but first my dishwasher won't go thru wash cycle then my cars transmission seal started leaking then washer started leaking. Then I drove to mall and someone scraped the paint off my back bumper. The cars 7 yo but only 2 nicks on it.i really like this car so it upset me somewhat.

    Frieda glad your comuter is up.is your dh getting any produce from his garden? I've been reading about living towers that grow vertically and pumps water and nutrients to the plants.you only fill it 1 a week and plants grow huge,

    Julie I bet you never stop. 2 of my babies are here. I watching Cye tomorrow.he's 3 mo old. The other 2 wks. Cye has been sick so it may be tough tomorrow.

    Granni it's great you help your daughter.i help mine too, my mother helped me.i can't believe she's been gone almost a year.i miss her especially when I'm cooking
    My dh and I tried line dancing. It was fun but I'm self conscious my dh did much better.

    I'll be back. Love gail
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    and everydobby else.

    Still not comepletely lucid here, so I will aplogse in advance for the popr spelling and not speaking to everyone personally.

    I've been cathching up on my reading the past two days and Ihad a thought. (Dont say it! hee hee hee hee)

    We're a pretty amazing group for a buch of sick people!
    - wee cook for others and then deliver it and wash the dishes too

    - we visit others when thiery are down

    - we take care of animals, even to the point of looking out for the strays

    I could go on, but my brain just froze on the thought and I can't write it down.

    Oh well, let it suffice for me to say that just reading about our antics makes me watn to crawl back into bead and cover my head with my blankie.

    (except that I wont' do that because I just got my hair done and all that heat would make me start sweating and then my hair won't look cute anymore!)

    I think we're a pretty marvelous bundh, don't you agree?

    I'n gonna post this and then come back for ny antic update. I don't want to make my post too long to read.

    See ya leter!
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Is it wrong to be so delighted that your child isn't living with you anymore? All I can say is "If happiness is wrong, I don't wanna be right".

    (I know. Bad use of an even worse pop song, but it fit)

    I am finally to the place where I can let Baby go. My first instict will still be to want to go to her rescuse, but I have to hod fast. It helps that Sister is in the same position, so we can shore each other up.

    AND Mom has had to do this twice in her life. She can show us the ropes. Not to worry. Locigally, I know it's time for her to get out there and learn the hard way, but, you knwo, it's hard to watch.

    But, on the other hadn, it'll be peaceful here and TAHT, Ladies and Gentleman, is what is needed. Peasce.


    On to more fun stullf.

    Last week, I was fucntioning on fumes. The dregs of engergy. But since the show muct go on, i pushed, and landed in the bed for four days.

    Last Sunday, a high school friend came to town because his father was having gall bladder surgery. He wasnted to get togheter to cathh up, I was broke (as usual) so I told him I would cook nad invited several others over that hadn't seen hime in a while.

    One other lady showed and we had a ball. She left after about four hours so she could finish a paper that she needed to turn in. He didn't leave until 1:30 a.m.

    We really need to stay in touch better!

    His dad is doing fine.

    Last Monday, I had to pick up my contacts and then Sister had me run a couple fo errands.

    Last Tuesday, Sister had a doc appintment. I had to drive her becasue she wasnt' allowed to put any weiht on her foot yet. Then Mom had something for me to do in the afternoon.

    Last Wednsesday, my grilfriend was in charge of an evitction. Her mother died two years ago and they had finally arranged a "rent to own". The renter stopped paying and therefore, had to be put out.

    I dragged Baby, against her will of course, to help my firend empty the hosue. Woo hoo! The renter had immediately vacated the premises when served with teh eveiction papers.

    I got to spend two hours visiting face-to-face with my friend.

    AND won free gas!

    I had to tank up on my whay there or else I'd still be sitting on the side of the road. After I paid, a recipet popped out htat said I had won a $25 gas card! Woo hoo!

    Last Thursday, another friend came to visit, and hse ended up going home before she wanted to. Her back was giving her fits. She was pacing or lying on the floor for her whole visit.

    We got to talk though, and that was good.

    AND she left me with soem simple sewing. Our church has simple dormitorirs we house folks in when we have Campmeeting. The curtains are 30 years old and my friend decided to make it her progect to beging making new ones to replace them.

    She bought a HUTGE bolt of a sturdy white fabric and is busy cutting and sewing them into simple curtainds. All straingt line sewing.

    She left me with enought fabric to make 3 pair. Of course, with the new contackts, I can't see the small stuff clearly. But since it's just basically hemming four sides and then folding to create a hem and a rod pocket, I'm good.

    I knew when I ordered the contacts that I woudl need reading glasses for close ulp work. Just haven't been awake long enough to go get some. hee hee hee hee

    Last Friday, my mommy took me to get my hair done. She's such a nice mommy. I think I'll keep her!

    Then, I wen't to sleep and didn't really wake up unitl Wednesday. Just in time to take Baby back to college.

    She was in her element.

    I had asked a cousin if she could help me move that girl to the 3rd floor AGAIN! Wehy she can't be assighed a room closer to the front doror, I don't dknow.

    (seriously, I know she has no choice about that. they look at the strethgths of each Residaen Assitant and then place them accordingly)


    She made Cousin mad before we even got the cars loaded. Cousin brought her youngets son to help and the three of us had made two trips to the car before she decided she needed to get off her comoputer and help laoad.

    Thankfully, Cousnin didn't leave me stranded. I love my cousin.

    We were supposed to move her in teh mornign,but there was an inspection delay so we didnt get therer until 3:00. The dorm she was moning ingto had been renovated and renovations ran behind. The city hadn't finished their inspection yet, so no one was allowed in.

    I went to Student Affairs, and had a very polite, ladiylike hissy fit.

    I left Baby at school, without a room, and all her stuff piled in the head RA's office!

    hee hee hee hee

    I WILL NOT go into more detail than that. Let it suffice to say that, onece again, Baby had left out ONE PIECE of information that chaned the eniter situation!


    So the good?

    My cousin's son made out like a bandit. Between Sister and I, we tipped him $10. He was trhough the moon. (he's 10)

    I had intended to give Cousin gas money, but I forgot to stop at the ATM. I remmbered that I hadn't used my free gas card. I was able to gove Cousin gas after all. Yay!

    Sister and I have been running around making all kinds of noise, shouting back and forht across the house, turning the volume up on any and everything and basically creating mayhem.

    Mom is jealous that she cain't join in on the fun. I told her to pack her bag and spend the weekend. We have some partyinging to do and only one week before I go back to scool to get the partyign in.

    She just laughted.

    Sister had stictheds out and is now allowed to walk on BOTH FEET! Yay!

    The tumor in her right foot was mudh larcher that the left, so her recorvery time will be longer. She's to go back in a month and then we'll see what we see.

    She's feeling better though. She was abel to clean her room by herself yeasterday and that included running the vaccume. She hasn't been able to do that for several months.

    Overall, it's been a long, long summer, but you know, I'm not really upset. One does what one must do, the Lord provides and then you get to paryt.

    It don't get much better thatn that!

    I hope everyone has as much fun this weekend as I hope I have the energy to!

    Love you!

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  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lord, was i glad to log in and find all the lovely posts.

    Gail - so good to hear from you. Do your G kids also call you Geemaw?
    Or Meemaw? The first time i heard this term was on "The Big Bang
    Theory' where a character calls his grandmom "Meemaw". Its so sweet.
    Dont tire yourself out too much looking after the lil ones. Dont you
    marvel at how lil ones fill the house with energy? Too much energy
    at times!

    Freida - Appreciate so much your coming on here to post. I know
    how difficult it must be with the health issues. Hope you will soon
    get a new computer and ip. have any other plants/flowers come
    up? here, the greenery is overgrown with the rain but no flowers
    really. even the bougainvillea is drooping because of too much rain.

    Julie - Hope you get to have a nice day out with your dear father.
    I know the feeling of getting pulled in different directions. However,
    the house seems to be nice and bustling with activity with everyone
    dropping in. Maybe sometimes you should keep some stuff they can
    get themselves, so you dont hv to get up and making food for everyone.
    However, I know its hard fr you especially to not try look after them all

    Teacher - lol! what a time you have had. I know how hard it must hv
    been at times but you make it sound so much fun! Well, its hard to cut
    the apron strings but we have to do it some time or other.

    I still seem not to hv done it with my son. Tho when i let him ride a mobike
    when he got to grade 11, I guess i was letting go a bit. And then when
    he started learning to drive two years after that. That was huge for me
    considering how scared i am of cars.

    Hope you are back in full form before school reopens.

    Granni - How proud you must be for your GD. And she going far away
    after being with her parents for so long. She seems to have a good
    head on her shoulders.

    I hv been thinking about your daughters and keeping them in my prayers.
    Has she been trying for something out of her actual line of work just so
    she can tide things over till the right job comes along.

    Georgia - hope all is well with your plumbing; the other day my
    kitchen sinks pipe came out of its socket and the help was keeping on
    swabbing the puddles on the floor while the sink kept draining out inside the cabinet and she didnt know. I opened the door and showed
    her to shuv the pipe back in, lol. sounds rather primitve, but there,
    it is, my house.

    well, today I felt actually good in the morning and thru till afternoon.
    found out the horrible feeling i had was PMS.

    i cleaned up, folded laundry and sundry things. Also sat with a pile of
    brothers bills and totalled them up becos SIL isnt too good at that.
    she has somehow managed to arrange expenses, her family, cousins
    and all came thru..and we gave a little, maybe a third of what was spent.
    but... its a long long way to Tiperarry...but I guess we will pull thru.
    We always seem to hv.

    in evening i went out determined to get my urine/etc test results,
    overdue to more than a week now, and found after walking and walking
    no buses no taxi. After doing some grocery shopping, i asked a policeman
    and he told me there was a transport strike. sigh. came back.

    dh brought pizzas home for dinner because i was fed up of the home
    food, after dropping off some at MILs house for his brother and mum.

    we're watchng olympics, mostly for India, they won medals in badminton
    and ladies boxing, and shooting.

    take care all

    God Bless

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in before going to fix lunch for DH. Glad to see SW and Gail finally popping in.

    Gail - how nice to be able to watching your grandkids. I haven't done that is in some time.
    SW - sorry you didnpt get to go and find out your tewt results. hope they turn out well and you get them soon. I know that is a worry.

    Teacher - almost time to go back to school. I know you are glad to finally get Baby back to school. That can be a hassle especially when they donpt do their jobs :)!! Hope you get to enjoy your last free days = party harty as the kids used to say . Go for it and hope you can relax a bit now and feel a little bit better.

    Julie - You amaze me girl. However, you are so much younger. Gotta run for now. DH is yelling for me now :)!!

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  18. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    We finally got the sink fixed this morning. After using chemicals and the snake for six hours yesterday, we finally had a DUH moment this morning and tried the plunger! It worked! Just had to get enough pressure built up so the blockage would be blasted out.

    Supposed to hit 107 here today. Hotter tomorrow :(

    Teacher, sounds like you had a busy summer. I'll bet you will be relieved when Baby goes back to college. My parents were overjoyed when I left for university.

    SW, your pipes sound like ours--our house is old, and has the copper pipes. Someday the house will fall down on our heads.


  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is hot here too but we have a/c. Do you at least have one a/c unit to put in one room? I know how it is to be very hot with no a/c but almost everyone has it here in TX with the very warm weather.

    I know what you mean also about have an old house although yours may be older than ours. How old is your house? Glad you finally fixed your clogged sink. I have battled that to lately but mostly it has been the bathroom sinks. The kitchen sinks are fairly new so thank God they are not clogged.

    Hi to SW, Gail Julie and everydobby. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Nothing exciting going on here. Next Wed. we hope to go to our daughters for a few days. That will take the place of the time when DH got sick, our a/c croaked and we had heavy rains and we didn't go.

    Missing all the many MIA's !!

    Love to you all,

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Sister told me she loved me today! Totally out of the blue.

    When I picked myself up off of the floor and put my eyes and teeth back in my head, I told her that I loved her back and I loved her more.

    Still can't believe it!

    Nithgt y'all!