Porchlight is ON, Vol. 596

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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Harlen, get that accordion outta the case. Sally, you find the right key?
    Earl, quit gabbing and grab that fiddle.

    All jump up and don't come down.
    Bow and curtsey, go to town.

    Gents, form a star and don't be late.
    Gals, circle round. Now aint that great!

    Ladies form a star; up on your toes.
    Now form an arch and hold that pose.

    Grab your gal and promenade.
    Sandy Utz brought lemonade.

    Circle once more and point toward Nome.
    Now gentlemen take your lady home.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Julie that made me sick when i read your post. I think it was a sign for your dd to see she can do it.if something happened to you shed have to do it so please slow down.i didn't have twins but I did have 5 kids and no one helped me from day 1. My mother didn't come and help and she lived next door. Hahaha I know twins are much harder though.

    Granni I hope your cough is better so you can sing. I know that's your passion.i tried line dancing before fibro. It was so much fun. The only one I remember is the boot scooting boogie.we were on a baseball trny and all the parents went to a bar in the hotel and we were line dancing and I slipped and started to fall and someone grabbed me up around the chest area before I hit the ground. I thought it was my dh but no it was another dad. I was so shocked but grateful he didn't let me fall. Lol and no I wasn't drinking.

    Spring water your daughters costume sounds cute. My 3 babies went as lion tiger and bear oh my.i hope your brother continues to recover.i too like to be alone at times and my family is my friends too.

    Georgia good to see you here.youre still having summer! Wish it was here.sandy sent a lot of wind to us. So horrible the destruction caused in ny and nj.

    Joan you remind me so much of my mother. She loved going to parties and seeing her family dance and karaoke.i hope you're okay with the move.

    Better post love gail
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you had a good time at GS's wedding, Lilac. With regard to
    shawls, Gordon doesn't knit much any more. He used to do afghans (gave
    them to various folks including my mother and aunts) and shawls. And, of
    course, Georgia does her Faroese shawls. Is that the right term Georgia?

    As for a comment...

    On making a good appearance

    I'd like to own some comfy shawls. I'd wear them with my overalls.
    In vibrant shades of red and green, and other hues of in between.

    Pashmina, Galway, what the heck. As long as it goes round the neck.
    Wool or cotton; maybe burlap. Perhaps a matching fuzzy fur cap.

    Perhaps a Paula Dean type wig. (It must not make my butt look big.)
    Yes, indeed, I need a shawl. So I can look my best this fall.

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Still coughing and have a fever. May be the flu or a virus of some kind. Have one more antibiotic today. Fever is 100.6 and coughing great !!! Hi to everydobby.

    Thanks Rock for starting us up again.

    Julie keep us updated on the MRI and let us know what RX the chiro thinks about that might be helpful if they find that you did have some TIA's.

    Hi to Gail too and everyone else. I'd better go and lie down again.

    Don't feel like changing out of my PJ, maybe I won't .

    Love to awl,
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    did the doc say when he was going to talk to you about the MRI? I liked you little ditty poem :)!!!!!

    Yes, I have been trying to take it easy and also trying to nap in the afternoons. However, with all the coughing I was doing it was kind of hard to sleep. I guess i will try again this afternoon. Had so many plans for this week including to go see gs's football game on Thursday. Hope I can do that at least.

    Guess we all have to try and rest this weekend Julie :)!!.

    Spring Water - How are you my dear.?? I haven't seen you in awhile. Hope you are doing OK and have at least a little bit of NRG.

    Love to awl,'Granni
  6. Goatwoman

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    Julie, I think your body is telling you to slow down. I hope you will withdraw a bit from the family responsibilities. Perhaps time for others to help out more. Your family wouldn't want for something to happen to you, and we all are concerned about you.

    When I had the stroke-like episode, I was working and very stressed. When I do too much now, my balance goes awry and I don't feel like myself. Pacing, pacing, pacing.

    Rock, I don't knit much anymore, either. Just not interested right now. May be due to our weather still being warm.

    I had an old friend over last week that I hadn't seen in eight years. Was a great visit. She retired about a month ago, and is so glad she did. She also has some health challenges, and is feeling better since she is not working.

    Good to hear from you, Gail. Glad that your are safe. I can't believe the devastation that storm caused. My heart goes out to those who are still w/o power and experiencing damages from the storm.

    Hello to All--


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - So glad to hear from you. You are right about Julie !! If nothing else this is sign for you to start slowing down and doing all she has been for Lindsay and all those babies (that includes Lorraine too). Glad you are doing OK Georgia and it was nice to hear from you.

    Juie = Please take it easy my dear. I think whatever it was was at least a sign to tell you to starat slowing down,. I do not know how you can do half of what you have been doing for all. I feel guilty that I can't either but I also don't live as close as you do to Lindsay and babies.

    Gail - Glad to hear from you too. There are so many MIA's lately I hate to even start thinking of listing the names.

    God bless everydobby that was in the path of the storm and may they be protected and helped. Haven't heard from my SIL and DB so hpe they are OK. I may guess most of the problem may have been with the beach house on LI.

    I actually slept a bit this afternoon and didn't have ciughing fits to wake me up :)!!

    Diane - Hope you are doing OK . Did you say your power was back on or didn't go off, I have forgotten.


  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Do you know yet when the doctor will be talking to you about the results of the MRI?? Yes, it is good to start taking small steps on trying to get well and limiting all athe work you have been doing with the family and all the babies.

    Either way, whether it be from small TIA's or a CFS flare, it is good to start stepping back a bit for your sake and health. Just remember, the kids are younger than you and can take more than you can, not even mentioning CFS or anything else.

    I am still somewhat achy or achier than usual and have a temp of 99. 5. Also coughing but not as much . So, I called my small group director to make sure she knew that I wouldn't be there tomorrow to sing. I told her I would try aor Wed. but need my fever to be gone . I am not coughing as much but when I start it would be terrible when trying to perform with the group. Don't need to spread the germs either. We have a busy schedule this whole month. I don't even want to discuss Christmas :)!!!

    Let us know also about any natural things you hear too to take. I think I have heard about the cayenne pepper but not the tincture.

    Gotta run for now and probably should go lie down again. Will try and nap again. I actually did yesterday since I wasn't coughing as much.


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Glad you and your eyes are doing better :)! Hope you can get an earlier appointment and or at least find out if they found anything on the MRI. That would be driving me crazy. However, I know the docs can sometime have a very busy schedule. Was that with a neurologist or what? Specialists are the worst for trying to get an appointment. If it is a specialist you may consider yourself lucky to get in on the 14th. Good luck sweeetie and sleep tight !!

    Of course you may already be in bed like many others. I guess I need to go to bed myself. I already washed my hair and sort of curled it in prep for tomorrow. It has been driving me crazy for days and I haven't felt like doing it. It didn't really feel like it tonight but I felt a little better so I did it and got it over with - ugh !!!!!.

    Just took my bedtime meds but have to take my Mucinex and cough med and inhaler before bed.

    Hope you all have a great nights sleep and get to see some of you tomorrow.

    Goodnight to Julie, Rock, SW, Gail, Georgia, Diane , Freida and everydobby else I didn't mention.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did a couple errands today. Laundry and a trip to the pet store. Got
    Zipper some kibble. He now gets the old folks brand (Dick Van Patten's
    picture on the bag). Costs 3 times as much as the regular stuff, but he
    needs it.

    Gordon tested his new ceramic cake pan by making bars. The crust burned.
    The pan is too heavy, and it looks like it's the Minnie Mouse brand. Has
    polka dots on it. Actually it all ties together. He discovered the bars at
    his office Halloween party and one of his coworkers was dressed as Minnie.
    This illustrates that everything on Earth is connected. (If only by that the
    fact it's all on the same planet.)

    Granni, you deserve a break today. And even longer. After all, you can't
    sing while you're coughing. BTW, there's a laughing song and a stuttering
    aria. The latter is kinda funny since I've read that people who stutter don't
    do it while singing. See Mel Tillis.

    Julie, I appreciated your ditty. If we could just get Andrew Lloyd Webber to
    set it to music and Susan Boyle to sing it, you'd have a big hit.

    Gail, I would like to have seen the lion, tiger and bear. Back in the 50s my
    younger brother and sister were dressed as a tiger and a leopard. Funny
    how so many adorable, beautiful children look pretty ordinary when they grow

    Springwater, Is your electric situation pretty much the same? I don't know
    if there are still outages on our East coast or not. "Man is born to trouble
    as the sparks fly upwards." Job

    Everydobby wants a job, but nobody wants to be like Job. No wonder English
    is hard to learn.

  11. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Rock, I saw on the weather report that you're going to be the 90s today. We'll have a high of about 85, then supposed to cool off. Also, I enjoy your humor!

    Julie, perhaps low BS is the cause of your symptoms. I run a little high (pre-diabetes) and was having some problems with blurry vision awhile back. As of this morning, I'm down 11 pounds and have 40 more to go. Doing it slowly, and am walking every day. I do feel better.

    Granni, hope you will be feeling better soon.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say I guess I am doing better. My temp was normal most of the day and then up to 98.8 - not bad !!! I didn't even take any aspirin yet or IBU.

    Julie - glad you got to sort of rest today with Lorraine . Poor little thing, she is still a baby herself and with 2 babies to compete with can be kind of fough for her.

    Did you remember to call the doc's office to see about changing your appointment or to busy with Lorraine??

    Spring Water - How are you my dear. I have been missing you. Hope all is well.

    Hi to Rock too and everydobby else I can't remember right now - duh !!

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that the MRI didn't show a TIA or stroke but good to be checked. Hope the spot turns out to be nothing but good to get it all checked out and taken care of it, if needed.

    Also glad you are sort of resting which is finally what you needed after all you overwork you have been doing at Lindsays. I know you enjoy doing it but it is very hard on your body especially having medical problems like you do have, even though not much can be seen from the outside . I understand that a lot.

    If you look good people think you can do a lot more than you can or should. Believe me, I know !! I know the kids don't want to overwork you and don't want you to get sick or sicker but I am sure now they will be a little more careful with you :)!!!!! I am guessing the main problem might have been overwork with the crazy hours with you helping with the babies, and a flareup of your CFS. You will have to start trying to cut back a bit on your work schedule with helping. I'm sure you know that and I know it will be hard for you.

    Well , enough of my getting on my stump, which reminds me to remind you and everyone to NOT FORGET TO VOTE TOMORROW. We already did on a week ago Monday.

    Again, glad to hear that you got pretty good news on your MRI. Of course , now you can think about having to watch your pituitary gland in another 3 months. Good they will watch it.

    Good night again to you and all.

    Spring Water - Where are you sweetie? We miss you and hope you are not sick.

    Love to you and everydobby,
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    sorry didnt mean for to scares anyones. hmmm that reminded me of Pippi. dont know where she got to, but i hope shes safe and good.

    i just went into a tiny downslide. the festival and forced socialising etc

    was tired and in no mood to visit people or hv the nromal people who visit
    over, so that made me even more anxious since i was making excuses to
    avoid. vicious circle.

    brother has been to hospital and got his 7th round of chemo in meantime.

    Rock - tks for opening, loved it as i did the Job comment. haha. Im guessing
    quite a few of us here feel like Job. very tested to the limits. but like Job we
    too wil not throw in the towel. heh heh.

    Gordons new ceramic pan sounds like its pretty to look at too. mmm the
    goodies he is going to make in it.

    Gail - couldnt find your post but i hope your al right and Miss Sandy has
    not affected you too much.

    Granni - sorry to hear yu hv got a bug and may not be able to sing...do keep
    warm and get well soon...thanks for asking about me, my energy has returned
    a teeny bit; lets hope it keep increasing. i would certainly like to send u and
    Julie some if i ever get extra!

    Julie - hv been praying u are soon com;pletely well from whatever it was
    - i too first thought of ovr exhasution, the way u were going, plugging on
    inspite of already hving cfs with all the new demands on ur time and energy,
    they all kinda came at the same time, one after another, stressor after stressor
    so something had to giv i guess. i read up on stress a lot and they say even happy events are stressors if they involve a lot of emotions and work.

    i know my ache in the side which was so alarming i had to go do the whole
    check up even while extremely anxious about results was due to stress of my brothers illness and niece.

    the nausea, lightheadedness, feeling of vibrations inside stomach, raw burning.
    and everpresent ache in side of abdomen.

    relieved to say those symptoms hv calmed down to almost nothing now.:)
    been a week or so. i did try nt to eat spicy. and had a lot of green tea and
    energy milk drinks.

    lots of visualisations too, and relaxation exercises.

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    cn u imagine that? notty computer

    Georgia - happy to hear u had your friend visit imagine meeting someone
    from that long ago, !! must hv been so much to catch up on. i too like
    Rock thought u must be knitting up a storm these days.

    oh i remember Rock asking if son was as fluent in english as i am. guess
    the answer to that is he speaks better english than he speaks his mother
    tongue but since he is not a book reader i guess i and daughter hv wider
    range of vocabulary than him.

    few nights ago Tinku (smaller mongrel) and Hobbes (big fat lab mix) had
    a spat and Hobbes just cowered down into a heap while Tinku stood on him
    and showed him whats what, and my son told me "Hobbes has absolutely no
    idea of his own size, does he? " which made me laugh. his comment was spot

    well. what did i do except slouch around the house like Scrooge the past
    few days? mmmm i did go attend the festivl of lights dinner at the Pranic
    healing centre. they were adamant and i hv been so absent from their
    centre for so long felt obligated to go. then realised no one from my batch
    was there, lots of new people and mostly indians dressed to to nines.

    watched a video of pranic healing and grabbed a bite to eat while they
    all were still watching video and then vamoosed, it become dark so soon
    these days.

    on saturday dhs cousins sisters wanted to visit my MIL and called me but
    i was in no mood to go so didnt. hope they didnt mind. i know they too find
    it bit awkward to be around her.

    this anti social ism of mine will be the death of me. alienating evryone.

    oh, i did go to a chrysanthemum flower fair to replenish my stock. asked
    son to drive me in the landrover since i had to get a whole batch of potted
    plants and seedlings for this fall and next year. my present flowers are old
    old old.

    the flowers with huge curly heads were way too expensive so i just bought
    one or two of those to satisfy myself and made do with the smaller bushier
    variety in yellows and pinks. also some marigolds.

    i hv to make sure dhs married cousin sis doesnt know because she had
    wanted to come too when i made the trip but i just didnt feel like company.
    lol. so hush hush trip.shhhhhh

    ermm wht else?

    the light situation is a bit improved we hv power cuts but not as often.
    i am watching this music face off show on indian channel. a face off
    between india/pakistan some contestants from each. who get eliminated
    one by one depending on scores doled out by a jury from india, pakistan,
    bangladesh. i love the songs and some of the voices are so good!

    however it sometimes degerates into a Gerry Springer type of slinging
    match between the two countries mentors and jury panel.

    when the songs get a bit tiresome i amuse myself looking at the lady
    judges all veterans and quite elderly but they wear a lot of bling and intricate

    then sometimes they get so high on music one of them bursts into a spontaneous song and the others get carried away and join in.

    theres this utube when all three lady judges burst into song (it sounded
    like cacophony ) but they are all highly respected singers in their countries
    then they are joined by this young singer (contestants mentor) and all is
    nice and happy and in the very next episode there is a bust up between
    the male singer and one of the lady judges and she leaves the show
    and goes back to india. hahaha. (show is shot in dubai middle east).

    a three minute clip of the sample singing


    the weather is beautiful now really lovely sunshine. im grateful for it while
    this lasts. it will get really cold and ovrcast in a month or two.

    my Chinese friend just phoned to catch up. she is also really caught up
    in housework. and we havent met for weeks.

    well, take care all

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before dh gets home from shopping. Then I will need to get off the puter. I know he will be needing it. I hope to come back and check out everyone later.

    Spring Water - Spo happy you came back to visit us. We have missed your long and newsy posts, even if not that full of vim and vigor :)!

    Julie - So glad you are now finally trying to take care of YOU. I'll be back as soon as I can.

    Gotta go get dressed and try and do something today. Hope my fever stays away today so I can sing tomorrow. Still coughing some but that be be there for some time.




    LEFTYGG Member

    Granni good to hear you are better!i know you're anxious to get back to singing. I bet your group will be glad too.

    Julie glad your MRI didn't show anything. What does the pituitary gland thing mean? Have you researched it?

    Spring water I sometimes like to go on my own too. Then I can do what I want, when I want and how I want. Is India considered the middle east?i know Pakistan is and they are next to each other aren't they? Do you get the Amazing Race show? They are all over the world and it's so interesting.

    Julie I watched two of my babies today. My dh was here too whew a little taste of twins. Lol the 1 slepy a lot but the 6 mo is high matinence. He takes 20 min power naps and needs entertained constantly. He wants you to stand too which I can't do.they are such a blessing I feel so fortunate.

    Love gail
  18. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Have you had your thyroid checked lately? If it is too high, can cause similar sx's to what you have experienced.

    My neurologist thought that the problems I was having were stemming from my thyroid.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just a quick check in.

    Big brother nd small coming today. Will be here for the day. So gonna make
    dumplings of meat and squash. squash from brothers garden.

    hope i dont feel like going and havng a nap in middle of it all. sometimes
    feel uncontrollably sleepy.

    Julie - hope you get the right diagnosis. And your body rights itself
    by itself. heck theres enough expenses without doing so many tests,
    and theyre so expensive these days arent they?

    been thru all that myself over the years.

    Granni - really hope you will be better and right enough to sing tomorrow

    Freida - hope you are a little recovered. these backslides suck bad! im
    trying not to hv one myself. its a bit tough tho when the body doesnt
    cooperate in spite of the mind wanting to.

    Just now son handed his dads phone to him and asked him to speak
    into the phone and ask it "who am I"?
    Pat came the answer from Siri - "You are B.. Superhero Golf Champion
    Incredible Shrestha". Hahahahahahaha. Son of course had programmed

    Take care all

    God Bless

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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Glad to hear from you and that you are surviving everything you have had to go through lately with brother's sickness and all. I know it is all very tough. Your son sounds like a good natured prankster:)!! Glad he keeps you and your DH laughing.

    Went singing yesterday and did OK. Except I hadn't gone to practice so was a bit unprepared in the lineup. I was missing a song in my book which luckily I pretty much knew and peeked over at anothers book when needed :)! Couldn't go as high as usual but that was OK. We have two shows next week and two the following I think. Can get pretty hairy with all I need to do getting ready for thanksgiving. Luckily, it will be a very small group just one daught, her DH and son and maybe my other daughter not presently working.

    Julie - Hope you are hanging in there and waiting for your doctor visit. Just try and take it easy. I know that is not an easy task for you :)!!! Hope everyone is staying healthy in your family.

    DH is at a breakfast and I need to go get dressed and start my chicken and dumplings in the crodkpot. It is so easy, I love it and it tasts so good.

    I guess I am doing much better, no fever. I have stuff still in my head and throat aI am sure but am taking an expectorant and cough suppressant which is helping to get rid of the rest of it.

    Hope to check back later with everyone and to hear soon from more of you.


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