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    We are on the move now!!!
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    I'm glad you seem to have met a nice guy! I don't think

    10 years age difference really means that much if both

    people involved are mature adults. (I had my degree from

    Sonoma State about 4 years before he was even born! That

    thought does makes me feel abit "advanced"! Just play it

    by Ear and best wishes!

    Ya have a lot coming up soon so hope all is going along

    well for you. Thanks for the message! I'm behind sche-

    dule 'cause of the "cold". Lots to do in prep for Xmas

    for Family and Friends. The "OLD" Squeeze should be here

    on Saturday! Some extra cleanin' will be in order.

    "Talk" later, "K"?
    P.S. As you probably know both Cardinal Newman and De
    La Salle both lost down South this Weekend!
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    Yes, I agree w/ MrDad. Once you get past 60 age doesn't matter much.

    Jodie, what is a zune? And what is slap box? And what is the batcar? At first I thought it was a toy car, but later it sounded like a real vehicle.

    Gordon was busy in the kitchen this weekend. He made an enchillada casserole. Makes his own salsa. Made Christmas cookies w/ a cookie press.

    Made batter for krumkaka (Norwegian cookies) which we will bake later. You make them was an iron, kinda like a small waffle iron, two at a time.

    He made escalloped paotatoes w/ ham. He cleaned the oven.

    I helped by staying out of his way. In fact, I pretty much slept all day.

    I hope you are all resisting the urge to clean and decorate and shop and carry on like healthy people. A little reality check now and then is a good thing.

  4. mrdad

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    Now I know why you aren't on the Porch much on the week-
    ends. Too busy stuffin' yourself with Gordon's great
    oven creations! That enchilada cass. sounds real good!
    Gordon must really love to Cook in his free time. My
    former had a great receipe for a Chili relleno caserole
    wiff the green chili's, egg and cheese that ya "varnish"
    with salsa! Think I have it here somewhere and will pass
    it on to Gordon if he would have a use for it! He may have
    a great one most likely already.

    Do you think that "THEY" would be better advised to con-
    sider legislation to bann climbing probable snow bound
    mountains during the Winter months. This rescue and ot-
    hers like it (Mt. Hood) endangers others than just the
    hikers making those assaults in Winter conditions. They
    won't let people SKI in avalance areas. I'm surprised
    that this obvious solution has not been suggested by media
    or others?

    Ya know, don't know why Jodie hasn't given me a call yet?
    After all, I'm only twice as old as the prospective "new"
    boyfriend! Age Challenged??

    "Talk" on the 'morrow,
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    the batmobile is the nickname my friend, jet, who dressed up like batgirl for halloween. and i myself dressed up as a sexy catwoman.

    so the old car that my son is driving now. a white station wagon, we called it the batmobile from batman the show or movie. we figured if we needed to do some private investigating we could go undercover in it. we have yet to do this. but it is a card in our pockets to check up some of these cheating hb's or bf's if we have get one again. she is divorcing her hb because of the cheating.

    the zune, is an ipod w/fm player built in and three inch screen, takes 3 hrs. to charge and you can share music w/anyone wirelessly. plays videos. microsoft ipod but better according to cody.

    trying to remember the other ? i'll be back rock.

    slapbox is where one person has their hands palm up and the other person has hands down. then the person on the bottom tries to flip there hands over the other person's hands and slap them before they pull them out of reach straight back.

    just a good fun game of testing the reflexive actions. i used to play that w/my exhb and son.

    mr. dad or rock anyone know that i won his phone number and whatever i want. should i ask for a movie or dinner. sure would love a baseball game, but it is football season.

    i am not sure if he will be going to bakersfield to spend time w/his family.

    i have my surgery on my right elbow on 12/27. so i would like to do something if possible before that date. should i ask him what he would like to do? i know they say males hate it when women can't make a decision up. but i don't want to ask for too much. i know the new car and house are out of question.lol and it is too early for the niagra to come out for us at all. i do things pretty slow. most the times.

    suggestions suggestions suggestions suggestions all inquiries please.

    oh cody made a quick 50$ tonight to fix my male friend's brother's computer. cash is king for cody.

    my friend that is in rehab is not doing to well right now. he has some friends there is bro told me. which is great...support for him. i told his bro that i wanted jesse to know that i understand more than he may think about some of his issues. i proceeded to tell him how i have sober alcoholic father. and many other friends that have been in rehab and have recovered. i explained i do not judge him in anyway. i do not think any less or more of him. i just wanted to be supportive as a friend. his bro told me that the advise them not to be in a relationship for a year. and he is not allowed visitors for the first two weeks of rehab. i told him i do not want to invade his privacy and just tell him i said hello.

    i did explain to his bro somewhat of the abusive father we kids had. and i still see a therapist to cope w/some of my issues. proceeded to him i just jesse to know if at some time he would need some help w/something toothpaste whatever. i will do what i can. or if he just needs a friend to go to the movies w/or do something sober with i have know problem with it. explained i have many friends that do not drink or do drugs at all. so i accomodate easily. explained i do not need to drink at all and after i get my surgery i will be hitting gym again.

    well it was nice his bro stopped by even though it was to get some help w/his computer. we did eat dinner at my house. i always have to be friendly to my guests.

    his bro said he was going to start family therapy w/his bro i believe next week. he said jesse is only allowed only certains of hours on weekends. so i just told him i just wanted to offer an extra if they needed it in some way. is all.

    maybe jesse needs to cut me off out of his head for now. but i hope one day he will not cut out forever as a friend. i am pulling for him.

    but i do have this sonoma state coach prospect so i got to move on. test the waters. it was hard not to tell his bro what i did last night because i did not want him to tell his brother anything that could be upsetting for jesse.

    well that's all folks.

    oh rock i need a good man like gordon. darnit all you already took him. i am, of course happy for you.

    mr.dad can't wait to hear how much fun you are having on xmas day.

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    I wanted to drop in this morning and say Hello to each of you. It is going to be a beautiful day today in my part of the world with unseasonably warm temperatures...low to mid 70's.

    I have missed you guys so much. I have so much happening around me and have had additional health issues that I just have not felt like typing....so tired and lots of brain fog along with a viral respiratory infection. My son brought this nice little bug home and passed it along to by DH and me. So far it has only lasted 3 weeks.

    Christmas is here and personally, I have not been able to prepare. Christmas used to be one of my favorite times of the year...always strived for the perfect Christmas for everyone. I never could get us snow though. I think that is part of what is wrong. I feel so #*!* useless now.

    So the reason I have not been here is not because I don't care very much for all of you, I am just in a major physical and mental funk and don't want to spread it to all of you. I already think Carla NL, Lolalee, Linda, & Annie have caught it also. I was afraid it was contagious.

    A great big hug to all of you. I will check in again soon. Maybe I can get some of my issues resolved or if that is not possible, I hope I learn to accept it, or forget these issues.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you are illish, Sweetie. Think it's the flu?
    Being a perfectionist (and I was one) is hard for healthy folks. Impossible for us.

    MrDad, Gordon is very fond of chili rellenos. He would be happy to try your recipe. I always say, anything you varnish w/ salsa resinates with me.

    Jodie, I know that game. Just never heard it called slap box before. Here I thought it was some kind of vidoe game.

    That's great that Cody can make some money w/ his computer skills. Like readin' and writin'. Good to know no matter what kinda work you're doin'.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

  8. Marta608

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    Had to go to the store for cat food and litter (and too many toys) this morning first thing. I'm just stopping by the porch on my way to the kitchen to find food, then to bed for a much needed nap. We are now waking up around here at 4:29 a.m so we've made 29 minutes worth of progress. At this rate I ought to be able to sleep until six in about three weeks - if I don't die first. Just kidding, I hope...

    Good to see Sweetie and sorry to hear about The Blahs. The Holly Days and all the expectations - mostly our own - will do that to us if we don't watch out.

    A big wave to JoeDad, Rocky and Jodie too!

    Hugs all around the porch,

    Marta and Sophie, The Cat Who Thinks She's Queen
  9. gilley

    gilley New Member

    I stopped by the porch after prayers in the chapel with SMG.
    Jerome was cleaning up and said y'all had been there and gone. Well the early bird catches the worm. I was too late to see y'all.
    Jodie - Surgery on the 27th. You will be in my prayers that day. As for the date hummm I say let him know what you would like to do,but, make a suggestion like, "I love going out to (whatever), but I am game for anything". Sometimes guys don't want to have to figure out what you would like to do. Be direct but use your femininity to soften the suggestion. Dinner is always a good start, just don't order anything with spinach.A movie is not good for a first date. You sit there in silence and sometimes with a comedy for example, you end up wondering why in heck her would laugh at the most uncomedic dialogue and then not laugh when you did. At any rate, do something and see where it leads you.

    MrDad - Joe, I am glad you are feeling better in time for the Squeeze to arrive. Cleaning in moderation is the key. Don't overdo or you will be in rough shape for her arrival.Are you planning anything for saturday? We will miss you. I know you will be too tied up to come to the porch. The tied up part was just one of those sayings that mean nothing, I was not meant as a suggestion. Just an innocent comment.Enjoy the holiday!!

    Sweetie - I hope you will feel some of the funk lifted to enjoy some of the holiday. I know what you mean though. It is hard to accept that you have to live with and accept the way things are. I really downsized my decorating this year. I put up the deco's that meant the most.

    Marta - I hope that Miss Sophie lets you sleep a little longer. I have never had a cat, but I know what our puppy put us through. They are just so darn cute. Except of course in the middle of the night. Good luck1

    Rockor - Tell Gordon that the fillo, cheese and spinach was unbelievablely good!!! I am sure he would make it better. Everyone asked where I got the recipe.I told them from the partner of a man, neither of whom I have met,who is fabulous cook.They oaused for a moment and then they continued to gobble it up. Interesting poem.

    To all the rest of the Porchdwellers:

    The holiday season is upon us,
    filled with stress and excitement around us,
    we will use I guess, the strength we have less,
    and never let on we are hopeless.

    SMG has said, she will pray we get out of our beds,
    and enjoy all the festivities around us,
    the porch you see, is a refuge to me,
    knowing I am not alone in the process.

    Thank you to all, and best wishes and all,
    and now you know why I am a nurse and not a poet!!
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Gee Guys, seems like I have been gone ages as you are up to volume 60-just my age.....

    Sorry too I have not been around been having some issues with Danny who is having to have a bunch of neuro tests as he keeps losing partial eyesight. Could be????? anything. CAT scan was OK so relieved, but boy just been on edge and taking lots of time, also issues once more with the darn school.

    Joe: Question for you: Do you recall if there is any mandate that forbids parents from chaperoning a child with Special Needs on Field Trips, esp. ones that we know may aggravate stuff? Having never had this issue raiased before, we were always welcomed as an extra grown up, it has shocked us that "NO parents" is being slung out, partic in view of the fact that Danny has these alarming new health issues. Any ideas? Anyone?

    Boy I have not even been lurking, but Joe you echo my sentiments. Years ago I used to be on Lifeboat volunteer duty when I lived on the Island of Jersey, and people would go out in gale force winds in tiny vessels, then others would risk their lives and loose them going after, and the financial cost was also great. Too many times those rescued would be found bragging about their bravado the following week, rather than feeling any responsibility. My prayers are with anyone in danger, but as you say..........

    Boy, are we ever having a mild winter here in upstate, been able to not have the heat on at all except the gas fire now and then. I ama releived that the gas fire is OK now the "new paint" smell burned off, as I was fearing I would not be able to use it.

    I did see dear SF was under water last week, were you all OK?

    My brother is doing so well. He has been moved to the local hospital and is eating regular food, has no tubes at all and no trach, is geting PT etc. The only problem now will be PT and getting him walking again and getting rid of the MRSA that he still has. He is enjoying visitors and reading the daily paper. It just shows to always keep hope alive as who would have thought that 3 months on life support would have this older man doing so well now? You guys all helped me get through it too.

    On Boxing Day (know what that is Rock?) we always have an open house with many people coming. I do chilli and everyone just chataers away while I sit back and watch which is about all I am up for.

    I just got sublingual B12 from Pro Health. Anyone here using it? I read that people on long term Prilosec get depleted B12 that causes pains all over and nerve issues.

    Well I have to find time to catch up and read posts to discover what is going on for you all, or kindly people, post a reminder.

    Much love to you all, Anniecrom
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm happy that you have found the time and energy to visit
    the Porch this Aft!! On the subject of Danny and the
    Field Trip, I would think that they would be delighted
    and relieved to have you volunteer to join in as an escort
    for Danny and others! Have they given you a reason for
    their negative reaction to your inquiry?

    Secondly. When I was young, and continue to this day to
    have short term vision problems. Blurred vision whereby
    objects look like a mirage "heat" thing like in the Desert
    movies. (The camels oft times had 4 or 5 humps!) Still
    get it on occas. and have no idea what the "trigger" is?
    Have ya had Danny's blood sugar tested? Hadn't you ment-
    ion a short time ago about Diabetes? (I'm just thinking
    out loud at this point) Is he getting light-headed as

    So glad that Geoff is doing so much better! And how are
    your SIL and Niece doing? It must be so difficult but at
    least now encouraging for the entire family!

    The Porch has been rather slow for a myriad of reasons!
    I'm so glad that ya chequed in Annie!

    'Posta be 37 degrees here tonite! That's nearly unheard
    of for S.F. and in the 20's where Jodie is North of me!
    Get back as soon as possible.

    Lots of Huggles to you and Danny!
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Girls!
    Sweetie: I feel so bad for you and especially this time
    of the year it is difficult to cope for many. Just stay
    on the road to recovery from the seasonal illnesses and
    limit activities to your own level of comfort! We are
    always here as you feel up to coming to the PORCH.

    Marta: How are you and Sophie doin'! I think as long as
    ya keep her warm and dry, as well as a full food bowl
    fresh litter box, she's gonna let you stay! I'm sure that
    in her way she is appreciative and will show it soon.

    This time of year, my Cat would pester me to sing him
    his Xmas favorite song time and time again! I'd say, "OK,
    PIG PEN, but just one more time"! "CHIPMUNKS ROASTING ON
    would curl up in front of the fire and fall asleep.

    Gilley: You bein' a busy Nursie this time of year? Had a
    friend ask me "How's your cold Joe"? I replied, "well, my
    cold is fine, well and happy, but I feel not well at all".
    Ya know what I'm sayin'? My MIL was an RN here in S.F.
    and was a wonderful "generic" Nurse working at the City
    Hospital for Old Folks! If I got a Cold she would fine me
    something to fix me up in no time! Miss her alot!

    Gotta' get over to the Hospital and see my Nurses this
    week who have done my phelbotomies for the past few years!
    They are just dedicated and wonderful. I try on the Major
    Holidays to show them my appreciation as well as Nurses
    Week. I see first hand how hard you all work!

    Well Rock: I was foolishly hoping that Gordon was gonna'
    be ringing my doorbell wiff a delicious casserole or sump-
    thin'? Guess that's just a fantasy so I'd better see
    whats in the 'referr!

    "Talk" to all later, "K"?
    P.S. Hello JODIE! Stay warm.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Joe, Your funny Christmas song reminded me of a really funny Larson cartoon card we got a few years back: showed a bunch of bears sitting round a camp fire atop of which were these nerdy looking guys playing some sort of board game and it said underneath:

    Chess Nuts roasting on an open fire

    I miss his cartoons- another fave of mine was a cartoon that showed a rat in an apron leaning against the wall, looking at mr rat who was lounging in a junked up chair drinking beer and eating chips, newspapers strewn around, and mr rat is saying "whadaya mean this place looks like a rat hole, this place IS a rat hole!"

    Yes, school just "decided" this was a No Parents trip, no exceptions. I honestly wish they would do away with field trips, the kids get bored on them, they are costly and our school taxes are close to $4,000 per year on a small ranch home.

    Thanks for the info on the vision thing too. There is a lot of research too, showing that people with autism have a lot of visual processing issues, depending on the light etc. I will let you know how his EEG goes-he loved having a CAt scan, thought he was an astronaught and really thought he went into space!!!

    One of my kitties needs dental work, another $250 - I cannot afford to go to dentist myself, but poor cat is losing weight due to teeth-one of the benefits of having a bunch of really old cats-all over 100 in human years.

    Love to all here.

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I just got off the phone with Honora who asked me to send "waves of good will" to all her friends here on the Porch! She sounds wonderful and, of course, she is.

    Meanwhile, Sophie and I slept until 5:00 this morning. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Hugs all around - I'll read later,
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Annie: That Cat of mine was so SMART! We had him for
    years and oft times when the weather was very hot in
    the No. Sacramento Valley, my neighbor across the Street
    would come home to fine "PIG PEN" sleeping on top of her
    refrigerator right under the "air conditioning" vent! We
    were remodeling the House and didn't have AC that Summer.
    He just walked in thru the back "doggie door".

    Every Xmas he would rec. his request from Santa for a re-
    newal of his subscription to "Good Mouse Keeping" mag.
    and season tickets to his favorite Mice Hockey team!
    Huggles to Danny and YOU too! (Loved Gary Larsen Too!)

    Marta: I'm so glad you have heard form Honora!! Sounds
    as if she is doing better. I know you extended our best
    to her and hope she continues to improve!

    Are ya keeping Sophie's food bowl full and Kitty Box fresh
    today? Does she show any interest in going outside? It
    may help her sleep longer at night? My daughter's Kitty
    is about 3 y.o and has no interest in being outside any-
    more! She was rescued from the outdoors, "been there,
    done that" she thinks! A lap Kitty!! But ya can't pick
    her up for some reason?

    Has your Grand Daughter been over since ya got the Sophie!
    I'm sure she is glad you have a roommate now! What are
    your plans for Christmas? "Talk" later.
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I shall pass on your message to H.

    Sophie also shows no interest in going outside, I think for the same reason as your daughter's cat. She was found with her three kittens in a taped-close cardboard box shoved under a truck at Target. Must be she's meant to be alive.

    Except I just stepped on her and may have undone all I've done so far........... POOR cat. She sticks very close, or did.


  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings !

    Well I am finally back.

    MrDad - It looks like you are fine and dandy again and busy chatting with the girls (-: !!! I guess you must taken my advice and eaten alot of chicekn soup and rubbed your chest with Vicks like I mentioned (he he). I don't think you read my old posts. That is when you were feeling so poorly. I even tried to give you some pithity (sp) but think you were doing alot of resting at that time. Glad you are doing so much better and are getting ready for you old squeeze soon.

    Marta - So glad that Miss Sophie is behaving ourself. That is great for you and her. I thought it was worth the patience of waiting it out on her behavior. You must be thrilled ! Great news !!! I am sure you stepping on her (the trauma) for her will go away after awhile.

    Sweetie - Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling to well. Hope you are doing better now.

    I see I have missed a bunch just being gone for a few days so I won't pretend.

    Hi also to Jodie, Anne, Rock,

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I am trying to do more than one thing at a time and I clicked to send the reply and I wasn't quite finished. Not that I wasn't going to write much more of interest .

    Just wanted to "properly" say goodbye to all of you. Sorry if I missed anyone. Just got back form one of my singing group parties and have to go and have our final choir practice tonight. The director also wanted me to write up the program. That was something else. Heilp - where were you Carla when I needed you. I got it done but I guess it could have been worse.

    TTYL again soon I hope ! Still have presents to wrap and cleaning to do.

    Warm hugs and blessings to all,

    Marilyn (that granni)

    Again, glad to see Mrdad/Joe upandatum again.
  19. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hello to all, I'm behind again so wont even try to 'talk' to everyone. Too hard on the old eyes.

    Joe I am happy you are feeling a bit better, now dont overdo it cleaning. I agree with you 110% about making it off limits to climb the really dangerous ones during the winter. Remember a few yrs ago when a rescue helicopter crashed trying to rescue some knotheads? That was also on Hood. Cool-o about your daughter!

    Marta sounds like kitty is settling in - is she going to be a cuddly one do you think?

    Sweetie I am sorry you are feeling down, I was a micro-manager so it has taken me a few years so let go and relax a bit. It's so hard. Maybe for me it was a good lesson. Not to say I wouldn't take my old life back in a heartbeat.

    Annie it's such great news about your brother - what a great xmas present. I would think twice about letting Danny go on a field trip without you there considering the way things have been going at school. Just my opinion though and as you all have guessed, I have many many opinions and most better ignored :)

    Hi Rock, Jodie, Marilyn, Gilley and all our mia people.

    News from here: I did get to go out on my drive and got to go to my favorite woodcrafters store and buy some new carving tools - yippee, toys!
    The kids and I hung a swag and a bird feeder today, so we are feeling very festive, and a friend brought xmas cookies by last night so we are feeling well sugared as well. It is a beautiful frosty and foggy day today so everything looks like a fairy tale - covered in white rime like snow without the mess. Tomorrow it's back to rain though so we will get a soggy dreary week for christmas.

    Hope you are all keeping up your spirits in this sometimes difficult time of year. I love all the lights and decorations, even the endlessly repeated xmas songs. I just dread the dead time between January and about April.

    Love to you all,
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Annie, how wonderful to have you back. Glad to hear Geoff is doing better. Sorry to hear about Danny's vision problem.

    I am also a great admirer of Gary Larson. Just shows you what a wonderful sense of humor most Norskies have. I have about a hundred "favorite" cartoons.

    Many years ago I asked a coworker (who was from the mother country) what boxing day was. He said it was the day you take gifts back to the store and exchange them.

    Since then I've read 5 or 6 other explanations. Nobody knows for sure?

    Guess I'd better post this before the timer goes off.

    And remember, "Just because he knocks, you don't have to let him in, you know."