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  1. mrdad

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    Hello my Friends! Please read the Contributions from

    previous Volumne!
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  2. Granniluvsu

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    A BIG HI to ALL of you !!I have been trying to get back on this dumb computer to say Hi to everyone for awhile now. Today was hopeless with DH on the computer ost of the time and then I went upstairs to wrap some present, etc.

    Yes, this singing or should I say the practicing and the small performances are finally over but seems like there is always something to do and I even got most of my cards done a little early cause I knew once we started with our Christmas Music performances I would have little time. It seems like there is so much preparation, even when you try to keep it simple, Ha !! My problem is that I have 8 grandchildren and 5 children. Last year I gave all money but I know the little ones were disappointed, esp when their parents said alot was going i the bank.

    I mistakenly told my children to let me know if they could tell me what they(their children)really wanted or needed. If I found it I would get it. I do know that the big ones love money or gift cards. Unfortunatly one family did that and then I decided that I would still have to get some little thing for the children to open that day besides money. Plus one of the families needs alot or everything due to divorce and just moving and she does not have a job and will be looking for one once the kids are back to school in Jan. Good Grief!! I have been also trying to help her out some monetarily and some support.

    Marta - So sorry to hear about your son. I hope he has a good response to other antibiotics or something else soon. How terrible that must be. Glad that Miss Sophie seems to be settling in pretty well for you. That is good for you both.

    Since I can't check back with the old porchlight volume,I have to guess who said what and that is NOT GOOD. So, please excuse if I goof on what said what. My brain is really foggy !!!

    Speaking of foggy - How are you doing Foggyfroggy ? Hope all is well with you.

    A Big hi to Mrdad, so glad you are feeling better. Don't wear yourself our cleaning now so you can enjoy your "company" !!! I am so glad that you are feeling better. You sounded pretty bad there and when you didn't show up for awhile we all knew what shape you were in, I believe.

    Annie - I think you said that Geoff was doing better. I am so glad.

    Jodie - You are still wearing me out thinking of your schedule. Good luck on your psych test. I remember having to take that class in Nursing school You shouldn't have have any problems. Of course it also depends out your teacher or professor.

    Hi also to Rock, Gilley, Carla,and anyone else that I cannot remember and check on right now since this is a new volume. Hope EVERYONE is feeling well and are almost or all done with their Christmas preparations, etc. and are not all worn out. May you all stay and feel at least (ALMOST HEALTHY)and warm.One can not feel all healthy with this DD.

    My eyeballs/or eyelids are hanging today even if I did sleep pretty well last night. Went out to eat with friends last night and had wine and an after dinner drink at home. Tody I am really feeeling tired, not that was much of anything new.

    I heard someone talking about the sublinqual B12. Has that really healped any of you with energy? The only thing I take is a packet of pretty good vitamins and Co Q10 -150 right now.

    Gotta run for now. Hope I get to check on your guys and gals again later tonight or tomorrow. It depends on the weather and if we go out tomorrow or not.

    Hugs to you all,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I wondered why I hadn't seen you on the porch in awhile. Not that I have been here alot myself. I cannot believe you are having to get so many things done over the holidays and have to get all those tests done, teeth extractions etc..

    I hope whatever they have to do to you goes quickly and is painless. Hope all gets done- fast and tests and dental surgery well done !!! No one wants to have to have all that stuff done but almost all at once and during the holiday season is not good at all.

    Oh, BTW about 5 or more years ago I also had those procedures done at the same time also when I was having some pain and probably IBS. The endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy which I call a ROTOROOTER JOB - going both ways at the same time. Of course they did not find anything abdormal. So sorry you have to have all this stuff done now - or at all actually. However, with the rotorooter job the wowrst part I thought was the prep for the sigmoidoscopy ( the wonderful (gross) stuff you have to drink to clean you out). Once you get on the table the they spray your throat and start the IV and tell you to lie down on your side and POOF I was sleep ad woke up and it was all done.

    Thanks alot for the hot the hot toddies - I really needed that. More later on.

    Warm hugs,

    Granni - Mar
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Oh that was wonderful! I haven't been seranaded in a long time.

    The lights look beautiful, the tree is outstanding, the elves did a good job.

    Tomorrow is my big day. I am going to the We are Marshall movie and the Texas Roadhouse for dinner with my 4 freinds. We have not been out to dinner all together in over a year.

    I love my friends but 2 are sick and one works full time and has 9 cats , the other is a mom, wife, caretaker of FIL. . Need I say more? I already have one waivering on me.

    She is the nurse being treated for Hep C with interfreon and still having issues with a broken leg that did not heal right. I understand, I have been there. I just wanted to celebrate and share this with my friends.

    Annie- Did you find out about your B-12. Mine is a red liquid and it is one dropper under your tongue a day. The B-6 and Folic acid has helped too.

    Joe-Joe I wrote you in my last post and you didn't respond. I see how it is, got your old squezze comin to see ya and forget all about us on the porch. I have chosen to spend the holiday alone. I will take mom her stained glass window and take the girls., she will like that.

    She has improved and is not being difficult as much anymore. She loves it when I bring her the girls and a vanilla frosty.

    Is everyone, packed, wrapped or warped or just whipped and ready for Christmas?

    I was the bad one this year. I just have my granchildren 15 & 11. Those were mailed last week. My daughter got her steel implants for christmas :)

    Linda- Oh honey- I am so sorry to hear about your teeth. Are you going to have to deal with a bridge and all that now.

    Jodie- good luck on your surgery and have a happy birthday too.

    Marta- how is Sophia? Hope your schedules get in sync soon. I am sorry about your son? I'll say a prayer for him and for you to find the strengh you need each day.

    My daughter emailed me the other day that a freind of theirs lost his 4 year battle with cancer. So sad to lose someone around the holidays.

    To everyone else I missed hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season, enjoy each day as if it is your last. The when you wake up it is great because you get to have another great day. Great days are created, they just don't happen-Carla

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just ran up to the college and found out what i got on my psychology final and the grade total.....drum roll please....

    I have an A, yes an A, i had a total percentage of 101%, yes that is correct 101%. i pulled it off. i could go skip to my lou now! it may be a little slower now days then back in the days. but hey what i have had to go through to get there i deserve to skip anyway i want too!

    now for math i do not know my results yet. if i have time tomarrow i will check it out.

    i have dr appt at 9:30 am. w/surgeon. he is a little hottie too, but appears to be married. so my hands are off him.

    it was/is cody's b-day. the sport shop called today and said his varsity jacket was done. so i called up the exhb and told him i wanted to pick it up and give it to him so he can wear it for the last day of school this week.

    his dad is supposed to reimburse me for the amount. i told cody if he doesn't then that will be my xmas gift to him from me.

    the man said his jacket looks like a resume. i said we have another two seasons of track to go and one more of football to go. so they are going to need to be creative on that jacket of his.

    he said he talked to the one of them that was on the board from wilson's and the man said it was very difficult who to choose from between novato high or palo alto team to go to state. it sounded like they weren't sure if they really sent the right team to state. but it is what it is.

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for your support on the surgery and the happy b-day's as well.

    my friend wanted to go to reno, but i am afraid of the darn snow. we have to be back here at 4 pm for xmas eve dinner at friends of our. the mother is making either pasty's or shepard's pie.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    buying gifts and food for the big holiday season upon us.

    darn it i am not cooking this year. yippee! i love to cook, but cody w/be at his father's this weekend thru 4 pm o xmas day. i normally cook for my old squeeze exhb. but i am on strike it is my birthday and i have surgery so i am goint to get some laundry down. and maybe throw some things out. then try to hang up my curtains. may i will be a new bedroom comforter.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Sorry if I missed that one. I am so slow sometimes !! Not sure if it was yesterday or today. Hope you have /or had a good one. Congrats on your wonderful grades. Hope you ath is just a good as the others. I am sure it will be.

    Sorry I have to run and get ready to go out when DH gets home from playing golf a few holes. It rained some yeaterday and it is cold this morning so he called to say he would be home soon.

    So, I have to get out of my PJ's and into something descent ! a and WARM!

    Bye to all again , Hope to be back later on. Just wanted to say a BIG Happy Birthday to Jodie.

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Jodie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOO YOUUUUU !!

    HOPE I WASN'T TO OFF KEY THIS AM - SO EARLY IN THE AM AND HAVEN'T HAD THE TIME TO WARM UP . Also have dry mouth and post nasal drip - cough cough !!!

    Sorry but not contageous.

    Lin - I think you ment peristalsis - I remember that from my nursing school days.

    Love and warm hugs,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    lincamp-cody's team won their game at the oakland coliseum home of the raiders. 48-3. great season. then when it came to the selection process of who it was going to be the team selected to go to the state championship playoff. they were the team division the ...my brain is still waking up....

    the game selection official's had the longest and most difficult task of considering novato high school football team or palo alto team....well they chose palo alto. sad for our team. we had a better winning record from what i recall. but the official believed that the other team played more difficult teams than we did.

    that team that went lost. i think it was something like 42-14. so it just makes you wonder if they chose the right team.
    i spoke w/someone yesterday that had a friend of his from wilson sports that sat on that selection team. and they said it was the most difficult selection of all. they really hoped they had the right team in there for the state championship.

    thank you for the birthday granny.

    i have to go to my 9:30 appt for my elbow then they will get me scheduled for surgery time on the 27th next week.

    love you all i will post later. i may go to reno for my b-day weekend or just stay here and have some fun. i do have some things i could get done. before i have surgery and the xmas stuff is done.

    almost i mean. i am sending out my xmas things late may overnight them. it is just checks in the mail for people and some pics.

    if you are interested lincamp you can good novato high football playoffs or marinij.com and click on prep central. next year you all will be able to click on cody on the prep central...

    he has track season coming up soon.

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope all are surviving this Holiday madness! This has to
    be a short visit as the "Old" Squeeze will be arriving
    possibly this evening! I'm in a panic! The Pharmacy
    made an erro on my Prescription and when I got home I
    discovered a bottle of "Niagra" instead of "Viagra". Got
    to get 'em to change that "el pronto"! The old "head ache"
    excuse don't work wiff her!

    Marta: Very concerned about your Son out here in Cal. and
    will be back a bit later to hopefully get an update from
    you. I do sincerely hope he is doing much better today.
    He is in my thoughts.

    I'll get back to "Cookie", Carla, Linda and All a bit
    later, "K"?
  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Boy Lin, you surely have been through it. Not been here much myself and just trying to catch up. You seem like poor Dan, he has hardly any teeth left now, just the fronts. They made him a bridge and I kept saying WHY? as I knew there was nothing for the bridge to bite down upon! Sure enough $1,000 later and there it sits in its little container until he also gets a bottom bridge. It is all med caused the teeth thing wiht him.

    Talking of teeth, our old cat needs dentistry on 26th, which happens to be the day we have about 25 to 30 people come over for our Boxing Day Bash, where I serve up chilli. Dan is saying the support beams will give way with so many coming. I always think people won't show up, but they always do....I think fewer people give get togethers. We are fortunate in this house as we have three living rooms, all large.

    Have to go. Client is due.

    Love Anniecrom
  12. gilley

    gilley New Member

    I had a long day at work. I almost asked to be taken to my car in a wheelchair!
    Lin - I hate going to the dentist, well all doctors, but esp. dentists. I am going to make some eggnog with lots of alcohol and leave it on the porch for you tomorrow. Are you going to be able to eat reg. food for the holiday festivities? The esophogoscopy sounds equally fun. Now for the other end. Colonoscopy is the fate of the 50's. I haven't had one yet, but soon. We have a history in my family so I know it is a must. Don't you hate to be off from work and then you spend your free time letting hospital personnel put diagnostic medical toys in every opening we have!!!! Well, so far I haven't said anything reassuring and as a nurse I must. Here goes. Linda, these tests are done routinely and you will be under concious sedation and will not feel or remember a thing. It will probably be the most rest you will get during your time off!! You will be in my thoughts.

    Marta - I am so sorry about your Son. I hope the CT scan shows nothing and the antibiotics help. I will say a special prayer for him. Keep us informed.Hope Sophie is being a good kitty and keeping you company.

    Jodi - Way to go girlfriend!!!! Happy Birthday. I would much rather go to a doctor who is a hottie than a nottie!!!
    Reno here she comes!.

    Mrdad - I hope by now the "squeeze" has arrived. Hope you cleared up the mixup with the niagara viagara. It has a nice ring to it , don't ya think. Enjoy your visit and we will wait to hear from you after the holidays. Tell her your girls on the porch want her to treat you extra special!!!Glad to hear you Elder Sister visit went well. I want to go to an assisted living home when I get on in years, like next year.

    Carla - Is the B12 a prescription? I am going to look into that. Glad you liked my lame poetry. If you need a nurse, I'm there.

    To Annie, Rockor, Gran and everyone else, best wishes for the holidays.
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is sleepy time for me. gonna take a nap then go get my shower. then go to mr.dad's city. i hope you keep your windows closed and keep that little lady happy mr.dad,

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mrdad,

    I just realized that your old squeeze will be coming to be with you soon, if she isn't there already! I just wanted to say I'm glad you are so much better ( No more colds, etc.)

    Have a wonderful and restful Christmas and visit with her. I have forgotten how long she would be there staying with you.

    Have fun, and behave yourself (now is that impossible???)

    Just incase you don't visit the porch again for awhile. MERRY CHRISTMAS - and stay warm and happy. Now if you get sick again you will have someone to give you pitithy (sp) I never know how to spell that word(?).

    A big HI to everyone else that has popped in and I did not see. Just had to tell Joe before he disappears for the holidays!!!

    Hugs and warm hugs,

    Granni (Cookie)
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jodie: Happy Birthday!! Is that why you are coming down
    to the City tonite? If so, I hope you will have a great
    Birthday Celebration! Lots of young people have left the
    City to be Home for Christmas! Hope they all get there
    with the problems with the weather. I think things are
    starting to move in the Air again.

    Cookie: Thanks for your warm Holiday greeting! Yes, the
    "Old" Squeeze should be here tomorrow at the latest I
    believe! I'm pretty much ready as I cleaned the House,
    got new Shower Curtains, corrected the prescription error
    and "turned" the sheets over!! (She'll never know) Shhh!
    Anyway, I do hope ya have a great Xmas with Family and
    Friends. I'll try to make it to the Porch over the week-
    end and present a "progress report".

    Marta: I'm a bit concerned about you and your Son since I
    haven't seen a Post since th e one you wrote yesterday?
    Let us know as you can how he is doing as well as your-
    self. OK?

    Gilley: What's goin' on back there? Ya already for Xmas?
    Haven't even had the time to check on the weather on the
    East Coast today! Hope it looks good for you, Anne and
    all my Friends there and the Mid-West! Don't want Santa
    to have to many travel problems.

    AnneCrom: I saw the Queen on TV giving her Christmas mess.
    to Loyal Subjects of the Realm (And their abouts) She did
    not mention your name or anything about Boxer Day?
    Hope all is well there for the Holiday. Haven't heard a
    WORD from SMG at the Vatican. Hope she didn't run off
    wiff Andy Warhol ?? Another scandel?? Had an Email from
    Fredericka today and I think she is doing better. She is
    always cheerful and wishes she was able to get to the
    PORCH more often! I'm sure she will be back very soon as
    she enjoys everyone so much. Huggles to You, Danny and
    the wonderful "Aminals"!

    Linda: You doing alright after the Oral Surgery? So sorry
    that you've had such a time of it as of late! Try to de-
    clare a "time out" until the Holidays have all passed!
    When I had my Sigmoid. 2 years ago, the Tech was all apo-
    logetic that the monitor wasn't working and I would be un-
    able to view it in progress. I told him, "Oh, no need to
    apologize, I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD!! He
    thought that was pretty funny, but it wasn't he who fealt
    like the "blow-up" Michelin Rubber Man! Butt it's a val-
    uable tool of necessary circumstance. He was the same guy
    who they use to inflate the Balloons at the Macy's Thanks-
    giving Day Parade!

    Ck-Carla: Didn't your movie deput today? Must be excited
    that it is finally released for viewing! Glad your Mother
    is doing well. She's gonna love that Stain Glass ya made
    for her.

    Hello to all the MIA's and we hope you are doing and feel-
    ing well but just too busy to visit lately.

    Hey Rock and Gordon! Yose guys about ready for the BIG
    day? I'll bet, Gordon, you are busy cooking and baking!
    Keep that oven warm and all those goodies coming!

    Gotta make some phone calls. "Talk" to ya all later,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda and all,

    So you have had your oral surgery done already? I guessed I missed that. Just heard Mrdad mention that just now. THAT SHOWS WHERE MY HEAD IS !!!Hope all went well and glad at least that part is over with for now. When are you having the other stuff done - the rotorooter job? Sorry if you mentioned it and it flew over my head as usual.

    Just wanted to check the porch and see if anything was there to eat or drink and see if Mrdad has stuck his head out before he disappears with his old squeeze (-: !!

    Marta - How is your son? I hope is doing OK. How is that kitty also- Ms. Sophie ?

    Not sure of when I will get on here again I just wanted to say HI to all CK Carla, Annie, Gilley, Jodie and all others tht may be MIA during this busy time. Hope you all are feeling OK. I wanted to stay in bed this morning but had to be upandatum and go to the store with DH before the mobs hit the stores.

    God bless you all and keep you all warm and feeling well (if that is possible).


    Warm hugs to all,

    Marilyn (Cookie) Granni (or whatever you want to call me. Just don't call me late to
    supper (-: . Well that is almost impossible since I make all the meals around here unless we do go out to eat once in awhile.

  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everyone is hanging in there ready for the next few days.

    I saw the We Are Marshall movie again last night and enjoyed even more the second time.

    It brings a message of hope and inspiration no matter how devasting the tragedy may be.

    My freinds and I had dinner at Road House and I had a filet mignon and could actually chew it without pain! It felt good to have a real dinner with my friends. I did have one drop out but I knew she would and I forgive her.

    I didn't do the word thing and now I am going from memory so please forgive me.

    MrDad- glad you are feeling better and can properly entertain your house guest. Have a wonderful time and over do all you can. You can always sleep after she goes home. I bet it will be worth it.

    Jodie- congrats on the A- I know you worked hard for- I hope all goes well with your surgery.

    Gilley- the B-12 sublingual is over the counter at Walmart. It is like 6 bucks.

    Marta- where are you? I hope your son is improving so he can be home with his family for Christmas.

    Linda- I have had every orifice in my body invaded. After cancer, I had a colonoscopy done every year for 5 years, now every 18 months. I love it when they give me the verset sp? cocktail. You just drift off and then your done.

    Last year I had the stomach done too at the same time. The prep work is the worst for the colon. They have pills now instead of the nasty stuff you have to drink. but not every Dr uses them.

    Glad there has not been any pain with the missing teeth. I so feel for you and the bridge work. I didn't have that option because the teeth beside the bad ones weren't much better, plus my teeth are soft so the bridge would have damaged what I had left. Thank is why I had them all pulled.

    I still do double takes in the mirror. I found a picture of me the other day before the dentures. I can't beleive how much they changed my looks. I have found myself smiling a lot more than I use too.

    Sweetie- if your around I hope you can make the best of your holiday- you have been threw so much. It will get better, just have faith.

    Rock- loved your post under fights what can you break. You and Mrdad are going to have get the road show on the road. You two are just too funny and I love it.

    Annie- did you figure out your B-12? I hope your floors hold up on for your Boxing party. Bring some chili to the porch if there is any left.

    Carlanl- haven't seen much of you around, I hope your feeling better and too busy to visit.

    Ok now I have hit a wall- to granny, sees, and everyone else- have a happy and healthy holiday.

    Please go see the movie if you can, I promise you won't regret it. Just when we think we have it bad- someone shows us it could be a lot worse. Carla
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    CK ball - I heard you talking about the sublinqual B 12. Has it really helped you and how much do you take? The only thing I have taken for energy is CoQ10 150. I guess it is better than nothing though ! I take some in my viamin pack but not sure how much and I don't think it is probably close to enough.

    I just saw this on the porch and wanted to ask you instead of going back to the regular message board.

    Thanks alot !


    Marilyn (granni)
  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i made it to the city last night and snuggled withe my bst female friend. and her little pug eventually joined us.

    we went to balboa's and the matrix. the had a half my buger at mel's drive in.

    we are going back for some more b-day fun.

    i came home to check my mail and take a nap. know i need some tylenol for the pain of my fibro. that is as heavy duty as i can go.

    everyone be careful and not drink and drive too much this holiday season. better to take a cab.

    i'll back later tomarrow. i will be staying in tiburon w/my friend again tonight.

    love you all and yes my holiday shopping is all down. i only to give my son some money. it gets easier every year.

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just waiting for the "Old" Squeeze to arrive form the
    North Valley! Should be here at any time. Spent the
    last few days cleaning house, shopping and even bought
    a new shower curtain for the bathroom! We're ready now!
    I think?

    Glad ya had fun in the City last nite. Seems pretty quite
    in the neighborhoods as all the Young Folks have left for
    home for Xmas to other parts of the Country! I assume
    that ya went to Mel's at 4th and Mission Sts. Good thing
    ya split the Burger. Went there for breakfast and had the
    equivalent of a small child's plate for about $10.00 and
    a tip! Walked off hungry and have never been back! Oh,
    well. Keep havin' fun for the B'Day and Christmas. I'll
    be thinkin' of ya!

    MERRY Christmas!

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