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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go.

    Bow to your corner and across the square.
    Don't you start till I get there.

    Take your gal around the ring.
    Dance all night till the birdies sing.

    Do Se Do, left allemande.
    Lead your partner by the hand.

    First two couples; out and back.
    Side couples; same old track.

    One more round with chicken in the pan.
    All go home; quick as you can.

    Now, folks, set yourself down and have a little rest.

  2. Granniluvsu

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    it is great to see you back again. We were worried, you know but we understand. Hope your computer is better for awhile and you too !!!

    So much going on but I wanted to at least check in with everyone to see if anyone was posting. Iknow how busy this weekend will be. Sorry that our littlest ones are not to close and the youngest now almost 9.

    I am hoping by next Easter we will have another little one that is either Foster or adopted by our son and DIL. They start the process this coming month. After the classes they have the home study !! Not sure how long that will be and how long they have to Foster before becoming adoptive parents. They have put this on the back burner for some time due to her dad. He is now in a NH facility, since he refuses to get up and do much of anything so he gets worse.

    Actually her dad took off and was with someone else (never did divorce DIL's mom). It is a weird situation, he was very selfish and when he came back after her marriage he said he would look for a job and stay with them and that didn't last long. Luckily, my son is to sweet to kick him out. She always wanted her dad I guess and missed him so let him stay. He caused lots of grief and when his health went down they finally decided to put him in a rehab. facility where he does little that I know of other than TV and computer. His legs are so swollen due to inactivity and probably kidney and heart problems. She still does a lot for him and goes running if there is something wrong with him and takes him out to eat sometimes on special occasions. I don't blame her as all children or most want both their parents there. Unfortunatly, her mom died a few years ago of diabetes complications.

    Sorry for the rant but now we are praying all with go well so they can get a child most likely an abused or neglected child. They are both so giving. Our son will be here for Easter but his wife went to visit a friend who she will most likely not get to see for awhile due to the classes, etc. Our eldest daughter asked if we wanted to come to their house tomorrow but we turned it down. DH's is having some problems with his groin (Leg) area and so long car rides are not good. Trying to rest it as we are supposed to go away in a nother week and 1/2 or so.. I have my usual aches and pains.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and that you have a wonderful and blessed Easter . I think I saw you on FB. Sorry if my brain is a bit fuzzy :)!!

    Spring Water - where are you my dear? I am worrying about you now. Please excuse me if I missed one of your posts. I have been in and out so much lately.

    Hope everyone will have a wonderful Easter and are feeling up to the festivities. Our subdivision has a petting zoo and egg hunt but ours are either to grown and or not here. Maybe we will have a young one next year. Doubt if they will get a baby as they seem to be hard to come by and if they have them they go fast, I imagine. So many couples that can't conceive want a little baby !! I think son and sil are hoping for aboaut a 2 year old if possible, or to 4 years, 6 at the oldest. I told her to keep us in the loop of the procedings, Doubt if our son will say much at all.

    Can you tell I am excited? Just hope they don't have to wait to long !!! Enough of that, at least for awhile.

    Elaine - Hope you are feeling better after your surgery !! So glad you came back at least on a come and go basis.

    Thinking of everyone and awl our MIA's !!

    Love to all,
  3. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    So good to hear from you. I hope that you'll be feeling better soon. You have been greatly missed--

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear form you my friend. Missing you too ! I know you keep yourself busy too and maybe not feeling the best at times, so we understand.

    Hope you have a nice Easter with Grandpa !! Still knitting or working with your wool as well as your genealogy work? I probably need to go back to working on that. So much to do and I wish I had more $ to go to Ancestry.com.

    Blessings to you and all,
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a long Vigil Mass yesterday so didn't go to church today. Some went both days but are much youngerthan I with few health problems and no company coming. it was beautiful though with many coming into the church. Got home close to midnight.

    Julie - Hope you getting to feel better real SOON !!!!! Glad you are at least getting some help. Hope you get to rest sometoday.

    Our son came this afaternoon wne we had ham, green beans, bake potatoes and corn with apple pie - probably the highlight of his day. Although he does love ham. Not much of a veggie lover :)! He even stopped to show us how to scann from our computer. He is a computer guru and knows an awful lot about them but often goes so fast sometimes we find it hard to keep up and understand. However, this time we took notes and I think I can now do it myself. He had to do something to make the computer compatible with the printer/scanner since we had gotten a newer scanner. We also spoke to our daughter who wanted us to come to her house for dinner.

    Looks like our DGD is pretty close to being accepted to U of TX as a transfer student. Her other grandparents will be thrilled., I know, since they both graduated from there. For some reasons she wasn't as happy at U of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa as she thought she would be. Hope it all works out.

    NIce to see Elaine, Georgia, and Rock. Hope more MIA's will come by soon too.

    Spring Water - Missed hearing from you for awhile. Not sure if I missed your post or not as I have been rather an of and on reader/poster lately.

    Love and big huz to you all,'
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to line dancing this morning so didn't really get a whole lot done . I really need to go and see if I can study my music that we will be doing this coming Friday night at Chorale Society. I hope it works out OK. The music is sometimes a bit confusing and repetative although it is very pretty. It is different and hope the audience likes it. Will go look at it after I finish this and play the CD along with it. Then we will be finished with Chorale till Mid August or so. That will be a break for me. We do our last small show for awhile tomorrow at a local Baptist Church's Sr. group. Actually one of our singers belongs to that group. We will have about a month off as the director will be on a cruise. That works out well for me.

    Julie _ I am worn out just thinking about you being to pooped to participate in much of anything. Wonder if it is viral or FM, CFS or combo. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you can get some rest but I know everyone will be so happy when David is home to stay. So hard for Lindsey to have to get help all the time with those babies. I still consider Lorraine a baby, but jus tone that walks and talks :)!!

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK and pop in again soon, ELAINE too.

    Nice to see Georgia too. Guess she is just being a very busy beaver.

    Frieda - miss you on the Porch too. Hope you are feeling a little better than you were. Must be hard to keep the Porch and Lounge straight so you try and stick to one of them.

    Spring Water - Missing you to my young friend. Hope thigs are doing OK or holding its own with your family and brother.

    Need to get outta here for while. So much to do and need to check on my music for this week coming up - not the easiest.

    Love you all,
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - great to see you open a new porchlight vol. you know
    how much you hv been missed. Hope you will soon feel more
    spry and be able to be up and about more.

    Granni - good to hear about your line dancing and meeting son
    and daughter.

    Julie - i never got around to making devilled eggs. really must
    try it. hope the chiro was able to knock a few kinks out of the
    bones and joints.

    and your family is on the mend those who were ill.

    Ive been really busy, lol, i guess you all guessed that. brothers
    CT scan is neither good nor bad. and we hv now adopted a new
    line of treatment, ayurvedic meds via tibetan doctor. it is as
    expensive as a cheaper chemo so hoping it works.

    niece is under observation in psychiatric ward and hv been to
    visit her three four times. yeterday first went with brother at
    8morn to meet ayuvedic doc, then came back. then went to
    centre to maybe meditate and get some mojo back in me, didnt\
    meditate but got some mojo anyways by talking to some friends
    there, then went visited niece and stayed with her. lots of
    patients all worse than her.

    then came back.

    came and opened computer to find an email from nephew he is
    stressing, his mum is telling him to get his sister out of the marriage
    and look after her. what a stupid woman. get out and bring her back
    to what? she is out of country working as au pair. so doesnt know the
    details. thinks her daughters husband is to blame totally.

    told nephew to look at situation from all angles. as objectively as possible.
    his sister is to blame for all this. mostly.( the husband is guilty of giving
    in to temper and raising his hand on her. have told him to go in for
    psychotherapy, both he and his wife.)

    even given her medical condition. told him to concentrate on his
    studies and present exams. and to focus on finishing his college
    and getting a job. then he can decide what to do with his sister.

    ive applied pranic healing to myself (making auric shields and stuff) and
    am feeling stronger than i normally. very calm and more energy.

    but i do need to straighten up the house a bit. very untidy and dirty.
    due to me going out a lot.

    take care all

    God Bless

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Though it seems like a lot are missing :)

    and it's just Julie n me for now.

    Granni - must hv been tiring down at the church
    performing for Easter.

    Julie - how I wish you were not getting so
    ill. Really seems like the stress of past year
    or two had been building and burst out
    like a dam now.

    Good to hear about the young Amish people
    and their project. I love to hear about the young
    ones doing productive things instead of being
    on their computers and laptops and iPods what not.

    Hope David does not get deployed elsewhere
    now. I'm sure they all are praying fervently
    for this, Lindsey, kids, his folks.

    Been hectic. Yesterday gave myself a break
    Did not go out not did I visit with niece
    but tried to do EFT and etc. for my stress
    and tidied up a lil.

    But in evening felt very down. Strange since
    I had been resting mostly.

    This morn I got this craving to have Indian
    breakfast so locked up and hopped on to a bus
    to nearby. I was very on edge, nerves frayed,
    fearful. Had my b/fast and then decided to visit
    the meditation centre and was in time to do

    What a difference! All the fear, anxiety, nervousness
    was dispelled. Somehow my energy got replenished
    and I got energized enuf that I made the three bus
    changes required and went and visited niece after
    Buying her a snack.

    On the way I even espied a lovely pair of shoes
    (that I even had the motivation to desire them
    was a good sign) and found I had enough on me
    To buy them and I did.

    Niece was cheerful, if quiet. I guess she would be feeling
    guilty about what's happened and her part in it.

    Then I came home, a dust storm blew over us and
    all the people trundling in the old bus and the conductor
    cramming as many people as could fit in all squeezed
    like sardines in a tin...until a beleaguered passenger
    right at the back hollered "hey, if you don't want the
    bus to explode and scatter people in all directions stop
    loading more people now!"

    I got to my point before the bus actually 'exploded' heh, heh
    and walked about twenty minutes back.

    Yesterday the rain came down for a furious five mins,
    Not enough to fill the city's water tanks but enough to
    make my shoe flowers all droop their heads and be a little
    bruised looking today.

    Still we welcome rain. The city needs it so bad. My both
    brothers have been having to buy water for drinking and
    Washing, their neighborhoods not getting enough water.

    I hope the monsoon rains come soon this year.

    God bless

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I actually got back not to long ago from the store and getting my manicure and pedidcure. My toenails were so long and jagged even after my trying to clip them. It has been so long and had for me to bend down to get at them. My fingernails weren't to great either. However, with the armer weather starting up and our short trop next week I might have wanted to wear some sandals. Before the pedicure I would have had to hide my toes - just horrible looking. Not sure how long my finger nails will last but will try and do the dishes with rubber gloves. Sometimes I just have to do it no matter how much I have to pay. Of course during the winter my toenails aren't as important (to show off anyway) !! I have been thinking about getting my pedicure for months now :)!!

    Julie - Hope you are feeling a big stronger now and have so much help with your Amish neighbors children especially. They are such hard working people. Hope you don't back slide any, try and rest but I know that is hard with all going on at Lindsay's house. We got a night off from choir practice tonight but I don't think I would have gone any way. DH would be happy if I quit with all the hustle bustle of the holidays especially and he hates me driving along at night too. I don't really like that part either.

    Spring Water - So much happening with your family. Glad you got rejuvenated and got to visit your neice and bring her to get something to eat. I had to laugh as you spoke about your bus so full of people like sardines in a can :)!!! Glad you get yourself a nice pair of shoes too. Are they dressy or for everyday or what? Sometime when you buy something for yourself it picks up your spirits a lot.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling a little better.

    Hugz to everyone, including all the many MIA's. Looking fora Joan, Teacher, Gail, Carla, Elaine and so many others.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    They really were packed like sardines! Lol. But instead of
    the stoic silence or irate atmosphere in these situations,
    the passengers yesterday were a cheerful humorous lot,
    laughing and smiling at the smart alec comments going
    around, much was due to the happy young bus conductor,
    He was hanging out of the bus door coz of not fitting inside
    and yelling at people outside on the road telling them not to
    get blown off by the strong winds that were swirling,
    and getting in everyone's mouth and eyes, a happy
    young urchin he was, and his cheeriness infected everyone else.

    My shoes are wedges and open toed made of a sackcloth
    texture material I chose in rusty beige colour with a pale
    lemon colored shiny gauze rose at the tip hiding my toes partially.
    A good thing because my toes too look none too pretty at the
    moment. It's sort of sling back with buckle. And the part where
    You rest your feet are white canvassy cloth type with grey
    lines on them. Lol. A whole para to describe a shoe!

    And I'm running on inverter battery.

    This morning still very 'up'. And no aches no tiredness no anxiety.
    Seems like I touched and triggered some point in my body and
    its still activating the 'feel good' hormones. Strange. Same situations,
    Same everything. Totally different mindset and physical sensations.

    God bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Only have a little time to pop in so I could get back to my music. Tomorrow night is the performance for chorale and tonight the so called dress rehearsal. We don't change our dress but just practice with the children this time and the instruments.

    Julie - Sorry you were feeling badly with the detoxing. When I uppsed the GSE I don't think I ever detoxed. At least I didnpt feel worse. For me it was more prevention or to try and help the symptoms to decrease with a URI or whatever. i think it did help to decrease the onset of the URI symptoms.

    I wrote a short note on the Loungers thread if anyone wants to check it. I wrote a nice newsy one and it upped and disappeared on me. I wrote another but not to very long or as interesting. Actually I think I wrote a couple of them on the Lounge lately but not daily. Gotta run and try and study my music. I will be so glad to get it ovwer with tomorrow night.

    Love to everydobby,
  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I am a Music Teacher. My name on this board is "teacher". I deliberately shy away from real names because teachers have lost their jobs when their students find them online, hack into the teacher's account(s) and wreck havoc. Otherwise, I'm pretty honest about my situation.

    I have been away from the Proch in so long, I don't know if I'll ever catch up.

    This school year has been trying. I've been so drained when I come home, all I can do is sit. I have been thinking of you all though. Do not doubt that.

    Life really got hard in February. Dad went to the doctor becasue he was coughing a lot and hardly eating anything. Doc sent him for chest x-rays. She read them quickly and then sent him to ER.

    5 hours later, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was admitted.

    More tests revealed that the cancer had already moved to his liver.

    One week later, he had surgery. One week after surgery, he died.

    We buried him the last week of February.

    I will not bother you with the family drama. There was plenty.

    (I still say I should be a TV show. No one would believe me that it's real.)

    The situation now?

    Mom and I are trying to catch up on all the stuff we let go in February plus manage all the new stuff that comes with a death. I've missed so much school in the last two months, I think that I'm pretty close to the time I took with my thyroid surgery.

    Mom is staying with me. I don't like the idea of her staying in a two-story house by herself overnight.

    My house is only two bedrooms and Sister is in the other room, but my room is soooooo big. Sharing isn't a problem. The problem is that my room is a mess and that's forcing her to live out of her suitcase.

    I don't like that idea, but the energy level is totally down to zero.

    PLUS, my doc told me that I am diabetic and have high blood pressure. "Miss Delicate Flower" reporting for duty. The one medicine is making me sick. No worries. I have ANOTHER appointment in two weeks. We'll get this right.

    We have to fashion a new routine for our daily living, but it's OK. He didn't linger and he's not in pain anymore.

    One of our college-age friends is getting married next weekend. That will be lovely.

    Mom's birthday is the weekend after that. That will be interesting.

    Mom's anniversary and Mother's Day are a week apart. That will be VERY interesting.

    Baby will graduate two weeks later (we hope. don't ask)

    My Spring Concert is the week after Baby's graduation. Band Teacher will be out of town for something (can't remember if it's professional development or something with her daughter who is a high school senior), so I'll have the whole show by myself.


    I think that's enough for now. I've tired myself out just writing this. I'm going to shut down for the eveing.

    You all take care of yourselves.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I was so excited to see your post I ran and opened it! We are all so
    Glad to see you and to read your update.

    Pls accept my condolences on your dear daddy's passing. No wonder
    You have been away. So many things happening.

    Take care of your diabetes and high blood pressure. I'm glad your
    Mum is with you. It would be very lonely to stay in such a big house
    Alone. What a shock for all of you everything happening so fast!

    I don't know. I think about my own mum n dad and brothers and
    Yes, we had some great times but they also caused me so much
    Turmoil, I think I would rather stay alone and let them visit than
    Stay stay together.

    I mean I went on my own way, home school study work no
    Partying, no smoking, no drinking, no b/fs but here I am sort
    Of picking up pieces of a wreck that I became and it was dealing
    With their hijinks that made me so.

    Anyway Teacher, I know you will get through all this and life
    Things will calm down. Pls visit us when you can.

    Julie - try stay calm. It must be so anxiety inducing , these side effects
    Of meds.

    Granni - good luck for the chorale performance. When I go outside I try to pick
    Up a few weeds and think of you :) or rather you attacking your weeds
    In your compound.

    Yesterday stayed home. Morning and tidied bit. Fobbed off big brothers
    Attempts to come visit. I'm tired going down to see niece in those
    Rickety ole buses and my house work piles up. I've seen him earlier
    This week and we plan on going out on a long trip to this monastery
    For lunch too on sat, tomorrow so why can't he think about me and that
    I may be needing a break from taking him around to doctors and seeing
    Mentally ill patients with whom my niece is cooped up and think I too
    Need the space and time to recupe?

    My friends at the centre were telling me I need to cut emotional cords
    Tying me to my relatives, they're draining me of strength. That I can
    Step back a bit and not feel guilty.

    Anyway yesterday I went in the afternoon to the monastery down south
    Part to ask for prayers for my maternal cousin she is having an operation
    In India to remove fibroid.

    Then I came home and we made macaroni and mince meat for dinner.

    There's some labour strike going on in the company where my husband
    Has an investment and he was at this hotel negotiating. He rang me
    At eight pm saying he would be late but at 3am he was still not home I rang
    Him and they were still shouting in the background. Finally came home at
    Four am.!! Not easy to make a living is it?

    God bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I don't have time to really post now as DH will be home soon and will want the computer for his work. I promise to write more later on, maybe today or tomorrow. Still need to go study my music some more. The children are in our program this time and I remembered yoiu.\\I need to leave.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is almost lunch time so will have to go fix lunch very soon but just wanted to come and say HI again to Teacher. So glad you came back to visit. So sorry you were having so many problems at ones. One at a time is bad enough .

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. That is always a sad situation or should I say most of the time it is. Some people have ha problems with their parents and sometimes have very mixed feelings. How old was your Dad? It is sad no matter what and I know very hard on your Mom. It is stressful I know having to take all that time off from work and all and that makes it so much harder at work for you. I didn;t attach to the volume so I can't remember everything you said other than your dad passing and your MOM staying with you at nights, That can be stressful too when you also dont feel that well yourself plus all the goings on after your Dad's death, and before too.

    So glad to hear from you and hope you can visit more often to maybe help take your mind off things for a bit. Of course having your mom their at night may take some of your time too. Hope you can takea nice break after school lets out for the summer.

    Do I dare ask how is Baby doing :)!! Hope things are going OK for her as well as you and your family.

    Spring Water - Yes, I was just out pulling weedings or more like overgrown ivy. Now I need to clean up , curl my hair put on makeup and maybe will have some time to go over music for tonight. Will be glad when it is over with and can have some kind of a break. You certainly have your worries with your famiys problems.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and all the babies too and Lindsay. What a busy household !!

    Need to go fix lunch right now. Will check back when you can. I know you will be happy to hear from TEACHER as we all are.

    Love and hugz to everydobby and all our MIA's. So glad to hear from any that come back safe and sound. Or should I say more of less sound :)!!
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - good to hear the young people came and tidied up.
    such a productive and wonderful way of spending time.
    helping others.

    Must be so irritating to get those calls regarding supplements.
    fortunately we dont hv those salespeople here as yet.

    I hope you getback on an even keel soon and you begin to feel
    better again.

    Yesterday was hectic. I went to the meditation. but only did
    some exercises. since i had to get back home and get ready
    to go to nieces opening ceremony. she has started up her
    own office at last of an interior design. very nearby her own
    home. she just invited family members the closer circle.
    and a few friends and there still were like 20.

    uncle and aunt did the prayer ceremony, lighting incense n

    then we all were taken to this restaurant on other side of town
    and had dinner. she opened a bottle of champagne too.

    this morning i am taking my family (siblings and SIL) out
    to a monastery and lunch.

    kind of mostly for elder brother.

    i dont feel too tired. hope this lasts.

    you all take care.

    God Bless
  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Concerts that require hair curling and make-up! And children singing too!

    Lovely young neighbors cleaning the house and yard!

    Pulling weeds and opening ceremonies!

    Sounds like y'all's real busy!

    Hope you're having fun.

    Today brings me closer to the end of Spring Break. School starts again on Monday. Bleah! hee hee hee hee

    Seriously, I don't mind going back. The sooner we go back, the sooner we're out for summer.

    My dad was 78. He had 3 girls, 1 boy (pre-mom), 3 granddaughters and 4 (or is it 5) great-grandchildren.

    He retired from construction when I was in high school and then again from being a night custodian.

    His goal was to raise his girls to be able to take care of themselves. He succeeded.

    I can't really say what I'm feeling right now about him being gone. He had developed Parkinsons and was also dealing with dementia. Watching him deteriorate was terrible.

    He was six feet tall and around 250 pounds before his health began to go. He was stooped, shaky and frail by January.

    A friend reminded me that I had predicted that he was dying two days before his doctor appointment that landed him in the hospital. Before we knew what was going on.

    He told me about 4 days into his hospital stay that he wasn't going home.

    I gues, I was ready? But, then again, are you ever ready?

    I'm glad he didn't linger. I'm glad he was able to go without being hooked up to pain killers.

    I told him to stop fighting. His girls would be able to take care of themselves. His girls would take care of his wife.

    (course, i slipped and said his mother first. by then my brain was gone. i told him if we were taking care of his mother, there was going to be a serious problem since she died in 1978! hee hee hee hee we all had to laugh at that!)

    I told him that it was OK to go. His oxygen level dropped more.

    I called Out-of-Town Sister. When I hung up the phone, I told him she said good-bye. He was gone 20 minutes later.

    He looked like he was asleep.

    Baby finally made it to the hospital and after she said her good-byes, I hearded everyone back to my car and took them home.

    I haven't had an opportunity to think since. I can't because I've been trying to keep folks from rushing Mom to sell the house, get rid of his clothes, etc.

    I know folks mean well, but she can't focus right now. 52 years of marriage can't be gotten over that fast. 53 if you count a year of dating.

    Paperwork seems to be all caught up. It's just the house and stuff left. I figure we'll get to it when we get to it. No hurry. 'Tain't goin' nowheres.

    Sorry for the longness. I guess this is the first time I've thought about what we've been through and I see that I'm on the back burner. (are we surpirsed)

    I've either tucked it away to deal with when I'm not so busy, or I truly am OK with his leaving, especially if it meant that his staying was going to be full of suffering.

    On a lighter note.

    Mom and I have had fun this week. We've been shoe shopping, to the dentist, had a "spa day" at her house (she has a huge claw-foot tub) complete with smelly stuff in the water, lots of naps and tomorrow.....dun duh duh duh.......it's supposed to be 60 degrees so I'm breaking out the grill!

    What a great way to end vacation!

    She has made a difference over here. The kitchen is staying caught up AND she's found my ironing board! Woo hoo!

    I just may have to hire her as my housekeeper!

    hee hee hee hee

    Youse have a good weekend!


    P.S. Baby is being a BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To all our friends on the Porch from your friends at the Lounge. So, is everyone on the Porch square dancing to Rock's calling? I'm feeling energized just reading it.

    Just wanted to stop in to say, "HI."

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in to say hi and will be busy today. Now that the performance is over I can concentrate on other things like our trip in a few days. Going to the TX Hill Country Wine and Wildflower event going in the Fredericksburg and beyond area. Beautiful area wish we could move there but to expensive for us retirees. Our eldest daughter and family hope to move there after the twins graduate H.S. SIL aunt already has a place up there.

    Thank goodness the concert is done and over with !! We weren't sure how audience would like it - very different but DH loved it and he said others he had spoken to liked it too. It was one of these you also couldn;t tell as it was a huge score and no one clapped until the end. Also didn't go to the after party as DH didn't feel like going and his leg/groin area has been hurting.

    Need to start moving and try and get ready for this trip. We are going with two other couples from hee and are going to meet up with another that used to live here.

    Julie - Now you need to rest after all that you did yesterday. Sounds like Lorraine was being a good "Big" girl yesterday on your jaunt together. Let others continue to help you for a change !!! Stay well !!

    SW - You need a little rest to my dear :)!! and also rest from worry about family members.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling better. WEe surely did miss you when you were gone. So glad you came back. Try not to be gone so long if you can help it !!! PULEEZE!

    Mikie - So glad you popped in. Wish we had one big gathering place like maybe to combine the Porch and lounge but don't know if others would like it or not. I figure more people to care about and chat with. Seems like so many have disappeared as from when I came years ago. Yep, how about a square dance? Even though it has been so long that I may have forgotten some of the calls :)! Have a wonderful weekend !!

    Teacher - So glad to hear from you again. Glad you and Mom are getting along and having some fun together. Sorry to hear that Baby is being a BRAT :)!!!

    To all I have missed and our MIA's too - I love you all .

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Glad to see that someone heard our prayers and now we
    Can stop worrying too much about Rock and Elaine and Teacher.
    What a relief!

    I mean it's was kind of soul hurting to not know and begin imagining
    The worst possible things.

    Teacher - I just love hearing about your family, and your equations
    With them, it's like this one roisterous, entertaining saga. Not to take
    Away from the sombreness of a beloved one passing, but you all seem
    To be holding up well. And yes, like many here, you seem to be the
    Glue that holds all of you together.

    I screamed with laughter at your comment about telling your father that
    You would take care of HIS mom. I couldn't help it, I'm laughing now as
    I write this. How can you be soooo funny? Oh dear. The tears have come
    With laughing so hard.

    Mikie - so nice of you to drop in....love reading your posts on the Lounge.

    I imagine your balcony and your friends and you sitting there, taking
    Tea and enjoying the sea breeze.

    And your furry friend sneaking in to visit and receive some TLC.

    Granni - have fun on your vineyard trip. And don't get too high on the
    Grapes, lol!

    Julie - it must be so peaceful, going to the lake and feeding the geese
    With your loved ones at our side. Den and Lorraine.

    Good to hear you had a good treat at the drive thru too. I admire that
    You make yourself get up and go in spite of however you are feeling.

    My brothers daughter is out of the hospital and back home.
    Relief. That ward was not the healthiest place for her.

    Yesterday I took my brothers and SIL to this other monastery.
    Than the one we had planned. I luckily phoned before going
    And found out they were not open to public so we had this
    Back up plan.

    Eldest brother loves this monastery.it is as huge as a big five
    Star hotel and is so well built and maintained. Manicured lawns
    Exotic trees, sculptures, artificial waterfalls. Walls and
    Walls covered with violet coloured morning glories, oh my!
    No entry fees.
    I mean to sit down and ponder one day about what was going on
    In the lead abbotts mind when he built it. Because nuns don't need
    So much cutting edge deco and the Abbott doesn't charge for
    Public entry which is only on Saturdays. They have to hire guards
    And hand out name tags for the maybe thousands who visit.

    And what does he get? It truly is a labour of love. On the part
    Of the Abbott with his vision, the financiers who pumped millions
    Of dollars I kid you not into it. I asked the young nuns manning
    One of the two restaurants and she told me there was one head
    Gardner and no one else, all the maintenance and work is done
    By the nuns themselves. Some of the nuns are so beautiful even
    Withd their shaved heads . It again made me wonder, did they
    Sign up for this life or did their parents bring them. They're just
    In their teens and early twenties.

    If it were the west, it wouldnt be so puzzling, because there all
    The public structures, are so vast, and well made, well maintained.

    But here, this place is like a heavenly abode compared to the normal
    Standards of the city down below. No wonder the people flock like
    Flies to visit. They cannot fathom the vastness, the beauty, the
    Planning that has gone into the building of this place. Having said this,
    I prefer the monastery down south on the other side of town where
    DH me and son visited on new years, it is quiet, dignified and has an
    Old world peace about it. And while very well constructed is not as
    Flamboyant as this monastery and it's grounds.

    The road leading to this monastery is small and steep and we got stuck
    Going downhill because of not being able to pass another car. The traffic was
    Blocked behind us and ahead of us for hundreds of yards. Stuck there
    Twice for about an hour and half . A stressful end. Motorcycles honking in between
    People scrambling. I have never seen anything like it.

    Came home after reaching brothers and rested.

    God bless