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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. mrdad

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    Yea Kids! I think we are gonna git busy again!

    (I'm still lookin' for a date for New Year's Eve
    But is is most difficult to find an attractive lady
    who doesn't remember being out with me before! Ya know
    what I'm sayin'?)


    P.S. PLEASE read all the contributions made to Vol. 62
    by our Porchie Friends. Too much fun and excitement
    to miss out on![This Message was Edited on 12/26/2006]
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes I saw that yesterday! But from the Pic, you looked

    like one of those ladies I mentioned! Sure we haven't

    been out together before??

    Just give me a "pickup" time. Think this could WORK!!

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I cannot believe that this is the second time today that I post right after Mr dad when he closed and open the next volume. I think it was Mrdad the last time. I guess we both posted at about the same time and yours went through first.

    Oh well, that is enough of that. I had better go to bed before I do something else I should do today. Hope SMG is doing well. Someone mentioned today that she wasn't at chapel.

    Bye for now.

    Warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I di my post in word and hit the reply answ it closed.
    So a little cut and paste and I'm on the right porch.

    Hi Ali go glad you have joined us. I would be Clara as Rock called me, but really I'm Carla or CK. There is another Carla here and she uses Carlanl. She is from the Netherlands. She is our resident busniess and computer guru.

    I, like you, had 21 teeth pulled in Sept. I am just now getting to the point where I can eat a real meal. I have full uppers and lowers. They are a improvment in my smile, but I would rather been able to keep my own. Chemo 10 years ago took it's toll.

    Sorry you had to go threw that at such a young age. You have a beutiful family.
    I have battled depression all my life. having a supportive family does make a difference.

    I am the single mom of 3 furrbies, 2 dogs Missy and Twila and Kitty named Smitty.

    I'm sure you will like it here. (whispering watch out for mrdad and his 2fers)

    Speaking of Mrdad- I think you had much more fun with the bubble bath with your old squeeze than I ever do with Twila. You are such a sweetie, glad you had a good holiday.

    Marta- sorry Sophie is a little under the weather. Be so glad you caught her instead of a dog. It has been raining for 2 days and the girls come home, well it's not pretty. I have to dry them off every time they come in. But when I told Twila I wasn't going to take her for a walk today she put her paw on my shoulder and buried her head in my chest, it's ok mom I still love you anyway.

    Jodie- Sounds like are not having any fun- i hope it all works out and you don't have to reschedule. You have worked so hard, you deserve a break. Tell the ex go f himself if he is so dang happy with himself. You just move onward and upward.

    Gilley- loved the charcoal undies, should have been done years ago. When I played pool in a league, there was an older gentlemen on my team, his name was Methane Joe. He would clear a room in 30 seconds. I think the whole team would have bought them for him.

    Linda- enjoy that massage, like Marta said lots of water before and after. As far as seeing me, if you had the DVD you could freeze frame it. In the movie if you blink you will miss me. When Nate Ruffin walks in a meeting as he is talking to the President, I was standing about 10 feet behind him on his left side, when he says " I aint't got nothing to say but they do" the camera flips and show the people in the back walk toward the window. That's it. It took all day to get that 30 second scene.

    But I had a great time and made some new freinds. An experience I'll never forget..because I bought every newpaper, recorded every tv show about it. I can not count on my mind alone,lol Sometimes I feel like Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates.

    Rock-glad your back have missed your humor- I hope you had a wonderful holiday

    The dogs are all curled up and aslpeep so I think I shall join them-

    Nity-nity all Carla

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Are you really back in the City being a Nanny? Or are

    you just "chewing on a can"?

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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you made me giggle for sure on the exhb. my sister told me that must've been one of his manic phases again.

    i am still hoping to get this surgery over with. i need to drink some more water set my alarm for 7:45. drink as much water as i can by 8 am. then call the dr. see what they say about surgery.

    if i need to reschedule then i guess that is what will be required.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody asked me if he could go out w/me on new year's eve w/my friend jet. and his gf. the gf's mom won't let them go to a party w/no parental supervision on new year's eve.

    well i told cody umm, i don't know if i will be going anywhere's this new years due to my elbow surgery. plus he is still too young to hang w/me. i like to swing from the rafters like a monkey. but the darn surgery may slow me down for a bit.

    well i need to take some more meds and drink water till my eyes float.

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    granni sorry to hear about your daugther and grandchild.

    then we have georgiac you were stunning in your recent pic. cutest smile i have seen in a long time.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just have a few minutes before we have to go pick up our grandson while school is out and mom was asked to work at her old job for a few days whenthey are short. He is the one with special needs - PDD-nos.

    Georgiac - WELCOME . I read your bio and it almost sounds like e. However, I was ust diagnosed about 10 months ago after having CFS/FM/ CMP for over 20 years. No one knew from notheing then and not just a little bit more anyway. I would love to hear more from you but have to run now.

    Good morning to all. Mayvbe I can get back to you tonight. Have a wonderful and warm day !! I am chilly here in TX at 8 AM this morning - 30 degrees or so. Was hoping to bring Corey to the park. Maybe later in te afternoon when it warms up.

    Hope all iw well.

    Love toy all,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  10. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I hope everyone had a good time and are recovering well :)

    Marta I'm so glad to hear your son is better!

    Jodie I hope you were able to get your surgery over with and are doing well. I'm thinking of you!

    Joe I'm glad you had a good time with the ol' squeeze!

    Carlanl thanks for the card and I hope you had a good christmas - I watched a Christmas in Europe program and it looks like you are a bit less 'commercial' there. One can hope anyway!

    Well, now I've forgotten what everyone else said. Dang.

    I had a pretty good Christmas, the kids made out like bandits as usual and I did pretty good myself! I got a really good woodburning set and a small light portable vacuum to use in my room - very handy since I can't handle the big one.
    We went to my mom and grandmas house for dinner and miracle of miracles my brother turned up straight and sober. A big relief since the last Christmas he showed up at 3 years ago he was so messed up he kept pitching forward and crashing full length on the floor and screaming obscenities. Nice.
    Hopefully he as got his life straightened out at long last.

    Well, off I go to ferret out some leftover goodies - can't stop 'till ther're gone ya know!

    Love to all,
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just came from having an MRI. It took months of phone calls, and scheduling and rescheduling. Pretty much anyone who got the near the project was stunningly incompetent.

    The dr's office scheduled the first one. Didn't notify me of the appointment till 3 days after the date in question.

    The second one was scheduled to take place in Los Angeles (where I live) by a firm in New Jersey. When I showed up I was told I didn't have an appointment.

    The young lady who told me this had participated in the 3 way conversation w/ me and New Jersey 4 days earlier. I asked her if she was new at the job. She said, "Yes, why?"

    The 3rd appointment was for last Saturday. An hour before I was about to leave the house I got a call asking if I wanted an open MRI. Of course I have been saying this is what I require for some months now.

    "Well, we don't do open MRIs on Saturday. We'll have to reschedule."

    Today I went and dealt with a young gal who was also on her first day at work (apparently). At one point when I asked her about something, she said to me, "I don't work here, you know."

    You know the old saying. You can't argue w/ ignorance or stupidity. I wonder what the odds are that the results of the test will actually be sent to the right address? Not too good, I suspect.

    Jodie's surgery is scheduled for today. Certainly hope her procedure goes better than mine.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Riddle answer: ton...not.

    I think my son told me that some decades ago. I cerainly didn't figure it out.

    We are having a rare, cool and rainy day here in Los Angeles. Both Huckle and Charlie have come in to get warm.

    The good thing is our sky. The smog is washed away and it is blue w/ white clouds. Could be the Mid west. A refreshing change from the usual pewter color.
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just stopped by to see how everyone faired the holidazes.

    I found out my half sister, she is 16 years older than me, is coming to town this weekend. Our aunt had to be put in a nursing home because her daughter is also too sick to care for. My aunt is in her 80's and her daughter is in her 50's. I feel for them. We are not real close, we use to be but that is a whole other story.

    Ali- I greeted you earlier in the thread, we have something in common. I have no idea what the riddle means, I'll have to ponder on it awhile.

    Carlanl- I stopped doing glass for awhile after I broke 3 out of 4 peices I just made. I did post a pic of the one I gave my mother for christmas. One of the squares cracked as I was soldering. But mom won't even know it.

    My current project is making my own door frames and baseboards out of knotty pine boards. I ripped them, planed, sanded and stained them. That is the last big project in my house. Imagine a 1500 sq ft house with not one baseboard or door facings. I wanted real wood so I have had to live with it until I could do it.

    Georgia-good to see you-loved your pic, watch out for cans, they can be hell on your teeths.

    Jodie- I hope everything went well. You will have to have Cody type for you to let us know how you are

    Well, break time is over- back to cleaning. I just found out last night she was coming. I have totally let my house go because of the baseboard project. So I have been cleaning all day and now need to fill in holes with wood putty and give a quick final coat of poly.

    Hope everyone else is doing well- Carla
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a busy day. Up bright and early to go pick up grandson Corey before his mom went to work. Then we came home for awhile and after lunch we went out to go to the park. It sure was windy. This morning it was COLD so I was not about to go to the park, esp since the poor kid didn't have a heavy enough jacket on. I may have to go tomorrow and get him one and one for his brother who is in daycare during winter break. Poor mom is living on a shoestring and her x is playing games with her and the child support too. Corey had fun at the park and by that time it was almost time to bring him to meet my daughter.

    So, I finally got back on the porch !!

    Aligrace - Thanks for the potato soup !! I never have made it but my mother used to quite a bit and it was delicious. Do you have an easy recipe ??? Sorry you are feeling low, in pain and not to coherent. I know about all of that !

    Froggy - Glad you got a small lightweight vac. I need one of those. I used to but I ended up giving it to my daughter when her regular one broke down.

    Rock - I cannot believe that it took 4 times for them to get your MRI schedule correctly. I know things go wrong and they have to me also but geez, that is awful !!

    Carla nl - Thanks Carla for reasurring me about SMGs' wrath (-: !!! I just couldn't believe twice in one day - good grief !!

    Georgia - How are your teeth with all that can chewing ???(-: !!

    Jodie - Hope all is well with you and that you had your surgery. Have your figured out what you are doing yet for New Yars Eve??? and Cody?

    Linda - I hope you survived your pot ouck gathering !!!!! That must have been something else, was it last year that you were talking about before.

    Marta - Hope "Soapie" is feeling better and you too.

    Mrdad - Have you found a date yet for New Years Eve? I doubt if we will be doing much !!

    Gilley - Have you found those charcoal undies yet??

    I love you guys, you help me forget some of my problems ( at least for awhile anyway). Isn't that what this porch is all about ?? !!

    Warm Hugs To ALL,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my hand is swollen. arm in a splint. i guess i get to take it off in three days. have appt on jan.8th. cody was a very obsonant teen. he wanted to drive my old bat mobile car.lol i wanted to take my new car. well it was a verbal battle all the way to the hospital. i sat in the waiting room crying from the mean things he said to me. i wished i had father to knock the his mouth. i told him that at the time. he said go ahead i'll call the police on you. i said i can't cause i need surgery in an hour.

    he was cursing...hope he doesn't turn out like his father.

    well anyways. he did pick me up. i made it home after i sat at my friend's restuarant for dinner. then i went over to her house across the street. had a glass of water/lemon in it.

    then my other friend drove me home w/her cute little 8 year old daughter.

    he dad did call and ask about me. but cody didnt tell me that. i called the ex up and said thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers.. he said ugh? i said you didnt get them for me.lol he said no. i said oh that must've been some other guy.lol

    i was fricken w/him. he sounded a bit tipsey on the phone.

    so i am typing sort of one handed here. i have soem coke and a peppermint pattie for the gas. which thank god seems fine.

    i got my blood results. i am not pregnant. wow no little kidos for me. i cant have them anyway. then my closetrol and sugar were just fine.

    i can't wait to join my old gym again. then i will go there and read on the stairclimber or treadmill. i will only be able to do lower body things for 12 weeks. but summer will be here before you know it.

    if i have to take a break from school then i will. hopefully not.

    thank you everyone for your support.



    i hope all is well w/everyone on the board
  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Annie here, trying to catch up with y'all.

    Jodie, wow, take it easy girl. Everyone else, I cannot recall now who said what or had what but know my sympathies/joys were right with you as I was reading, I just forgot as I come to write you all..................

    I am tired after all that cooking and entertaining, but I will tell ya won't be doing it again. I basically just was serving and saying little to nothing. People enjoyed themselves, but Boy in the end I went and changed into sweats to drop the hint the party was scheduled to end at 5.00pm!

    Our 15 year old cat had surgery that day to see to gum problem and 4 teeth out. He is doing just fine now, even eating hard food.

    Just got quite the blow as Dan's parents have always made it clear that for me giving up my retirement income and career to take care of him, plus the fact we came to live here (where taxes are high and school district not great for Danny) specifically to help take care of them-well, they have always said what our inheritance would be. I have never really trusted this, as my dad always used to say, "If people have money that is truly intended for you, they will give it NOW, not when they are dead." To be frank, we have been counted on this being the case. Today, they suddenly announced that they are giving all the money to a local organization to "buy in" for long term care and we will be geting zero. As one is nearly 90 the fact is the organization may do pretty well out of this deal.

    I don't care what people do with their money but in this case, the promise was always made and now they have pulled the rug out from under me, as I sold out my future and stuck by their son, using up all of my IRA savings.

    Any advice here? I feel like shutting them out, as I feel they have been deceptive. There is a history of them manipulating me for their own gain. Why am I feeling so hurt?

    Love Annie crom
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry I haven't spent much time on the Board since Xmas,

    but the "OLD" Squeeze just wore me out!! My back

    still hurts from having to bend over every five mins.

    to help her find the soap she kept loosing in the Bath

    water! Oh, well, the sacrifices a guy has to make some

    times for a friendship.

    Gonna meet the Son for lunch a bit later but wanted to

    say hello to all. I have been reading all the Posts and

    it seems most have had a good Xmas. Sure that many are,

    however, tired.

    JOdie: Hope you are recovering well from the Surgery!
    Anne: About the In-Laws, it's the old saying about a
    "verbal agreement" isn't worth the paper it's written
    on! If I were you, I'd be seriously thinking (and quick-
    ly) about ascertaining some legal advice. Make and appt.
    with Legal Aid in your community for a starter. At your
    In-Laws ages, "the Undue Influence" legal aspect may well
    come into play. As you know, I'm in a continuing process
    with my "cognitively impaired Sister" an a sleezy BIL!!
    How can an organization, in all good conscience, be a
    partyto such an agreement? I'd even have an attorney
    send them a legal document threatening legal action if
    they continue to pursue that avenue.

    I'll be returning to this later with you as I am in total
    empathy!! Your Friend, JOE

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    passing along i ttyped too much so i will trying to put a stop to that. hand foreamr sore. so i may need to hook up my dragon natually speaking.

    that is pretty much all. i need to call up marin housing authority and let them know that cody's bedroom still hasn't been fixed. and what should i do?

  19. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    My heart goes out to you. I understand more than I want too. My in-laws added to everything else that has happened recently has been one of the reasons I have not felt like being on the board.

    Why do people (like you) that do the "right thing" get *#&*+*%? My situation is more in line with mrdads. I have a special needs SIL that is now in a group home. I love her and she loves me. Her sisters promised that she would never live in a group facility. Her Mom has been dead for 12 years and they have not taken her to their home even 1 time or taken her anywhere at all. She was able to go to her Dad's for weekends until recently he was involved (his fault) in a head on collision which was his 6th wreck in recent months. He has had to be put in an assisted living home of which he hates. They or he calls me or my DH on the average of 3 times per week and he ends up in the emergency room...mainly for attention.

    My husband's other sisters, of whom he just disowned totally over the Christmas holidays, are the lowest of low. They have hurt my special SIL more that anyone can imagine. They have told so many lies. They promised us & my special SIL they would keep keep her at Christmas. By the time it was 3 days before Christmas, it finally came down to they may get her for a couple of hours and drop her off with her Dad at the assisted living/rest home. She was not to go to their home. They hurt her so bad. These are the sisters that helped themselves to the majority of Dad's money before I found out what was happening. We ended up changing all of our plans. Anyone with a heart and feelings would do that. We had her at Thanksgiving also. If able (or not) I talk with her nearly every day. She does not understand that talking takes my energy.

    I don't really know how this applies to you but I want you to know that I don't understand any of these people and I guess I'm glad I don't. My DH has so much on him and these people are crazy or just sorry.

    Did you remind them of their promises or would it matter to them? If you had taken care of my son and grandson, I would give you the world if I could.

    I'm so sorry Anne. Thanks to listening to me. I am so hopeful that they will change their mind. All of you deserve what was promised to you. What happened to integrity?
  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Volume 64 is open. Please read 63.

    Thanks everyone!