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  1. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Welcome everyone. It's been awhile since I started a thread.

    I was responding to Annie Cromwell and realized my post was #30.

    Please review Vol. 63.

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    1sweetie, yes I recall this situation, a lot like Joe's too. Why are people such sh...s? Beats me. I ama so sorry we all go through this as each one of us would never act that way. Maybe p[eople who get this dd are all kind people who get hurt a lot, who knows?

    Well they can go and rot, let the rich daughters drive in from their fancy ski resorts to visit them etc. I've been abused too many years. My heart really aches for Dan as they have never had much compassion about his head injury and the loss of his income and career, and really have never been that good about Danny, never spent any time at all with him when he was extremely autistic, and always do more and give a lot to their other grandkids. Danny is always left out. Even though I gave them all dinner here last evening(11), they will all be out eating out tonight never a thought of inviting me.

    One lives to learn. So see my post "Where to Live", want somewhere cheap with good hospitals/docs and autism programs and cheap golf. Any ideas????

    I have to read through all the porches I missed. I think the B12 (prohealth) is helping a little.

    Love Anniecrom

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just got home from Lunch wiff my Son since his return from
    Christmas with his Mother, Sister etc., etc. etc.! Any-
    way, I'm back for awhile!

    Sweetie: Glad you are back on the top step of the Porch
    as we miss ya when you are gone! Lola has been absent
    and was not feeling well the last time she checked in with
    us. Hope she is doing better now and will "arrive" soon.
    Many others also have been ill or too busy to be here.
    Dono is most likely so-o-o-o busy with the Catering this
    time of year that she hasn't been able to be here much

    Annie: The initial re-action is naturally to just "kiss
    them" off and move on! But, there is too much at stake
    here for too many years to choose that option! You have
    sacrificed too much monetarily ,emotionally, and physical-
    ly to NOT hold them to the promises they have lead you to
    believe were "in stone"! Look into "legal" options 1st
    thru legal aid as it is the cheapest in terms of procuring
    some quick advice. Can't 'member wether Dan has any sib-
    lings? Would be happy to discuss this thru E-mail if you
    are comfortable with that. Freddie and Carla-NL both have
    my address but it contains my real last name so I don't
    throw it around due to security reasons. "Ya know what I'm
    sayin'"? I would love for you to have it though.

    If nothin' else, I can send "Guido" back out to the "Right
    Coast" to take care of the problem!! Oh, "not yet Guido"!
    I turned around and he was already packin' his bags!

    Jodie: Hope you will be able to do some New Year Eve
    parties Sunday Eve!

    Ali: I'm gonna try your recep. next week. Being 3/4
    Irish I love potato soup! Yes! You're 'lil Blonde one's
    are beautiful! Just think! They were most likely just a
    few genes away from being "redheads"! (Don't tell Hubby)

    Marilyn (Cookie): I beginning to think ya just plan that
    last Post so you will be last "but not least"! I believe
    the Porch Posts will quicken up now that the Holidys are
    comin' to and end for awhile! I still have not seen every
    one yet to give greetings and gifts to personally! Hope to
    see my two Buddies across the Bay tomorrow night and bring
    them their presents. They are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2. The 'Lil
    ones call me JOEJOE.

    Gotta take a break but will get back in awhile as I wish
    to say hello to the Carla's, Rock, Linda and all!

    "See" ya later,

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Charlie is helping me w/ this post by lying in my lap and purring. Occasionally he starts kneading his big claws. He is the cuddlest cat I ever met.

    MrDad, if your friend is the old squeeze, does that make you the Old Squeezer? I guess that's better than being an old Geezer.

    Carla, did I call you Clara? Well, what can one expect from the mentally impaired? I just ordered a gift on line. When they sent me a confirmation I see I made a typo in the address. And I was so careful to proofread too.

    Marta, I hope Sophie's condition is improving. Jo Codert
    wrote a book about 7 cats. There was one that never warmed up; always fearful and timid because of its early mistreatment.

    Ali, your potato soup looks good. I think I will skip the pepper. Norwegians don't eat anything spicer than mashed potatoes.

    My mother made chili once every month or two. She had the same little tin of chili powder her entire life.

    Linda, nice picture of the Falls. Is that dark speck you in a barrel?

    Georgiac, are you going to the Mary Poppins Nanny School?
    One of my favorite movies. Kinda sad that Julie and I, once so young, vibrant and beautiful, should now be old and ugly. Well, one of us is.

    Gretchen, are you going to take up woodburning? Hadn't thought of that for years. We had a set when I was a kid. Used to make ugly pictures. Never got near the thing that I didn't burn my fingers. Uff-da!

    Carla nl. Great Xmas card. Is the picture from Holland? Could be here.

    Annie, of course you feel hurt. You have been betrayed. You might want to discuss the matter w/ an atty and see if the theory of constructive trust applies. I don't really know since I never did any work in that area. Sweetie is right; families are frequently less than we like to acknowledge.

    W/ a wave to everydobby else including Marilyn and Jodie and Gilley, I'm off to do some errands.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Ali - First of all I have to go get all the stuff (esp the canned soups) for your recipe. It sounds great and it should be cold(er) tomorrow. However, I will be babysitting my grandson tomorrow and not to sure what the weather will be like to go shopping. Don't feel bad about being beat out by someone in posting . I do it quite often !!!!(-:

    Annie - Forgive me I will have to read the posts you made that you were talking about "Where to LIve". I have two grandchildren inc Corey (11) that I am watching these few days of winter break who falls within that spectrum . I also have a 2 1/2 yr old Zach who is probably mild to moderate. It is such a sad situation when they are left out, in many ways.

    How much B-12 are you taking? I am taking some but not extra that is in my packet of good vitamines. I think I still need alot more !!!!! Have you or anyone else taken the sublingual? I thought someone did that mentioned it awhile ago?

    Mrdad/Joe - Have fun with those little ones from across the bay tomorrow evening. The little ones are the most precious !I wish I could tell you that I planned it all to be the last one every time but I cannot say it is true. Just slow and busy I guess and don't always get to the porch and to post when I really want to do so.

    Hi also to Georgiac, Linda, 1Sweetie, Rock,Carla and Gretchen and anyone else that I might have missed.

    Hey does anyone live in the area that is either getting all that snow in Denver or in its path. We don't have to worry, just some rain and maybe some sleat, winds, etc. here in TX. It looks so COLD out there (on the TV) and I feel so sorry for them all. I know it looks so pretty when it comes down and everything is all white and pretty BUT I know what it can do as an x-NYer. However,that was many years ago !!No fun trying to get into your car, shoveling and freezing half to death. I surely couldn't hack that any more.

    Lots warm BIG HUGS,

    Marilyn (Granni)

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Reading your and Annie's posts, plus Mdad, makes me glad I am a only child. On the other hand I don't have many to count on but you can have a 100 people and still not get what you need.

    I'm in need of a nurse. I got a very bad cat bite today, more than one. Twila and Missy were able to get Smitten off the dryer because she swatted at Missy and she got it and took her to the floor. I'm sitting on the lew with me knickers at my knees and had to jump on the 3 of them get them apart.

    Twial had a death grip on Smittens neck and when I reached around to get Twila's mouth, Smitten got me in the right hand between the finger and thumb toward the first knuckel.

    She latched on and kept chewing and biting and I couldn't get my hand loose. Poor Smitten wa so scared she peed and pooped all over all of us.

    I finally got her and threw her up on the dryer and she jumped up to the other shelf where she is safe,

    I was so afraid to look at Smitten but I had so much blood on me I had to clean myself up quick because of infection.

    She didn't seem to be hurt, she was scared and mad, but she let me clean her up. I used mittens under latex gloves. My hands sweat alot using gloves so the mittens work great.

    When I cleaned the bathroom, myself and smitten, I tryed to eat the oatmeal I had put in the microwave just before I went to the lew. It is now an housr later. My armpits are on fire from sweating. I take my robe off and my armpits are really red went down to my elbow, same thing on the other arm. The gowm is one of those in the back you bring out to color or perm your hair.I had crap and blood sll over the floor. Within 15 minues the rash stated. I washed myself and put a nother robe on.

    I sit down to eat my oatmeal and felt I was going to throw up then I did. Sat in there for about fifteen minutes, I also had a sneezing attact at the same thime.

    Once I got the dogs out of the bathroom I felt like pepper went up muy nose, I bet I sneezed 20 time, mostly in the sink because I could get my wounds to stop bleeding.

    Could this have been a immediate reaction to a cat bite, I have beem readding the say it may take of to 3 days, but I found a pic that looks a lot like mine,the top of the hand is very swollen and smooth, there is a red rash that started in the armpit and goes down my arm.

    My hand is swollen around the knukles and the finger too,

    I am going to sneak out applitinies, a bottle of peroxide and toilet paper. I was going to get it myself but my 2 hour whirpool felt purty good.

    I will wait and see how it looks tomorrow. I have one puncter that is so deep, it hasn't stop seeping at all today,It is like to fliuds from thre sweeling are seeping out of this one word.

    The web area is were she got those bottom teeth in, She would just keep bitting because the upers were locked in the upper part of my hand.

    I have spent so much time with them in regard to Smitten, it works fine then Smitten will growl and swat, then we off.

    They are great dogs very smart but the cat is one I have yet to resolve.

    It may be obeindance school.

    Jodie0 get some rest while you can, then maybe you swing on a chandielir with a belt harness,,

    I am so tired, took my pills before I posted.

    Linda- when are your tests ? Hope your able to eat better,

    Gilly- I read a man lost his hand due to a cat bite- Have you ever heard of such a thing.

    Annie and sweetie- don't give up

    Rock- I forgive you for the name , I have been called worse.lol

    Mrdad- still looking for a date?

    Off to nity-nity-Carla
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  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla: What an awful day you had! Hope you are OK! Of
    course, keep a close eye on those wounds. Too bad we
    can't just "reason" with the aminals and have them get
    along. My Cat actually liked dogs unless he fealt they
    threatened him. But he was a kitten around German Sheps.
    next door and later a Pup we brought home. Those two
    were like Bros. The dog evenprotected him from other dogs
    when the ocassion arose.

    I know Mother must have loved her Stain Glass Xmas Pre-
    sent! You are so great at picking out the right compli-
    mentory colors! Try to relax a bit tomorrow and get
    healed, "K"?

    Linda: Had Xmas dinner at my SIL's house and her cousin
    who was there is a NUN. No, she didn't know SMG as they
    belong to a different rel. order. I asked her to lead us
    in "Grace" as it looked as if it was going to be skipped
    and she looked somewhat uncomfortable! Told her that
    normally I say thanks aft the meal in case it isn't as
    good as it looks! I've been around her before and she is
    sweet and unpretentious. Has been a missionary in So.
    Amer. for years working with the poor. Has lived with
    very little comforts for years. A nice lady!

    You asked about the Cal Earthquakes lately. They were
    here in the Bay Area across the Bay around Berkeley! I
    fealt two of the three and one was a "good jolt" although
    only a 3.7 on the scale! I'd been in quakes here at more
    than twice that magnitude and have watched the ceiling
    splitting over my head in a classroom in '56. Rock is
    over 500 miles So. of here so he would not have fealt it.
    Usually there is a slight roar as they occur! Both my
    Grandfathers were Fireman in the '06 Quake and Fire.

    When do you return to work? Don't know how you are able
    to do it all! Sounds as if that wonderful Family makes
    the sacrifices all worth while.

    Georgia: Thanks for keeping the PORCH neat and litter
    free. It's great to have "KIDS" that are clean and keep
    things tidy. Hope all is well in Cow Town!

    Rock: I'm looking out my window at "Twin Peaks". Ya know
    the Mountains John Wayne flew over coming into S.F. from
    Hawaii in that crippled prop plane in the "High and the
    Mighty". Frank Sinatra sang the theme song and did it
    very well. It is about two miles west of me but today
    with the naked eye could see about 1/2 doz. People walk-
    ing around up there. One guy was eating a ham and swiss
    on Russian rye, dill pickles, lettuce and red onion. I
    hadn't had lunch yet and it made me real hungry!! I
    was thinking that Gordon most likely makes those GOOD
    deli like sandwiches all the time! Oh Boy!! Hah??

    "ketch Cha later", K?
    MRDAD aka JOE

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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    she dressed me and then we had dinner a i had a drink, then the nice men picked up our tab.

    i got another man's number he is a boxing promotor etc. he is even 44 years old/ getting closer to my age.

  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's nice and cold this morning in central NC but will be in the low 60's shortly. The weather forecast is for slightly cooler temps and rain for New Years's Eve...my daughter's birthday. She will be spending her birthday at Myrtle Beach, SC on Sunday and flying to FL. to support Wake Forest University at the Orange Bowl on Monday. She is coming to visit me today and we will celebrate her BD the following weekend. She has always loved her BD's and thinks everyone celebrates New Years Eve because she was born!

    I want to officially welcome AliGrace and Georgiac. I'm so happpy to see you on The Porch. CK Carla, what a nightmare. I hope you are doing better...if not please go to a doctor. I'm still not able to write to everyone individually....hope that changes soon. My brain or body is still not working very well.

    Thanks to all for the good wishes. You guys and ladies mean a great deal to me.

    See you later.

  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks for your helpful advice, and Joe, you are right I should not just curl up as this is a sort of ENRON type twist. Rocky I will look at that item you mentioned, and Joe soon as I get my head together I will arrange to meet Carla.

    Poor Dan was ready to give up last night I had to sit up and counsel him for several hours, he was talking about "the world would be better off deal." Beware of belonging to a family of academics, where anyone without a doctorate is considered a failure!!! He was so depressed about this. The thing that gets me is that I have allowed his parents many years of pure freedom to indulge their passions for foreign travel, expensive ski trips etc. by staying with a very difficult situation, that frankly robbed me of any freedom, so this is why I hurt so much. I am not saying parents should be responsible for their grown children, but hey, if they are rich and promised this, then they should stick to it. His dad just wants to stay alive on life support if necessary until he is 100(he is 90 next year). Having seen my brother on life support all those months, he may learn that dying well after a full and good life may be preferable.

    So yes, I should persue some sort of justice for Dan, if not for me. However, his folks will now be going to their graves knowing the are despised, and probably out of total contact with us-they sure will miss all the meals I struggle to cook for them and all the chores I do, all out of my being a responsible person, unlike themselves.

    Sorry about your cat fight/bites. Make sure you put antibiotic cream on.

    Jodie, when do you get all your results? I sure hope they fix Codie's room.

    I am going to read best places to live answers now. Gee life can be a bummer at times. Glad I have true friends here as friends are far beter than family a lot of times.

    Love Anniecrom
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I certainly couldn't figure out that goofy riddle. However I did look on the internet. Found the riddle twice w/ the notation "We can't solve this riddle. Let us know if you can."

    Also found some references to the Bible and the Queen of Sheba and delivering a baby. Don't know if we can say much more than that here.

    All for the nonce.

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well, I did end up in the ER today. I was up from 3 am on in pain, I took 2 ultram and a zanaflex and not much relief.

    The first knuckle just throbs unless I keep it up, I did take some abx that I had left over from my dental surgery. I took them for a week andv had really bad tummy problems and my gums were better so he took me off of them.

    The redness the was moving up my arm was better after 2 doses. The gave me augmentin at the ER to take then and a scrpit I have to get filled after work today.

    I did find 2 places on Smitten last night where her skin had been punctured. Poor thing, she did let me hold her and she went to sleep on my chest, very unusal for her, she is not a cuddler. The only reason they got a hold of her was when she reached out to smack Missy, Missy got her paw and dragged her down to floor then Twila jumped in.

    I don't how two very lovable animals can turn so violent so quickley. So I guess I get the weekend off, it is suppose to be nice and I was going to work on my baseboards and finish some leaf clean up, ect.

    My hand hurts so bad, I can't even move my first finger because it is so swollen.

    Jodie- I'm glad you were ablee to get out. Hope your recovery is short.

    Annie- that is a d*** shame about your in laws. It seems the more someone has the greed they have. MY BF has hep c, she has been a nurse for 30 years. Her mother has money and never offered her anything. Just a shame.

    A car just pulled up and I am on my bosses computer, couldn't carry mine today. I hope everyone is having a good day. Looking forward to New Years Eve party, I could sure use a Buttery Nipple right now, lol, Carla
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - Wasn't the answer to today's riddle Bug's Bunny? Didn't he always finish off with "That's all folks" I think it was either him or Elmer Fudd. If someone else already guess I missed it all as usual !

    CK Carla - Wow that sounds like a really nasty bite and thta reminds me of when something similar happened to me.

    I was at my daughter's home quite a few years ago when she had her psychotic cat, Harry. I was just sort of petting him and all of a sudden he decided to nip me so I just said something to him in a not to loud voice like, Harry why did you do that, or some such thing. Well then, he got so pissed off (pardon my french or whatever it is) that he attacked me and both his front teeth and back locked into my arm.

    He bit me so hard I could feel all the nerves in my hand and fingers and he bit me much further up on my lower arm. Yes, it also bled a little but hurt for a long time. For the longest time you could see his teeth marks in my arm , both front and back.

    I am SO glad that you went to the ER and got meds for it. I was really scared but knew that he was a clean cat that had had his shots. So, I cleaned it really good, took OTC pain meds and also some antibiotics I had left over from some other infection. It took quite awhile to feel better but I watched it really carefully incase I had to go see the doc of more meds. Needless to say I stayed away from Harry on times we would go visit. They finally got rid of him, he was pretty old by then anyway when they were moving. He was not the only one that had had encounters with that touchy, psychotic cat. Has Smitten shown you any sign of "sorrow" or guilt? - I somehow doubt it. Hope it gets to feeling better really soon.

    When exactly is Linda's birthday? Are we going to have a party? I can do some singing and dancing if she would like. Although we haven't had our tap lesson in quite awhile since the place closed. We could have some entertainment or kareoke for some entertainment.

    Annie and Sweetie - Keep your chins up. I cannot believe that some people can be so cruel to say the least.

    Jodie - Glad that you have at least gotten a little break from school. You need and deserve it !!

    Went shopping today in a hurry with grandson Corey to day to pick him up some things that he needed and couldn't afford, a warmer jacket for he and his brother Jake with the leukemia, new tennis shoes and Biotics comforter and sheet sets. He was so excited. Then got a call from DH telling me to hurry back home cause him mom got a call from the daycare saying that Jake (5) wasn't feeling well. So, we went to drop off Corey to his mom so she could go and pick up Jake from the daycare. I just about finished shopping and it started pouring down rain. It rained on and off all the way there and sometimes very hard!! She had to drive into Houston and so hope that the weather wasn't worse there.

    Hi there also to Mrdad, Georgiac, Gilley ,Gretchen and yone else I might have missed (that is easy with my brain) !!

    Bye for now. Have a wonderful day and evening! Let me know if Linda is going to a party for her birthday.

    Aligrace - I promise to try your soup recipe it sounds so goo and really easy. However, with the run around today and the rain I did not have time to go to the grocery store. However, my mouth is watering for it. I probably would like it with some added Velveeta like you mentioned. However, my husband may think it si to much cheese. There is never to much cheese for me.

    Lots of warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry Linda,

    That was yesterday's riddle I think , definatly NOT todays. Could you please give me the answer . Somebody (Ali)else guessed Daffy Duck. Is that correct?

    When is your birthday . We need to celebrate if you feel up to it of course.

    More hugs,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Linda...I am thankful to say that my house is mold free but the room is still not usable. We are going to have to hire an attorney. It has been a gigantic mess. The room was painted yesterday and the carpet will be installed next week. The bills are close to $12,000 and we are having to come up with the money to date. Our homeowners insurance had told us to go ahead with the remediation and then decided they probably will not pay and it is under review. The contractor that caused the problem offered us $1,000. The hygienist bill alone with our discount was $900. Even when the room is finished, it will be weeks before I can use it. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and between the smell of paint and carpet, I will be very sick if I go into the area. We will move in more air scrubbers with charcoal filters next week to try to help with all the new chemicals we are putting into the house. It is the only carpeted area in my home. I really appreciate that you asked. It has been very hard for all of us. Just like the problems with my inlaws, there is just a lack of integerity now. What happened to hard work, honesty, family, and all the things I believed and tried to practice?

    So many on The Porch are dealing with others (especially family) that have no morals or good sense anymore. It would be great if we could just deal with normal problems for awhile.

    I've spent my energy talking about my problems again. Everyone take care and I will be back later.
  16. gilley

    gilley New Member

    Thank heavens you went to the hospital. Cats carry a nasty bacteria in their mouth called pasturella. Esp. a bite so near the bone could have been grave if you weren't on meds. Now you have to take it easy and heal. Hopefully the kittys will take a time out.

    Lets plan Lin's birthday! I will bring appetizers and alcohol if Ali's got the cake covered.

    Got to run, catch y'all later.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ali, if you pick old riddles it is highly probably someone will have heard them already. And the "4 legs in the morning" goes back to ancient Egypt!

    But I won't tell.

    As for people not recognizing Porky Pig, I was astonished. But then I thought about it. They gave up showing cartoons at the movies decades ago, so I guess it's understandable.

    By the way, Mel Blanc is buried right behind Paramount Studios in Hollywood just a mile or two from my house. On his tombstone it says "That's All Folks".
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I hope to get out and shop tomorrow so I can make your soup but need to know how much of all to buy. My question is how much does this recipe make? We love leftovers and exrra servings. Just give me an idea.

    Thanks alot. I was just thinking of that while in the show.

    Nite nite !


    Marilyn (granni)

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