Porchlight is on VOL.70 (Is CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids!
    P.S. Please read the valuable and friendly contribut-
    ions made on Previous Vol 69 by just clicking it on. The
    past Volumes are NOT deleted but remain in the archives
    for future historians and "acheyologists"!

    Am I still in time for Lynna's Pot luck? Who is in charge
    of bringing which??[This Message was Edited on 01/07/2007]
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  2. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Joe, you are hilarious! Glad your internet woes are fixed. I was going to bring hot toddies but it's too nice out for that. I decided to let you all in on my favorite drink. Care to join me in a Vodka and Cherry-Limeade ? Not very sophisticated but still yummy.

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Boy! That libation sure sounds tasty and refreshing! I'll
    bet it was beautiful down your way today. Just the kind
    of day one can sit in the Sun and partake of some relax-
    ation. 'Posta to be 64 here tomorrow so should be in the
    70's down there. You can put that "selectic" blankie a-
    way for a few hours. I use to like a Tequia Sunrise on
    a warm day also. A "Kaliphonia" Sunrise with Redwine
    and O.J on the rocks was a favorite of mind also!

    I wasgoing to the County Hospital about twice a week for
    a couple of years. Was real disappointed when bec. of
    "cutbacks" they eliminated the Cocktail Waitresses and
    Keno runners! Took all the fun out of going to the Hosp-
    ital. If ya know what I'm sayin'? Still have the pretty
    nurses though. They couldn't eliminate everything at once
    I suppose.

    I've been busy most of the afternoon contacting some of
    my "low friends in high places"! Attempting to obtain a
    Photo Opt for Rock at Disney World with TIGGER!! Shh--it's
    a surprise!

    "Talk" later, "K"?

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  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    for your kind words. Just lost another message to Jodie
    about her AARP solicitation! Also suggested that I'd be
    up to Novato in about an hour. I think I know where she
    may have misplaced her thermometer! Oh, NO!!!

    I just payed Juno for one whole year too! And that's the
    thanks I get? Should have donated the $$$ to SMG for the
    little "Pagan Babies". (They never delivered a one--did
    they Linda!)

    You know Linda, I lived about 40 mins from Reno when I
    had my Dinner House in the Sierra! Use to go into the
    Nugget in Sparks for "lunch", I told the Wife! One day
    I walked in the front door headed for the Restaurant. I
    passed a singer on a small side stage in a long dress,
    full head of hair and a black mustache! It was Little
    Richard at a time in the '70's when he was financially
    "down and out"! Fealt really awful for him! Never heard
    anyone say anegative word about him. Who couldn't like
    Little Richard. Think he just turned 70 years! Love
    the Geico commercial he does!

    Gonna Post b-4 I lose this!
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    And other Yorkshire curses, what happened to 69, I was only half way through 68, and blimey, here is a 69 is closed and 70 opened. Have to go read now see what you guys have been up to.
    Yikes, the in law situation goes from bad to worse, now we are told the only contact will be by mail as if it was we who were the harmers instead of the harmees. I give up.

    We watched The INterpreter last night and I thought Do as the Coo do, and save one's harmers, and so wrote a really sweet Christiam letter and boy was I slapped down. Think the time has come as Julie Andrews used to sing, to say goodbye to the in laws.

    Oh sad news, our uncle died, well he is my brother's wife's uncle really but he used to golf vacation with us over here in the USA from Britain and charmed people due to his large handlebar moustache. He was wealthy and has left my brother's wife a large sum, so that is better news for them. My poor brother has been taken off food again as his swallowing was not right, so he has been back with nothing even liquid by mouth for a week now, but cheerful about it as he can talk, and is determined to get his throat working so he can go back to real eating(if only mush).

    Visited alternative community of world renown today and decided it was all too glum for me, to pc too, plus it looked dreary and no one seemed that happy although it was a safe place for kids. Very expensive to live there though which seems to defeat the object, plus we thought they were failing to manage the land well.

    I am off to bed to listen to BBC (for a change) Love to you all.
    Lin I see gastro Tuesday and for some reason they booked me in ahead of time for the same both end stuff for THursday even though I told them I knew nothing about it. I think he must book a spot just in case. At least you will feel no pain with the Fentanyl for a while.

    Love Annie crowmell
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mrdad - Glad you got your internet woes are fixed(hopefully). It sure was quiet withoutcha. Just trying to make Lynna comfy and we were going to have a party for her tonight. Did you bring any food? I see my potato soup (of Ali's) is almost all gone already. I haven't seen Ali in awhile I hope she is sleeping finally.

    Lynna - that vodka cherry limeade sounds great. Thanks alot also for your kind words about my DIL losing the baby.

    Hi Lin and Gilley. I just wanted to check on the party. Looks and sounds rather quiet but the food is disappearing.

    AnnieC- Sorry to hear about your uncle passing away. Will be thinking of you too today. Also sorry to hear about your brother.

    DH is calling me so I gotta go. The party is rather quiet
    so I had better run. Don't dring all the drinks you guys.

    Sorry no time to really chat now. Maybe more tomorrow, dentist appointment and all.

    Glad you're back Joe.


    Granni (Marilyn)

  7. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Thank you for the pot luck! It was wonderful.

    Annie and Linda, hope your have an easy time with your tests this week. My sympathy to you Annie about your Uncle.

    Sleep well my friends.

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Annie C: Seems that someone maybe exerting "Undue Influ-
    ence on the IL'S attempting to physically separate you
    and Dan from them?? The new "caretakers"? Is it the old
    "divide and conquer" going on. Planting a negative cli-
    mate to enhance their own position. (??) Are the IL's
    cognitively "all together"? Just speculation on my part
    but wouldn't be surprized at all.

    Huggles to you and the Danny!

    Granni, (Cookie): You are 'posta slow down when we get
    older? Doesn't sound as if you want to do that though.
    If you have the energy, I know you must enjoy it very

    Ali: Hope you got some rest today! I'm confident that ya
    said a prayer for all of us at Church today. Thank you!
    Boy, that 'Tater Soup went quickley! It's gonna get
    made alot this Winter! Lot's of we Irish out here!

    Lynna: Bet we wore ya out this weekend! It usually is
    fairly quiet on the Porch but this weekend picked up alot.
    You will meet many more over the nest week or two. Glad
    "we" found you. Won't take long for you to get to know
    everyone in comfort.

    CK-Carla: Doing house keeping on my "note board". I think
    you are back from your stated absence Nov.3>13!! I'll take
    down the note I wrote to myself now. Give the "aminals"
    a Hug and pets 4-me!

    Marta: You and the Sophie should be fast asleep by now as
    it is late where you are. Have ya thought about my sug-
    gestion of a warm heating pad in the basement for her at
    night? Ya can open the door in the morning when YOU get

    Well, gotta make some tele-calls 4 it gets too late! I
    know I missed lots of Peeps on the Porch today! Hope my
    connect problems will be better on Monday.

    Nite-Nite to all!
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  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Now don't feel "obligated" to have to go back and read
    every thing Posted! Ya know, oft times People are away
    for long days or even weeks and are able to get back and
    read "between the lines" and eventually "ketchup" on what
    has been happening! When we are going thru a particular
    hard time, it is most understandable that timeon the Bd.
    and the Porch has to be limited. It happens to all of us
    from time to time.

    Your first priority of course is yourself, the Girls and
    your wonderful Husband! "K"?

    Hope you get and feel rested soon.
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Ali - So glad you are able to catch on some much needed sleep. You KNOW you need to do it or you will fall apart. That stress and worry of little Ameilia's problems I am sure is one of them, then add them to your helath and then bam your down. Sorry you missed the party for Lynna last night even though it was quick. All I saw was the food disappearing (-: ! I didn't see you so I made your potato soup. More later, hope youget to rest more today.

    Mrdad - I really wasn't running around yesterday, just churhc in the orning. DH had ameeting to go to and I was on the computer but then when he can home earlier than I expected I had to give him the computer for while and tend to some of duties around here. Today though will be a busy day, dentist in the morning and then singing at night starts up again for the chorale. Tomorrow is a meeting in the morning and singing in the after noon ann night . Tuesday has almost always been my worst day, since I moved here anyways. Still don't have that much energ but am busy doing wht I have to do .

    More later on. DH is back again and needs the computer. I wish we had two of them.

    Bye to all wil be bak later. Have to go to the dentist pretty soon too.l,

    Big hugs,

    Marilyn (Granni)

  11. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Hey Ali, just saw the pic of you and your girls. You are all gorgeous. Glad you got an appt with the Pain Doc. Wish I lived closer and could help you with the girls. Babies and children are very healing to me, my friends call me the baby whisperer, lol. Every time I start feeling better I think about looking for a part-time nanny job, but them bam......I'm back down again. Maybe someday I'll meet someone local with FMS/CFIDS that has babies I can play with :)

    Granni, you sure are busy aren't you! I'm beginning to feel guilty, I have been laying in bed with the laptop for about 3 days, only getting up to cook once in awhile. It has helped though, much less pain this morning. I guess I better get off my butt and get something done around here today.

    I'll check back in later, Hugs to everyone.
  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Lynna, I scooted over to the old Porch to see what you had to say about your cat. It sounds to me as if he's associating the litter box with pain and your bed with comfort. Could that be? Can you shut him out of the bedroom?

    Cats are very stoic animals but they do everything they can to avoid pain, including things like using beds for bathrooms.

    I'd call the vet and ask for advice. You can't be changing your bedding all the time. As dear, sweet people here have said to me, you have to come first.

    Good luck with this. It's a toughie.


  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Just a quick hello and welcome back to JoeDad. We really miss you when you're gone no matter if it's on purpose or not. The heating pad idea is a good one, if only Sophie wasn't afraid of the basement.... She zooooooms down to use the litter box (thank goodness) and zoooooooms right back up. I'd feel worse than I do now if I shut her down there.

    Linda, lost posts.... I hate it when that happens! I've learned that once I begin a message I can go back to reread the post but if I go back anymore than that, I've lost what I wrote.

    Annie, golly you're having a time in your family. I'm so sorry to hear that. Isn't it about time things turned around for you?

    Hello to Marilyn who dashed on and off the porch so fast I only saw a blur, and to Aligrace who's picture of her and her daughters I cannot see.

    Hugs all around,


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Marta - sorry I had to dash on and off before. When that happens I usually have either forgotten the time & have to be someplace or, in this case DH comes in & HAS to have the computer right away (usually to check his stocks of how much $ we are losing). I NEED ANOTHER COMPUTER !!!!
    You still having kitty problems? If she hates the basement so much couldn't put her and all her stuff in another room and close the door. Pick one the farthest from your room. Or would she just meow all night?? I don't know but you surely don't need a roaming kitty on your bed all night.

    Linda - Don't talk about lost posts. I have had lots of them -groan - talk about frustrating. I just screwed up again. I pushed the post message instead of trying to get back to the old volume I have gotten so smart lately and learn that I can click edit and I can get it back and finish it. I am SOOOo smart. Now all I need to master is how to close and start new volumes on the Porch - Groan !!! I jus wish that is I didn't know how to do.

    Ali - So sorry you had to wait so long to get an appointment with the pain doc. I know what you mean. I had to wait for months to get to see both my Rhemy and endo. Just try and rest when you can and take it easy as much as you can. I know how hard it is with little ones around. Glad that DH is a big healp and supportoive. It could be alot worse, believe me. Sorry you issed Lynna's party last night. I even made your potato soup that disappeared in a flash. Was going to make spaghetti and meatballs if you insisted on making your soup. Sorry you slept through it but glad you did get some rest.

    Mrdad - Hope all is well with you now and your internet service or whatever it was that kept your off from visiting us lately. It is really quiet when you don't show up to offer advice and consolation.

    Anniecrom - I hope things are started to get a little better for you. So much stuff going on. Hope you are feeeling well enough to handle it on. Stree surely doesn't help our situations.

    Well, not I really have to go and start to fix dinner cause it will take awhile to cook and I have to go out tonight. Chorale starts up again tonight. It is fun and very challenging.

    Big hugs to all, inc. those I have not mentioned, forgotten or have not visited the porch due to not feeling well or other problems.

    Blessings and hugs,

    Marilyn (Granni)

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Carla nl knows lots about computers. Sometime ago, a month or so?, she posted various tips.

    One was to avoid lost posts. Another was how you can keep reading messages and then respond. I think it involved a split screen. Anyway, I couldn't get it to work.

    What does work, if I remember to do it, is to write the post as tho it were a letter. Then cut and paste it to the message board.

    I am falling asleep at the keyboard, but about every 30 seconds there is the thump of a sledgehammer. For some reason that kinda jars me awake.

    The landlord says this happy thumping, etc. is going to go on for about 2 weeks. He is taking out the old porch (which is concrete) and putting in a new.

    There's a riddle for you Ali. When is a porch not a porch? When it's a pile of rubble.

    I can't afford a 2-week trip. I may have to camp out on our virtual porch.

    It's times like these I wish I weren't so cute. I mean I wish my hearing wasn't so accute.

    Somebody pass me a margarita and some earplugs, please.
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Marilyn, thanks for the ideas about Sophie and thank you for the understanding! At the shelter they have no idea why I would be having any difficulty getting used to her. (Although no one has offered to take a turn.) It's that same old thing of people just not getting the picture and is why I used to stay home.

    Rocky, here's one ear plug. Sophie plays with the other one. Can you hum loud enough to drown it out?

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    first off sorry anne for your families loss, it is never an easy thing to work through. hugs to you and lots of kisses too.

    joe. still can't find that thermomenter. i know where it isn't.

    linda you won 47$ better than nothing.

    rockgor i thought the happy thumping meant something else. sorry you have to deal w/it.

    now my status here on my elbow. saw the dr. this morning. he said i have to stuff packing in my elbow 2x a day. take it out before my shower then put it back in.

    i don't know if i can do it. my new male friend said he could do it for me. not sure about that. there is a reason i am not a nurse. i can deal w/mouth's but not cuts on the body.

    i may need to forgo classes next week. i have to see the dr on monday. the wound still w/not be closed. or healed.

    i may just take some really easy classes like abnormal psych and a career counseling class, just so i don't lose some time. or i may just to take the spring sememester off and start up in summer again. then go for my carpal tunnel surgery this spring and get that one out of the way. then maybe i can just feel almost human again.

    human w/ibs/fibro and etc.

    love you all
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Rock: Yea. The technique that Carla-NL spoke of in-
    volves exactly what you said. While 'typing the mess.,
    one can go back and check on the Post for what others
    have said by: Click the "BACK" button on under-left corn-
    er of the computer border. View message(s) you wish to
    review and when finished, hit the FORWARD button to the
    right of the Back button to return to the message you are
    typing. Avoid other function buttons until you wish to
    hit "Post".

    Avoiding long Posts is also helpful especially with "dial
    up" as I have! Have lost many 'cause it is "lost"!

    Marilyn "Cookie": Granni, tell the Hubby to get you anot-
    her computer of your own wiff his BIG stock earnings! I
    owned 200 shares of AT&T at the time of the "divestiture"
    about 20 years ago. I asked my "broker" if he thought I
    should sell the? He told me that he fealt that in Twenty
    years, AT&T would be back to controlling and owning all
    the "Baby Bells" again!! Wish I could remember his name,
    I'd pass it on to your Hubby, or give it to "Guido"? I
    sold my stock, but being where they were for 20 years, it
    was a good decision for that period of time. Life can be
    very interesting---if we wait long enuff!!

    Marta: I'm almost tempted to have ya put Sophie on a plane
    out to S.F. to live here wiff me! I'm all alone here in
    my condo penthouse and she could sit in the window allday
    sleeping in the slowly western dropping sun! Or, maybe
    YOU would rather do that?

    If ya left an electric heating pad in another room of the
    house, she would quickly discover it and maybe your bed
    would become less interesting?

    Glad that your Son is doing much better!

    Aligrace: Hope you are having a good day! I'm a bit con-
    cerned for Shannon and Bekah as well. Bekah has her at-
    tentive Husband for help, but it seems that Shannon's Dad
    as loving as he appears to be, is by necessity at work
    much of the time. Especiallly concerned for all you
    younger friends who must accomodate this illness into
    your lives. Love the Pic of you and the Girls! They look
    so-o-o-o sweet!

    I'll be baaaccck, later!

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  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Wow mrdad you sure got THAT one right!

    Oh, I see we have some new porchies I have not said HI to, so HI to the two newbies here. Right off I have BAD brain fog and have a hard time 'membering names.

    Rocky, sorry you have a pile of rocks instead of a porch.
    I know you like Fanny Flagg and I am reading her new book, "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven" - very funny if you need a laugh, where she gets some of her ideas from I'll never know!

    Things are turning around a bit-I am going to post to Wake separately about the great doctor I met today(she cannot keep up with Porch)so check in there if interested.

    The kitty problem. Well first, bless you for spending the money on that dear guy! He will be very sore and unable to hold his urine for a while, so he may just be having major mix ups-bit like when we get a UTI, cept he cannot make it to the litter box. Here is my suggestion. Get a few of those disposable litter boxes and place them all over. My bet is that he went for the dog blankie as it had a smell on it and it was closer for him, also your bedding, he may have dripped urine on it, or just the way he laid made a pee iminent. I had a kitty with this same type of issue a few years back who lost a kidney due to a thug kicking him (which is why all my cats are catio cats these days) and it was about three weeks before he regained control of where to pee.

    OO just remembered it is MOnday and the mystery is on BBC America and it is Julie Waters tonight (Educating Rita fame). That cheered me up.

    Hope everyone is now on the mend who was needing healing.

    Love Annie cromwell
  20. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Annie: Thanks for the suggestion of the extra litter box, that's an easy fix. I'll put one in my bedroom temporarily. Sure hope he gets better soon, another $20 on MORE abx for him today. Sheeesh.

    Marta: I hadn't thought about the pain/comfort thing but that sure does make sense. I knew you guys would have some good insight into this.

    Hello to everyone else too, I haven't had much time to play today. Had to go buy hubby a b'day present and then my 3 year old "rent-a-kid" popped in for an unexpected visit.

    I'll pop back in later if I can.

    Lynna aka sucker for a sick animal
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