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    Please read the many recent Posta on Vol 70 etc. as they
    are still available and deserve our attention and inter-

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    Well that's great Kiddies!

    CK: Sorry about your ill Friend. It is a so sad to try and
    relate on such a tragic level with one who was vibrant
    and involved in life. I've been through it twice lately
    and both Ladies were wonderful people!

    Hope you are feeling better tonight Carla and the "aminals" are settled out! It's like havin' three kids
    to supervise!

    Linda and Gilley: Lots of Nurses out your way! I certain
    ly have had some GREAT ones here in S.F.!! And pretty

    Yea. My sitting room looks West and the Sun flows thru
    the BAY WINDOWS all afternoon! Have an great view of
    Twin Peaks to the West about 2 miles away. But without
    binoculars, on a clear day, I can still see people walking
    around up there! Great view from up there of the East Bay
    and into the Central Valley for miles on a clear day.

    It was difficult for me to live in an area without hills
    in earlier years! Seems like one looses perspective and
    the concept of "space, time and relativity". It's nice
    to be back where one can look "down" on parts of the en-

    Guess you Girls must be missing the Snow abit? Sure it
    will arrive when you least expect it. In the Sierra,
    everytime I'd think Winter was over, another Snow storm
    would arrive.

    Well, gotta make some dinner soon!
    Talk later,
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    Ive heard of a movable feast. Ali, you've got a movable post. I read it in two different places.

    Thanks for saying I'm cute. Like a lot of people my age, I have looked at old pictures and said, "Hey, you know what. I wasn't so bad looking when I was young."

    But of course we didn't think so back then. One of the few good things about old age is that one doesn't care what one looks like. (Unless, of course, one is in the entertainment business.)

    Just got a Daedalus catalog in the mail. Can look thru and see if there are any books. Not that I would buy any, but the library will have some.

    Oops, have to take out the trash. "Be Back Soon" as the boys and Fagin sang in OLIVER.
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    Ali: Don't know how you found the energy to do such a
    long Post, but all I'm sure are glad you did. Did you
    know that Rock is originally from Minnisoda too! You
    may have seen a dusty old picture of him above the writ-
    ing table at the Post Office there!

    That was sweet of you to make that offer to Marta con-
    cerning Sophie! I pretty much left that open to her to-
    day as well. Hope things get better for the both of them!
    My Daughter has a sweet 'Lil Kitty and she is about three
    years old now. She is so small that she looks to be
    about 6mos.! Was a rescue from the Oregon Wet and cold
    but is very appreciative of her new love and enviroment.

    I talked my "Old" Squeeze into taking in a homeless Cat
    several years ago and is great company for her! I've had
    some great cats over the years. Everyone was different
    though as should be expected, as with children! Hope you
    are getting some painless rest tonight.

    Rock: Speakin' of Cats, have ya had that Photo Opt with
    Tigger down at Disney World yet! If ya know a good law-
    yer there may be some $$$ in that for you! Bad Tigger!!
    Now speaking of OLIVER, what happens when you raise your
    food bowl up to Gordon and say: "More Please". I think
    Fagan trained my boy "Guido"!

    Gonna watch the late News and see how the Donald and Rosie
    are doing!


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  5. rockgor

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    Who is three years old? Your daughter or the cat?

    You're going to watch the Donald? I've heard he looks like he's wearing a cat on his head.

    I have not yet read about the Tigger incident, but I have seen excited little kids charging into the cartoon characters. No malice, just exuberance.

    Once I saw some naughty little boys trying to step on somebody's feet: Pooh, maybe. Some mothers put a stop to that in a hurry.

    Now, would you please tell the jury when you visited the Minnesota Post Office in question?


  6. mrdad

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    When I wrote that about the Cat, I did notice that ambigu-
    ity! "Missed place modifier" I believe SMG would point
    out rather quickly!

    I use to play Scrabble over a phone answering machine
    as we each had a Board at are homes and would reach in-
    to the bag for the other persons letters to spell their
    word! She was a beautiful Nurse who lived a half block
    away, but also way too intelligent to come over and play
    Scrabble in MY HOUSE! Met her when I lived up North and
    by coincidence, she was from San Fran. and her former hus-
    band had attended the same High School I graduated from!
    Small world at times isn't it?

    Good nite my Friend!
  7. Marta608

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    Ahhhhh, I have tears in my eyes at your generous offers to take Soapie and I'll keep in it mind. JoeDad, you'd love her since you have no other anymules but you're very far away and Soapy would be terrified of a long airplane flight. Ali is closer and I could go with her but you have other pets, Ali, and young children as I recall (I still haven't seen that picture!) and Soapie has/had ringworm.

    I will pay to have her tested to see if she's a carrier as soon as she's completely well. Maybe I'll even get an offer from Michigan! You people are awesome.

    Last night I made the decision that I'd hang in with her until the new shelter here is built, then if I'm still not sleeping, take her there as a House Cat. She'd be treated very well and have lots of playmates, IF, since she's had ringworm, she was allowed to play with others. They're very conflicted about that. However! With offers of a forever home with one of you, that would be my first choice if I can't make it work here. Stay tuned.

    I told Soapie and she thanks you too. She wants to know, do you have plastic rings from gallon water bottles? She loves those.

    Rocky, what do you mean oldER people don't care what they look like?? It must be a guy thing. Yet there's the Donald looking like a duck. Why would a man with his money want to look so silly??

    I haven't gone back to read the last posts on the previous volume so bear with me if I've left you out. My thoughts are with you all, you can be sure.

    Hugs all around and grateful tears,

  8. ckball

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    I finally got some sleep, I went to bed at 10 but was up at midnight visting Smitten again. But I got some sleep after that.

    Jodie- That is great about your grades, you should be vey proud. Do take care of that infection, I have a friend fighting for her right now from a an infection she got during surgery on Fri.

    Ali- glad you are feeling somewhat better and you finally got you some pain meds. I have a wonderful Dr who gives me what I need so I can live a decent life. Now if they could fix the fatigue that would be great.

    I have to go out into the cold wet weather today to take care of errands and go see mom. So I better get ready. I hope you all have a great day-Carla
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    Hello my friends. I must start by thanking you all.
    I look forward to checking in here every day, and it
    is so important to have something to look forward to.
    Thanks for being so welcoming and kind.

    Ali: You and hubby are so sweet. The living arrangements
    you describe sound perfect to me, I would love to be able to spoil your girls. It would be perfect wouldn't it ?
    When I get through this current flare I have decided to
    volunteer at crisis nursery that is about 30 miles away. It is a place where parents in crisis can drop off their babies/children, no questions asked, while they get help with whatever their issues are. It operates 24/7 so I would be able to pop in and help whenever I am up to it. I'm glad you got some stronger pain meds and hope they give you some relief.

    Jodie: How is the elbow? I'm with Ali.....I think you should take your male "friend" up on his offer also =)

    Rock: I left a huge bottle full of earplugs on the porch for you, did you find them? My son is a drummer so they are a staple in our house.

    Marta: Sophie is so lucky. You have already given her so much, anything beyond what you have already done is "gravy". Funny how so many of us "sickies" are animal lovers. It reminds me of a post I saw not too long ago on the "other side" about being hyper-sensitive. I think we are all super compassionate and empathetic. Let's all
    reach around if we can and pat ourselves on the back.

    Joe: Did you get caught up on the Donald & Rosie? Isn't it silly the things people fight about ?

    Carla: Glad you got some sleep. I actually slept really well last night too. It sure makes a difference doesn't it? Keep bundled up while you're out running around.

    Gilley & Linda: I don't know how you two do it holding down a job, kudo's to you ! Thanks Linda for asking after Zippy. He didn't have any "accidents" yesterday so no extra laundry for me....YAY ! Hope it continues.

    Annie: I love Fanny Flagg, I thought I had read everything by her, but I see she has a new one out that you are reading, I will have to get that one. I love Southern fiction.......I like to think I lived in the South in a previous life ;) I'm so happy you found such a great
    Doctor, and on time too!

    Granni: How was chorale last night? That must really be fun. I know what you mean about needing 2 computers. Hubby bought me a laptop for Xmas 2005.....it has been the greatest gift! It's funny because sometimes I will be in bed on the laptop and hubby will be in the other room on his computer. I have been known to send him emails
    asking him what he wants for dinner or silly things like "can you please feed the dog, he's standing in the hallway staring at me" (Jack, my oldest dog and I read each other's minds, when he needs something he makes eye contact with me and SIGHS very loudly). It's also fun to instant message something suggestive from time to time =)
    Anywho.........I highly recommend the 2 computer household lol.

    Wow, this turned into quite a long post........just call me long-winded Lynna. I have some errands to run today for hubby, he's going on his annual "testosterone trip" with the guys this weekend and I have my first visit with the new research study on Friday. You can check it out here if you're interested:


    Have a great day porchies, and hello to anyone I might have missed.

    Long-winded Lynna
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi dear Porchies,

    I have been so busy already today, something going almost every minute it seems. I did check the Porch this a.m but did not have time to really post. Had to leave for ameeting. I just had lunch and checked up on you guys and gals again and thought I would at least try to write something before I have to go again. Tonight is also bad as I have a smaller group steming from the Chorale group last night. Tuesday is always bad for me !!

    I know I won't get the chance to say hi to everyone individually as I will have to run again in another 15 minutes or so but will try.

    Ali and Lynna - Yes, I will "adopt" you both as a surragate granni even though I am probably closer to being your moms. Although it looks like Ali might be younger than you Lynna. I did not check the b-days or if yo even filled that in.

    Jodie - I am so glad that you got such good grade. Congradulations on doing so well esp in math. I know how bad math is for me - ugh !!!

    Carla nl- sorry that you are feeling poorly. I know wometimes I have so much goin on in my head and just do not feel up to getting it down in a post. At least one that actually understandable to everyone.

    Marta - It sounds like you have had quite a few offers to take Soapie but do you think you coud ever give her up? Try putting her in a different room with all her stuff and see how that works or also do what someone else mentioned also put another litter box in there with you in the room and see if anything will work out. I hope that something does work for you soon !!

    Hi also to Gilley,Linda, CK Carla, Mrdad and Rock. Sorry but I have to get ready to again. I hope my vocal cords will hold out plus my energy.

    Thanks als to Lynna, Ali someothers of you who prayed for my daughter in law and son and family during this losing of baby crisis.

    Lots of warm hugs to all !


    Granni (Marilyn)
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's somewhat q-u-i-e-t thus far! Now Marta, turn off
    those darn tears! We ain't that great. Or at least I'm
    not. I'm sure Ali is though.

    CK: You are so great with the "Aminals"! Checkin' on
    Smittens in the Middle of the nite. How's Mama doing
    today? Hope ya had a good visit with her. I'm sure
    she is really enjoying that stain glass artwork you made
    for her. It is truly beautiful.

    Lynna: Did you let people know that you Posted a very
    nice Pic of you and Hubby on your profile page? Can't
    hardly believe that you have adult children of that age

    Rosie and "The Donald". Ya think he would have more im-
    portant things to attend to? Never could stand that Bar-
    bara Walters either! Don't think she has a clue about
    what makes the world turn or life's ingredients! I remem-
    be years ago when ABC payed her over $1 mil., more than
    theywere paying Ted Koppel! He wasn't happy about that
    understandably. But right now I'm comsumed with the
    "Tigger" incident! Gonna 1/2 to send "Guido" down there
    to Florida and grab this situation by the "tail"!
    And we thought we only had to fear the "Adominable Snow-
    man" on the Matterhorn. Wonder how many Christians Tigger
    has for lunch? Don't get me started!!!

    "Talk" later Kids!

  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    This has been a much better day here with Soapie and me. Do you suppose having the pressure off helped? I do. Again, we thank you.

    Lynna, a crisis nursery is a wonderful idea and you working there is wonderful too. I think I've heard of other crisis nurseries around the country but I'm not sure. What an excellent idea.

    Yes, most of us are hyper-sensitive which, as u no, is the good and bad news, right?

    Hello to Carla NL - Good to hear you're working on your body but as I recall it didn't need that much work.

    And to Carla ck - I hope your visit to Mom was a happy one. You're a good daughter!

    Marilyn, there you go, dashing on and off the porch again. I had to go check to make sure this really was a CFS/FM board with sick people on it! As far as giving up Sophie, the hope is that we'll adjust and knowing I have options helps.

    Aligrace, how did I get the idea you had other pets? Ah, well, you know how it is..... I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    JoeDad, all the tears are dried and I'm smiling again. As I said to Ali, options help.

    Hugs all around the porch. I'm leaving chocolate chip cookies.


  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there kiddos,

    I decided to say kiddos since MOST of you are younger than I and that way I feel a little younger (-: !! I know that we also have some older and more EXPERIENCED people here on our great porch like Mrdad/Joe, Rock, Marta, maybe Carla nl and probably a few others I do not know about or have forgotten. I also noticed that you all are very sneaky on your bios so no one knows how old you all are (he he).

    Marta - Glad you are smiling again ! Don't worry I only have to go and get my hair done tomorrow and that is all. Thursday evening have to go to a meeting with my husband and don't have anything on friday. That is pretty good, except for the usual washing trying to clean the house once in awhile before the dust bunnies attack me. We have a show to go to in town on sat pm and nothing but church on sunday. So, I think I will be on the downhill slide after tonight. The beginning of the month is usually worse with more meetings. However, it was moved due to the holiday, today.

    Lynna - That Crisis Nursery sounds really neat. I hope you get to feeling well enough to that soon.

    Carla ck - How far away does your mom live from you? It is great for you to be close enough to get out to see her once in awhile. I sure do miss mine!! Mine died about 2 years ago at 93. She was such a wonderful person in every way. My mom lived in NY and I am in TX so did dnot get to see her tht often. I am sure you thick so about your mom too.

    Ali - What nite nite pill do you take? I take gen. Klonopin and Flexeril just before bed and it works pretty good. The Flexeril by itself did not work !! So glad that you are doing and feeling better.

    Boy, the last few days this porch has been moving pretty fast, so it is hard for me to keep up but I am trying. Of course it does help to be there to read the posts9-: !!

    Hi also to Mrdad ( have to keep an eye on you )<>, Rock, Gilley and everyone else I have either forgotton or who hasn't been here for awhile. Gotta also go and try and send a post off the porch, if I remember to do it.

    Big hugs to all,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You guys. I have been wading thru posts on three porches trying to catch up and had replies all set and now I cannot recall who said what except.

    Cheers for Jodie -great grades.

    Gosh, I need a speaker email, so as I read I can answer you all one by one as my mind is now pure blank except I recall Joe playing SCRABBLE??? over the phone, which sounds so like him. PLus I read your guido post on the mattress....

    Pleased all the downs of everyone lately seem to be going up. Lin I thought of you today as we also got our first snow whilst you were having your "procedure..." hope it went well. I am not having one, they had made a mistake and booked me in without any consultation at all...think it was those Homeland s people checking my library books again after Joe told them my reading list decided to make the booking to keep me in line.

    I am however, having a DEXA scan and hip xray THursday when all the calcium supps are out of my system.

    Talking of which, if anyone has time pop on my post to Wakemeup about my doc and cheer Wake up, she seems awfully down. Strangely whenever I visualize Wake I always think of Dorothy from Golden Girls which is silly as Wake is fra younger and tiny and looks like Vanna White-maybe Dorothy has her humor.

    Well fffffolks, my memory is so bad tonite I better love ya and leave ya. The in law debacle is so convoluted it is just not worth repeated - just think of the words "royally screwed", though now they have said they will give us a few thousand, but only once they are safely in the retirement community but this just makes us think that is to keep lawyers at bay, as why the big delay? nuff said.

    Love Annie crom
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I know that you have been suffering a great deal from
    the "Brane-Frog" thing and it is so difficult to con-
    centrate on other pressing personal matters! I think
    that I follow and agree with your conclusion re: the
    "IL"'s! We can empathize with one another on this
    issue especially! Fear that if you take any $$$ from
    them it will be interpreted by them and (possibly the law)
    that you and Dan have been compensated for any past "obli-
    gations" and have acquiesced to their actions! I believe
    that is what you are suggesting in your previous Post.

    You can perhaps apply for a "Conservatorship" if they ap-
    pear to be acting outside normal cognitive functioning
    and are possibly being subject to "Undue Influence" by
    another party or entity. Anyway, Annie, I'm just very
    concerned for you and the "Dans'"!

    Huggles to you and Danny!
  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been out getting the bad guys. I fell into a scam. I bought a We Are Marshall photo cd from what seemed a valid website and paid threw Google Checkout so I thought is was ok.

    When I didn't receive my cd after a week, I started do some investigating. It all came together today when I was contacted by one of the ex employees. He is a web designer and was hired by the man to build all these websites. Then the designer found some things that weren't right.

    I post on a business board from time to time, they are work at home people who weed out the bad guys. Somehow the owner of the business aka bad guy, saw my post and replyed.

    He knows I know he is a scammer. He stole the identity of one of his employees in the last 2 months. There was a phone number on the email that was forwarded to me and it was another employee.

    This guy is bad news, he was charged with forgery in July 2006 and is out on $5000 bail. And now he knows where I live and I turned my info over to google and the news.

    He lives in my area- so mrdad I think I need Guido for awhile. I did get my refund from google but still have to cancel my card just in case. I have many autopays on that account so I have to contact them all and change my acct info.

    I can't beleive I got sucked into this one. Be very careful shopping online, there area way too many bad guys. I was also contacted by a newspaper writer who saw my post about the marshall photo cd on the We are Marshall site. He knows me because he wrote a feature story on me and my house last year.

    Anyway it has been a long day.

    Granni- my mom lives in a nurshing home in my town. You are a very lucky lady to have had such a great mom. My mom and I have had our share of differences and as a only child I do what I have too.

    MArta- glad things with kitty are a little less stressed.

    I love my Smitten but I really do not want to have spend it from midnight -2 amm like I have this week. My abx has been cleaning my system.

    I am so tired I am going to have to quit, I had better intentions but didn't do the word thingy this time.

    If you don't hear from me in 2 or 3 days send Guido out to look for me. This guy owes thousands to the guys I talked to today. I hope everyelse is well- Carla
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It is so awful that anyone, but especially nice, honest,
    caring People like you get preyed upon by these world
    creeps! Do you know his name? It is such a feeling of
    being "violated" to have someone invade your privacy
    and have such access to your private life!

    I think you are taking all the appropriate actions and it
    is a necessary but regretable thing! Carla, don't let
    this episode ruin your positive association
    with the film and all the good, exciting and warm moments
    you derived from being a part of it!

    "Guido" said he will come gladly if ya need him! Needs to
    add on to his frequent flier miles! This incident could
    happen to any of us! Glad you are on the problem and we
    are all of course here for moral and friendly support!

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Carla, how are your new teeth doing? I can't wear my plates. The dentist says I have to or my remaining teeth will fall out.

    How can you wear something that hurts? Getting old is not for sissies as my neighbor says.

    Lynna, thanks for the earplugs. Y-day there was less pounding but more machinery noise. Well, variety is always nice.

    One of the first books the Book Club read was Standing in the Rainbow. Everyone seemed to love it.

    You can just search for Daedalus Books on line, Ali. They have lots of cheap books and CDs.

    Joe, you are right about celebrities. What should a weather girl (as Bobwa Waters used to) or someone who reads the news (Like C.Couric) make millions? It's totally absurd.

    You're lucky you can sing, Marilyn. I love music, but can't make it. Used to sing in the choir and play in the band, but I was lousy at both. Sigh.

    I'm going to visit the library on line to see if they have the new biography of John Charles Thomas. That's not a trio, just one baritone. Was a big star on radio, recordings and at the Met. Guess only we old folks remember him.

    Hope you all have a nice you-know-what.

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you mrdad for your kind words, I have his name, ss#, car and license plate and arrest record. This was provided to me by his former employee.

    Yes, it is like being violated. I got an email from the one guy I have been emailing and his boss called last night and remmed him out for posting to the freinds in business board and he had planned on paying him the $2500 he owes him today. The good guy is trying to set the boss up for a sting. The boss does not know his employee's have this other info on him.

    I will let you all know how this turns out. I can't say enough about being cautious about who you buy from online. The other girl bought her's on Ebay from the same guy. So she is dealing with Ebay to get her money back.

    Hey Rock- I'm with you on the choppers. On days that I don't go out, which are more than the days I do, I do not wear them. I know I am suppose to everyday but the are a pain in more ways than one. I hate taking them out and getting all the goop from inside my mouth and on the teeth.

    After not wearing them for about a week, I noticed the uppers were very hard to get in. They do have a good fit but still have to use the goop if I want to eat. The lowers
    are too big and I have to use alot of goop and they still move when I eat and I get food under them and you talk about pain What is a body to do. The only thing about them is they really do look good and take 10 years off of looks.

    So Rock do everything you can to keep your teeth you have left. Can the Dr do an adjustment on them. They make a product called Ezo, it is a wax product that when you put it under warm water and you put them on your plate for a cushion.

    My best friend uses them everyday. They are like 5 bucks, it may be worth a try.

    Well I am having contractors coming by today to bring my filter for my central heat and air and fix a duct they has come loose. Can't anyone do good work anymore.
    The vent had dropped down and was laying on the ground. I lifted the grate to shop vac the ducts and all I saw was the dirt under my house. I was able to pull it back up and duct tape it for a temporay hold.

    So I must put my teeth in, uhg, I had to wear them yesterday too. I got my hair cut last week and she got carried away on the the top and I have a nice mohawk right now. So I have to wet my head and flatten it down.

    Isn't it pityfull how we don't enjoy getting cleaned up anymore, it's more of a chore.

    I am feeling better today so I am going to finish my door frame project. I have to paint the doors and do some touch ups. I can't beleive the difference the frames made.

    A big hello to everyone and hope you all are having a healthy day. If not we will meet at Marta's and had Absolut and toddy's- Carla
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ali: I hope you are getting caught up on some rest and
    that the Hubby and Girls are doing well.

    Every one is enjoying much having you on the PORCH and
    your wonderful contributions.

    You really aren't missing out on anthing concerning Rosie
    O'Donnell and Donald Trump! They are having a "Jr. High
    School" level spitting match with one another! Created
    lots of media interest and more than likely, television
    ratings. "Tigger" the Tiger at Disney World in Florida
    wacked some young man with an illegal, oversized paw,
    and it was caught on video! The boy's Father is not
    happy at all about the incident. I smell a "law suit"
    and a few sessions with the "Tiger Whisperer".

    CK: Hope you are having a good day thus far! Sure that
    you are busy trying to regain some equilibrium after
    the past few days! Good for you Girl! Glad you are
    moving on with the Painting and your other interests!
    Smitten's doin' well today?

    Rock: Yea! I "Googled" B. Walters. Found out she has
    a B.A. in English and born in 1929. Wow! She doesn't
    look a DAY over 39 years! Wonder how? I often thought
    the same about Couric in that if it wasn't written ahead
    what to ask, she wouldn't have a clue either. Now Norah
    O'Donnell, (no relation to Rosie), has an M.A. from
    Georgetown in International Relations, and I think she
    intuitively understands the forces in the world and how
    they effect things! (Understand that she is eating for
    three now)! Twins in the near future!! A perliferation
    of beauty AND intelligence?

    Gonna get more coffee and make my cash bank deposit for
    GUIDO to take to the bank for ME! He tries to be so-o-o
    helpful at times!

    P.S. JODIE: Ya OK? Didn't see anything fom ya yesterday
    but I hope it's 'cause your having a little fun!!
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