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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. mrdad

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    OK! Let's see how many get caught in the Porch mouse
    trap as we change volumes?

    Please feel free to return to Vol. 71 and read all the
    recent contributions there!

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hey Joseppi. Yes I agree wiv wot u say! It shur seems that way to me too. Oh well, we can manage and we have the house, which a lot here don't have.

    We put together a castle for Danny with him last night. He is collecting those great Papo knights, horses, dragons and the castle matches. It is made of wood. So today Dan and I sewed up a floor cloth with some fabric from Jo Anns that was $2.00 yard. Print on one side, plain cream on other, so we doubled it over and sewed a double thickness and ran seams all around. Now I am in the middle of painting scenery to match the castle, and then will sew some stuffed rocks, trees and mountains etc, and Dan will make some wood bits and pieces like drawbridges and those jousting "stands" people sit in and the tilt targets that sort of thing. We can make all of this for under $10.

    GREAT NEWS! Danny has his interview for the Asperger class next week and they have a place for him if he "passes" the screening. His Chairperson is looking at the class tomorrow and if she recommends he will be "IN" and "IN" for several years. The only thing I don't like is the early morning start, but we can walk there too. Two of his real friends are already there, one in his class, plus they have a 5 week summer program with lots of fun stuff as well. It also means we can live anywhere in the county, so we would always have the option of moving from this expensive neighborhood if we needed to, though I do love the convenience here and the quiet.

    So fingers and toes crossed all of you.

    Hey, just had a really nice chat with my brother. He is still not able to swallow anything by mouth but is chating very well, enjoying watching the hockey etc.

    Well I just got sidetracked by two long phone calls, so will get on tomorrow. I have my xrays in the morning.

    Love Annie Cromwell

    ps Jodie watch that elbow will you, and enjoy the Leo look alike!!!

    Rocky: Dan's back teeth uppers (plate) has been in the box except for one half day since he got them. He could not stand them. My dad used to take his false teeth out to EAT!

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am sorry i don't personally address each and everyone of you. just my darn elbow.

    i think i am coming down w/viral throat stuff now. so i have been doing the airborne. i am home tonight w/cody.

    well i just came here to basically read cause i am nearly brain dead. tirrrreedddd.

    joe-i didn't know i would be attracted to a leanardo dicaprio in real life. well when i get tired w/this one i know who to call in san francisco, plus i know who have all the great twofer's down. bubble baths. but right now not allowed to soak my arm.

    well gonna leave right now.

    thank for everyone's nice comments about everything going on in my life.

  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good job as usual turning on the lights, Joe. You have that down to a science.

    I love it when I get here early! The sun? is trying to peer through the trees in the woods behind MY bay window but the wind is so strong it's blowing the sun away. Gee, I hope this bay window topic doesn't refer to something SMG will smack me for. I didn't go back to read the old volume...

    Annie, terrific news about Danny's CERTAIN inclusion in the Asperger class and that your brother is doing so well.

    Jodie, seems like you've had just about enough what with your L-bow and all. Hopefully a good night's rest will banish the sniffles.

    I've given up the fancy young men and now just look for clean and kind.

    You all have a good day and enjoy the muffins I left for you with the coffee and hot chocolate.

    Hugs allllll around,

  5. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Just popping in to say hi and I miss you all. My modem is in the process of dying a painful death and somehow it is working this morning so I will try to read some of the 3 volumes of prose you guys have written.

    We have a 2" snowfall here this morning - the schools are closed and the kids are wildly ecstatic. I see a day ahead with no rest and I woke up at 4:00 lol.

    I haven't gone back to read anything, but just want to say that Annie I am rooting for Danny as usual, not to mention Geoff and Dan. The castle sounds awesome!

    The teeth stories reminded me vividly of my dad who had jaw cancer during WW2 so had surgery then was shipped back to the front. They scraped so much bone away that even with his custom made super de duper dentures he was never comfortable and often took them out to eat. They would sit there in a little clear bowl smiling at us from the side table. May your jaw(s) heal quickly.

    Hi Joe! Your Orygun family is waking to a beyootyful white day. Portland usually gets more than we do here. It cretainly makes a lovely change but then I don't have to drive in it!

    Hello to Gilly, Ali, Linda, Carlas Nl and Ck, Granni, Jody (hope the elbow is better this am), Marta - hope you're sleeping better, Rock,(waves), and others who I am sure I have missed a few. Love ya all and hope you are as well as possible!


    That's all for now, I have to go try to catch up a little and then my modem will probably have a headache.
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    How is everyone today? I managed to get out of bed by 10 this morning, really didn't want to but the HVAC guy is suppose to be here at noon.

    So I have to spiffy myself up, put the teeth in again.

    Do any of you that wear dentures found a good way to clean the goop out of your mouth when you take them out.

    And what have you found works best as an adhesive. I have tried fixodent, polygrip and Walmart denture adhesive. The walmart stuff cleans up easier but the hold is not a good.

    Ali since you are so young, I would think you are going to have be get new dentures about every 5-7 years. The snaps cost $1200 for lower and $1600if you do uppers and lowers.

    Does anyone have great dentures that you don't have problems with?

    Rock- my mom stopped wearing her partial for a long time, this was when I first moved back. She had the lower front teeth pulled. Well one day she decided to put them and and they wouldn't fit. Sorry you are having such a hard time.

    Jodie- I hate to hear your still not healing- great news about the new guy. My ex that I have talked about is the twin of Tom Selleck in his Magnum days.Except my ex is a short guy 5'6 but the facial features were identical. He is mini-magnum- he was a real pistol too, that's why I kept him around so long,lol.

    Linda- were are you? Must be a tough week at work-good luck on your prodecures on Fri.

    Annie- good news about Danny. I'm glad your brother is able to talk and is on his way back. I don't know if you read my post about my ex-boss's wife. She had surgery last Fri and went into septic shock ad is now on a vent, kidney and BP machines. She has been in ICU since and has made only a few improvments. They are talking about putting the trach in about 10 days. The are keepiing her sedated because of the discomfort. Have a safe trip when you go to see him.

    Well I better get my teeh in- Marta thank you for the hot choclate and muffins- Ali I did sneak a donut too, I can't pass up a fresh Crispie Cream. I don't do coffee but it sounds great

    Have a good day- hello's to Granni, JO-Jo, Froggy good to see ya back, Gilley, CarlaNl and anyone I may have left out- See ya-Carla
  7. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    I haven't had a chance to go back and read the end of Vol 71 yet, yesterday was a busy one.

    Today will be spent grocery shopping and cooking for hubby's b'day and weekend trip. My family gets to choose what they want me to cook on their b'day's and hubby has ordered meatloaf. Quite sophistimicated huh ? LOL

    I'm doing this from memory so forgive me if I missed anyone.

    Jodie: I'm worried about that wound. Don't let it go if it's not healing, make them send you to a wound clinic if necessary. Sending healing thoughts your way.

    Ali: Thanks for the goodies you left this morning. It's strange but I had the willpower to leave the dog-nuts alone. Rare for me.

    I saw the Rheumy on Friday, Jan 5th. He had me raise my Cymbalta from 20mg hs to 30mg hs. I hate to say it out loud for fear of jinxing myself but I think it is helping. Pain level is better.

    Not sure if they are connected but I have noticed that my sugar cravings are gone too, but that could also be due to the fact that I have been very faithful about taking my vitamins, etc for the past 3 weeks.

    Whatever the reason, I'LL TAKE IT !! Maybe I will start losing weight again instead of being stuck in a holding pattern.

    Annie: Great news about Danny, you must be so pleased. The castle sounds like so much fun!

    Joe, thanks for keeping us so well organized, what would we do without you?

    Elliespad: I'm still changing my profile pics for you.....did ya get that camera figured out yet? lol.

    I know I'm missing alot of you, I will try to pop back in later. Have a great day kids!

  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well had a good bone scan and hip xray. The female tech doing the xray was a very attractive 62 year old and it turns out she has the same exact pain as I do. Had the blood draw. Where we live we can walk to the Convenient Care, which includes hospital radiology and bloods, our dentist, doctors, all three schools for Danny even though it is basically a nice suburban neighborhood with lots of woods and even a bird sanctuary.

    Got colder but still no snow except a frosting. We are about to go on a walk.

    Anything exciting? Nope. Have to complete the floor cloth today (the one for under the castle).

    Anything exciting happening-just heard David Beckham is moving to LA soccer team for some incredible amount, so Joe you may get to see Victoria as she is sure to come to SF with or without flowers in her hair.

    No, I missed the posting on your bosses wife. I now know how much damage a trach does, so hope she can avoid it and wear just the mask.

    I also missed how old is Amelia?

    Love Annie cromwell
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's cold and will be colder than many native San Fran-
    ciscans have ever experienced! Predicted 37 tomorrow
    morning and 31 on Sat. morning! Everyone here will be
    complaining 'bout how COLD it is just like they do about
    the heat when it gets about 70 degrees! Oh boy, hah?
    Even possible snow on Bay Area Mts. (I'm looking for my
    Raccoon Skin coat and the idiot mittens now!)

    Lynna: Did ya give Hubby his "B'Day Present" yet? Wish
    him a Happy One and hope his weekend is an enjoyable one!
    I'll bet it's cold down there in the So. East Bay too!
    Keep plastic on those shrubs and plants!

    Ya know Lynna, it may be a Capricorn thing, but on my
    B'Day my Grandmother would cook anything I wanted and
    I would always choose her Meatloaf! The end pieces were
    my favorite as they were firm and crunchy! My Mother
    would use the same recipe and it was very good, but not
    the same as Grandma's! ( Remember, I'm just a Bart-Ride

    Gretchen: I spoke wiff my Daughter in Portland last nite
    so she keeps me posted on weather etc up your way! Yea.
    When I lived in the Sierra all those years, I'd stay off
    the Roads when the snow was flying as things can happen
    so quickly on the snow and ice! But it is SO-O-O-O

    It doesn't seem that you could be old enuff to have had
    a Father in WWII ?? I understand that there were 3 Peo-
    ple from Bend Ore. on that plane that disappeared off
    the Coast of Indonesia! I'll have to tell ya a humorous
    story about myself and friends in Bend years ago! Gonna
    wait for a "slow-news" day.

    Marta: Thanks so much for the Muffins! Ya got me singin'
    "Do you know the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man---"??
    Don't we love our Bay Windows! Never get lonely here as
    I can look out on the Blvd. and see Peeps all day! I did
    enjoy quiet and solitude when I lived in that also though.
    Give Sophie a pet 4-me. "K"?

    Ali: Thanks for that Gourmet Coffee! It is so rich and
    tasty wiff Marta's muffins. Hope you are doing well today
    and have a light schedule.

    Jodie: Is the arm doing better today? Saw your late Post
    last nite. Just glad that ya know that I am unselfishly
    "standing by" with that soap and bubble bath if and when
    ya need my valet assisstance!

    Gonna refill my cup wiff some of Ali's great coffee!

    P.S. ANNIE: Great news anbout Danny and Geoff!!
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally made it to the porch to try and post. I have taken a peek to read some post but somehow always got interuppted by one thing or another plus DH actually brough me out to lunch. That is great so now I don't hae to cook dinner ( a real one anyway) since we had a big lunch !

    Annie - So glad that Danny got accepted to the Aspergers program. That should be a big help. Right now I have two grandchildren with LD's and actually one tht goes toa a school tht allows him to do things on his level at his speed more or less. Not sure what that is called. He is 13. One is only 2 1/2 and is in early intervention. Yes, I forgot, how old is Danny? Thereis also an 11 year old who is pretty far behind and didn't have to much early intervention partially due to lack of money and dear x husband of one of my daughters refused to think there was anything wrong and to have to pay for anything - SO CHEAP !! That is along story so I won't talk any more about it.

    Jodie - How is your arm doing ? I just screwed up and lost the this volume. That is what happens when one is in a hurry. Now I won't know who said what but I am not going to start all over again.

    Marta - How are you and Ms. Sophie doing? I hope that all continues to go well with you both so you can stay together.

    Ali and Lynna - I know that you both posted but can[t remember what you said. Hope Lynns's DH had a good celebration for his birthday. Ali - How have you been coming along on the little one's allergy diet plan - or trying rto figure out what she is allergic to? How is little Amelia doing.

    Ali - It seems that you are feeling better with some sleep and some change in pain meds. What did the doc put you on , if I may ask? I am still trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't take. My doc gave me generic Darvocet but I am afraid to make more than 1/2 tab a day because I like to have a glass of wine or two with dinner with DH ( if I am home and we are not going anywhere). I know that if I continue to take the Darvocet the way she wants me to take it 1 tab 2x a day that I may very will end up with a fried liver for one thing. Not to say that I may be a little hi feeling also. Just looking for ideas although I know all are different and what one can take is not necessarily good for another. I have to go see the doc in one mo. and will probably talk to her about it.

    I spoke to my son and daughter in law last night who lost the baby and I feel better having talked to them esp her. We had a long talk - her mom died about a year or two ago. They are going to check into a fertility specialist to see if they can get some answers to their problems since they both are wanting a baby badly and she is already 35 - not that is that old but that is considered an at risk pregnancy esp since she has already lost 2. They both would make such good parents !!!

    They also might like to adopt. However, the waiting period is so long to do so I understand in the US and China. I was surprised at how long it took to get a baby esp or a child from the US after the couple as been OKed. I think it is like 3-5 years or something weird like that.

    My son is like a big kid but is very mature, if you know what I mean (probably sorta like Mrdad but younger). He also has quite a sense of humor and you sometimes have to take him with a big grain of salt also. Sorry Joe (-: !! <> Luv ya anyway !

    Hi to everyone else I have not mentioned as I cannot remember who said what. Sorry !! Brain dead again !

    Love to you all,

    Granni (Marilyn)

  11. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    I'm so excited. I learned something from Prickles on the other board.....you guys probably already know about it but I didn't and it will really help me with my porch posts.

    If you hold the shift key and hit reply it opens another screen so that you can type your reply there while going back to the other screen to read whats already on the porch!
    What can I say, simple things excite me lol.

    I brought some Tom & Jerry's if you'd like to join me in a hot toddy.

    Annie: I'm so happy for your Danny. How nice that you have all those facilities nearby. I'm keeping everything crossed for his interview next week. I'm glad your xray and scan are all done.

    Ali: Where do you get all your energy? 2 little girls, an autobiography and 3 journals????? I can't even keep up with ONE journal. You have earned the title of Supermom.

    Jodie: Thanks for the mozzerella sticks last night......yum. Hope you aren't coming down with the "crud" that's going around, hubby said he felt something coming on when he woke up this morning, and he's leaving town for a weekend with the boys tomorrow. Your little "Leo" boy-toy sounds like a nice distraction ;)

    Marta: I think I'm still buzzed from the coffee and muffins this morning. Thanks, I needed the extra energy today.

    Gretchen: Nice to meet you. Hope your modem decides to stay with us so I can get to know you better.

    Carla: You are so handy, is there anything around the house that you can't do? I'll pay your way to California if you'd like to come and finish my "honey-do" list. Hubby said I could have a jacuzzi tub and I think I read that you have installed 2 !!!!

    Joe: You will be happy to know that hubby will be getting his "present" tonight lol. For some reason today has been a nearly pain-free day. Whooopeeee! Pun intended. I keep picturing you in your 'coonskin coat and idiot mittens. lol.

    Granni: Lucky you not having to cook dinner. Someday it will be just hubby and I.....I look forward to that!
    Glad your son and d-i-l are considering a fertility specialist, they have had too much grief already. The world needs more babies with good parents!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone.....gotta go check the meatloaf.
    I'll pop back in if I get a minute.


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ali and it is late and have to get ready for nite nite but just checked the porch again and wanted to response to yours. my Darvocet dosage is 100/650, so it looks like the dosage of nac is not that high. I was worried about the liver part because DH and I like to indulge with a glass of wine or two at or around dinner time and they keepsaying not to drink alcohol with acetomenaphen. Just wondered what you all knew about it .. I have been taking 1/2 all day for awhile which hasn't done much of course.

    Has your doc said anything about drinking alcohol and taking the vicodin . I also wonder how far apart I could take the pill and then have some vino? I can take two a day but haven't done that.

    Well, it is late and I promise to try and answer tmorrow. I have been trying to get a urinary tract infection that I have been getting on and off for years. I had some OTC meds and drinking lots of water . So, will see what happens. Many times when I do that it will go away. Ready to go take my nite nite pills- gen klonopin and flexeril.

    More to you all tomorrow.

    Warm hugs to you and all porchies who have peaked in on this post (-: !!

    Granni (Marilyn)
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just came for a nite cap. Just got out the whurlpool and have taken my nite meds so I am not responsible for what I write.

    Lynna- I am a very handy girl. I have re-done several houses over the years, but my home now was the largest project. It is a 1500 sf house that sits up on a hill in the country. No real neighbors. I have had 3 whirlpools but I only installed 2. Once I got my first one and then had to move to Ky for my mom, I redid her bath upstairs and made a closet a whirlpool area, tore out the wall between it and the half bath.

    I have pictures of my before and afters on my web site. But I have some I need to add to. Thanks for the offer to fly me out but I only work for my self.It took me 3 months to get my living room painted 2 years ago. I work when I feel good and rest when forced to.

    If I was healthy and had more money I would love to flip houses. It can be very profitable in the right areas,

    Mrdad could you please send Guido. I was walking the girls a few days ago and noticed a car with front and back tinted windows, I was walking on the main road, it slowed down and then went on,

    Today I was standing in my yard talking to my HVAC guy and changed my filters, the same car went up the road, again very slowly, then about 10 minutes later he came back down the road, About a 1000 ft from my house is a pull into road, just enough for one car to pull in.

    About 1/2 hour later I went to take the girls for our walk and when I came out in thy yard he backed up and pulled away and went down the hill. I have not been able to get a plate or make of car. Am I being paaraniod? The guy I turned in lives in my area and he is on the run. BUt my girls will protect me, but it is times like this I would like a to have a man around.

    Tomorrow is teak store day, hopefully I won't break anything this week. Last Fri I got stuip and broke 4 out a set of5 of feista jucie glasses. There were worth 10 bucks each and one was 15. I felt so bad, that I spent all day cleaning.

    Off to beddie bye- sweet dreams don't let the bedbugs bite-Carla
  14. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hello all :)

    I really wish I had the time to check in with all of you everyday. I hope everyone is well!

    We are starting to get some snow here. It has been cold and snowing for 3 days and today it is raining! ARGH!! Haha

    I'm doing fairly well all things considered. Went out on Saturday and partied my butt off until 3am with my hubby, my cousin and his friends for his (my cousin's) 29th birthday. What a blast!! :)

    Working on getting my fish tank set up again. I miss having fishies in the house. So do the cats haha!

    I have been taking grapeseed extract for 2 weeks to see how it helps my headaches and it is a miracle!! I am starting to finally get relief!! I haven't been without a headache for over a year. I am just in SHOCK! This is too good to be true!

    Well, almost midnight here. I better head off to bed.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea Carla. Guido says he would be more than happy to
    come for a while. Says he loves "Kin-tuck" and is at
    the moment lookin' thru his closet for his musket and
    Coon Skin cap! His hummin' "Davy, Davy Crockett, King
    of the"--- (He is just as big as Mike Fink too)!!
    ( No, No Guido! Wrong State. Your thinkin' Daniel Boone!)
    Wants you to get a prescription of the Car and License
    plate # if possible! Ya got some binoculars to ketch
    the Numbers? If it continues, call the Shire-of-the-Reef
    and let them know of your concerns vis a vi your current
    problems. You're a tuff lady Carla! But precautions are
    of course warranted!

    Give me a "call" in the mornin', K?

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  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's almost 10 p.m. here on the "Left Coast" but want
    to acknowledge a few more "Porchies" b-4 I turn in!
    BEKAH, glad you are doing better and out having some
    fun with Hubby! I'm always available to Doggie Sit 4
    Monty if ya have the need. Was he named after the Brit.
    General Montgomery? It is a "noble" name that surely
    befits him. Hope ya have fun things planned for the

    Lynna: Hope Hubby enjoyed his B'Day "present"! I get
    the idea you two have a great relationship! That's so

    Granni: ("Cookie") I'm so sorry about your Son and DIL
    loosing their baby! Sure that your closeness is a real
    comfort to the both of them. My Nephew's wife is in labor
    at the Hospital tonight and is 37+ years old! There is
    still pleanty of time. It is her first!

    Linda: Ain't ya going for a "procedure" Friday? When I
    had a Sigmoid. done, I asked the Tech why they had put
    Pres. Bush "out" for his but not me? The Tech pointed to
    the lower left hand corner of my Hospital Card showing me
    the "D" which indicated, Democrat!! (Beware!!!)

    AnnieC: The Game of European Football is never gonna
    make it here in the States no matter how many Euro stars
    they send over. American sports are all"hands on"!
    Freddie would never leave me for money! "Wait, wait,
    where ya goin' Fredericka"?? I'll have to get back to ya
    later Annie!!


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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Aha, the internet healed up, and I can get back on line again.

    Just looked up Papo Knights, Annie. Never heard of them before. My brother used to collect metal soldiers when he was a kid. They were pretty expensive. He still has some. I suppose like almost everything old, they are worth a lot today.

    That was great that you could make a castle, etc. I bet Dannie really appreciates it. If I made a castle it would have to be dubbed Castle Blob.

    Ali. Amelia is a great name. Verdi used it for two of his sopranos: in Simon Boccanerga and Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball).

    And Giano Carlo Menotti of Amahl and the Night Visitors Fame wrote an opera called Amelia Goes to the Ball.

    I suppose it's a little earlier to tell if Amelia has a voice.

    Your infection clearing up, Jodie? I just marvel that you can be so active w/ all your health problems.

    Thanks for the denistry info, Carla. Great family picture, Lynna. Everybody looks full of joie de vivre.

    Do you really have a raccoon coat, MrDad, or are you just talking thru the plate in your head? I had a roommate in college who a genuine raccoon coat from the 20s. Of course in Minnesota it was perfectly suitable for winter wear.

    W/ regard to the British Lord and General Louise Montbatten, he came from a German family just like the rest of the "British" Royals. During WWI the Battenbergs became Montbattens. The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha changed it's name to the House of Winsor.

    How are you and Sophie doing, Marta? If it doesn't work out, you know you did your best.

    I am never sure what "Don't take w/ alcohol" means, Marilyn. Does that mean don't wash the pill down w/ a cocktail or does it mean "During the six weeks you take this drug you must not take a single drink"?

    Vague instructions aren't much help.

    Lynna, good for you if you can benefit from computer tips. Prickles and Carla nl have provided some here, but either they don't work for me or I can't understand when to click on what. Have to grow up w/ the things I guess.

    Carla, the black cars sounds sinister. Get your fears on records w/ the police. Do you have a shotgun? Hard to miss w/ a shotgun.

    Glad to hear the grapeseed is helping, Bekah.

    Where are our old friends: Lincamp, Opticaltech, Shannonsparkles, Gretchen, Sweetie, Atiledsner, Seesaisme? If they don't show up soon we will have to send out a search party.

    Haha, can't you see us staggering around, sitting down to rest every ten minutes. But I suppose on the virtual porch we could do a little better.

    Happy waves to all.


  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Are we the only two awake this A.M.?? It is COLD up here
    and it is expected to drop to 31 degrees in S.F. tomorrow
    morning! Don't think it has ever been recorded that cold
    here. 'Posta be colder where Jodie lives up North by
    another 10 degrees to 20!

    Ever since the Lord Montbatten fishing trip, I never fish
    without knowing who else is on the lake with me!

    I was thinking this morning also about our MIA's! I can
    add to your list with Lola, Weezie and Dono to name a
    few more. Got an Email from Fredericka this week so I
    know she has just been busy with family. Think we need
    to send out an APB! Waiting to hear if the New Grand-
    niece was born last nite as expected? We need to balance
    out this male/female ratio a bit!

    They had a 3.8 quake this A.M. up in Glen Ellen where Jack
    London had his home! I think I went thru it wiff my par-
    ents when I was a very small child? My Grandparents had
    a Summer house near there B-4 the GG Bridge was built.
    Still lots of Pics from the '20's when they were all young
    and having fun! Wish I had some of those old Auto's in
    the Pics!

    You an the Gordon have a great weekend! "Talk' Later.
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I can now go back and forth by doing that shift button thing. Sure will help wiv brain fog.

    Rocky, I have to admit that the castle is a kit from same company, but we do intend to use that as basis for extensions and additions. The floormat is the thing we are making from scratch and nearly done. They are beautifully made figures though and sell $3 to $5 depending on where, sales etc. Being a Peacenick I have some ifs and buts but figure I would rather go with brave historical figures than Rambo with three machine guns, "K" as Joe would say!

    Grannisluv. My niece was having losing baby problems for no apparent reason until we discovered that low copper levels in the body can cause this, where perfectly healthy babies just die in utero at about two or three months embryo. She lost four before reading an article about the copper connection, which no one had heard of, and then had two healthy kids.

    Oh I love kids who are about 18 months old. Normally they are so much fun then. Four words is good, plus she seems to be connected personal pronouns too, "I" for eg.

    I am hoping to hear back on the xray as my leg and rib are just about making me scream today. Anyone else get a pain low in the ribs. I feel certain I have extra ribs.

    We walked arounf some stores for exercise as it is chilly today. Bought a big family bible at Tuesday morning for $7.28 in the sale-King James and nicely done. Big storm is sposed to hit I guess. poor St Louis I hope they don't lose power again.

    I am not going up to Canada I decided till I feel better, get this hip and leg and rib feeling OK. Hands not too bad this past week though. Can't manage the journey. You all know how that goes.

    Heard a funny Sue Townsend play about Adrian Mole (who got famous years ago via his diaries)Blair and a bit USA too.. Very funny. On BBC Radio 4. It was called "The Blair Mole Project".

    Today, I have done all chores and I am going to find a movie to watch.

    Started listening to a Trollope(Joanne) novel set in WW11 in Malta called The Bronze ????" gone lost it. Very good.

    Love Annie cromwell Hope you all have a nice day and those in SF keep themselves adorned in warm clothing. Love to SMG
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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Since we expect SMG back soon, remember that we shan't

    mention that purchase of the "King James Bibble". Un-

    fortunately, some historical sensitivities still exist

    with some! I'm sure you "know what I'm sayin".

    What ever happen to that Church "Economical" Movement?

    Told a Lady Methodist Minister one time that her Choc.

    Chip Cookies were so good, she could have "converted"

    John XXIII in another time!

    Glad you and Danny are having fun wiff the Middle Ages

    revival. My favorite time in History. That's why I en-

    joyed Britain so much!