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    Another Vol already!

    Please read contributions on previous Vol 72 by clicking
    it on if you wish.

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    Hi there dear Porchers,

    I have has such a busy day. Don't exactly ask me what I've done but I couldn't find my way to the Porch. I did get to the computer once and peeked again but didn't have time to post. So, here I am finally !! Went shopping with DH, made some lunch and tried to reconcile my checkbook. Doesn't that sound exciting ??? What a pain that is ( the checkbook thing sometimes). A great mathematician I am not. Jodie where are you ??

    I just ran through the last volume and will try to remember something of what I read which is not an easy task for me, especially at this time of evening for me. It is almost time for me to go and take my shower, meds and go nitey nite !!However, I had to just touch base with you all.

    Ck Carla - I cannot believe what has been happenoing to you or going on . Yes, by all means please do listen to Rock and maybe Mrdad and report it RIGUT AWAY. I know that you are a smart cookie but some of these crazy people, who knows what is on their (his) mind. Don't take it to lately and I know how busy you are. Worried about you !!

    Lynna - Were you making meatloaf for DH birthday? Well you had better be careful or we wil both be there and might grab it right off your plate, esp my DH who absolutely LOVES meatloaf. Do you have any special recipes to share or do yo just sorta throw it all together like I do? Comes out good thogh and it usually does not last to long around here.

    Annie - That "castle" that you made for Danny sounds really neat. I am sure he really loves it esp being made with such loving care. My son, the one trying to have a baby would probably love that. He loves all that castle and midevil stuff. How is Dannie doing. How old is her. You probablay mentioned it but I forgot. Thanks also for the info on the deficiency in Copper causeing miscarriages. I never heard of that. However, I think they are now going to go and try and find a good fertility specialist. Wonder if he /she has heard of that one ( about the copper).

    Jodie - How are you doing. Hope your arm is doing a little better.

    Well guys and gals, I hit that brick wall and cannot think what anyone else has said and we are on a new volume so I cannot peek to find out. Sorry !!

    For some reason my cheaks and my face is hurting more the past few days along with my head, neck, shoulders, etc. Nothing like a little CMPS (hope I got those letters correct)to make you feel even more like - - - -!

    Ali - ( or anyone) do any of you have any idea of what the safe amount of tylenol is to take along with moderate alcohol consumption? So glad that youare doing better and getting some sleep.

    Rock- You are right, they give you no idea and just say do not take with alcohol cause it might effect your liver. Now that was a BIG help now wasn't it. I certainly am not going to take my pain pills wiwth a glass or wine or booze. I may be a little dense sometime but not THAT BAD !!

    Has anyone's dr. said anything at all about this subject that makes any sense?

    Big hugs all around to all that I have missed - Gilley, Marta, Carla NL, Mrdad, etc.etc.

    Love you all,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  3. morningsonshine

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    Anyone else hanging out on the porch?? I need some entertainment. That's different from the same ole, same ole, day, after day, after day!!

    6 below today in MN, and i went out and smelled my horses!

    Buried my face in there warm fuzzy necks! I think they forgot who i am. Its been awhile since i did more than watch them thur the window!

    Anyone have any fireworks??
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda: Think ya otto take some weeks off of all this Med
    "Stuff". Too much happening to ya lately! You need a
    much well deserved rest. Try to take some time to relax
    and do more fun things with Hubby and Kids!

    Have a Friend who has been a Psyc R.N. like your Husband
    in State Institution for years and years! Don't know how
    he has done it but some people are blessed with the abil-
    ity to accomodate their personality to almost anything!
    Your Hubby must be one of those extraordinary individual
    and I certainly admire him. I use to Sub-Teach at Juvie
    here in S.F. and get "locked" in with these neurotic and
    borderline psychotic Kids! And they wanted to know WHY
    I never showed movies! ("Yea, will someone please turn the
    lights off"?) I was making $38.00 a day b-4 taxes!

    It's nice to see Morningsunshine on the Porch tonite! Rock
    also loves to hear Peeps from his homestate come on and
    keep him advised as to what's happenin' at "home". Right
    Rocky? My FIL had a ranch in Nevada and I'd watch him
    o his 1/4 horse cutting cattle! They were such a great
    team. My wife use to barrel race her 1/4 horse. I asked
    her what the "other 3/4's" were made of ? (A City Kid ya
    know) Oh. boy!

    Granni: ("Cookie") Do ya have big plans for the Weekend!
    'Posta be record cold here this weekend but the Sky is so
    beautifully clear! Had great Chinese lunch wiff my Son
    at our favorite restaurant! So much food, Took enuff home
    for dinner too! The guys that own it work so hard and are
    a real delight to all! That makes an important ingredient
    to a successful business. Hope ya do get an opport. to re-
    lax a bit. You can balance the checkbook next week.

    Rock: Had to disappoint "Guido" today as I denied his re-
    quest to pre-date his "Stock Options"! I mean, I could
    end up in CLUB FED for months! Didn't mean to sound self-
    ish! But----

    Gonna get some fresh coffee from the Porch kitchen!

  5. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I couldn't sleep tonight so I thought I'd pop over here and see what was going on. Thanks for noticing I was missing.

    I have written on here before I was trying to write a new chapter in my life.Well the book ain't going to good,if'in ya know wat I mean, Joe.

    I haven't even been leaving the house much lately. I think I must have a redo on depression meds.But the good news is that medicaid signed me up on a prescription program. Funny they never told me.

    I had signed up on Humana for part D.Then I find out about the medicaid signup.

    So I had to unenroll in the Humana plan. I must confess that it felt good to get a script filled for 2.15.

    The bad news is that the guy I have been seeing on and off for about 2 years got fired again today.This is the 4th time in about a year.

    He was on probation for 90 days.He was sick 2 days and missed work, went to the doctor, got an excuse.He only missed one day other than that, the power was off, the alarm didn't go off.

    In the workers handbook it clearly states that first you have to notified verbally that there is a problem.Then you get wrote up,then you have to be handed a notice in writing that you are fired.

    He has never been told that there was a problem, he has never been written up, and he was allowed to work until quitting time today.Then they handed him his check and told him he was fired.

    It was about the best paying job around in this area for a non professional job.

    I think I told you all about my daughter having a heart attack, then I found out a friend of mine had cancer of the bladder. The glass meter on the house burned up and I was without power for 2 days. Electriction said no need to replace old power box but I found a bad breaker in it today.

    The new dryer I bought wouldn't heat but would come on.

    So I been a faint'bit flustered lately.BUT I looked out into my yard and lo'n'behold i had a buttercup in full bloom.Made my day..............Sorry so long.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated from,plain old porch sitters,house renovators,politicians?....doctors, lawyers, or indian chiefs.Nighty night.....Dianne
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "Hei" is not a typo. It's Norwegian for "Hi". Haha

    Ok, I'm writing this as an e mail. That way I can save it. It won't vanish into an electronic black hole.

    MrD, you are the glue that holds our board together. Of course, I'm not saying you have sticky fingers. Haha. "What are the other 3/4 made of?" A very good question. What was the answer?

    W/ re: 2 your friend who was terminated, Dianne, he might want to talk to an atty that does labor law. I did workers' comp and personal injury so don't know anything about labor law.

    But I do know from reading thousands of personnel files, that employers seldom complied w/ their own rules about terminating people. In many cases the personnel records contained NO info about the termination.

    Is this enought to win a lawsuit? Don't know. It might be enough to get the employer to offer a settlement. Good luck to your friend.

    Have you tried cream soup in your meatloaf, Marily? Had some a friend fixed that way. I liked it; Gordon didn't. Have you had this face pain for a long time? Sounds awful.

    Will look on the depression board, Ali. There are times I miss Minnesota, but for some reason they are not in the winter time.

    Hope things quiet down for you, Linda. You've had enuff medical procedures for a year or two. Let somebody else have the fun for a while.

    I just had a long nap so will be up the rest of the night. Maybe play some bridge on-line. My Emotions Anonymous meeting is at 10:30 AM. Hope I'm awake for that.

    Look for youse guys later.


  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just had a good epsom salt soak. Still a bit achey though.

    Well ck carla what a rough time and please report this as that is scarey. We worry about you. Got the kit castle at AC Moore but they sell Papo all over.

    Aspergers is a form of autism, Danny has autism, not quite so high functioning as Aspergers in many ways.

    His interview is end of month now he is loving the resource room classes so much he does not want to leave them. Maybe he can stay this year and start Special Ed school summer school, as it would be end Feb before he could start. That will give him time for his new classes at regular MS to get boring.

    Glad the endos seemed OK. They always take snippets to test as routine and can normally see if any problems there and then.

    I wish for all of us today a pain free day, or at least some time "off" from the dd, if only for an hour.

    Big ice storm coming our way to I hear going cross Buffalo as I hear it.

    That was amazing news they found that kid and the one missing 4 years, though wonder what that has done to his mind etc. Miracle for his folks though. Never give up hope.

    Will be reading here but probably not writing due to arm aches.

    Love Annie cromwell
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I think? Anyway, it's so cold here it reminds me of the
    Play "The Skin of Our Teeth" that I think has Minnisoda
    as the setting? (Right Rocky?) Remember how it gets so-o-
    o-o-o COLD that people start burning furniture to keep
    from freezing! (Oh No Guido)!! Not the Rolltop desk! Burn
    the dining chairs first!! PuRRR! I'm beginning to empa-
    thize with the Sierra Donor Party but, but luckily I'm
    too skinny for Guido to want to have me for Dinner!

    After re-reading Ali's post from Minnisoda, I did the
    Math and determined that we are only 45 degrees warmer
    than in her home Town! But the ice skating must be good,
    right Ali? And ya got over 10,000 lakes to choose from!
    Hope you and the Family are resting up and keeping warm

    Dianne: I'm sorry you are going thru so MANY problems!
    Sometimes I read the Posts and Bio's here and determine
    that in relationship, I have very little to "complain"
    about. Many of your stories sound like stories out of
    the Old Testament about the trials and tribulations of
    so many people there! Glad that we have this forum to
    come to for support and empathy! Try to be strong as I
    know you must be and continue to "Check-in" with us as
    often as you are able.

    AnnieC: So happy that the Danny is doing well! Glad that
    ya didn't try to see Geoff this weekend if a big storm
    has hit the area! It is wonderful that they found those
    two young boys!! Too many disappear and are never found
    again! Don't know at all HOW parents and family members
    can possibly deal with such an event.

    CK: Carla, yes I got an E-mail from Carla-NL a day or so
    ago! She has been very busy wiff work etc but usually
    get an email everyday. She and Prickles are great "Buds"
    and communicate daily or MORE also. Hope everything is
    quiet there and do hope you have alerted athorities.

    Hey Kids, Gonna Post this one b-4 I might lose it!
    Hope all are warm and havin' a good day!
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Y'all,

    Don't have alot of time to write but am going to try to at least write alittle bit. I had to go out with DH on some errands this morning, then came home put in some wash, ran over to a friends who taped some songs for me with my part, since I hadn't ever sung them before. Then came home and made some soup for lunch - another exciting morning down the drain. I also have to vacuum sometime since we are supposed to have company tomorrow night for cards and out to eat. However, we will see when the cold and wet wether comes on what we do tomorrow and early in the week. We are supposed to get part of that storm that is now in the medwest and has been hitting Dallas -BRRR!

    I would think that we should be getting it sooner as it has been or is hitting Dallas at this point. They say late sunday or monday but I would think it would be sooner since Dallas is not that far away from us. Maybe it is a very slow mover or something. Then I will really be stiff and sore. Plus, I just HATE the cold , esp damp weather ! I know that I am not the only one around here.

    Mrdad - I think you said that you are getting some cold and maybe wet weather now, in sunny warm CA. (-: !!

    Lin - I see you have the same problem as I with only one computer. You have more people in your house than I but another person besides me is more than enough (-: ! I WANT MY OWN COMPUTER ALTHOUGHT NOW SURE WHERE I WOULD PUT IT IF WE DID. This reoom is not that large and one wasll is being taken up by a large mirrored closet !So, that is a lost wall . Glad to see you back on the porch.

    Morningsonshine - Wow that is cold !!! I can't even take the weather we are supposed to get soon, in the 30's and 40's. Actually, when the temp hits in the 50's and 60's it is cold for me, esp when there is no sun and it is very damp out ( which it seems to be alot of the time here). Sorry, I don't have any fireworks, not even sparklers.

    Dianne - Glad to see you here on the porch. Sorry to hear about all the problems going on in your life and those of friends and family. Hope that things straighten out soon for everyone including YOU and your boyriend. Hope he gets another job real soon. That is no fun. One of my daughters divorced last year and is busy looking for a another job too. Plus, she just moved to be closer to Texas Cilden's Hospital in Houston for the youngest grandchild who has leukemia. The next son has learning disabilities and the other son is with the dad (poor kid)! Lots of bad stuff going on around her to and it's not any fun. That is why I come here to try and forget some of it with all these smart , and funny people on this porch.

    Ali - Sorry to hear about your horrible day and new dx. I will try to remember to go and check on your new diagnosis on the other board. How is it comign along with Amelia's diet ??? Figured out anything yet? That she might be sensitive to. I know that it has been a short time since you started so it may take awhile. Believe me, many times if i were along I would just stay in bed alot of the day but I TRY to get out and about and do things. I also need to say NO more which I have been learning how to do more regularly now.

    Annie - Yes, isn't that something about finding those two boys, esp the one gone for 4 years. Yes, I can't oimagine what trauma he has gone through and how it probably has messed up his life. Yes, a big storm is supposed to be coming our way soon, maybe late sunday , who knows. I am dreading the cold !!! Good luck to Danny. I hopes he gets into the special school (program). I have two grandsons with speial needs and I wish that the olds one (11) was getting more special help. We will see, he just changed into a better school district in TX so may tht will be more helpful than where he was.

    Hi and welcome back Prickles. Good luck in your exams !! Boy, you have been a busy one too ! I wish I was your age again , but then again MAYBE NOT (-: !!

    Big hugs again, to you ALL and those I did not address personally - Marta, Mrdad, Rock, Jodie etc.

    Not sure how good the weekend will be it depends on the weather. So far OK, I guess. Going to a show tonight, the Lowes who also sing and perform in Branson. We have season tickets to the Performing Arts in our County.

    Luv to you all,

    Marilyn (Granni)

  10. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    I missed you all yesterday. I will start by telling you my secret ingredient for "Lynna's Lucious Meatloaf" lol.......
    It's a handy little jar of amazing stuff called "Woody's Cook-In Sauce". It's not a bbq sauce but a very intensely flavored marinade.....I use about 4 TBSP per pound of meat.

    Hubby had a good b'day and left yesterday morning and will be home Sunday night or Monday. Whew. I love him to death but it has been nice having the bedroom to myself. I can read as late as I want, watch what I want, etc. After my appt with the research study yestdy I came home, crawled under the electric blankie and watched "The Devil Wears Prada". Boy that Meryl Streep is a classy lassy isnt she? Movie was enjoyable but no oscar winner lol.

    I took a nice long nap, made some Tater soup for dinner and then stayed up till about midnight reading. I woke up to the sound of Zippy puking.......geeeez. He is still going potty so I know he's not blocked again. I'm keeping my eye on him and hoping I don't have to go back to the Vet again, as the last bill is still not paid off.

    I will have to go back and read what I missed yesterday, hope you are all warm and safe and having a relaxing weekend.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I have never seen Woody's Cookin Sauce. Is it a powder or a liquid and where do you find it in the grocery store?I will try it if I can find it.

    Also you were talking about potato soup. Was that Ali's recipe for potato soup? That was VERY good and was posted a few volumes ago, no weird ingredients either. However, that is more of a cheesy potato soup. What do you put in yours? My mom used to make a delicious one tht she of course never wrote dow the recipe and I have not been able to duplicate it. Hers was creamy but also had carrots and maybe celery and potatoes in it, with some evap milk. She never wrote anything dow and was a wonderful cook and died at age 93. I miss her so much , even though she lived in NY and I in TX.

    Can you tell that I love to eat? Especially soups in almost any kind of weather. I am a lazy cook. However, the easier the recipe and ingredients the better I like it (-: !!


    Marilyn (Granni)
  12. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Woody's Cook-In Sauce is a thick sauce that comes in a clear glass jar. It is usually found by the bbq sauces. It has the most wonderful, intense bbq flavor! It is great as a marinade and as an additive to ground beef (I use it in my meatloaf and the stuff just disappears !!) I made a bunch the other day and put the extra's in the freezer for later, boy were the kids p.o'd when they got home late that night and I had frozen it ahahahahahaha, no meatloaf sammiches for them ahahahahahaa

    I must have joined the porch after Ali's potato soup recipe, I missed that one. I don't really cook with recipes much either but here's my best attempt for Tater soup:

    I use the packages of Knorr Leek soup as a base and ignore the directions. I add chicken broth and milk, fresh leeks if I have them, frozen shredded hash browns and/or leftover baked potatoes. Lots of pepper and crumbled bacon and then I add finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese to each bowl.

    I'm sure it's fattening as all hell but it's great comfort food lol.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    That is a great idea using the Knorr Leek soup mix as well as frozen taters or leftover baked. How much chicken broth do you use and milk. Do you substitue the chicken broth and milk for the water? I have never used the knorr leek soup mix so I do not know what they tell you to do. How many packages do you use?

    Thanks alot. I think I will try that one too. Always looking for shortcuts esp with my energy level and crazy schedule sometimes. Do you just throw in a bunch of the frozen taters from the bag and really do not measure or what? If so I will experiment. Check out Ali's soup too as it uses canned potato and cheese soups along with potatoes, onion, some of the potato water. I am trying to remember what else there was. It is easy too except you have to cook up some potatoes. Not sure if I missed anything.

    Thanks for the tips. I am getting hungry already !! Yummy !!!

    Warm hugs from Granni
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  14. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    I think for each pkg of the Knorr Leek soup I use about 4 cups of chicken broth and 1 cup of milk, and yes I just dump a bunch of frozen shredded hash browns in the pot, I like to use alot. I usually use at least 2 pkgs of the soup mix since there are always 4-6 of us here and we like leftover's. I put the fresh leeks in because the potatoes tend to soak up the saltiness of the soup mix. In fact, my grandma used to tell me that if I used too much salt in something to add some potato to it.

    Thanks for telling me about Ali's recipe, I'll find it and try it next time.....it sounds good.
  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good evening to my Porchie friends,

    Joe, I'm listening to A Prarie Home Companion which is being broadcast from San Fran Cisco today! Keeler mentioned a thank you for the cold weather so they wouldn't miss MN so much but I bet you'd rather not.

    Rocky, it's cold where you are too. I see it was 29 degrees last night in Pasadena where my son has bronchitis now! That guy needs to get well! I hope your meeting went well and everyone went home happy to have been in your company, as we are here.

    Granni, I'm so glad to hear it's not you using the Absolut to take your meds. Must be that Jeeves again. You are a busy lady for a sickee! I read in one of your notes that you "ran over some friends" and had to go back to reread to make sure I'd read that wrong! You certainly drive better than that!

    I'm so happy to see so many people here on the porch who haven't been here in awhile like Morningsonshine and Prickles! Misty, there's not much going on here where I am except the cold but it sounds like I need to read up on Jodie. I don't have horses to smell but I have a cat who has the worst breath of any cat I've ever known. Good thing she's so sweet.

    Prickles, I love your attitude and I'll vote for you! Just don't let yourself think about you, just think about your topic and you'll be fine. I bet they'll be so wowed by the pink and blue hair that they'll give you an automatic A.

    Linda, glad you got though the scopes. Those aren't much fun but good to have behind you - no pun intended.

    Aligrace, I need to check on your new dx. I hope you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Depression sucks.

    Dianne, good to see you too. $2.15 sounds very good to me for any med. Your life right now reminds me of the saying that "if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all". I hope you see a turnaround soon!

    Annie, I was interested in the kids who were found too. I did wonder about the 14 y.o. though. He wasn't that far from home but stayed with his "kidnapper". I suspect there's more to the story.

    Lynna, I remember how wonderful it was to be by myself. Of course that's when I knew somebody would be coming back through the door eventually. Not that I mind so much now. There are many benefits. Hope Zippy's better!

    You cooks have me drooling and eating is most of what I've done today. Must be this cold winter weather all over the country. We're expecting some very nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. Hope the power stays on. I always think about batteries and flashlights along about now.

    Y'all be good now, stay warm and I'll see you again real soon.

    Hugs all around,

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  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Marta! Thanks for the info. on Garrison Show as I did
    not even know it was in S.F. this week! We have two NPR
    Stations in the Bay Area wiff different formats. I listen
    to both as I have them on all night on low. My "Old"
    Squeeze I'm sure will also mention that as she has her
    radio tuned to her NPR station 24/7 up North in the Sacra.
    Valley. Understand Kellor is most difficult to work wiff
    and has been married multiple times. Maybe the women in
    the long run proved brighter than he??

    My Son, on a very cold evening arrived home from work
    late at nite to discover he had locked his key in the
    Flat! Rather than ring the bell or pound on the door
    and awake his male housemates on a weeknight, he decided
    to make the best of a bad situation. He immediately took
    out his Cell Phone and scanned his list of options. Fort-
    unately he was rescued by a rather attractive brunette who
    graciously took him in from the cold. Is that what we call
    making Lemonade out of Lemons or what?

    Lynna: Glad that you are having some "me" time this week-
    end. Everyone needs that from time to time! I even like
    it when for some reason all the housemates are gone at
    the same time! Doesn't happen very often though. Bro. in
    Union City says it was cold down your way also last nite!
    'Posta get a break maybe Sun>MOnday.

    Jodie: Ya OK? You've been real quiet! Hope it's just
    the new Friend keeping you "entertained"! How's the arm?

    Granni:(Cookie) Texas is gonna get bad weather again I see
    from your Post! Lots of extremes goin' on. Stay home and
    stay safe.

    Oh Boy! It's another exciting Sat. nite on Public Televis-
    ion wiff Lawrence Welk and the Lemon Sister's!
    "A one and a two"--- %*@*%&@**
    "Later Kids",
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  17. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    As Mrdad would say "I'm back"...at least for tonight! I've missed everyone but have been absent because of a couple of reasons. Reason one was my heath and reason 2 was that my DH was trying to improve the speed of my computer and the computer was down on and off for days. He would think it was fixed and I would loose internet connection again and again. He finally got help from his computer tech at work and got the system up and running. I tried hard not to be upset because he was trying to do something nice for me (and he likes to tinker with gadgets). Honestly, I can not tell that the speed is any greater than before...just that my laptop now has a gadget with little antennas attached to it.

    After he finally got it "fixed", I just have not felt able to keep up with the threads. I have been trying to do what Dr. Lapp instructed...three minutes of expending energy and then resting. The reason for such a short time is because on the exercise tolerance test. I start getting an irregular EKG's after just a few minutes. As you can relate there is little you can do in 3 minutes but I have been doing the best that I can. I started by limiting the things that I could and the amount of time that I spend on the computer has had to be reduced.

    I have been trying to catch up on all The Porch threads...just not taking the energy to post. I tried several times and would delete them before I sent them because I would find them full of errors. I am hoping this brain fog and fatigue will improve soon.

    I am going to attempt to go with my husband on a business trip to his office at Wilmington. We will stay at Wrightsville Beach. It is a nice hotel with great beds, excellent TVs, and room service. He will work and I can stay in the room and watch the ocean. I have only been able to leave the house once since Christmas Day but I have seen enough improvement the last week that I am going to try this again. I need to get out of this house. I'm going to be very positive and hope that the drive does not make me so sick this time. I can't wait until the day comes that I do not have to worry so much about trying to enjoy enjoyable things like going for a ride, eating out, or even seeing my family. I am going to be better one day...I know I am.

    I'm envious of all the things (or any thing) that some of you can do but I know that there are people that are much worse than I am.

    It was good to visit again. I will be back as soon as possible.

    Big Hugs to All of You. I feel your support and I hope you feel mine to each of you.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm glad ya checked in! We've had lots of MIA's espec-
    ially since just b-4 the holiday's. The weather has also
    been a factor for many. It is not as important to keep
    up everyday wiff everything that is happening with each
    Porchie as that is virtually impossible! Keeping in con-
    tact is all that any of us can be expected to do.

    Think ya need some time away from the House and all the
    things that have been associated with that problem! Just
    close your eyes and relax on the way to the Coast and
    enjoy the Scenery there for a few days! Sounds great to
    me! Sure you will love it once you are there.

    How are things going with the Lab Puppy? Did ya fine some
    one to excercise him? Hope all is well with that concern
    also. Do you take him with you on trips?

    Some very nice new people on the Porch. You will meet
    them soon I'm sure. Please have a good time and get to
    us as you can, "K"?

    Your Friend and fellow Porchie,
  19. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    and I don't know about it???? Believe it or not I just discovered that radio program this summer! It brings back such awesome memories for me!

    Hubby and I took our patio boat out to New Melones Reservoir for 4 glorious days and nights this past summer when I was feeling good. We tied up in a little canyon off of the main river and didn't see another soul for the entire 4 days. Perfect for sunnin' and skinnydippin' lol.
    We were trying to find something to listen to on the radio on a Saturday night and we found a NPR station that was broadcasting PHC.

    I might have been in a bit of an "altered state" but I thought it was hilarious and wildly entertaining lol.

    Just finished watching the movie "The Illusionist" about Eisenheim the Illusionist. Very interesting.

    Zippy was next to me but now the dogs are jockeying for position too. I have 100 pounds of boxer blanket laying across my legs and the 65 pound female just managed to sneak in between Zippy and I. I guess I'm trapped lol.

    I brought you all some hot cocoa, enjoy it my friends and stay warm!

  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have attempted to post a couple times today but would be interrupted. Good one was my grand daughter called, she will be 16 next month. I can't believe how she has grown up, but I am very proud of her and she has her meemaw's good looks :)

    I put a pic of her in my profile- she is wearing my wedding dress that I wore when I married her papa. We have been divorced for over 25 years but remain good freinds and spend the holidays together. I like his wife, they have been married 20 years last year.

    I accomplished my mission! The door frames are done, installed and doors painted. It is like icing on the cake. Most people don't give frames and molding much thought unless you live 3 years without it. I challenged myself because I have never done this much before.

    There were all kinds of problems I had to overcome as far as the walls and the jams were different, this is a real custom made house, and I don't mean that in a good way,lol.

    I worked each door and figured a way to make it work and it did. I am going back to glass now as my gallery owner took the christmas stuff down so I have to put springy stuff in. I have been looking in my books and online to see what I will do.

    I took care of the black sedan and they think he is actually long gone from here because it all came out. He's got bigger things to think about besides me. I am the least of his worries.

    Mrdad- did you wake up a little chilly this morning? I hear the state is in a state of emergency because it was to go below freezing! Our Candanidan friends are happy if it gets to freezing.

    I know it is bad for the produce bus- all those oranges all frozen. I bet a gallon of OJ will cost more than a gallon of gas soon. You must have taught your son well, how is he again?

    I'm still waiting on my baked spghetti :-( I ate a grilled cheese and cheetos for dinner. All you mom's and wives cooking all the time. I do miss it sometimes but I don't miss the clean up.

    Lin- so glad everything came out all right- yes pun intended. I hate the day before more than the procedure day. I love vercet not sure of the spelling but you know what I mean. You don't have a pain or a care in the world,lol.

    Sweetie- Wright's Beach is great, I have been there a few times and Nags Head too. It does us good to get out, we usually don't regret it once we get started.. then day after is another story.

    Lynna- and I thought I had it bad with the fur blankets. Missy is famous for sleeping across the bed and get a foot in the head or ribs. Twila is my foot warmer. I woke up the other day and I was wedged with one on my feet and the other up against my back, I was trapped I wish my kitty could join our family bed.

    Maybe one day, I think I can get the dogs past it, but I don't see Smitten caring for it much. She was that way before the dogs, she was just a little stray that showed up one day, she was so small she fit in the palm of my hand.

    I have blatherd on enough going to watch my TLC show I missed when my GD called earlier.

    se ya all around- Carla

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