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    Hey Kids. Changing this now 'cause I be gone tonite, "K"?

    Please read other thoughful Posts on the Previous Vol 73
    by just "clicking on", "K"??

    Yea, Yea Guido!! I'll be right there!! Oh, Boy.

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    Hello Darkwaters, come on in, no sqeeters here, but I think most are in the lodge sitting by the fire drinking hot toddies.

    I see a lot of MIA's today, I hope they aren't sitting in the dark, this weather is crazy, I have on the Weather Channel now getting caught up and to see what is coming my way.

    Looks like rain and we have already had our share. My front yard is almost a lake at this point. I would rather have the snow..oh no please don't throw the snoballs at me.

    The put a flood report out a little awhile ago across the tv.

    Our local news reported about a local couple who bought sno balls from MN on Ebay- TRUE STORY. Yes, Ali there is one born everyday.

    Lin-glad your feeling better. I must say my laptop is the best money I have spent, my daughter says my teeth were but she doesn't have to wear them.

    It works as a lap warmer too. I spend so much more time on the puter than I use to because I can get comfy. Couldn't sit at a desk this long.

    They run some good sales, a freind got one at Office Max a while back for around $4-500. It just depends on what you want to do with it.

    Sorry about the roof leak. My BF just replaced a 5 year old expensive dimentional shingle roof. They used the wrong nails and it all popped up. The roofer doesn't have anything to sue for so now she is it out $9000. It really is hard to find good contractors. I hope yours calls you back. I'll strap on the ice skates and be there if he doesn't.

    About checking accounts, I use MS Money for my check balancing. As long as you put the right info in it is a breeze. I simpliy can not sit down and balance mine without the computer. The program is about 10 bucks and very easy. I have 2 accounts because of my mom so it really helps.

    Granni my GD is all of 105 pounds and she fills the dress out better than I did at her age. I weighed 112 when I wore that dress. Now I am average since they say the average woman is a 12-14. I was up there at 180 last winter, stress eating. Then I started walking and gave up most fast food and lost 20 and still holding. I always take a Wendy burger and frosty with me to work on Fri.

    Looks like you are getting hit hard tonight, I hold the power lines hold up for you.

    Mrdad- I hope and Guido had a safe night out in the freezing weather. And yes, the Becacks have visited the teak store. My favs are the hobos trying to selling something to get another bottle or smokes.

    Ali- I really don't hire out, I do well to get my own done. I have been working on my website updating my pictures you can read my profile to see how to find it.

    I still have more pics to add so you may want to wait a few days. I also have a page just for my furbbies, two for stained glass and on for my house. You really can't imaging how filthy this house was, most of my friends thought I was crazy and I said of course I am that's why you call me crazy Carla. Remodeling this house has been so hard at times, there has been plenty of blood, sweat and tears here. But I would do it all over again.

    My HVAC guy came over the other day to change my filters. He saw this house before I started on it and threw the process. The other day was the first time he had seen the kitchen done. He couldn't beleive it. He said I did a good job.

    All the blue stained cabinets are natural oak unfinished cabinets and I put 5 layers of stain and glaze to get what I wanted.

    If I could put it on a trailer and move to CA I bet i could get 800,000 for it,lol. I watch a lot of FLip that House kind of shows. I amazes me the cost of housing in CA. My car cost new more than my house. I am very proud of what I have done and had times I thought I couldn't do it anymore. But somehow I did.

    Gilley- we did miss you, I have back troubles too and spent some down time because of it. I get bad sciatica if I push to hard.

    Marta- sounds like you and Soapie are still trying to make it work.

    My nite meds are starting to work so I will sign off for now. Hope everyone has a good week- Godnight, annie, goodnite, grannie, goonite, Rocky, goodnite Mrdad, goodnite johnboy-sleep tight and stay warn-Carla

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    Good morning, All!

    Can you believe I got an actual, in-person call from my PA this morning to reschedule my appointment?? I was very impressed and very glad not to have to think about driving in all this ice. I'm trusting that our power will stay on.

    Linda, I'm happy to hear you're finally off drugs. lol Did 'ya get 'em from Mr. Mob? What a story that is! Yes, I'm still doin' time at the shelter. It's often frustrating and if I'm not careful, exhausting, but it takes my mind off of me and that's a very good thing. The worst part is having to refuse tasks or schedules that I simply can't do because of CFS and then trying to make people understand without getting The Look.

    Darkwaters, welcome to you! I see you already have a chair with your name on it. That Jerome is quick! Watch out for Jeeves though because he tends to tipple a bit and gets mushy, if you know what I mean.

    Carla ck, I just love what all you're able to do with your house. I design them and decorate them but I've never undertaken the actual remodeling of them. Someone actually paid for snowballs?? Well then, I have some swampland I'd like to peddle.

    Did you all read about the small community on the ocean in FL who sold it for a huge amount of $ to developers. I hate to see all the good ocean front property developed but I must admit it would be very difficult to say no to the amount of money most folks got - over $700,000.

    Aligrace, a bit green around the gills, are you? Hopefully you can be a normal color again soon. Thank you for your prayers and here's one back atcha.

    Now I'm going to draw a big rabbit to transfer on the wall of the new cat room at the shelter.

    Hugs aaaaaaaaall around - Watch the ice!!


  4. Granniluvsu

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    Hi all you Porchers,

    It is already late here and sitting in my robe and checking the e-mails etc. It is VERY cold here in TX and we are awaiting some more rain/possibly sleet/ice a couple of snow flakes (?) tonight and tomorrow and wed. Am supposed to go out to practices both night we we will see what developes or doesn't. It would be ice if they just cancelled both of them.

    Just wanted to check on you ALL and make sure you were OK, more or less with no terrible things going on. We all have enough problems, don't we?

    I hope to get back to you all later on and actually send a decent post when I have something organized around here and I am actually dressed ( not that you can see me). Gotta start a wash too and DH wants go work out again. Oh, I feel like going back to bed. It is nice a warm in there !! It took quite awhile for me to actually get up and out.

    All of you please STAY WARM and safe.


    Marilyn (Granni)
  5. morningsonshine

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    You can see by the icon how cold i'm getting!!:0)

    Ali- I haven't been on the Porch for ages!! But i was looking for something new to do, and thought i would stop in and say "HI".

    I'm not as talented as the rest of you, and have a hard time conversing with so many people at one time! LOL

    And i'm always afraid of leaving someone out! And sometimes, when I think i'm funny, no one else dose! Ha, (like right about now!)

    But, i love the food! It's great.

    Oh- what's this potatoe soup recipe i was reading about? Where can i find it??

    Take care all of you!
    Hidi-Ho- neighbors!

  6. gilley

    gilley New Member

    You are welcome on the porch anytime. Jerome got you the chair and if you get back to your knitting, you can make a chair cover! The porch people are a great bunch. Interesting personalities and humor and compassion for everyone.

    Ali - I know the church Elders will love you!!!! Just be yourself and you will be fine. It sounds like membership with offer you many opportunities to get involved and get to know everyone. Ya'll will be in my prayers. My back pain is back to the usual. Thanks for checking in.

    Lin - glad the computer is up and running. Wha toooook him sooooo long!!!!!! Sorry about the leak and bad weather. We awoke to freezing rain. Glad I was not working as well. I hate to drive in bad weather. The trees are ice covered and look beautiful. They look like sprarkling diamonds!!

    Mrdad - Looks like it isn't a beach day today either. I love oranges and can't imagine what the prices will be with all the west coast bad weather. Is it true that Rice a Roni is the San Francisco treat? Saw the commercial yesturday and thought about you and bowls of rice a roni. Guido prefers pasta roni, I am sure. Tell guido to take good care of you and keep you out of harms way.
    Thanks for always thinking to get us to the next volume!!!
    Rock - Thank you and Gordon for the caper info. I decided to make scalloped potaoes to go with dinner and add capers to them. I s there anything Gordon can't do!! How did you manage to find this charming Jack of all trades!!!

    Well, The shower is empty and this is my chance. Got to go... See you all a little later,
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just saying a quick heelo. Welcome to darkwaters.

    Thanks for recipe there.

    We are having baked spuds with brussels sprouts. I always add a pinch of bicarbonate to the sprouts to make them taste sweet, but it robs them of C. Tastes good though.Gave the family an art lesson today and they did a nice pic each of vase of flowers.

    Hey, ckball, I think we chatted before you started the kitchen??? Sounds good post a pic. I redid mine too and have painted a scene on the inside doors of each cabinet(still got a few to go) and people love it. Yes, I watch flip this house etc and wow those tiny homes that cost $800,000 we will be lucky to get a quarter that for this big house. I cannot see how these young families can afford the loans on those houses as many it is their first house. Do they do interest only loans???

    Well I cnanot type much due to arm ache.

    Love Annie
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Lincamp- thanks for reposting the potatoe soup recipe, sounds good and easy.

    And Annie- thanks for the reminder that i still have large, baking potatoes left in my pantry i need to use up!!

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again Gals and Guys,

    I was out for awhile this a.m. to out for burger with my DH as he ws so bored in the house with this cold weather !! That was fine with me going out to eat but boy was it COLD out and I had sweats on.. They have since cancelled our chorale practice today which is good. Some people come from a good distance to and the director probably figured would be missing quite a few people anyway since the weather report was not sounding good but a little iffy- cold for sure and maybe some ice and wintry mix. Us Texans are not sure about driving that stuff.

    Annie - So sorry that your arm is still bothering you. You are right to try and rest it a little. I remember when I broke my right elbow, it was not good and it was so hard to do so many little things we always take for granted. I need to do some kitchen ronovating to as well as painint and recarpting. Alwys either to busy doing something else or to lazy (both DH and myself). I am glad you are so artistic. I need some lessons for sure - not good !!

    Morningshine and Lin - I see that Linda beat me to the receipe. It is a good one and I don't think you really can mess it up much. I think Linda did it a little different way than Ali did but it still came out great they said. I asked Ali ( the inventor) of this receipe some questions about it that I had as that was the first time she had written out the recipe.

    Linda - Glad to hear that ayou are off drugs. What are you taking - any supplements or anything? Sorry to hear about your leaky roof !!!Hope it gets fixed soon. Glad you are finally back on line.

    I would save more than the amount of potato water called for, I forget (like 1/2 c I think or something but you might want it thinner). It is just a matter of preferance.

    Also, Ali said she puts the onions in the potato water first so they would be cooked. I also think I will add less water to cook the potatoes next time so you don't wanst all the great flavor, esp if you put the onions in there. Also, the recipe I think called for 1 t of cayenne pepper. I suggest putting in 1/2 first and adding the other after you tast it. I think it depends on the strength of the cayenne pepper. I think outs was from Mexico and it was alot hotter than many, depending on the area you live in.

    Her recipe also said 1/2 ham cut up - Ali said that she usually uses ham steaks, I think two of them and cubes them after precooking them quickly. I wasn't sure of how many she meant so I added 1/2 steak and DH kept eating the ham as I was cutting it up. Needless to say there wasn't alot of ham in our soup. However, it did taste delicious anyway.

    We love pepper and I think next time I will add less cayenne (due to the strength) and add more black pepper. Just throw it all together and let it cook to your desired consistency and add more potato water if needed. I saved a bunch but didn't need much. This way it is almost like a stew. If you want it more soupy add more water or a little milk maybe. If you add milk though I wouldn't let it boil though and stir it in at the last. Hope some of this is helpful Morn. Thanks for reprinting it Lin. This will be GREAT for leftover ham.

    I am tryng out another recipe today and will let you know if it comes out - it is an easy bean soup with canned chicken and all kinds of beans and corn. I am missing some stuff but will improvise as usual. Not going out in this cold weather again. Just felt like SOUP today in this COLD WEATHER !

    Ali - You will do fine I am sure when you go before the elders. I am sure if you are yourself you will do just great. You are a sweetie, very honest,soft hearted and a great mom. I know you will give a wonderful impression. TRY not to get to nervious about it. I know that is is difficult to say when you have to make a good impressions on someone you hope you don't get to nervious and screw up (sorry SMG). Sorry you are still feeling so tired. I do know the feeling , believe me !! If you find a real cure for that please let me know.

    CK Carla - Since you are an expert in home dcorating maybe I can get some ideas (-: !! I surely need to get some work done around here. The home is about 20 years old.

    Marta - How are you and Ms. Soapie doing? Hope all is well. Wow Marta, not another artist inthe group. I wish I could draw something that looked remotely like what I want it to look like !

    Hi Darkwarters - glad to meet you and a BIG welcome to this great porch. Lots of great, funny and amart people here. I know there are no skeeters around here today - too COLD !!!! Later on when it gets warm, esp after a rain there are plenty of them.

    Mrdad and Rock - Hope you both are staying warm and behaving yourselves ( I don't know about that one). Still love you guys anyway (-: !!

    Hi also to Gilley - Hope all is going well with you.

    Warm hugs to all and sorry to anyone that I may have missed. Sorry so long. Actually have no where to go tonight due to weather so I tried to write a decent one.

    Luv ya all,

    Marilyn (Granni)[This Message was Edited on 01/15/2007]
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  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everybody is safe and warm. I'm sure we have some MIA's in the midwest, I pray they get their service up and running.

    Where is Mrdad and Rock? I haven't seen either one today. Mrdad did your saturday nite "date" turn into an overniter?

    I have been updating my website and getting my work room turned over into a stained glass room. Not too much just enough to keep busy.

    Annie- Google Carla's Stained Glass Creations. When you get to the home page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Before and After and you can look at many pics of the before and afters. You can't appreciate it unless you see the befores

    I have a call from a friend, Ill be back later- Carla
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's JUST me! Know I wasn't away in an undisclosed lo-
    coation, but just pleasantly busy for a day or so with
    Friends and Family. My Son and I finally had Xmas wiff
    my Friends and their "Lil Boys, 2 1/2 % 4 1/2> They live
    across the Bay and for reasons of illness and other obli-
    gations on both sides of the water, haven't been able to
    get together 'til now!

    They gave me a Family portrait as a Christmas present on
    which they are holding a sign that says "We Love JoeJoe".
    Pretty sweet ,hah? Great little Family that spend lots
    of time together even though Dad works very hard.

    Linda: LOVE the story about your Dad and the Mob guy! Is
    his cousin Vinney your roofing contractor? Glad their on
    the Roofing problem now! It is so difficult to find good
    honest and reliable contractors anymore! My SIL made the
    mistake of paying off a job with a landscape contractor
    and to tis day (Months later) the electrical sub hasn't
    been back to finish his part of the job! AND they want
    so-o-o much $$$$$$ !!!

    This young family above reminds me of what your Family
    has most likely been like through the years Linda! So
    many others on the Porch and Board also. The "Old" Squeeze
    met them at their house last year for a St. Pat's Day din-
    ner as her B'Day is the 18th March! They want her back
    for an "instand replay" this March! They even do a chair
    and place setting for my friend "Guido"! (He 'preciates
    it and brings the Vino!)

    Ali: Thanks much for your prayers this Sunday at Church!
    No need to be nervous about the "Church Elders" as I be-
    lieve they and the Congregation will welcome you and Fam-
    ily warmly!

    Jodie: Where are you Girl! Haven't heard from you in a
    few days! Hope it's just that you are havin' some fun
    but "check in" when ya can. "K"?

    WoW! So many Porchies goin' through the Cold Freeze! Stay
    off those roads unless have-2, ya know! Texas through
    the Mid-West to the Northeast is pretty extensive! Please
    al stay safe!

    Welcome Darkwaters! Hang around here and
    you will come to the conclusion very soon that "none of
    this makes much sense at all". That's why we have fun
    here! But again, welcome!

    A short Post 4-Me but I'm thinkin' of ya all!!

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    island. i tried to post the other night, but i had an urgent call from the young man i am seeing for now. he had too many drinks at a local pub and felt he needed to go. so i p/u him up and he stayed w/me. so when i was typing up my update i deleted it all because i didnt want to have him read any of my personal stuff.

    so elbow dr. appt is tuesday at 4 p.m. the wound is somewhat healing i hope. it is gross, today i couldn't pack any sterile gauze stripping in it. i just can forsee a big narly scar.

    i am supposed to start school today, i don't think i can do it. it hurts just to type here. dr would probably shoot me right now for doing this. writing is out of the question.

    so i may have to elect to just skip this sememster and go for the carpal tunnel surgery after this stuff gets cleared up. then i can be in full swing this summer.

    thank you every for your concerns/

    i need to go ice my arm down right now. man this elbow surgery went haywire for sure. plus thos abx make me so tired.

    i'll write back tomarrow if i have time. i need to deal w/dr/college and my new squeeze so to speak.

  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    We all over slept today, the kids missed the bus! Rats!

    I had to get dressed, warm up the car in this nasty cold, and drive them in.

    I'm still cold!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there all your wonderful Porchies,

    Want to quickly send out a note to all before DH gets back from errands. Then we will go work out a little, me mostly treadmill. We did NOT go yesterday or the day before, as planned. which was great with me.

    Am cooking up a pork loin roast in the oven with baked taters for tonight as I will be gone part of this afternoon. No frozen stuff so far today. Tonight also supposed to have a practice but not sure if we will cancel that or not like yesterday. The real rain, sleet and snow stayed more north of us (OK with me except we a got a day off of practice last night).

    Mrdad - Glad you got back safe and sound and enjoyed your day with those friend's children. I can see you do enjoy them. You remind me so much of my son but only older. He is the one that they just lost their baby (it wasn't progressiong properly) and it was very early so they did a D and C last week. My son has a crazy and easy personality like you who loves kids. I surely hope they (he and his wife) can have one soon.

    Morn - sorry you missed the bus for the kids. That is awful when you jolt up out of bed to see that you have overslept and then to have to go out in the frigid weather is awful !!! Hope the rest of your day is better.

    Linda - Thanks for the cinnamon buns ( sounds great) and the blankies. I surely need one today even though I know you all are much worse. Get home safe and sound from work. Hope you have a nice day and all goes well.

    Jodie - So sorry that your arm is still bothering you and you have to start school agin later than planned. Oh well, you'll get there sooner or later. You will make it up when you feel better. Take it easy and try to rest some.

    CK Carla - I see you are very busy with one thing or another. Where is your website? It sounds very interesting !!

    Marta - How have you and Soapie been doing? Didn't mention that in your lst post? Hope better. It just sounds like almost everyone is so cold and trying to stay warm. Glad you appt. got cancelled so you can try and stay warm and not have to go out in the crud. Hope you get to keep your power too.

    Lin - Hope you get to keep your power too. It is ot fun, I know when it goes out esp at night. Did you get your leaky roof fixed? Good idea to cook your food early in that situation. What do you have to reheat it if the poower goes out? We NEED to get like a camping stove but we never do go out and get one. The we had was so old and probably didn't work anymore from when we used to camp when the kids were much younger.

    Hi Ali - Hope all is well with you. When did you say that you are having that oral discussion with your church elders? I have forgotten. I am sue you will do great . Try not to worry. Hope the kiddos are doing well and you have gotten some sleep.

    Sweetie - Hope all is well with you. Stay warm and comfy !!

    Annie - Good luck to you and Danny. Hope all is going well for you both and that he gets into that special program for Aspergers. When will you both know for sure? It sounds great and that he is almost there but just all the red tape !!

    Hi also to Rock, Gilley and anyone else I might not have mentioned. Sorry if I have forgotten any of you. Trying to get done writing before DH gets home and then it is off again. I know I really need to work out for strength, flexibility and for my osteoporosis. (GROAN) ! Think of my while I am at the workout room. If it was up to me I know I wouldn't go as often as I should. It is right here in the subdivision so it is not to far to drive, fortunately.

    Supposed to possibly get more rain,sleet, and a snowflake or two (this afternoon and evening) today and tomorrow too.

    Oh, just rememberd that the soup (Tortilla soup) came out good last night, very easy, just open a bunch of cans. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post the recipe. I did not have a few things but substituted other things and it still turned out great.

    Warm hugs to all,

    Granni (Marilyn)

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  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I have good news and bad news. Some of you may remember I posted a week or so ago to pray for my friend that went into septic shock after surgery. She lost her battle late last night.

    She was 67 and bright, vibrant and a true lady. I don't think I will travel to VA for the funeral but will make a contribution to the Cancer Foundation in her memory. She had bladder cancer, that is what started everything. There were 7 corrective surgeries in a year, the surgery on the 7th of Jan was to be the final corrective surgery. Sadly, it was.

    The good news is I am going to be involved with the head of hair and makeup for We Are Marshall in obtaining art from local artists that will be sold in a special Ebay auction along with donations for stars, studios, props, ect. The funds will go to a foundation that is being created to treat depression in teens threw the arts.

    This has been in the works since last April and is now finally getting off the ground. I had almost given up and thought they no longer wanted me to be involved or they just couldn't get it going.

    I received both emails today, the one from my ex-boss that his wife had died and the one from Mr. P. His name is Philip Ivey and has been in the hair and makeup business for 25 years. He has done movies like Driving Miss Daisy, the Shawshank redemtion and Harry Potter movies.

    I will be able to attend the final gala in Atlanta for my part in this. I really will be mingling among the stars.

    How could something so bad and something so good happen on the same day.

    Granni- Google Carla's Stained Glass Creations and you will find my site. Be patient, there are a lot of photos and if you have dial up sometimes it takes awhile to load.

    There are links at the bottom of the first page called "Before and After" that is about my house, Carla's Critters it is about my pets, We Are Marshall it is about my experience as an extra in the movie and Carla's Pictures which are my other stained glass items.

    MrDad- glad you had a good time, the gift sounds wonderful. I miss my Joe-Joe in VA.
    I do think divorce people with kids need to get along for the sake of the children, I know it isn't always possible in abuse cases but we need to do the best we can for the little ones.
    I have errands to run and don't want to get out but I am out of diet 7 up (2 days) and now on my last bottle of water. The tap water is horrible.

    Jodie- please be careful with the elbow. Linda and Gilly will tell you a infection gone bad is not a pretty thing, not to scare you but you could lose your arm at the worst.

    I hate abx too, they really do a number on my GI tract, I spent several nights living in the bathroom with Smitten.

    I hope everyone else is staying safe, warm and have plenty of food- Carla
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Being silly is, of course, a good thing to be. Think about it. Who would you rather have for a visitor? Robin Williams or some serious head of state who spends his time starting wars and taxing people?

    Lots of talk about vittals here. I had something I haven't had for years this morning. An old-fashioned breakfast w/ bacon, eggs and toast. The bacon came from some mail order place.

    It was old fashioned too. Really smoked instead of injected w/ chemicals. Had some flavor. Everything had flavor when I was a kid. Modern fruit is sturdy, but it's not much use as food.

    Gordon made soup this weekend: ham and vegtables. He made the fillo dough appetizers. He had some filling left over so I made a pie crust and we had an appetizer pie. He took most of it to work this morning.

    Gilley, you asked how I met Gordon. I'll tell ya. The village I grew up in had a pop of 1000. Here in CA I worked in a building w/ a population of 3000. Gordon and I both worked there three years but never met.

    Well, the rest of my post just vanished so I think I will give it rest.

    Ha det bra

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    CK: So sorry about the lost. Still think 67 is pretty
    young to past on. Happy about your new, exciting venture
    to come. Gonna take a look at your "website" later on to-
    day as I have a minute or two. Gotta go shoppin' too!
    Hope that tall girl in the short skirt is there that help-
    ed me with the top shelves as I drove my scooter down the
    isles. (Is that an "entitlement")?

    Linda: Ya wearing those Patent Leather Shoes for your
    Doctor's appt. today? Most nurses I knew avoided Docs
    especially my MIL!! Oh, thanks for the Cinnamon Buns
    as I love them! It's cold here again in the 40's! But
    even colder in other parts of the Bay Area, right Jodie?
    'Posta warmup slowly.

    Hey Rock: I hear ya 'bout the today's "fruit"! Love
    fresh fruit if you can find it! Remember the "Old" pea-
    ches with the fuzz? MY Dad had a friend in the So. Bay
    that had a ranch that grew all kinds of tree ripened
    fruits! We five "step of stairs" kids, Mom and Dad would
    get in the '53 Ford station wagon and head down there
    to pick peaches, pears, apricots mainly and Gramma would
    later "put them up" in Kerr jars filling a whole cupboard
    that lasted us thru the Winter! (Don't eat much fruit any-

    My "Old" Squeeze's Mother had a great way to fix Canadian
    Bacon! She would lay them down on a broiler pan and place
    them in the oven, baking them! The fat would drip to the
    bottom of the Pan and the bacon didn't shrivel up but
    was straight and crisp! She was from Arkansas as a young
    lady to "Kaliphonia" and brought those Country Kitchen
    talents with her.

    It's been COLD down there too! Good your from MN as most
    people in So. Cal wouldn't know what to make of this!
    Daughter phones this A.M. and to say it's snowin Port-
    land. Schools are closed but not the University!

    "Cookie" (Granni) Yes those Lil guys are great! So much
    energy very similar to my Son when he was their ages! But
    my Son went through the "terrible twos" for about 6 years!
    Glad he finally outgrew that stage! He has really started
    to "latch-on" to this Family as well. The boys just love
    it when he comes with me!

    Hey Kids. I b-bac later!

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just wanted to let you now we on the porch will be behind you. happy to hear about the cancer contribution that will help you feel a wee bit more at peace.

    well keeeping it short here right now.

    everyone have a nice hot/or cold drink for me.

  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I just skiiiiiiiiimed through the posts and want to tell Carla ck that I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. I also went to your website, Carla, and I was struck by what a creative person you are and how contented I sense you to be. LOVE the picture of the "Chair Buddies" and what you've done with your house is amazing.

    Here in Michigan today we're in a crystal cathedral - no, not the one on TV. With yesterday's ice storm, last night's snow and today's brilliant sun, every bough, branch and berry sparkles like diamonds. A bit of over-aliteration there but you get my drift.

    I took Miss Soapie to the vet this morning, traveling on tire-tracks through the snow before the sun was out. She was thouroughly checked over and has cultures pending to see if she really did have ringworm. She also has an antibiotic for her URI and had a manicure. She was told by the vet that she is a beautiful girl and I swear I saw her smile.

    Leaving the clinic a woman peered into her carrier and said, What a lovely cat! My friend has a Russian Blue! So, I'm sorry I can't recall who identified her as a R.B. but you have agreement! The woman had a great cocker spaniel named Sam, with bandana around his neck. I do love dogs.

    Sorry this isn't more personal but I did want to sit for just a minute wif my bankie and this hot tea.

    Hugs to all - Joe, Rocky, Linda, Marilyn, Annie, Misty, Gilley, Jodie.....aw, you all know who you are and sure as heck I'll forget an important person. Jerome!!
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am having a terrible day and feel like kicking something. Now only did half my post disappear, but I have overdue CDs from the library.

    But I can't take them back cause my car is on the fritz. And I can't find my library card. And I could have taken them back on Saturday, but my Alzheimer's is so bad I couldn't remember to.

    So all and all I need a calm place like the porch to sit and sip something soothing like raspberry tea or better yet, the California state drink, a margarita.

    Carla, your dress and your granddaughter look beautiful. My sister in law has her wedding bouquet hanging on the wall. It's in a bubble frame (like John Travolta) and some kind of gas in there (like Rush Limbaugh). Still looks fresh as a daisy.

    Lincamp, I looked in slang dictionaries, but couldn't find up and Adam or up and at 'em. Probably the story behind it is this. Seth stuck his head in the door and yelled, "Mom, you up yet?"

    Eve replied, "Yes. Up and Adam too."

    I am not typing anymore as I don't want to lose anything.


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