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    I know. Here we go! On wiff the show.

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    Good Morning All! I borrowed my husband's laptop so I could check in with you guys. I can't stay on it long. The screen and print is tiny and I can barely see what I am typing. He likes the size of this 'puter but he can see better than I can see.

    We had a safe trip and I did fairly well. It was 76 degrees Monday and we slept with the balcony door open. I woke up to the sound of the ocean and a beautiful sunrise Tuesday morning. The cold weather that everyone else has been experiencing has now found its way here though. I hope all of you are staying warm. I've been watching the weather channels to check on each of you and was concerned.

    Although the temperature has plummeted, it is still wonderful to lay in bed and look at the ocean. The sky is so gray and the waves are high today but the sun is peeping through the clouds and the ocean is sparkling. It is beautiful. It is nice to have a break from being housebound.

    I have to get off of this computer now. I have strained my eyes so much that they are tearing.

    Hugs to all!
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Porchies,

    Well, it is still really cold out there and freezing stuff all around and some schools are closed (at least one of my daughter's children's school is anyway). So, she had to call work to say she wasn't coming in. I know that what we have is nothing compared to what many of you have suffered. However, people around here are not used to icey stuff on the roads, etc, and don't know how to drive in it , etc.

    It is still below freezing here and I know we will lose some of our vegitation all around the house and some nice flowers we had. We did bring a few plants in the garage though. Feel sorry for all of you that HAVE to walk around and drive in all the icey, snowy stuff. Grew up in it but couldn't take it now for sure !! Those not having to go out are hunkering down and trying to keep safe and WARM !! So far this week almost everything has been cancelled for me.

    Sweetie - So glad you popped in to say hi to us. It sounds like you are having a nice restful time, even if it has gotten colder for you there too. It is new and pleasant surroundings. How long will you be there? Enjoy yourself and try to get some got R and R.

    CK ball - I checked out your website. I didn't realize how talented you really are. Actually I haven't checked out everything yet just part of it. Your work is BEAUTIFUL !!So sorry your lost your friend. That is awful esp being so "young", I am almost her age.

    Marta - Glad you and Soapie are OK and that the vet gave her the A-OK on her condition.

    Lin - Oh dear , so sorry to hear about your heart murmur. Just what you need right, another condition. Hope it doesn't cause to many problems for you now. You don't need any more problems, right ?

    Darkwaters- Yes, I agree with you about the cold. I cannot stand it anymore.. Not that I ever really could tht much but when we lived in NY I was much younger thenand didn't know any better (-: !! Yes, playing in the snow was fun as a kid and it looked beautifull when it was clean and fresh but the rest of it was ot to much fun. I would bundle up my kids to go out and play and it seemed like in a very short while they were all back with all wet clothes on. Yes, the cold does make me feel wors, much stiffer and more painful. Hope you are feeling alittle bit better today.

    Hi Mrdad and Rock for keeping the laughs coming. Rock - don't feel bad about losing posts cause I seem to do that really well lately!

    "JoeJoe" big thanks also for starting and closing most of our porch volumes. We reakly preciate that.

    Where re those MIA ? Where are you Ali and Lynna? We haven't heard from Lynna in awhile it seems. Come out, come out where ever you are !!! I THINK Ali was on the last volume but not Lynna? Hope Carla-NL is OK too.

    Blessings to you ALL !

    Warm hugs to ALL,

    Granni - Marilyn

    Marta -
  4. ckball

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    Hi everyone, just poppin in to leave some chocolate chip muffins I made, they are so good when they are warm.

    I am going back to work on my glass today, it took me a few days to change my work work room around for glass. Do you know how hard it is to get oil based stain from a formica counter top?lol

    Last night I designed several different hearts and am going to make some Valentines things and then some shamrocks for St Patty's day.
    So I may not be around much for a week or so. I want to deliver them next Mon or Tues to the gallery.

    Thank all of you for your kinds words regarding my freind. I still can't believe she is gone. The funeral is Fri and Sat and I just can't go and feel so sorry for my ex-boss. He is a great man and really taught me alot. They lost a son 2 years ago, he was in his 30's, so this has to be very difficult for him.

    Thank you Mr Dad for taking care of our wonderful porch and taking care of Guido, you are a true friend.

    Sweetie- I am so glad you got away, if really does help to change the scenery. We, as a group with these dd's, really can do more than we think. We get stuck in the "I can't mode" and it becomes a habit.

    Wakemeup posted a week or so about having to get out and drive her car to get her son. She needed the right motovation but she was able to do it.

    Please don't throw wet sgetti noodles or rotten tomatoes at me. I really am one of you. But because of my situtation with my mother, I was forced to do more than I thought I could. Then I changed my mindset from I can't to I can.

    There are days when I can't but those are less as long as I pace myself. I have accomplished so much more than I ever have dreamed of because I said "I can do this".

    Marta- thank you for going to my site. After seeing my doggie pics aren't you glad you got Soapie instead of a dog. Yes, I am content with my life, it took a long time, lots of therapy, Oprah, Dr Phil and the right meds.

    I love the snow and while the ice storms are devasting, they really are beautiful when the sun comes out. I survivied a brutal storm in VA in 2000. I lost a beautiful weeping willow tree and had limbs from the HUGE red maple that hung over my house break all day. Luckily they were small braches so no damage.

    Rock- I love your humor, do you think you could could get the bubble gas receipe from your SIL, I would like to put my wedding gown in it,lol. The dress was stuck in a suit case in my mothers basement which was 1200 sq ft of junk and dishes, ect. I did not know she had it until we did the estate sale.

    Linda- Sorry your are having more dxs. I hope the heart murmer isn't a serious thing, maybe the Dr was having trobule hearing. I have a small hernia too, that was found on my endoscope, but it doesn't bother me unless I really pig out and eat too much. Glad your roofer showed up.

    Darkwaters- so sorry to hear you had septic shock but glad you got better. My mother did a couple years ago, she was in a coma for about 5 days then was fine. Maybe one of our wonderful nurses here could explain why so many suffer from serious infections while in a "sterile" environment like a OR room.

    Speaking of, Gilley where are you, hope your not down in your back again.

    Ali- where are you?

    Annie- I hope the arm is feeling better- how is the castle coming? In case you missed my last post you can see my house remodel my googling Carla's Stained Glass Creations, look at the bottom of my home page for the links to Before and After.

    Most of my good before pictures are trapped inside my old computer. I got my 1500 sq ft house for $15,000 so you can imagine the condition. I actually had to use hot water and a shovel to get the carpet in the living room up. We would pull it up but the backing was stuck to the floor.

    Granni- thank you for looking at my site and kinds words for my friend. I didn't now I had talent until after I turned 40, got cancer and found HGTV- I haven't stopped learning since. I couldn't do what I do if I didn't have good meds and a determinaton, that is how I fight my depression.

    I see some of the midwest is still frozen in with no power, I hope a warm spell comes their way.

    Better get off my butt and get to work before my day gets away from me. Have a great day and let your friends and loved ones know how much you appreciate them- Carla
  5. rockgor

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    Or "Wiff" the show as MrD says. I don't know if he has a speech impediment or brain damage. Anyone who hangs around w/ Guido is liable to get a hit upside the head now and then.

    Well, doesn't matter. We love him even if he can't pronounce some words.

    Just finished a thriller, sort of a mishmash. It involved the FBI, hit men, the Distric Attorney, secret agents disguised as the FBI, teacherous body guards, a gunslinging wife and mother, the Russian Mafia, the Pope, The President of Russia, and things too fierce to mention.

    Just about everybody except Pee Wee Herman and Marthla Stewart. Oh yes, it had a happy ending; at least for the survivors.

    Carla, I revisited your website. I couldn't figure out how to get past page one. Also, I couldn't see the picture Mosaic Mountian...just a red X.

    I think that is great that you discovered you had talent at age 40. Sometimes life, or aspects of it anyway, really do begin at 40.

    How are things at Wrightsville Beach, N.C., Sweetie? I went to several websites for it, but no pictures. Just ads for real estate, hotels and a boat trip.

    Linda, I'm sure you are aware of the dangers of using inappropriate heaters indoors. Older couple in CA died
    a few days ago when there power went out and they suffocated from an unvented heater. We want you to take care of yourself.

    Jodie, arm any better? The cause of the infection known?
    Annie, were you talking about vitamin C when you mentioned Brussel Sprouts?

    Remember the old Stephen Foster song, "Better Times Are Coming."

    Happy Trails.


  6. ckball

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    When you get to my home page scroll down to the bottom and you will see links that say Before and After, Carla's Critters, Carla's Pictures. Each page has a menu bar to see the next page. Get your favorite beverage and enjoy- Carla
  7. 69mach1

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    and anyone else wondering about my elbow update.

    arm is a little better i suppose, but dr mentioned how he could put me in a woud clinic. s instead he has me packing 2x's a day gauze packing. which i still need to do. he has me on abx and some vicodin. the old arm aches pretty darn good into the hand. i have another dr appt next week tuesday.

    i made appt for college counselor in disability department to see if there is anyway i could possibly not lag behind in my classes. but we shall see.

    i am exhausted and the abx knocks me out.

    i did cook some dinner last night: lemon pepper chicken breasts, butterfly fileted. and some asparagas, in extra virgin olive oil, red vinengar, and some salt. w/hint of le mon juice.

    well gang it sounds like everyone has some many different things going on in their lives. rock is reading, ck bought a house for 15k? wow unheard of in marin county california.

    gonna have to do some chili soon take care of my arm. then my new "male friend leonardo" will call me most likely to come over and watch some t.v.

    we went pellet gun shooting in his backyard. i out shot him. i nailed the plastic bottle the first time. he said he was impressed cause he has never seen a female shoot a gun. i said i love guns. i said if he needs some lessons on shooting pistols i'll give him some.

    i don't know where this whole thing is going w/us. we see each other nearly every day. he said he got over the age difference thing awhile ago. he did ask me how old i was....i quickly said if you don't remember, i'm not telling you. i think he has a good idea.

  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I just visited your website. You should be very proud of yourself. Thanks for sharing the site with us.

    I got to visit with the animals, enjoy your artwork, and read the inspiring story about the donations of your art. You amaze me!

    I will not throw spaghetti or tomatoes at you. I always pushed myself to the max and well beyond. I probably pushed myself into this disease. Now when I push, I get very sick. Life has changed for me. I am trying to reinvent me. I'm glad it has been different for you or maybe we are at different places with this disease.

    Anyhoo, I enjoyed your website!
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Eating some Easy Mac and watching the news and posting, wow it's great when the brain works.

    It snowed in LA? The end of the world be in site! Rock are you ok?, Must have reminded you of the good ole days.

    CarlaNL google Carla's Stained Glass, when you hit my home page scroll all the way to the bottom to see the links to Before and After, Carla's Critters and Carla's Pictures.

    Sweetie- glad you enjoyed my site. I have times when I flare and I'm housebound for days or weeks sometimes months.

    It has only been in the last year or two I have had some improvment, but I do not have stress of a family to care for, except my girls.

    Jodie take care of that arm, I hope you are able to work things out with school. I bought my house 3 years ago, it was a repo and was a real fixxer upper, of course real estate is a lot lower in Ky than CA.

    Well, back to the grindstone, I cut my glass, now I get to wrap and solder. Later-Carla
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh, boy! It's already into early eve in lots of other
    parts of the Country! Took my meds after lunch and I
    fell asleep for almost two hours! (Don't know 'bout those
    meds)? Not helpful wiff the fatigue thing-e.

    This weather? "They" say it is so weard, it hasn't even
    SNOWED in MOSCOW yet!! And they aren't referring to the
    Moscow in Idaho. There talking 'bout the one in Europa!
    We even got some snow in higher Mts. of the Bay Area last
    nite. It's cool but beautiful today. Sun is still stream-
    ing thru my Bay window! (But living "on the Bay", all
    the windows in S.F. are "Bay Windows" I guess)?

    Rock: I wish I could claim the "speech 'pediment excuse,
    but I'm affraid it may be the other explanation you ment-
    ion! Been cold down there in the South State as well they
    say. Did your swimming pool freeze over?

    CK: Gotta get to that website soon! Was off wiff my Son
    yesterday for Lunch and a visit to our new San Francisco
    de Young Museum! It is gorgeous! As are the grounds
    around it! Some get exhibits of different mediums as
    well as interests! Great collections. Especially enjoy
    the Hudson River School of Art . All our Friends in the
    Northeast get ta see it all the time, Niagra Falls etc
    (but other areas as well) are presented in the collection.
    I love landscape art, old oils, Flemish landscapes etc.
    I have wanted to go for mos. since it's opening and it was
    fun attending with my Son. Many pieces were out of the
    John Rockefella III collection.

    Carla-NL: Thanks for Posting and I'm glad you are doing
    better. Sent ya an E-mail as I was geiting concerned as
    I nomally hear from you almost daily. Hope your are stay-
    ing warm too!

    Sweetie: Seems the days went by quickley there! Sounds
    as if you had a very relaxing stay. I bet you are glad
    you went. Did ya take the 'Aminals" wiff ya too? Have a
    comfortable trip back home and thanks for Posting we other

    Marta: I downloaded and listened to the 1st half of
    Keillors S.F. show! Gonna hear the 2nd half tonight.
    I didn't even know he was here! Thanks for the mention
    as the "OLd" Squeeze said she heard the Show this weekend
    up North. Gonna rent the Movie "Prairie Home--" at some
    point. Give Soapie a kiss on the Forehead 4 me. Ya know,
    which end the forehead is on. don't ya?

    Hey Darkwaters: Ya "ketchin'" on to this thing-e yet! I
    bet ya are. It isn't very complicated is it. Glad we
    finally found ya and dragged ya to the Porch.

    Cookie: (Ganni) ya keep so busy ya tire me out! But I'm
    glad you do it with such great attitude and zest. When
    does the weather get better down on "Southfork"?

    Linda: Did ya make it back to work this A.M. on the bad
    roads and weather? My Daughter in Portland Ore. said the
    Schools were closed due to unusual snow and ice! Gave her
    a 4 day weekend though. I never liked being out on those
    roads in the Sierra!

    Lots of MIA's! Hope they know we are thinkin' 'bout them
    and hope they are all warm and feeling reasonably "well".
    Hello to ya all. Get back soon!

    P.S. Jodie, hope you are doin' better but know at least
    you must be stayin' warm up there! Your Chicken
    dish sounded great!

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to let you know that I will be gone most of the day tomorrow to a friends home ( in the same subdivision but we run in different direction) so have to make a real date to see each other. We used to sing in Church choir together where we used to live and in the same neighborhood. Then I go to chorale practice at night that was cancelled two nights ago due to bad weather. So, I may not be on all day.

    Mrdad - I just wanted to let you know that I didn't do much of anything at all today and only went to one place yesterday (to practice for a show next week) with one of small groups. Didn't have far to go though. I have been really lazy haven;t done much of anything lately except be COLD and so a few washes and make dinner. There are alot of things that I really should have done like clean this house. - UGH !!

    By the way, since I understand it will be your birthday sometime this month (and you didn't tell us when)and today is wednesday we had better sing Birthday to you ! Happy birthday to you !!!Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!Happy birday dear "Joe/Joe" (that name is so cute)Happy Birthday to you !!! And MANY MORE !!!!!! If we knew when it was we could have a party for you. It will have to be another day as I have to get ready for bed and well be gone most of the day tomorrow.

    Lin - Let us know how the endocardiogram goes on monday. Hope it isn't you heart causeing your problems.

    Sweetie and Carla nl - glad to see you both. I know I saw Sweetie before but glad she came back again today. Hope you get to feeling stronger Carla.

    Hi Jodie - You might want to get a second opinion on that arm if it goes on much longer as someone else has mentioned. I feel so badly for you . You surely didn't need that too.

    Bye for now and goodnight to all of you inc. those I have not mentioned inc Darkwaters, weclome again.

    Where is Ali, Lynna, Gilley and all you1 others MIA. Hope to get back on friday for a little while anyways.

    Stay WARM !!

    Big hugs to ALL,

    Marilyn (Granni)

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I have one of those Hiatal hernia thing-e's for about
    25 years now! Occupational hazard moving' furniture
    around all day! Don't get the gerd thing lucky enuff.
    I do take FAMOTIDINE wiff meals as well as Rolaids but
    takes more 4 the Tummy.

    Mentioned earlier about the Hudson River School at the
    Art Museum yesterday. Some of the Artist's include
    "Niagra River at the Cataract" by Grunewald ca, 1832.
    Great contributions in beautiful display by Elliot
    Anderson "Collection Connections" about the Niagra.
    You would enjoy it much. May be available on the web
    through San Francisco de Young Museum.org!

    Yes. It was my B'Day Tues. the 16th (yesterday)! Son and
    I did have a great afternoon together and Sunday nite
    my Friends in Marin Co. "done" me a B'Day Dinner and my
    "Boy" was wiff me there also! For the next three mos.,
    I'm as "old" as the "Old" Squeeze and she likes that!!
    Doesn't really bother me to get older, but I don't make
    a big deal out of the B'Day! "But ya had a nice Xmas"!
    'Member that one for we Capricorns? Everyone was broke
    on OUR B'Day! (But we still did well, hah?)

    Linda, thanks for your well wishes, but I don't accept
    any "Post Dated" checks! (Guido won't let me)!

    Have a good one and don't forget to wear your shiny black
    Patton Leather Shoes when ya go for the Doctors appt!

    "talk" later, "K"?
    P.S. Ya know Linda, on the Bio Page, they don't ask what
    "Birthdate" but rather Birthday, which was Wednesday as
    it was my Uncle's day off and he drove Mom thru the
    fog and got lost on the way to the Hospital! Catholic
    Priest's don't know much about delivering babies!
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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    saturday i was too busy to come to that nice b-day party...i was having a party in e.r. in terra linda kaiser... i really whooped it up in there.

    granni and the others i will thank you all for you advice and concerns. i think next tuesday the dr/ will say wound clinic or something. beats the heck out of me.

    can you still believe i am sitting here still trying to figure out how i may possibily make it throught some classes.

    hurts just to fill out those deposit slips at the bank. i had a check from college i hope it was for last sememester. not sure.

    well gonna ice my elbow down. then i may go see my new male "squeeze for the night,"

    my dear son cody may have got me into trouble w/my friend that is going thru alcohol rehab. he just informed me today his brother stopped by needing cody sometime this week to work on his computer at his new house. then the bro asked where i was, cody, said,"she's at her boyfriend's house!"
    i had to tell cody he is just a fun toy at this point and don't know what will happen w/leonardo dicaprio...

    his bro said he wasn't going to say anything to my friend in rehab because that could throw him for a loop. and he knows that they aren't supposed to see anyone for 6 months.

    well that is all folks

  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    To say HI.

    I have to read 74 and the rest of the posts. OOOO Sweetie jealous of you for sure!!! Enjoy.

    We got a little snow and cold in Upstate but lovely blue skies.

    I will look at the house pics, check rest of posts now.

    I got new oils for birthday in November and I started copying Degas' Le Tub and so far so good. I can just about manage it with my achey arms. Joe would like this pic for sure.....

    Heard back from doc and she wants me to come in Friday to talk over xrays etc which show some problems. Will let you know, probably arthritis on top of all else. I swear I was someone awful in a previous life.

    Just editing here to say Lin sorry about that dx, but I have to tell you, heart murmurs can be there and then go away and sometimes it depends on the doc too. Be careful with heaters. I love Econheat wall heaters that are totally safe and very very cheap to run. Google them.

    Jodie, sorry the abx is bothering you.
    Yes, it was Vit C that gets depleted using baking soda in Brussel sprouts but boy the sprouts taste so sweet andgood cooking that way.

    BTW Danny "cooked" dinner for us last evening. Very proud of himself. I supervised. He made stir fry shrimp and veggies(frozen pack) and cooked brown minute rice. You would think he was a master chef. Took some in to show and tell about today for lunch.
    Love Annie cromwell

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  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just a quick hello an brought some bananut muffins toay, I'm trying to use all my milk before it goes bad.

    I did make several small stained glass peices , little hearts with a 2 inch square bevel, very easy. Also made free form hearts in white/red, white/pink and white/purple. I have some white wired ribbon to hang them. I still have to put came around 2 of hearts, just got too late last night.

    Thank you all for your compliments on my house and site. Everything you see on the site was done AFTER my dxs. I made most of the glass while mom was still at home. I worked for 30 years and had 2 jobs for 6 years, so I was alway busy. Then when I had to quit work, I couldn't stand doing nothing.

    The house was mostly done in the last 2 years since she has been in the nursing home. In case some don't know, if you are living in your parents home and YOU are disabled and the parent has to go to a nursing home the state CANNOT take the home or any part of the estate.

    There is fine print on the SS site, that the state cannot take any part of an estate from a disabled child of ANY age. This law safed my life. I was able to sell her home and keep the money, which paid my debt off, I lived on a credit cards for over a year with no income. Then I was able to fix my house.

    Annie- you paint too, some how I missed that, I love Degas, I'm not sure which painting you are doing, I also love Monet and Matise. I did his "Blue Hair" in stained glass.

    I hope they are able to help your pain in your arm, maybe you have some bone spurs and those can be helped.

    Carlanl- glad you liked my site, I feel for you. I lived here with plywood floors and mostly lived in my bedroom for nearly a year. I did the bath and bedroom then moved in. It gives me such a good feeling now to know I did this myself. I only hired out HVAC and a crew to come in and tear down the brick wall and beams that weren't right, they put in the window and replaced the drywall in the kitchen. The rest was me and an occassionaly a friend let me borrow her hubby for the heavy stuff.

    Do you have plaster walls or drywall? That is the one thing I dislike, finish top coating the walls.

    It took me over 2 months to finish the bathroom. 4 months for the living room. I am most proud of my kitchen, it was a empty room and I loved my blue cabinets. What you don't see is the other wall that has 4-2ft x 7ft pantry cabinets. I got them at lowes for $220 each. The cabinet shop wanted to charge me $3000 just to build the same thing stained blue. So I stained all the cabinets you see.

    The pantries are still unfinished, they have been installed since April 2006. I use them to store my glass and tools. I will stain them one day.

    Mrdad a big ole Happy Belated birthday! Glad you had a good time with the family and got that get picture with the kids.

    Well time to make the donuts eer I mean the glass. Does anyone remember the donut commercial with the guy that says that. He had donuts up to his ears, so funny.

    I hope everyone is doing well, still a lot of mia's I hope your out having fun and not in bed. Have a great day-Carla
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Remember what Lucy said to Ethel?

    "Happy Birthday, and I hope you live another seventy-five years."


    Birthday Wishes for MrDad

    Hope your special day was fun.
    (Where is Guido? On the run?)

    Hope your life is filled with joy.
    Hope your sauce is filled with soy.

    Hope you bunny's filled w/ hop.
    Hope the good times never stop.

    Hope your checkbook's filled with checks.
    Hope your dreams are full of sex.

    If the trolly car won't go
    Cause the track is blocked with snow,
    Just put frisbees on your feet.
    Slide down the hill to Market street.

    Hope your days are filled with laughter
    In the present and hereafter.

  17. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Having alot of pain right now so can't play like I would like to. I'm reading though and thinking of you all.

  18. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I arrived home a short time ago and could not wait to get to MY computer. I can actually see it.

    It had snowed here this morning. It was only an inch but I wish I could have seen it fall. I just love to watch it snow. It hasn't barely snowed here since I crashed 3 years ago. The winter weather here is much more mild than in the past. I've been anxiously waiting for a big snow since I do not have to worry about getting me and my employees to work.

    Granni....I am sorry you lost plants. I truly relate to that feeling. They have just changed the plant zone we are in due to the increase in warm weather. We were in Zone 7 and now changed to Zone 8. I guess this is global warming.

    Thank all of you for your positive wishes for my "escape" from my home. I am pleased to say that I did fairly well. It was by far the best trip I've made. I got lots of rest and I did not have severe problems with sensory overload this time. It gives me hope....maybe next time I can leave the hotel room!

    Mrdad...I left the doggie at home. My parents were the "baby" and house sitter. They enjoyed it. One of the main reasons for the trip was for me to get a break from him....love him but he wears me out. If I lived in a more urban setting, I would find someone to help us with exercising him.

    I'm tired and need to rest. Now the fun starts...we have to unpack...maybe tomorrow or the next day.

    Hugs to all!
  19. gilley

    gilley New Member

    I should have taken the advice of my learned porchie's and written my post on word and cut and pasted it because last night I was on a roll. I even amused myself ! Then I hit post and guess what? Ding, ding, ding..... it was gone. So that put me in a bad move and I didn't rewright a thing. How stupid am I??????? That question will remain unanswered, thank you.
    Sweetie - I love the ocean. When we vaca in florida, I love to cook while I look out to the ocean. I get into a different place, it is lovely and warm and I like it so much more than snow and cold. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    CK - I must look at your site and see what everyone is raving about. I love shamrocks. Grew up Irish and we lived for St. Paddy's Day. We called it the High Holy Day.

    Jodie - Glad the arm is better. How do you shoot with one bad arm? Be careful, will ys!!! How old is Leonardo? I must have missed the age difference.

    Carla - We missed you. Glad you are ok and have things under control. Are you also having unusual weather?

    Mrdad - I watched the Golden Globes and thought it funny that all the stars were decked out in skimpy gowns and were cold. I bet your view of the Mts. are breathtaking. Could you take a pic and post it for us? Guido will help. How about that Rock. A poet and we didn't know it!!! Hope your birthday was a blasttttttt.

    Lin - Where are you Honey? I can't imagine there is a doctor left in your area who you haven't seen, so where are you. I hope you are Ok. You know us nurses, we worry.

    Darkwaters - A perforated bowel is horrible. How long ago was this? You need to take it easy. I think are maids are out together! I am watching TV, even the commercials until they get back!

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Somehow word of my B'Day must have been "leaked" by some
    media source! I do wish to Thank you all for the warm
    recognition of this event! I use to like to do it at least
    once a year as I could (as a child) choose my cake,
    (Choc Chip) and ice cream (Orange Sherbert) and special
    dinner, Grandma's meatloaf! I would have LOVED if our
    Danny could have done his Veggie and shrimp stir fry wiff
    the Brown rice! Maybe he can do it next year for me, hah

    Jodie, Linda, "Cookie", CK, Rock, Gilley. AnnieC and all
    thanks so, so much! You all mean so-o-o much to me every
    day of the year!

    AnnieC: Would LOVE to see your Painting when completed if
    you can Post it!

    CK: Loved those bananna muffins! They had a different
    "sweet n' sour" taste that was most unique. You and I
    have so much in commom, I'm gonna have ta re-work the
    family tree and see if'in I somehow missed ya somewhere?

    Rocky: I love that Poem ya wrote for me! It's GREAT!! To-
    night I'm going to read it to the "OLD" Squeeze when she
    calls as she also loves to write poetry to people for spec
    oal occasions! Very thoughtful and really amusing. THanks
    again my Friend! It shall be re-written and placed in my
    note book beside things that AnnieC and Danny have said
    that seemed very "keepable"!

    Gilley: The Snow is all gone now, so sorry, no pics. And,
    no, I didn't get any better view of those golden glodes
    in the Skimpy Gowns than anyone else seeing them on T.V.!
    So much for those flat screen TV's I guess! Oh no!

    Thanks again ya all! As they say down there on South Fork
    right, Granni?
    [This Message was Edited on 01/18/2007]

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