Porchlight is On Vol. 77

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yep! That's right Vol 77 !! The "Lucky" Vol. And you

    thought Lucky was just a beer or and unusual opportunity

    on a Saturday night? (Ya know what I'm sayin')??

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    (That should be pronounced w/ a Katharine Hepburn accent if possible) Actually, I thought Lucky was the name of a lost dog.

    I believe, I may be a bit too optimistic here, but for the present I believe that the porch project is finished. Since then the crew has worked on the sidewalk and the driveway.

    Today we had hours and hours of scraping. You guessed it. The next project is to paint the house. It's enough to make a man bristle.

  3. gilley

    gilley New Member

    I thought that "lucky" was not what my hubby was going to be tonight, lol.
    Rock - Glad the porch is done and hope the painters are quicker than these guys were. Maybe Guido should stop by and have a talk wif them.

    Mrdad - Thank God and SMG that your nephew is ok. My brother in law was a fireman , and years ago he was in a fire where the roof collapsed. Two firefighters died. Thank God he was not amoung them. It changed everything for my sister. She worried before that, but worry took on a different reality after that. Glad to hear that you were able to put on a new mirror. I love you medical stories. I think we could all write a book about our dealings with the medical community. Sometimes we should think before we speak!!

    Lin - sorry that the hubby is still trying to get back to work. Even when you have done nothing wrong to get injured, and you are the VICTIM, they still make it hard. He needs to do a job that does not involve patient contact. With the Joint Commission and trying to meet the state standards, there must be Q/A job available. Keep putting pressure on them to find him work he is capable of doing. Good luck

    Hello to all, Jodie, Ali, Carlanl, Carla, Darkwaters, Granni, Marta and anyone else I missed.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again y'all,

    It seems like ages since I've been on he porch but it has been about 2-3 days without the computer. There wa sa problems with the dsl input for some of the houses here on the block. At first we thought it might be us. However, DH (very non technical)frantically tried to figure out if the problem was on our end or theirs. Finally, after talking to our service proider we finally convinced them it waas on their end and not ours.. Then, it took a couple of days for them to come out and fix it.

    After all that it looks like the porch ws stillrunning slow . So, I did not miss to much wich is good.

    Ali - So glad for your visit and tht you got the OK from your new church to join. Looks like your potatoe soup receipe has been getting a workout. Someone ese used it the other day and put broccoli in it. It sound like a great idea for broccoil and chesse soup with potatoes. That bible study you were talking about with the recipes sounded veryi nterdsted. Don't hesitate to tell us if you have any more EASY and good recipies (-: !! These days soups have been a really great idea, with the cold and rushing around and havingit ready when you have to go someplace. You just have to have time to cook it but your recipe doesn't take to long, just have to have th stuff on hand. Hope to see you soon again on the porch.

    Lin - It must be hard with DH being a peace officer. There must be alot of worry and pride. Hope everything works out for you all. Hope he gets back to work soon.

    I gotta run and heat up some more soup - a quick taco soup if anyone wants the recipe - very easy. Let e know and I will give it to you.

    Hi also to Gilley, Carla, Rock, Mrdad, and any one else I missed.

    More later on.

    Warm hugs to all,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    the ol' wound is still almost the same. still stuffing it and abx.

    school started we shall see how the math class goes. i had to do extra work last night for that class to catch up. woke up and arm pretty darn sore.

    the other two classes are not too difficult, yet.

    go back to dr's on monday next week. i hope this darn thing will be given the ok to try to close the wound.(surgical site i should say).

    grani don't you hate it when the dsl goes out?

    joe staying out of trouble?

    rockgor hope all is well w/you as well

    and all of my friends here.

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just want to check in and see how everyone was and let you I am doing well.

    If I get the the huge knot in my upper back to stop hurting I would great,lol

    I have a new diesease called OCGD Obesesive Complusive Glass Diesease. I can't stop. I ate a bowl of ice cream around 3 or so yesterday and didn't stop until 9pm, then I had to just make myself stop to eat.

    I have been doing this since Sat and loving every minute of it. This is what I have waited 5 lonnnggggg years for.
    All the (almost) house stuff done so I can do my glass again. I will post pics.

    I have played peeping tom from time to time to see what you all were up to. I has been a quite week, I hope the rest are having good times to.

    Someone I know lives in northern CA and a fire took out the main phone lines for ISP's. She went to her mothers house to post to let us know, she runs the business board I go to.

    My stalker is gone, hasn't been seen in town for over a week. A week after I filed my claim with the Federal Trade commission, his site was shut down. He has several state and federal warrants on him.

    I going to be really bad her and say I ditto everything gilley, granni and Ali said.

    Mrdad, that was some story about your nephew, glad things turned around.

    Ali glad you are enjoying you new group.

    Carlanl- I so feel for you hon. I had to re-dry wall a few rooms some were just one wall or two. I hate putting the finish coat, it nearly kills my upper back. Thank god for good drugs and a whirlpool.

    My Hollywood fundraiser is a go, finally after nearly a year, they are getting organized. When I get more info I will be looking for art work from local artists and the internet too.

    Are there any web designers here? We are looking for several people to volunteer to help list and track ebay sells, and other website work.

    Hello to everyone I didn't mention, but my glass is calling me- Hope you all are having happy and painfree days-Carla
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The Porch and indeed the whole Board has been slow. I
    think the weather has much to do wiff it though. "Posta
    get very cold in the Northeast etc. again! It is warming
    in the City but still cool especially in the Eastern and
    Northern Counties like where Jodie is. Right Jodie?

    Jodie: Is that infection a Staph? Does the Doctor feel
    it is healing as well as expected? Poor Kiddo! I still
    have that bubble bath if'in ya need me to come back up
    there again! (Just kiddin' you other Kids) !!
    Your takin' intro-algebra? Or pre-algebra? I loved it
    but only wanted to fulfill requirements rather than get
    any more involved in Math! Can't think of anything I ever
    used Algebra for in my life to date? It was a good mental
    excersize though and a bit of fun!

    Everything OK wiff Cody? Haven't heard much about the GF
    lately and I hope that is a "good thing". Say hello to
    George Hamilton when ya go out by the Pool!

    Ali: In answer to your question concerning my former wife
    and I, we have been Divorced for over twenty years. We
    have and continue to be "friends" and worked together in
    the best interest of our two children over the years.
    We always spend at least Thanksgiving all together with
    her Husband and his two adult children as time and circum-
    stances permit! She, my Daughter and her Aunt will be
    coming down in Mid-Feb. to S.F. for my Son's musical per-
    formance and we will all get together then as well. It
    sure has made life more comfortable as we both handled
    our divorce with mutual respect and non-bitterness.
    Avoided the games and other demonstrations that other cou-
    ples often experience! (Glad all went well at Church Ali!)

    Lynna: Did ya see my response to your question re: my Nep-
    hew in Redding on the end of the Previous Vol.76? You
    can go back and click it on if not. Thanks for your in-
    terest and concern. Hope you are feeling well and keeping
    that Hubby Happy! Happy! Happy!

    Granni: Glad the 'Puter is fixed now! It's been slo-moe
    tho! Ya didn't miss alot luckily! How's the weather down
    there> Left a note on the previous Vol. 76 for you con-
    cerning "South Fork and J R". Just click it on.

    Hey RocK: Tell Gordon not to "FEED" those workers outside
    or they will never finish the Job! Found another website
    for games you may wish to look at: www.funbrain.com
    Tell me what you think as I don't have time myself to get
    addicted to one more website! Ya know what I'm sayin??

    OK, gonna cook dinner early so as I can view the "State of
    the Union" presentation tonight. Bye 4 now Kids!
    P.S. CK and Linda, Hi, be back to ya later, "K"?

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  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Last time i peeked my head in here, everyone gave me a nice warm greetings, Thanks.

    I took a break off the board for awhile, and i come back and it seems different. Seems there is a bit of commotion or disturbance rumbling thur, by some people. That's to bad.

    I did go thur and read all of your replys here, but really do have a hard time responding to all.

    Rock- glad you'll be getting some peace and quiet soon at your home.

    Granni- you are so kind, glad your computor is back

    Lin- My hubby is a peace- officer, but i refer to him as a glorified baby sitter!! LOL

    Ali- i'll catch up with you in an email, sounds like a good bible study group.

    Joe- how did you ever come up with MrDad anyways?? Check-out my picture in profile. That's my sister on her Quarter horse. They took high point at the quarter horse shows this year! She's 45, and i don't think she needs the other 3/4!! Ha Ha!!
    Well, i know that's not everyone, sorry.

    Have a great day porch dwellers!!


  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Today I'm happy to say that have ab-so-lutely nowhere I must go so I decided to see how you all were. Since the vitamin D therapy I'm no longer depressed so I overplan which means I get anxious! One of these days I'll get me balanced out. You read it here first....

    Rocky, I'm so glad for you that the noise is temporarily over. Painting shouldn't be quite so bad except for the chatter, the thuds on the side of the house as they move the ladders and looking up to see someone you don't know staring in your window. This spring I'm due for a new roof and am not looking forward to that racket.

    Linda, I laughed at your comment about your choice between watching the State of the Union Address or Am. Idol. I choose #3: bed.

    Hello to Gilley. You didn't say much that I can comment on but it's always good to see you.

    Aligrace, so nice to hear that you've found a comfortable church home - and that you have the energy to participate. I have the energy to go sit but not to socialize before or after.

    Carla NL - good luck finding a handsome contractor. I'm sure they're out there but I seem to get the ones with the low-riding fat jeans and the butt crack. You're amazing in what you can do.

    Marilyn, it's hard not to be able to get to our Internet friends, isn't it? I've been either too busy or too tired as a result of being too busy to be online much either. I tell myself that's improvement but I'm not sure.

    Jodie, I'm glad to hear that you're healing, slowly but surely. Is Cody involved in other sports now?

    Carla ck, Whew, good thing you got rid of the stalker! Intrigue is something we don't need. Wait! Maybe it was Publisher's Clearing House!

    Misty, I'm sorry to hear there's been a bit of a brouhaha on the board but I'm not sorry to have missed it. Actually, when you consider the condition of almost everyone here it's a wonder it doesn't happen more often. We are soooooooo on edge most of the time. WHAT?!?!?!? ;>)

    I just heard that in Wales people looking for a mate are putting their faces and info on milk bottles. Kinda of a healthy Internet dating scene, I guess. There should be some wise crack for that but I'll leave it to the master, MrJoeDad. As for me, I think that's milking it just a bit.

    Hugs all around,
  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mr.dad and marta-cody is getting prepared for track season now. i don't think it has officially started as far as practice, but he has brought home the good old discus to practice in the off season. he weight trains w/football team last hour of school and stays later to do his stuff.

    this year he will be allowed to be on varsity track team. his goals are to run the 100 yard dash to pick up his speed for football. he is already pretty fast for a kid his size.
    then he has competed in discus and shot put since his freshman year. he is now a junior.

    i may miss some of his thursday events due to the fact i will have a class for six days on thursdays. but i won't miss too much that season doesn't end until late may. june if he goes to state competition.

    ali-the young man is a good looker and almost 27 years. still trying to figure some things out on him. he told me last night that the one thing he doesn't like about me is that i don't say what i want such as; i want to watch the hoffa movie, i said i don't care between that or another movie. then one night we went out and he drank too much, mixed his beer, wine, and tequila. i left his house that night and slept in my own bed.

    he started getting mad at his exgf cause she owes him some money then proceeded to turn up the stereo...playing a song by zz top-she's got me under pressure. then he turned it off...told me to go home after he called his dog in bed. i was a little bit in awe but notice he was drunk. he forwarned me when i arrived at his house that he was going to get drunk. i guess the ex and he got into a fight or disagreement of some sort over the money situation.

    it seems like all i hear about is his ex somedays. they have dogs they bought together, (pitbulls), well he wanted the exgf to take her but she doesn't play well w/other dogs. and he won't just give the dog away to just anyone.

    sorry about the long letter people. i have some red flags up around me. i am just gonna go w/the flow. i think he is more into me at this point and insecure some. he keeps talking futuristic about certain things, yet i am not sure he is that comfortable w/my age. that maybe just me. he said he doesn't care.

    but i think he drinks too much for me and also he has been taking some vicodin for some pain he has and a cough he has had for a couple of months. well the combo isn't working too well at times if you know what i mean. i am more huggy and kissy than he is. i like that part in a relationship, trying to figure out why he doesn't yet. i guess i should start asking more questions of him. i have been trying to do this slowly. he is a child of divorce and said he drove him nuts that his dad would bring women in and out of his life but he said he is over that now.

    which makes me feel bad even though i know it is not me...

    as far as my elbow my supportive friends here. it is healing but slowly. and i know i will have a narly scar on that elbow.

    mr.dad i agree about that darn math...i am taking pre-algebra....if i go psychology major i have to take statistics. yuck that will be about another year of math till i am done.

    the other classes should be great, but that darn math...will be work for me.

    gonna take a mini nap till noon when my friend calls me so we (girls can make plans for tonight)...i may meet up w/erik later on. or i may just take a break from him tonight. i have this weekend w/him if i want to. we will see.

    love jodie
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cold...i think he is at the tanning salon for now.

    and for cody's gf-they are still a couple.

    we have been contending w/english teacher issues again. she said he had a 75% in the class. c makes cody feels like a failure when he was getting a's and sometimes a b in english. the teacher is a bit wacko's she has been teaching or preaching religion in the class. threaten to fail cody all last sememester.

    well there was a conference on tuesday and cody father handled that issue for i had class. plus he is much more intimidating than i and he is very articulate. even though he has been a jack arse in our past marriage. i will give him that credit.

    the scoop so far is like this. principal, teacher, cody, vice principal were all at the meeting. cody and his dad caught her in some lies, said cody was a disruptive student, but then his father said then why haven't we been informed of such. she then backk peddled and said he was a good student and not a problem. the pricipal was in awe.

    well the principal said he would think about it overnight as to what he was going to do about the situation.

    i told cody as well if he was missing 11 assignments then why did she not inform you on your weekly reports that are mandatory to be on the football team? cody said he forgot about that point. plus he would ask what his grade was or if he was missing any assignments, and according to cody she would tell him everything is just fine.

  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Quick rush in here. Wanted to say, thank god for firemen too.

    Jodie, there is a cool free pre algebra site on the web that Dan found to help someone trying to get math for college. See if you can access it for help.

    Hi to everyone else and allI have to add is

    click click

    77 Sunset Strip click click (for all the over 50's here....

    Love Annie Crom
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just poppin in to say hi and tell you I posted a new pic of my latest stained glass work.

    Now I have to bath the dogs, then me. I have to take them to work with me tomorrow. I can't and won't leave them outside for 6 hours when it is so cold.

    My boss takes hers so she doesn't have any problems. I took Missy last week, I had Twila but she escaped out of her collar just before getting in the car.

    We have a woman maniquine sp? that stands by the entrace. Whitneys dresses her in vintage 50-60's wear. Missy was checking everything out and started barking at the her. It was so funny.

    I'll be back more on the weekend but now I have to do laundry and housework as I have not touched either in almost 2 weeks.

    Take care of each other-Carla
  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I think Joe and AliGrace offered a home for Sophie but you might want to read my post about nail trimming first....

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    forgotten, my brain is almost fried from a 370 question assesment test i had to take about an hour ago.

    i wanted to fall asleep filling in those darn bubbles, plus the pain i had to endure.

    anne thank you for the tip.

    well that is all i can remember for now. i have my tri-tip roast in the oven for everyone to eat tonight. hey you all didn't know i had dinner covered for everyone to enjoy.


    oh mr.dad i didn't even think to ask if i had a staph infection. they did mention in e.r. a bacterial infection. i know they were drawing all kinds of blood from me that day.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings All,

    Had another busy day out to the store this morning then out to a telent show practice this afterenoon for our subdivision. Three of us will be singing some song from shows. The worst part is trying to memorize all the words and put them in the right places. The music is no problem !! We only have one more week to practice as it is next saturday (not this week).HELP !!!! I had better start working on those words.

    Mrdad - First of all I forgot to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your nephew. What a terrible thing to have happened.

    Secondly, sorry I haven't seen JR and Linda in Southfork lately especially since they were in Dallas and not Houston. Not that I have even been in Houston lately. One of our daughters, her husband and son live in the Ft. Worth area (Crowley) which is about as close to "South Fork and JR as anyone I know"(-: !!! There is so much bulding going on around there. I dont think you would see any horses around !

    Linda - You have a 7:00 appt. ?? That is an ungodly hour if I do say so myself. Between the hour and the cole I just can't seen to want to get out fo bed at all in the a.m.However, I hae been forcing myself due to things tht unfortunatly HAVE to be done. I hope your husband is able to get back to work real soon. Wow, you have had enough medical stuff going on lately. Hope it stops soon (all these dr, dentist, etc. visits) OK. Let me know when you find out what it is.

    Jodie - Just the thought about any of those so called "higher maths" and that inc pre algebra for me - I am so dense when it comes to that stuff, gives me the shivers -YIKES !! That is also when I was younger and now you can completely forget it - know what I mean? BTW, sorry if I missed some of this.

    Does "Leonardo" have an x wife? At first, I thought it was just an x gf but u mentionedmoney and stuff they had together. I guess they were married or just lived together for awhile. Nowadays, things are so complicated ! Just be careful of his drinking, amongst other things. I say this because the daughter that I told you about who divorced her husband after 15 years and has 3 boys. He had(s) had an alcohol problem even if it probably just mostly beer. He bacame mentally abusive, never gave her any money plus lots of other stuff. Dear daughter admits now that both of them were both two young and immature to marry in the first place. He never did graduate HS but did get his GED so he said. Come to find out that he has had many DWI's in the time they were married. I know there were problems when they first married she almost left him, probalby should have then but had a baby. Now they have three 16 - 5. The youngest has hemophilia and he (the dad) is little help, the middle child has LD's which he refused to recognize early on. Those two live now with my daughter (their mom) and the oldest with the dad ( poor kid).

    It is such a long story but hate to put it all on this happy board. Sorry Jodie, to get into this sad story but the alcohol thing just reminded me of my daughter and her problem. Now she is trying to find a job since she moved closer to Houston and Texas Children's Hospital that is way downtown where the little one goes to his chemo treatments. Just be really careful sweetie. You are a smart gal I see but don't just get mesmerized(sp) by his great looks and cooking abilities, if you know what I mean.

    I am glad that you are watching those red flags carefully. Good for you ! Remember what I said about the immature thing. It sounds like he still is somewhat. Go out and have some fun with the girls for a change and see what happens if you are not there for him once in awhile My daughters x was very jealous and accused her of stuff she never did ! Nuff of that stuff !! Have a great weekend and take care of your arm hon !! Hope all goes well for Cody too.

    Hi to all I haven't mentioned - Marta, Gilley, Rock, Carlas, and Ali etc.

    Sorry for this BOOK !!!
    Warm hugs to you all,

    Granni (Marilyn)

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  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's 8:15 p.m. and I just lost a lengthy Post to all of
    ya. (Don't tell Carla-NL) Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Anyhow, I had a long explanation to MSS 'bout the MRDAD
    name among other things to many others! Burning out and
    I will 1/2 two redew it on the morrow. "K"?

    Best thoughts to you all! Sleep well.
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  18. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I invite you all to see Miss Pooki in my profile.I finally got enough patience to post it that was the problem.

    BF still hasn't got a job but goes looking in the morning.Porchies Please keep us in your thoughts.

    I made the comment today that what he earned was going to be what we lived on.

    First will go the phone ,internet-----then the 52 inch big screen and satelite Tv.

    Ck Ball you keep me inspired. My studio is down 5 very high steps.I may move it back in my house.

    I read some of the porch posts but haven't had time to respond to many.

    Sorry I missed all those muffins,specialty coffees,and all the goodies.
    Most of all i miss talking to you porchies.Can't do much with a man underfoot,if'in ya know wat' I mean.

    He has at least 10 questions while I am on computer.He is trying to convince me that the computer is what is depressing me.He passed by one time when i was on depression board.

    Duh!No, what depresses me is that a 37 year old man can't keep a job for more that 3 months.Everything is so unstable. Where's my security?

    Best wishes for you all.....Nighty night
  19. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Can't sleep! Anyone else out and abought this early?? Oh well maybe if i start the coffee, that will draw a few of you! LOL

    MrDad, sorry about losing your post, i've done that, and it just sucks!!! I've started to copy things if its lenghy and i've spent alot of time on it. Then if i lose it, i just go back and paste it in again.

    Well if i remember that is! :0))

  20. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    There is two pots there, go look again, you must have missed it! One regular, and one Decaff, I have the same Dr. orders, no caffeine!!

    I buy my decaff at the health food store, it decaffineated naturally with water, no nasty chemicals!!

    enjoy! Did you find the coconut creamer to go with it?

    Donuts are great! Love this no-fat variety! LOL

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