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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thought I'd get this started for the evening. Please read
    the previous Post if you have the time.

    Thanks much, JOE

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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Sleet is hitting the windows and I'm happy to say I don't have to go out today. Yesterday was a different story. I got a haircut and came home to no power. There was no visable sign of any reason for it but it got very nippy before it came back on.

    Here's a cheer for energy of all kinds!!!!!

    And speaking of energy, I don't have enough this morning to respond to everyone so I'll just say that I'm thinking of you all and hope today is a good and in some cases, better, one for you.

    Hot chocolate and freshly made muffins are waiting for you in the kitchen. I see Jeeves is back on the job but he says he's joined AA. Good deal.

    Hugs all around,

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't had hot cocoa in a coon's age. Nice haircut, Marta.

    Yes, let's hear it for energy. Go turn on all your appliances like Elner.

    Unlike most of the country, we are having uneventful weather here in CA. Seems like just about everywhere else folks are getting it socked to 'em.

    Well, have to do my chores for the day: Feed the plants and water the cats.

    Oh, almost forgot the most iimportant thing: pay the rent. Haha

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  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Marta: Glad the power came back and that Sophie is warm
    and toasty. You're such a good Mama.

    Those slides being shown on all the National News stations
    are no where near me in S.F. The 5 story Condos they
    show on the News with a beautiful view of the Bay are
    most likely 1.6 to 2 Million Bucks a unit!! A bit out
    of my price range! Most of those "homeless" fortunately
    have the means to stay in a Hotel for awhile. There are
    others below, however, that are staying on the floor of
    a nearby Gym. "The haves and the don't haves"

    Granni: Hope Hubby is doing well! Tell him I said that
    he is a "brave little soldier"! Are you planning a big

    Becka: Glad you and Hubby had an enjoyable evening in
    Toronto seeing Phantom. Hope Monty stayed on your lap
    and was a good boy at the theater. I'm sure he is looking
    forward to Spring and warmer weather also. Any plans for
    the weekend?

    Rock: Are t hey making any progress on the construction
    project? A big hello to Gordon! We have the Chinese
    New Year Parade here Sat. nite. It usually rains but
    it's 'posta be clear skys this year. Too many people for
    me in a very congested part of Town on a "normal" day!
    Lots of tourist come in to see it.

    Annie: Hope you are on your way North by now ande that
    the weather will be kind. Geoff will be so happy to see
    you!! Have a great visit and extend are best wishes to
    him. See ya on your return!

    Jodie: Hope you are doing as well as to be expected. We
    all are very concerned. You know well that we are avail-
    able for you.

    Well, I'm gonna get back to ya all later. Gotta turn the
    Calendar over to March 1 and hope it is a good one to us
    all. Any Feb. 29th B'Days out there??

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  5. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Just stopped in to say hello and wish everyone the best health possible. I, like Marta, am unable to address everyone which is the reason I have not been on the board. I made several attempts to "talk" with each of you but I just am not able to that. I deleted several attempts to post. I became discouraged and just stayed off the board completely for several days.

    I am trying very hard to follow Dr. Lapp's suggestions and limit my time/energy in all aspects of my life. By doing so, I can now stand longer without having to recline. I'm grateful for any improvement. My goal is to be able to do some of the things you guys talk about doing. I am really tired of being home alone in a recliner most of the time.

    I am looking forward to spring and I am in a region that does not get very much snow. The weather today is going to be very unsettled....calling for possible severe weather conditions this afternoon with high winds. I hope that the warning out is wrong. Weather affects how I feel so much as I am sure it does each of you.

    To each of you a big (((Hug))) and hope to see you again very soon. I've got lots of reading to do to catch up with all of you.

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Glad ya made it! We've been concerned and Linda placed
    a separate APB post looking for you. Many, including me
    at times have the same problem as you have. It can be
    so difficult to participate on the Porch and Board as we
    wish we could! But that's OK! Important thing is just
    to "check in" and say hello so we know a person is al-
    right. Not a need to response to each individually as
    it means often longer times on the 'puter than most of
    us can sometimes do!

    Happy you are here!!
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  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    a major depression set back...but i am trying to get help, thank goodness i have it...i found out that the victims of rape when reported and i believe followed through are entitled to 10k for treatment physical/mental as well for the next ten years.

    the plot has now thickened and from what i understand from a friend of mine leo may have been identified as the one dropping the drug in my beer to give me away to the other one...

    my friend has a friend whose ex-sife owns that bar and called her exhb about it and either faxed the info or told him...he told me more that the origianl rapist had gotten an attorney and they are filing to sue me for a false claim...good luck on getting anything out of me...

    then the bar owner said leo has been in trouble for this before and basically had willing ho's.....so i guess he made a statement that i was wanting to ho myself out to this rapist for a 100.00 that got paid to leo...

    i can not believe that someone that ws sleeping w/me would do such a thing...i guess he is more wacked than i thought....

    i am nervous as well at the same time can't wait to read the statements about me from these twits....

    oh, i guess the other women had dropped their reports for some reason, why don't know for sure...

    and i guess that is why i got slapped in the face because leo told crazy meghan that he was going home w/me...she then said if he didn't go home w/her she was going to cut herself...i guess she did according to leo...so i really don't know what the real story is there...but i only know what happened ot me.....

    well need to get a shower and i have an advocate that is supposed to go w/me also i have a friend that is showing up for some support....i told her/or my friend told her about leo and she was in disbelief as well.....not that we don't believe it but as well as my friends and i took care of him... makes me wonder why the heck he told me he cancer then it turns out to be a bacterial infection....

    well i think san quentin maybe on his list for this year....

    thank you for all your support...

    i have a class today at 1:30 i don't think i will be able to function...

    on a good note...cody starts his track season on saturday...so i hope he does well...he is a junior on varsity...shot put and discus..not sure if he is going to run the 100mm or not...

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Jodie,

    I cannot belief this whole sordid story, if it is all true. Is is worse than Peytom Place, or at least as bad as. Don't know if you are old enough to remember Peyton Place but I am sure you heard of it. I am trying to remember exactly when it came out , what year. Can anyone remember. It seems like maybe the late 1970's-or so. Sorry I can't remember - duh !! It sounds like Leo and the xgf have/had their share of bad problems and messed up heads. BTW, I am NOT talking about just people with depression. The whole story, little by little that has come out has sounded to weird to me - maybe just a bunch of lies to get attention or who knows what, from Leo and or the xgf.

    I am so glad that you have someone to help you through this - the advocate. That is SO important !! I feel so sorry for you Jodie girl. Please take it easy and be very careful !!! Personally, I am not sure I would want to be around Leo anymore, at least not without someone else present, if all this that has been told by others is true.

    Good luck with school. I don't know how you can concentrate with all this going on in your life right now. However, it also might be a good thing to keep your mind active and thinking of other, more pleasant things (at least trying to).

    God bless you Jodie and I am also glad you have your son with you too.

    Please know I (we I am sure) are thinking about you and hoping all goes well for you now in your present difficult situation. Please keep us updated.

    I am thinking Motherly thoughts towards you - good ones. You are a year younger than my oldest daughter. I am SOOOO sosrry for what has happened to you and what may happen in the future with a trial and all the mess that usually goes withis sort of thing.

    Lots of hugs and prayers going your way !! (((JODIE))))

    Granni (Marilyn)
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry ALL of you. When I got on the board before I was so shocked by Jodie's predicament (putting it mildly)that I forgot to say hi to everyone else. I did not forget you and didn't mean to be so rude.

    Mrdad - First of all, thanks for starting up the next volume on the porch AGAIN. Yes, and also thanks on your thoughts for DH who is very happy he didn't have to have his tooth extraction YET. However, I think he is more relaxed about it now that he actually spoke to the dentist all about the the procedure and what was to follow, etc. Plus, he has had more time to get over his other surgery.

    Marta - Thanks for the hot cocoa and homemade muffins, I haven't had any of those either on in quite awhile). Sorry you have such yucky weather still and that you lost your power for awhile. That surely is NOT fun esp when it is so cold out. Hope that you and Soapie stay nice and toasty warm and that she is letting you sleep at least a little bit longer. Glad that it did not stay off for to long.

    BTW, I just came back from my hairdresser to and had everything done to my hair - really needed it !!!!
    Our weather is alot better than yours for sure. I think it is in the 70's today but not to much sun and pretty windy out. Then I came home and did some weeding in our flower and plant beds - lots of weeds and clover. I know this time of year you don't have to worry about that or very much green outdoors.

    Annie - Hope you are having a great trip !!

    Sweetie - Glad you could pop in for a little while. Do not worry about having to answer everyone individually all the time. I know that it takes alot of time and energy sometimes and many times none of us feel like it or have the time to do so.

    Rock - Glad you remembered to feed the cats and the plants. I don't have any cats to worry about but I keep forgetting to water some of the outside plants with all the rain we have NOT been having. So, some look rather puny. Some have also been frozen due to the freeze we had sometime ago.

    Another hi to those MIA for awhile. Hope all is well with everyone - Ali, Gilley, Carlas, Bekah, Darkwaters and everyone that I have not mentioned (here comes the brick wall again).

    Some more big hugs to Jodie and to EVERYONE !!!


  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    the detective said she did speak to the idiot...but did not mention i filed a report because i had not spoke w/her....

    so i don't know what to believe at this point...i am thinking of going to the local p.d. and ask the officer if they had questioned the bartender and etc...and what the outcome was if leo dropped some drug in my drink....

    i find it hard to believe he would do it to me, but you can never rule out anything...

    i did not make it to my class today because of the long interview...i did look a pic of the man..

    he is coming in for his interview today w/the detective...so she said she would let me know what he has said...and she would be tracing all the places that the man claims i was at and looking for camera films....

    so eric w/be getting questioned on what i was like at the bar and such..

    she stated my cases is a very difficult one...nothing may become of it, hopefully some drug will show up in the toxicology and that w/go for me.

    so possibly i may have to drop the case like i am sure so many others do.

    hi to everyone and have a good day/night.

  11. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Greetings from Blizzard Central! LOL

    Just when you think it is safe to go outside Mother Nature slaps another huge storm on you! We got over a foot of snow in just a few hours today. The mounds of snow on the boulevards are officially taller than I am....and I'm 5'10"!!!! Little Monty is having a hard time finding a place to go pee outside where he won't sink face deep in snow. LOL. Poor puppy.

    My plans for the weekend as of right now: HIBERNATE! Hehehe.

    Hubby and I are going to Toronto on Wednesday to a Raptors basketball game. They're playing the Memphis Grizzlies. My favourite player whom I have been watching since I was ten years old plays for Memphis now (Scott Padgett) I have been following his career since his days with the Kentucky Wildcats and have seen him play in Toronto every year since he turned pro 7 years ago. :)

    Hugs to all,

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everyone is safe, warm and dry and have power. I watched the news and saw all the horrible weather, huge snow amounts, tornados and flooding. It was so sad about the people in AL that died in the tornado. You wake up one morning and never know that is the last day of your life.

    I am doing ok, just tired from overdoing yesterday cleaning and today was errands, shopping in the pouring rain.

    I have to go to the shop tomorrow, then a meet and greet the artists at the gallery from 6-9, long day. I am going to turn in early tonight.

    Jodie- I am sorry to hear what happened to you and it is sad that you may not be able to prosecute the SOB. I hope that anyone that is raped goes directly to the ER for a rape kit. DNA is the only sure way to get a conviction.

    I can't even begin to imagine how you have been feeling. But from an outsiders perspective I would advise you to drop Leo like a hot potatoe.

    There are groups of people who prey on single women. Usually the good looking one moves in first, gains your trust by being too good to be true, goes to fast like saying "I love you" . Then they go in for "the kill". It is a game to them. I would also cancel all your credit cards, change your PO box if you have one or get a PO box and stop home delivery and protect yourself by laying low and not going out alone at night, not even to the grocery store for awhile.

    We can never be too safe these days, you have no idea how much info they got from you while you were out. Check your credit report every month for awhile.

    DON"T blame yourself, you are a smart, educated lady and have a long life in front you. Do not let these jerks rob you of your pride and self esteem. Hold your head up and walk proud and SEE yourself as a happy, whole person, even if you don't feel like it at the time. Just keep telling yourself positive thoughts.

    You do need to be cautious but we can't live in fear, they win if we let them control our feelings. Be a survivor not a victim.

    I know you already know all of this but sometimes it is nice to be affirmed. Hang in there and know "we" are always here for you.

    Hope everyone else is doing well, or have lots of candles, matches, batteries and flashlights! Carla
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla and Jodie - Right on Carla!! I agree with just about everything you said to Jodie. It is probably to late for the rape kit since you showered, Jodie since the attack.

    Yes, Jodie you need to be VERY careful too as we both have said. However, you do need to keep your head high and go on with life as they say. However, special precautions might have to be taken also. I hope you get enough evidence to prosecute this (worse than jerk). Just TRY and keep thinking positive, as Carla said.

    One of the problems is alot of these jerks go free because they don't get prosecuted and may time the victims don't even tell anyone or feel that they don't have enough evidence to do so.

    If whoever used a date rape drug on you, I am not sure that will show up in their testing. Hope that they have some other information to go on. I think that some drugs do go undetected eventhough they were used.

    Just keep us informed. I am glad that you survived the intereview. I am sure it was a hard thing for you to have to do. I am really interested in what Eric will have to say.

    Bekah and Carla - sorry you are both dealing with such cold terrible weather right now. It sure sounds cold to me - BRRRR!!!! Hope you don't "drown" in some of those snow drifts, Bekah. It surely sounds awful to have snow so high. Hope you have finally warmed up and are feeling a little better Carla after being out in the cold wet weather.

    Good night to all. It is almost beddy bye time and time to take my meds. Stay well, warm and SAFE !!

    More Big warm hugs,

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    yes it was too late for a date rape kit anyways...also i was being treated for a vaginal yeast infection at the time as well...only oral was performed on me from what i recall..plus he said he couldn't do this 2x's....so he stopped...

    and i was under the influence of god knows what all...detective said they could say i was blackout and said i wanted to...even though i have bruises in the appropiate areas and strawberry on right knee...

    i think my tennis elbow got blown from this and i have a sprained left wrist and thumb...so these wounds will heal...but i will work w/the rape stuff....

    i guess if this goes to court i will need a lawyer presumably the d.a...i did sign something stating i did not want this public record, like in the paper etc.

    also they may use my anti-depressants against me as well....

    so many things they could use against me....oh well, i hope this so called pastor rots in hell if nothing becomes of this.

    and another weird thing is my friend that told me that supposedly leo gave a statement yesterday, which i was told he did not from detective....and was also going to sue me as well as the other man...never were in yesterday like she said according to the detective. my friend called him up and then he ran into the police station to talk to the dectective...but she would not speak to him until she interviewed me.

    leo has not been contacted as far as i know... they wanted to ask him how i was in the bar etc...

    he called me tonight wanting me to come hang out tonight, but he was supposed to call me back when he got done w/whatever he was going to do...still know word.

    well i know the detective told me they have nothing on leo. so i have been trying to figure out this puzzle. i would just like to tell leo if there is someone else out there for him to go for it i don't want to hold him up from a good thing.

    would love to ask him why the heck he left me for megan that night alone...not cool....

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jodie - This whole thing gets screwier (is that a word??)ever minute. I am not sure what to make of it all. - However, I still say be very wary with Eric. I am not sure how he personally has the nerve to even call you back after leaving you at the Bar or letting that other guy take you wherever, etc. etc. He is sounding more like an opportunist to me (that may be to nice a word besides being immature. Plus, this calling his x in front of you is not what I would call good or mature behavior but that is the least of it, I think.

    Of course you are a big girl and you are very smart but it is not for me to say. However, you now have to step back after all this and say is he really worth it? It seems like ever since you have started going with him there have been problems. Of course he can't help if he is sick but why all this drawn out mess (drama) with the diagnosis, etc.?? We continue to worry about you and your situation. God bless you hon and please be VERY careful !!! You are more than welcome for our concern for you.

    Will check back with all later on. Lots of stuff to do and expecting people over fora short while and I have to pick up this place. I just got dressed while on the computer (-: !!

    A BIG hi and warm hugs to ALL of you not menteioned and please stay safe and warm esp those in that "snow belt" !!!!


  16. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    I haven't had a chance to call you back but i must say I've had a bad feeling about the guy since the first day you told me about him. Nothing like any of this ever came to me, but with the whole ex girlfriend thing he just sounds like a big liar to me. If he really cared about you he never would have left you there and would have told that girl to go home without him. She's going to cut herself whether he's there or not. I'm off work through Sunday because i slipped on someone's wheelchair ramp and landed HARD on my tailbone and bruised it pretty good. I'll try and call you tomorrow.
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I can't add or express my concern and feelings better
    than CK., Granni and others did so well. As far as "Leo"
    goes, "where is the Titanic when ya need it". The guy
    is full of alot more than just water!!! His "lung cancer"
    that he had you so concerned about must have gone into
    remission. The "man" has some real problems Kiddo! I'd
    just stand clear of him. Work with that D.A. and pursue
    all the legal avenues you can and hopefully save some
    other innocent lady from a similar fate.

    Do take care Jodie. I'm going to Mill Valley to dinner
    with my Friends and their Boys. Talk with ya later!

    Hello to all! Hope the weather is being kind to Annie
    and she has arrived in a safe and timely manner!

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  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am wiped out mentally...i am surprised i can even spell my name right....

    been to da's office no report sent to them yet...went to victim witness office...told me to go get a domestic violence lawsuit (restraining order)...they have a civil one, but that costs 320$ plus i must appear in court... but the da lady said try the other one for victims of domestic and related or lived w/them..

    phone call galores...

    sorry jen about your tailbone...mine hurts everyday...

    i havent heard anything from leo today at all...i am not going to call him...i have a sneaky suspicion he may feel guilty about something, or just is nuts.....

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Jodie,

    In answer to the last question of your last post , I say -maybe BOTH !! In other words, I think he is probably feeling guilty about something (maybe more than one thing) PLUS as you said nuts. I say mentally ill along with maybe a few other things too.

    Thinking of you kiddo !!! Sorry things have been so rough on you. I am not going to say more of the same but just please be careful and if you don't mind my saying so - I think he is trouble. Steer clear, if you know what I mean, hon !!Take care of yourself and Cody !!

    Just got back from working at the church Fish Fry and I am pooped. I wanted to check in with you and the rest of my porch "kids" . I say that cause I THINK I MAY be the oldest one on the porch ( at least close). I think Rock and Mrdad are close to my age also(lucky them).

    Plus, I know that you are a year younger than my oldest daughter. My middle daughter is the one with all the problems, divorced and has a sick child and one with LD and a lazy xh . He, I think is more concerned about himself than his chidren and their problems. He was very controling and menally abusive. She finally left after 15 years and 3 boys and is nows struggling on her own but is happy now or alot more so than before. So I have plenty of practice in worrying !!

    Big hugs to all, I have a big day in the morning and then have to go to church tomorrow nite instead of sunday cause sunday we take the bus with a Sr. church group to go to Galveston for a piano concert and then a great seafood dinner afterwords. Hope the weather behaves itself.

    Hope all are well.

    More big hugs to you ALL,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    oh rockgor and my sister, sweetie and any other porchie i have missed...

    i am so glad i have you all here...i went to da's office got a restraining order packet to fill out...this is so difficult for me....

    i called my school and talked w/someone there and i could get an incomplete and w/have one year to complete...but only if need to take care of my mental health...i am angry and hurt at this time...it just doesn't seem fair to me...

    and granny i think leo has depression issues, drinking issues and who knows what else... my friend had someone call her cell phone yesterday and missed the phone call...so today she called it and interestingly it had a message stating you have reached jamie...that is leo's so called exgf's name...i asked my friend if leo borrowed her cell phone, she said yes a couple of times...

    i said jaime may have gotten her cell phone bill and was doing some sluething on her own....or it is just a a coincidence.....

    i have not heard from leo tonight or today...he said he had to get his dad at the airport or meet him today early...so he may be hanging out w/him i don't know....

    it just makes me wonder if he really did have something to do w/putting something in my drink...