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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    A Good Sunday to all! Hope you're all having a peaceful

    day with limited health issues.

    Please feal free to read previous messages on former

    Post if you'd like.

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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i talked to my lil sister jens2angles this morning.....and a friend...well i think i will be calling when of the crisis lines...

    i am so confused on how to get my things back from this guy erik...

    plus i just feel like letting him know i need a break and would like to be friends for now. or is silence the best answer...

    my sister said just call him and ask for my things...

    my exhb said call him and tell him i need a break cause i need to really focus on school and cody and that i could just say i am not ready for a relationship..just some b/s excuses....and tell i would like to remain friends for now...and if ever see him out i would like to buy a drink sometime...

    i am trying to figure out what is best for my mental health...

    again everyone think you for all of your support...

  3. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Did anyone else see the eclipse last night? We had a great view from our home. It was beautiful. We live in a great place to view astrological sights.

    Thanks MrDad for starting this thread and for your warm welcome back on the last thread. Have you "talked" with Carla NL? I've missed her and would like to know if she is feeling poorly or just busy. I hope it is the later.

    Take care everyone. Hope each of you had the best week end possible.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that you still want to get back with him or at least you seem very confused. If he has done to you what he HAS done ( not even including the possibility what he might have done - the Mickey thing)- I would just be outta there and forget about him, period.

    Honey I think he has been using you and you are to good for that. I know that it is hard for you, & it sounds like you have developed some fairly deep feelings for him. Do you see him running to you for any reason lately, not even to try and explain himself about anything - even leaving you there with the creep and talking to xgf in front of you, etc.etc. Yes, these are not major things but they tell alot a person. I do not trust him one bit !!!

    If you do talk to him at all it will be lies and excuses all over again. I am not sure about what to tell you about your stuff but they can be replaced as someone else said.

    IF he BOTHERS to call you, you can just tell him you need your stuff back and that is that. You can tell him what you want to but he will try and lie himself out of it , if only to get his thrills with you again and perhaps also make himself look good in your eyes as far as the possibility of giving you a Mickey in your drink, business is concerned. In other words to perhaps throw you off the trail . Hope I explained it right. I am so tired have been out all day.

    ******Please give up this guy and take care of yourself and Cody. Oh BTW, I am sure Cody will do better as the season goes on. He needs you alot more than that guy who hasn't had the descency to call or be with you in any way. If he really cared he would also honor you wishes for him to sent the stuff to you but I bet he won't. If it were me I wouldn't even call him but it is up to you.

    I think HE needs to know that there is no hope for he and you getting together again and you are not going to put up with him and his shananagans (sp) if he BOTHERS to ask. If he needs any explanations you can give him a few reasons but be ready for the "absence of truth". Sorry if I seem blunt !! Sometimes I think you have to be.

    More hugs to you kiddo !


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  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Good job in the change over Mrdad.SMG trained you well.

    I did not get to the see the eclipse. It was cloudy, plus I had people at my house for a quote for a new roof and back porch. Thinking about a red metal roof on my white ranch,

    I did see the one in 2004 and one in Va in the 90's a total eclipse of the sun I think.

    Sweetie glad to see you back again, I hope you continue to improve. Have your houseing improvements improved? I hope you have house back now.

    Im worried about Marta and Linda, know there was a power outage in MI.

    Hello to granni, sees, Gilley,Rock and others I can't think of at the moment.

    I finished dncdfingers panel today and will ship it tomorrow. Talk about sick, a little voice told me all week to open it up again be I mailed it. When I did there were 2 peices broke. I cryed. But I came home tore it apart and rebuilt it, actually had other glass that worked. So I am shipping it tomorrow.

    Hope all is safe and warm-Carla
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he said he wanted to go do something tomarrow since it is going to be nice out. he asked what time i get out of school so i told him 1 pm.....

    i think this is when i going to tell him i think we have come to a cross roads and i just didn't like the how he left me in such a situation when he went to save his friend...what about me...

    i just feel like letting it off my mind to him...

    he mentioned he has been w/his father that came back from montana....and he went to see his friend tony...i already knew that cause his/our friend told me so yesterday....she almost asked about me to him, but didn't...

    well i like your bluntness and it gives me strength to take care of my business.

    there is no proof he has yet put something in my drink...but like you said there are other issues aside from that incident.

    i finished my algebra tonight now i need to get caught up in another class of mine that i missed on thursday...

    i need to write a paper about careers and such...

    well i didn't see the eclipse either anyone...

    i spoke to my mother today for the first time in over a year. told what has been going and we talked about the past issues about my father.

    well that is a start.

    gonna try to take one day at a time.

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's after mid-night for most of ya so most likely won't
    see this 'til morning.

    Sweetie: Again, I am glad you are back as we all were
    concerned! Hope things continue to improve for you.
    I rec. an Email from Carla-NL the other day and sent one
    off to her Friday but haven't heard back from her yet.
    I know she has been busy with work "stuff" amd also I be-
    lieve is having some further testing done. I know she will
    be back as soon as she can. Is the house coming along
    well? I know the legal issues must be a much unwanted
    burden. Stay in there as it may take some time to resolve
    as you well may know.

    CK: Carla, so sorry your artwork was damaged! You put
    your whole heart into your work and it always shows! Do
    hope also that you are continuing to feel "well" and every
    day experiencing additional improvement! Did ya work in
    the "Tique Store" this weekend?

    Jodie: Thinking of you all weekend and I wish you a good
    week ahead toward resolving issues. I know you will be
    fine and be stronger than ever very soon! I'm glad also
    to see all the support from your Friends on the Porch and
    Board and sure it serves as a great comfort to you.

    Well Friends, hope Annie is having a good trip seeing

    Good night (or morning) to all!

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jodie - GO FOR IT HON and tell him what is on your mind but be ready for lots of stories. Some of them may be true but I still have lots of uneasy feelings about this guy. If you are going to tell him everything about how you feel, also tell him you need and would like your stuff back. I am not sure I would mention the situation of the rape, putting stuff in your drink and all unless he mentions it. Just be very careful. Nuff said about that situation.

    That was your Granni or Mom talk about the situation(-: !! I will try and restrain myself from giving you my mom talk again, at least not so bluntly. BTW, I am very glad that you spoke to your MOM also about other things and issues. That is a very good thing. Also glad you have your lil sis to talk to also.

    God bless you and I will be thinking about you and hope all goes well with you and this terrible situation. Keep us all updated on the investigation and all. As I said before - Go for it. Glad you are starting to focus more on your school work and Cody !

    Good morning there Mrdad - Hope you had a great weekend and everything is peachy keen out on the left coast (-: ! How is your weather over there? Are you finally feeling better from the crud that was hanging on so long.

    Sorry, I didn't get to see the eclipse. I am sure it would be neat to see.

    Hope all are well, esp Marta and Linda in the snow belt. Hope they still have their power. Glad to see Sweetie and hope Ali, Gilley, Rock, and the rest of the gang are fine.

    Big hugs all around,


  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    My house is finished except there are some boxes that I must sort through and find a home for the items or trash them. I still can not use the room for long periods of time because I am so chemically sensitive to paint and carpet. We have not been paid for anything to date. We turned the case over to an attorney about 6 weeks ago and he is just now starting to work on our claim against the contractor and our home owner's insurance company. This has been a nightmare.

    I'm still dealing with attorneys concerning my long term disability. The insurance company is still reviewing my case. That situation has become very complicated too. At the present they are applying all of my benefits to offset the amount SS Disability has paid me. That is legal unless they terminate me per my attorney but it has had a major affect on my personal income.

    I had not heard about the weather in Linda and Marta's area. I do hope they are safe and warm. Hope to hear from them soon.

    Carala....so sorry that your piece that you were sending broke but I am glad for your intuition. I know how upsetting it would have been to you if it had arrived broken. I admire all of you with artistic talents. I think a tin roof would be great. It's been quite a long time since I've heard the sound of rain on one but it is such a soothing sound. They are becoming very popular in my area too.

    Granni...I could not agree more with your advice for Jodie. You are a wise woman.

    MrDad...Thanks for the update on Carla NL. Please send caring thoughts to her from me when you email her again.
    How is the legal battle in regards to your sister? I hope justice prevails.

    Hugs to all!
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh Gee! I'm watching the Weather Channel and it "don't"
    look good for Annie on her journey home. Wind, snow and
    cold! Cold for Marta too! Haven't heard from Linda or
    Ali over the weekend either? Hope all is OK. That mild
    Winter sure took a change for many of our Friends. Hope
    all that snow in the North doesn't cause problems down-
    stream in a few weeks! I feel guilty about the 72 here
    yesterday! I'm getting ready to windex those bonuculars
    and start walking the Park again on sunny afternoons,
    right Carla?

    Lots of Political Folks out this way last week! Guess
    they will be after the "winner take all" Electrical Votes.
    All Demos I think. Ralph Nader should be around soon.
    I think he still drives an old Chevy Corvair or Pinto??

    Anyway, can't wait to see who arrives this week!

    Jodie: Please take care this week and try to get back to
    concentrating on your School work and your future.

    Granni: Yes, I had a nice weekend and enjoyed much spend-
    ing time with my Friends and their Boys Friday nite! My
    Guy is gonna be 27 this week. Don't know where the time
    goes? Hope you are having a good day and thanks for be-
    ing so supportive of Jodie!

    "Talk" to All later, "K"?
    MRDAD aka Joe

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a quick one before I have to go do something more productive !!

    Carla ck - I am so sorry about your glass piece being broken in the mail. I forgot to mention that in my last post.

    Sweetie - Sorry your are in sych a mess in your house and hope it will be over soon. Thank you for your sweet compliment.

    Mrdad - Glad you had such a fun weekend seeing family and friends. Also thanks for your thanks about trying to help Jodie. Well, I just can't help myself as they say. She is just like one of my kids shall we say . I have had practice and I am not always right but I try @
    Gotta run for now.

    Love to all,

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to say I didn't see the eclipse, but I did see an elipse last night in our bathroom. The bath mat is in the shape of an oval. Haha!

    "Oval" is very popular in crosswords. Olive Oyl shows up now and then. (Not sure how to spell "occasionally".) Miss Oyl, you will recall, was Popeye's goilfriend.

    Sorry to hear your glass broke, Carla. That's one of the risks of working w/ glass, of course. The other is you cut your fingers off.

    I remember an art instructor giving us a pompus, impromptu speech about part of the charm of glass art is that it's fragile and it could be destoyed in an instant w/ one careless move.

    I was not impressed. All art can be destroyed (including Mt. Rushmore) if you work at it.

    Went to the chiropractor, Trader Joe's Market and Ralph's grocery store this morning. That's more than I do in some weeks. It helped that Gordon drove. He is taking the day off as he is feeling illish.

    The Los Angeles Marathon was yesterday. I did not participate this year. Actually I've never participated. It is very dangerous to travel on marathon day. Gordon tried it one year and couldn't get home for hours.

    The route makes a loop thru LA and streets are blocked, freeway ramps are closed, etc. Ironically the people who travel the fastest during this period are the wheelchair racers. They come in at least half an hour before the runners.

    Here's something I shoulda posted y-day, but my computer and my brain ain't working so good these days.

    What day of the year is a military command?

    Well, I'm off to finish doing the dishes. That will make four things I've done today. Wow!

    And the answer is...March 4th!


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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    school went fine...i talked to my math teacher...i a getting an 88% so far in the class. she said don't worry i will get an A in her class. sure would be nice....i might just faint if i see that on my report card...

    i did the pilates class...boy does that ever remind me on how i used to be when i was younger. i could do the splits, wrap my ankles around my neck...so very flexible...now if i could just have half that back i may be doing well.

    leo is putting a window in his dad's house right now...he said he would call me later and go do something...i am thinking somewher (not a bar for one), maybe a coffee shop.

    oops i need to call the da's office right now...

    if no drugs come up in my bloodstream from the incident, it may not look good, very challenging to prosecute, unless a so called bartender witness someone putting something in my drink.

    the hearsay i heard was that the rapist was going to sue me for a fraudalent claim or something...i don't know if he can do that even if i drop the charges and just keep a nonpublic report.....

    well need to make that call now.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I don't know that much about the law but to me it just sounds to me like he is scared and is trying to keep you from trying to prosecute. Maybe you need to ask some of the lawyers on this board. They might have some better insite than I. I say to go for it. You are just trying to find out who did it , correct??? You surely got somebody scared to death. Yes, I suggest a coffee shop of womething like that if you are going to talk to Leo. Just be REALLY CAREFUL !!!

    Congrats on your good grade. You are on your way kiddo. That's the way to do it.

    I have to run to chorale practice now but just wanted to check on the porch again .

    Rock - Glad to see you back again. I didn't connect to the old volume so I don't remember everything you said. Hope you are feeling a little better. You said that you were glad, I believe that Gordon had to drive someplace, instead of you.

    Bye again to everyone. Will really be busy tomorrow but hope to check in to see how everyoe was doing. Stay well and warm !!

    Hi also to Mrdad and all the other missing in action. I know that you posted Joe but don't remember exactly what you said. I am going to do great in chorale practice. Hopefuuly, I will sing better than remember what people have said on this porch(-: !!

    More hugs,


  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just a quick thought. If you get on to the www.graigslist.org website, there is a very helpful Legal Forum that is well attended by some very knowledgable peo-
    ple. I've used it in my Sister's case and found it to be
    of great help. If wrong advice is given, people usually
    come forward to suggest so. A consensus is usually ob-
    tained there.

    Be careful,however, not to devulge any personal information
    as it is a Bay Area Forum and ya don't know who is listen-
    ing? Going to cook dinner for my Son and I'll be back on
    the Porch later, "K"?

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  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just a quick goodnite nite cap, that is if Jerome didn't drink it all.

    Mrdad I hope you had a good time with your son and got over the weekend with your other family.

    Hey Rock- was missin you around here-glad you got to get out too. Tell Gordon to eat some soup if he is still illin.

    I have had a slow down this last week. Not completly down but just slower. I have had some stress famliy stuff and SS for mom. For some reason they took 3 months medicare payments out of her SSDI check. I never received a letter. Only found it when I got her bank statement. Many phone calls before they would talk to me. They told me to call the state, so I did and their computers were down. So I will call tomorrow.

    Sweetie- glad you got your house back, I hope in time you will get to fully enjoy it, Know go get the insurance co.

    Granni-I brought the peice myself while I made a wood and foam frame for it. I packed it a week ago. When I got her check I was going to mail it. But all week this little voice keep pickin at me, open it, open it.

    So I did and it was broke in 2 places. I had to completely tear it apart and rebuild it, luckily I had glass that worked just fine. I can't wait for her to see it.

    I don't remember if I told you I sold a painting too. A guy came in the teak store looking for landscape paintings, we did have a lot so I showed him mine on my computer and he bought one. It was my favorite but I can paint it again.

    I am going to call it an early night, going to the dentist tomorrow, I can't wait to get my real teeth. The ones I have are not comfortable and it's hard to eat.

    To everyone else come out of the bushes and join us, we miss you-Carla
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    oops at the cap lock...anywho...i will try that on craigslist.

    i did leave a message w/da advocate person and the victim witness program...but there isn't a whole lot i can until the police department forwards a copy of the report to the da's office so i can even file a restraining order.

    and yes, granniluvsme! he very well maybe running scared...cause leo has his true alibi's not to make excuses for him...but i do know the real deal....only the fact that i do not know if he or someone else put anything in my drink, that is the big question...i would like to think he did not have anything to do w/it...it doesn't appear to be after i talked w/the rape crisis people...they just said do not make any comments to leo even if he asks, and so far he has not even asked about why the p.d. has called him and mentioned my name...

    i have a feeling that it is someone else that may have slipped something in my drink.....like my mom said keep my eyes and ears wide open and don't mention anything to leo.

    but all and all i had a good day and night...and yes, leo came over tonight watched some t.v. and bought us some dinner tonight. he told me how he has been busy working around the house w/his dad...his dad is leaving on monday next week...

    leo has his b-day tomarrow....he has lunch w/his granni i guess...i am not tripping over anything at this moment...

    i am trying to focus on me for now...so the break i get from leo will give me more time to think and get evidence....

    time will tell..

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i need to do my math homework that is due tomarrow.

    i am trying to lay low from leo and wait for the facts to come out. like i said, it i will give me more time to really think about what is right for me. i think what granni has said and many other are hitting the nail on the head. but for me i usually don't go w/my gut so much. trying to get that instinct intuned with my darn head....

    well so far a good morning, except i keep waking up alot since the ordeal of everything.

    mr.dad i checked out the craigslist forum...then i googled some things about rape victim rights...so i guess in am entitled to a copy of the incident and the rapist as well...and of course they said expect to read a bunch of lies.

    the whole thing is i know the truth about what had happened that is all that matters to me.

    thanks again everyone.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jodie Girl,

    Just take it low ans slow as they say and don't say anything to Leo about the ordeal. Did you ask him for your stuff back yet and that you were going to cool it for awhile with him ? It doesn't sound like it but maybe I am wrong.

    Just know that we are all thinking about you and hope all goes well. I am glad that Mrdad gave you that website information to help give you some information on cases such as yours. I figured he might be able to help some.

    As we have all said just take it easy and be VERY careful. I am restraining myself from going into my MOM mode (-: !!!! Glad you have been talking to your mom some about it and are back to your school work.

    Hi toe ck, Mrdad, Rock, Marta, Linda etc. and all those not heard fro m in awhile. Hope that Ali is doing OK with all that she is dealing with.

    Bye for now. Have to get ready to perform at a nursing home and then choir practice at church.

    Warm hugs to all,


  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am almost completed w/my algebra.yuck as i have told everyone before.

    i had a friend today who is going thru some divorce stuff etc. she told me she didn't want to hear about leo anymore cause she can't have toxic stuff in her life right now. i am still her friend i will respect her wishes. she just wants the best for me. she thinks i could do better.

    i just enjoy some company at times..but i know what she means...she is more looking to get remarried and not divorced yet...and i have been divorced and i don't think i ever want to get married again.

    he doesn't want children, neither do i. he doesn't want to ever get married cause what he went through w/his parents.
    that is fine by me. i am glad he will be having his father around the house until monday. hopefully i will make that definitive decision w/more time to think about it...and also hopefully more paperwork will comeback to me from the police department so i will have more black and write to read.

    i don't want to get anyone here toxified about this topic.

    i just appreciate having a safe place to just air some things off from my mind.