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    Mornin' Kids!

    I made the transition to the new Vol while most were
    asleep. Timing is everythingy!

    I put a platter of Pastries that you will fine in "'Lil
    Debbie" wrappers. My pastries have become so-o-o well
    liked, "Lil Debbie" has asked me to bake some for her
    commercial market! Enjoy. Warmup by the fire also
    wiff hot chocolate or coffee.

    Hope all will be having a great day!
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    You might try Sara Lee, because:
    Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee!
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    MrDad...Love it when you change The Porch thread while we sleep....certainly makes for less confusion for the rest of us. Hope you have fun with your son and enjoy your lunch. My son's birthday is in a few days....will be 25. We don't have any final plans yet...have to wait to see how I feel. He is bringing a new girl home tonight. It has been several months since he has been "single" and he has been seeing several young ladies. This one must be more special...she is getting to meet me. He was getting confused...dating 3 or 4 different people. I wish he could find the right one. It will happen when it is meant to be though.

    Carla...I was enjoying your website last night as I watched American Idol. I admire your work. I love stained glass and have several angels. Do you make angels?
    The work that you did on your home is amazing. It was nice to meet your animals too. Glad that dncnfngers loved the piece that you did for her.

    Linda...I am dissappointed that your appointment was canceled today too. I think you know in your heart what will be best for your body but you need to be smart about it if possible. I wish I knew what to tell you. I worked too long and totally crashed. I thought my issues were from all the surgeries I had and the pressure I was working under. I did not know about Chronic Fatigue or FM. I just kept pushing myself and my body. I totally crashed but I miss my job and my old life so much. I wish I knew then what I know now. I may be able to do more....at least do something that I enjoy. I pray you make the right decision for you and your family. Hang in there!

    Granni...It is wonderful that you sing for the retirement centers and nursing homes. It meant so much to my Grandmother when people would go to the Alzheimer's unit that she was in and sing. She had forgotten so much BUT she remembered the words to the songs and she would sing so sweetly with them. It made me feel so good to see her normal again if only for a few minutes. Kuddos to you for making people's life better!

    Jodie...Still thinking about you and hoping that you are all right. Enjoy the track match. I miss those times with my son...they were good times.

    Rock, Marta, Annie, Carla NL, Gretchen, Lolalee, Dona, Findmind, Jole, Ali, Maineweezie, and many more that I am forgetting....WHERE ARE YOU?

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    Thank you Joe-Joe for taking the time to make us your special "recipes" of snacks for that. I hope Lil Deb appreciates all you do.

    You make make Sara Lee jealous maybe you need to network a little more.

    I hope you enjoy luch with your son. You are so lucky to him so close. My daughter lives 500 miles away and it been difficult for me to travel that far, especially with the gurls.

    When I lived in VA I was only a 3 hour drive away and went every other month, leave aftr work on Fri and come back on Sun night. Since being in KY and being so sick if I made it once a year I was going good.

    Sweetie- thank you so much for "visiting" me. I am very proud of all I have been able to accomplish. This house was so filthy, it you saw the bath tub pic that pretty much represented the whole house.

    It would have taking a "normal" person less than a year to do what took me 3 years. There were times where I would just sit and cry because I was in so much pain and the fatigue and knew I was in over my head. But I perservered because I had a vision of what it was going to be if I ever got it done. It was worth it.

    My final project will be the metal roof and screened in deck off of my studio. The contractor is coming into the shop tomorrow to show me the quotes. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof and having a screen in deck will allow me more work room for my studio. Soldering creates toxic fumes so it will better if I can do that outside.

    Linda- I am sorry about your appt. but eveything happens for a reason. Sweetie had a good point about working PT, it will cut down on your benefits if you do it for more than a year. I can't remember how far they go back maybe 1 or 2 year average. The last six months I worked making less than half of what I was making in VA because there were no jobs in my field but it didn't hurt me too much. But if you hang in PT for more than a year it will make a difference.

    SS usually sends you a statement each year and tells you what you would draw on SSDI. If you haven't got one, you can request it.

    But sweetie is right about pushing too hard and crashing, that is what happened to me. Pray to god and leave it in his hands and what will be, will be. Your health is the most important priority.

    All other MIA's hope you are out having fun and not laying bed with the covers pulled up.

    Granni- I posted you on the last vol, you are a great lady with a heart of gold.

    I went to the dentist and they are working on my dentures so I have to get ready to go pick them up in a little while. Hope everyone is having good health and good times- Carla

  5. 69mach1

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    it is so frustrating....i have been there myself...i was trying to support a son w/o child support...i hate to relieve those memories of the separation/divorce mental abuse and lack of funds...by the grace of the higher power i made it thru.

    my dr.'s told me no more working...so many problems physically and emotionally. i would try to still go back to work at temp jobs thinking i could still work...but was a basket case and it only made it worse for me in all aways. my heart goes out to you, hugs galore for you.

    well last night the perpertrator ran into me and asked me why i pressed charges...i told him i do not want to talk to him ever again. i went home called the police. then i woke up spoke w/detective in the case right now...she said she would call him and tell him not to contact me. also she said go file a restraining order. also she told me that only he and i have been the only ones contacted in this case so far.

    so where i am getting at is that more than likely the rapist idiot went running his mouth off telling some story that is not true...so leo does not have anything to do w/it. but i still need to really access my relationship w/him in the long run.

    well have school in about an hour and a half so got to run.

  6. jens2angels

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    I am so tired I can hardly see straight right now. Mid terms are this week. I am convinced my Anatomy teacher is a pyscho. Her lecture tests are so hard and taking the class online makes it even harder because our lectures are studying the chapters. That would be fine if I have 4 hours a day to do nothing but memorize stuff! I had my lab midterm for anatomy today, I seemed to do pretty well on that but won't know for a week.

    Brooklynne has been really sick but seems to be getting over it, but of course little brother has it now. Just ready for the week to be over and even more for the term to be over at school!

    I thought about taking a class this summer but I think i am just going to take a break and enjoy my summer and do as much with the kids. Mom has been really busy since January and you can tell when the kids need some serious Mommy time. Heck, Mommy needs some Mommy time!
  7. mrdad

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    I just had a wonderful Luncheon with my Son for his B'Day!
    Enjoyed it very much! It was not inexpensive but reason-
    able for the quality, quanity, service and ambience! My
    Son ended up seeing an acquaintance whom he didn't know
    was working there! This City is more like a large town
    in that regard. You end up running into Peeps you know
    all the time.

    Linda: Not to worry about the Email cyber lost as you can
    get back with me at your convience. I believe that you
    are wise to be thinking about future work plans and formu-
    lating some options. You can reduce your workload with
    a clear conscience knowing that you will have trained some
    one to "pickup" the sword! Your health must be your pri-
    mary concern.

    Sweetie, CK, Granni and all! I am very fortunate that my
    Son lives so close! I have lots of Family and Friends
    to enjoy at my leisure. They have all been so wonderful to

    Jodie: We will have to do the "Slanted Door" at the Ferry
    Building for a memorable lunch one day soon! If ya like
    Vietamese food, you will love this award winning Rest-
    aurant! Sumpthin' to think about and look forward to also!

    No Annie yet? I hope you are home safe and sound and just
    resting up!

    Hello to all!

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Wheew, I finally got here. I have been so busy the lasata few days. Today I went and sang a a local church with one of my small groups and we just sang fun songs for the Alzheimer patients and their caregivers. Most of them are not in the late stages and they enjoyed it very much. It didn't even bother them when we screwed up (-: !!One of them and her husband goes to our church. In fact they will be helping some tomorrow with the Lenten Fish Fry. Three of us even did one of our dances, actually it is the dance at the moment cause out dance studio closed down and we don't have anywhere else to go that has classes during the day and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. They even gave us lunch after that. Tomorrow morning is the dentist to have a filling put in - great !! Then I have to come home and vacuum this house amongst other things for the company this saturday. Just what I feel like doing -groan !!

    When that was done I got home and started to change clothes and DH got home from a funeral and we were off to WM to get some more plants that DH wanted to plant. It had better not freeze any more this year or I will murder DH (-: !! He was so anxious to get out and plant some flowers. Of course I was out there to and my back felt great after that one !

    Now, DH is at his KC meeting and so I can check my e-mail.

    Linda - I am so sorry that your appointment was cancelled esp. after you got a psyched up for it. I know how aggravating that can be and frustrating. I am also sorry that you are still feeling bad, even though a little bit better. You have such terribly hard decisions to make but your body is the most important thing. You just have to do what you think is best for yourself. I know it is a hard thing to do to give up that position. Wishing you the VERY best !!

    Sweetie - Thank you for you kind words. We just enjoy doing it so much and like you say many of those in the nursing homes get little attention of visits from friennds or family. They (the patients or residents) do not care if you screw up and just enjoy it esp when we sing the really old songs and many try and sing or mouth the words. Afterwards we go out and talk to some of them and they like that too. It is sad though with some of the patients in the nursing homes are in the later stages but many times they try so hard to remember those songs. They tell us to come back again really soon which makes us feel good.

    Ckball - thank you for your kind words. I have to go back and check the old volume for your post. I try and do what I can but am very frustrated about what little I can do for some of my own grandchildren. Between either distance and or how I feel and their problems , broken homes,(learning problems), Leukemia,mild - mod. autism, etc. it is all so stressful.

    I just try to be there to talk to them if they want to talk and , monetary help to the divorced daughter but it looks like she might finally have a job that will be good for her and is giving her more days. She is the one who has to bring her son to the hospital in Tx Children's Hospital every week or so cause her x is so lazy and has all kinds of excuses. Shje just gave up and is trying to do most of it herself. That was not good for her last job but at least the dr's there gave her a good referral. She had to move to be closer to TCH.

    I feel so badly and know that IF she lived here and had to go to our regular hosptial here I could have brought him myself for his treatments. I was NOT however going to drive him all they way into the middle of the city of Houston from here the way I feel, my sense of direction and high b/p. I feel so guilty that I cannot do more !! However, it looks like she may be starataing to get her life back in some kind of order. Sorry for such along comment !!!

    Jen - Sorry that your little one is sick. I know how that can be. Hope you and the rest of the family do not get it. Also, glad you are there for your sis !!!

    Mrdad - Thanks for those "Lil Debbie" snacks, even if you did steal the wrappers and put them on your own creations. You bring back memories as I used to give my kids Lil Debbie cakes and snacks in their lunch boxes all the time. Almost can't believe they are still around.
    Haven't had one in years.

    Jodie - I cannot believe that that idiot was brave enought to come up and talk to you like nothing had happened and ask why you are pressing charges. You might have been drugged but you are NOT stupid !!! Glad that you spoke to the detective. I hope you have or will be putting in a restraining order. That jerk (that is a nice word) is just stupid enough to try something again, I am afraid. If he were smart he would be hiding someplace far away. I guess he just wants to pretend that nothing had happened. You did the right thing by calling the police. Keep up the good work kiddo.

    I understand some of the stuff you have been through with the divorce, no money thing, etc. with a child as one daughter has that problem . However, she has 3 children. The oldest (poor kid) is with the x but he wanted to be with him - sure, cause he gets hardly any supervision and can do almost what he wants (16 yrs old).

    Well y'all, I had better run. Hope to check in sometime tomorrow but it will be a another busy one.

    BTW- a couple of us put an APB on Ali and someone mentioned that she has had contact with her privately , not on the boards I believe and she is doing fairly well. She had her first shot and her back is feeling somewhat better and is a bit apprehensive about the others to come. They also have been out of town.

    Hope to see some of you MIA soon. Sorry if I did not mention everyone by name. Good night to all - gotta get ready for beddy bye and take my mes soon.

    Warm hugs to all,

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I just read your post from the last volume. Thak you so much for you sweet words. I don't about alot of TALENT but I love to sing and always have and as far as I am concerned you can forget the cleaning and all that stuff. I have not very much energy for that stuff but I have to force myself to clean, when company is coming, etc. Things are fairly neat (things in their places, mostly), but I need to dust, vacuum and forget the venetian blinds - some are bad news. One of these days I will get myself a house cleaner to some of it . I keep saying that but I am so cheap, sometimes. Money is better spent someplace else somehow. However, I think I will SOMEDAY !! Don't look for the cobwebs and dust bunnies hiding !!

    Hugs to you, Granni

    Gotta go to bed not. Hubby just got home and I took my meds Q
  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    online...i don't want it to be late...

    granniluvsu...my friend that called the jerk had him call her today wanting to talk to her...she said she has nothing to say to him. he said he would call back again.

    i think i will be filing my restraining order tomarrow...i just looked at the stack of papers today oh my!...

    the officer said she was going to contact him to not call me anymore...now for my friend i think she is on her own for now...she was foolish enough in a fit of rage of sorts to call his cell phone so now he has hers...dumb..not to mention she may have ruined my case now anyways.

    i just don't know how much more of this crap i can take....i think i will be going to police station to talk. this thing is driving me crazy...they said it could be a long time before they get toxicolody done. i read that only 5% or sexual assualt case that do get brought forward actually get persucuted. sad thing....

    i don't know if i can emotionally withstand the defendants attorney sit and say some nasty untrue things about me.

    i called the 1800# to speak to an advocate this morning and they didn't even bother to return my call.

    leo called today while i was in class today. so i called him back afterwards...he just wanted to know what i have been doing...he is hanging out w/his dad putting together motorcycles i guess. well, anywho.

    i changed my bed sheets, had cody help flip and turn my mattress. i cleared some computer junnk out of a corner near my computer, so i could box it up and hide in my closet. i need to go thru clothes and some draws as well to toss out crap i don't use or need. then i have photos and albums i need to box up for cody when i pass on or when i decide he can have them some day.

    so i nearly feel asleep on my bed after i did a little bit today, school, dishes, swept and mopped kitchen, bathroom, cleaned windows, and vaccuummed the rest of the apt.

    so i am tired...i need a shower and some sleep...

    cody track meet is tomarrow so if do the restraining order i may miss that as well.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---smoke Merri-juana down at the outhouse, like those

    hippies out in San Fran..." oops! Just waitin' for the

    'puter to warm up with a little song!

    Granni likes it!! (I mean the singin' thingy)

    Whats the plan for the weekend everyone? Wonder what

    Gordon has planned from his Gourmet creations? I think

    the "Old" Squeeze is coming down next Friday for St.Pat's

    Day and her B'Day on the 18th! Gonna have ta spend the

    week cleaning house. Have a Doc's appt. on Monday Aft

    just in time to get my "Niagara" Med refill be-4 the

    visit. Timing is everything.

    Just checking in and hope all are having a great day!

    "Talk" later, "K"?

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  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Is it still you?

    I've been MIA for a bit due to overdoing. I never did know when to quit.

    I'm not going to try to mention everyone but I did see that Sweetie's back. Good to see you.

    I GOT FM! Arruugh. Hopefully it's just from doing too much and it will subside. I must say I have a lot more sympathy for you FMers than ever - and I've always had a lot!

    Hugs all around the Porch to all my friends here. Sophie says mel-low,

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  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Marta: I'm so glad ya made it back. I did miss you and
    was afraid youweren't feeling well! Glad you and the
    Miss Sophie are back in the Fold. And just in time to
    partake of the great snacks and Libations Linda brought
    by to the Porch for our indulgence. Thanks Linda. I
    wouldn't worry about your Daugther not having a longterm
    goal yet. That's what the 1st two years of kollidge are
    all about as you well know. She will do fine as you and
    Hubby have been wonderful actively involved parents!

    Oh Marta! Thanks, I'm gonna check out the YouTube right

    Jodie: Please try to relax and unwind this weekend. I
    think you can "download" and print a Restraining Order
    from the Web! A temp. would be good enough for now.
    Hope Cody does well at the meet.

    Hey Granni! Ya ready to sing this weekend? Hope you have
    a great deal of fun!

    Gotta go find "you know who", "K"?
    Bye 4 now,
  14. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Marta....Thank you, thank you and thank you again! I just left the You Tube website. It was very exciting to "meet" someone that you know but actually don't know. She is lovely and has wonderful a voice. I watched all (3) of the videos. I started to leave a message but I am not a member and I wanted to check with you first. I really miss her!

    I've missed you too. I'm sorry you now have FM. I was diagnosed with that too after many months of dealing with CFS. I really don't know which symptom goes with what. To me it's so similar and confusing.

    Linda...Glad you are feeling better and that you have made a decision. It is good that you have a plan.

    I'm extremely exhausted so I must get off the computer. I spent several hours today with my son and I'm feeling the repercussions of our little outing at the moment but it was good to be with him and out of the house for a few hours.

    Hugs to all!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to all this evening. I do not have alot of time since I got home late from the Fish Fry at church and the cleanup (or some of it anyway as well as doing some prep work). I am not going to write to everyone individually but wanted to check in. Right now my feet are burning and back is to besides the usual neck from the extra standing up and the FF.

    Glad to see Marta again !! Sorry to hear that you also have FM. It only took the docs 20 plus years to find out I did. I think I started out with CFS which gradually went into FM. It is not fun but hopefully with alot of rest and maybe some meds there will be an improvement in how you feel.

    I have been hoping to hear from my son or daughter in law today as I found out yesterday that my daugterh in law's dad was hospitalized for stroke like symptoms. Well, they did some preliminary tests which didn't seem like a stroke. That was very weird with numbness and weakness on one side of his body. His speech was OK and then afater like close to 48 hrs with no sleep he was having some problems with the speech, I believe. DIL felt that perhaps after he got a gaood night sleep he might feel better. That was last night.

    When I came home from the dentist I tried to call her onher cp . However, they probably made her turn it off in the hospital or parts of it. Another daughter did send me an e-mail saying that he WAS dxed with a stroke and probably another one in the hospital or TIA. After the Fish Fry I tried calling her at home and her CP and left messages. Maybe I will have some luck tomorrow and will be able to contact my DIL or my son. Somehow, I am guessing it might not be very good news.

    This DIL lost her mom a year or two ago very suddenly and have been trying to conceived and has lost two pregnancies. She had stress wit her one job and finally got another and JUST started it this week, I believe. What a mess. My son doesn't always tell me things esp things that are bad. I think he knows it will upset me so he doesn't esp when he wasn't sure of anything in the first place - like the dx.

    No I am not going singing anywhere this weekend. When I do it is usually during the week and during the day unless it is some practices. We plan o going out with another couple to a new winery/restaurant close by. It is not cheap but we all wanted to try it anyway. So, we will see !! I heard the food was delicious !!

    Hope you ALL have a great weekend. If I don't get back to often I will be busy doing something around the house, some are not my ideas either (guess whose)?? Hope we don't have to go into the hospital to see her dad and that he gets to ome home soon. I know he will have to have some rehab. too soon I am sure. If he was in a closer hospital today I would have gone to see him but it is way to far for me to go by myself. DH was out and about doing something else today. I know I can;t be everywhere I but I feel so badly for DIL and her dad. He is a nice and funny guy and has been living with them.

    Sorry for the bad news. Just say some prayers that he will be OK. Have a wonderful and painfree weekend.

    Warm hugs to all of you,

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been running all day, but I was able to keep up so that is good, Tomorrow may be another story,hehe.

    Granni-I couldn't beleive what I wasreading about the dad in law. I hope they were light ones and did not do real harm and they can prevent further ones by treatment.

    The coincidince is my lady contractor was suppose to meet me at the teak shop today. I waited until about 4:30 and called. She was baby sitting the grandbaby because her daughter's husband had a stroke late last night. He is 24 years old. She, like you did not get all the details, cp's and hospitals don't get along.

    Another cowindence is my best freind is one of 11 kids. I met the contractor at my teak shop and she came out to my house the next day. Then I saw her last name and it is the same as my BF, they are ALL related BIG family small town,lol She was married to my BF brother for 21 years and have been divorced a while. So her son is in the hospital now going threw the same thing the DIL dad is. So prayers to both

    I got side tracted during my posting, the gurls are on lock down or tie down, they have 50 fet each. I have one of those front porchs that is the lenght of the house. Only 4 posts and no railings. They like to play figure 8's around the post then bark for me to untangle them. It's just temp, they found a dead creature in the woods that I can't get to, so I'm hope to keep them at home for a few days until nature takes care of it, no what I mean,ooohhh the things you deal with dogs that live the country.

    Marta so glad to see you. I am sorry about the FM, I have both FM and CFS. My neurologist gave me zanaflex for my scolosis and it has helped my FM pain, especially my legs

    I have been walking this last week and have managed to increase the lenght of my walk. I will say stress does make my CF more, fatigue and can't tell you my name.

    That was a great thing you did for the shelter, I'm sure they are pleased with your beautiful animurals. You should be proud and enjoy your moment. Then go scrub the doggie cages and change the newspapers and kitty liter. Good job

    You hot air ballon inspried my to make a stained glass ballon with copper chimes. I have been drawing it out. The I can scan into my glass program and change all the colors with simple click. Very cool. So thanks for the inspiration.

    Lind- I found out my numbers tomorrow, she is bringing drawings for my screened in deck. I have other work needed like 125 ft ditch at the bottom of the hill 30 foot from my house, it stays a swamp in the wet season.

    I have already done my research on metal roofs so I knew it was not cheap. A freind ofmine got a quote awhile back. Her house has lots of gables. 2 car garage, plus 2400 st of house, it was over $9000.

    My house is a simple ranch with a porch across the whole house. But I am a little nervous and may end up doing some of the smaller stuff myself.

    Granni I hope you had a good time signing.

    Everyone else sleep tight and don't let the bugs bed bite. Carla
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  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody took first place as a junior on the varsity track team in the discus throw and 2nd on the shot put....yippee for him...

    my goodness i filled out my restraining order there are so many other details i have left of it when i was typing it up and i realized i forgot to mention the idiot stopping in at the irish pub the other night asking me why did i file charges...i guess i can hand write that in...but with the stress of it all it is so frustrating needless to say.

  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's quiet here on the porch after the rain last night. I'm so glad we'll be able to use it again soon. I love the Lodge but there's nothing like the fresh air on the porch with all the chirping birds and the lovely view.

    Sweetie, I'm so glad you got to see the video. And yes, doesn't she have a wonderful voice? Love it and her. As soon as I've given Joe, Rock and Annie a chance to see them, I'm going to remove that part of the post. [Note: did] I'm not sure how you contact her through there. I just wanted you to hear her - and see her.

    Marilyn, boy, your DIL is sure having a tough time. My thoughts and prayers are with her and all of you.

    Carla ck, you don't need to volunteer at an animal shelter, you have your own. lol Those gurls sure do keep you hoppin'. I can't wait to see your hot air balloon! I love them. Also, as you no doubt know, metal roofs are wonderful but more costly than asphalt shingles. 'Scuse me if this has been discussed.

    Jodie, what good news about Cody. You must be so proud of him!

    The only food I've prepared this morning is the Early Riser cat's breakfast so I'll spare you all. I'm thinking of .... hmmmmmmm, warm muffins and O.J. and scrambled eggs with feta cheese in them. Droooooooool. I have the eggs and cheese if someone else could bring the muffins and O.J.

    Hugs all around the porch,


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  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I do hope the weather is going to co-operate and be nice
    for all this weekend! 'Posta be in the mid-'60's to early
    70's in the Bay Area! (Where are those bonuculars!) I
    feel like a possible walk to the Park.

    Marta: Enjoyed the Youtube on "Christina". However, for
    some unknown reason, I could only download the 1st one
    on that cute little creature. (He wasn't about to be in-
    timedated by someone in HIS/Her enviroment.) Sophie would
    have done the same thing and enjoy that chase! I was so
    happy to see her feeling so much better and off doing
    things that she obviously loves to do. Hope to see another
    soon. Think my problem is the "dial-up" service I have.

    Jodie: Congrats to Cody! I'm glad he is by your side thru
    all of this. Try to relax and have a pleasant weekend!

    Granni: So sorry about Family health problems! I hope
    DIL's Dad will improve and be back to normal soon. Is Hub-
    by doing better after the operation? Have a restful week-
    end, "K"?

    Linda: A real heat wave back there! I think the Robin's
    only leave here for a week or so and then they are back!
    The PIGEONS are here no matter what time of year!!! Bless
    'em!! At any time, dinner is only one ledge away!
    Running out of things to cook? Did ya see that Chile Rel-
    leno recipe I put on the Porch thread a week or so ago!
    It's simply and very good!

    Gonna try to nap this afternoon so I can stay up 'til
    2 a.m. and set that Clock ahead! I think it's ahead?
    Is it Spring ahead Fall back, or Spring back Fall ahead??
    Or, as that guy in the Tower of the North Church asked--
    "Was it one-ith by land, two-ith by sea or two-ith by land
    and one-ith by sea?? If he had screwed up, the rest of
    us would still have that British accent like Annie! Oh.boy

    Hello to all I missed. B-Back later, "K"?
    MRDAD aka Joe

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i don't miss the weather in michigan. but i know many people do enjoy it there. i'll take my california weather.

    not much to say right now except i had a friend call me at 7:21 am this morning...oh i was mad. i just got off the phone w/a friend around 3 am. just catching up on things.


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