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    Hope no one got caught in the transition to this new Vol?

    Granni: Careful wiff the Flooding in Texas! OK? Don't

    drive across open water. Yea. True. He was in my Golf

    class with about a dozen other guys. This is before he

    went off to USC and won that football trophy he can't

    seem to find. I lent him .75 cents one time for a bucket

    of balls at the driving range, but he did pay me back!

    It happened that way "Movin' West"

    JOE[This Message was Edited on 03/14/2007]
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    I had an interview at the VA here for a nursing assistant position on the 1st and my boss, here, was asking if I had heard anything yet. I had some downtime and thought, well I'll just call and check in. I called and she told me I had been selected tentatively for a 2nd shift (YUCK) position and could I come in for the physical the next day. WOW, I expected to get the job, but wasn't expecting them to tell me to come in the next day for the physical.

    So I went into the physical and got that all taken care of, did my best to not act like I was in pain and I'm pretty sure i passed it with flying colors. Went and got fingerprinted and all that, now just have to wait a couple days for my official start date!

    This is such good news! I only make 8.36 now and I'll start out there at over 14 an hour. Needless to say, that is quite a bit of a pay increase. Not to mention that they will pay for nursing school after a year, and from what I've been told, give me a stipend to live off of while I attend nursing school!

    I am finishing my Basic EMT course this term, I'll be so glad when that is over. It's really taking a toll on the family and my body. I did a ride along on the ambulance on Monday from 5a-5p and then had class from 6p-9p. I was whipped by the end of that day! Still recuperating from it!

    I promised my daughter to take her to the "penguin" movie this weekend (Happy Feet). She is really needing some Mommy time so I'm going to try and make it a girls day for awhile. She did tell me she wants Brayden (little brother) to come too, but I'm not so sure he'd sit through the whole movie.

    I'm hoping to take a week off in between jobs to finish my clinicals, I need 2 more ambulance and 2 ER shifts. I had thought about Medic school in the fall, but that is a really intense course and I'm just not up for that yet. Maybe if I'm not in the nursing program by fall of 08, I might think about it. My boss and I were talking about it though and he said I should wait until the kids are a little older, and I think that is wise advice.

    Well, I'm actually at work now and have a call to go on!

    Hello, to all the porchies and my sister! I hope your ok and being safe!
  3. 1sweetie

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    Just me checking in on all my friends. I've been reading...just haven't posted in a few days.

    I hope all of the "old Porchies" enjoyed Christina's videos as much as I did. I've watched them several times. I really miss her and think of her often. It was so nice to meet her. I really appreciated the special video for us...felt that cyber hug all the way to N.C. I want to leave a comment or send a message but I was not sure if I would get tons of spam after I gave You Tube my email address. Did any of you join and if any of you are members is it a safe place to leave my info and email address??? Until I know more about You Tube it is my hope that Marta or Rafiki will express to Christina the joy she gave me and tell her we are waiting for more videos.

    Marta...I totally relate to your dilemma. I never know when I will have 2 hours of energy to give. I also tried the push and crash for a long time and it did not work for me and I know you have done that also. I always pay big for doing that. I have been relating to you when you speak of Sophie keeping you awake. My energy envelope is very small too on most days...just taking care of me is too much on many days. I understand what Granni is saying...I am very lonely and I know you are also BUT for now I have no choice other than to listen to my body and it drives me to tears much to often. I know you understand exactly how I feel. No one should have to live this way should they? I have to believe that if I listen to my body, I will be better one day. I already am better and I am grateful for any improvement. Listen to your body and do 50% less than you think you can do (per Dr. Lapp and Bruce Campbell).

    Annie...So glad you are back home safely and that Geoff is doing better. We've missed you. Did you ever resolve your issues with the inlaws and is Danny in home school now? I'm glad your supplements are helping you. It's so strange that so many of us are low in Vitamin D. My last reading was 11 and I believe the minimum is supposed to be 30. I assume mine was caused from too much time in the recliner.

    Carla NL...So good to see you post also. I've been concerned about you. Hope you are able to come back to the Porch soon. You are missed very much.

    I've written too much to a few and I am tired. I'm going to have to be rude to everyone else and send a big hug to each of you.

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Hi All,

    Mrdad - I checked out the video and it was pretty funny, cute !! I had no problem getting in but have not register yet. I tried to check out the "To the Gang on the Porch" and that is still unavailable. I was anxious to see that one. That sure was a WILD "Hyrax". He/or she looked like it was on sleeping meds (-: !! Let me know if and when you find that the Porch video is open for viewing.. If you find it !!

    Sweetie - Hi, glad to see you back and yes I do agree with what you said to Marta. I think I probably have more pain than CFS although I do feel like going or staying in bed when I get up in the morning. Also, if I lie down and take a nap I am "out for the count". I do not know how DH can sit in the chair or lie in bed for 10-20 minutes or so. That won't do it for me. Also, I feel drugged after getting up for a nap and very hard to get started again. She needs to listen to her body and do what she feels is best for her. We are all SO VERY different.

    Annie - Glad you are back for awhile and that Geoff is doing better. How is Danny doing in his new program? Has he been officially been accepted and has he started yet?

    Hi Carlanl - Glad to see you. Hope you are feeling OK !!

    Jen - How nice to see you again. Congradulations on your new job. That is wonderful that you got a raise. I know what you mean about changing jobs and receiving a higher salary. One of my DD (the one with all the problems) finally got a job in a hospital. She is a MA but is working in admitting and some other areas. She also got a raise from her last position which is fantastic. Even a couple of dollars an hour is a BIG help esp when you are on your own and have three children, even though she has the two youngest with her most of the time. Good luck with it. Hope it works out well for you.

    I just tried to get in to see Christina's video but they said it was still unavailable. I did not register but was able to see the video on the "wild" Hyrax. That was really funny..

    Rock - I was able to get in right away to see the Hyrax video but was unable to get into the see the Porch one. Maybe it is still unavailble. That is what they said anyway. I am anxious to see that one. I was surpprised that I got in right away esp without registering.

    Has anyone actually register on that site? Do you really need to unless you want to review a video or add one yourself??

    Bye to all for now. It is a lovely sunny day, probably in the 70's day. Hope no one is having any any more SNOW out there. I am actually home today (but could have gone to meeting). That is the good thing about ot being on the Board of an organization any more. You don't feel you HAVE to go. I do have a practice tonight though. DH will be gone to so I won't feel that guilty (-: !!

    Warm hugs,


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    Hey Kids. "Beware of the Ides of March"!!

    And to think he was only two days away from St. Patrick's

    Day and a Pint of Green Guiness! Shame wasn't it! Missed

    all those Irish Toga Parties. Oh well.

    Hope all are having a good day. Just trying to get ready

    for the Saturday visit from the "Old" Squeeze. But she's

    easy. (I mean, well you know!) She has to return home on

    Monday afternoon so it will be a short B'Day trip. I men-

    tion somewhere that her biggest fear is that she may ar-

    rive late enuff at the S.F. Greyhound Station only to see

    her return bus pulling out of the Station! (A very short

    trip indeed). But believe me, I'll try to make the BEST

    of it. If ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Gotta go find her an ashtray and a nice bottle of chilled

    wine. I quit both some time ago but enjoy watching others

    gleefully partaking in their pleasures.

    I'll bee bac later, "K"? (Must go pickup that Niagara sub-


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  6. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Mr. Dad and everyone,

    Hope you don't mind that I stopped by to say hello. I read your posts sometimes, and it's quite enjoyable. Hope you all are doing well.

    Got a question for y'all: Is a Volume 100 party in the works? I think a celebration is in order!!

    Take care and all the best, Erika :)

  7. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Thought I'd find you here! Left a message for you on on the CFS/FM board answering your question to Lichu3 about Montoya's clinical trial info. Just search under your name.
  8. Marta608

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    Thank you once again, Joe, for setting up the new porch. Maybe you outta have Jeeves pack you a picnic basket with a bit of the ole A. in it along with that wine. Sounds like you might have to make the best of a moment at the station.

    Jens2angels, bless your heart for all you do. As I read your post about your new job and your children I wanted to give you a gentle pat on the back. I hope you'll do it for me, carefully.

    Sweetie, I'm not sure about YouTube rules but then I'm a bit cautious about putting myself out there on the Web too much. I suspect if you have a message for Christina, either Rafiki or I can get it to her quickly. And thank you for reminding me of the 50% rule. I used to adhere to that.... It's so good to see you here again. Soon we'll be back on the porch. I hear the Spring Cleaners will be in the Lodge next week.

    Granni, I'm not sure about YouTube or its rules. I've chosen not to leave a message. As I told Sweetie, I like to visit but not stay at those sites. Call me paranoid. Were you thinking about doing a video? If so, will you tap dance?

    Zenouchy, welcome to you! Will you come again? You will have your very own chair with your name on it and a blanket.

    Mezombie, good to see you too. Come back again for your chair. Yup, that MrDad can often be found here hiding from SMG.

    I survived two hours at the shelter today, much helped I'm sure by restarting the 50,000 i.u. of vitamin D - for 6 weeks. I'd strongly advise anyone living in a cool climate to talk to their doc about it. I'm also giving up strawberry-rhubarb pie in aluminium pans. Or other pans.

    Y'all have a good night.


  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Erika. A porch party must be planned as she suggested. Hopefully everyone will be able to post to the 100th Porch Volume...maybe we will have visitors and all MIA's will be able to stop in for awhile...may have to have more than 30 post on the 100th thread. What do you think MrDad?

    MrDad...have fun this weekend and remember to be careful if you look for the soap this visit! Your Squeeze and my son share the same birthday.

    Jen...Good news about the job. It was nice to get to know more about you. I was tired just from reading your post...can't imagine doing all of those things and taking care of small children. You are very ambitious and I hope all of your plans including a week's break will work out for you.

    Linda...How are you this week? Are you still feeling better? It must have been a big relief to make the decision about your job and having a plan. I'm hoping the part time person is making your job easier.

    Granni...I'm envious that you can plant now. The weather here is all over the board. It has been in the low 80's the last couple of days and is going to plummet to the 20's or 30's (at night) in the next 48 hours. We have to wait until April before we can plant. I do love flowers but have trouble taking care of them....thought about trying some tomato and pepper plants this year or just a few containers on my porches.

    Jodie...Hope you had fun at Cody's track meet and that you are able to get some rest. You've been through so much recently. I wish you peace and justice.

    Got to rest now. Hugs to all.

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---where a day goes?

    Mezombie: I left you a note of thanks on the CFS Post!
    It should be very informative and interesting! Thanks

    Erika: Please drop by the Porch whenever you can! Yes,
    we are going to start plannning that Big 100th VOL.
    Party soon! Sister Mary Gregory will oppose to it being
    held during the "Season of Lent" if it should fall with-
    in. But we plan to "send her off" for a "Retreat" the
    morning of the BIG Party!!!
    You will be interested (being in Texas) that not only will
    "Granni" be there to Sing, but also Lady Bird Johnson has
    been invited she intends to bring Sammy Houston! I knew
    she was old, but I didn't think she was THAT old. "Remem-
    ber the Alamode", she says!

    I remember at the age of 14 seeing LBJ in his open top
    motorcade coming down Market St. here in S.F. during his
    VP campaign in 1960. So excited, I started running along
    the side of the Limo only to have him reach down, grap me
    by my rather large ears, and hoist me into the Limo! It
    was a thrill! So as you can see, I feel joyfully obli-
    gated and thrilled to invite his Widow to the Big Party.

    Marta: thanks for the suggestion about the Bus Station
    and the "Old" Squeeze! At least after Sunday, she we be
    older than me again! So is Soapie getting ready to write
    that sequel to "Mommie Dearest"! Have ya heard from Chris-
    tina? Is your Son fully recovered from that past illness?

    Sweetie: It's really good to "see" you feeling well enuff
    to come by the Porch again. I think to one degree or a-
    nother, we all go through the same thing! Hope Spring will
    make all feel better and refresh our Souls!!

    Annie: Dropped ya an Email yesterday and glad that you are
    rested and feeling well enuff to indulge in work and some
    projects. Get back wiff me (us) when wrists aren't hurt-

    Granni: Get that voice in tone for the 100Th. It may be
    here sooner than we think!!

    Jens: Thanks for droping by today. I think Sissy Jodie is
    pretty proud of you! Sure she misses seeing you and
    Family! Where are you Jodie??

    "Talk" later,
    MRDAD aka Joe

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  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I think that was Soapie on Keith Olberman's show about

    twenty mins. ago! MSNBC. It is a "clip" from Fox Net.

    and she is being 'held" by a woman reporter! Try to see

    it if it is on re-run in your area later tonight!

  12. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    MrDad: Saw your message on that "other" board. I'm still recovering from a wine tasting I went to tonight, so I'll take a raincheck on your offer of a Happy Hour drink! (hiccup).

    I really do need to take 1Sweetie's advice and pace myself more. Y'know what I mean, Marta, right? Hope Sophie is starting to behave. And if not, you've got to do what you've got to do...

    I am sooo in denial... wine tastings?! Am I nuts or what? Just want to escape being sick now and then...

    This is such a friendly group. I must admit to "lurking" and reading some of your messages now and then.

    Marta and Mrdad, thanks for welcoming me to the Porch. I will try to drop in sometimes.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh yes! Please drop by anytime and it need not be every-
    day. After a while ya kinda' see what's happening and can
    miss some time only to come back and feel like ya do after
    missing a few months of "As the World Churns" Won't niss
    a thing!

    Reading your Bio. I see that you have found a successful
    natural answer to RLS. Is it better, I wonder, than the
    hemp rope I use? Curious?
    You look rather pale?
    Lets all get better, "K"?

    MRDAD aka JOE
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  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    With that inspired subject line, you pretty much know what to expect. Actually, I'm not doing horribly from my time at the shelter yesterday so I'm very pleased.

    I'm glad to hear we're planning a 100th celebration. I do hope the porch is warm enough to do it out there. Keeps the spills simpler to clean up the next morning and you know how we all are about spills.

    Sweetie, it's always good to hear from you. I hope you'll check out your vitamin D level the next time your doc plays Dracula.

    Joe, Christina feels a bit better right now which is why she was able to produce the videos. Better being a relative term... I missed Keith's report on MSNBC last night but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Soapy can transport herself anywhere she wants to be. She has the Power!

    Mezombie, like Joe, I'm concerned about your pallor even with the iron you're taking. Love your red hair though! I'm having Jerome, the handyman, get a chair for you so when you stop back you'll have your own spot. You may find like some of us that the Porch sucks you in.

    I'm doing laundry today which is one of the easier things I do - except that Soapie thinks it's hysterically funny to keep jumping on the bed as I try to replace the bedding. Move Soapie off bed, attempt to put on clean bottom sheet. Move Soapie off bed, attempt again. Repeat 20x until bed is made. I wish I felt well enough to get her a kitten or to find her a play date.

    Hugs to those near and those far,

  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It is raining, a really nice steady rain, and the temperature is plummeting and I slept until 10 AM. YEA! I really needed the extra sleep...hope it makes me feel better.

    Last night was the only night this week that our alarm system did not start playing games with us and beeping during the night. The panel would say low battery. It would continue to beep until it would get tired and stop for a few hours...long enough to get a new charge and the cycle would start again. ADT has been here twice and have "fixed" it twice...Yeah right. They will be back today. It's really getting on every one's
    nerves...including my poor Lab. We are going to have to wear ear plugs.

    Last week it was the ice maker that broke...just after the warranty expired. I could not believe how much it cost to fix it....but at least it did not make shrill noises and keep everyone awake until it was fixed.

    Although all of this has been aggravating, I would rather deal with these problems than Carla's problem with her septic tank. That women amazes me!!! Maybe I can fly her in to help me. I need her. Where are you Carla?

    Welcome Mezombie. It was nice to see you on the Porch. Please stop in again soon. Wine tasting....sounds so good. I have to abstain because of the meds that I am taking. Sure do miss a good glass of wine!

    Hope everyone has a good day. Hugs to all!
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    That's sumthin' they say on the Southern End of San Fran!

    Marta: Don't know if it is possible to retrieve Keith's
    show yesterday, but that "clip" of the Cat was unreal!
    Pretty Lady reporter for some Fox Station is holding the
    Aminal, showing it off and trying to get someone to go
    down to the Shelter and adopt it. The Cat was sqirming
    and began to twist and turn growling loudly. Suddenly
    it started to climb up the poor reporters face, claws
    out and screaming like a Tansmanian Devil! Don't think
    they are gonna find it a home! Moral: Be Happy wiff what
    ya have! "Nice Kitty, Soapie".

    I'm happy that Christina is doing a bit better, but she
    has been feeling badly for way too long! And all the
    time she remains positive and as creative as possible!
    I highly commend her! I'm telling all my Friends with
    children about the Hyrax video. Family as well.

    Sweetie: Sorry about the ADT system "shorting out". When
    I was married and had a home, people in the Neighbor
    were becoming concerned about a rash of burglaries. One
    of them called a neighbor meeting for peeps to become
    acquainted with the ADT alarm system! The Rep explained
    how it worked and questions that were directed concrning
    cost of the System. I pondered the cost for a moment
    than asked "how much would it be---just for the ADT win-
    dow stickers and sign"?

    You're right about Carla! She sounds like my Former who
    just read three books on Tiling and did a beautiful job
    on their large Kitchen and two bathrooms. She would rat-
    her be in a hardware store than a Boutique. Must have
    been that growing up on a ranch thingy!

    Oh, boy. Gotta get ready for the "Old" Squeeze and her
    weekend visit! "see" ya awl later. "K"?

    MRDAD aka JOE
    P.S. "I did get a nice E-mail from Fredericka this A.M.
    and she is off to London for another Modeling Photo
    shoot! Very busy Lady, huh? Then it's Spring in Paris!
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings All,

    Just got back from shopping and afater writing this will have to go get ready for the weekly Lenten Fish Fry. This time I may just take money or tickets. It kills my back to stand to long - although sitting to long is not that great either. However, I still vote for the latter.

    Mrdad - Have a great weekend with the old squeeze. I know that you will !!!BTW, don't lnow if I told you that we did get some rain the last twwo days but not to bad but some areas did get some very high water, inc some places in Houston as we as others.

    Sweetie - Sorry to hear about your psychotic alarm. I can understand how very annoying that can be esp when tryin to sleep !!

    Mezombie - Glad you visited us. Come back soon even if I didn't say HI to you personally. We really are a fun bunch !!

    Hi to Erika and Zenouchy too. Hope you will com back soon again. Yes, I will TRY and keep my voice for the BIG 100th VOL. Porch Anniv. Party(-: !! With all that I sing sometimes that may be a hard thing to do but I will do my best. Thanks for the gareat idea !!

    Marta - I can see you trying to make the bed with that silly cat hopping up onto the bed all the time as you try and make it up. That is so funny but I a sure after then 25th time or so you want to put er in a closet or something !!

    Jens2angels - another congrads. on her your job. That is wonderful and hope it works out well for you !! Yes, with the little ones you definately deserve more than two pats on the back. Having had 5 children I know how that is and it is not the easiest thing to juggle at times. Now I have 8 grandchildren and all (4)daughters but one is working with children and one is now single again and it has been very hard for her to make ends meet, etc.

    Hope you al have a fun a as much of a painfree weekend as possible !!

    Warm hugs all,


  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Silly of me but, darn it, feeling better but not yet well has it's own frustations! Like having one foot on the dock and one in the boat. Or one on the ground and one in the bus, like MrDad.

    Joe, I can visualize the MSNBC segment you're talking about since we have several cats who fit that description at the shelter. 'Ya gotta know your cat before you put 'em on National T and V! You have a good time this weekend and don't behave yourself.

    Sweetie, I've said for years that the more you have, the more you have, as in repairs and aggrevation. That's my excuse to avoid buying things. Your alarm system is acting like Soapy did for three months! Groan.

    Marilyn, I do. not. know. how. you. do. it. all. Period. I would be dead. There is no amount of pushing myself that works for me for the long haul. I'm a 50% Rule girl - when I remember it. (Do only 50% of what you feel you can do.)

    It's Friday night and where's the party? Can we have one that starts now and gets over with by 8 ?? Happy Hour!

  19. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Marta, 1Sweetie, Granni, Mr. Dad, and ALL PORCHERS!,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Just wanted to stop by and say "howdy".

    One of my big hobbies is gardening. Like Granni, I live in Texas, specifically the Austin area, so I'm already doing some since it's already warm here (it's almost always warm here if not ultra toasty). I just planted some hydrangeas yesterday. They are stunning! I brought an extra one to spruce up the porch.

    Marta, I saw a gorgeous black cat in your profile--Sophie? I'm in love! I am one of the biggest cat lovers you will ever meet. I grew up with cats, but my hubby didn't grow up with animals, so we don't have any pets in our house. I'm trying to convince him to change his mind....BIG SIGH....

    Granni, where in TX are you? We just had some major rains in the Austin area. How is your gardening going? I see you're having a fish fry this weekend---sounds yummy! Enjoy!

    1Sweetie, thank you for your warm welcome. Hope you get some much-deserved sleep after your alarm fiasco.

    Mr. Dad, sounds like you have a special weekend coming up! Hope it goes well.

    Looking forward to meeting/talking to everyone soon.

    Take care all, Erika
  20. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Marta,

    I just posted right after you and saw that you're in the "between stages" of health---almost better, but not quite. I know EXACTLY how you're feeling b/c you've had to be patient for so long not feeling well, and then you start getting the energy to feel restless but have wait yet ANOTHER day in the house waiting for wellness. It's tough, but hang in there!!

    I know I'm new to the porch, but as you alluded to, maybe a virtual Friday nite porch party is what you need? Let us know the theme, the food and anything else you want and we'll be there!

    Warm hugs, Erika
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