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    Hey Kids!

    A REMINDER: As with the relationship between Attorney
    General Alberto Gonzales and President Bush, I serve "at
    the pleasure" of Sister Mary Gregory.

    That out of the way, on with the less serious stuff. So
    disapointed that I've had problems with my "dial up" I've
    been ablbe to read the Posts but lost a couple of my own
    to yose "guys". Don't think I can possibly reply to every
    one but do extend to all my thanks for your kind contri-
    butions concerning the "Old Sqeeze" etc.

    I put her on the "back of the Dog" at 1 p.m. Monday Aft
    and it only to about 6 1/2 hours to travel 185m back
    home. "And leave the driving to us" Tried to get her a
    ride down via College Students on Craigslist but they
    were all looking for rides too! Oh, well.

    Big Family get together Sunday for a Baptism. Grandnephew
    is being Baptised (if we can find a Priest) ya know what
    I'm sayin' Granni, Linda and other "associates"? I think
    I can do it if need be. Use to be an Alter Boy!!!

    Have a call into my Son for a possible Chinese Lunch if
    his "said -u- well" is free. Right Annie?

    This cat fur allergy is really bothering me today!
    Sneeze, sniffle and watery eyes. Gonna pickup some anti-
    histamines something else to make me sleepy!! Oh. hi Marta
    hows Soapie treating ya?

    Carla: Thanks for the "half-way" suggestion and it is a
    good one. Sacramento is about half-way and isn't the
    "Cow Town" it use to be. They have a beautiful arts cen-
    ter downtown that we have attended cultural events in the
    past. Great hotels as well! Old town on the River is
    left over from the "gold rush" days adn they have a great
    railroad museum. Boy. Ya talked me into it Carla. I'll
    just have to remember to bring the "Dirty Girl" bubble
    bath that I keep here for her!

    I'll be-bac later, "K"?
    MRDAD aka Joe

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  2. fivesue

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    I hope I'm not butting in here, but just read your post.

    You would not have done well in my backyard yesterday. I have a 25 poind, long-haired cat. We got one of the good brushes that takes out the underhair to help control shedding. Since it's spring, he will be losing his winter coat soon, so I did to pre-emptive brushing. CAT HAIR EVERYWHERE! Fly over the fence, around the yard, etc. That was just the beginning.

    So, be glad you don't live next door to me right now. I did try to keep it from escaping, but the wind...

    Funny, anyway.

    Hope you find something good to stop the allergic reaction...very unpleasant.

    Just dropping in to say hello.

  3. rockgor

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    Hello Kids 03/21/07 10:31 AM

    Haven't had any energy for a month or so. Just can't write to everydobby individually.

    Have been cutting down on my antidepressants for economic reasons. Doesn't seem to affect my level of depression, but I got so irritable.

    Of course there's a lot to be irritable about these days. Got a letter and some forms from an insurance co. re: my claim. The letter is dated Jan 10 but postmarked March 13. The papers apply not to me but to one "Robert Henry".
    And my name, on the cover letter, is spelled wrong.

    These people should be working, if at all, in a fast food joint.

    Paula Poundstone reported the following conversation at McDonalds.

    I'd like an apple pie.
    Sorry. We're all out.
    Ok. I'll have a burger.
    You want pie with that?

    The big news here is I was feeding the stray cats last night. Heard some unusual noises. Mr. (Ms.?) raccoon was visiting. It picked up the kibble in it's paws. Not at all bothered by the fact that I was only several feet away.

    Last year I had a mama coon and 3 or 4 babies. Cuter than a button and much livlier.

    Big hugs and waves to Linda, Annie, the two Carlas, Grannie, Marta, Jens, Sue, Joe.

    Here's something to ponder. You can decide if it's a bit of humor...or wisdom.

    A citizen of ancient Rome was chastized by his friends for contemplating divorce. "Is she not chaste? Is she not fair?"

    The husband held out his shoe. "Behold. Is it not new? Is it not well-made?"

    Yes, they thought it was.

    "Well," he said. "Only I know where it pinches."


    Update: Went to the library. Passed Popeye's Chicken. Two big signs in the window: Tues. Special!

    Note: today is Wednesday.

  4. mrdad

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    It sounds like my sign: "SE HABLAS ENGLAS"

    In this neighborhood years ago it use to be:


  5. 69mach1

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    made it to classes today. i have bunch of homework to,not so bad. bad part is trying to get informational interview done by tomarrow...i have one done and two to go.

    i am feeling a bit better, but still pissed off at what i had heard that the perpertrator said about me....i knew it was going to be lies...but they did find the hotel and his credit card the moran did to me there....

    thing is from what i undertand the perpertrator is trying to blame things on my exbf-leo and me as well...

    well you all have a good night i will check in later.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, Mrdad ! Your coast is as bad as ours. It drives me nuts every time I call my bank to get by checkbook balance, etc. I thought we lived in America and not Mexico- AAAK !!

    Right at the beginning they say , "If you prefer English, push 1, instead of, "If you prefer Spanish press 1 or 2 or whatever." I did think that we were all living in America. I THINK it was you who mentioned that !! If not please forgive. What I had in my brain this morning has completely gone.

    Hi to all, not much new here from the last post but I just had to get that out there. It is so annoying to say the least.

    Can you believe I finally made the corned beef and cabbage, with carrots, onions and potatoes. It was delicous if I do say so myself !!! Have lots leftover ! I could have them tomorrow OR BRING THE LEFTOVERS TO THE PORCH TOMORROW FOR A SNACK. How about corned beef sandwiches !!! They are so good with rye bread. Does anyone have any ???

    Warm hugs to all,


    Sorry, I do not remember what everyone else said since I didn't hookup with this volume.
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just received a short Email from Linda asking me to

    make an annoucenment about her computer being "down" for

    some unknown reason. She said she would get back wiff

    us hopefully soon. Hey! Just spotted a "sleeping'

    Pigeon on the outside ledge! Are they "Microwavable"?

    Instant smashed potatoes and baby peas and I'll be

    all set for Dinner. The Lord is Good!!


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  8. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hi friends!

    Glad to be getting back in touch with all of you. Hubby and I were on vacation in Kentucky with a friend of ours (and yes, puppy too!) from March 10th to the 17th. We had a great time!

    Our first day there we went to the Raven Run nature sanctuary just outside of Lexington and went on a hike. There is a great trail through the woods along streams and it leads to an outlook about 200 feet up in the foothills above the Kentucky river. Just gorgeous! That night we went to see the movie 300. It's awesome! We had dinner at Olive Garden. Mmmm so tasty!

    Our second day we drove to Perryville, KY. There is a state park in Perryville where Kentucky fought their bloodiest battle in the Cival War. Hundreds were wounded, hundreds died and many are still missing. You can walk and walk for miles reading monuments that explain all the events of the battle through the rolling fields and hills. It is so peaceful and quiet, you can almost feel the spirits of the fallen soldiers.

    Tuesday Kathy (my friend) and I drove to Louisville and went to the zoo while Joe (hubby) went golfing. Weather was GORGEOUS, low 70's and sunny.

    Wednesday we had thunderstorms all day so Kathy and I drove to the mall in Lexington and shopped our butts off! LOL. There is a resturant in the food court that sells margaritas!!! So of course, we had to have one. LOL. I tell ya, you guys in the states know how to do it right! You would never see alcohol for sale in the food court at our malls! LOL.

    We spent about 7 hours shopping. From the mall we drove out to the big box stores where the Old Navy, etc. is located and we of course made a stop at the huge Liquor Barn. I have never seen a place so massive and with soooo much liquor! LOL. The prices were incredible, we got a 1.75 LITER bottle of tequila for $30.00!!! Here that would cost us $90.00!!! We brought that baby home with us but bought two 12 packs of beer, a 60oz bottle of burbon and a 1 liter bottle of pre-mixed margaritas....all of which we drank between Wednesday and Friday night. hehehehe. ;) What can I say...we were on VACATION!

    Thursday we took a trip to Lexington again and went to the university student center and I went on a bit of a crazy shopping spree. Haha. Being a big fan of their basketball team, I stock up on new clothing every year. I also got Monty (our puppy) a Wildcats leash and jacket. hehe. Too cute!

    Friday we spent the day at the Kentucky Horse Park. It is a massive working horse ranch, hundreds of acres! Many of the stables you can tour and there is a large museum all dedicated to the history of the horse. Many different breeds of horse are at the park and they have a daily show exhibiting some of the breeds. There is also the Hall of Champions where some famous retired race horses now live live John Henry and Cigar. Cigar is my favourite, he is just gorgeous and is the richest race horse in the world with $9,999,815 in total winnings! You can read more about him here

    John Henry is the oldest living race horse, he is 32 years old now.

    The famous horse Man-O-War is also burried at the horse park.

    Friday night we had dinner out at another Italian place....I can't think of the name right now but the restaurant was so pretty and the food all home made and FANTASTIC!

    Pain wise I was doing alright. The first two days I had a huge load of wide spread pain but I think it was the long 12 hour car ride that did it to me. I slowly got better as each day went on and by Friday I was almost pain free!! I haven't felt that good in a loooooong time. There is definitely a huge climate change between home in Ontario and Kentucky. I like the Kentucky climate better. Haha.

    I purchased a Cuddle Ewe under quilt and had it sent to the house in Kentucky so I could avoid the extra shipping and duty charges to Canada. Does anyone here have a Cuddle Ewe? I am just in love with mine!! I am sleeping so much better and am waking up more refreshed and with less pain. YAY!!!

    I hope you all have been well.


  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It sounds as if you three had a wonderful time! I see
    you wisely purchased the "essentials". Interestingly,
    although I liked Jack Daniels much, I pretty much called
    Seagrams V.O. as my Bourbon of choice! It's made up there
    in "Canadia" ya know! I'm sure it was nice to get out of
    the cold and snow for awhile! Give Monty a little pet
    for me, "K"? 'Posta be 69 here today and better even yet
    tomorrow! Gonna have ta take a walk to the Park a bit
    later and do a "b'kinni inventory! I only "look" old!!
    Ya know what I'm sayin'? Lots and lots of Monty's relat-
    ives at the Park as well. Just the right size for City

    Jodie: Happy that you are managing to stay on track under
    all the unfortunate, horrible circumstances. We all know
    that you will get beyond.

    Rock: Sorry about the Med cutback necessity. Should not
    have to do that. There must be a source you can access
    that can help you with your med needs? My Doc aked me
    last week "how do you feel today"? I replied, "pretty
    well, I haven't taken my meds yet today"! A little irony.
    Is George Hamlton still hanging around your pool? Warm
    down there too I suspect? Karl Malden turned 95 today
    Rock? I never forgave him for breaking Marlon Brando's
    gun hand in "One Eyed Jacks". It was filmed on the Mon-
    terey Coast, Ca. Good flick. Guess he is retired now
    from the "Streets of San Francisco".

    Gotta leave the Porch to run and errand.

    P.S. Tell Jeeves that the Spring Ivy is threatening to
    take over again!
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Huh? Just banged the side of my iMac as there must be
    sumptin' wrong! Where is everyone today?

    Sue: Welcome! Thank you for your concern over my"allergy"
    to Cat Fur. It's outside joke between Marta and I con-
    cerning her Kitty. I offered to take her once if'in Soapie
    couldn't get "amalgamated" to her new enviroment wiff
    Marta! Kids and aminals love me! It's women I have trou-
    ble wiff. Everytime Marta hints about sending Soapie out
    to me on the "Left Coast", I insert subtile excuses about
    my new Pit Bull among other things! She says that I "can
    run, but not hide"!! I got to pick out my own Kitty, one
    time. All the others picked me out!

    Jodie: Hope ya had a good day! Channel 2 out of Oakland
    had a story about a Girl who was slipped a "micky" in her
    beer and the Lady bartender saw it happen and quietly
    replaced the beer! The guy tried to add something else
    as well. He was not "successful" and has been sentenced
    to a year in Jail for the attempt! It happened in a
    Tavern I use to go to after arriving back here about ten
    years ago. Normally a fun and safe sports bar for all
    age groups of people including Children. Just never know
    but it's encouraging to think it was investigated and
    successfully prosecuted. I thought you would feel relieved
    to hear that story and that justice CAN be served at times

    "Talk" to ya awl later, "K"?
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi all Porchies and those MIA and coming out of the woodwork - Hi to Bekah,Sue and Linda Glad to meet you Sue.

    Was gone part of the morning picking up my broken vacuum, then ate lunch and DH did some more painting. I may have to resort to doing some baseboards tomorrow. He has been happy with me washing out all the rollers and paint
    brushes. Lucky me, I alwys get the fun jobs that he doesn't want me to do but if I can get out of painting that is OK TOO. Maybe he is taking some pity on me, we'll see !!!

    Joe/Joe - that is a great story about the jerk who was trying to put that mickey into that gals twice drink who actually got proscuted for TRYING to do it. That should give Jodie some hope. Sorry to hear about your animal fur allergies. DH seems also to have one but he is not particularly a kitty person but likes dogs. However, at this time we still don't have one then you have to kennel them or find someone to take care of them while you are gone, etc. It really is alot of responsibility !

    Bekah - glad you had fun on your vacation with DH. I know those car rides can do that to me too. Glad you got the Cuddle Ewe . I think I chekced them out sometime ago and r are not to cheap but is probaby worth it if it works for you.

    Jodie - I am sure you are upset about hearing those lies. However, unfortunatly I am afraid, esp in a case like this there will more than likely be more of the same - anything to save his skin !! Just try and stay cool and do what you have to do with school and Cody and have a little fun in between. Just be a little more careful about who you are having fun with (I am sure you know what I mean). It is ashame you have to be so careful nowadays.

    Linda - I hope you get your computer back up soon or it's issues fixed. Also hope you are feeling OK.

    Rock - Sorry about your lack energy for so long. I know how that can be ! Hope you get to feeling better soon ! Boy you surely sound like you have almost a managery of animals and their babies at your place. How cute , unless they are very big and are trying to get into my house !

    Well, I really need to run right now. Hope our mia will come out soon.

    Ckball - I will continue to try and "search" or at least be able to access Prickles video !! Miss you on the porch but I know that you are busy and not feeling very well.

    Big warm hugs to all,

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  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i did leave a message w/detective this morning, but didn't hear from her today. basically i told her i wanted a few ?'s answered if possible. and how i was more calm today about it. and how i really felt my integrity was demeaned by the remarks.

    i called the local da victim witness office this morning and ask her if she has recieved anything yet from that p.d. her answer was no.

    she told me to ask if they have gotten the toxicology done yet or the status of it. and to ask her if it is still an open an investigation as well. so hopefully i may get a call back tomarrow.

    i have an appt w/victims of violent crimes at 11 am. to hopefully get some paperwork started.

    last night i went to local pub where i know the bartender i was good i only had 2 glasses of water and one beer. i was perfectly fine. i ran into one of leo's acquaintences or friend last night. i asked if he has heard from him...he said he did infact talk to him yesterday and he mention leo said he had a test done yesterday and he has cancer...also his father supposedly came back from montana early....i said his dad just left last week from cali to montana...so that was strange. so possibly there is some truth to the story..but i have my guard up. and i have not heard from him either. no phone calls on part as well.....

    his friend asked me why did i think he was doing? i said as far as telling me he apologized for not telling me the truth about the cancer? he said yes, i said it could be anything maybe he is back w/his exgf or has another or just plain old depressed.

    well it was nice to talk to his friend of sorts. he is in marines and has been over to iraq...well that is about it on that topic.

    cody placed 3rd on the discus throw and 3rd on the shot put...he told me he didn't eat all day yesterday...funny i gave him lunch money then he came home with a new video game. he said he did crappy cause he has only been getting about 3 hrs. sleep and not eating right...i said you know what you need to do.

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i know gordon has been really tuckered out, hope he can get a bit of energy soon.

    mr.dad you are always on the move.

    granni she has something on her agenda.

    marta hopefully is getting some warmer weather.

    well i need to go to an appt at 11 am, i'll see what they may be able to do for me. still waiting for that dective to call me back about my questions.

    i can't sleep worth a hill of beans, have so much on my mind.

    well you all have a nice day today

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings whoever may be around !!

    I do see Jodie today. Hope your appointment goes well for you today. I know all the stuff that must be going through your mind. No wonder you are having problems sleeping. Hope that detective calls you back soon. The whole thing is very unsettling and upsetting. Hope the truth comes out soon for you and that the case will be over and done with as quickly as possible. So many times they are so drawn out. Of course that is not very helpful esp for the wishing for it to be all over with SOON (and may justice be served).

    So far I have had a fun morning doing some weeding. Great for the back- ugh !!! I should also do some more vacuuming since we got our real vacuum yesterday. Haven't had to do any painting YET. DH didn't do any today wither - resting up for the hustle of the Fish Fry! I am so tired I don;t feel like doing anyathing but getting out and moving about is supposedly benefical.

    Hi to everyone else who may be lurking out there. More later on.

    Big warm hugs your way to ALL

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh boy! Where are all the Porchie and Porchette's ? And
    it's "Happy Hour" out here on the "Left Coast"! Any one
    have big plans for the weekend?

    Jodie: Hope all went well with the interview. Should be
    nice here in the Bay Area for most of the weekend. Does
    Cody have any events scheduled?

    Granni: Fish Fry sounds good! You, I and Jodie may have
    to entertain one another here on the Porch this weekend
    unless others arrive soon?

    I'm not gonna eat anymore Pet Food for awhile. It's odd
    how well all the neighborhood rats look though? Sad for
    many Pet owners.

    "Talk" later, "K"?
  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Jodie, hang in there and stick to your rights, non consensual is nonconsensual. Period.

    Sorry bout the allergies Joe. This means you cannot come to visit as I have the four "kids" here all starting to shed...

    Rock, I hope you start to do better. Do you take Omega 3 oil as all the reports I read seem to say it helps depression as much as "aunty D's". We used to have racoons family that SLEPT with the feral cats and even a possum lived fairly peacefully a few yards away.

    Had to take the car in for brake job today (don't ask!!! expensive) Dan was all set to take it but got a major panic attack so I had to go.

    Back home later took Danny to docs for final check on his bad infection and ended up at the hospital for an emergency blood draw. The gals left the tourniquet on far too long, with me saying he is sheet white, he is grey he is green, looking like he had a Halloween mask on, no color at all in the lips,ice cold, deaf, they were about to send him home but I insisted they call a medic. Asked them what protocol they followed when this happened "NONE" they said. In the end the gal went and got the Pathologist who rightly took BP and had Danny lie down. BP when he was recovering was 98 over 48 so it must have been really low prior. Took him about fifteen minutes to regain color and BP.

    He is home now and bloods were OK, he seems to have got a virus on top of the bad infection-this new special ed setting the kids in there seem to have no immune systems and are always really ill. The staff are always getting sick from them too.

    Geepers, why do the networks think we all must love Basket ball? this is the tenth time we have had no nightly news, Jeopardy etc due to March Madness or College BBall on ALL the channels. We look forward to Jeopardy, don't watch much else.

    Hy to everyone else-Becka I got tires just redaing that schedule.

    I'm going to bed with a good book.

    Love Annie
  17. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    I will be so glad when next Weds gets here! Work has been awful all week and tomorrow I have my EMT lab from 8 until noon and then I have my water rescue class from 2 until 6.

    Then Sunday I work from 8 until 8, then Monday I have a clinical for school at 5 am until 5 p, then school from 6 p until 9 or 10 and then work from 6:30a-6:30p on Tuesday.

    That's my last day at my almost old job and then I have 5 days off until the new job! Praise the lord!! I am doing one shift at the ER on next Sunday. That will leave me with one ambulance clinical to do and one more ER.

    OMG, this semester has been awful! I am convinced my Anatomy teacher is a pyscho who is out to get her students. I'm guessing I'm going to have to take the dad gum class again because I think a B- in this ladies class is impossible, short of acing my final, and I really don't see that happening no matter how much studying I do.

    The class average for the Midterm was 60 out of 100. I got a 64. You would think that a teacher would stop and look at how lousy her students do and think that maybe something is wrong if they all to horrible!

    I have to get a B- or better to get into the nursing program. I'm sure I'll get a C or better, but unfortunately that won't get me where I want to be.

    I go to my Rheumy on Weds to see about getting my Depo Medrol shot early since I won't have insurance next month and have my right shoulder looked at. I think pulling people in thier wheelchairs upstairs and all the driving at my job and really ruined my shoulders, especially my right one!

    Ok, well there is my update. I promise I will slow down, unfortunately I'll probably have to be hospitalized to do it it seems! I'm sure this is why my immune system has been next to nothing all winter because everything is just sucking every last ounce of fight right out of me!
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Had a pretty good turn out and ate some great fish, both fried and baked and even had some to bring home that was leftover. Does anyone want any leftoers. They are filling our refrig again !!!???? Just helped set up again and sat and took tickets so it wasn't to bad as the time I was on the food line and had to stand the whole time. My back was killing me. Glad next week is the last one and we are not going to be there cause we are going to a free b-day dinner here for DH. DH b-day was last month and he couldn't make it so we will go this month.

    Jens - Good luck to you in all your exams and things you have to finish before you are finished before your new job. Also glad you get at least 5 days before you have to start the new job. Hope that will give you alittle chance to rest some !!! Wow that brings me back to the good old days of nursing school -EEEK!!! Also, tht was a time when I was not married,had children ye, or was ill and it was still very hard to concentrate on some of the stuff. Hope all goes well for you !!!!!BTW, I also had a few teachers like your anatomy teacher and that is very stressful !!

    Annie - So sorry to hear about Danny. Hope he is feeling better now ! I can't believe they left the tournquet on so long he was in such bad shape and were not paying any attention to you. Good grief !!

    Mrdad - You had better watch out eating all that pet food. You might turn into a dead cat, dog or whatever else that eats the stuff- yuck !!. Ready for nother weekend.

    Jodie - Hope the interview went well !! Thinking of you !

    Tomorrow will be quiet. Have to do somemore cleaning around here and hope I can get out of paininting again. Just going out to dinner tomorrow night with another couple.

    Linda - how are you doing and how is your weather? Can you believe all our azeleas are blooing down here and look just beautiful !!!

    Hugs to all,

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope all have a nice weekend planed. Mine is work, work and more work still goin just like the energizer wabbit. I haven't even had any real time to even lurk. I get up at 8 and am ready for bed at 10 in between has been non-stop.

    I did sit for 3 hours yesterday putting little beads on copper wire then attach those to a 3 in ring which the chimes for the wind chimes would hang from. Well, let's say I wasted 3 hours. It was futile and now I have to do it another way.

    I have been power washing my porch, have I mentioned my porch is 8ft x 52ft. almost a bowling alley,lol except there is only one wall,hehe Just one of those old country porch made out of quarter sawn oak.

    It sits low even to the ground you can step off anywhere so they never installed rails. I hope after I got years dirt and mud off of it, it doesn't fall apart.

    The deck floor is down and the rafters are up. I am using a clear fiberglass roof, it is wavey not flat. Putting a solid roof would take all my light from my studio. It is going to be so cool when it is done.

    They delivered my red metal roof material today. It is a beautiful dark red, not the bright crayon red. I almost cried, the good kind.

    I worked at the shop today and spent 2 hours trying to find the fiberglass roof. There was plenty the other day at Lowes when they were there for the deck supplies. Today they went to get the panels and there were none. The computer said there were 31 but no one could find them. Excuse me but they are 3ft x 12ft how could you lose a whole skid?

    Then I called back and they found them. I did not even have a sale at the shop, so I finally got some rest. Pretty bad, I work one day a week and that is the only day I get rest,lol.

    I love my contractors, she is just the greatest. we could sit and talk all day. She is just like me, an artist and a woman who is not afraid to get her hands or more dirty. She has flipped 17 houses and knows what she is doing.

    I really do not understand how I have been able to do this everyday. I think I told you Twila cut her paw again, she just flies threw the woods. So I have had to put her back on the leash tied to the porch.

    She has gotten out twice, I chased her by foot and car for nearly 2 hours only claiming victory by using canned chicken. Then had to spend another 45 mins cleaning her wound and rebandage. This happend both times.I think I will change her name to Houdini.

    I had Missy tied too and in between everything else have been trying to make them to behave. Their biggest problem is barking, every house up here has dogs and it is very quiet up here so you can hear them in the distance so mine have to answer. Or the 4 wheelers go up the road.

    The other day a 4 wheeler came and a guy sitting on the back had a horse on a rope. They were liked crazed animuls.

    But somehow once I get up and going I'm ok. It's the getting up part that is hard. I'm sure I will have a huge crash after it is all done. I really have been trying to pace but there is just so many things going on at one time.

    I see it has been quite on the porch this week, the weather has been great so I hope everyone is geting out and about.

    I'm breaking my post up into 2. The one below is shouts to you all. I actually stated this post around 7 then got sided track and had to shampoo my kitchen area room.

    I hope every one is well-Carla
  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Granni -paste and copy this link http://diagnosesupport.com/main/content/view/36/40/

    I know it is ok to post this link on here because prickles got permission. When you get to the site there should a message that says Prickles Fibromyalgia Documentary, IF you have not veiwed the documentary yet, please click on the image to open the video.

    If you have dial up and not cable or dsl, it will take a long time to load. I actually ended up setting it up before I went to bed and left my computer on all night. The next morning I watched it problem free.

    I know you were probably asking the other Carla but thought since I was here i would help. DId you and DH finally find the perfect white? Sometimes when you put that first roller on the wall it doesn't look right with the old paint next to it. It is not until you get the whole room painted to notice it is what you picked

    Jodie- hang in there and focus on you, Cody and your studies. What do you think is going on with Cody not sleeping or eating. I know sometimes teens will try to pretend everything is ok so as not to cause parents any more problems. But if there is someting is wrong we can see the signs if we look for them.

    I know you have been threw so much it is hard to see what is in front of you sometimes. Just something to think about. How are his grades, girlfreind,ect?

    Mrdad- glad you like my idea for a little weeknd get away. Save up those 2 fers. Did you get catch the dinner tonght? Have you been trolllin, er I'm strollin the park? The weather has been perfect for 'bird" watchin.

    Luxuria- you were only 2 hours from me. Ky does have a lot of great things to offer. Sadly it's not great jobs, unless you want to be a stock person for Walmart.

    They just built a new one in my town, I went to it today and they sold beer! The one I usally go to is in the county so no liquor but you can buy it in the city.

    Annie- you sound as busy as me- i did read your cholestral post. I started Lipitor at age 49, levels just starting rising, 3 months later perfect, about 6 months ago I was just having a lot of muscle pain so she took me off, next 3 month check up, back to over 300.

    I know am taking Tricor and haven't had any side effects. I have been taking prempro for 12 years, I have tried quitting but the side effects without it are unbearable.

    I hope you find what is right for you.

    Linda I hope to see ya soon and get your puter problems fixed.

    Rock- have you talked to your Dr about free meds. many of us can get them, it is a program done thru the pharm co. Loved the Popeye Chick sign, like loosing 31 12 ft panels. Hard to get good help these days.

    It seems I have written a novel here. I did have to do it in wordpad in case I loose it in outspace.

    Yes it is 1:17 am, I am suppose to get up at 8 so I guess I better hide beddy bye. Hope everyon has a great weekend. Carla