Porchlight is on Vol 98 (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids, we're here!
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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    now go count to 50 and cover your eyes. then you can come and find us all.

    i will give you a hint i am hiding at my computer.

    earlier i wrote out some bills, dropped them off at the 24/7 post office. i get to miss all the traffic that way.

    i need to pay off a credit card that i ordered my t.v. on about a month ago. i don't like debt. infact i am thinking about having the phone company directly take out of my account so i don't have to write any checks but for rent and maybe groceries.

    oh forgot i got that large yacht in sausalito that says yo ho ho and a bottle of rum on the back of it....just kidding.

    did not do the taxes yet...and did not do the school stuff...but i promise i will get them done...also the math.

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Oh well! Rock ,in his perchant for efficiency, has Posted another Vol 98. That's ok Rock. we do great-
    ly appreciate your attentions to the needs of the
    Porch. Try to transfer your Post to this one and close
    yours. Sister Mary Gregory thinks it is like having two
    of the "Commandments" that are the same.

    Thanks my friend,
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  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---erie shopping day! You know what that means?

    There will be the repetitous question we
    all have come to dread in the checkout line. The
    "paper or plastic". Whatkind of turmoil do ya think
    would beset "Safeway" if'in at that point I handed
    them on of your "burlap" bags? I remember that
    in Europa years ago, you were expected to bring
    your own to the market! Thankfully though I'll never
    get the opportunity tohear that 3rd Dupont-Weyerhau-
    ser choice of the ---"or--'plastic-paper"? Not in S.F.
    anyway. I do think this is gonna start a National
    trend but most likely less controversial then the
    U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals a mile from me!
    Someone. for political reasons, tried to "abolish"
    that too!! Can ya guess?

    Last week at Safeway, I asked a young lady employee
    what she was going to do with those "recycle" plastic
    bags she was retrieving from the "recycle bin"? Didn't
    have an answer for me other than"recycle". To whom
    and for what? Wondered why "Safeway" had a source
    to send them to, but are local scavenger company
    did not? Umm??

    Well. I think they said I'm 97% h2o! Don't fish from
    the Bay after I'm gone!! Paper, plastic or "plastic pap-

    But at least Rock with that legal name change of mine
    I can enter any line I wish, no matter how many idems
    I have!!

    Your friend.

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  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    --- to tell you "Guys"! It's opening day of Baseball
    here in S.F. Sister Mary Gregory has a a few "comp"
    tickets to the game this Aft. Has "requested" that
    Guido bring the Limo by the Porch about noon to be in
    plenty of time for the game's starting. Has asked me
    to accompany her as the Giant's are playing her fav -
    orite team! The Padre's!! Told her "yes, this time but
    I do want you to know that I'm not going to "get into
    the habit"!!

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    well i am awake and slept like crappola....again.

    put your self tanner on w/sunscreen you want to keep looking young and distinguished for the ladies at the ball park.

  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am inviting you to my porch, please see my profile and you will know why. Things are winding down I think it will be ready to dance at a porch party under the moonlite.

    I still haven't have much time to read bu made a scan over.

    Jodie keep up the good work at school

    Mrdad hope you made a homerun with SMG, hehe a change of habit can do a body good.

    Solor I posted on the end of the last porch google Carla's Stained Glass and you will see it.

    Well it is bedy bye time, the heat just drains me. But I am feeling better than a few days ago.

    Hope everyone is safe, happy and well-Carla
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    SMG and I had a wonderful opening day at the Ball
    Park. The $8.00 beer and Sister Mary Greg. combo
    was enuff to keep a fallen angel in line and sober for
    a few hours. This sayin' 'Grace" before eating every
    "tube steak" on last year's hot dog buns was a bit
    much. I always prefer to say Grace AFTER meals
    in case it wasn't very good ya can "skip it"!! Ya know
    what I'm sayin'?

    CK: this old iMac of mine won't access your website
    so I am unable to find your email address. Let me
    know what City in Kin-tuck you are closer to so as
    I can leave ya message on "Graigslist" site and re-
    turn my Email address. "K"?

    Solar: I know you wished to speak wiff me 'bout sum-
    ptin and please do the same for your area if'in you
    are comfortable with that approach. My real name is
    included in my Email address so I too am somewhat

    Let me know Girls, OK? We will have ta start plann-
    ing the 100th Vol. celebration PARTY!! Can't do it
    on "GOOD FRIDAY" though as SMG will be busy wiff
    Religious Functions as will many others for Easter
    and Passover!

    Hope the Easter bunny doesn't flunk any Rabbit Tests.
    Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Nite Nite Friends!

  9. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Hey Rockgor, caught your opening salvo on that other Vol. 98. Sounds like you crawled out from under that rock and are actually dancing!

    MrDad--So you like the "new" me? I thought it appropriate for Easter. Not sure SMG would approve. Glad to hear you and SMG had a good time at the ballgame. Run into any of your GFs or did you loose them all with that Hotmail mixup?

    Marta608--So sorry to hear Sophie's solo status triggered memories of your own childhood. That must be painful. I hope you are able to work through this and lower your anxiety level.

    Jodie--Glad to hear your focusing on your studies and your son. Going out to dinner now and then sounds like a good way to lift your spirits.

    CkBall (CarlaCK?)-- I checked out your website. I'm amazed not just at your stained glass creations, but how you turned your house around! And the view from your new porch is to die for!

    Carla-NL--Check out CKCarla's profile photo, taken from her porch. What a view! Definitely party worthy!

    Granni--I'm so impressed that you can sing, let alone perform as often as you do! I love listening to singing, and I'm sure your audiences really appreciate you.

    Solar--Hello! It looks like we're both newbies to the porch.

    Well, I it's later than I realized, so off to bed I go. I'm still in the relapse that started Saturday morning. It's been bed, food, bed, potty. I'm thrilled to have made it to the couch today and not have any headache. Well, one day at a time...

    Greetings to anyone I inadvertently left out.
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  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is currently a 3.5 hopefully higher this sememster.....

    i didn't expect a certificate for my academic achievement...from the extended opportunity porgram and services department.

    this some acomplishment signed by the president, santa rosa junior college and dean of instruction...

    i got another male friend give me his number to call him so he can take me out to dinner to help forget about my problems tonight. we have been friends for quite sometime.

    he coaches a college ball team and played for the l.a. dodgers back in the 80's...

    well listening to tim mcgraw tonight and doing some geometry and not exactly getting it completely...i will see the answer w/o doing the formula...so i need to slow my brain down some.

    i am doing dinner at my friends house down toward mr.dad's way in tiburon. she will leave for michigan on thursday.

    it just occurred to me that sunday is easter day....i don't have anything planned...sort of bummed. i called the exhb i san jose but no answer, usually we will do holidays together. but i don't know what he has going on in his personal life, so maybe it will be cody and i only...

    joe glad you got to watch the game.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    # 1
    ANNOUNCEMENT: NPR this morning is having
    a program being broadcast on the latest studies
    concerning DEPRESSION. It is to be aired at 11a.m.
    here on the "Left Coast" so adjust airing time in your
    "neck of the woods" accordingly! Believe it is to be
    repeated later this Aft or maybe downloadable on
    your "puter" later. It's not a problem thankfully for
    me but understandably many others deal with this.

    ANNOUNCEMENT: My friends. My exploratory
    committee is yet studying the varied facets and in-
    tricate considerations to my possible Presidential
    Candidacy. I am therefore not prepared at this time
    to throw my shoe into the Campaign. My trusted
    friend and associate Guido, however, will continue
    to volunteer his fund raising talents on his ( I mean
    my behalf.) As those two Bros. selling that micro-
    brew beer said some years back "we thank you for
    your support"!

    #3 ANNOUNEMENT: There are no further announc-
    ements at this time. Any future announcement(s)
    shall be preceeded by an announcement.

    Happy days are (almost) here again! Maybe.

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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks for deleting the additional Vol. 98 !! It helps
    to avoid the confusion as we approarch the 100
    Vol celebration! Guido had suggested a "little"
    drive in the Limo down to Orange Co. to have a little
    "talk" wiff ewe! I'm most happy that shall now not
    be necessary. (Petrol is $3.65 a gal. here ) Plus his
    per diem! Ya know what I'm sayin"?

    A big hello to Gordon and the construction workers
    using your swimming pool down there!

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Gettin all the party plans in gear. I love cheesecake, mmmmm good stuff.

    Mrdad- Please look at my profile pic to see my view from my new porch. They cut the trees down yesterday and viola this is what I got. Sat out there last night and watched a thunder and lightening storm roll in, so cool.

    But it is in the high 40's today after being in the 80's yesterday.

    Mezombie, thank you for looking at my site. I can't wait for all the constuction stuff to get done so I can go back to glass work again. I think my gallery owner would appreciate it too,lol. She has been so patient with me because she understands my medical issues. I might make several peices in one week then nothing for 2. I just made my yearly purchase of supplies, they have a special sale for bevels and such at my glass supplier. So I have all this stuff and no time or energy to do anything with it yet,lol.

    Marta- where are you? I hope your feeling better, get soapie an pet for me.

    Jodie- congrats on the lunch and reconigniton-great work

    Hello to everyone else, back to cleaning now-Carla
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  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Have to just say hello as we are nearing the 100 mark here. I AM redaing from time to time. Been sick as sick can be and each time I feel I am over the hump another one rises.

    Started with a virus Danny had that mutated when I got it, went back to the original to infect Dan. Very high fevers with me, horrible head cold, headaches, sore throat, aching all over, then cough. All is cleared now except the cough. And feeling weak as can be. Was not flu. Danny also has cellulitis now and may have to go into hospital. Weather horrid in Upstate NY. Things have to get better right??? Will get xray results tomorrow. Alreday been on anty Bi.

    Still I am trying to read and email Joe.

    Love you all, Annie
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Please, please worry not about an email to me! Just
    want you and Danny well for Easter and the planned
    trip to see your Brother Geoff. The big 100th Anniver.
    Party is gonna half two wait 'til after Easter anyway as
    SMG wood never go 4 us havin' a big drunken bash---
    ---until after Lent!! (I can see the Confessional line
    the day after the Party now) !

    Trying to be sober sensibly "til then! Huggles to you
    and the Danny!
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings All,

    It has been so busy around here, performing, practicing and trying to clean up this house somewhat for the company. Thanks goodness at least I am not having Easter dinner here,esp since I have to sing Easter morn also. To much to get ready.

    Please forgive if I do not get the chance to write to each of you individually. I rather zipped trough the porch and don't remember everything I read )R thought I read !! I wil do what I can though. One daughter and family come on sat and will stay a week. Inbetween another daughter, SIL and 3 y/o child who was dxed with mild to mod. autism. In between another daughter will come to see her sisters, the kids will be at school.

    In between all that I will have three performances to do for the Nursing Home Residents with one group. Talk aboaut bad timeing ! However, when you get in a small group like that and each has their parts you really can't not show up unless you are REALLY sick and cannot sing or something. It will be a very busy wekk !!

    Glad to see that most of you are doing well.

    Carla ck - so glad to hear your porch is almost done. I saw the pic on your bio. The view is great that I saw through the windows (or through the beams- or whatever you call them). I know youwill be so happy when it gets done and you do all your lovely glass work there.

    Annie - sorry to hear that you and Danny have been sick that is not good. Hope you get some better weather soon.

    Mezombie - Hi there. Sorry I have not been able to give you a proper greetings. Welcome - at least to me. You may have been here before I didn't notice you. That is nothing new for me. Yes, I do enjoy my singing. It is my therapy just at Ckball's is her lovely glass art. I put up with alot of my pain even if I don't really want to get up and go. It surely beats laying in bed all day or just working on the computer - even though I love the computer and esp the guys and gals on this porch ad on this board. You all really understand what it is to feel like - - - - every day.

    I love you all and YES us have PARTY for our 100th anniversay. What is needed. If I have any enery left after Easter Masses, etc. I could do some singing. Does anyone have any song selections - something upbeat and jazzy. Even if you all don't have the energy you could just make believe you have the energy !!! I love cheesecake, that was one good idea. How about stuffed mushrooms and wine. I could bring those to get us started. I am open for an suggestions. I could also tap dance except our dance studio closed and we have been working onmemory and one dance that we keep doing over and over - but the people at the residences don't know if we have done it there before or not ( or most of them anyway).

    Jodie - Keep up the good work ! I know that it is hard. Sorry you are having such a harad time sleeping. I have so much to do tomorrow I may not get one but will try again. Will be singing for Holy thursday till Easter sunday !!! So, my evenings will be gone for sure, plus getting ready for the commpany.

    Hi there Rock, Marta, Mrdad .

    Lots hugs to you all !


  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i have seen many of these threads but have never opened them. Who is invited to the porch??????k What do you visit about????? You all look interesting.

    Tell me more! May I come in???

    Gentle Hugs and I love porches

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here's the story. In the days when there was no chit chat board, people would post non-illness stuff (jokes, recipes, news of family, pets, etc) and put O.T. in the title.

    O.T. stood for off topic. So we started a post that was always off topic. Now we have the chit char board where pretty much everything is off topic, but we still kept up the porch.

    Just like the porches people used to have in the good old days. Sit on the porch in the evening and chat w/ neighbors who walked by. Maybe swing in the glider. Have some lemonade and popcorn. (All treats here are no calorie.)

    Anybody and everybody are invited. Some people stop by regularly; some now and then.

    So pull up a rocker and make yourself comfortable.

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just posted on "Craigslist" under California>>S.F.
    Bay Area>>"men seeking women". You will see
    CK-Carla Hello to You, Smitten's and the Pups!
    Should be no confusion there !! You'll know it when
    ya see it. The communication will be done completely
    thru an Email Craig's list Address and i shall return
    secure message with my Email Address. OK?
    This worked for me Marta, Jodie, Annie and all! So
    simple! Like me!!!

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well "Indubitably". Any and all are most welcome
    wiff open arms. Indiana? Any friend of Arthur Goeffry
    and David Letterman is a friend of mine. Not to men-
    tion those great Notre Dame football stars at South
    Bend, Ron Reagan and Rudy. Win one 4 the Gipper!

    You would think that I learned that opening big word
    "indubitably" from one of my University Profs while in
    reality it was about 50 years ago from "Curly" of the
    "Three Stooges"!!

    You'll like being here among caring and supportive
    Friends. And to think that you are just in time for the
    BIG 100 VOL celebration party coming soon! Bring
    your Hubby too. Always lots of room on the PORCH

    Happy we found you!
    MRDAD aka Joe

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