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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by darkwaters, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. darkwaters

    darkwaters Member

    Wow, first time starting a new volume. Grab a chair, I got the fireplace going. Hope everyone is doing well.

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, Darkwaters, I grabbed a chair. Now I throw it in the fireplace? We must be snowbound like Lucy and the gang in the Alps, right?

    Carla, I can't post a picture of me in the Glinda dress as 1) I can't post any pics and 2) it was all fiction, just like the W. of Oz.

    I did wear a dress once tho. I was about ten and my brother was five years younger. I was stuffed into a wedding gown w/ a bunch of pillows and my sibling was a groom in an elegant tux. We won second prize in the village 4th of July parade: ten dollars. Not bad money for 1950.

    Kylob, hope your surgery goes well, both in medical terms and the inner beauty concept. It's kinda like that old emperor and the clothes business. If people can't appreciate your inner beauty, it's because they're too dumb.

    Yes, I've read lots of the Roberts Crais and Parker. Am in the middle of a new thriller now by an author new to me. Loren Estleman. Know him? He is a Shamus award winner.

    I can't find the patience key either, Granni. Remember the old prayer? Give me patience...right now!

    Sorry about the birthday snafu. Maybe you could just give hubby a nice card and a neatly-printed description of what he missed.

    Linda, you are a scamp. Give my regards to Broadway. Also to Harold, the square and Annie Cromwell who is not square but is very sharp.

    I have to type up a note to my aunt in Rochester, MN. Gordon is sending her a pair of slippers he knitted. I am reusing a box some CDs came in. I am enclosing the note because I don't want the slippers to be the sole occupant.

    Cheers to everydobby else: Jodie, Jens, MrD, Julie, Sweetie, and Kaye Ballard.

    I visited Kaye's website earlier tonight. I left her a message reminding her of our meeting 37 years ago.

    There is a slight chance she may not remember me as we only chatted for ten minutes while waiting in line at the Los Angeles Music Center to buy tickets. Can't remember what the tickets were for.



  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I made it to the porch early...Seems like I get here just as it closes and then I feel naughty for being late.

    Hope everyone has all the decorations packed away and all the lights down. Around here, people leave them up all year...I'm not sure if they are just saving themselves work next year, lazy, or just don't know any better. Oh well...to be a redneck.

    darkwaters...think I'll skip the chair and throw a blanket in the floor.

    Rock...sounds like you had nice siblings, mine used to tie me to a tree and leave me there. He was either saving me from falling in the creek or keeping me outta his hair, still haven't figured out which one.

    Julie...sounds like you have a busy day planned.

    CKBall...can you believe this weather? It never got out of the teens last week and now 70* today. Hope all is well with you and the girls.

    hello to everyone that makes their way to the porch...

  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Seems we have all sorts of good porch starters these days. Good job, dw!

    I'm checking to see if Carla ck has any word from her doctor on her back problem. Seems as if back problems are common here on the porch lately! Maybe we need to adjust our chairs.

    Linda, good to hear you had a nice time. A comfy bed is 99% of any trip for me. That's doesn't sound right but you know what I mean. I'll await your summary of the MP since my attention won't stay with it. I do think each of us with CFS may have a certain point beyond which we cannot go with D regardless of the MP. I know I do.

    Rock, I'm happy to hear you sounding perkier! Is it still raining in LA or did we get it all? Yes, Sophie plays for a few seconds with things but is in a funk, I think. She is not without a choice of toys and an idiot human to dangle them in front of her or even trot through the house dragging some stringy thing behind her. She sat on the porch for an hour this morning and I plan to get her back out there again later.

    It's almost 60 degrees here today which is astounding after our big snowstorm a very short time ago. I guess we're having a January thaw and I will not complain.

    Everyone take care. Here are some hugs all around, for every near and far.

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    A very Good morning and special best wishes to YOU,
    Kylob, on your hospital stay. Our thoughts will be with you
    and I'm sure that Linda will keep us informed.

    Julie, sounds like you are about "ready" to make your trip!
    Our prayers are with you and your endeavors there in Belize.
    Please take a little time to also sit in the Sun when a moment
    presents itself. You deserve it!

    Good ta see your computer co-operating Rocky, your reference
    to "burning chairs" reminds me of the play "Skin of Our Teeth"
    Was that your reference too? We have a break in the rain this
    morning but more, not so powerful storms are on the way! We
    need all the H 2 O we can get to send down to you guys for
    your swimming pools in the So. State!

    Still haven't read all the past Porch Posts yet, but I'm trying. Have a Doctors appt. this Aft but I've been in the
    house for four days and need to get out anyway.

    I'll get back wiff you all later, "K"?


  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Darkwaters thank you so much for getting us started and the fire too, I think I will just stand by the fire and throw the chair into it like Rock. I can use a chair at this time

    I think we all need to fire up the jet and go to Belize with Julie. There are some great spas and cute massauess, sorry still too sleepy to think how to spell it, but you get my drift.

    If that does work then we will get traction beds for all of us that belong to the "Oh my back is killing me club" along with the hot tub, then have Jerome fish us out later, that should take care of it, if not then it is off to Walgreens, Linda do ya have cupons for drugs???

    Granni isn't that the way it always goes, I hope you are able to pull the party off with tippin the DH off. Hey maybe he already did and that is why he has a "meeting", just a thought,hehe.

    Lacey yep it's a redneck thing about the lights. I mean why should we just be able to look at the purrty sparkley lights a few weeks a year. Sorry about your brothers, I guess being a only child wasn't so bad :)

    I just let the dogs out and it is amazing, I acutally left my front door open yesterday too. I had stoked the woodburner up Sat night before bed. I got up yesterday and it 87 degrees in the living room, I guess whe had a warm up over night.

    I did work some in the ditch, raked my leaves and had a bonfire. Hard to believe it was 15 degrees a few days ago.

    I guess Mrdad and Jodie are sittin in the dark in N CA, the news was awful last night, crazy weather.

    Linda I so hope your wrong but I do think you are on to something. Muscles don't pop the way it did that night and the shocked feeling, like I hade been tazzerd. I sat on the couch and worked on my DAS email to the artists for awhile and had a hard time getting up without shooting pains down the front of my legs and my groin area felted like it had a charley horse in it.

    BTW- why do we say that? What is a charley horse and why is it in our mucsles. Inquiring minds want to know.

    However, once I was up for 10 minutes no pain down the leg, just across the lower back.

    I just got interrupted by the calvery, my neighbor Bill, came by and he is going to re-do my hill to help my drainage issue after the yard drys up, so please no more rain for a week.

    Julie have a great trip and sorry your hurt your back, I can't imagine sitting on a plane for as long as you are going to have to with your back hurting, I hope you have some meds.

    Linda and Kylob- have a great girls night out and hope you win lots of cash-

    Better get busy- have things to do before my meeting tonight- Have a good day -Carla

    Looks like Marta and Mrdad popped in while I was out with my nieghbor. Mrdad glad your doing ok with the weather and still have power

    Marta Dr is tomorrow but I think our cyber nurse Linda has already made the dxs. When I first get out of bed in the morning, I have to drag my leg and can't put all my weight on it for awhile. Enjoy your weather, it is suppose to be 70 and sunny here today, I may take the girls for a ride today better go plug the cart in. See ya-Carla

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  7. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Being from KY I am a redneck...at least according to Jeff Foxworthy.

    I have two of his books "You know you're a redneck when..."
    It is amazing how many of them I can relate to, or maybe it is how many I am related to.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just thinking about the poor people in those storms, snow, rain , etc, etc, !! I am just thining about our porch buds in that area.

    Jodie, Medad -I hope that everyone there is OK and whoever else is in that area aren't having to many problems and stil have their electricity, for lots of things, not necessarily just to visit the Porch. What a terrible storm(s) ! Oh, I guess Mr dad is OK. Just found him. Gpopd luck on the docs appt.

    Darkwaters- glad you snow is gone. Your bio didn't mention where you wee from. Hope the patches or something helps your back.

    Lcey = your weather sounds as crazy as ours - cold one minute and watm the next Today it is in the 70's but you do expect that it TX.

    CK ball - hope you are feeling better.

    Oh, I am trying for plan B for the party but still hae to find out about that second meeting on that first saturda7 (Groundhogs day). If not it might be in two weeks from that saturday.

    Linda and Kylob - godd for saving your money for a "rainy day". Good luck on your surgery tomorrow Kylob.

    Better get off this computer before DH gets home and do something around here.

    Warm hugs to all,

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to see many folks are enjoying nice weather. We in LA are on our 5th and last day of rain. Mild here; fierce up north.

    Lacey, where did you hide my remote? I read Jeff Foxworthy's books. Pretty funny. I thought his best was the autobiography.

    Oh, yes, that "charley horse" thing. You can read about it on Wikipedia, Carla. Or you can read it right here.

    As we all recall from our study of world history, in the 17th century the tyrannical King Charles I of England was dethroned and beheaded by Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell then ruled England for several years until the monarchy was restored.

    Cromwell named his horse Charles after the late king. During a battle in Scotland the horse went lame and Cromwell was thrown tho not injured. One of his friends joked about Charles' horse seeking revenge.

    Apparently one of those jokes that is funnier if you were there. At any rate, "like Charles' horse" soon became an idiom for "lame".

    Linda, I nearly put "scamp and rascal" in my previous post, but I decided it was redundant. No need to say the same thing twice. Either one would do, so why use both. Don't you agree?

    How many years have you been going to Belize, Julie? How did you get started?

    Marta, I read your post. You have a sentence about CFS w/ so many initials I can't figure it out. But then, there are lots of things in this life I can't figure out. You know what I'm saying, huh, do ya, huh, huh?

    Here's a smiley face for you, Linda: O O

    (I suspect this will not work.)

    MrDad, did you ever see Skin of Our Teeth? I tried to read it, but couldn't make any sense out of it. It was Wild! Hard to believe the same author also wrote Our Town.

    Had to look up papasan chairs, Darkwaters. Once I saw the pictures I recognized them. Kinda like the man who didn't know the term "Prose", and then discovered he'd been speaking it all his life.

    Time to go feed the feral cats next door. They're probably all in hiding as some contractors are at work. The project is supposed to take a couple months. Since it's not a government project, the estimate is probably fairly accurate.

  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I'm grumpy today. At least the power is back on after a two day blackout. Such Rain and Winds......

    Cancelled my doc's appt. today because :1. Didn't feel like going into town, 2. forgot what I was seeing him for anyway, 3. found a tree across my road during my "mini-walk" this morning and so couldn't have gone anyway.

    Am reading Reginald Hill's most recent, "Death Comes For the Fatman", and am enjoying it. Just finished the marvelous Peter Cameron novel "The City Of Your Final Destination."

    I've got the winter blues/blahs ---- anyone else?

    Rock : tell Gordon I grow very few Orchids, usually only have half a dozen or so. Right now I have an Oncidium ?"Twinkles" that is persistently dropping flower buds just before they open. I'm ready to hurl it into a snow-bank!
    How many orchids do you guys have? What genera especially? I would imagine lots of Cymbidiums, eh?

    And now the power is on, the water pump is off! What next? Ah this rustic life.

    Cheers to all of you,
    your posts have brightened my day already!


    P.S. This is the first time I've snuck up onto the porch.

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i did get it on in the late afternoon...some people in my area are still w/o electricity...luckily i did have gas heat...

    good news-Cody has been accepted to a college down in L.A...csu, L.A. for the computer science program...that was the one college he did not think he had a chance at getting in....they had the most strigent criteria to get in to that school.

    He really wants into U.C. Santa Cruz, they have the #1 Video Gamming degree in the nation...so i am crossing my fingers that he is accepted into that one. He has applied to Chico state and sacramento state and another one i can not remmeber...so time will tell what he decides to do. thank god he has four years college paid for plus a monthly stipend also he will apply for fafsa...financial aid...i hope that will cover all of his housing expenses...cause i can not afford to pay it...and i already know his father will not pay for a darn dime period...even though he is the journeyman steam/pipefitter in a union...

    he is all about himself...he doesn't mind being in arears to me for about 3 1/2 years of money...andnot paying for cody's medical/dental expenses...dirt bag he is....

    then to have to listen to how "broke he is all the time." irks me when his monthyly income is triple mine when i do get c/s..but not to receive while he is working he just keeps the money for himself...instead of forwarding the money to the state to go to cody and i for expenses...

    sorry venting on that topic...just like many other single parents not recieving child support you just wonder what the heck are they thinking when they keep the c/s to go play with or spend on their new partners or entertaining...

    my exhb has no debts...the bankruptcy took care of that and his parents paid off the truck we had for him. so he just has the basic expenses and a live in gf...argh!

    well trying to straighten out some things with ssa....and then i need to take care of college financial aid and loan stuff still... oh i hate the paper work...it has piled up so high!

    i had an ok weekend....i had varsity dinner to go to for cody's football....cody only played in 3 1/2 games this season and still tied w/another person on tackles for the season....pretty darn good considering we had atleast 11 more games to play in...they mention on how cody got a cheap shot to his knee and worked so hard to be where he was...and they had very high expectations for him this season...and knows he would have done great things for his team...

    cody was always there to help coach the other kids on the sideline and cheer them on during the games and practice.

    i almost cried at the dinner....it stunk to know he would have had his special year to shine...plus going to state championship and really feel like you made a difference to win a game.

    oh well on to college for me next week on the 14th...i am not ready at all..mentally or physically.

    cheers to you all

  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It was only last Wed. that it was -3 and yesterday was 60 and today 66 here in IN!! lOVE IT! Every spec of all that snow is gone! Wonderful. Of course, there is lots iof mud around.

    CK.- I have been having pain in my leg but it comes from the back/side of me. It is not there all the time, just when I get terribly tired and on my legs for a long time. Any suggestions? DH says "go to the Dr."

    Jodi: computer science is a good field to get in to. Our youngest son got his Masters in that - he got into a job that is entirley off of that in some sorts - working for a co. that deals with gov. work. Great job!!!

    Darkwaters: Have you had spinal injjections before? I had a single one, then a time with 4 on each side of lower back, then radiofrequency which also puts for on each side of lower back. The 1st injection deadened the area so it didn't hurt at all. Good luck.

    i spent part of Fri. taking downi decorations, then finished up yesterday afternoon. Oh boy - did I hurt from one end to another. One big problem - I can't get the plastic crates upstairs so they are parked at the foot of the stairs just in case some kind sould comes along. Any voluteers?

    I went exchanging Sat. I had a Christmas jacket that was too big and of course, those thiongs are out of stores. After much hunting, I found a long-sleeved/sweatervest combo for early spring.

    No. 2 son gave me his daughter's college sweat shirt - too small. Daughter gave me a velour lounge suit - too small and they are all gone.

    DH gave me a kind-of-leather jacket - too small. klounge pants, too small, and a ring that is too small and too chinzy looking (DH agreed). Why are women's clothes so hard to find the right size?????? I gave DH 2 sweaters, 2 microfiber sweatshirt, 2 pr slacks, and a shirt ------all fit perfectly.; Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes - we are prone in the summer and spring (and during a blizzard) to lose power. I got him one of those windup lanterns. JKLoiok great!!!

    My fingers hurt and I guess I have said all i can think of - I am boring today zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Think I need tio go back and read last vol.

    Take care and gentle Hugs,

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thinking of Kylob at the moment as She was to have surgery

    at 7a.m. (EST) I'm sure we will hear from Linda ASAP.

    Did you see Woofmom's Post on "Frontline" PBS program tonight

    on "The Medicated Child"? I assume it will be aired National-

    ly as well as up in Canadia?? Should be very informative.

    Raining again here in Northern "Kaliphonia" (as are Governor

    would say)! But we, the skiers, boarders, and those Rice

    farmers in the Sac. Valley that need all the H2O they can

    get to grow that white rice that not even the Asians want

    to buy! Then one can't get a glass of water in restaurant?

    Give me a break!!!

    "Talk" to ya awl later Kids!
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    can you share or is it private? i wish a speedy recovery irregardless of the type of surgery.

    it is raining and blowing out again here in marin county, north of san francisco...mr.dad's hometown.

    well i have been going through a pile of paperwork...i mean a pile....yuck...

    school starts on monday the 14th for me...i could use another week off.

    i hope i am focused this sememster to complete the classes i have signed up for.

    i need to get my kashi lean bars for my breakfast and lunch for school...low glycemic in sugar...so a nice steady flow even though i am not diabetic, knock on wood.

    well i need to pound the paperwork...i could not find that dr.note but i did prevail in finding the letter from surgeon. so hopefully that will help in getting my financial aid and student loans reinstated for me....they have been a life saver when it comes to my car payment etc. when i am not getting my child support since august.

    well need to go and still am waking up. i'll tell you next week i w/be needing to go to bed much earlier to be awake for classes.

  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ... and everyone else.

    Linda, I'm glad to hear that Kylob is doing well and no surprises were found. Tell here we're thinking of her. Thanks again for sorting out that D info for me!

    Mrdad, how was your doc's appointment? So glad to hear you haven't been washed out into the bay - although that would be the bee-kee-nee area, right? Might not be all bad.

    Carla, I think your appointment was TODAY if I read the date right. How did it go? What'd they say?

    Lacey, Jeff Foxworthy cracks me up too. I haven't read his books but will look for them. My son is the general manager of a comedy club in California and said that Jeff is a good guy as well as a good comic. There are many who are divas. When he was here visiting me last year, he got a call at 3 a.m. The comic of the night refused to go on because his limo was white and not black. Gimmee a break!

    Darkwaters, I hope your back continues to improve. I'm with you about needles!

    Marilyn, good luck with the party. I missed a lot of the info but think you're trying to surprise your DH.

    Rock, loved the charley horse story. I suspected you'd have the answer. I can't remember what I was talking about that used so many initials though.

    Barry, welcome! No need to sneak on the porch. The only requirement here to to try to remember what everyone's said. Hint: take notes. You'll see that you now have your very own chair with your name on it and a blanket to snuggle into as well.

    Jodie, great news about Cody's acceptance to school! Maybe he can do a couple of years at CSU, then transfer to somewhere else? Can he live at home if he attends CSU? If not, you're sure gonna miss him!

    Julie............. oops. She's gone. Hope she has fun.

    Lila, I think your DH has the right idea about your back. I do know that it helps to be aware of how we sit, at the computer and in general, too. But you know that.

    Tonight I gathered up all the trash, added it to what I forgot to take out last week, collected old catalogs and maazines (heavy suckers!), added some old newspapers and took the trash can and the recycling bin to the street. I no more than got inside than I remembered today is not Wednesday. I did it all again only in reverse and tomorrow night I get to do it again. This is not a habit I like!

    Tired me is sending out hugs, near and far,

    Marta and FS who has loved the warmer weather

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda, thanks for the report from Kylob's Hospital Bed.
    Hope she is resting comfortably and will be home and on
    her way to recovery soon. A big hello and words of support
    goes out from ALL of us I'm sure.

    Marta, sent ya an email yesterday about my trip North. Made
    it back just in time as I knew that these storms were due.
    The weather broke long enuff for me to go to the Doc yesterday. Working on possible "lactose intolerance" problem
    with my tummy. Never had any problems 'til recently.(??)
    Never bothered Hoppa Long Cassidy! What kinda Irishman drank
    MILK at a saloon anyway??? Thanks much for your concern.

    Rocky, I read "The Skin of Our Teeth" and was in the Play
    "Our Town" in the Sixties. I'm not much of an actor I'm
    afraid. Could barely get my words out!! Too nervous.

    Jodie, ya had enough water up there yet? It's raining again here but I suppose we need it. Too bad about weather related damage though.

    Well hi to awl. I'll be bac later I hope!
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Sorry, I don't know where the book thread went.

    Have you read any books by Mike Harrison? He's relatively new and has about three books out. Private eye, whodunits that move right along. I think you might enjoy them.

    As would anyone else who likes this kind of book.

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    First I want to say how glad I am Kylob is doing well and gets all those dang tubes out her. Linda your are a true friend and you both are lucky to have each other.

    Linda I am sad to say you may be wrong, my Dr said it could be a lateral herniation but reading my last mri feels it is a fracture. I actually felt it snap,crackel and pop. Since I have no pain down the back of my leg and it is down to my knee on the front she is leaning toward the fracture.

    She sent me home and ordered me to do nothing but wait for their call with my MRI/CT appt. Setting me up with the Rheumy to look at Sjogrens, in case I didn't mention that, my eye Dr thinks I have it, and she agrees it needs to be looked at.

    Then all of this will be finished off my colonoscopy/endo.

    I didn't get home until after 5 then have been on the phone and emailing the foundation trying to figure out what we are going to do.

    So I am very,very tired and will say thank you all for caring and checking on me. I will be back tomorrow-Carla
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that Kylob is doing well. Thanks for the updates LINDA. Linda, you have been such a good frind and nurse to boot, for Kylob. How far away do you live from her? It is wonderful to such a good friend that share so much and do not live to far from each other. Please send her our very best and that we are thinking of her. Hope her recovery is a quick one,

    CKball - I am so sorry hear all your news and all the procedures and such you will have to have Oh well, we should be used to some of this stuff right (-: !! HMMM??

    I had a sigmoidoscopy and an endoscopy years ao to check on some of my probblt IBS symptoms at that time. It is a piece of cake , even though the coloscopy is not as deep into the intestine as the colonoscopy. However I have heard the same thing from others who have had it. The wporst part was the pred the night before with that wonderful drink they give you = yck ! However, the nedt day they just sprayerd my throat for the endo, told me to get on my side, started the drip and the next I remember I was all done and waking up on the recovery room. Of couse I went home afater I was fully awaoke and spoke to the doc. They didn't find a thing - how normal of me to feel so bad and never have anything. Well, now they that they at leaset dx the FM and CMPS, sometimes, depending on the doc. Glad they wil take out the tubes real soon!! Soory fo all the pain she has been having. I do understand backpain as I always seem to have some for of it, not all the same of course !

    I know it will be hard for yuou not to do much of anything due to your possible fracture. You always have SO much to do esp now with your foundation work and your art. I am sure you are frustrated but you need to do what you need to do as they say. I hope they take care of all your problems soon so that you can get get back to the things you enjoy so much. Sorry to hear about your eye problem too. When it rains it pours it seems. I am so sorry to hear all this.

    Mrdad - So sorry to hear about your tummy problems. Hope it is as simple as lactose intolerance. However, that can be aggravating esp if you love things with milk in it. However, they have other substitutes I think nowadays beside soy. Good luck with finding the cause and treatment or should I say dealing with it.

    Jodie - Glad Cody has been getting some calls on schools (colleges) of interest for him. Hope he gets what he wants. Hope you are feeloing better too and are ready for school. Get that paperwork straightened out yet? I can imagine what a pain that is getting it all in order, esp the way my brain has worked lately (-: !!

    Hi Rock, Marta, Darkwaters, Laceymae and everyone else. Have to run now. Hope everyone heals soon from all their various ills besides the usual that we have. Somehow Iam not expecting all my stuff to dissapper anytime soon. Just hope thta the meds I have take (inj) for 2 years will help my severe osteoporosis. If not, who knows what???

    Barry - Welcome. I keep forgetting to say hi to you. Been so busy and thinking of different things I am lucky lately just to get on here to post.

    BTW, I am thinking of having the party for DH the same day but perhaps changing the time. I am still waiting for the time of a meeting he has to also attend that day. I'll be glad when it is all over. AAAK !

    More blessings and warm hugs to all,

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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I do hope that today finds you feeling better and you are on

    your way to a quick recovery. I'm sure you will be in touch

    with us soon.


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