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  1. bevy2most

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    Hello to all,

    Let's get this party started.......

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  2. Cromwell

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    Just rushing in as Danny is off school with little side effect so dashing.

    I did find a berry bush catalogue from a friend. Have to get to it as this time of year she says there are bargains. She says there is a raspberry they use that you just mow down every year and it regrows so no need to decane.


    if you put a wet towel in with creased up clothes on high heat it will help dewrinkle them. It did not work on my laugh lines though!!!

    Hafta dash. Love to all.

    Love Annie
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bevy - thanks so much for getting us started again. I finished what I was going to iron and ate lunch. Just have a few things to do to get ready for tonights kick off party for the Rodeo. Boy, will I be glad whjen this weekend is over.

    Our daughter invited us to her house for dinner, probably a BBQ for Mothers Day but DH said that he was probably going to have to stay really late to clean up after the rodeo sat so he didn't want to drive into Houston. So, we will do thta another day. I asked out son if he wants to come out and we will go a restuarant. So we will see if he is free or not.

    Linda and Bevy - are you planning on dropping by my house?? Gee that would be fun, just rent that bus and pick up whoever else wants to come .. Wouldn't that be great ??!! Which day do you want to do it cause I have to get ready you know !! Sorry your neck is still bothersone Linda. I know I think my neck is almost the worst part, always hurts.

    Bevy - I even know what a Spur and a Hornet is (-: !! With all the sports talked about here I even figured that one out. My daughters , other than one are all super sport fans. To bad the Rockets are OUT !! Boo Hoo !!

    ****Have a great idea. How about a painting party (-: !! Everypne can help paint the porch railings. There really isn't alot more to do. Just have to go out and start working when it is not raining !

    Annie - Thanks for the drier tips ! However, I did know the one about the wet towel in with the dry clothes to take out the wrinkles. Hope Danny's side effect wasn't anything to bad.

    Well, ALL you dear Porchies I have to run.


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  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    love the photo Lin, really picturesque. We have a couple of wild pigeons resident in our garden, they come ever year, not your common old town pigeon that everyone hates here, call them winged rats.

    Annie do people never hang their clothes out on the line over there??? We stopped using our dryer, electricity SO expensive and I love it when we can get out clothes outside. Don't feel the need for dryer now anyway that kids are grown and gone.

    It's evening, I'm off to watch The Apprentice (UK one)- these people are SO stupid!!

    Hope you all have a lovely day.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have mia w/homework and school. they know where i have been not you here at the porch.

    the school year is winding down. and jodie is going to take a 3 mos break. summertime is what i love most. especially when george hamilton is peeping...so much fun teasing that orange man at his age.

    well i don't know what i will get for my grades this sememster but i should pass w/c's or above. not bad for the crap i have been through. not what i am fully capable of doing but i have to give myself some slack.

    well gonna kick my feet up at the pool and start my tan now. grab a bite to eat.

    friday going to go to the san francisco vs. philly games at pac bell w/a friend with her company party. so free tickets .

    talk to you later you all have a good week until i get back wiff you later.

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thanks Bev for getting us started on 234, wow, it is going fast. I was waiting for someone to start the new one so I didn’t get caught in the door.

    Hahahahaha Candy, you CRACK me up. You don’t know me very well, I am sure I can handle anything you throw at me girlie. So bring it on. Anyway, I hope you are feeling a little better. By the way, my daughter collects Precious Moments too. She has all the ages 1 - 17 and will be getting 18 soon in June. She also has so many other ones too. I collect the Kim Anderson porcelain figurines. It is so much fun. Make sure you keep all the boxes and certificates because they will be valuable one day.

    Granni - How are you doing busy bee lady. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Our weather today has been weird too, rainy on and off. Yuck. That was really nice of your daughter to do that, too bad you can’t make it out. Did you talk to DH about the maintenance free railings yet???????

    Rosie - You are so right about the laundry. If I don’t do at least 2 loads a day, I am backed up. With having the kids it just piles and piles. I should start making them wear their clothes twice before they put them in the dirty clothes. LOL. Just kidding, I wouldn’t want them to stink. We do use our bath towels numerous time though before washing them. That does save a little.

    Carla - You and your friend have fun tomorrow on your “play date”. Sounds like fun, I love flea markets. You can really find some good things at those.

    Elaine - I have definitely noticed Jerome being pushy. The other day I was walking up on the porch and he didn’t even see me and dumped his dustpan all over me. However, he was so sweet and apologized for doing that. At least he keeps our porch clean on a daily basis for all of us porchies. Hahaha. Hope you are having a good day kiddo. By the way, I took my daughter’s picture down and put mine back up. Thanks for the compliment, I am glad people think she looks like me because I think she is just beautiful and you know what, she is also so beautiful on the inside. That is what really counts. Thanks again.

    Hi Lincamp - Hey, just sitting and talking on a girl’s night out is one of the best things to do. Boy, when I get together with my friends that is all we do, there is so much to get caught up on. You are so lucky to have Kylob close to you. Most of my friends live far or are just too busy to get together. We used to once a year in August all go to the lake for a girls weekend trip. We did that for about 10 years straight until about 2 years ago. I really miss that. I think I am going to have to get that started again. Read below, I will definitely be resting this weekend, thanks to hubby. Oh my gosh, that picture is beautiful on your profile. I would be there everyday if I lived near there. How relaxing is that. Neat. I will pray that your neck heals, I am so sorry you are in pain.

    ANNIE - Thanks for that HINT, I never knew that. I can’t wait to get home and try that. Man, that would save a lot of money in the long run.

    Jodie - Have fun at the game, hope your team wins. Hey, summer is my favorite too. We are going to open our pool this weekend. I cannot wait, I love to just lounge around and lay out and read a book.

    Hey guess what all you girlies. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!! I am so fortunate to have my hubby. Him, his Dad and his brother have all organized our day. They are all coming to my house to barbecue pork steaks and grill chicken and they are pampering us women for the day. We don’t have to clean up or anything. That is so sweet.

    Mother's Day and my birthday are the 2 days I get out of everything. Too bad they only come once a year. Talk to you all later taters. Love you all, and all you porchies I didn't mention, please know I am thinking of you all too.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, shucks, here I am w/ Coke in hand and no chips or nuts in the house. How can I be totally out of a basic food group?

    Ok, fixed myself an elegant peanut butter sandwich. How do you make it elegant? Cut off the crusts. Not that elegance was my goal. It's just that over the years I seem to have misplaced half my teeth.

    Nice picture, Linda. Reminds me of the water mill where the Coleman Mustard empire began almost 200 years ago.

    Zippy was named for his personality, Elaine. He's about 8 years old now. Still cheerful and full of pep. (Unlike most of us.)

    Enjoy your vacation, Jodi. I remember the wonderful feeling of "School's Out for the Summer" from when I was a kid. Well, it was only 50-60 years ago.

    Thanks for the Heloise tips, Annie. Here's another one for our readers. If you hide your iron in the dryer, you have a good excuse not to use it.

    Mickey, are you doing all the laundry? No helpers?

    Yes, Rosie, I remember hanging up clothes on the line. When I was a teenager we had babies in the family. I hung up an estimated 3047 diapers.

    When I got married, I had to show my wife how to change and feed the baby.

    Certainly seem to have a lot of laundry-related item here today.

    Hope you had a nice outing at the flea market, Carla. I used to go to thrift shops all the time to buy paperbacks and records. Don't buy records anymore.

    Gordon bought a thrift shop chair last week. Did I tell you that? It is wood, lattice back, cushion. Might be 30-50 years old. It is very sturdy; no wobbles or creaks. Cost 99 cents.

    I think a painting party sounds like an excellent idea, Granni. Sort of Tom Sawyer brought up to date.

    Candy, hope your knees heal up quickly. It's a real bummer when you Bumex doesn't work. (Are you sure you're applying the Bumex to the right part?)

    Marta, what is NRG? I looked on the net. Found a whole bunch of sites but they deal w/ marketing research and high tech topics like adobe plug ins.

    My guess is that NRG is a subsidiary of NPR. Right?

    Yes, good job getting us started, Bevy. Regards to Kylob, Joe, Georgia, Sweetie, Monica, Roo, Wol, Piglet, and Pooh.

  8. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I hope all are enjoying this wonderful day, what makes it wonderful you ask? Well I shall tell you, it is a warm 93 outside, wind is blowing, and birds are singing. It is almost 7pm here.

    Rock, I find it hard to believe that it has been fifty plus years since you were in school. by the way nrg is (energy)

    Lin, Spurs, and Hornets are the 2 of the teams in the Western Conference playoffs (basketball) I became a fan about 20 years ago when I moved to San Antonio.

    Granni, paint party we shall have. I will bring dh spray gun and we will be done in no time.

    Gotta go for now, dh is making dinner, picadillo, and rice, yummy. Hi to all that I missed.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Rosie, I always dry the clothes outside when the weather permits,but I hafta tell you I am usually the only one around doing it usually.

    I once lived in a house where the neighbor complained to me about my putting clothes out to dry-some communities won;t allow it!!!

    I love my solar dryer-sent Danny out to see the new solar dryer and after a while he realised I had put up a new wasking line!!!

    Granni-we are thinking that the "side effect" was from this: they had changed his shirt at school due to a spill to one from the nurse's office and it had been washed/dried in perfumey stuff. We started to connect the dots when he started to get better when we took the shirt off at home and had him shower. I later gave it him to smell and sure enough it made him dizzy.

    Neither he nor I can stand sprays, perfumes or anything gives me migraines-it is very hard to go in malls or anywhere. We don't get deathly ill, just dopey, dizzy, headachey.

    My best friend sells esential oils and like a lot of the pyramid scheme stuff it is be all and end all with her. We get sick every time she visits or we visit. I keep telling her it is the perfumes and she gets irate saying "they are not perfumes" but of course any plant oil, medicinal or not, is aromatic, and the ones she sells cure every ailment known to mankind according to, so it makes life hard for us.

    Well problem solved and he just had second dose and seems OK.

    Lin tx for your mail, you are so kind to put the effort in when you are in pain.

    Love to everydobby---Annie
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    4 making the Vol change! Boy, ya know, we "Porchies" are
    all getting so smart. I never worry about the changes any-
    more as they are nearly "automated". Someone is always there
    to help with the transition to the new Volume.

    Rock, when that fellow from Portland (Craigslist Rideshare)
    offer a ride in his Corvette from Portland to SF, I immediate-
    ly thought of that old TV program "Route 66". George Maharis,
    but can't think of the blond headed fellow's name? I think he
    played on the first TV mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man"? Do
    ya remember who he was?? Anyway, that ride would have entailed helping distressed individuals along the way just
    ike in "Route 66". It's a 8 to 9 hour trip as it is. Glad
    I decided on the Plane back, 80 mins.!!

    Julie, have you departed for Belize yet? If not, I know it
    must be coming up soon. Wish you all the best in your
    Mission Work! You are very courageous to be taking this
    vocation on. I know you will miss the Family at home greatly. It's such a great sacrifice on your behalf.

    Annie. thanks for the "Heloise" laundry tips. If I need
    to wear a dress shirt, I only iron the front and leave my
    sport coat on. It's one of those bachelor shortcuts. Ya
    know what I'm sayin? If I need a dryer on a busy day at
    the laundry matt, I turn around and ask ifin' "one
    box of this soap was enough for a whole wash"?? (You should
    see the place empty out) They picture suds everywhere!!!
    Also keep "bandaids" in my wallet to cover up the coin slots
    on the machines that don't work! Ah, City livin'!

    Well, I'm comin' down wiff a cold! It was 90 degrees in the
    North Valley last week, then the rain and cool in Oregon!
    Weather isn't 'posta have anything to do with it, but it's
    changes effect me almost every time! End up a "sickie"!

    Both my mind and body are on "slo-mo" so I'll cut this
    short and return in the A.M. Hope all are doing well!


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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here are some answers to some recent questions.

    Linda, Coleman's mustard was started in 1814 in England. It grew from a water mill on a stream to a big factory. Jeremiah Coleman provided benefits to his workers that other employers did not.

    But even so he had children working 12 hours a day. He eventually became purveyor to Queen Victoria. You can buy his mustard at your supermarket. It comes in a yellow package w/ a picture of a bull's head.

    Great caricature. Did you each get a copy?

    Mr Dad, I never watched Route 66 as I was in college at the time and didn't watch tv. The guy you're thinking of may be Martin Milner. He was in movies and tv for decades. I think he was the teenager in the bathtub in Life With Father way back when I was in grade school.

    Elaine, yes p-nut butter is yummy and nutritious. Like cold cereals and graham crackers, it started out as a health food.

    Bevy, thanks for explaining that: NRG is energy. We know that's true because it's a tautology, and all tautologies are true.

    Yes, it's been 50 years since I left High School. Reunion is this summer in Minnesota, but I doubt I'll go. I sometimes tell people I'm so old that my grandfather was alive when Lincoln was President.

    I doubt most people believe it, but it's true. He died when he was in his 70s, three years before I was born. His widow lived another 39 years.

    Did your toothache go away, Georgia? Do you have to seek the aid of the friendly, painless dentist? I saw the dentist last week. He told me I had Gineritis, and should not watch Gilligan's Island for 6 weeks.

    Annie, glad to hear Danny is getting better. Was it you who told me to try vitamin D? I'm sorry, but my mind is just falling apart. Anyway I've been taking it for the last month. I feel a little more chipper.

    Elaine said she was feeling chipper in a recent post. You don't want to get too close to those chippers, Elaine. Look what happened to one of the kidnappers in "Fargo".

    Well, there's a cat at the window. There was a skunk earlier. Didn't see it, but detected its presence. My mother always referred to them as "sunks".

    All for now


  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks Bevy for getting up and running, now can you help me to the same,lol.

    Oh I was a slug yesterday, really spent the whole day on the couch even fell asleep for awhile. I NEVER take naps. That will show me not to take my adderall. BUt I still slept like a log last night.

    It has felt good to feel good and took full advantage of it, but know that a pay day would come and it did. But I am ready to get out and about today, even tho it is rainy today.

    The porch is moving along and I have to say I was not able to retain all I scanned threw this morning so I will say hello to all today and promise to be better next time.

    Gotta go get ready for my big day out- See ya guyz later-Carla
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there to all,

    Have another busy day planned after I get off here. DH will be back , want the computer and I will have to go do some weeding which has gotten out of hand.

    Comeon down ALL and any of you to my Painting Party in Bevy's or is it Linda's rent a bus and help paint and or weed. Then or in between we can all party , K???

    This evening have to go work at the rodeo some. I am doing mostly some relief work at the ticket booth today and tomorrow. So, it will not be to bad. We thought the weather would be cooler since it is now in May instead of August. However, they are talking about in the 90's today and this weekend, I believe. This is an outdoor area but the seats and concession areas are covered but NO A/C. I am sure DH will be back soon from shopping at WM so I hate to get started posting to all individually.

    I cannot take that high heat and humidity anymore with all my DD's. The cold is worse but can't take wither , esp as I get older (yuck) etec. Never could stand the COLD.

    I hope to stay home on sat night so I can rest some.

    Bye for now. DH is here. Lookin forwards to seeing y'all at my party (-: !!!


    Bevy - bring your paint sprayer !!

    Luv to everydobby,
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  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    .... that I started this this morning??

    Excellent job, Bevy, in flipping on the light.

    Good to hear that Linda has Kylob (and Kylob has Linda); that Annie AKA Heloise has good hints and has discovered the source of Danny's allergy; that Granni's having a BBQ or is it a painting party?

    Oh, Rosie, I used to love the way our clothes smelled when they were dried outside. Now everyone's too busy and many areas don't allow a clothes line in yards. Can you believe it? What do you want to bet that they'll come back now with the stress on conservation of energy? We went through this in the 70's too, but as soon as the oil scare passed people were back to their wasteful ways. I hope it's different this time.

    Good to hear from you, Jodie, and that you'll have your summer off to enjoy your last summer with your son. Them's precious moments, right there.

    Mickey, your BBQ sounds juuuuuust a bit more fun than Granni's without any work. Sorry, Granni, but while I like to paint with artist;s brushes, I'm not happy with porch railings to paint. I think of you all but I'm going to Mickey's. :>p

    Candy, so sorry to hear you had a fall! I know they do more than make bruises. When I fell this past winter I hurt my knees but also my pride. Maybe that's where the saying comes from: Pride goeth before a fall? Mine went afterward.

    Yep, Rock, if you say NRG fast you have your answer. Do you have a new pup yet - and was it a sunk at the window? You have sunks in L.A.? The furry kind, I mean... My son and his family are looking at houses. They wanna move to something bigger. Me, I like little places that are cosier and need less cleaning.

    That Jerome is a sneaky one, Elaine. I hope the zapping went well. Is it possible that it's the last one after all? I do hope so.

    Georgia! My dear, you're way too young to be having all those problems with ears and teeth! I do suppose there's an advantage in not hearing well - and you always have a good excuse if you need one. Eh? Or not....

    I remember Route 66, Joe, and the handsome blond guy but not his name. Sorry to hear about your cold. I am a huge fan of nasal irrigation, with or without a nettie pot. If that doesn't give you fuel for a response, I don't know what will. Feel better soon, OK? Sleeeeeep. Lots of sleep. And nasal irrigation.

    Carla, I'm happy that you're getting a well-deserved rest. Our bodies often know best what we need to do. How's the grass growing? How's Missy's eye?

    I have NO idea if I've covered everyone but I'm thinking of you all anyway. I hope someone will send some warm weather to us. We're back to early spring stuff and perhaps a freeze tonight. Good thing I didn't succumb to all those pretty flowers sitting out for sale at all the stores.

    The clothes are done in the dryer (wish they could have been outside) so I'll close this with hugs to everyone near and far,

  15. jole

    jole Member

    WOW! Did I really miss 2 volumes??? How did that happen? You guys are really moving right along....and I'm barely moving!

    It's my own fault though....I HAVE to have my flowers, and my hubby got the ground ready for me so I planted them, and have really paid for it the past couple days.

    Now it is storming and I'm afraid they'll get hailed out. There have been reports of baseball size hail around fairly close tonight, and the warning is until morning. Oh well, I guess if they go I'll just sprinkle out some wildflower seeds, which is what I probably should have done to begin with....

    Why do we insist on torturing our bodies? It seems my good days are soo rare that when I have one I forget that I was ever sick and go like I used to. Then crash, like so many of us do.

    Candy, sorry to hear about your fall, and hope all your sore spots disappear soon. Yes, I too am off balance a lot. My kids still laugh at me not being able to make it through a door without at least hitting the edge at least once.

    Also, my 4 year old granddaughter loves to imitate my "duck waddle" and says "I'm walking just like you, Nana". Believe me, she looks much cuter doing it than I do!!

    Rock, read through the last volumes and was sorry to see you lost your little doggie. I have not really gotten attached to many dogs in my life, but I sure am to our little Aussie that we have now. Hope you find a new little friend soon.

    MrDad, so good to see you back! Happy to hear you had a good time with your daughter and are looking forward to your next visit. Once they leave home we really seem to see their personalities and promises for the future so much more clearly, don't we?

    Rosie, we should compare wedding notes. Aren't you the one with the son getting married? My daughter is also...just engaged a couple weeks ago and getting married in September. They pushed it up a few months because his grandpa has cancer and they want him to be able to attend the wedding. Hope it works out that way. Anyway, the plans are being made quite quickly. They want a big wedding, dance, etc. Don't know how I'll survive it.

    Well guys, I need to go and will talk to the rest of you next time.

    Love you all!! Jole
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Sorry I was MIA today. Geez, I had to prepare many many estoppels today as we are selling one of our properties at work and of course the bank requires Estoppels to be signed by Tenants.

    Anyway, I am sure I am going to get caught in the door. Thanks LINCAMP for missing me. I miss you all too very much. I hate it when I miss a whole day.

    ROCK - You have lived a very interesting life. I would love to just listen you your stories, they really are very interesting. I think you should start a post that says "Rock's Life" and they start it at an age that you were when it started to be interesting. I would love it. My Grandma's Uncle was General Lee, I always thought that was interesting. She lived to be 93.

    Elaine, hopefully those zapping treatments are doing the trick. I am really praying that they will. The power of prayer is amazing. We have a prayer group at work and once a week we get together a pray for different people, and you are one of them as well as all my porchies when prayer is in need.

    I do love my work, it is interesting every day. Always something new and everyone is so so nice and down to earth. We get to even wear jeans everyday if we want to. How cool is that? I do like to dress up sometimes. Before they let us wear jeans, I have so many dress up clothes that I feel bad not wearing them after all the money I spent on them.

    Well Porchies, it is 9:00 p.m. where I am. Just got back from Target. My daughter is 15 and has her permit so she is driving with me in the car of course. We then went to Dairy Queen and I got a large Marshmallow Sundae, yum yum, my favorite. Lindsay got a, duh, duh, I can't remember, there goes my brain fog.

    Take care my dear friends and all my porchies I failed to mention. Love you all.

    PS: If I get caught in the door, please move me over. Thanks.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to all,

    Well, I survived yesterday at the Rodeo and today I go at noon to help with some relief at the ticket counters so others can go for lunch. They have the BBQ cookoff during the day and Rodeo at night..

    Not sure if DH is going tonight or not, depends if he is needed. If so I will go to and help relieve cause I stold him I am not going tomorrow which should be the busiest day and longest one too, since they have to stay late to clean up the place.

    Gotta run again since DH needs the computer again. Hope to get back later, either this afternoon or this evening edpendin giof I am home or not.

    Waiting for you Porchies to come tomorrow so you can visit, paint up a storm and then go to the big Wedding in Crawford, OK?

    Lots of hugs to EVERYDOBBY !!!

    Later, taters.


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  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I finally made it back and would like to know where my week went, I feel like I just left work the other day.

    LONGGGG day yesterday, didn’t get home with my car until after 7, took it a 10 am, they called me at 3:15 and asked me where the keys were, hmmm in my purse? So had to go back out to give them the keys and over to my house to wait until it was ready,

    I did enjoy spending time with my friend, we haven’t done that in a long time.

    I am tried today and did not sleep well last night. Oh well hopefully it will go by fast today. I have to clean my computer out. I am trying to scan some old pictures for my half sister and am doing high resolution but told me I was out of disk space. Hard to believe as I have a 60 gig hard drive, so I will see what I can do.

    I see you have been busy without me.

    Mickey- oh Estoppels, I do remember them, we sold a few buildings too. PM can be an interesting career. My most memorable moment was when Hurricane Floyd came to Va and I had 2 buildings 3000 sf each of basement tenants with 6 inches of water in all of the offices. Oh what a nightmare.

    Annie I am glad to hear you found Danny’s problem, I hope all is clear now.

    Granni yippe kayah, ridin em cowgirl. Hope the rodeo doesn’t do you in and hope you get those porch railing soon.

    Rosie- how was the kids trip? Are they planning all ready or set a date? When I was a kid my mom had one of those ringer washers where you had roll the big rollers to squeeze the water out and hang them on the line, I hated it. Would never give my dryer up. I will throw a damp wash clothe in wit my wrinkled outfit and works like a charm.

    Jodie I am so glad you finished your semester, now you can just lay back and enjoy life again. Maybe you and Cody could take a trip of some kind before he goes off to college.

    Candy hope your boo boos are healing form your fall and good luck on your SSDI

    Rock the flea market had all kinds of used books and record albums, I am sure you would have found something you liked. How are you Gordon and Zippy doing these days?

    Elaine I hope those zapping treatments are over soon and everything is good again. How sweet of the chipping guys to stop and let you go buy.


    Jole glad to see you back, don’t you hate those pay days?? I do the same thing tho do as much as I can on the good and collapse on the bad ones. Glad you got your flowers out and the baseball size hail didn’t hit you area.

    Mrdad- so glad you had a fun trip, I think I would have went by plane too, 9 hours in a Corvette does not seem like it would be too fun or comfy.

    Linda I hope you are feeling better today and that it is not raining on you but I bet it is.

    Marta- hope things with your girls are starting to settle in.

    Lacey where are you????

    Sweetie I am so sorry things are not going well for you and know we all love you and sends hugs and prayers your way.

    Well I have been interrupted 4 times by the phone, and customers. So am going to finish before I am interrupted again and start deleting files. Hello to everydobby else that I missed.

    Hope all have a good weekend and Happy Mudders Day to all you mudders-Carla

  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    in the door, but oh well. I can't wait to post any longer. I don't want to be MIA today.

    Carla - wow, I think I would have quite if we had two building with floods. That is a nightmare. Yikes. The building we are in I manage and I remember one time, of course, it was 4:30, 1/2 till closing time when the ceiling up on the 3rd floor started to cave in from a leak up there. Me and my boss were up on ladders trying to pull the tiles down before they came down by themselves. It was a mess.

    You know what else my job entales, this is gross. Sometime I get a call from a tenant that a toilet is clogged and yes, I have to go unclogg it. We don't have an on site maintenance person in this building, so unfortunatley when it is an emg, I have to be the one to take care of. Today, I had to put up elevator pads as we have a new tenant moving in.

    Like I said everyday here is a new and interesting day.

    Anyway, porchies where is everyboddy today?????????? Are you all having dreary weather like me (3rd day in a row). i am so sick of this weather. I really hope this weekend gets better.

    Me and hubby are going to open the pool tomorrow and start that process. It is a saltwater inground pool that we put in about 4 years ago when Lindsay was diagnosed with Scoliosis. It is so easy to take care of. It needs cleaning maybe only once a year, besides the usual skimming. No chlorine at all, therefore, no red eyes, or yellow hair. It actually makes your skin so so soft and you can put a comb through your hair when you get out of the pool. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to get in there again.

    It is also really good for this Fibromalgyia. I could just stay in that water all day. I have used the heater a few times, however, when we got the bill I about flipped. So we will only use that sparingly.

    Okay I am done with my book here. LOL Talk with you porchies a little later.


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