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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, May 21, 2008.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Kids. Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    First two couples, forward and back.
    Side couples out; Lead her back.

    Ends turn in. Curtsy and bow.
    Grab your gal and show her how.

    Split your corners and form a star.
    Now take her home and there you are.

    Ok, Folks. While the band takes a break have yourself a nice glass of lemonade. Marlene Peterson will sing "Listen to the Mocking Bird" accompanied by Homer Kunkat on the button accordian with whistling by Kenny Utz.

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  2. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I've missed reading your words of wisdom...

    I've just come from the garden and I've got fresh strawberries for everyone.

    gonna make jelly tomorrow so hurry and eat all you want tonight.

    Still haven't got caught up on the last volumes I've missed, I'll try to read some tonight and maybe then I'll see whose been naughty and whose been nice.

    hope all are well and working on those tans...

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so I thought I would come and check on you all. Just got home from choir practrice tonight.

    Rock - Thanks again for you cool old square dance calls. That is such a nice way to get us started again.

    Tomorrow I will be gone most of the day with our decorating group that I haven't been to all year so far. They carpool to some neat shops and then have lunch. It is a real cute little town where they have antiqey stuff and other goodis. Don't worry, I cannot afford the real antiques. c Some is nostalgia stuff and then probably some shops with all kinds of little things for the house. It will be interesting anyway/ They we stop for lunch. Sometimes they have longer bus trips too. It is fun but I have not made any yet this year, either a doc appt. or something going on.

    Lacey - Thanks for the delicious strawberries I loe them. DH doesn;t partiularly so Iwill eaat all I take myself. Might even try that strawberry bread. It sounds wonderful. Hope you are feeling well.

    Georgiac - so glad ysu got your spinning wheel and you are enjoying it. It is nice when you are talented with your hands. I am not really and it sure would take alot of practice for me (-: !! Glad it is not so hot as it ws the other day. Wow, 100 degrees was even hotter than TX.

    BTW, I love that cute picture you posted !! Really cute !!

    Hope all is well with everyone. Guess I had better go to beb now and watch the news. Now that will put you to sleep (-: !! or get your really upset, one or the other. I am in bed when I watch so I can go to sleep hopefully.

    Lots hugs to you all,

  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You are right Lin, if I don't slow down I just might crash. I am so so tired and I am going to try and take a nap at lunch, then tonight I am going to hit the hay early, however, I always say that and then something comes up or I end up doing one more load of laundry or some other kind of housework. But, I am really going to try.

    Lindsay played so good last night, she got a hit every time she batted (4 times) and she made 2 really good plays. She played 1st base and shortstop. We won 10 to 0 and ended the game in the 6th inning. The rules are if you are up by 10 runs the game is over as long as you play at least 5 innings.

    We got home about 10:30 and then of course I had to watch American Idol. Since we were able to fast forward through all commercials and the parts we didn't really care about we got through it in an hour. So by the time I fell asleep it was 12:30.

    Got up at 6:00 a.m., except I hit the snooze about 4 times, then I had to rush, and of course I was late this morning, nothing new.

    Thanks Lin for worrying about me. This weekend I can get caught up on sleep.

    Well, got to get back to work, will come back a little later.

    Love ya, Mickey
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  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....and a left and right into a chair. That Marlene does sing a lovely song and old Homer and young Kenny do well too.

    So nice to see you on the Porch, Rock, that I had to drop by for a minute too. I have read nothing of the old posts - or if I did, I forgot them - so I'll just say hello.

    And a big thanks to Lacey for the strawberries. I do love them and wanted to get some before Georgia used them for her bread. Of course, I'll enjoy the bread too. Glad you got your wheel and its spinning, Georgia.

    Granni, it sounds like another busy Granni Day. I do hope you had a lot of fun and didn't spend all your money.

    Linda, good to see you here. Like you, I'm trying to stay warm. My furnace has been on for the week. 80 or near on Sunday, they say!

    Mickey, congrats to Lindsay. Does she take after her mother in sports? Sounds like, from the your response that you're feeling the need to slow down.

    This afternoon I'm going to hear my granddaughter sing at an elementary school tea. I'm primping as if I hadn't been out in months instead of on Mother's Day.

    The cats are having a standoff, with Sophie as lead gun. I'm fascinated by how Sophie controls Honey without a sound. I'm trying cooked ground turkey for them both - I even made gravy of sorts! It occurred to me the other day but this must my last resort. It's too stressful to be a lion tamer.

    The door, for those of you who know about that job, is still wrapped in plastic. No NRG yet to fetch stain or a new piece of weatherstripping. It surprised me to learn that Monday is Memorial Day! Since all the cold weather, I've lost track of the fact that it's spring.

    I hope all of you good people have a memorable Monday. I'm sending hugs out to all those here - and all those far away.

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so sorry it is still so darn cold there. I hope that you do get 80 degree weather for the weeken, you deserve it. We finally have the spring/summer weather and I am sure it is here to stay.

    Except today it is rainy again and a little chilly but supposed to be nice for the weekend.

    I am glad because we have a lot to do around the house to get ready for the graduation party. Gosh, I am gonna miss that girl when she heads for college. I am going to have to triple my effexor I think, LOL.

    Yes, my girls take after me and my husband in sports. We both were very athletic and both of us played competitive softball/baseball and slowpitch softball. Those were the days. I also coached for years for my oldest daughter's fast pitch team up until last year. They decided not to play this year as they are all headed off to college.

    I really miss it. Coaching is much more exciting and nerve wracking than playing.

    Good luck with Sophie and Honey and getting that door fixed. By the way, what is NRG short for. Have a good rest of the day

  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hey guys thanks for the dance the jam and lemonade guys. I will just bring a couple of marigold planters over later.

    So bbbbbbbbb cold here!

    Danny had the Special Olympics today, 400 kids, god love them, they are so cute. The pledge was led by a young boy who cannot speak but uses a voice machine so it sounded as if Stephen Hawkin was giving it. Nice little choir did Star Spangled Banner, the kids all got tee shirts. Danny won the 50 meters and wait for it, got a gold medal for being the most improved athlete in the county......we were darn proud. It was so cold there, blowing a gale, raining, horrible. Bucked up a little this pm, but thank goodness most of it was indoor arena. The thing is this, yu get 400 Special needs kids together and it is pure harmony and togetherness and acceptance of everyone, if only the regular kids could see how that works sometimes......

    Well just got bad dx from doc, now they say it is IBD he has....just mailed Linda as this sounds weird to me, like what have swollen eyes and face got to do with IBD that he seems to have NO symptoms of??? Now they want him on piles more antibiotics and has to see a gastroentologist now. I am getting to the point where I did not want some other disease thrown at me, but what the heck does he have??? This is 16months next week he has had this.

    Well guys I hafta go, you can imagine how tired we are, plus we had to go shopping and I am trying to plant the marigolds under the landscape fabric and the soil is not DUG there!!! Maybe I will plant them in planters instead? Those long ones.

    Georgiac I thought that may be raw wool-I used to keep suffolks but used to trade Jacob (shetland) wool in those lovely browns.

    Love Annie and to all I did not mention too.....
  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Awwww Annie, I bet Danny had the biggest smile on his face when he won that medal as well as you and DH. That is so cool, he deserves it.

    My daughter Ashley volunteers at school in the Big Brother, Big Sister program as well as volunteering for children of needs. She loves it and especially loves when she does something that puts a smile on the kids faces. That is why she want to get into Pediactric Nursing in College.

    She just loves kids and helping them. She also helps out with having a Prom for the Elderly Down Syndrom every year. She will really miss that.

    Elaine - Thanks for worrying about me. Yes, I will definetly stop and pull over and call for help if I ever get that way when I am driving again. That was so scary for me. I never want that to happen to me again. I just bought a new Maxima in October last year and wrecked it 2 months later falling asleep at the wheel. I was lucky that it didn't do more damage than it did. That was a horrible time and I never want to go through that again.

    I get good sleep, it is just I haven't been able to go to bed at a decent hour because of all the kids things going on at home. Also, when I do get a lot of sleep I am still exhausted when I get up. I could sleep for 12 hours and still be tired when I get up.

    I am so glad that you are finished with your lasering sessions, I really hoped that they got rid of the problem and that you will have a clean bill of health. Please let us know the results as soon as you know.

    Love you all Porchies


  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the dentist. A two hour ordeal. The ordeal part was the driving. Took an hour and 15 minutes to go 33 miles. Let me see. That works out to...carry the 2...Oh, never mind.

    Driving in LA traffic is horrible. Especially for those of us who grew up in a village where you could walk to wherever you were going.

    When I was a kid, Laceymae, everyone canned and preserved. I am waiting eagerly to sample your strawberry jelly. Is jelly more work than jam?

    Georgia, how is your new wheel different than the old? Is it a tabletop model? Are you sure it won't hurt your back?

    What is your decorating group all about, Granni? Are the members interested in decorating houses? I just read a book on William Haines, a leading movie star in 1930.

    After Louis B. Meyer put an end to his acting career, he became a decorator and did homes for people like Jack Warner, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. Also did the White House for the first Bushes. The book is the big coffee table sort w/ lots of pictures. Amazing what good taste and lots of money can come up.

    Well, Linda, I wish I'd been there to see that bow and curtsy. You know what happened to your old parnter? Is he still tall?

    Mickey, hope you get some sleep over the weekend. When is the big graduation party? I remember mine. The minister's wife baked me a cake w/ a mortarboard on top. I was very impressed.

    How did the concert go, Marta? Did they really serve tea in a grade school?

    Congratulations on Danny's gold medal, Annie. I'm w/ you all the way wishing the doctors could be more helpful.

    Elaine, I wrote something by your name. Looks like "filly reored". Not very helpful, huh?! Anyway I hope you are finally done w/ your treatments and can get back on your skateboard soon.

    Huckle and Mama are here for some afternoon kibble. Time go buzz off.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I had a very nice day today shopping with our Decorator Group dotday even thought I didn;t buy much of anything.

    Rock - in answer to your questions, the groups organizers try to do something related to decorating (home mostly) once a month. So far this is the first event I have gone to this year. Sometimes we carpool and just go to places not that far away to hit different places that sell things for the home, different things, not necesearily the normal things you would find in a dept store. Other times we might take a bus and go farther away to hit places that sell sort of antiquey type or nostalgic or different kinds of stuff for the home that you wouldn't necessariy find someplace else. I just bought two pairs of earring today as I couldn;t find anything I wanted to buy and or in my price range.

    Allot of these places are like giant garage sales with very nice things mostly, not junk, like pretty tea sets, dishes, lamps, figuringes, etc. !! Occasionally they even goe to furniture stores that have accessories, etc. and they talk about decorating , giving tips.

    We had a very nice time although my legs and back got really tired and achey as time went on. On of the gals bought a very pretty different LONG mirror to hand in a stratigic place on her wall. I did not see it till after it was wrapped. So I do not even know what she paid. I found a lovely lamp with just the right colored shad for my desk in the bedroom and the price was not to bad BUT it was to tall. So, I did not biuy it. Our subdivision also has an antigue group to which I do not belong. I am sure these gals are alot more serious antique buyers and have alot more money than I do for sure.

    We just shopped and looked alot, then had lunch and looked around some more. Our small group stopped to share a dessert and then we went home with one gals mirror hanging from front to back seats. It was much to long for the trunk or hatchback area. Rock , aroen't you glad you asked about the decorating group?? Wow this was like a story !! Sorry for the BOOK (-: !!

    Elaine - so glad that you finally had your last lasering (zapping) session. Let us know after you get you results back from the tests. Hope you will finally get your energy back again soon.

    Mickey - wow this is a very busy time for you all. Ashley should be so proud of all the work she is doing with the BB,BS special needs children , etc. That is wonderful for her as well as for the children. I am sure she will make a gareat pediatric doctor.

    Annie - congrats to Danny on his medal. I am sure he was so thrilled and proud of himself, as he should be !!! So sorry tht the docs are having such a problem trying to find out Danny's problem. Hope they find the problrm soon without so many weird meds and such.

    Georgia - I thought those might be your little toes down at the botton of your shawl pic (-: !!You having lots of fun playing with your toy ( your spinning wheel). I sam glad you are enjoying it and hope Mr. M is feeling better after his fall.

    Jodie - was she here?? I didn't see her. Hope all is well and that she has a nice weekend.

    Marta - That is to funny about Honey and Queen Soapie (-: !!! Soapie is not going to let HOney get away with anything as she (Soapie) is IT !! I hope that they will both eat the turkey or chicken you made special for them (good grief ) !!, picky kitties or kitty !!Good luck .

    Well, everyone I have got to go now. I have also been talking on the phone as I try and type this. So some of it might not not make any sense (-: !!

    Lots of hugs to EVERYDOBBY inc those not mentioned.,

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    A friend just posted me a series of pics of a mountain pass in Bolivia that is totally unbelievable!!!

    At the end it says, never complain about crowded freeways again.

    I could not believe all these trucks and this pass.

    How was the dentist when you got there???

    Lin keeps telling me it is due to warm up here in the Lake Erie area, but it is darn cold today. The kids at the special olympics would not put coats on over their special shirts.

    Hey just heard about the Colorado tornado, don't we have a porchie who is Colorado?

    Rock you can make freezer jam from strawberries that is very easy. Anyone have the recipe?

    Bought our first cherries today, YUMMIE. and first watermelon. Won't be swimming in the lake this memorial day for sure!

    Love to each and all, Annie
  12. jole

    jole Member

    Square dancing, accordian playing, whistling....sounds like fun! Rock, you always make me smile! And thanks for the lemonade....

    Mickey, there's certainly nothing wrong with you being proud of your family...there would be something wrong if you weren't!

    MrDad, your Sierra storm story sounds interesting. It's amazing what we did when we were young that seemed like fun just because it was time spent with friends. At 20 we were too young to worry yet.

    Georgia, I missed the photo of the shawl you are making but bet it was pretty. Spinning yarn sounds intriguing and I would love to watch you.

    Granni, your day trip sounds wonderful! I love looking at antiques...think I lived in the Victorian Era in my other lifetime! LOL.

    Lacey, good to see you back. Sorry you haven't been doing well. I get depressed fairly often and like you, just can't post at those times. Just come to the porch, sit in your chair and enjoy the conversation even if you can't take part...that's what I do. Thanks for the strawberries! Will have to make some strawberry shortcake for all you porchies now.

    Annie, I too liked little David the best! (But guess we didn't count, huh.) Glad you've fianlly made some headway on your cabinets. Bet they'll be beautiful when finished. You know, in the past I always wanted to go to the Special Olympics but never did. Can't think of anything that would be as touching as that.

    Carla, Wow! You get more done in a day than I can accomplish in an entire summer! I can believe you're exhausted after all that...

    Elaine, good to hear the treatments are over. NRG is returning soon, I can feel it!!

    Lin, We're all going to be living in caves again if the price of everything doesn't come down soon. Gee, I would have to turn up the heat...I couldn't stand 61 inside!

    Marta, I tink I've been missing you lately, or have you not been here much?? Hope your NRG comes back also. And I KNOW that door will wait on you.

    Well all, have a good holiday weekend, and hope you can all do something fun or at least different than the normal routine. Our kids are coming home, so I get to hug my grandkids and watch their shenanigans! Can't wait!

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Georgia, yes that fire in Santa Cruz Mts. is horrible! Hope that the winds slow down so they can get a line around it.
    Not too far from where my Niece got Married in an outdoor
    ceremony last Spring! A beautiful spot among the redwoods!
    Hope all the firefighters will be safe.

    Annie, I'm so happy that Danny did so well with the Spec.
    Olympics! Be sure to tell him how proud I am to hear of
    his wonderful athletic achievements! The weather turned sour
    out here too! Very windy as Georgia has mentioned. Snow
    flurries over the Sierra Summit near Lake Tahoe. Possibility
    of rain this weekend.

    Lacey, I'm still eatin' on those marvelous strawberries you
    brought! Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

    Mickey, do hope you get some rest this weekend. Sounds as if you need to catchup on some sleep. I'm like you, however,
    as sleep does me little good it seems.

    Marta, I know it's hard to believe Monday is Memorial Day!
    It seems the older I get, the faster the time goes by! Sorry that the door has become such a problem for you. Seems
    he should have known how to do it right and out of there!
    How much longer until "Honey's" vacation is over? It's too
    bad the Kitties "can't just get along"?

    Linda and Elaine, do hope you are both showing some improvement and starting to feel quite a bit better!

    Granni, so-o-o busy again as always! But the important thing is that you have fun with family and friends!

    Bevy, have you recovered from your daughter's Graduation
    Weekend? I'm happy that you had such a wonderful time and
    hope you are feeling rested now.

    Rock, any special plans for the weekend? A big hello the Gordon! Is going to prepare anything special in the Kitchen
    to eat? Gettin' tired of my own cookin'!!

    Hello to Jole, Jodie, Kylob, Julie, 1Sweetie, Grandma, Grandpa, Elizabeth, Ben, John Boy, Billy Bob, Linda&JR,
    'Lil John, Doc, Matt & Kittie! Arnold & Maria, Yule etc,
    etc, etc!


    P.S. KEEPIN" THE RECORD STRAIGHT: No matter what she wrote
    in her book, I deny ever having had an affair with Barbara
  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well it is after midnight..so technically and by the time most of you see this it will be :)

    I hit the floor running at 8 am but Twy woke me up at 6 throwing up, all is well with her now.

    The Pain Clinic wasn't a big pain, I am going to have trigger point injections and PT 2 times a week for 3 weeks.......at the end of ---Aug. They are kinda booked

    I have a muscle that is a 6 in solid knot, it spasmed and never released about 10 years ago. Really.

    Then I visited my BF, tomorrow is her BD and her 26 yo daughter is moving to FL and is flying out tomorrow, so I spent some time with them today,

    Then home and laid down with the girls and watched Oprah, then cart ride and worked in the yard until 9 and forgot it was the fianly of Greys Anatomy.

    I hope to stay home and really have a easy day and try to clean the INSIDE of my house. The sat girl wanted to trade days at the shop with me, so I work Sat 10-5.

    Thanks Rock for the song and the dance

    Georgia is spinning away

    Marta is twirling around the room dodging fighting tigers

    Lacey it is good to see you back

    Elaine glad your treatments are over and got my fingers crossed for you. Peanut Butter French Toast have you tried it yet

    Granni went to her therapy group and sang a song or two

    Jole came by to sit a spell, I swear I could stay home all the time and be just fine, glad you have real water now.

    Mickey you have me beat by 5 miles, I only have me to deal with, you have 2 teens and a hubby, what a busy life. Sorry to hear about your accident, you are a lucky girl

    Monica how are doing? getting the basement dry?

    Linda got all your ducks in a row now for your big day? Hope the neck is feeling better, Did hubby get those weeds out for you.

    Julie hope your peeking in otherwise I guess you are at your cabin with the outhouse, gob bless you girl.

    Annie congrats to Danny, you have a very special young man there, you should be so proud. I have seen the email you talked about, unreal huh? I'm passing on the INSIDE lane if I have to.

    Mrdad you seem to be a little perkyer, I hope it is a trend, found any good BBQ's lately

    Ok runnin out of steam and need to go to bed- Hello to all porchies near and far-Carla
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Looks Like I am the 1st one here this morning.

    Okay gang, I went to bed at 9:00 last night, well, I laid in bed and watched Without a Trace and wound up falling asleep halfway through it.

    So I am back on track, plenty of sleep last night and I didn’t even wake up one time. I feel so much better this morning.

    I have my rhuematologist appt. today at 10:45, my swelling in my ankles, legs etc. are just out of control lately. Anyway, I will leave work for my appt and come back afterwards. Hopefully, we get off early today due to the holiday weekend.

    Rock - So, did the Dentist pull any teeth or did you just get your regular x-rays and teeth cleaning. That traffic is the pits and what a waste of gas having to sit in it. I think a mortarboard is the graduation hat. If so, that was very nice of your minister’s wife to make that cake for you. She must have been very talented in cake making.

    Granni - That decorating bus tour sounds like something I would love to do. I love decorating. My MIL just moved into a new house that they built and I was in charge of the decorating and she loved what I did. I buy most of my stuff at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, don’t know if you have those stores around you but they are the best when it comes to home decorating and price.

    Annie - I have seen that email before too where the mountain pass has no sidewalls and the trucks and cars look like they are just going to fall off at anytime. There is no way I would drive on that.

    Jole - You enjoy your kids and grandkids this weekend. Sounds like lots of fun and lots of family time. That is the best and exactly what I want to do this weekend, just be with family and hang out and enjoy the time with them.

    Mrdad - I do hope your weather has a turn around and gets nice again like you usually have. You probably miss those beekeenee girls and I am sure they miss you. Are you doing anything fun this weekend??? Are you going to see you son and maybe do some fishing??? Well what ever you do this weekend you have fun. Are you sure you weren’t with Barbara W??????

    Carla - Sounds like you are going to have a quiet relaxing weekend. I am glad that Twy was okay. I can’t stand when Jack throws up, I gag and gag when I clean it up. Yuck. So, let me get this straight, you have to wait until August to get your injections, WOW that is a long time. Hopefully, they have some cancellations by then. Have a great weekend and hope you got some sleep.

    Well, off I go to work, chat with you later after my appointment.

    Love you all and love to Elaine, Marta, Georgia, Lin, Joan, Georgia, Monica, Rosie, Lyndia, Bevy, Kylob, Jodie, Laceymae, Janalynn, Painawareness, Larry, Harry, Moe, Curly, Bart, Simon, etc....................


  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ouch! Pinched my finger in the can opener. This teaches us that sophisticated machinery w/ moving parts can be dangerous.

    You may not think the can opener is very sophisticated, but it was only after thousands of years of civilization that it was finally invented in the 19th century. (Of course there was no need for one until the l9th century.)

    Speaking of preserved food, Annie, I never heard of freezer jam. I looked it up. Sounds like a great idea. I would make some except we have no freezer. More precisely, we have a freezer (top of the refrigerator), but it is always crammed full.

    Gordon and I have system which has worked very nicely for almost 3 decades. Once or twice a year I tell him he needs to do something about the freezer as it is crammed so full there is no room for me to add a quart of ice cream. He says, "Oh. OK". Then proceeds to do nothing.

    This system has served us well for many years.

    The reason I was using the can opener is that Huckle and I just shared a can of chicken broth, his favorite treat. Now is helping me by napping in my lap.

    Granni, sounds like you and the girls had a nice trip. W/ new earrings and a lamp shade you are all set to go to a party.

    Jule, hope you have a wondrful family weekend. All 7 grandkids coming?

    Mr Dad, I wish you would bounce back. 'Spect you do too. We miss your goofy posts.

    Your niece's wedding in the redwoods reminds me of a wedding I went to ca. 1970. Took place in an avocado grove. The young couple was planning to build a house there. They calculated the spot they were standing on was where the fireplace would be.

    Oh-oh! Alzheimer's strikes again. I forgot to write this in my mailbox. I better post it before it goes puff.


  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Carla, I looked up muscle spasms/knots. There is a two volume medical textbook that deals only w/ this topic. (I Haven't read it yet.) Treatments include massage, heat/cold, and trigger injection.

    Apparently the injections are into the muscle rather than the trigger. Shame you have to wait so long. Hope the shots are effective.

    Mickey, glad to hear you felt good this morning. One of the many problems we CFSers have is that even when we sleep, we usually don't awake feeling rested.

    I read an article that said when sleeping, we have brain waves like people who are awake. In other words, we are not really resting.

    No, didn't get a cleaning even tho I was scheduled for one. The dentist had to postpone it so he could glue a tooth back in. I only have about half my teeth, and many of them are post and crown. Three, 4 times a year one falls out and has to be cemented back into place.

    Annie, didn't you ask how the dentist was? He is not too happy. He is in a one story building w/ half a dozen offices. A new owner increased the rent 300%. All the other tenants moved out.

    Remodeling and repairs have been going on since last fall. At one point something went awry, and his office was flooded.

    I was tempted to ask: Did you sing, "I'm drilling in the rain," but thought better of it.

    Well, Huckle is pacing which is his way of letting me know he'd appreciate a little more breakfast.

    All for now.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Been runniung about this morning with DH. Nothing exciting got done just picked up some new sunglasses since I lost my other pair yesterday on the trip someplace. Got another nice pr (with tag on that said $15,00 I forget the brand) and in the "99 cent Store" everything is 99 cents. So I got a nice pair for $1.00 plus tax. I am always losing or breaking the cheaper ones so I don;t need to spend a fortune on the ones I wear all the time but not driving. I also have a pair of sundglasses tht are prescription but only use them for driving. I don't want to lost or break those. dH had a few more stops to make and then we came home.

    Rock - BTW I didn't buy the lampshade only the earrings so will have to wait to really party (-: !!

    I love the way you tell Gordon to clean out the freezer every year. Spounds like some of the stuff around here that doesn't get done for some reason or another.

    Then I made lunch and here I am. I probably should do a wash or something. DH just gota check in the mail so he wanted to get that in the bank this afternoon so he went and is picking up some of ther stuff we needed while he is out.

    Georgia - Sorry to hear about your sciatica. I have had lots of those bouts myself and they are not fun. I guess you will have to take some breaks from spinning for awhile. Sometimes it is hard to find a good position, period, to sit stand, lay etc. You might try some hot baths and or some heating pads. They have helped me but it takes its sweet time I know and probably the laying off the spinning might be good for awhile, even if you love it. Also, sitting to post is probably not the best thing either. Hope it goes away soon.

    Mrdad - Sorry your weather has been less than perfect lately and that you have been sort of not to perky, shall we say. Yes, as rock says we miss you when you are not with us and things get rather quiet - esp when Rock is gone too.

    Mickey - I think Marta meant energy (NRG)- duh right?? It sounds like you will have a nice busy/ but sort of relaxing weekend since you do not have to go to work anyway. Yes, things will change when the kids start going off to school and esp. when they are all gone. We have 5 of them so it took awhile.

    Annie - I think I got that same e-mail that you did about the cars driving up those mountains with hardly a road and no barriers at all. No, I would not be there either, no how !!

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Ours will be a very quiet one. Everyone else was busy so will just be going out a few times with friends in between household and ourdoor chores.

    Special big hugs to everyone including those not mentioned inc Carla, Elaine, 1Sweetie, Joan, Lacey , Ma ans Pa Kettle, George and Gracie, Laurel and Hardy and who ever else is peeking in !!!

    *******Let us all take some time, this weekend, to also give thanks to all those who have given their lives to help keep our country free, including those that are now fighting overseas. May God Bless Them ALL !!


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  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    That is right, we need to thank our troops that our fighting for our country and that have fought for us in the past. That is what this holiday is all about. Not just another day off work.

    Thanks Granni for bringing that up!!!!

    Have a great weekend everyboddy
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, the weather could be better here for the comin' weekend but we'll just have to put up wiff the wind and fog as I'm
    sure it will improve by TUES.!! Good thing is that I'm goin'
    'cross the BIG Bridge to have dinner wiff the "Lil Guys, Ma
    and Pa! Be bac home by NINE which is plenty long time as I'll
    be ready to CRASH. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    My Son quit his Restaurant Job and is back working in the
    Groc. Business. He returned to the same store he use to
    work at a few years ago. It's difficult to find a "career"
    one is willing to stay with and be happy too. (I'm gonna hate
    it when I have to grow up). Too many big people decisions!!

    Daughter will be getting her M.A. in a few weeks, so I'm
    glad the stress and pressure will soon come to an end for her! Gonna try to see her late in the Summer when life
    settles down a bit for her. (And it stops rainin' in Port-

    Do wish to thank all for the concerns expressed here for me. I'm really find other than "energy less" as are so many
    on the Website. Don't seem to be able to stay on the 'Puter
    very long lately and lots of sleeping. I think I'm gonna
    have a difficult time finding a Doc to handle my Lyme disease as there are but few! Still working on this problem
    and it may not be within range for some time to come.

    Plan to have a BBQ (Tri-Tip) with my Son at some point this
    weekend. Have to find out what day he has open from work.

    I've been feeding my "baby" squirrel at the Park. It's the
    only one I've EVER seen there! My theory is that it
    was found somewhere else (ill or hurt) and released there
    later. It's not full grown yet and is not at all fearful
    of "beings". Bought a big bag of saltless unshelled pea-
    nuts to help fatten it up! I have to be careful to not make
    it too dependent on me. Gotta learn to compete in the City
    Wilds ya know.

    Georgia, hope Mr M. catches lots of Fish. I use to love
    fishing especially in the Sierra. I assume it has cooled
    off in the Valley too! The hot weather will last plenty
    long when it settles in I'm sure.

    Well, gotta "get ready to get ready"! Hope to "see" ya awl
    tomorrow and have a restful and pleasant holiday weekend!

    Thanks Granni for your reminder concerning what this weekend
    Holiday truly represents!


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