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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Kids. Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Bow to your partner, bow to the side.
    All join hands and take a ride.

    Allemande left w/ the old left hand.
    Right and left thru, and there you stand.

    Shot ah whiskey w/ lemonade.
    All join hands and promenade.

    Chase that rabbit; chase that squirrel.
    Swing your partner round the world.

    Now lead your partner thru the gate.
    All say "Hi" to our new friend Cate.

    Once more round w/ your bestest gal.
    Now all go home to the old corral.

    It was a great party. Special thanks to Elaine for her energetic hosting. Was good to see MrDad again.

    Welcome, Cate. If you look back at a few threads you'll see we do what's comfortable here. On days when we're up to it, we chit chat w/ lots of folks. Some days we just make a cameo appearance to say, "No pep today. Gonna take a nap."

    Back laters, gators.


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  2. ckball

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    I was going to start one and you beat me to it. What are you doing up so early or is it late meaning you have been up all nite?

    Thanks for the long JOhn research but was John a really tall man so that made them too long for every one else so hence the name Long Johns?

    Thanks Elaine for hosting our big shindig,you are so creative really out did yourself. How are you going to top this one when we hit 400?

    Welcome Cate, I don't think we have met but come on in anytime we welcome all new people. We are really a laid back crowd, well except Elaine when she is on a roll, and we love her for being her and envy the energy she has.

    Springwater snuck in late and I am sorry you have the flu, seems to be going around here too. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Julie is on the road today so lets all send postive thoughts and energy to her as she takes her parernts on a all day trip to the Dr and Zoo. She has not been well herself and am sure she isn't up to it but being the lady she is, she will do it anyway.

    Sweetie it was good to see you and hope things get better for you, yes like Linda said, use your wishes for you.

    Granni you were stunning and perfectly in tune for your singing gig, Marta was marvorless strumming along on her geetar.

    Linda your girls are sumthin else kicking butt on the Vball court. Did you see Misty on DWTHS last night- wow what a look she had going on.

    Well I need to get busy, I have to go to town and take Missy to the vet, it is yearly shots and I am out of Frontline, then take my stain glass peice to the gallery for the auction on Fri, then Wally's-so it is a full day.

    Hello to all I didn't mention and know that I appreciate the freindship of each and everyone one of you. As someone that is alone knowing that I can always come here and find love, comfort, support and alot of humor. So thanks for being here. I hope everydobby has a great day and feel better-Carla
  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Elaine I am in awe of all the stuff you planned. Thanks for making our 300th party such a wonderful event.

    I am sorry you guys for being such a party pooper and for being down in the dumps.

    Last night I took it upon myself to go talk to my inlaws about my problems and they were very supportive of me and back me up 100%. I am so relieved. I also called my Dad, Mom, Sister (yes Rock she lives very close to St. Charles) and Brother and spoke to all them about my personal issues and again I was surprised at how much they supported me and said they will back me up 100%.

    It really makes me happy that I have my 2 daughters and my family, they are all wonderful. I just wish my husband would feel this way (the one I most want to be there for me).

    Anyway guys here I go again putting a damper on things. You don't have to reply to the above, I just wanted to get it off my chest (what little there is, LOL).

    CATE - Welcome anytime, the more the merrier. Isn't Rock the greatest!!!!!

    Julie/Lynn - please feel better girls. I sure wish they could find a cure for us FM/CFS sufferers.

    Granni, Carla, Marta, Georgia, Sweetie, Joan, Annie, and ALL PORCHIES, sorry but my mind can't think right now.

    Love you all and thanks for always being here for me.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Cate - a special welcome to you. I saw you towards the end of the party and can't remember if I said hi and welcomed you or not. Yes, this is a great place. Just come a few times and youwill feel comfy. You just do and say what you can. We talk about everything here on the Porch and are very supportive of one another too.

    Rock - Thanks so much for starting us up again with a good old square dance call. You would have made a good caller for Square Dancing !! It is alot of fun and we did that for rquite a few years, good exercise too.

    Mickey - Sorry you are sort of still in a funk but glad that you talked to most of your famioy and got a good response from them on your problem with DH. Yes, therapy is a great thing. It surely helped my daughter #3 with all her problems after her divorce. Of course we are hoping tht this will keep you from anything like a separation, permantent or not. It is not a pleasant subject at all but glad that you have support. Hoping your hubby will come around real soon.

    I know that my DH thinks he understands and tries to be supportive but he really has no clue about how I feel. He does try though, I think, in his own way. Some of his problem is what I call the "only child syndrome" (-: !! Please do not get any hard feelings, any of you that might be only children. If I say something hurts me he has to tell me that he hurts someplace too. Good grief (-: !!

    Carla- I'll bet that you are glad that your art show is over and done with, for now anyway. Sounds like you are still busy , however !! Thanks for the good words on Marta and my singing and dancing gig at the party.

    Linda - Did I miss something. I thought I just read something that you might not be feeling well. I hope not. Has Lucie recooperated from all the doggie "pony rides" at the party. I am sure Kiera loved it !!

    Hope SPRINGWATERS is feeling better with her flu bug. That is no fun I know.

    ELAINE - Thanks so much for all your hard work in planning that party. You always do a agreat job. Hey, did the musician you sort of like get into a scuffle with "John" (-: ???? It sure looked like something might be going on over there in that corner (-: !!

    Sweetie - So glad that you got to come to the party. Hey, was it you who won the three wishes.? I know you surely could use them.

    The party was so great but it was to bad that all of our MIA's didn't pop in. Oh well. I hope tht they are all feeling OK.

    Jodie - Hope you are feeling better with all your pain. We miss you here on the Porch.

    Mrdad - So glad to see you at the party and you even got to open up the new volume. That was great!! Hope that it will not be too long before we see you again. Huggles back at you !!

    Sorry I did not mention everyone . I love you all anyway.

    Love to everydobby,


  5. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I certainly am glad that I have won three wishes. I'm going to use one of them today.

    I have an appointment at 4 pm with a surgeon today. I've found a mass in the arm pit on my right side which is on the same side as I had breast cancer twice. So wish 1 is that it is something minor. It probably is....just so scary. I had put all thoughts of cancer behined me....just brings back lots of bad memories. Wish me luck and I will let you know happens.

    I do have some good news (I think). Both by son and DH have job interviews set up and they are with the same company. The down side is that we would have to move. The company is setting up hotel arrangements for them. My DH's is set for Monday and my son's for Tuesday. Wish they were the same day since it is 6 1/2 hours round trip. Will update you on this too.

    Got to go to my appointment. I am so nervous.
  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Sweetie you are in my prayers. Gosh you poor girl, you sure have enough on your plate. That is great about the Job interviews, however, I just hope if they get you will be happy if you have to move. Sometimes it is not worth it to take a job and be unhappy, but I am sure that is easy for me to say because unfortunately you have to have a job in order to live to. Good luck and you are in my prayers.

    Granni, you always put me at ease about things. Thank you for your advice and kind words. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

    Georgia - Ursula sounds so cute. My doggy is an inside dog too and hates to be dirty. It is so funny how my big yellow lab hates to get his paws dirty especially when he has to walk on the wet grass. He is so prissy about that. This is a perfect time of year to have a bike and to ride to do your errands on it. Have fun.

    All you other Porchies, I am drained. I got a little bit of more sleep last night, but with hubby's snoring it is really hard. I hate sleeping in separate bedrooms but I may have no choice.

    Well, you all have a wonderful rest of the day. Pssss I think Elaine is pretty pooped out after that party she practically threw herself. LOL

    Check with you all later, Mickey
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from singing practice where we also do alot of talking. The leader is the worlds worst when it comes to chatting shall we say. She is in her 80's , almost 86 and considering her medidal problems she is a good piano player and knows alot about music.

    Sweetie - Good luck on your DH and sons;s interviews. Hope they turn out great and they both get the jobs they want. Yes, all you need a big break about now.

    Georgia - sorry I keep forgetting to tell you thank you for your lovely knitted scarves . Ursula was so cute delivering them (-: !!! Hope you and Mr M are feeling better than you were. When is his surgery. I hope he isn't toooo worried !! I ams sure he is some.

    Mickey - thanks for your sweet words also. That is just the truth. Sometime men just do not understand what you are going through and also some women also. Even if they do TRY i their own ways.

    Well, I had better scoot and start working on the dinner. It will be meatloaf. I havent made that in a LONG time !!

    Looks like everyone is really pooped out after the party yesterday, rather slow today. However, that is OK. We all do what we can

    I am sure ELAINE is all pooped out with all her party planning, and particppating in our 300th volume Porch Party.

    Well, I have to run for now my dear Porchies. I might be back tonight, we will see. At least I do not have to go anywhere tonight.

    Love to you ALL,

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I missed the big 300 party. It came and went soooo rapidly. I read that you were going to begin it on Monday-----this is Tuesday and i thought it would be still going fast and fun!!! Oh well, as they say, another day, another dollar! I don't know where in my memory that came from.'

    I had a MRI of lower back last mon. and was to see him again next mon. Today, My PCP's nurse called, my bawling me out because my answering machine didn't work. (I had just discovered an hour earlier that it wasn't turned on-------just pushed a button that said "on" and lo and behold it worked). Back to my8 story, Then she told my thatt my PCP said he wanted me to see a surgeon -----I tiold nurse I had seen him 3 yrs. ago. He told me then that it was too long a sur4gery for me and basically, "I was too old!!!" This Dr.s nurse called me for info and I gtold her same story.!! See him anyway. She told me when to come down.

    The I asked my nurse about the Dr. I had appt. with---She angriely said, well he's a neurologist, this other is a surgeon

    Now I am sure you didn't follow my story at all. I can't!!

    I will come home with same pains---spinal stenosis, scoliosis, FM, and horrid pain. Shucks!!

    Granni: I understand you fully. Whenever I mentioned a pain, DH always interupts and tells me his. Today he had to listen!!

    Sweetie: God bless you with your tests and keep praying for the best. I know that all of us will be.

    DH is doing great!! PT has taught him lots. Maybe whenm he comes home, he can help me! He is happy---talks to all out there andseems to like them all. Even got a short, short, haircut and surprisingly, I .ike.

    Sorry that I wandered on so long. I do hope that yoju all had a glorious tkime at the party but you all seem so tired!!!

    luv you all and Gentle Hugs,

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much going on at the old ranch.

    About the only news is that one of Gordon's orchids has bloomed for the first time. It is a Brassia Nodosa aka a spider orchid. Its hometown is the rainforest where it gets pollinated by wasps.

    Just finished a book on the Atlanta Cyclorama. You can read about it on the book thread if you're interested. Remember Perry Como's hit from the 50s? Find a wheel, and it goes round and round.

    Well, the cyclorama goes round and round. Or maybe it's the viewing stand that goes round and round. It's all changed since I was there 40 years ago.

    Carla, I have fierce insomnia. Usually sleep 1 to 3 hours a night. But it's better than it was. For 20 years I usually didn't sleep at all at night.

    I believe my destiny was to be a vampire.

    Georgia, if you go to Youtube and search for "goats" you can see the cutest dwarf goats. They jump on a sheep and go for a ride.

    Hi, Granni. We did lots of square and folk dances when I was a kid. I suppose today's youth think a square dance is the waltz. Since they don't know any history earlier than than when they were born, (Yes, a generalization) they would probably be surprised to learn the waltz was once considered scandalous.

    Hope the job interviews and the medical situation work out for the best, Sweetie. One of my bridge playing friends found a black spot on his back several years ago. It was some kind of skin cancer. Ended up having surgery under both arms too.

    He is in his 60s. Just fine right now. But it was all very scary for a while.

    Nice verse, Cate. Drop by whenever you are in the neighborhood.

    Mickey, you are never a party pooper. We are always glad to see you. Great that you have some supportive relatives.

    Joan, sounds like you talked to a typical nurse. They work for God, and then they get to thinking they are sub-God. Or to use the lay person's term, they become real bitches.

    Elaine, sorry your mother didn't support your dreams. She must have belonged to the Sus-quach family.

    Hugs and waves to all


    By the way: anyone notice Jorgie's post. Allegedly has 39,753 replies.

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I figured I had better get on adn write fast before DH gets back from the store. Then we will have some things to do and he will get on the puter to check our stocks, and perhaps do some K of C work. Gee, anyone have an extra puter to send me? Sure would be nice.

    Sounds like everyone will be busy eith doc appts and such, SWEETIE, I remember for sure. Hope their appointments went well.

    Cate - I see you are a poet like ROCK(and a caller too) how neat. So many of us have our own talents but sometimes it takes us awhile to figure what they are (-: !!

    I am still trying to figure out that a game you started on the other thread. I took a peak. You and Rock and a few others were really going at it there. Maybe I will try it again, at least go read the posts again. I know alot of the older stuff like Rock but not sure I have his quick wit as well as answers. It may take me awhile.

    Darn it I clicked the wrong thing so I can't go to read the old posts on this volume and "my brain is mush" OR "like a seive", as per usual, as my mom would say !!

    Julie and Springwater - Hope both of you ar feeling better. Seems like alot of people around here also have all kinds of respiratory bugs going around. I am not going near them Iif I can. If it is around I will probably get it. Gee it is time for my flu shot and so I had better get it soon.

    Please excuse me not talking to everyone individually as I have neither the time of the brainpower - duh !! Hope to visit later but it will not be tonight. I will have to go to an early choir meeting/practice to discuss some things coming up for the year.

    Gee, another big decision. A friend of mine in that small singing group that I left due to to many nights out, etc asked if I would come and help them for their Christmas performances. To many things going on with theothers and two are gone to their second homes. One is recovering from surgery and another can't come during the day as she works. She said if I do not sing they won;t be abale to sing. Talk about pressure. I know DH won't like the idea but he might go for it since it is only temporary. I have to see the schedule though of my Choir dates Iwill get tonight. It is alot of work and sometimes singing twice in one day. I really do not know about this !! We'll see tonight and then will mention it to DH. The music was fun but to much running around.

    Well folks I relly must leave before DH pops in .

    Love to everydobby !

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Porchies, I am late today as it is already almost 1:30. Had lots of Leases to get out this morning which is always good, means more tenants, more money, job security.

    Granni - Wow they sure did put you under pressure on that one, however, just say no if you don’t feel you can do it nor want to, however, I know you and you will probably do it just because that is the kind of person you are. Busy, busy Granni.

    Julie - Kiera is so adorable, she just looks like the happiest most content baby girl. No wonder you don’t mind watching her all the time. With that cute little face and beautiful smile that is so heartwarming I would love to have her too. I can’t believe she is going to be 1 already, my time flies.

    Joan - I am so happy your DH is doing so well, what a relief for you. Now we have to just get you better. I sure hope you won’t be in too much pain. My daughter has severe scoliosis too and will have surgery probably next summer. Her spine is curved just like an S. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Cate - I love the rhyme and I agree with everyone else about you and Rock being twins, you just have to be related.

    Elaine - You have interviews, that is awesome. What type of jobs are they??? Good luck and I am sure they will want you. I do think you should wear your necklace for a belt, however, I doubt if John Smith notices that it is a necklace, you know how guys are. Although he may say nice belt Elaine and then you can tell him your creation.

    Rock - How in the heck were you able to ever work without getting sleep at night. I bet that was so hard, I sure couldn’t do it. I bet Gordon is just in heaven about his orchid, that is great, you should post a picture of it, or better yet, I will google it. Thanks for saying I am not a party pooper. Sometimes I just get in this funk and can’t get myself out of it. Oh well, I guess that is just part of life and everyone goes through that once in a while.

    Well I need to get back to work, so I will chat later.

    Bye for now,

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh my, it has been 3 1/2 hours since I posted last and I was the last one. Where is everyboddy. By the way, make sure you read my cute little joke I posted. My aunt who is a nun got a kick out of it.

    Well it is about closing time for me and I need to log out and get home and sit in front of the tv and watch all my HGTV shows I recorded. Yes, this is the highlight of my day. Hahahah, pretty sad isn't it.

    Well it was a pretty darn busy day and I am pooped out so I deserve to go home and be a bum. LOL

    Take care you all and I will see you in the morning.

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I was gone all day yesterday and had a bad Wallys trip, they are resetting the WHOLE store, couln't find anything, just bad all around.

    I came home and crashed on the couch with my girls, then read threw a art magazine I get montly.

    Today I got up around 9:30, it was cold and couldn't get on line, so went back to bed :) then Bill came by to see if I wanted firewood he left, here came David wanting to work for $5 so I did let him do some things, then my GF called me, phone was ok later. It was like 2 and I had got nothing done myself. So cleaned.

    Now I am beat, it is hard to stop once you get going, Mother nature gave me some great pics so we walked across the road and took some cool pics. Now I am ready for a bath and bed. Still haven't got over the last month.

    Joan I am glad your DH is doing better, now take care of you.

    Julie I am glad your dad is doing well too, can;t believe you push your mom around the zoo, I have done that once at an ammusement park, my ex had a broken foot but still wanted to ride rides. I do hope you get a break soon, we don't want you broken-K? Keira is a darling, can't believe it is a year already

    Sweetie I am sorry you have to think about what could be going on but I pray you are wrong, but I do understand that is the first place your mind goes once you have had cancer. Good luck to your DH and son too, it is your turn for the good stuff, you have suffered far to long, I am pulling for you.

    Mickey you are never a downer, we all have our days and that is what we are here for, to share those days too. You do what you have to do for you and the rest will fall into place. I am glad your family and in laws are supportive to you too.

    Elaine hope you had a good time with Mr Smith, things seem to be moving right along. I missed the part about a interview.

    Cate yep I agree with the others, you and ROck have to be related. You are a welcome addition here.

    Well I am running on empty and my tub is full so off I go- Hello to everyone else that I didn't mention-Carla
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took a nap. Set the alarm so I could get up and go to the library book sale. Slept for 6 hours. Good grief! On well, those books were probably sour anyway.

    Mickey, you are right. I forgot the URL for the orchid. It's


    Scroll down to the first pic. Click on the pic and it will get bigger.

    Brassia Nodosa. Sounds kinda like a resort area in Mexico.

    As Grannie says, brain has turned to mush.

    Julie, Keira is adorable. A year already! Seems like she just got here 11 or 12 months ago.

    Cate, what's this about verses for stuttering therapy. Do stutterers read them; write them; recite them; all of the above?

    Elaine, how can you wear a necklace as a belt? I guess it's not a choker, huh? Doesn't a belt have to be more sturdy than a necklace? Could you post a picture or possibly a diagram w/ little arrows pointing to strategic areas?

    Anyone see the post from Gingareeree? Had 39,480 replies.

    Anyone see the UFOs in the East?

    Anyone see Elvis at the laundromat?

    (Here in LA, the signs at the laundromat say "Washeteria".)

    Well, that's it for a bit. Talk at ya later.


  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Happy to see you mention the old Neapolitan song, O Sole Mio, Cate. It's been popular for a century. Even Tony Martin and Elvis Presley recorded it. The Elvis version is titled "It's Now or Never".

    And speaking of Italian music, Mascagni wrote an opera with a stuttering aria for the baritone. (Despite the fact that people don't stutter while singing.) Course we all know that from listening to Mel Tillis.

    I have been moved to pen the following doggerel.

    Tragic Ending

    The mere thought of having to utter
    his thoughts, made poor Willy stutter.
    He took several nips.
    Said, "At least I don't lisp."
    Then quietly fell in the gutter.

    Happy Daze

    A young chap who happened to stutter
    Was cured with the help of an udder.
    "It's all in the twist
    That I give to me wrist.
    And I sing while I'm churning the butter."

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh Elaine, I apologize, I guess I did kind of scan a little. I think you were saying to Sweetie good luck on the interviews for her husband and son. Oops. So did John Smith compliment your "neckbelt".

    Rock - made me laugh again on your little statement about Kiera, you funny guy.

    Carla - that was nice of you to give you little helper some jobs to do so he can make some money. That was sweet. I hope you can get over your funk soon. You will, you just need some rest and pampering for you.

    Gang, I am out of words right now because I have so much on my plate here at work and I need to get some stuff done, so I will come back later when my head is cleared. LOL

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just popping in to say hi.

    Wanted to say HELLO CATE; and welcome.

    My flu is a tad better but the nose is blocked and the energy is really down..still taking the antibiotics. I got a bad case of diarroah on top of it all and fixed myself some rice and pulses gruel only to smell it burning...no energy or spirit to address everyone but did read everyones posts and enjoyed..love you all

    God Bless

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    That is so funny because I really do have a belt that looks just like that neckace. I ordered it from Boston Proper. That is so funny, I am serious it even has the chain hanging down after you clip it. LOL

    I think I got it about 3 or 4 months ago and I have yet to wear it. Oh well, I do love it, and I will wear it someday.

    I will be back, I am starving so I gotta go eat.


  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am still feeling puny, really over did myself yesterday and am paying today. My hips and back do not like the chill in the air and didn't sleep good because I was flipping and flopping from about 6 am on.

    I did get some exciting news today, the stained glass mirror I made for the Hospice silent auction is going to be live auctioned.

    They told me when I found out about the fundraiser that some of the better peices they receive will be live auctioned while some of the other crafty things will be silent auctioned. They loved my mirror and told my friend Barb today that was worthy of a live auction. This is a first for me and I want to be there but am so tired and have to work 10-5 tomorrow so you may not hear from me tomorrow.

    I am sorry others are not feeling well either and hope you feel better soon.

    Rock have you ever thought about trying to get on the game show Millionaire? I bet you would win the million, I thought of you today when they asked a question about scultellbut sp? but I think you brought this up once here and where the meaning came to mean gossip.

    Elaine very creative with the beltlace, very cool, did Mr Smith like it? Glad we got the interview issues settled. But do hope you get something going on soon.

    Hello to everydobby else and take care-Carla
  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    The surgeon sent me for tests today and I am more than happy to report that Wish One was fulfilled. The area is a benign area and I should be fine. I am so thankful. Didn't realize how nervous I was until after I found out that everything is going to be fine. Someone there today did not get good news. I've thought about her all day today.

    DH & son are trying to get their wardrobe in order for the interview....suits & ties. It kind of surprises me....especially for my son and considering the business they are in. I'm sure that would not be their daily apparel....usually khaki pants and polo shirts. The jobs are located in a resort area. We desperately need the jobs but living in this area would be very expensive and we do have a home and land here that we would have to sell. Oh my....I don't know how all of this would work. It is complicated. I need to take one thing at a time though. We don't even know if they will be offered the job and what the pay scale is there for their positions. I'm getting "the cart before the horse".

    Going to rest. I'm exhausted.