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    OK, Kids

    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Bow to your partner;
    Wave to the band.

    Forward and back,
    And all join hands.

    Allemande left w/ the corner maid.
    Then meet your own and promenade.

    Now allemande right; away you roam.
    Now give her a kiss and lead her home.

    Let's all give a hand to tonight's band. Emmett Peterson on the fiddle and Gunnar Olmdahl on the accordian. Tac Harstad will be along pretty soon with his banjo when he finishes loading the hay in the barn.

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    Just finished my midnight snack. Well, actually closer to 3AM. A tuna omelet. I decided to give it the gourmet treatment by adding tarragon, but couldn't find any. I substituted parsley.

    This is like the improvements made by many institutions and large corporations: for the sake of appearance only.

    Georgia, is the program about the Tudors a series? The last Tudor was Eward the something. Died at age 15.

    When I was a kid there was the Ford Tudor. Don't even know if they still make such a model.

    Happy Birthday, Granni. Also Gratulerer Med Dagen; Sun Yat Fai Lok; and Joyeux Anniversaire.

    Glad you enjoyed your nail care. Personally I would pay people not to be gouging at my cuticles. But different you know what for different etc.

    About ten years ago a nail salon opened in our neighborhood w/ special Grand Opening prices. Gordon and a friend went and had manicures and pedicures. They loved it. I would have hated every minute.

    Springwater, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Never heard of a two-seater trike. By the way, I looked up tricycle. One of the sites w/ this name turned out to be a Buddhism site.

    Seems to me at least half the time one looks up something on Google, there is a rock band by the same name.

    Guess I'd better do this in parts per usual. Anything to prevent the dreaded disappearing post, right Mickey?

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    Finished reading the biographies of Grant Wood and Ingrid Bergman. I posted about them on the two book threads currently running. One was a big star on the silver screen and the other was a big star on canvas (or paper, wood, etc.)

    America's two most popular paintings are Whistler's Mother and American Gothic. Grant painted the latter using his sister and his dentist for models. (According to the book he was not personally acquainted with the pitchfork.)

    Julie, you're right about something. Forgot what. (Smiling out loud.)

    Oh, yeah, I know. The soup companies charge for taking out salt they didn't put in to begin with.

    Well, the big oil companies did the same thing. In the 1920s they upped the price of gas because they were adding lead to stop knocking.

    In the 1970s, they charged more 'cause they had to take out the fictitious lead.

    In the oil industry "Get the Lead Out" is code for "Let's screw our customers some more".

    Carla, I looked at the treasures you recently acquired. (I really like the orange-red glaze.) Great bargains. This teaches us that value and price may have no connection.

    Along the same lines, American Gothic sold for $300 in 1930. What would it sell for today? Thirty million? Twice that?

    Here's a little riddle for you. What do the pots and your golf cart have in common?

    Elaine, I hope you have a pleasant day w/ John Doe. Got any plans yet?

    Mickey, do you have an old photo of you in your uniform that you could post? Glad to hear your counselor made a good first impression.

    Linda, your doctor really said, "I hope you have life insurance"? Is he/she chronically stupid? Sniffing too much ether?

    And the answer to the riddle is: T.

    Will be away on a little trip. Gordon and I are going to Tombstone. Back sometime Thursday.

    Regards to each and all and everydobby,

    Adios, Pards


    PS: On reading this over I see I got confusiated again. I am still reading about Ingrid Bergman. The bio I posted about was Blanche Barrow.

    Well, my mind no workee so good anymore. The only comfort is that it really doesn't make much difference nowadays.
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    Hi dear Porchies,

    I am going to write this generic post quick so get ready for typos (-: !! I usually have my share of them cause I post right from the PH site and I don't have the time to usually go over it. It is my fast hands or should I say fingers that get me in trouble. I suspect as soon as John gets back from his golf he will want the computer again to check the stocks we don't have at the moment (-: !!

    Friday night we were going to go out to a nice place with another couple. However, she got sick so wee were going to try a new place by us, much more casual and cheap. Well, it is sort of like a sports bar and very noisy with lots of TV's on and music too from someplace. We finally moved to the outside and then it took forever for someone to come over to us. To make a long story short we ended up leaving and going to a local restaurant that has delicious Italian food and Pizzas. We shared a large one. We both ate 4 large pieces and there was none to take home. IT ws VERY GOOD !! Oh, did I tell you tha for me pizza is a food group - even if I do not eat it that much I just LOVE it. We also had salad with it. Yummy ! If I do not have to cook I am happy. Sat we went to our daughters in Houston to see our grandson play football and go out to lunch and get my manicure and pedicure, a gift from my daughter.

    Thanks so much to all who wished and were thinking of me on my birthday on saturday. It was very nice even though it was rather quiet after we got home from daughter #1 and watching those 10 year old boys playing football. It is all to cute. It is even cute when they are younger. I remember when are son started playing when he waws 6 it was the cutest thing to see and baseball too. There minds sure like to wander and their minds are not necessarily on the game when they are so young. Our grandson played well but unfortunatly they lost again. It is a lesson in patience and humility I guess. He took it well though. His father, one of the coaches was frustrated but not from the loss really, others changing plays at the last minute. Dumb idea but they didn't ask me either (-: !!

    Darn it, I already have a a crack in one of my manicured nails. I am afraid I will just have to cut it off down to the quick the way it is broken. The was a short rip in it before I had my manicure.

    Yesterday we went to church and I hurriedly put together crockpot recipe for baked beans to take to our dinner group. There were about 30 people or so there so I tripled the recipe and it was filled to the very top. It is so easy in the crockpot. Just have to cut up the onions and greenpeppers and fry bacon which I did in the microwave the night before. Everyone seemed to like it and we had a good time at our dinner group. The food and people were great.

    Well, it is back to the same old thing to day. I put in two washes already and got dressed but still have to go and make the bed and maybe finish vacuuming the bedroom. By the time I do it I will have to start all over again.

    Georgia - Boy I suspect Ursula would really be in the doghouse with Mr. M if you told him she ate his special blender !! Poor Doggie seems to get in trouble with him in some way (-: !

    Julie - sorry Den is not feeliong well. Hope you do not get it. Just what you need especially before you go away again. When did you say you were going? You really wear me out but then you are younger than I (-: !!

    Elaine - I tried the FS last night. I think it did pretty well except that I ate to late last night due to the party . So, not sure if that is very indicative of its effects yet. More on that later. Haven't added to that other post yet, may not do so today nothing else new. Hope you had fun with John last night.

    Rock - speaking of eating late. Boy, you really ate late when you made your omlet. Guess it was insomnia time again ? (-: !! I know that is not fun.

    God bless ALL you Porchies. Don't have the time or the brains to write to anyone else right now . Just know that I care about you ALL. Will TRY and add on later and or see what is happnen !



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    Elaine - that must have been something with that guy on the motorcycle. He probably didn't mean anything bad by it but who knows (like trying to pick you up or something). I don't know how I would react if someone said that to me who was riding on a motorcycle (or not riding one too). Of course if I was with my husband I probably wouldn't feel as threatened.

    It also depends on how close to you were to John and if the motorcycle guy realized you were there with someone else (another guy) ! He probably thought you were alone and then was taken back by the fact that you weren't. If you were close to John (so the motorcycle guy) could realize that you were with another guy, then that was rather brasen. He also could have said alot worse things to you but yes it does make one uneasy when a male comes right up to you (more or less) and says you look beautiful, even if he just meant it as a complimenet. Weird with all the crazy people out there. Plus, you have to watch out for yourself so I dont blame you either.

    It surely must have SHOCKED that guy when you said that (-: !! Hope you are feeling better with more energy back again ! Of course some guys just think you will just fawn all over them if they give you a ccmpliment, even if you don't know him from Adam.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I already forget who else said what.

    Rock - thanks again for starting us off with a poetic square dance call ! MMM- an omelet sounds wonderful but not sure at 3 a.m (-: !! Who knows, maybe if I was starving and someone else fixed it for me I would eat it. It takes time and dirty bowls, pans, and utensils and chopping to make an omelet !! I am to lazy esp at that hour. I'll bet it did taste good though . I love omelets !

    Hugs and blessings to everydobby,

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    Rock, thanks for the great dance. My hubby used to call square dances years ago, and it was a lot of fun. However, this was the "Modern" square dancing instead of the old version. It was quite a bit more complicated, but both are fun. I sure couldn't keep up any more!

    I also loved to play the accordian. Just couldn't play for very long at a time because it takes a lot of arm strength, and I have never had that, even when younger and healthier. Wish I could do it all again!

    I still enjoy your history lessons, and wish I could retain all that you, JULIE AND GEORGIA had to say in this volume. My memory is 'way too short. Kinda like I laugh at your silly comments and by the end of the vol. have to go back and re-read 'cause I can't remember what was funny. So it isn't just you with that problem!!

    Granni, sorry I missed your birthday. I still don't have my new computer...think it got lost in an UPS truck somewhere, and I'm not used to this laptop of my daughters. You know, I've never had a manicure or pedicure in my life. What a great gift (even if you've already lost a nail). It must feel nice to be pampered!

    Elaine, it's great that you can sing and dance your way out of the blues. I'll have to try that since nothing else seems to work. I did learn not to do the Twist though! LOL. It's so great to hear that John and you are still going strong. I knew there had to be someone who appreciated you as much as all of us!

    Julie, that respiratory stuff is wicked! I have been fighting it for nearly 2 weeks now, and just don't seem to get any better. BUT....I think my immune system must be changing because for a few years I never caught anything.

    It's hard for me to imagine that you may be going back to Belize before long. You seem to have a very strong calling to do work in that area of the world, and I'm sure they need you, but you are the type person that can find good things to do no matter where your body settles!

    Georgia, you taught me something new...I honestly never knew people ate goat, and I've lived on a farm all my life! What's it like? Is it tough? I assume(perhaps wrongly) that it is, and maybe with a different taste, therefore the salsa to go with it? This is interesting to me!

    You have a cute sense of humor about Mr. M's "blender" - I agree, yours sounds much easier and quicker!

    Lin, yep, it's chilli weather here also. I make a huge pot or 2 and freeze lots of it for later, or for when the kids come home and I'm not up to cooking. The bad thing about it is even with sitting it in water, it thaws out soooo sloowwllly.

    You paint a very vivid picture of Lucie with her leaf trophy prancing around. How funny! I can just see her. They are so much like kids, aren't they? Demanding attention one minute, and so infatuated with the simple things of life the next.

    Well, my "chore" for this week is to sort out all my pictures (and there are tons of them). I love scrapbooking and it gets me through the long winter days, but first I have to organize my pictures that have been gone through so many times by the kids that they are now mostly in utter chaos.

    IF my computer ever gets here I'll have to take some time to figure it out. It has Windows Vista and I know absolutely nothing about it, except that it's completely different and they say not to give up on it, it really does work well.....okay, we'll see!

    Gotta go for now. Love to all ****Jole****
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    Im in a mad rush but stopped by to peek. My husbands cousins sis and my bro in law are coming for lunch; she called day before yesterday and we spoke and she said she would come over; so i just told her I'd make lunch. Since she and bro inlaw are close, theyre both in their mid twenties; i told him to come along also. I remember i was feeling very chipper at that time; well the energy sort of took a zoom downwards last night; and i was wondering what possessed me to offer to make lunch. Luckily i did manage to drag myself out and buy groceries in the afternoon. And anyway cousins mom just gave a mammoth lunch and dinner during festival so i can at least cook for two! goodness it sounds so pathetic...well i sound pathetic hahahaha. Groaning like this. But theres cleaning to do too.

    Ive decided to make a pork and potato mash dish i have tried several times before and been successful at...its an ethnic Indian tribal dish. And i found some chicken wings in the fridge so i just downloaded a recipe from the internet and gonna try that since i seem to have the ingredients...and Ill make cauliflower curry. And some sweet dish for dessert. Thank god the electricity seems to be not going out so i dont have to worrry about the rice.

    Im doing some deep breathing between chores and it seems to help rev up the energy and motivation...

    spoke to daughter on phone yesterday and she was very happy...having just gone off on a mini tour of sorts and met up with all her Nepalese friends studying in different colleges around that area. She's asking us to send her her boots but the courier will charge more than the boots Im guessing....one of her old classmates a guy studying in that area has decided he isnt adapting well to the new country or college and is going to come back; I was so surprised since the fellow is a brilliant straight A student...who was always involved in extra curricular activities..and he got such a good deal in scholarship too like 95% scholarship that too in a top ten college!!

    Well, my break is over and i better rush and complete my preparations.

    Iveasked son to help with the cleaning up. Il prob have to clean up after him but stil he better learn to help.

    God Bless

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am still here just been really swamped here at work. I take one day off and they give me 2 months worth of work to do, GEEZ.

    sounds like everyone is doing somewhat better. Thanks Rock for getting us started in style. I sure wish I had your sense of humor. You are a very interesting, fun, intelligent person that is for sure.

    Springwater, I am so glad you got to speak to your daughter. I bet you really miss her so so much. You sound like you have such a wonderful family and are all so very close. That is awesome.

    Ashley's roomate is going home this weekend so Ashley wants me to come on Saturday and stay overnight in her dorm with her. Columbia, MO is a wonderful ciity and is full of charm. Downtown Columbia is very old and has the neatest stores and restaurants in it. I hope the weather is nice because we will be doing lots of walking around. I am so excited and can't wait to go. She has to work on Saturday until about 4:30 so I will get there around then and spend the night with her and have all day Sunday to shop and eat. LOL

    Well this is really short and I am sorry but I have to get back to this job. You guys take care and I will be back shortly.

    Oh Lydia, I am so glad you decided to go back to Belize. I think you are so happy about going there and you really miss it. That will really lift your spirits up a lot. You are just such a caring person.

    Love you all,

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    ckball New Member

    Hey there, I have been peeking in the bushes once in a while but have been taking a break, well as much as I can :)

    I was very tired and did rest and researched some pottery I bought. Now I am trying to make my cabinet doors today, waiting for it to warm up a bit first.

    I am still just like the turtle, slow and steady, in trying to get threw each day. I have also been contacted by another HS classmate and we have been writting.

    I still feel the blues and have to fight them off each day. The other day I went to a flea market and when I left I backed up into a huge pole in the middle of the lot and broke out my entire rear light assembly and now have matching dents on the back of my bumper.

    I was just trying to get out and do something and bam hit that dern pole, it had no business being in my way. Oh well stuff happpens.

    I am just going to say hello to everyone for now as I am freezzing and going to fix a pot of hot chocolate for us and some warm donuts. Everydobby take care of each other-Carla
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    Well they switched me over to the new board. I can no longer accesss the old. So, I'm kinda learning the new board.

    I'm not going to address everyone today, I'm just too darn tired and like Carla feeling blue.

    I had to see the dr. yesterday and that was a HUGE stress disagreeing with him and telling him their is something wrong once again. When I had the pain in my side he didn't believe anything was wrong and BAM a few days later I'm having ER surgery.

    Plus, I have to have a colonscopy and that scars me. If they find what I think is wrong it will be another surgery this year.

    So, I'm sitting in my pity party feeling sorry for myself.

    Thanks for listening --- I love you all!

    Big hugs,
  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Monica, I really hope you don't have to have surgery again, but if you do, I hope it will be for the better. I can't believe you doc said there was nothing wrong and then 2 days later had to have surgery. Wow, I bet he felt bad, or probably made excuses for himself. I will keep you in my prayers girlie.

    Elaine - Sure you can dance in your car. Don't you ever get behind someone and you see then hopping up and down and their arms flying everywhere and their head going back and forth. I think that is so funny when I see that.

    Hi Granni, how is the dancing and singing coming along???? Have you found out yet about your hubby results on the moles or did I miss that in one of your posts.

    Well, I just found out my cousin who is 40 has Fibro and the poor thing, all the doctors are giving her the runaround as well, like you are too young, no such thing as fibro, etc..... She has had so many tests, including colonoscopy, she has been to a neurologists, rhuemy, main doctor, etc.....

    She lives close to the Mission Valley/La Jolla area in San Diego. Does anyone here live near there that can reference a good doctor to her. I feel so bad for her, her 3 kids are so young, her husband is really giving her a hard time and on top of that she had a botched lasik eye surgery that left her vision impaired.

    So if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.


  12. jole

    jole Member

    Nope, this has nothing with Elaine's sewing abilities, just the peeps on the board in general. Must be the time of the year, which seems to be affecting us all.

    Springwater, sometimes it doesn't even pay to have a "good" day, does it? Especially when we volunteer for things we regret later. But it sounds like you did just fine with cooking a great meal for sis and bro-in-law. The food sounded sooo good!

    Mickey, hope things are going well for you. I love how upbeat and positive you stay all the time. You are an inspiration to me!

    Hey Carla, sorry about your car. My hubby had a pole jump behind his truck one time too. Not a fun situation to be in. I hope your ins. helps out with the damage. Darn, if it's not one thing.....And these durn blues! I think winter coming on is affecting a lot of us (plus the fact that you've simply been overdoing and need to rest up!).

    Elaine, a group hug for Monica - sure! Tackle the docs - got it! Cart bumping - you go girl! Count me in....I have a cane I can use, but darn if I don't have a habit of tripping myself with it....maybe I can come up with another use for it if I give it a little thought.LOL

    Monica, I've been switched over to the new board also....didn't even investigate it first. Thought I'd figure it out when the time came, and I have to say it's fine....just different.

    Sorry to hear you're having health problems and hope you get to the bottom of things quickly! Hopefully without more surgery.

    Georgia, don't think I visited with you for awhile. Hope you're doing well. I agree it's good to get rid of toxic people in our lives. I know it's not what you wanted to do, and please don't feel guilty about it. I don't know the situation, but I for one do better without friends other than everyone here, and part of my family is supportive and we have a special bond. The others....well, we don't discuss them. Fortunately, my kids are fantastic.

    Well, it's raining and thundering here so I'd better get my new computer shut down. Just got it up and running this evening, and would hate to have it ruined the same day! So far I do love it...so much faster! Just have to get used to all the new features, etc. ****Jole****
  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Awwwww Jole, thank you for the compliment, you made my day!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Looks like we are going to get some thunderstorms today. I am looking out my office window and it looks really scary out there.

    Georgia, wow, 56 miles to work. That is a long commute for you. Mr. M does sound wonderful, I am so glad you have him and he has you. Who wouldn't want a woman that makes the most wonderful socks and ponchos and cooks wonderful meals. He is a lucky man.

    Springwater, I keep imagining what it is like where you live. I love how you describe it. I would love to come visit there and experience where you live. I am sure glad you are having your good days lately. I just wish we wouldn't have to pay for it. It just doesn't seem fair at all. there has to be something that we can do at the end of our good day so we wouldn't feel like crap the next. Maybe one of us here will think of something. I wonder if soaking in a hot tub would help. Who knows....

    Elaine - I can't wait to see what you dress up as, I can just imagine you wearing a necklace as a headband or something. You have the most imaginative ideas so I am sure it will be something really neat. Someone suggested I be a softball player, oh that was Rock. I did find my uniform and think I will be that.

    Rock I do have some pictures of me in a softball uniform. However, I have no idea when we will be able to put pictures up on the new site or if we will even be able to. I hope we will be. You don't happen to live near Mission Valley or ???, oh I can't remember the other town now. It is on my other post regarding my cousin. I am trying to help her out. I feel so sorry for her.

    I looked up Tombstone and it is in Arizona, is that where you went????? Sounds like that would be a nice trip. I was reading about it and it sounds like it would be a wonderul place to visit. Let us know how it went

    Well porchies, I am fogging right now, LOL and have lots of leases to get through this morning, so I will check back in later.

    Love you all, bye for now!!!!

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  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well, here we go with the new board..... seems okay, but I sure would like a "time posted" feature like on the old board.

    Well the blues seem to be catching, don't they? Maybe it's all the hub-bub about the elections, and our constant exposure to a flow of just TOO MUCH. So glad when all is settled down in a coupla weeks!

    Monica, you have really been through the mill haven't you dear? I would slap that doctor if I were you! At least try to shame him in front of his peers. (I wonder if it is such a good idea to taunt docs. though?) Well keep us informed about what's happening; you know we are here for you in whatever way we can.

    I guess Rock and Gor are on their journey now; I'm sure looking forwards to hearing all about it when they get back.

    Goatwoman, I hope all will be well with you and your housing situation; it sounds a bummer. By the way, I hope you bring some goat stew for supper; I haven't had any in a while. I used to be able to get goat sausages at the farmer's market, but no longer...

    Well, off to a dark dawn and my second cuppa tea, and fighting those blues away.

    Regards to all,

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Goodness - that was some tough talking from a sweet lady...a very clear concise direct set of rules for what Toxics can and cannot do! I think it would be useful not just for Goergia but most of us on this board. Thank you.

    Only people with fibro/CFS can understand this thing can come and go on a whim which makes it so difficult to make plans with other people. I hope your blues have gone for good for the moment and youre up and moving.

    Im glad you had Mr John Smith when that smart ass tried to come on to you..imagine the cheek of him...someone he doesnt even know and then his nastiness afterwards...good on Mr Smith to tell him off and send him with his tail between his legs.

    JULIE - I hope DHs chest is fine now...how did Keiras pictures turn out..did she like posing for them...

    that portrait you talked about..i wonder what it feels like to have your portrait painted and still on display years later by a multitude of people..in the hotel where i worked, my boss's office was housed in a very old part of the hotel, a former nepalese noblemans palace, and i had to go thru a corridor where there were these huge life size portraits of the nobleman in his soldiers uniform..complete with beard and medals...I used to get very scared to look into his face and stern gaze..in case he blinked at me or something, lol.

    ROCK- You said you will be back from your trip on Thursday and i just realised i dont know what day it is today; ok i asked my husband and he said its Wednesday, most of the time even he doesnt know - I hope your having a real good trip.

    Oh yes, its kind of nice to be eating an impromptu meal at 3am isnt it? Ive done it sometimes, and loved the deadly silence & the feeling i was the only living soul at that particular time..but i mostly make my self a hot milk drink at that time, other wise the stomach protests violently. It knows whos boss. I suffered a year from severe IBS because i treated stomach carelessly.

    GEORGIA- I laughed at Ursulas antics...licking the pestle..once when we had gone to a trip near a river, our help brought back several huge smooth stones from the river bank; I asked him what for, and he said for grinding spices. My ma in law still uses her old stone mortar and pestle..i dont hav the energy to keep lifting that heavy thing and washing it..i use my grater or blender if needed. Family members can get on the nerves at times, Ive had my share of experiences when i totally 'banned' them from setting foot into my house. And yes, that commute to work is REALLY long!

    LINDA- nice to see you pop by; thanks for the good wishes for the festival..Im going to start preparing from tommorrow so i wont exhaust myself..lots of odds and ends to buy..and of course cleaning (again, sigh) and i know the market is going to be swarming with people..I hate too crowded places

    Hope your daughters will have fun together; its so nice for each to visit the other. i hope your respiratory problem is clearing up by now, not fun at all

    GRANNI - Sometimes i get dizzy just reading about all you have done..and you seem to have had a very hectic few days..but fun! The crockpot sounds delicious; maybe i should try it, always looking for easy but tasty dishes to make; I love pizzas too, my favourite being capsicum and sausage pizza. But i have never even TRIED to make them, haha - I know the crust is really tricky to make right...

    JOLE - I hope you get your computer safe and sound...I didnt know you were having respiratory problems as well, is it the changing weather or what? Hope you recover soon...I used to have scrap books as well earlier on..but mine were filled with pictures of beautiful models or a dress picture i really liked in a magazine or a piece of diamond jewellery i found irrestible or beautiful scenery..basically anything i really liked in a a magazine. Yes, the lunch turned out all right after all. They came at 1pm and stayed till 9pm..luckily i didnt have to make dinner because they were too full..i did offer to make pancakes but they said not to.

    MICKEY - my goodness; I envy you for the trip you are going to and spending time with your daughter in her dorm! It sounds like a such a pretty place too to spend time and look around in. Its so sweet of your daughter to call you..
    hope you have a great time

    CARLA - sorry to hear of the run in with the pole..and that you too have a spot of the 'blues'. Hope you feel better and livelier soon. I take a milk drink called Viva to cheer me up. Especially now that the weather has definitely got 'nippier'. Ive taken out our quilts from the storeroom, aired them and been using them for 3 days now. Coz i woke up one night and found myself shivering.

    MONICA - sorry to hear things went a bit wrong lately. I surely hope the surgery goes well. I had a colonoscopy a few years back too when i had severe IBS and nausea, but it turned out i had inflammation in the walls; it got better by itself, of course with dietary controls.

    BARRY - Hello - I dont think we've met; you must have been one of those MIA since you seem to know Rockgor and Gordon and all. Nice to see you.


    Ack! People, its 12:30 am. Ooof. I was thinking i would turn over anew leaf and start sleeping earlier and get up earlier and now this...but i notice the new board is slower than the other, especially when reverting back to MSWOrd to refer to others posts ( I copy paste).

    I spent today at home. Went on bit of a roller coaster with the moods and energy..so i fixed myself a magnesium drink which i have yet to drink..its waiting for me...i thought maybe it would stabilize my mood, maybe if Im PMS sy. I looked around the garden and found most of our marigolds have some horrible disease...theyre going all shrivelly and dry...and my geramiums seem to be in sulking mode, most of them havent flowered..just green stalks. Theyre looking really grim. I think tomorrow i wil try buy some manure and try and placate my plants.

    All those MIA, thinking of you

    God Bless
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Darn it, I just started to write a nice newsy note and it disappeared into never neverland. I don;t have the energy to write it all again. Just know tht the last two days have been vyery busy and I am pooped. I have to go out tomorrow to pick up my song book that ai left yesterday at the Nursing Home. Then we go tomorrow and sing for the local Methodist Church that has a great meeting and program/lunch for Alzheimer patients and others with their caregivers. We even get to stay for lunch.

    Suffice it to say that the past few days have been very busy getting ready for the Food Bank in November thata a friend and I are in charge of for our area arrea and Ladies Club. Had the Arts and Crafts show today sowe droppedoff our fliers and poster for the Food Bank and did soem shopping/looking. The vendors each also put in something of theirs for the draawings and my friend and I each won something. I won a real pretty autumn type candle holder certerpiece ane she some levely pretty note cards. We helped them set yup at the church since the usual room we eat in was covered with vendors selling their goodies.

    Glad to sit down now. I foud I was out of my generic flexeril today (great) so I called early thing morning to the doc to send to the pharmacist 1/2 a precsription. I then sent a new one out that I had mail order but that will take a bit to get. Good grief !! Went this afternoon and they were not there so will try calling tomorrow and dropping by again. How annoying - grrr !!

    I have choir practice tonight. If I get through this week it will be a miracle (-: !!

    Elaine - Gee, I really like your letter for Georgia if she decides to send it out to any of her toxic friends. I think it covered pretty much everything. I may have copy that one day to send out, if needed. Yes, as SPRINGWATER said - some tough talk from a sweet lady !! (or something like that). I know sometimes you just have to do that to rid yourself of the horrible people driving your crazy, andmaking your sicker, in your llfe.

    I just zoomed through the porch and am not sure I remember sho said what.

    Carla and Monica - sorry you are feeling so blue. MONICA I am sorry you are going to have surgery. The colonoscopy I think you said in't bad just the prep aart - ugh ! I think they put you out so dont feel anything . You just zzz off to sleep and wala it is all done. Don;t know if you are afraid of what they might find or not. Yes, that is always a worry. Many times it is nothing but I know you have had problems. You just need to get it all taken care of my dear, whatever it is. (((MONICA))) (((CARLA)))

    CARLA - Hope you feel better soon. Miss seeing you around here just working around like a busy beaver and chearing others up. Don't feel bad as I have missed quite a few days it seems hjere on the board lately, or at least enough I am not sure what is going on or what I missed here on the Porch.

    Mickey - I worte sometime ago that DH went for hw checup and all was well. The doc even just froze it off but he has alot on his body. He probably will have more done if it doesn't cost to much. Yes, we were very relieved that it was not cancerous.

    Julie - When are you going to Belize again? Was it in November sometime? You are truly one special gal to do what you do especially the way you usually feel, plus all the family responsibilities. Hope Den is feeling better.

    Springwater - uyou have been so busy with your family and fighting to keep up. I know that must be very hard especially when you are feeling so bad !! Perk up sweetie, you are another one here that jus thinks so much of others even when you don't feel very well.

    Hi and welcome BARRY - I think I have spoken to you sometime before but welcome back anyway.

    Jole - How are you doing kiddo ? Hope all is going well for you and family.

    Well, everydobby guess I better go and get ready to fix dinner before off to choir practice. Everydobby also watch out for a masked and costumed person in a (Carla's) golf cart trying to run over Toxic people.

    Big hugs to all,

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Haha Cate, I feel the same way, we must live close. It is rainy and cold here too. Not to great for my joints, I can barely type right now.

    Julie - Don't cut yourself short, I am sure God picked you because of your kind giving and caring heart. You are definetly needed in Belize!!!!!

    Well gang, can you believe it, I had to cook again for work. We have a birthday today and 2 of the brokers are leaving for another company so a farewell party too. It seems like every week we are cooking around here. This time I made moscechelli. Our next cooking fest will be halloween which I am making chili.

    By the way, I found out my insurance won't cover anything below $1,000 for the group outpatient therapy so I will have to stop that. I am responsible for up to $1,000. However, they will cover one on one and actually I think I would like that much better. So, my insurance gave me a bunch of names I need to research and I am already authorized so I will be starting that soon. I just have to pay a measly 20.00 per visit. Have any of you guys done one on one therapy before????? Did you like it???? Was it helpful??? Just curious.

    Love you all, Hey Rock I guess you are coming back today. Can't wait to hear how your trip went.


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