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  1. rockgor

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    Howdy, Guys and Gals

    Rosin on the Bow and here we go!

    All jump up and don't fall down.
    Swing your partner round and round.

    Fold your arms and do-si-do.
    Then all join hands and round you go.

    All to the center, forward and back.
    Sip some shandy with your snack.

    Shandy is beer with lemonade.
    Grab your partner and promenade.

    Biscuits in the skillet; light as foam.
    Grab your gal and take her home.

    Bow and curtsey; now we're done.
    Nothin' like dancin' fur some fun!

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  2. jole

    jole Member

    Can you believe I honestly started a new vol for once, only to see that you'd beat me to it??? LOL Anyway, thanks for the start...and gee, you're a great square dance caller!

    Just finished posting on the last volume so have nothing left to say, except that I hope everyone has a great day!
  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thanks Rock for starting us up again. I hate beer, yuck, however, maybe if I try the lemonade in it it wouldn't be so bad. I probably drink about 2 times a year if that.

    Jole - I can't believe your sister in law does that. My kids and family come first at Xmas or anytime for that matter. I love to give and see their faces when they open their presents. No my bonus goes to presents and bills as well as any other bonuses I get. Also, we usually get gift cards from some of the brokers around here and I usually will put them in the girls stockings. So i give them away too. LOL

    Oh well, I have enought and really don't need anything. Hubby needs clothes badly, so I got him some jeans, shirts, socks, underwear, hoodies, etc.......

    Springwater - Gosh, enough is enough. I am so sorry that this is happening to your family.
    I went to your you tube site and was very impressed on the dancing. Your daughter is a very good choriographer as well as a dancer. That was awesome, she should be very proud of herself.

    Well it is 4:10 here and it is really dreary out. I have been up since 6 this morning and I am ready to crash that is for sure. I will leave here at 5 and go home and relax.

    Take care Porchies and miss all the MIA's.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Doing a little bit of this and a little of that today and not making to much headway. Just spent some more money for Christmas for my Grandsons that really do not have very much. I will be glad when it is all over and I don't have to worry about so much money being spent. In compariston to what others spend on Christmas, Birthdays, etc. we don't spend much at all. However, the kids nowadays or most of them sure do get alot more that I ever did as a kid. Next year I may go back to giving money instead of running around and trying to find what they want. I just feel guilty that the younger ones especially like to open presents better.

    Well, DH needs the puter again. He always wants it it seems wen I am in the middle of a post.

    Hugs to everyone and hope you are all warm and getting into the Christmas spirit, decorating and stuff. Sorry if I did not mention you all.

    Love to everydobby,


    Jole - That is so hard what you are trying to do right now, going through your mom's things, Christmas ornaments, etc. Luckily, my brother and sil did all of that for my mom as they lived much closer to her. I know what you mean about getting your DH to do inside stuff. He is a worker (my hubby) and wants to get stuff done and wants things to look nice but doesn't do lots inside unless I complain I would like some HELP !! Hope you get your decorating done with help ! It does always look pretty when you are finished with the chore. I am working on the decorating but still am not done. I keep stopping to do other things.,. I have to work some of the mantel tomorrow. This weekend a I will be trying to clean, vaccuum and hopefully he will clean the tile floors inside as promised before my party. Hope your decorating gets done with the minimum amout of effort.

    I forget who said to get the ladies full of wine anda they will not notice if there is a tree up or not. That was cute and we are serving wine to those who would like some. Then we have Open Houses that evening to check the decorations and stuff. Then I can come home and see how cheese mine are !! Some decorate to the hilt and have so many beautiful and expensive things all around and on the tree. Some even have more than one tree. I am luck to get one up and wasn;t going to do any this year since we will not be having guest for Christmas this year but have a fiber optic one sitting on my buffet.

    Hi Rocky - glad you could pop in today, Sorry but I forgot everything you were talking aboaaut on that other volume.

    Rock - thanks for getting us started up again. You are really on the ball !
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well cold day today.

    Rock - thanks for starting up the new volume with your another dance. At this rate all of us porchies are going to become experts in square dancing..not a bad thing. I love the idea of dances being held in gyms and things. Well I love the old times. Oh i wish i was back in the 1930s and a teenager then. Yes, arranged marriages are very much the norm here stilll. And i have to say they seem to last longer than love marriages altho yes, these days one does hear of the odd arranged marriage going kaput here. Its normally always clash of egoes.

    Jole - honestly, i have mountains of rubbish to sift thru and dispense of...papers, magazines, useless clothes, bottles...ooofff...like u, somethng seems to keep coming up to prevent me doing all the stuff. The postponement of wedding ceremonies means i have more time now so i hope to achieve something. Then i badly need to replace the dogs bowls and some of my door latches are broken..and so it goes..the joys of housekeeping. The computer guy came at last and says he has fixed my mic and then he replaced some other parts and i hope my husband doesnt scold when he sees the bill. I myself am surprised at our customs. I had expected my husbands cousin to fall in love when she was studying or working or something. Not go for an arranged marriage.

    Georgia - I used to write in a secret diary when i was in grade 10. All about school, and friends and teachers and my secret crush; it was so precious to me..like a best friend, and then my younger brother goes and takes a whole bunch of old books including my diary & sells if off to the local sweet shop for their wrapping sweets in. I was so mad. Then when i was married my husband decides one day theres too much junk and throws out all my old letters from cousins, friends along with old bills and stuff and he also throws out my sons birth certificate by mistake! I had to go thru a long process getting a new one made. What is it with men and throwing stuff out without asking?

    Granni - Happy Anniversary if its around the corner. 47 years of being married! That is something else. You have some busy days ahead but then again whats new...you are always on your toes. Going out or entertaining or getting things done. Your gathering sounds so much fun - I guess there will be so much to reminisce about...since you know your group for so long. Its true small kids love to open up presents and see what they got, rather than getting money..I suppose the anticipation. But as they grow older they prefer dough...and buying something they want.

    Mickey - wow, that is a nice bonus..and so sweet of you to spend it all on presents. Well i used to dream of having 4 kids. Two boys, two girls. But with things the way they are, (my health n all) i guess im fine with my two. Glad you like the utube. Yes, daughter was given job of choreographing. She and her four friends were very into dance when they were here, so i wasnt too surprised. You must be busy getting ready for the 7th. Big occasion. And daughter must be so excited. You sure have a lot of exciting gifts for Lindsey. She is such a lucky girl. nd Ashley too. Do you have a checklist for the party. Makes things easier to keep track of. I hope you all have a blast.

    Carla - i saw the paw prints of your mountain lion..and i never reaslised they could be that big. Pls take care and Missy and Twy too. I really hope your cart is fixed soon. How is your friend Diane. Is it cold now where u are? I noticed it wasnt sunny in your utube.

    Rocky - I feel a little bemused reading your posts. But they are really entertaining. Is it really true about Georgias cousins. I like the way you described Mr M as 'Aztec hunk'.

    Well hugs to all including those MIA

    God Bless
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am typing this on the board (rather than in my mailbox) because my font isn't working. If that doesn't make any sense, just think of it as computer-speak,

    Did you read the last messages on the previous thread? Input from Jole and Springwater.

    Mickey, I don't like beer either. Or wine. I'd rather have a glass of orange juice than a bottle of expensive wine or imported beer.

    Hope your party goes all hunky dorey, Granni. Anybody remember the Christmas table centerpiece from the 50s? My mother made it a couple times.

    You anchored a plastic snowman in a goldfish bowl, poured in water and added a dozen mothballs. Then you put in some chemicals to make the mothballs bob up and down. Little kids loved it.

    I think the chemicals were baking soda and vinegar. Looked for it on the net. Found several sites that claimed to have the information, but when I visited them I couldn't find it. Guess it melted.

    Jole, sorry I pre-empted your opening. Two people have started a new thread at more or less the same time in the past on several occasions. Since we are all extremely sensible people, no turf wars broke out.

    I like cornbread w/ honey and butter too, but I haven't used honey for decades. I made some "lace cookies" that involved honey. You ended up w/ delicious cookies, but you also ended up w/ honey all over the kitchen and the cook. (At least I did.)

    Saw the videos, Springwater. Amazing thing is, both played all the way through. Most of the videos on Youtube won't play or they freeze up on me. Anyway, very enjoyable. I expect Bollywood will be calling your daughter soon.

    Here's a wee bit of humor I found while looking for info on the snowman centerpiece.
    What happens if you eat the Christmas decorations?

    You develop tinsel-itis.


    Ok, this message wouldn't post, so I have opened another window on another server. Will try again.
  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    LOL, Rock that was a very cute joke. Thanks for the humor on this cold dreary day.

    Springwater - I just wanted to set things straight, I don't spend the whole $1,000 on the girls, no way. That is way too much. I use it for ALL the presents I have to buy which includes, the inlaws, my Mom and Dad, my nieces and nephews, hubby, we exchange gifts here at work and if there is any leftover, it will go to the bills.

    I am usually pretty good at not using the credit card. We only have one and I only use it in case of an emergency or if i order something on the web. My hubby is very strict with credit cards and pays them off right when the bill comes in, which is a good thing. So many people really get in a hole with credit cards.

    Granni - I agree, the little ones likes presents and the older ones likes to get money or gift cards. My BIL usually gets the girls a Visa Gift Card that you can use anywhere and they love it. With Lindsay getting ready to drive, she will need all she can get for gas money. I am so glad the prices have dropped drastically, I felt so sorry for the kids that are still in school and having to pay for such high prices in gas.

    Well, I got a call last night to do a Study. I do these about 2 or 3 times a year. It is easy money. This one is on Monday from 1:30 to 3:00 and luckily i am off that day. It is regarding microwave pizza's and I will make $85.00. Definetly worth it and some of these studies are so much fun. Once I had to do one on bagel tasting and got 50.00 for 1/2 hour. Pretty easy money.

    Well gang, back to work for me, so i will chat with you all later.

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    popping in before i hit the sack.

    And nice to see some more messages.

    Elaine - thats fantastic news about your flare ending..now dont go getting too excited and dancing your way back into another flare! Altho i know that new Cd must be hard to resist. Glad to know u liked the videos.

    Mickey - no, i knew you meant you spent your bonus on presents for all the family members. We never have an occasion when we give presents to all family members at one time except weddings, so i can imagine how hectic that must be - going around..shopping. But i love the idea of everyone sitting down and opening their gifts and exclaiming. Sometimes i wish i had been born in the west coz i so love traditions like Christmas and Halloween and TG.. Also wish we had a resale shop here, coz the kids clothes sometimes they are in good condition specially school blazers and coats and things..but i have a niece and nephew who are younger than my son and daughter so everything gets passed down to them. Just as well, coz brother is out of work; and his wifes earnings dont seem to be stretchng far enough.

    Rock - I hope Bollywood doesnt call. Lol. Far too unstable place. Actually, she did get scouted while walking on the streets of Kathmandu by a media agency for acting in a Nepali music video. But she was more interested in interning there; she'd just finished giving her final exams. unfortunately, they had no opening then. She wanted to do still modeling rather than dancing or acting in a music video whch to tell the truth is still at the 'tacky' stage in Kathmandu. Lots of noise and wearing skimpy clothes and coquetting..well at least for the girls parts.

    Rocky - sometimes my yoga breathing lowers my blood pressure even more, and i suffer already from low blood pressure...but it helps me relax so i dont like to stop doing it...sort of like your developing lack of vit D, due to staying indoors.. yes, complications.

    It was too cold and blustery to go out so i stayed home today. But the computer man came at last and fixed sev things which were wrong with my pc. My mic, so we can speak cheaply to daughter and now i can watch dvds on my pc. Previously only cud hear audio cds. And he installed some kind of anti virus to keep the bugs out.

    Also helped son with an essay on animal rights.

    Hugs all around

    God Bless

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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just thought I would pop oin to check on some of you peeps. I have been busy trying to decorate with what little we got out of the storage area above the garage the other day. We also have a little bit of stuff upstairs in the closet. Well, so far I have not found my small nativity set and so it may et up this year. DH will not go back up into the loft again I am sure.

    Going out to one of my clubs Christmas Party tonight if DH feels OK after having some dental work done today. I may be able to get a ride with someone l It is not to close and is very dark and the freeways. IF I have to drive, I probably won't go.

    Gee, it sounds like everyone is so busy nowadys with one thing or another. I have to go do some more stuff but wanted to just check in with you all.

    Elaine - glad you seem to be doing somewhat better and that you didn't permanently disable your mother's finger (-: !! I sounds like you have some "wild" games at your house or your mom's house, I should probably say.

    Rocky76- sorry to hear about the opsteoporosis. I also have it and was on the injectabale Forteo for two years (the longest you can abe on it). It got a bit better and so now on exyra vitamine and Fosama, hoping to keep it from getting wrose again. I have seen the ad for Reclast. Wonder sthe stants on that. I may have to get that down the road if nothing else helps or it gets worse again. Good luck. Let me know more about the Reclast if and when you start to take it.

    Yes, I may very well be cutting back alot oc Christmas next year. Actually what I spend for the kids and grandkids is really rather meager in comparison to many but it can get crazy trying to ee that each child gets about the same number of gifts, etc. So, they won't get hurt feelings. Actually, I got a bunch of clothes for the family that really needs it but won;t give the youngs ones all of it when opening presents. I will give it to their mom afterwards.

    Have to fix some soup for lunch and so when DH comes home he might want some.

    Hugs to all inc those not mentioned and MIA'sd - Jole, Carla, Joan, Julie,
    Rock, Springwater, Mickey, Georgia, Mrdad, Sweetie, and everydobby else

    Gee it is COLD today. In the 40's this morning and felt like low 30"s due to the north wind. Is this supposed to be Texas weather ? Oh well, just wait 5 or 10 minutes and it might change (-: !


  10. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia, I'm sorry to hear about your BIL. My brother was an alcoholic too, and died of a heart attack. We had a family intervention and he went to rehab....did really well, never drank anymore, but died a year later. I feel so badly for them. Wish everyone could see it for what it is, an addiction that is usually caused by terrible hurts in life.

    Rocky, I love reading your and Georgia's exchanges about "the boys".....although I don't think you're going to tell me if there's really any truth to it!?

    I too have severe osteoporosis, but cannot take any of the meds for it. Reclast being so new, I worry about the pitfalls down the road, but it does sound promising....like all new drugs. It's not much fun worrying about falling and breaking a bone...especially a hip...or even having them break without falling!

    Mickey and Granni are busy as usual I see...

    Springwater, you sound well. I hope things slow down a little for you.

    Elaine, it's great to hear your knees are feeling so much better. You certainly were ready for a breather...enjoy that dancing, but carefully!

    Rock, a rubber band pistol was conviscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.

    Carla, a dog gave birth to puppies neaer the road and was cited for littering.

    Okay, hope I didn't miss anyone. If Lin is here I want you to close your eyes and don't read this next part, okay?

    My BIL went into the hospital on Monday for a hip replacement, which went well. The doc came out and told the family since he was a small framed person his recovery time should be fairly short.

    Before he made it out of the recovery room he had a heart attack. Thank goodness the staff was very observant, caught it, and got him back into surgery immediately. They put in a stent and cleaned several clots out of the artery.

    He did well, and believe it or not, came home from the hospital today (Thursday)! It seems rather soon to me, especially since he had two major surgeries and no rehab for the hip yet.....but that's the way they do things these days! Just so thankful that he's doing well. We never know, do we?

    No news here. It's 30 degrees for the high, and 15 tonight. Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere!!

    Love you all***Jole***
  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Sorry I have been mia, I did try to post last night and lost it and was too tired to try again.

    Did you all know Value City is closing? I went by there yesterday on my was from a Dr appt and the store closing sign was out. So I ended up spending several hours going threw everything and trying on as it was non-returnable. But did get 2 pair of shoes, some shirts, and odds and ends.

    I am work so have to make it fast so not to tie the phone line up.

    Elaine I am glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to "dance on" to your new cd.

    Georgia I am so sorry about your BIL, it just seems so senseless sometimes.

    Jole it is good to see you around more often, what a story about your BIL and hip replacement, you just never know. But glad he is ok

    Mickey I use to do those surveys too! Yes good money for a few hours, I did them when I live in VA. Don;t know if there are any where I live now but might check it out.

    ROck cute joke, glad to see you are still up to your old tricks. Hope you and Gordon have a good weekend

    Granny hope you have a good time at your party and the one you will host.

    Rocky those boys keep you busy don't you. And the Drs say one thing then another says something, we never know which way to turn. Hope you get it straightened out soon.

    Well Butter is with his family now, they got him Wed but he is outside in a makeshift dog house, he did not want to go, when I put the leash on him and told him to get up, he rolled over and looked at me with those sweet brown eyes like saying "please don't let them take me" So I had to pick him and stand him and he did walk but stopped when he got to the door and sat down, they had to carry him, so sad.

    The lions are still around and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to do anything either. I have spoke to 2 people that actually saw it, one it crossed the road in front of him early one morining and the other saw it chasing a deer.

    Well I better go, just wanted to check in, I may be around much this weekend as I have a christmas party to go to one day and then a freind and I are going to do the tour of homes one day, they do this every year, all the houses are deck out for the hoildays. Take care and hello to anyone I didn't mention-Carla
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    well, today i discover seems like the small wedding ceremony is on Monday now. And today is Friday. So i have three days to get my familys clothes ready,praying sons suit doesnt need dry cleaning, buy all the gifts, we have to present something to each member of bride and grooms family as well as bride and groom so it looks like i have my own kind of christmas shopping to do. I asked hubs for some money then chose something in a jewellery shop for cousin - and rang cousin up to come check if she likes it or not..she's not there, gone off on a long jaunt with her new husband...so i got the bright idea of handing over money for bride and grooms gifts to aunt and cousin herself can shop tomorrow and i will only gift wrap. I went and bought some clothing stuff for the others. I got the distinct feeling my aunt thought we werent spending enough on their presents and am quite fed up of the whole business. As it is i had to persuade husband to hand overthe money for what he did give.It irritates the heck out of me - this joint family business and the financial aspects of it..but i am goingto just go with what i have. My aunt does tend to be lavish but then her husband is so much free er with the purse strings...and she doesnt have needy relatives like i have where money keeps going. So i cant even blame my husband.

    Hardly any time. Got to string my necklace. And also go help clean and prepare prayer room where ceremony will be held. Luckily one of aunts longtime friends has come from India to help out and attend.

    I asked uncle why is he doing the ceremony at such short notice and he says the bridegrooms family want to leave on the 10th. So he had to do it before that so he chose 8th. I m feeling the bridegrooms family is a little frazzled with all the unexpected deaths occuring and think its better to leave and leave us in peace to attend the funeral prayers and rituals. After all the main thing - the legalities of it is over. Boy, will i be glad when all this is over, and i can go back to lumbering around the house in peace with a mug of tea in my hands.

    Carla - they stil havent caught the mountain lion. I suppose its going to take something serious for the authorities to wake up. Please do be careful.

    Elaine - that was a rather ferocious threat from you to your nephew and niece. Did they laugh at you when you said that?

    Georgia - sorry about your BIL. I know all about alcoholism. Dad, brothers, to a certain extent mum. Right now, however, both brothers seem not to be touching the stuff, touch wood.

    Jole - that was scary about yur BIL. I hope he makes a full recovery.

    Now i cant remember anything else. Forgive me. I guess i wil not check in now until the whole shindig is over. Hi to all who troop in.

    God Bless

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  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, it is Friday for me and the weekend is about ready to start. We are taking Lindsay out to dinner tonight to her favorite place, called Culpeppers Grill. The inlaws are going too, so we will have a big crowd. I called and made reservations. I also went to Sam's and got her favorite cheesecake for dessert. The restaurant said it was fine to bring that in.

    Then I have to get home and start cleaning, cooking, etc.... for the big Thanksgiving and Birthday Party on my side of the family. It is also my nephew's and niece's birthdays too so we will just celebrate all 3.

    I think I told you guys i will be off on Monday, I am doing a study that day as well as taking Lindsay to get her drivers license. Gosh, I can't believe it, no more running her around every where. I am sure I will miss that once I get used to it, however, right now, it sounds so nice not having to have to do that almost every night.

    Wow, Springwater, you have to buy presents for both family, geez, you are right, that is like having a Christmas, except the real meaning of Christmas, baby Jesus being born. Isn't even your hubby's side of the family and he is complaining about giving you money. Wow, that is not fair to you especially when you have to be the one to go out and buy them all.

    Jole sorry to hear about your BIL and yours too Georgia. Alcohol is not anyone's friend, that is for sure. I watch those shows called "Intervention" and it is so sad. I just want to jump in and help those poor people out. They can't help it anymore when they get to that point.

    Elaine - I have bidded on 6 things on Ebay (my first time), all Christmas presents. I have won one and am waiting on the other 5 but I am the highest bidder so far. Boy, I could get in trouble on doing this, it is so much fun. LOL

    Well gang, I am not sure if I will have much time over the weekend to get on the computer but I will try.

    Take care and love ya all.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    even if I did get loggin on a couple times today. Either DH needed the puter or I had to go out and go shopping with DH. So, forget ti. It is almost dinner time so I have to go do that in a short while.

    Georgie - so sorry to hear about your BIL's death. That is so sad for people with addicition problems and they usually live a shorter life. It also caused so many problems in the family and is so sad for eaveryone

    Springwater - Sounds like you will be doing alot of stuff now for that wedding and all. You surely are a busy gal. It is hard when you have to do so much and you have so little energy at times. I understand that. Hope the wedding on monday goes on without a hitch and you feel well enough to enjoy it. Wow, you also have to buy alot of presents for both sides of the family.

    Mickey - it sounds like you are going to have a very busy weekend my deear and monday too. Hope Lindsay gets her drivers license. It will be very helpful to you for sure. Enjoy your dinner out with Lidsay and I hope you party for her and all goes fine. Knowing you it will be perfect.

    Tuesday is when we have our Christmas gathering party luncheon for most of our small group here at the house. I did most of the decorating with no tree and now have to do some cleaning up the house - ugh !!! HELP !!!! Everyone will bring a salad or hot dish or dessert.

    You are brave doing the e-bay athing. I haven't done that yet. I almost did though (-: !

    Rocky - you sound like you are a busy one my dear !! Hewlping all those x's. You are to sweet.

    Carla - Glad you got some bargains at the store closeing. Hope all else is going well with you and hope you can get your golfcard going sometime in the near future.

    Jole - Glad you have been able to pop in lately. Sorry but I can't remember what everyone else said and you too. Hope you are doing well and resting up from all your company at Thanksgiving.

    Hi to evrydobby else inc Rock, Linda, Marta, Sweetie, Mrdad, Joan and whoever I cannot think of .

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    We are finally going out for our Anniversary dinnr at a pretty good restaurant. It is has Italian food - yummy !! We are going with another couple we haven;t seen in awhile. They have also had their own problems. still waiting for tests done on her/ She had a spot or two on her lung and it seemed to be growing. She also smokes so hope it is nothing to bad.



  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from talking stuff to the thrift shop. Got lost again. Eventually I somehow circled back to where I got confusiated and this time took the right road.

    Stopped at the market for a cherry pie. They only had the frozen kind that you have to bake for an hour. It's in the oven now. I'd say the odds that I forget about it and let it burn are substantial.

    At the market they always ask when you check out if you found everything. I was trying to say I wanted a cherry pie from their own bakery that I didn't need to bake. Of course what I actually said was apple pie which pretty much confused the checker who really wasn't interested anyway.

    I was already marked as a troublemaker cause I gave her the discount card for another market. (Life is tough when your brain no workee.)

    I bought some yogurt. I checked to make sure the label did not say Splenda. But when I got home the yogurt tasted nasty. Sure enough; it contained Splenda only they are now calling it Sucralose. A rose by any other name is just as thorny.

    Glad to hear your leg is better, Elaine. Georgia, if you can't do knitting, can you do purling?

    Mickey and Granni, hope you had nice dinners. I'm surprised a restaurant would allow a cheese cake to be brought in. I made a cheese cake once. It's easier to make a cheese pie; no backing.

    Thanks for the puns, Jole. When I was a kid I had a rubber band gun. Had one that shot ping pong balls too. Much better than a light saber.

    Hope the festivals and family get togethers aren't too overwhelming, SW. Do you have a big wedding cake in Nepal?

    Just checked on my pie. Looks the same as did when I put it in half an hour ago. One reason I hate to use the oven here is because the temperature gauge is cuckoo. When the oven is off, the gauge says 400.

  16. jole

    jole Member

    Or rather, I'm taking a break. It's really bedtime but I can't sleep again so have been sorting through a large container of things. I get to reminscing and forget what I'm doing so it takes me twice as long as it should....

    Georgia, sorry you can't knit...(or purl)...for awhile. I'm sure that has to be upsetting as much as you enjoy it. Sounds as though the trip to the bank went well.

    We had those money issues in our family also...three of us kids were "given" money, and the other three of us knew better than to ask. Which was okay by me, at least my conscience was clear when my parents died. Actually, I guess the others were too 'cause it sure didn't seem to bother them that they were given thousands and the rest of us weren't. Oh well, chalk it up to being a family I guess.

    Carla, I've never heard of Value City, but glad you found some bargains, which is always a good feeling when it's something you need and cheap besides, right?

    Sounds like Butter "adopted" you in the few days he was there and didn't want to go home. You have a loving heart toward animals, and they always sense that.

    Just don't let that heart of yours get too friendly with your "Leo". At least now with others having seen it too you know positively that's what the tracks were. Be careful....

    Rocky, those boys may be full of mischief but they do sound happy...gee, I'd forgotten all about kick the can and Red Rover. Brings back lots of childhood memories for me.

    Elaine, I thought Dr. Pepper was a real doc...little slow in the upper level today! I couldn't understand why your doc would be trying to bribe you!

    Springwater, on again, off again, on again...enough already. Everyone's probably so confused by now even the bride and groom will forget to show up. LOL. All this surely must take the joy out of the occasion for them and their families.

    You will be really busy getting ready by Monday. Yes, your customs are so different in many ways...not wrong, just different, and would take me a long while to remember what to do when. So much involved with everything. Here, it's just all that work when it's your own child getting married.

    Mickey, hope you party weekend goes well. Will be thinking of you and your family. It all sounds like lots of fun. So will you all be getting together again in a few weeks for Christmas, or is this a combo thing with extended families?

    Wish they had those studies around here. It does sound interesting and a great way to make a little extra cash! The only ones I've heard of are the internet "try our product" things. My daughter tried one and had no luck at all.

    Granni, you're not the only one who hasn't bought off E-Bay yet. I guess I'm not too trusting of giving out my credit card number (sorry to all you guys that do this for a living). Hope your party goes well next week.

    Rock, wow! I'm impressed! A ping pong ball gun when you were young....what fun! We had cap guns and sling shots (can you tell I had lots of brothers?), but didn't hear about the ping pong ball guns until probably 10 years ago.

    About the pie...I love the Mrs. Smith pies that you have to bake. I actually think they're much better than the bakery ones. Did you turn your oven on or just the temperature control? I've done that before and wondered why it was taking hours to heat up...then I'd remember where I'd left my brain parked, and actually turn the oven on. Oh the joys of brainfog.

    Well, break's over and now I don't feel like working anymore. I was afraid that would happen. So guess I'll just surf awhile and go to bed. See you all tomorrow***Jole***
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Guess I've been overdoing a bit moving things around, etc. Now it's payback time, so won't join in the conversation today. Hope you all have a great weekend***Jole***
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well here I am trying to vacuum te house and semi decorate for Christmas (without the tree). I have to go do some more and have been doing it in dribs and drabs as they say. Will do some more tomorrow and probably last minute stuff on monday. Actually, I guess I will be doing more last minute stuff of tuesday morning since that is the day for the party in the late afternoon. Oh, Iknow it will be fun and these gals won;t be looking to hard for dit, but I am sure some will still be there. Just not much NRG, as alot of you understand. When I have compay it gives me the insentive to at least do some of it. I know that I need to also wax my kitchen cabinets and all but that will have to wait for another party to happen (-: !!

    Just have been doing some here and there in between a trip to the store and fixing lunch, washing and such. Also have to find a place upstairs for my Thanksgiving/Fall decorations that I took down to replace with my Christmas stuff. Then I have to vacuum up there even though they might not even go up there. I just do not want them to come up there and see all my decorations for Thanksgiving scattered about.

    Tomorrow is church and then more cleaning and preparations. Oh, our anniversary was the 2nd of this month but never seem to have the time to go out as we did plan for today . We haven't gone out to to many restaurants especially not cheap ones since this financial thing hit. However, we will splurge tonight for #47 !

    Sorry I cannot answer or talk to all separatly. I can;t even think abaout what everyone has said. I am off to do some more cleaning --SWISH!!!! (off on my broom from Halloween) !

    Hugs and blessings to ALL,


  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I thought i would sneak in for a minute before I konk out and I mean konk out, I am pooped out. It is almost 11:00 and I have been working my butt off since 7 this morning. I don't know why i always to this to myself, it is just family that will be here. I am just so impatient and want everything done. I was outside for about 4 hours finishing all the lights. It looks like a magic wonderland out there, it is so pretty. I really have to take a picture and post it so you all can see.

    I went to the grocery store to get all the food and cleaned house. Ashley just got home about 10:00 from college and will be here all day tomorrow. I miss that girl and it is so nice that she is home. That is why I waited until tomorrow to have Thanksgiving and the birthday parties, so she could be here.

    I have a 21 lb turkey to cook, cream corn, stuffing, sweet potato pie, and potato casserole. Whew, I have to do all that tomorrow morning.

    Granni - I wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary and I am glad you are splurging for it. 47 years is a long time and something you should be proud of.

    Well, nighty night everyone. I will be up bright and early tomorrow morning.

    Love you all.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Looks like we have 30 messages here. Do we want to start a new thread? Apparently the board is no longer starting a new page after 30 messages.

    If you have any views on this topic, Up Speak!

    I will let someone else fire the starting gun this time. It is has been just lovely dancing with you all.

    I was reading about the old west again. Some of the gold rush towns would have thousands of men and just a couple hundred women. Folks still wanted a little recreation now and then though. At a dance a guy would tie a handkerchief/bandana around his arm to show that he would play the part of a gal for the next dance.

    After all, back in those primitive times, one needed a partner. Couldn't just stand up and sway and claim one was dancing.