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  1. jole

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    This time I'm going to do it!!!!!

    I just posted a looonnnngggg post on the last volume if anyone's interested.

    Wishing you all a great weekend ****Jole****
  2. fibromickster

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    Hi all, it is Saturday about noon and I am back to normal thank goodness. I got a great night sleep and feel great. Thanks for all the well wishes. I guess it was either food poisoning or stomach flu. Thank goodness it is overwith.

    Jole I am so happy for your that you have such a wonderful family now and you are all so very close. You so much deserve this. Sounds like you are going to be pooped out after your Xmas party, however, it is all well worth it, especially if you are with loved ones and they just all love your food.

    Georgia, wow you are selling to Germany, how much postage does that cost???? That is a shame you are selling your tea collection though, but we all have to do what we have to do to survive nowadays. Good for you, you are such a strong woman and I really look up to you. You are doing the right thing sending in that complaint. I know you don't want anyone losing their jobs, however, when they treat someone like they did to you, they don't deserve to be in that position, they should have thought about that before they acted like they did to you.

    Well gang, I am off to Sam's to do some shopping and then I am coming back home and staying home.

    I finished all my Xmas shopping last night, since I got my bonus. I wanted to get that out of the way. Oh yeah, the only things I have to get now is something for my Dad and stocking stuffers. Yoo hoo, I am so relieved.

    Love you all and I will check in later.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    are u really cooking one of your goats? If so,many of them do you have or should I say, have you had(-:!!

    Jole - Thanks so much for starting us up again my dear. You did a good job !! Yes, I really did read your nice , newsyt post on the last volume. However, I cannot remember everything you said at all and now I cannot cheat and look to see (-: !

    Elaine - Glad things are going pretty well with you now , not counting your dopey computer. I know that drives you crazy with these computers. I can rarely get anyone to help me and with few books out onthe subject and each puter being different by the time you are done you could just put yourself into the funny farm - - - -aaaack !! Glad all is going well with Mr Simth !!

    Carla - That must have really been hysterical trying to teach the girls sign language. Hope your thrat gets better fast.. That is really bad with me cause when I start with the sort throat/laryngitis thing I end up somehow with bronchitis many times. Home you don't get into any of that.

    Hugs and blessings to everydobby,


  4. rockgor

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    Everydobby who is a regular follower of this soap opera will recall I lost a carton of coke on yesterday's shopping excursion.

    So we went to Ralphs and Gordon said to the manager, "Well, I don't know how to tell you this but yesterday I bought 4 cartons of coke and when I got home I only had three."

    The manager said, "Oh, yeah. That happens." And he gave us a replacement. I was astonished.

    Last week I tried to write to the company that has my retirement fund. Computer wouldn't work, so I called. In stead of a recording saying, "Your call is important to us", I got, "There is no one to answer your call. You can leave a message if you like."

    But that didn't do any good since out phone doesn't work. The more sophisticated our equipment, the less actual communication.

    So today I went to the bank downtown and talked to a nice young man who told me nobody could do anything since it was Saturday. I asked him how much money my fund had lost, but he couldn't tell me that either.

    The modern world is not user friendly.

    I put a frozen pie in the oven. After an hour it still looked like pumpkin soup. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up I found it was slightly burned. Gordon pulled it outta the oven before it was reduced to pumkin jerky.

    Jole, read your post on the previous thread. My aunt and uncle had a wind up Victrola. Worked fine, but you had to wind it after every record. I have no idea where they found needles in the l950s.

    Hope you have a nice weekend w/ the kids.

    Elaine and Georgia, my mother collected cups and saucers too. I remember one because it was so unusual: black w/ pink and white flowers on it. She sold most of them when she sold her house.

    Glad to hear you're back to normal, Mickey. (I assume you meant "normal for you". Haha)

    Hey! You don't need to buy stocking stuffers. You can make your own. Assemble the following. A number ten size can. Cut off the top and bottom lids.

    You'll also need 6 square feet of nylon net; a roll of aluminum foil; 12 feet of black thread; 6 walnut shells; some nail polish (any color); and 4 yard of cordoroy or gold lame, your choice.

    Let me know when you have all this ready, and I'll give your Marthla's instructions. Your guests will be amazed!

    Guess your stepmom is not the evil kind, Georgia, if she knits stocking for you guys and Ursula too.

    Singing any new music for Christmas, Granni? I always thought the Catholic hymnal was very sensible because the music is a lower tessitura than all the others I've seen.

    Time to test the punkin pie.


  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    good to be able to log on...lord knows i had to wait....the lights went off at 1o morning before i could come on. Power came back on at 1pm when i was about to step out of house for errand. Then as soon as i got back at 6pm and put on computer, power went off again. It just came back on at 9pm. I could not delay going out in afternoon coz hubs is on a trip to India tomorrow for 3 days and i needed to buy some presents for my maternal aunt and my cousins who are in delhi. I almost didnt make it to the shops coz i was so achy and down. I got up shivering in the cold morning and then after some chores went and sat on the terrace taking in the sun and made myself do a lot of breathing exercises. It worked after two hours....i found myself loosening a bit and felt some surges of energy moving thru my body so i just upped and ran downstairs and started dressing before my hard won energy could vanish.

    In my foggy state i mixed up the dates and thought hubs was going day after tommorrow and late this evening he set me right so i have to rush and find his clothes and iron them since the power just came back on now at 9 pm. Ive taken out the suitcases already and since its a short trip - not too much headache. Ive got some shawls for aunt and girl cousin and a set of very pretty tea cups for both their families. (And then i come here and find some of you are selling tea cups). I will throw in some orange juice powder which they dont seem to get in India and a box of chocolates for nephew and im done.

    Jole - your family get together sounds like it going to be a jolly old time...and the food youve planned made my mouth water...beef and noodles, mash potato mmmm....whenever anyone here mentions food i find myself drooling, I am either a foodie or a glutton, lol.

    Elaine - youre having computer problems, ugh! nothing makes me more mad than when my pc wont do what i tell it to do...i just had the computer man in to fix some stuff, he fixed that stuff and it seems to have un fixed other stuff which were working pretty well before, like my camera uploading...now i cant seem to upload pics, and my microsoft word will not work. My son ususally does all his homework on ms word. Grrrrrrr...rrrrrrr. I am glad that computer man wasnt here when i discovered the new glitches. Either of two things would have happened. I woulda thrown a huge tantrum there and then, complete with foot stamping and raging or i would have dissolved into tears of sheer frustration, right there in front of him. The recent full moon has made me very teary and nervy.

    I hope you will be able to fix your system with the system restore.

    Georgia - I guess surgery does take a bit longer to heal than one would think. After all, all those just joined up parts and things need to settle down and the system needs to recover from anaesthesia n all. I hope Mr M is fully recovered soon. It seems strange when he is not up and about and doing this and that. Those knitted stockings sound lovely, what, every one in your family is a knitter or what? And here i am cant knit a stitch, neither cud my mum, neither can my aunt.

    The goat which was in your pot - was it the one disappeared? Lol. I couldnt figure out.

    Mickey - thats wonderful to hear you back on top form now. You must have enjoyed shopping for the gifts. I wish someone would give me a bonus, lol. hahahaha. When i am not tired or achy i enjoy shopping. You know, Kathmandu is really a shoppers paradise, because we get things from India, Bangkok, HongKong and China! And really cheap. Indian people love to come to our city and shop. Their currency being higher they get so much value. My daughter has asked me to buy her some earrings/accessories from here and send her. They are like $1 here whereas she says they would cost so much more where she is.

    Rock - strange...normally there is always a fuss if one goes to claim one is short of a carton of something or other. How did your pumpkin pie turn out in the end. I love crusty pies. The crustier the better.

    Granni - Im sure you are full swing into your practise routines as Christmas draws nearer.

    All right, my husband is rolling his eyes at me, he thinks i should be ironing his stuff now - I told him i had to go whole day without opening the computer and i would burst if i didnt now and the lights went off. But i will go now and sort out his stuff.

    Take care, you all

    God Bless

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  6. jole

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    It's the warmest part of the day and is 12 degrees with the wind at 35 mph.....and gustier! So you know how I'm feeling today.

    Elaine, Georgia, Springwater, what's up with all your computers?? I hope mine stays okay, but I did read about some new viruses again....I don't open anything unless it's from my kids, and even that isn't safe now.

    Mickey, it's good to see you're feeling better and shopping is complete....although I thought you were through once before LOL. I can tell you really do love Christmas, and are a very loving, generous person.

    Granni, are you getting a few days break before performing for Midnight Mass? You keep so busy, but I'm sure you make lots of people happy with your singing and dancing. Are you going to dance in church???? (Just kidding)

    Rock, that's quite the story about the Coke in this day and age. I agree about the modern world, and phone calls without people on the other end are the worst! I thought that was the entire idea behind phones was a two way communication....guess I'm wrong again.

    I'm ready to find out the rest of your stocking stuffer idea whenever Mickey is!

    Springwater, I wish felt good and was rich enough to come visit you. It would be so much fun to have you show me around your country and go shopping together. Your posts are always so fascinating....the scenery, buildings, lives of people, etc.

    Well, I think I'm going to go lay down awhile, pile on the blankets and see if I can warm up. When I get cold the pain really gets bad, like I'm sure it does for all of you. Take care and have a good day***Jole***
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just wrote a long post to everydobby and I pushed submit and then there was a blank screen. Nothing happens and when I checked it was not there. I am so MAD. I was talking to everyone on that post. Sorry, I am to tired to retype that one again/. Hope all are doing well. I see many of you also have computer problems lately. That is very frustrating to say the least.

    Sorry all, I may try and post to you all again tomorrow. I could just scream !!! Glad most of you are doing pretty well.

    Jole - Keep on cooking and enjoying your family. Do you have any easy recipes for appetizers that I can do for a progressive dinner on tuesday .?? If you don't do not trouble yourself about it my dear.

    Oh we h ad a great time at the party last night that I helped decorate... I just did what they told me to do (-: ! DH and I even danced and The music and food was fantastic. Haven't danced in so long and even if I hurt I still love to dance, almost anything.DH has to be in the mood, not me !!

    Hugs to Linda, Carla, Joan, Elaine, Georgia, Mickey and everyone MIA and everydobby else.

    Love to all,

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh bummer, the weekend is over and i am getting ready to go to bed. Today, I went to my niece's son's 1st birthday party. He is such a doll and got a kick out of all the cards more than he did the presents. It seemed like he was reading them along with his mother and laughing so hard at them. I was so darn cute. His name is Stevie and I am his Great Aunt, can you believe that, Great Aunt. Wow.

    Okay Rock you got me, please tell me the next step, I got the number ten size can and I cut off the top and bottom lids. I also have 6 square feet of nylon net, a roll of aluminum foil (a whole roll????), and wow, 12 feet of black thread, 6 walnut shells (that was easy you do know I make party mix), nail polish, I picked pink, and 4 yards of cordoroy, because I have no idea what gold lame is, LOL.

    Now, I am dying to know what the next step is, so hurry and email me back.

    However, I did buy some stocking stuffers today. The girls love Gobstoppers (jawbreakers), gum, starbursts, you know all their favorite candy. I also got them some socks, favorite makeup, makeup bags from the dollar store, finger nail polish, razor blades, etc.... Just little stuff.

    Jole, I think I said before, I was finished with Lindsay, but I had not started with Ashley yet, but you are right, Xmas I could just spoil them if I could. That is really the only time I buy stuff for them out of the ordinary and I just love watching them open so many gifts on Xmas morning. I used to video tape them when they were little so it is so much fun to watch them all those years and they get a kick out of it too.

    Granni - I am so sorry you lost your post, that is horrible to type all that and then poof (as Rock would say) it is all gone. You poor thing. We all know how much you love us all though, so that is what counts. LOL

    Georgia - How are those nephews of yours doing??? I think that is who they are???? LOL. I get a kick out of you and Rocky chatting.

    Springwater - Oooo I would love to come there and shop. I would have a hayday. I am with you though, it is very rare lately that I even like to go shopping, I really have to be in the mood. Luckily we have the internet nowadays and I do most of it online. I do want to go to Old Town St. Charles here in town next weekend. It looks just like my village that I put up every year. All the old houses and shops, men on the corners dressed in the old time costumes roasting chestnuts and horse carriage rides, etc... it is beautiful this time of year.

    Gotta go, hubby needs computer. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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  9. fibromickster

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    Well, I was the last post last night and the first this morning. Where are all my Porch Pals. Well it took quite a while to get in to work this morning with the ice storm we had, but I made it. Most of the schools are out so Lindsay is home, and we forbade her to drive today, so she is gonna be stuck at home all day. Oh well, she can catch up on her reading book 2 of the Twilight Series so I can finish it. I just love these books, never thought I would like vampire books but these are really good.

    Well, how is everyone today???? I miss you all. We are having our Xmas party here at work next Monday so I have to get my person's present that I drew. I have no idea what to get, I guess a gift certificate for somewhere. He does like to read, so maybe I will get one from Borders Book Store. That will be perfect. Then our boss is letting us off at noon on Xmas Eve and then I will be off until the 30th, yoohoo. That week will be short too, we get off at noon on New Years Even and I will be off until the following Tuesday as well.

    I still had vacation days left for this year so I had to use them up.

    Boy is it cold out, it has to be zero. This is the first time this winter I had to actually wear a hat, gloves and scarf, brrrrrrrrr.

    Well gang, hurry back so I can hear all the happenings in your lives. Oh by the way, I am waiting for my daughter to take pictures of the house with her new digital camera so I can post it and show you all my hard work and I do mean it was hard work. Luckily I don't have to take everything down outside, that is hubby's job. LOL.

    Love you all,

    Mickey, AGAIN
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's the monsoon season in LA. Raining today. I have a damp cat on my lap and another who wants to get on my lap, but has now settled for lying on a towel. I hope Gordon got to the office in one piece. Every morning there are about 75 accidents during rush hour. If it rains the number more than doubles.

    Jole, I haven't dealt with temps of 12 degrees for 40 years. I grew up in southern MN, but lived one year iin northern MN. It was almost like being on a different planet. A whole month more of winter. Temps around 20 below at night. Usually got up to about 5 degrees in the daytime.

    Springwater, is your power restored? Folks in the northeast part of the USA are having big troubles w/ power lines down. People got along fine w/o electricity until the l9th century. Now it is a necessity.

    Mickey, St. Charles Old Town sounds like a wonderful place to visit, especially at Xmas.

    Now, about the stocking stuffers. You will need the following for assembling the various bits and pieces: a hot glue gun, a coping saw, a dozen thumb tacks, an equal number of push pins, 2 feet of fish line, some old-fashioned white paste, 6 feet of duct tape and one square foot of cardboard.

    Here comes Mama. She says, I'ts my turn to be a lap kitty. She makes little chirps and beeps, kinda like R2D2.

    Sorry you lost your post, Granni. Drives me crazy when that happens. Hey! Can you dance the peabody? They have some videos of the peabody on Youtube, but it doesn't look the same as I have seen on stage.

    Georgia, is Mr M regaining his strength? Can he wear his sombrero over his watch cap?

    Guess I'll check on the rain. If it's stopped, the cats are going outside. We have been very leery of letting them inside after last year's flea infestation.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    IT IS FREEZING OR ALMOST SO HERE WITH THE NORTH WIND BLOWING. Yes MICKEY if I had a wooly hat I would wear them. Did I tell you the other day it actually snowed some in some areas around here. Even some in our subdivision had or saw some but I didn't. They said it might be a little icey or sleety if it rains a bit tonight and tomorrow morning. I am glad that now thata choral practice is over I do not have to go anywhere tonight. However, do have a church choir practice on wed and friday night for the concert mostly probably which is this coming sunday.

    Georgia - Does Mr M really wear his knitted (watch ap) under his sobrero?? That is the first time in a long time I have heard anyone call those hats "watch caps". That is what my DH used to call then when he was in the Navy years ago.

    Actually, I went out looking some with DH today for Christmas but didn;t really see anything I wanted. DH gpt himself to shoirts on sale - really nice for $5.95 at Haggars. They are the golf shirts and they even had pockets, a must when you buy for DH. I need to go shopping by myself to look at anything for anyone else especially. He is not a patient sort except if we do go to look for ourselves really but he really has to be redy to dpend. He really just wanted to just look today . Well, this is the year for really cutting back - or should I say this next year. DH may even cut off his golf membership so we can pay off the house.

    Well, everydobby just wanted to check it and see how you all were doing. Sorry I can't stay longer. have to go and finish vacuuming the house as we are having company (2 other couples) . We are going to do a Progressive dinner. TYhey come here for appetizers, then to another for the main course, and dessert at the last place. It should be fun. We live very close to each other in the same subdivision.

    Bye to everydobby ! and please stay WARM !!! BRRRR!!!


  12. jole

    jole Member

    Hi all. Hope everybody's staying warm. It was 2 degrees this morning.....and to top it off, our furnace is acting up, so it won't get more than 60 degrees in here. We do have a call in to the repair guy...he said he could hopefully be here tomorrow, and pray it doesn't quit before then..LOL

    My BIL sent his portable heater home with my hubby this morning, and it really does help, so guess I'll survive.

    Granni, I really am not very fancy when it comes to appetizers. Usually cheese, summer sausage and an assortment of crackers, or a cheese ball, or chip dip and chips. A nice spiced cider would be nice, and if you're not sensitive to odors, a nice apple cinnamon candle always makes the house smell warm and inviting.

    Your progressive meal sounds like lots of fun! We did that years ago and loved it....everybody served an alcoholic drink at each place, and by the time we got back home hubby was feeling no pain!!! (I never have been a drinker)

    Mickey, you be careful on that ice! I hate it worse than anything, and then the cold added to it and it doesn't make for good driving conditions.

    Glad to hear you have time off during the Holidays to enjoy your family. Otherwise it all goes 'way too fast and you wonder why you even bothered. That's pretty much how I feel anymore with the kids only here for such a short time.

    Rock, you big ole teadybear! Letting those cold, wet cats climb on your lap! Bet they love you for the added attention and letting them come in out of the rain.

    If you don't get to the end of the stocking stuffers soon Christmas will be here and gone and we'll still be wondering.....

    Georgia, it's great that you have a reduced rate on your utility bills! Everything sure does help, especially with just one income. It's so expensive to live anymore, and I know you cut corners wherever you can. Good for you!!

    Elaine, great computer tips! I didn't know it was possible to stop the updates. Like you, I wonder if they're really necessary anyway, and I don't like adding anything else that will slow my computer down.

    I did know that Norton and some firewalls are not compatible and can cause problems with the computer. Had that happen with my first one, and it took several calls to figure out what was wrong. Hope yours is fixed now, and no more problems.

    Well all, back to the task of keeping warm, and hope all of you do too. Love to all***Jole***
  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, it is cold Granni, however, for your area that is unreal. Jole, we must have the same weather, it is definetly no higher than 2, yucko. Lindsay just called me and said that everyone is getting stuck in our subdivision and there are crashes everywhere. No she is not driving, however, they heard sirens and her and her friend went walking and saw all the crashes and saw some of the cars sliding back down our street in front of our house. Wow, I made it out really easy this morning, I just took it really really slow with no problems.

    Jole, that just stinks about your heater, it is always something that is for sure. You are right, the holidays do go by so darn fast. When the girls were little, I would save a week vacation in between the holidays so I could stay home with them and play with them and their new toys. That was the best time of the year for me. We had so much fun back then.

    Okay, Rock what is the next step. I don't have the saw you were talking about, however, I do have a knife that will cut through anything including steel; will that work????? We are all dying to know what this stocking stuffer is.

    I agree with Jole, you are such a teddy bear giving those kitties all that lovin. Awwwww. so cute.

    Elaine - Hey, you might just have a new career path going, a ITT Tech. You are learning all this new computer stuff, you will be a pro by the time your computer gets fixed. Way to go.

    Well, I have about an hour to go and then I am going to take it really slow going home and I hope I can get to my house with all the stranded cars all over the place.

    Take care Porchies and keep warm.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The rain has stopped, but the mist is heavy enough that one can feel it. Gordon reported lots of people were late to work.

    I gotta phone call from the bank. My retirement fund lost about 25% of its value. The good news is I didn't lose too much because there wasn't much in the fund anyway.

    I'll just have to postpone my cruise around the world.

    Sorry you lost your post, Elaine. Maybe, as Mickey said, you will become a computer expert. You're certainly an expert compared to me.

    Georgia, we didn't use macaroni for arts and crafts when I was a kid. People were generally too poor; they just ate it. But my son made a box w/ macaroni glued to it. Spray painted gold. Looked like something out of a pirate's treasure chest.

    Yup, Granni, they were called watch caps cause the sailors wore them while standing watch. How often does it snow in Texas? Pretty rare, huh?

    Jole, hope things warm up at your hacienda soon. Does the borrowed heater just heat one room?

    Ya know what? Nobody ever called me a teddy bear before. Haha

    Oh, Mickey, just found another sheet of instructions. You will need about 12 feet of rick rack trim, 6 egg shells, 6 hearts cut out of denim (a size to fit the egg shells),and 20 to 30 popsicle sticks.

    Gee, this is more complicated than I remembered. Starting to look like a scavenger hunt. Well, time to do the dishes.

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I think my PMS also is kicking in.

    I loved reading all the new mesages posted and for a wonder the power is on when i want it. Rock. This power load shedding is not because of some lines going down somewhere. It is because the country is too poor to get its hydropower upto needed levels. Teh decade long maoist insurgency, they would blow up every government structure including hydro projects or extort unreasonable sums of money from project owners/government. So now we are left with having to have 52 hours of loadshedding per week. I dont even know when we are supposed to get power and when not. As son as the lights come on, I start ironing, switch on the water pumps and watch tv/use computer. Then the lights go off for three hours. During cousins wedding lots of guests turned up in crumpled unironed clothes.Hahahaha. But everyone understood. No one knows ecactly when the power is going off.

    I felt under the weather whole of yesterday. Got irritated with hubs who kept messing up thesuitcase i had packed for him. At last he went off. And i discovered he had left behind the stuff i wanted him to get for us from Delhi. A med for son who sometimes breaks outinto this red rash when out in the sun. This beautiful country doesnt have the med. And the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Itsnot availbale here. I also asked himm togo to a second hand book stpore if if poss and buy some old Judy or Bunty comic books for girls. These are a childhood favourite and out of print, black and white but i loved them so much. But hubs flared up and said he is "going on government business; wil be attending seminars from morn to eve for three days, do i think he is going on a shopping trip for me and supposed to scrounge around in second hand bookshops for some Bunty wunty comicbooks?"

    Anyways i phoned him and he came back for the list coz he had just dirven out the gate. He might just appreciate im not asking for clothes or jewellery or other such stuff. Pah!

    I was typing and i got a call from my younger brother. His daughter s just finishedher exams so i told him to bring her over and i will go take her to see a Bollywood movie. My elder brother had called before that and he and i had planned to go see it so i guess we three can go. Ineed t wash my hair tho, I oiled it two days ago and its stckkinglike glue to my head.

    I hope my mood wil be a little better and my body start un tensing. If is saty inhose, all i am going to do is mope and be useless. 'If i stay in the house'. Look what the pms is makig of my typing.

    Take care. Pls all of you in usa do be careful and stay off the icy streets as far as poss and if uhave to go pls do be very very careful.

    And stay warm. Jole i am glad uhave the extra heater. Elaine. U are a computer whiz. All those instructions. I will try unravel but now mymind is too groggy. Granni - yes, evryone sems to be cutting back this year. And quite right. Until economy gets backup. Mickey - make sure u click lots of photos of the house and post. Georgia - im glad to hear Mr M is able to go out. Ithought he was still confined to bed. Happy that is not so. Where is Carla and Linda?

    Take care

    God Bless

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Another icy, snowy day, but the kids had school today. I thought the roads were worse this morning than they were yesterday, but I guess they just want to get the final exams overwith. I don't blame them, because then they would have to wait until after Xmas break and then the kids would have forgotten everything by then.

    Elaine - yes, I love all the items so far that I got from Ebay. I got Ashley a gift card for Sephora for about 30 cheaper than what it was worth so that was too cool. LOL I also got a pair of cowboy boots for her and right now I am bidding on a pair of Ugg boots for Lindsay. I thought I was done, but then my Mom gave me money to get a few things for them from her. So now I have to do her shopping, but that is okay, she has no idea what they want.

    Okay Rock I got the 6 egg shells, 6 denim hearts and popsicle sticks, however, I have no idea what rick rack trim is, so is there something else I can use. I do have some fabric trim I can use in its place. I really hope we are almost done, my dining room table looks like a hodgepodge of stuff all over it, LOL, just kidding. So what next you big Teddy Bear. By the away, how are the little kitty cats.

    Springwater, shame on hubby for making such a mess when I know you had carefully packed and ironed everything for him. I am sorry you are pms, I sure know how that is and it is no fun. Maybe you can take a nice hot bath with candles surrounding you and a glass of wine and some nice soft music and maybe your favorite book. Ooooooh that sounds wonderful right now.

    After work I have to go pick up my MIL and FIL Xmas present, it is finally in. I got them a beautiful foyer bench for their new house. It is cherry wood with a tan suede seat. I want one of them so bad, I may just have to go back after Xmas and get one. LOL

    Hi everyboddy else, Sweetie, Marta, Granni, Jole, Lynn, Rosie, Mr Dad, Georgia, Carla, all of the wonderful Porchies and non-porchies that read the posts.

    Love you all and chat later,

  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I did try to post over the weekend then lost it and couldn't do it again. It seems these new boards lose more than the previous one.

    I was going to post a while ago when I posted my other one but got a phone call from my 1/2 in FL, we haven;t talked in awhile so had a lot to catch up on. NOw I have to get in the tub and get to bed as I have a mid-morn appt. I have become a night owk since I started painting again, but best hours are after dinner until 11-12, I don't want to stop.

    So I am just going to say a quick hello, I was really sick-sick, haven't been that sick that LONG in a long time. Out of the last 10 days I left my house 1 time to go to Wally's for abx and food, that did me in but had to be done.

    I remember Elaine is the new IT Tech,

    it's 2 degrees where Jole is,

    grannie almost had to take a sled

    Rock is taunting Mickey with his creative and unusal scanverger hunt, I can't wait to see how this turns out cause I wouldn't think our Rock would be pullin our leg do ya?

    Mickey glad you got your shopping done, I don't know how you do it but I hope you are taking care of yourself too. I can't wait to see what Rock is going to tell you build. RIck-Rack is a zizzag trim usually seen on childrens clothes, comes in all kinds of colors.

    Springwater you have up and down and all around the gambit of life, I hope you get some rest with DH is gone.

    Linda now has what I had and curled up in the recliner with Lucie keeping her warm.

    I know I missing some so hello to all of you, just cause I can't remember your name right now doesn't mean I am not thinking of you :) Sweetie, Marcia where are you and MRDad, I wonder if they all ran off together - hmm we may have to check into that- Well my tub awaits- I'll be ok after tomorrow, then I work on Fri. SO BBL-Carla
  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Okay, I spent a long time last night taking pictures of the house so I can show you all my hard work. I tried posting the picture this morning and unfortunatlely it isn't working. I used the format that prohealth requires so I don't know what is wrong. I emailed tech so hopefully they can get it taken care of.

    Rock what is the next step (i know you are fooling me but that is okay, i will play along), i am dying to know the final product. LOL, you crazy guy.

    Carla, thanks for explaining the rick rack, i definetly don't have any of that but i do have other trim i guess i can use. LOL. Yes, I know Rock is taunting me but that is okay, it is fun. I am glad you are getting better. I missed you around here.

    Georgia - you should post a picture of the baby sweaters you are making, I would love to see the end result. YOu are so talented.

    I hope Julie is doing okay in Belize, I wish she could check in with us.

    Mr Dad must still be looking for his little squirrel.

    Elaine is learning to be a computer geek, LOL. By the way, why do they call them geeks, I think they should be called more like genius because that is one complicated job.

    Well nothing really new on my end, except I did go pick up the foyer bench i ordered from the furniture store for my inlaws. I got it home and took it out of the box and lo and behold I have to assemble it. Geez, I don't think i have ever bought anything from a furniture store that I had to assemble. I called them to ask them if it was supposed to be put together and they said that some of the pieces the customer has to put together. I was like well thanks for telling me when I bought it. I told hubby since it is for his mom and dad he can put it together.

    I need to pick up a ham at Heavenly Ham on Sunday for our Xmas party here at work. I decided not to cook for a change and just make it easy on myself plus I had a $50 gift certificate for there from one of my contractors i use here at work, so it will be free too, which is nice.

    Well gang, it is really cold here, like zero and the roads are still pretty scary, but as long as you take it easy you shouldn't have a problem.

    Chat later Porchies, love you all.

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  19. fibromickster

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    Okay I am turning the light off and will turn another one on. See you over there.