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    Please check out the last entries on volume 320 Porchies.

    OMG Lynn my house did post. Check it out everyone, although it is really blurry and no I had No help whatsoever, I always do it every year by myself, however, Hubby takes it down when Xmas is over, which is fine with me. I would rather put up than take down.

    Lynn, yes i was bidding on some Ugg boots for Linny, they were gray with buttons on the side, that is so funny. However, I found another of the same pair for the buy it now that was about the same price as the last bid. So what is the address for the cheaper site, just in case this falls through. I have still not heard from the seller and i need these by Xmas, so I will see if i can cancel.

    Elain/Lynn - Can I cancel an item I bought on Ebay, the seller hasn't responded since I bought the item and I need this by Xmas. I already paid for it yesterday, however, I did cancel that. But i don't want to purchase another until i know for sure I am out of that purchase.

    Next I will post a picture of my Village that I put up every year.

    Well I a doing phone now fro the receptionist. Oh by the way, she was going to lose her job by the end of the year, however, the owner has changed his mind and she gets to stay. I am so happy.

    talk at you all later.
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    Mickey, your home and decorations are just beautiful! Where do you get all your energy???? Just doing a little 4' tree does me in! LOL....glad you can still do it, and hope it continues for you! Your daughters must love coming home...you make it all so lovely for them! I hope you're appreciated.....

    Springwater, I had to laugh at your last (I think) post with your typing errors....it looked like the e-mail I got from my daughter after their work Christmas party...she'd had a little too much to drink and was pretty funny....she rarely ever drinks, and it doesn't take much to make her silly.

    Elaine, hope you get your puter up and running so that's taken care of. Will miss you!

    Lin, I hope you feel better soon. I feel like I'm coming down with the cold stuff now, and am just sick about it with the kids all coming home for our Christmas this weekend. Won't even get to hold the babies!

    Rest up and get to feeling better...hope the antibiotic helps. You know, the only good thing about having FM and being sick is already being so achy anyway, you don't know which is which! But the sore ribs from coughing is another story!

    Georgia, I use to crochet baby sweaters, but knitting is so much faster. What nice gifts! They can be used and passed on or put away as keepsakes.

    Carla, it's good to hear you're back to painting again. You've been so busy with rocks and committees that it must feel very relaxing to get back to the artistic side. Glad you're feeling a little better also.

    Granni, haven't seen you for a few days, what's going on??

    Rock, are you getting lots of rain? Looked like it on the weather. Stay dry and healthy!

    Nothing new except I want this cold or whatever to go away. The kids start coming home tomorrow, the last of them on Sat. evening. Can't wait! Probably will be like Elaine and be MIA for the rest of the week now.

    You all take care, stay warm and dry, and "Hi" to all those not with us.....join in anytime!!! ***Jole***
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    Another rainy, cold day. Cold by LA standards anyway, but that's not very cold compared to the rest of the country. 'Posed to get down to 40 degrees tonight. Usually our low is about 53.

    Had some boxes in my car to take to the thrift shop the other day. Only I forgot to get off at the right free way exit, so they didn't get delivered. Thought I'd try again today, but the stuff was stolen last night.

    Just some books and picture frames and misc. Illustrates why I don't like living in LA though. I don't lock my car anymore. I've had a window smashed several times over the decades. (At least 6 times.)

    A friend of mine has a convertible. She never locks it cause the thugs just cut through the soft top.

    Granni, did you have your progressive dinner? What kind of appetizers did you make? Marthla Stewart recommends watermelon and aspic quiche.

    Has it warmed up where you are, Jole? Funny: some people are worried about living near electric power lines, but they buy an electric blanket. When I lived in MN, I Loved my electric blanket!

    Georgia, I haven't heard about The Littlest Angel for years. Used to have a record w/ Loretta Young reading the story. I think there was another Christmas story on the other side, but just can't remember.

    I do remember practicing for Christmas programs when I was in grade school. I think we spent all morning practicing for two weeks in the high school auditorium. One thing about a village. When there's any kind of program, the whole town turns out.

    Got your message, Carla. Sent you a response on Youtube. Do you paint at night? I thought painters only painted in natural light, preferably from a north window.

    Mickey, Carla was right about the rick rack trim. I remember seeing a fashion show put on by the girls in the Home Economics Class about half a century ago. They modeled the clothes they made.

    "This stylish outfit is suitable for sport or patio wear. (We didn't have a patio in our whole town.) Notice the rick rack trim around the Peter Pan collar."

    I looked up rick rack on the net. Somebody is selling (or trying to sell) half aprons from 1943. They are "half" because they have no top. Price is $50. That's more then most men earned in a week back them. And yes, they have lots of rick rack trim.

    Linda was right. Your picture is posted, and it looks terrific. Make a nice Xmas card next year.

    Elaine, you are the Official Porch Computer Geek. (Mickey, geek is just aother word for brainy as in Brainy Smurf. Also suggests social awkwardness, but we know that doesn't apply to social butterfly Elaine.)

    As soon as people start explaining computer stuff, I get lost. I remember when we got computers in the law firm back in the 80s. One of the attorneys was fascinated with them.

    Within a couple years he was a computer whiz. Every member of his family (5) had a computer.

    Springwater, tell your hubby if he isn't civil, you will restort to therapy for him with a blunty wunty instrument. On these occasions, Gordon always recommends a skillet (frying pan).

    Linda, are they injecting you w/ the kind of steriods athlete and body builders take? Do they do any good? Hope you are soon over the koffs. Gordon was barking like a seal for 3-4 weeks.

    Aha, you posted while I was typing this in my mail box. That's too bad you're extra illish when the family's coming.

    Micky, you'll need enough moth balls to fill a cigar box. And, of course, a cigar box. Better get some glitter too.

    Did you guys see Carla's latest video of Twila entertaining herself? On the same page you can see a dachsund who fetches the ball, but doesn't need a human to throw it.


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    Well, I finally got here to post. Don't ask me what I have been doing, a little of this and little of that for Christmas. Went out with DH today and ate out for lunch. He was thinking of getting a better CP that does everything including the internet. Well, we went to two providers and got some info and now he thinks he won't bother - to much money, as usual. He is probably right especially since most of the time we just use our computer. He was concerned especially aboaut when he might be away. We had out progressive dinner yesterday and it was a lot of fun. One of the guys there has a blackberry ( he still is working from home) so he can afford it. DH looked at it and got all excited. Oh well, so what else is new??

    Mickey - what a lovely job you did in lighting your house. This year we have no tree or lights since we will not be here. I don;t even have my small nativity scene since it was probably in one box we did not take down. Oh well !! Yes, you can come and help me decorate my house in and out anytime my dear ! I do not have the energy for sure. DH doesn;t even really like to go up on the ladder to put up lights so they are usually in, on and around the bushes in our front yard.

    Elaine - sorry you will be gone for a few days but you have to do what needs to be done I guess. We will miss you. Yep, we cal call you when we have any puter problems, OK?? Don't come to me at all for computer help - sorry !! In some ways I am better than DH but neighter of us are great in the techy department. Hope it doesn;t drive you crazy and you get back soon kiddo.

    Linda - I am so sorry that you are sick. That is awful. I know the feeling with terrible respiratory problems. I can't take usual decongestants either due to my high b/p so they usually give me steroids and all that too - fun huh ! Get well really soon so you can enjoy the holidays.

    Georgia - I see you are knitting up a storm with baby sweaters. That is great . I started on when I was pregnant with my first child and never did finish it when I screwed up the front. I made two of the same front panels instead of reversing one of them. Need some wool, I still have it I think. I tis only about 45 years old (-: !

    Rock - Oh BTW, I cheated but not really since we decided to do it as simply as possibly. I bought at Sams some frozen scallops rolled up with bacon and some mini crabcakes. They were really delcious. Great when you just have to put them in the oven to bake. MMMM- good !! Then we went to our other frinends where whe had made a church roast with potatoes, onions, carrots and mushrooms. They were all very good. OH, she also made the baby asparagus. The we went for dessert and coffee and the third house. They had coffee, Baileys, some ymmy chocolate treates they had bought including some little choclate cups that had amaretto inside. MMM were they good.

    Jole - Hi there kiddo. Just wanted to tell you I was still around and kicking - sort of anyway. Sorry you are not feeling well either. I know wht you mena aboaut not knowing which is which or what is what with the aches and pains from the flu , or whatever and FM. it is no fun for sure. Hope you feel better really soon to so you can also enjoy Christmas.

    Carla - Haven't checked your new vido yet so will have to try and find it . I am sure it is to cute, as usual.

    Springwater - Hi there sweetie. Hopw you are doing OK with everything going on around you and not feeling that great. Hope the weather has gotten a little better for you too. That helps at least when the sun is shining some. It is bit warmer today and the sun was trying to come out a little anyway. It has been terrible laterly.

    Well, I have to go and have to go to choir practiace tonight. Our choir performance is supposed to be sunday and we are also all (all the choirs inc kids and suff) are supposed to practice on friday evening. Just found out that our director is now sick (again with fever). The other gal who pays the organ and piano will be taking over tonight anyway. Our directors is just under alot of stress with so many things on her plate. No wonder she gets the first thing that comes around.

    Love you you ALL - those regulars as well as those MIA inc Julie, Sweetie,
    Mrdad, Bevy, Marta, Monica, Joan and everydobby else.


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    Well it is getting close to quitting time and I just wanted to wish everyone a good night. I hope Lincamp and Jole get better with their achy and respitory problems. That is definetly no fun at all. That is one thing i usually never get, it always just settles in my stomach when i get sick. Uggghh.

    Granni - ha, you have no energy, you crack me up. I just hope when I am your age I can still do all the things that you do, but I can already tell you there will be no way. I am in awe of all that you do. Oh, by the way, no ladders for me either, I just go as far as I can reach and that is it. I would love for Russ to put lights on the roof line, but that will never happen. I changed the picture and you can see Jack eating the snow in this one. It is still kind of blurry though. Oh well. I hope your director gets better, that is not good that she keeps getting fever.

    Lincamp - I would love to get that address from you as soon as you come back to visit, I want to see if I can find them cheaper too. The seller that i bought from still has not responded to me so I cancelled my payment.

    Rock - Okay, got the moth balls and cigar box so what's next. Will this ever end you silly guy???? I know what you are doing to me and i am not falling for it but this is fun and i know you really do have a plan at the end of all this. Am I making a Xmas present for you???? LOL

    Carla's doggies are so funny, that Twy is a character. She definetly likes to mess up a bed, that is for sure. Jack has his own blanket and bed too. He sleeps in the guest bedroom on a sheet and everynight at 10:00 he knows it is time for bed and he jumps up and i tuck him in and give him lots of kisses, then I cover him up and he lays his head down. It is the cutest thing. I just love it.

    WEll gang, tomorrow I will post a picture of my little village that I put up everyear. Love you all and have a great night.

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    It has been a long day, the eye appt was just ok but took forever, he was being througho so I didn't complain.

    Mickey I love your house and can not believe you did that all by yourself, worked a full time job, christmas shopped with family, alone, ect and lived to tell about it! It really is beautiful, I can't wait to see the inside. Good deal on your ham for your party and glad the rec got to keep her job.

    Georgia what's up with you, did I see you say it snowed in CA? Hope your feeling better and Mr M is getting stronger. I'm not 100% and that's not 100% of what I could be but I am better than I was. This really took alot out of me, I'm no spring chicken any more.

    Rock thanks for the rick rack info for Mickey, it's hard to find these days, unless you live in China I guess, they make everything over there don't they :)

    Glad to hear you are cleaning out, it really does one good to get rid of the baggage we call memories, some good, some not so good. Take a picture of the ones you like then give it away and keep the pic, takes a lot less room to save. I have down sized myself but end up spending a half of hour looking for something, that's a problem because by then I forgot why I was looking for that what ever and too tired to do it. Can't wait to see Mickey's project when your done.

    Jole hope your feeling better, it seems the crud is everywhere. What are you doing for Christmas, I can't remember if you children and GD's life close. Hope it warmer than 2 today, thats's just too cold.

    Elaine you have my deepest sympathies about your computer, I have had to do this twice. I did end up getting an external hard for $100 and saved everything on it and reloading wasn;t as near bad with Cd's and such for pics, files, data, ect. Good luck but know you can do it, just remember to breathe once and awhile :)

    Granni glad your dinner went well, I am jealous you had Bailey's without me, but I'll forgive you as long as you leave me a bottle under my tree, by tree I mean in my front yard, the one with a bow, as I don't have one inside the house, lol.

    No people I don't do anything for Christmas, haven't in many years. Once your single as long as I have been and always going to the GK's house when they were younger I stopped decorating. I don't even have one ornament or a string of tinsel in my house. I know I should be shot but when I down sized I got rid of it all. But I do enjoy looking at other peoples, I am watching Extreme Christmas's right now and it is unreal the extremes people go to.

    Spingwater I hope you are feeling better and got some rest while DH was out of town. Yes, you shopping sounds wonderful there, I bet I could google Nepal shopping and see it for myself, hmmm.

    Well I'm gonna post this after I copy it, ok done that and hope it doesn't get lost in the black hole. Thanks everyone for your comments on my pictures and painting, you can see where my inspiration comes from and all I have to do is walk out my front door- Nite-Carla
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    Its brr cold here..altho it wouldnt seem so for most of you...prob around 9/10degrees c.

    Carla - i didnt know u had an eye appointment. IHow did it go?

    Mickey - wow...your house looks like a fairyland. All those lights and colours; SO glad the receptionist friend gets to stay.

    Elaine - i hope your computer will be completely good as new and u can hurry back.

    Jole - you wil be busy soon with all the family beginning to arrive. And then the house is going to be noisy and busy, in a nice way.Lol.

    Rock - 'bluinty wunty instrument' ..hahahahahaha. About your reminisces of you growing up - i really really wish i could have been there growing up when u tell about the town goings on, the school practises, the whole town turning up.

    Can you giveme the URL for Carlas utube? I cant seem to find older posts to get the URL on this new mwssage board.

    Granni - that meal you mentioned sounded yum! Whats crab cakes? Is it made of crab meat?
    I do hope your director gets well soon. And can partake in the real event.

    Linda - Im sorry to hear your stomach and ribs ache; hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up soon. Lucie is adventurous if she enjoys loping about in 6"snow. But then, pups and young dogs....nothing will faze them. Yes, the expenses are what bug me most about our community; all those traditions and things cost money and i wonder how people would manage if they hit a financial crisis. I myself decided to do cost cutting. And my husband is progressive that way. Where we are supposed to present silk scarves and a present of money to both sides (each member) of wedding families....(outside weddings), he just takes two scarves for bride and groom and one present. I agree with tht. Altho it can look a little awkward if we are in midst of lots of Tibetan people who are going the traditional way.Bah dont care. One must move with the times.

    Wel i have my young nicece with mew for a few days. Took her to see a Bolywood movie with my youngest brother. It was quite enjoyable. Then after the movie we went into the town and i looked for some coat buttons which i need to stitch onto my old coat. And we basically window shopped. Since its the wedding season there are all these gold diamond ornaments on display in the jewllery shops andwe ooh ed and aaa hed over them. Buying of course is another thing. LOL. Since daughter isnt here and son doesnt like shopping with me, it felt good to stride alongside my niece in the cold night air and look at allthe roadside vendors...and their quaint wares..little solar lights, fancy decorative cusions covers from India, hand creams from China, pirated dvds in their stacks. I even got a pirated The Secrets dvd from one of those roadside vendors for like 50 cents! And put it on at home and lo and behold its as clear as clear.

    I just got a call from uncles youngest daughter who has just arrived from college in Minnesota. She s supposed to be here for her elder sis's wedding which sadly is already over, tho they didnt tell her coz they didnt want to disappoint her. I wil make a sesame chicken and go over with it. Slightly guilty coz aunt has been feedng and feeding us througho8t the wedding. When hubs gets back wil have to inite every1 over.

    God Bless everyone...and i hope Julie is doing well in Belize and all those MIA

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    Gordon and I went back to the bank to finish the proceedings w/ my retirement account. We were ordered out by the Secret Service.

    Sounds farfetched, huh? But it really happened. The bank opens at 9 AM. We went into the lobby of the office building at 3 minutes to nine. A polite and well dressed man (w/ a rather pointed head) asked us to wait outside because, "It's our policy."

    Turns out the Secret Service has an office in this skyscraper. If they wanted privacy, why didn't they rent/buy/build their own little fortress? And why don't they just keep the doors locked until 9:00?

    Anyway, I'm sure the fellow is bright enough, but he looked like a character actor from a Ma and Pa Kettle movie. Duh!

    Springwater, I think you can find Carla's video if you go here:


    What college in Minnesota is the young gal in question going to?

    Carla, I'm w/ you on minimal Christmas. I am not religious, and my son is grown up, and the few nice relatives I have are hundreds of miles away. So it no longer has a purpose in my life.

    Granni, what is a church roast? Oh, just thought of it. Maybe you meant "chuck" roast. The Methodists used to have a Men's Roast Beef Dinner once a year. My dad was in charge sometimes. He wasn't a Methodist, but he ran his own restaurant for more than a decade and was a great cook. That was back in the 50s. I think they charged a dollar or maybe $1.25 then.

    Pretty much the whole town turned out whenever a church had some event like a pancake breakfast or a concert. (We had 3 churches in town.)

    Christmas at Mickey's sounds pretty nice. Maybe you can start a business. An old fashioned Christmas at your house. No drunks allowed. You don't have to bring anything. Must have reservations. $65 per couple.

    Oh yeah, see if you can obtain some eye of newt and wing of bat along w/ half a dozen marbles.

    Hope you are ok, Julie, w/ no ear flare-ups. Send us a message when you can. Do they have carrier pigeons in Belize?

    All 4 now and one for all and 4 and 1 make 5 and 3 in 1 is oil.

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    Okay, now I posted a picture of my village that I set up and add a piece too every year. Next year I am going to have to put another table up to fit everything. LOL

    Springwater - DVD's for 50 cents, that is awesome. The way you explain your town is just so inviting. I wish so much I could come there and spend time with you walking around your town. I would just love that.

    Carla - I wish I could have your view outside the front of my house, it is just so peaceful and serene. When we retire, we will probably move somewhere where there are no other houses around and it is just woods everywhere. I wish you could come to St. Charles for Xmas, I would love to have you join my family and me for Xmas. I just hate you having to spend it alone, although I know you like it and you do have your Twy and Missy to spend it with you. However, if you are ever in the St. Louis area, please let me know I would love to meet you.

    Rock, so now I need eye of newt and wing of bat, LOL, now where in the world am i going to get that, i don't know any witches around. LOL I do have marbles though. Hey I know, I have a fake bat that I put out at Halloween, could I use that wing????? and maybe i could poke its eye out and pretend that is the eye of a newt. So what is the next step Rocko.

    Well all you MIA's where are you all. Bevy, Sweetie, Rosie, Julie, Mrdad, Marta, etc........ We all miss you. The porchies are getting fewer and fewer.

    Love you all.

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    I'm soooo disappointed! My daughter and family were supposed to come today from Nebraska, and it's now icy and so foggy you can't see. They're going to see what tomorrow brings now. He's a conductor for the railroad, and it is so hard for him to get time off that he didn't get to be here the last time we were all together.

    They have to put in a year in advance for vacation time, and his family lives in Washington State, so they go there for vacation time. They have our 2 year old, and are expecting another this spring. I want all the kids home sooo bad, and know they want to be here.

    If not, it may be July before we all get together again. I know we're lucky to have all of them at home at once anymore, but it's just soo much fun!

    My hubby is sooo busy with his oilfield work, feeding and checking our cattle, then going down to do his brother's chores. He leaves home at 6 a.m. and doesn't get home till dark.....and is retired! That's a farmer for you......

    Mickey, your village is beautiful! I hope your girls carry on your tradition of decorating. Bet they will! You have worked so hard at the smallest of details....isn't that a train in the foreground? I love it!

    Granni, happy to hear you're having a festive time with your friends! You're one of the lucky ones to still have friends to share with!

    Springwater, you and hubby are right. Those traditions are wonderful, and not something you easily want to give up, but in today's world everything is just so costly that something has to be let go.

    Carla, I live your secluded country life, and love it...but we have the flat land and hardly any trees. They would be wonderful!! We still have lots of deer, racoons, rabbits, possums, wild turkeys, coyotes, bobcats, and a rare mountain lion, etc. I would love the trees though.

    Rock, Secret Service, huh? Wow, are you the important one! Did you ever get to finish your retirement fund business?

    Ma and Pa Kettle indeed! Do you know how many here probably don't even know who they were? When we were kids the only movies we ever went to were Ma & Pa Kettle, Francis the Talking Mule, and oh heck, one other one. That's it. That was at the drive-in.

    The first time I was in a theatre I was a senior in high school....and being the good Catholic girl I was, I genuflected before going into my row of seats....got some good laughs though. Good thing it was dark in there so the entire place couldn't see how embarrassed I was. Yes, I was a true country bumkin!!

    Well, better sign off for now...love to all***Jole***

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so sorry about your daugher, I will pray so hard that they can make it in. I know you want them all together for the holidays and i hope so much that happens for you.

    Oh, and there is nothing wrong with being a county bumkin, if I could right now move to the country, I would in a heartbeat. I grew up practically in Tiff, Missouri and stayed with my Great Grandparents during the summers, it was the best time of my life and it was definetlly country. They even had an outhouse that we had to use. My great grandpa even built me this huge area in the back where he put some old kitchen equipment, that was my playarea and I would pretend to make them food. I loved those days and wish so much I could go back in time and relive them. I also wish my girls could have grown up like that, no electronics, no phones, just your imagination and the outside.

    Yes, that is a little train in the front of the village, it looks so much nicer in person, with all the little lights.

    Well time for lunch for me. So I will catch you all when I get back. Bye for now.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole - oh i am sorry. Yes the icy roads and extreme weather would put a spanner in the plans. But who knows, maybe they will be able to come after all. I too will pray they will. That was really sweet of you -genuflecting before taking your seat in the cinema. The age of innocence.

    Mickey - good heavens, what a pretty sight, your village - i loved the way the little house and tower is all lighted up and all the 'snow' with little trees popping up here n there!

    Carla - i saw the utube...hahahaha...Twyla made really funny noises underthe cover and byJove, do those two pooches have a happy life! you can see it their every caper, stance, cock of the head and twinkle in the eye.

    Rock - my husbands cousin studies in the University of Minnesota. She is in third year of architecture. She loved the first year but this year stressed her out terriblybecause they were made to do everything on computer and she and her recent professor disagreed a lot over concepts. he was like computers are everything and doesnt like anything not done on computers and she hates computers and loves to draw and create on paper. I felt so sad for her, she just finished her exam and rushed home; arrived yesterday evening and was so jetlagged and i found out from her sister that today she has to sit and do and submit a report and the deadline is till 4am our morning! If only she had told me and my ma in law we should visit a day later but she is polite to the extreme. Had it been her married sister she would have immediately told us to come another day. Married sister has become assertive after getting married.

    I cooked and took sesame chicken and a bouquet of orange roses i picked out and tuber roses, (the fragrant smelling kind).

    But before that, in the afternoon i had a terrible showdown with some people (Maoist displaced as it turns out). People who lost their near dear ones, property to militants. They were collecting donations and i misunderstood and thought they were Maoists. Because these Maoists used to go on extortion drive. And I was immediately on the defensive. Then they explained but i was really flustered and very angry. I told them one could not produce a plastic card as authenticity because so many people came like that. In the end i gave them rs. 100 but they got annoyed especially one young man who told me to keep my money to myself and they were not beggars. Then i lost it! I told him, so many people came showing this and that and was i expected to part with thousands of rupees because a bunch of people turned up at my doorstep out of the blue and demanded it? Because thats what they were demanding. Thousands! I told that guy if people like him were placed in government, what, would they forcibly extort money because because they said so? I told him , he was no better than the Maoists extortioners who used to do this very thing not so long ago before they got elected and became the government.

    Then this lady who seemed more sane, told the guy to stop arguing with me and she explained to me that his parents had been hacked to death by Maoists in front of him and he was a bit unhinged. She took me aside and invited me to a rally they were having a couple of hours later at a certain point so i could see for myself. They are protesting against rising prices and demanding to know the whereabouts of their loved ones who disappeared and want their property looted by Maoists back. She also said she would happily accept the rs. 100 to show that she understood my frustration and reservation and just needed the support of people like me who were ignorant. Im so tired of allthis. Expenses expenses. If they are genuine even tho i would like to help out but this past month has been so full of expenses. But i really regretted losing my temper. Esecially if its true about that ladys losing her husband and that young man his parents. I wanted to visit the site and seek them out later but got delayed and had to visit my cousin.

    God Bless

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  13. fibromickster

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    Yes, I did, I am sorry I meant to say thank you for that and got sidetracked. I see that those are for 99.00. I actually found a site that sold them for 75.00, which is below, however, i doubt i get them by xmas. Linny will just have to wait until after. This was kind of a last minute thingy. I wanted to get her something a little extra because she got all A's & B's this semester and I am so proud of her. She began getting B C & D's so she has improved so much.

    I can't remember the site I went to. When I get home I will look it us or if I have time here I will do it. Thank you so much for the info.

    OMG Lynn, I just found this site and they are only 59.99, LOL. Now i have to see if i can cancel the ones i just bought and get these. LOL However, i wonder if there is some reason why they are so cheap
    http://www.wholesaleuggboot.com/nike-air-force-one-cheap-new-shoe-af0519010.html[This Message was Edited on 12/18/2008]
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a quick one since I probably won;t be able to post much tomorrow. I will be gone for our big practice for our show tomorrow night.

    Sorry to hear about Linda still feeling sick. Hope you will start to feel better soon and you too CARLA.

    Mickey - your house is just to pretty for words. Maybe you should go into the house decorating for Christmas business :) !!

    Jole - I hope your daughter and family gets to come with that bad weather. I know you miss them alot.

    Rock - you were right, I was talking about CHUCK roast NOT church roast. I have got to slow down when I type. I screw up every time and am to laszy to check it our before sending.

    I thought that I rememberd that Julie would be coming homf around Christmas time? Is that what you all remember or are all your memories
    as (great ???) as mine :) ??

    Georgia - I hope you and Mr M are doing OK and that he is doing better. Has your weather gotten any better? Ours was warmer today but is supposed to get to colder again I think on sunday.

    Well, I gotta run everyone. Stay well and try not to get any more germs. I went to day to see a friend that I haven't seen in awhile. We used to live in the old neighborh hood also and we both had been i the same church choir. We had a nice lunch and chat.

    Springwater - Hope things are going OK for you. I have forgotten what all you talked about - sorry !

    Take care and stay warm everyone, inc all those MIA and hiding behind all those bushes !


  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    TGIF already, wow, did this week fly by. Well hubby went to Columbia to move all Ashley's stuff out of her dorm, finals are all done and she is done with school until January 9th. However, she is staying with a friend until Xmas Eve because she has to work up until then, she will then be home until January 9th, I can't wait. I took some days off so we can spend time together. She is at such a great age, we are such good friends and she really likes to spend time with me. LOL

    Well, I changed my picture again, this one is one of my mantels; my Nutcracker Mantle I call it.

    Elaine, that just stinks about your computer, geez. It is always something, so now you have to go to the library everytime you want to use a computer. Well maybe you can get some reading time in while you are there. I am still waiting on the 3rd Book in the Twighlight Series to be delivered. I am dying to start on that, the first 2 books were so good. I hope you will be able to find some time to check in on us. We will miss you.

    Granni - Good luck on your show tonight. I sure wish i could come watch. Maybe they will make a video and put on youtube, that would be so cool, then we could all watch.

    Georgia - Yes, Santa doesn't have a problem finding my house at all. Lindsay calls it the "Bright" house. LOL My sister in law made their stockings when they were little and I still use them and always will. I made Jack's stocking and Russ and mine are on the 2 ends.

    I love Leave it to Beaver too, it is so funny though how those child tv stars turn out when they are older.

    Well Gang, back to work for me, I will check back later.

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wow Lincamp you are really getting hit hard, but I bet it is so beautiful, I can't wait until our 1st big snow, I just hope it is when I am home and don't have to work. We did get a little bit last week but all the rain last night washed it all away. I can just picture Lucie loving the snow and trying to eat it, that is what Jack does too. He will stick his butt way up in the air and dig with his nose into the snow and scoop it up and each it, it is so cute.

    I ordered from the, worldpay, they were 75, however, I haven't gotten an email or anything about when it is shipped, oh well, if she doesn't get them until after Xmas that is okay, it isn't for Xmas anyway it is a reward for her doing so well in school. We really got on her at the end of last quarter about her grades and she also got grounded, so I felt that she deserved to be rewarded for getting her grades all the way to A & B's from C's & D's, that was awesemome.

    Let us know when you hear from your hubby, just want to make sure everyone is okay.

    Love you all.

  17. jole

    jole Member

    My kids are all going to make it home after all.....the roads are still very icy and I'm worried about them, but they won't listen and stay put! Three families coming in tonight, and the other two tomorrow.

    The weather's supposed to be even worse tomorrow night, so we may all be snowed in together. Would be lots of fun if I don't run out of food....and can tolerate all the noise! LOL

    Please say a little prayer that they all make it safely.....

    Love you all, and chat more next week***Jole***
  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You got it honey, my prayers are with you and your family. I am also putting it on our work prayer list. It is truly amazing how our little work group prayer list really works. I totally believe in the power of prayer.

    I wouldn't say I am religious person, however, I do have my faith and believe in prayer.

    You have fun with your family and I am glad they didn't listen to you, you need all your loved ones around you this time of year.

    Take care and let us know that they all make it in safely if you have time.

    Love ya

  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh good Lin, thanks for letting us know, and my what a great neighbor you have. He deserves a plate of cookies, LOL.

    You must really have it bad, I hope that much isn't coming my way. LOL I do love snow but not that much.

    Well I will be taking off here about 3:00 so I will try and check in with you all over the weekend.

    Rock where are you????? I need my next step for the stocking stuffers.

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Help! Everyone - its close to 3am here and i cant fall asleep. This has gone on for 2 weeks now. Sleep only comes in the early hours of morn and today im still awake at this unearthly hour! I feel heavy and tired but cant fall asleep! I went to bed today at 10pm. And have been lying there till now and i couldnt bear it and came here to see what all been happening. TG the power is still on.

    Linda, Jole, Mickey - you all northerners have fun in the snow but pls be safe. Jole - wonderful news about your family coming after all. Will add my prayers for their safe arrival.

    Elaine - wht a headache about your computer but i hope u can make it to the library often.

    Granni - never mind u cant remember what i wrote; I cant remember now myself. I think i was venting for latter part anyways.

    Georgia - tht was nice of your boss; i guess its important to show ones appreciation; a small gesture can indicate so much.

    Rock - im really scared of you completing instructions to Mickey..it seems like somethng which might just instant teleport her to middle of 2080 or something or make her grow an extra head /arm if she manages to put together what all you have instructed so far.

    Hello to all other Porchies who peek in

    Yours in sleeplessness

    God Bless