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    Rosin on the Bow and Here we Go!

    Take your places: Curtsy; Bow.
    It don't matter if ya don't know how.

    Allemande right. Then do-si-do.
    Back to home with the one you know.

    Gents to the center and form a star.
    Fronts to the center and backs to the bar.

    Promenade and don't you stop
    Till you get home. Then everybody drop.

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    Got the computer back again. Gordon took it to work so his
    co-worker could look at it. Unfortunately some training session
    interfered, so nothing was accomplished. At least not with the

    Too bad Elaine doesn't live closer to me.

    Glad to hear that Lindsey and David and Sheba found a place to stay, Julie. Of course I would
    expect a place named the Pear Tree Inn to have room for a dog. I expect it already has geese
    a-laying, swans a-swimming, French hens, turtle doves and a partridge.

    Jole, Tami wrote a dozen or more romance novels before she started writing best-sellers.
    As far as I know, she was the author who merged the genres of romance and thriller. One
    of her books was made into a 2-part TV movie.

    Musta been 10 years ago. Harry Hamlin and Valerie Bertinelli were in it.

    Georgia, that's very interesting that you have an 1880 sewing machine. And HOWE! I am
    amazed that you can still buy needles for it.

    Yes, Granni, I am a couple months older than you. So how come you have so much more
    pep? Just cause you're cuter, I expect.

    Hi, Linda. Here's a wave of my paw for Lucie. Do you think she's full grown yet?

    Carla, are you using a pallet knife w/ your acrylic paint? When I lived on the beach in
    Ventura, there was a painter who came for a month every summer. He always used a pallet
    knife and acryllics. He painted quickly, but the results were pretty vague.

    To me, his paintings all looked alike. He taught at some art school funded by Disney.
    I think Marni Nixon taught there too. She used to sing for movie singers that couldn't
    sing like Audrey Hepburn and Deborah Karr. Her husband was composer Ernest Gold
    who wrote the score for EXODUS.

    Marnie made a CD of his songs. None were as good as Exodus.

    Elaine, I don't even recognize computer terms you use. Like Ethernet Driver. Makes me think
    of Esther Wiliams playing golf.

    Mickey, good to see you back. I looked on the net. The Smokehouse in Chesterfield is a
    restaurant. Burger's Smokehouse in California, Missouri, sells meat and cheese.

    Good thing you got the project finished on your own. I can't
    find the last page of Marthla's instructions.

    Nice picture of the girls, Springwater. Too bad we can no
    longer post big pictures. With regard to dreams, I seldom re-
    member them anymore. Haven't had a dream of flying since

    Oh, yeah. You remember the terrible fish Gordon brought home the other day.
    He says the house still smells. Anybody have any suggestions other than soaking
    the whole place in Cholorex?

  3. Granniluvsu

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    Rock - How sweet of you saying that cause I may be cuter that is the reason I have more energyu. I relly do not have alot of energy I just do what I need and what I enjoy doing. I certainly do not like to clean but no one else will do it, the inside anyway. So, I need to get off my butt and do something. There is always something that needs to be done around here and I tend to put it off (cleaning).

    Have you tried that Febreeze stuff to get the smell out of the air, and or also some of those spray deodorants to spray in the house ( not for the body) (-:!!

    BTW, thanks so much for starating us up again and for the neat square dance call.

    Well ALL, i just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years Eve, Day and year to come - Happy, heathy and as pain free as possible !!

    Gotta run to church and then come home and eat some shrimp - yum !!

    Love you ALL inc those MIA and those hiding behind those bushes again ! Please me not mentioning everyones names.

    Hope I make 11 pm (that is when NY's Times Square ball comes down. We haven't been to good at making midnight in TX lately !!

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    kawinkydink! Only yesterday, Granni, I found an empty bottle of Febreze in the kitchen. I
    thought it was a laundry product. I guess Gordon used it to attach the fishy smell. I don't
    smell it at all. Haha!

    Saw a cartoon yesterday which indicated that watching the Times Square Ball drop was really
    not terribly exciting. That's been my opinion for more than half a century.

    When I was a kid we would listen to Guy Lombardo on the radio and my father would drink himself
    into a stupor. Then at midnight he would go outside and fire off the shotgun. Those were the

    Here in Los Angeles lots of guns get fired off at mezza notte (as they say in Verdi operas). Every
    now and then someone gets hit by a falling bullet.

    My aunt and uncle sent me a huge book of verses by Ogden Nash. Here's what he had to say
    about the New Year.

    "Every New Year is the direct descendant, isn't it, of a long line of proven criminals?"

    That's the only quote by Ogden I've ever seen that didn't rhyme. Here's a little verse I was moved
    to write after reading some of the master's work.

    Small Comfort

    Ogden Nash made lots of cash
    By writing verses light and gay.

    They cheered us as we went our way
    And helped to keep the gloom at bay.

    His verse was writ to Greater Plan.
    But mine is easier to scan.

  5. ckball

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    Wow where did 2008 go? I can't believe a year has passed already. I can't believe I missed almost a whole thread. I have just been trying to balance work, play and rest. It has been really nice weather so trying to reorganize my sheds, clean up the yard from all the small stuff our recent winds blew in, playing with the girls and just chilling, it has been nice.

    I did read threw the posts but my mind isn't recalling already, my short term memory is non-existant sometimes.

    Rock thank you for taking care of getting started for the new year. Is Gordon ok? It seems his cooking skills have been a little off lately, I like salmon patties but don't like the salmon steaks, wish I did but it is not the same without the crackers, eggs, flour and fried in oil, gotta have those extra calories to taste good.

    No I don't use a knife to paint but know people that do and I use cheap craft paint not true acrylics art paint, big difference in texture. I am not into abstracts or blob art, you know something that looks like someone just threw paint on a canvas like Pollack, I do not get what people saw in his art. Rock if you click on the profile pic or the about me the pic will open up to a larger window.

    Elaine so glad you got your puter back and feel your pain of trying to reload everything. One way I used to save my emails was to email them to myself and leave a copy on the server, then when I get reconnected my saved emails will be there.

    I know all about not saving the incoming server numbers too, spent a lot of time with support getting those and have them saved in a notebook for future ref.

    I have a new site and that is where my art and pics I have taken in my area they are here

    I have yet to be able to post a pic in my profile. Sounds like you had a good christmas and even won money, you go girl. Sounds like Mr Smith is a keeper too. I am very happy for you.

    Granni go-go I think that should be your name,LOL, You are always going somewhere and having fun too, just hope you never have to repeat digging the keys out of the outhouse again. That is one for the books.

    Julie you are right back in the groove too, I bet you will be glad to get back into your own house again. I hate that you have to find a job for the insurance, so many people have to do with it and that is not right in the country, hopefully that will change in the future.

    Jole yes it is disappointing when we think we are all better then we are not, it is all about pacing for me

    Springwater that is awful about your nighmare, have you done this before? Oprah did a show on sleep disorders and showed people that had night terrors, very scarey. I hope you don't have to go threw that now. I guess it is 2009 now for you. WHat did you do to bring in the new year?

    Georgia glad you have the gals at the yarn store, it does help to have freinds that share the same passion. I hope your and Mr M have a great new year together.

    Mickey do you all ever work at work??? Just kidding,LOL. Oh I here you about hiring a new janitorial service, they are really hard to find good ones. I hated having to deal with that. I had 40 offices and the buildings were coloninal 3 story buildings, a real pain to teach new people the ropes with so many offices and where every garbage can was and if they missed one, I would be called. Glad you had a great time with your family, well except the snoring hubs, I had one of those too, ear plugs help a little. Hope he can do something about it.

    Hello to all the mia's, bush dwellers and those whose names escape me right now- I wish all of you a happy new year and hope each of you have good health and peace in the new year to come.
  6. springwater

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    Heres to Health, Happiness, Wealth. Tranquility, Serenity, & Joy to All of you. And Good luck to President Obama. Lol. Dont know where that came from. Just thought of him. Since most of you are in America.

    My New Year Celeb was better than i expected considering I was feeling low. I was cold and didnt even want to brush my hair let alone going off into a noisy party. Hubs had two free tickets which the Hotel give us every year. son went off for a sleepover of his own with his friends. No lights, so i had to wear somethng unironed. I just wore the long Tibetan dress i wore to the wedding and covered it with a cavernous coat. Brushed my hair only on the outside, it was a bit tangled inside, and voila, i was ready or looked it somewhat.

    Once we got to the venue i immediately reached for the white wine, because i knew itwould make me loosen up and up my mood. Whch it did. Some people i only meet only once a year at this same venue were there but the Nepali live band made it impossible to converse. Good, because i didnt have much to say. Anyways the music and wine mellowed me and i stopped feeling so cranky.

    Then the highlight of the evening, Britney "Lorna' Spears, a look a like who sings a bit like her and looks very much like her which the hotel had brought in from abroad came on in her scanty clothing for her performance and the men ogled (my husband included).

    Husband and i danced a bit towards the countdown to 2009....and then left. Called son to wish him and called daughter to wish her but her phone didnt respond. but she sent an email today...the subject title was ....

    mero duniya ma roshni tapaiko duniya ma loadshedding hahahahaha?

    translated it means ' in my world, lights and in your world power cuts, hahahahaha'

    (she ribs us continually about livng in the dark ages..due to the now 15 hour daily power cuts.)

    Rock - if i were in America, i think i would hav liked to see the New Years Ball drop in Times Square at least once n my life. Im sure the atmosphere among the revellers would be something else. But of course, when i was young. Not now. Now i wil freeze.

    Julie sorry to hear about the sad memory but you are right, he went to that safer beautifuller place and you seem to have such a close loving relationship with your daughters.

    Mickey - I agree with Carla, you do seem to enjoy life a lot. With family and with co workers. My husband snores too. Ive kind of gotten used to it, but i like to watch tv after he is done with it, and his snores drown out the sound, which is off putting. I heard sleep apnea can be bad for the health but i dont know what to do about it.

    Carla - ive been 'trying' to clean up the garden off the dead wood and prune things but...its exhausting. And i got scratched awfully bad when i tried to prune the bougainvillea. Its gotten outof hand now. But i am perservering. hope we will have lots of new utubes of Twy and Missy in 2009 and pictures and paintings of course.

    Granni - did you stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? How did the church choir performance go.

    Well, to Elaine, Georgia, Linda, Jole, Lila and our MIAs, hugs and hello when you drop by..

    God Bless

  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Just dropping in again to say Hello and to wish each of you a Happy and Blessed 2009. Here's wishing and praying that all the needs of the "Porchies" are meet and while I am wishing, I will be greedy and ask that your wants will be given to you also. Here's to better health, financial stability, and friendship.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Haven't done much today but sit around on the computer today and do some wash. Of course it is New yuears Day. DH is watching some Football and I have the TV on and switching back and forth. Now I have the Food Channel on there. I love to watach it and see how the good cooklds do it. I may never cook some of the stuff but it is fun and I do get a few good ideas from time to time. Of course I cannt always ever find or afford some of the ingredients but that depends on who I am watching at the time. Emeril is showman but probably wouldn't make alot of his meals - to many ingredients. I am looking for quick and easy without to many ing. That is why I am going to give you all my mushrooms and scallops recipe if they come out good. I will make them today. My friend and her husbby love them. They are easy !!

    Julie - how cuteof Kiera eating catsu. on her frieds. Maybe that is the start of something. Soon she may be like my DH who loves catsu and will put it on almost anytig if you let him. Ti me, he ruis a good steak with it. All you taste is the catsup, in my opinion amd I like catsup too.

    Springwater - Thank you for asking. Our church choir concert turned out well as did our Chorale society concert. I forget which one you were asking about. We have beentaking a breat but start agai this coming week with practices.. I have gone to New Yorks Time Square many years ago with DH probably before we were married or before kids.

    The last few years it has bell all we could do to make it to New Yorks New Years Eve to watach the ball go down - 11 pm for us instead of our midnight. DH actually fell asleep before 11 but we were in bed watchin TV (sort of ).

    Sweetie - thanks for your wonderful New Years Good Wishes to All. Yes, I wish the same thing for everyone !! I hope you and your family are doing better !!

    Carla - glad you have been (sort of )taking it easy and getting done what you need to get done. Is reorganizing your shed really taking it easy?? Oh well I know what you mean. Especially with all that bad weather and wind you had I'm sure there was a big mess to clean up, etc. Especially when you live alot you have so much to do yourself !!

    Elaine - I hope that you are having a wonderul New Years with your family and "John". Have you finally gotten your puter all fixed yet?? It has been so quiet here without you, my dear !

    Rock - yes thank you for starting us off. I am not sure if I already told you that or noow. Any special dishes from Gordon today? Thanks for the poetry and Kwinkidink ! Not exactly sure where thata came fro but I do remember that charcter of years ago - Winkydink _ I think that was his name. Remember Winkydink and You ?? Do you remember that program ??

    Mickey - Hi there girl You are probably having a bunch of people at your house girl. You really wear me out but then again you are alot younger sweetie.

    Georgia - sorry you haven't been feeling really well lately. Hope that passes soon. Gee, all those baby sweaters. Now, all you need is alot of babies? Who will be the lucky recipients of those sweaters besides your co workers or friends baby - Sorry buyt I forgot who it was you said you were making one sweater for. I bet they are really beautiful.

    Well Porchies, I had better go and do something more productive around here (-: !!

    Still thinking about all those MIA - Joan, Mrdad, Monica, Jodie, and everydobby else, you know who you are, but I just can't think that fast.

    Love to ALL and may you have a wonderful , happy, healthy, less painful and prosperous New Year.


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Great video Carla with the girls. it is something those girls won't do for bacon or doggie treats - yum, yum !! They are so cute taking their turns or at least trying to.

    Glad to see that they helped you celebrate the New Year with the bacon from you Filet Mignon ! I see you splurged too !

    We had scallops and mushrooms really good and an easy recipe.

    Happy New Year again to you , the girls everydobby !


  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am glad I made it in time to wish you all a Happy New Year. It is about 10:00 p.m. and I will be going to bed soon so I am glad i was able to pop in for a minute. Hubby and I and the girls went to the Knolls Restaurant in O'fallon, Missouri and it was delicious. We usually don't go to those fancy smancy places but we wanted to treat the girls. It was so much fun, I had steak madigo and I even had a frozen Rum Runner, mmmmmm, that was so good.

    However, by 10:30 I was fast asleep, I couldn't even make it to midnight. I am such a wimp. Both girls were gone, Linny was with her friends and Ashley went to a club called Wild Country with a bunch of friends to celebrate the New Year. Russ and I just stayed home and fell fast asleep way too early. I think this was the first New Year's Eve I have ever done that. Oh well, I am getting older and older. Hahaha

    Elaine, I am so glad you are back with us. Yes, I love ebay, I must have bought a ton of things over the past month and i always pay as soon as i win. I have had 100% luck with everything so far. I am now bidding on Kim Anderson porcelain figurines ( i collect them). I think I am addicting to it, but I need to stop or hubs will get on me about it.

    Well today was quite boring except Ashley and I went to West County Mall and shopped around for awhile and then we went to Panera Bread Co. for dinner, she had a gift card. So that was nice. She is already asleep and Linny is getting ready for bed too. Hubby has to work tomorrow, but not me, hahaha.

    Carla, you are right, we party more than we work at work it seems like. But that is okay as long as the boss doesn't mind. LOL

    Well gang, I am getting a little drooping so I must go do my nightly routine of washing face, brushing teeth and getting jammies on and go lay down to read myself to sleep.

    So again Happy New Year and hopefully 2009 will bring more luck, peace, happiness to everyone.

    Love you all, Goodnight.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie - I haven't done much today really except some wash. Nothing else got done. I was lazy yesterday too except for making our scallops and mushrooms which were delish. I am so mixed up on my days. I keep thinking that today is monday instead of friday. We still have to put our decorations up above the garage which is a production. Everything is wrapped and down though.

    Glad that Kiera did OK at your house while Mommy was gone. Boy are you being a good mom cooking for Amy and Chris before he goes away. That is to sweet. I just wish I had your NRG. I forget when you said that Chris was leaving. I am sure it will be a sad time for everyone. In a way it is a good thingshe is as young as she is but she iwll realize something is going on when he doesn't come home for awhile.

    Hope everydobby had a great New Years Day. Ours was very quiet, nothing at all going on. Just had our special meal and that was about it.

    Big hugs to everyone with blessings for a wonderful new year (that also include all MIA's,)


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry I got the boys or should I say young men mixed up !! Yes, now it is time for you to stay home with your family for awhile. You accomplished alot I am sure in Belize especially getting that house fixed up for Jenny and family. You need to take care of yoursel too !!

    Gee, that is really interesting what happened with that WM pharmacist. That was wonderful. I have a similar situation but luckily we have insurance from DH's work. I also have to take two meds and one has gone up in price yet again, higher than just brand name.

    The Hyzaar has gone up to $90 but that is for 3 months so isn't horrible, even if DH is complaining about the increase. The other one, Tarka is only (-: $70 for 3 months. They are both bad enough but surely could be alot worse if we had no insurance what so ever. Yes, you do not stop taking b/P meds for any reason unless all of a sudden your b/p is normal and stays that way. Otherwise, you will end up with a stroke. We know someone that happened to (who didn;t take his b/p meds regularly because of the cost. He ended up with a stroke.

    As it is, I just ordered my Tarka and will wait another couple of weeks to order the Hyzaar so they are not both on the same cc statement. I was hoping my doc could put me on a generic med but the only thing she wanted to put me on was the same price as what I am paying for now from WM and from Caremark. So, I will jus stick with what I am on and pay the price. DH is one one medication only, for b/p and it of course is generic at a onluy $15 I think for 3 months. I am on all kinds of stuff - good grief ! Thart was interesting what you said about his meds though and will try and remember that. Of course, all pharmacists might not do that. That is great that he did it for Den.

    Well, hope all are OK and just resting and recovering from the holidays and getting the little things done like putting away the Christmas decorations, etc.

    Missing everyone !!

    Bye for now to everydobby,


  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ive had a horrible day; feeling wise. Had this horrible nightmare again. Being chased by some villagers, coz i beat up one of their women for abusing me. I hid. And they didnt get me but i woke and felt anxious uneasy.

    Ive fixed the long postoponed lunch for husbands cousins tomroow. Only two persons can make it so Im actually relieved. But i did have to go shopping. And have mountains to clean. But all my ingredients are ready and i just have to cook, I shall cook some today. I jsut want this whole thing over with. My mood is going up and down. Today my steel cupboard key where i keep everythng is stuck in the cupbard and i couldnt move it. So i wil have to cal a locksmith again.

    My husband is away from 1st Jan. Out of town on some work; should be back tomorrow.

    Elaine , i am going to gulp down Jeromes magic potion. I really need it today and tommorrow.

    I am doing lots of affirmative statement making so i can make it thru.

    Will reply to all after this whole thng is done.

    Love you all, I was waiting for a chance to come online and see everybdys postws. Itcheered me up no end.

    God Bless
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Fianlly feeling a bit better so decided to see what everyone's up to, and wish all a great 2009.

    Sorry I won't be able to answer to everyone today, but should have more time tomorrow. Two of my grandson's are here visiting for a few days (16 and 12), and want to spend as much time with them as possible.

    The older one is out with his papa most of the time, and the younger one is helping me put away all the Christmas things and straighten up the basement. I did get all the bedding washed and beds remade, plus all the towels washed and put away. Was quite a bit, considering there were 18 people here for a couple days.

    I'm already wishing for spring.....anybody else? Winter is just not my time of year to have any energy or good days to speak of, and I totally hibernate.

    Well all, just know that I'm thinking about all of you, and will be back tomorrow***Jole***
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I decided to try and pop in for a minute to see if anything has been goin on but it looks preety quiet except for Elaine,Springwater, Jole, Georgia ( I think that is who I remembered but not sure if that was yesterday or today), It is so confusing with so many peeps living in different coats ad time zones, especially the west coast.

    DH is at church so I have time to write right now. I went last night and then to a choir party afterwards. So got to bed last night a little bit later than usual.

    Georgia - glad you got your baby sweater done and hope you are feeling better than you were.

    Jole- Yes, enjoy your grandchildren while they are around. Then you can enjoy the quiet (-: !

    Springwater - It sounds like you still being a busy bee with places to go and things to do. I hope you feel better to soon with more energy and not feeling not so down. Well, keeping busy like you do is helpful wih you not to feel so down or as often, I think. Keeps your mind and body active !!

    Elaine - I trust, my dear you are busy with John Smith and having a good time. That is wonderful !! You really deserve it and what did you do with that hot air balloon?? If you kept it you could take some trips (if you learned how to land it , put it up again and then find your way back home. I have enough not getting lost in a car (-: !!

    Well dears, DH will be coming home soon and then going to a KC luncheon for the oldtimers ( older than us) and many do not drive anymore or not very much. So many are getting picked up and brought to the luncho and then back again when it is over. It should be nice for the older folks. Well, while he is gone I will probably check here again and maybe some on the left coast (as Mrdad called it) will be more awake and everyone else.

    Well, dear Porchies I will leave for now. Bye ot everydobby and hope to see you all later today.



  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - So glad that "the kids" got back from Tennessee OK considering the terrible weather going on. That was good that it cleared up some for them so it didn;t freeze or anything.

    I'll bet that Sheba gained a bunch of weight if others were feeding her people food that isn't that good for them (at least ona daily basis) I would think.

    How funny !! Did Kiera also laugh and try to do a little dance while she was up there on the table? Yes, they usually do learn to do that. Now you have to try and keep her off (-: !! I'll bet she was grinning too.

    Are you completely back in your big house now? I hope so. You deserve it. The only part I don't like is having to clean more space - ugh !.

    Well, I do not see anyone else here on the porch so I guess I will take off again and try and do something productive (whatever that is).

    Hope when I come back and check out the porch there are more visitors.



  17. jole

    jole Member

    My boys have gone home, I'm exhausted, but I already miss them. It's sooo quiet when anyone leaves with just hubby and I here.

    Have any of you played Farkle? (I know, I wonder who comes up with these names!) Anyway, it's on the order of Yahtzee, a dice game, and is lots of fun. The kids/grandkids all played it at Christmas, and it got a little loud, but fun....lots of yelling and laughing.

    We played it with the boys on a quieter level and they enjoyed it a lot, although they already had to remind us how to keep score.

    The younger one also has the Guitar Hero so we watched him play that on the tv....it's pretty amazing how fast his fingers can fly....I knew better than even try it, although I would have loved it before I got sick.

    Elaine, sounds like all is going well with you for the present, and I too am happy for you!

    Springwater, brighter days are ahead....do you have a big difference in seasons there? I wondered if that plays into your moods...it sure does mine with the weather changes, and winter makes me soo much worse!

    Julie, I hope you just have some pulled muscles from all the cleaning/vaccuuming you've been doing. It would sure do it to me I know. I'm amazed at how much you can do!

    Granni, you too! I know I can't help it, but you guys make me feel really lazy for not getting more done.....but I really am happy that you still enjoy life so much and have so many friends!!!

    Hi Rock......and everybody else unmentioned. I love ya all and will be back later***Jole***
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    PLOP, you just landed on the Porch.

    Wow, that sure would be nice to have a foot massager, a maid to do ALL the cleaning and MY OWN COMPUTER !! WOW, I am so excited ! I would probably die of shock with all those things. How neat of you to find out all our "gifts" ! I don;t wim much but will do some easy aerobics to try and get the creaks and pain out of my body.

    Mickey - How nice that will be. I will come and swim with you if you have an indoor, HEATED pool.

    Georgia - you will surely have so much yarn you may have to move, it sounds like. So glad those baby sweaters have been selling so well. That is no surprise to me with your skill and fast hands and fingers.

    It sounds like everyone is getting just the right things from Jerome. How thoughtful of him (-: ! Gee, a new golf cart for Carla and back massagers for Jole and some NRG potion for Springwater. The gifts are just perfect !! Thanks Elaine for finding them all out. We missed you while you were gone with your crazy computer.

    Well, I have some other stuff DH wants me to check ou t on the computer soI will take off for now. Hope you plop in again really soon on your new Hot air ballooon.

    Hope to check in to seeee you all tomorrow. Almost time to take my night night pills.

    Hugs to you ALL and those still MIAS,


  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I found my new golf cart and took it for a test drive and got lost....3 days ago. GPS would have been nice :) Elaine we have missed you here and thanks for taking care of getting our presents from Jerome.

    Sounds like there was a good time at your house over the hoidays with sis and all, glad to hear no roll throwing happen.

    I have been busy balancing and the computer has been a part of it as I am desgining the new brochure for our next art show Feb 21st. So have been trying to learn a new program to create it, so my communication time has been limited to the club and a freind or two, by then I have 4 eyes starring at me wanting my attention. then house work, painting a painting and my day it over like that.

    Springwater I am concerned about your nigthmares, do you think they are linked to the incicendent you had a few weeks ago with the young boys trying to get money. I sure hope they stop. Hope your lunch went well.

    Lydia you are the true energier bunny rabbit, I don't know how you mange all the things you do but I am on your side, you deserve your house back and a long break to breath for yoursel
    lf. It is not selfish, it is a gift to those that you will help again when you are able.

    You have earned it so don't take no for an answer.

    Granni good to hear you are just being you and we love that,

    Jole glad you got over your visist and had fun playing games with the kids

    Georgia just knittin up a storm and getting some "me" time

    Sweetie good to see you are still around, I hope you have some good news to share soon.

    Mickey I guess it back to the grindstone after all the time off and parties at work. Hold you got everything you wanted.

    Well I took my meds a while ago and fading fast so will close for now -Rock glad to hear your have a new driver so no more getting lost- Love ya all Nity nite
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    And so, as the sun sets in the West, we say goodbye to our island paradise, knowing that
    someday we will return, to the happy cries of Aloha. Hello and Farewell.

    I will let somebody else open the new volume.