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    Hi there Porchies, well it is Friday and I am on my own this weekend. Yahoo.

    Hubby went fishing with Brother and his Dad for the whole weekend so i am looking forward to having the house to myself and Lindsay of course, but she will be so busy hanging out with friends. We will probably go to dinner tomorrow night together, so that will be nice.

    I have to go into a meeting right now but wanted to get the new volume started. I will be back.

    Take care,

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    HI Everyone!

    MICKEY & LYDIA: I'm on Facebook, also. Here is a link to my page:


    We are still working on getting the garage sale ready for next weekend. Man, we have a lot of stuff!

    Just got done arguing with my 17-year-old son who is currently getting an F, D- and a D on his latest progress report. Needless to say he is VERY grounded!

    I met my new primary dr. today and I really like her! Finally a dr. who actually understand fibro and chronic pain issues.

    The sun is finally shining this afternoon in WI and it is such a welcome relief from the rain. I'm praying we will have nice weather for our garage sale.
  3. fibromickster

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    I couldn't find you on there, just look under Mickey Travers (my maiden name) and you will find me, you know what i look like (click on my profile) and invite me as a friend.
  4. ckball

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    Wow it is May already, where has this year gone??? I read threw the posts then my computer froze and had to reboot, then my roofer called to say he won't be here tomorrow, it has rained all week and now I fogot everything.

    I do want to welcome Froggy back, so you got a golf cart too?? Don't you love it, do you walk your doggies with it too. You need to pop in more often. Joe hasn't been around in awhile, he went threw a bad lyme thing and was on some serious abx for while and couldn't keep up.

    I hope everything is going well for you and yep we all love Rock here, he does give us a daily dose of humor.

    Rock I am glad you like my youtube videos, I added a short one last night, it is the after effect of Twy having a little fun, she turned my sheets down for me.


    I was taking a break from putting my new door in and then heard her having too much fun. She digs the sheets until she can crawl under them, I guess it is her version of hide and seek.

    Julie I hope you get to feeling better soon but you never get a rest day, hope you get the yard cut without catching any "freinds". Do you have a lot of snakes in your area. I saw 2 dead ones yesterday on one of the roads we ride on, rather big black snake with silver bellies.

    Sprigwater you have been on your own marathon too, I am sorry about the way your freind acted when you saw her at work, some people just don't get it and never will. There is such a stigma about mental illness. I have a T-shirt that says " I don't suffer from insanity- I love every minute of it" I hope you find your mo-jo again soon.

    Mickey I know you are counting down the days until Ashley comes home for the summer. I did look at all your pics, you have a beutiful family and those legs of yours rollar skaking, hot girlie. Hope you enjoy your weekend to yourself, everyboddy needs that once in a while.

    Georgia Are you still getting shots for your back? I go back in 2 weeks for another one and maybe my elbow if it isn't better. Poor grandpa, breaking a tooth is not good, I hope he can make it all weekend, if not just get the whiskey, maybe some mint and have a mint julip for the Ky Derby. I hope you and your dad do get to see each other soon.

    Elaine you may have to give that arm a break and find a new way to get your doggie workouts in. Hope you get the kinks out soon, maybe Mr Smith could help with that, hmmm.

    JOle sorry yout are not feeling good, it seems that all of us are having more than our share of pain lately.

    Joan hope you are hanging in there and your hubby is better, I know how hard it is to be alone.

    Well my back is hurting so need to lay down. I do want ask if any one knows someone that has a metobolic muscle disease or a muscle/skeleton disorder. I was told over 10 years ago that my hip and back pain was arthitis then when I looked at my hip exray the other day and saw there is NO arthritis in my hips I had to wonder what else could be causing me so much pain and weakness in my thighs and general hip and leg pain, I toss and turn for 6-7 am until I get up around 10 because of my hip pain. Yes I have bursitis but have I had it for 10 years????

    I did find a disease that is a form of Muscular Dystophy called McCardles and it fit me to a tee, it is a metaoblic issue that is related to how your mucsles use carbs, very interesting reading.

    Hello to Granni and who ever my mind is not remembering right now- hope you all have a good weekend-Carla
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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Gretchen….Im prob the ones you didn’t recognize coz I came in after you stopped posting…nice to meet.

    Monica – I empathise with the sons schoolwork induced anxiety..same story here. My son just gave his exams and dreading the compulsory parent teacher meetings which are due. I couldn’t go to your facebook are u sure the url was right, it just took me to the sign in part of face book

    Julie – another flare…sigh….story of our lives…all of us here…but thank goodness we have each other to unload onto. Thought of lung cancer makes me break out into a sweat..ive known people who had to look after patients and it did seem one of the more difficult cancers to have.
    My father had eosophagus cancer and never did seem in pain...just deteriorated, slipped into a coma for two days and passed on.

    Mickey - can you give your facebook URL again? I ve not yet looked at the latest pics.

    Carla – I have the same kind of pain in thighs and legs…but not so severe…it’s a dull continuous ache when it happens and puts a damper when one needs to get around.I know its something to do with muscle.

    Elaine – I get you about being careful about giving out exact locations and email ads on net. Ive had my computer busted once or twice long long ago. Now im careful and also the kids have instructions about opening any old mail that comes to their email a/c.

    Georgia – sorry to hear you having problems with that un social worker…Im relieved I don’t have to deal with unpleasant co workers and others now. Tho I miss the social atmosphere at work.

    Rock – my son does some cursory cleaning and picking up his stuff. But its nowhere enough…he leaves early morn for school and comes back around 5pm..on school days.. Kathmandu is so dusty, u don’t dust one day, theres a fine line of dust laying on everything. And he doesn’t do swobbing/mopping. He occupies his sisters room and his own downstairs…..theres a strip of corridor joining the two..so it is quite a lot of cleaning with the bathrooms too. We rather make him do his homework and look after his hygiene than too much cleaning. The fact that Hobbes always sneaks into his room and sleeps there adds to it..all that shedding.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I skipped going out…I did some little things here and there and didn’t get to cleaning out the store room after all. Sigh. I did wash out all the prayer bowls in the prayer room meticulously. And had another go at the dried leaves outside our windows. Its taking a while..that bush/creeper is so old its covering the whole front of the house.

    The fatigue started creeping up on me after I had my lunch so I just laid me down and read some books and tried to dismantle my daughters dress so I could alter it. The stitches were so tiny I started getting irritated and stopped before finishing. Will finish that today.
    Towards evening I got such a craving for ‘pani puri’ ….(an Indian snack where theres these wafer thin lil wheat balls deep fried, and you break the upper portion, stuff in some boiled curried chilli potatos, dip the whole ball into a tamarind sour cold liquid till it fills the entire bowl and then u put it whole into your mouth…its very addictive. So I asked my son who was out trying to sign up for guitar lessons, to bring some back when he came…he did and also put a bag of freshly baked chocolate cookies into my hand saying those were an extra treat for me…that felt good. My daughter is the one who normally brought home treats.

    This month is making me dizzy. So many expenses are coming up. I just realized I have to also buy new seedlings for the garden because our sweet peas are finished. Planning to get some zinnias this time. I asked hubby to lets go get some yesterday but he wanted to sleep. I need the car to bring back all the seedlings.

    Well, everybody…Granni, Joan, Barry, Cate, and all….big wave and Linda, if your reading this…hope everything good and you are recovering well.

    God Bless
  7. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    How funny about the Swine Flu symptoms Elaine (egal is that you?). I thought the same thing. Yeah there would be a lot of unnecessary rushing to the hospital if we were to follow their symptom guide.

    Sometimes when I start a new medication the printout from the pharmacy with the list of side effect symptoms will read something like: if widespread body pain occurs report immediately to your physician.

    I wonder just how in the heck I'd be able to tell if I was having an adverse reaction.

    I stay away from the social networking sites too. Well that statement is not entirely true....I have begun to tweet on Twitter recently.

    Now this particular medium is to tell people exactly what you are doing at the moment. As a person with FM this poses a problem because I don't go that many places.

    Some tweet from the leaning Tower of Pizza, the top of mountains, going to concerts, or eating lunch with famous people.

    I'm sending stuff like how I am planting tomatoes, or playing with my dogs, that kinda boring stuff. Never the less I think I may be hooked.

    Oh well when you send a tweet into the Twitterverse, you never know where it will land.

    If any other folks here have the same bad habit I am @vivianb53, let's talk.

    BTW I am not a twerp. : ]

    Hope your shoulder feels better.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am back or just did get back a short while ago. Not much time right now but I wanted to say I was back and I had a wonderful time visiting my daughter and grandchildren Actually got to watch all three activities in two days. The last one was baseball sitting in the hot sun of 88 degree - GEEZ !! So we left a bit before the end and my daughter left also with the granddanughter and other son . She had to be back at the High School tonight early for the 2nd night of their dance team Spring Show. They were so good last night. They all did wonderful. I wish I had a picture of her. I would try and post it on here. She is such a pretty girl of 15 (inside and out). She is taller than her mom (about 5'8" with a long slinky body and long blode hair. She is sucha a sweet and pretty girl. I hope the boys don;t start bugging her for dates to soon . She is a feshman. I told her dad he was going to have to be ready with the shotgun (-: !!

    We also got to see one of the twin boys get his green belt in Tai Kwon Do yesterday and the other twin hit two singles to get teammates on base today and steal a base today. They were losing by 1 when we left do do not know how that turned out. We are hot and all worn out but will try and rest some now. Gotta go fix something to eat and take a shower.

    Mickey - thanks for starting us up again while I was gone.

    Froggy - So nice to see you again. What have you been up to lately? Hope you are feeling well or at least not to bad. I forget what you said but I hope all is well with you and you get to visit with us more often.

    Hope everydobby is well. I need to go and get something else done and then collapse. Bye for now. Hope to check in withyou all soon, maybe tomorrow.


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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Looks like you had a wonderful full up trip..isnt it great when kids start growing up and displaying their talents and all? It makes us parents so proud. Your grandkids seem to be doing really well..in fact mini - me versions of yourself i would say (mini - me is from a movie, he was an exact replica of somebody, only smaller in size).

    Vivian - the first i heard of twitter was when Ashton Kutcher was said to be competing with CNN for most twitterings or something...it does sound fun. My pc is my best friend really, i dont know what i would do if i couldnt log on at least once a day..and tune into whats happening elsewhere.

    Last night the sky was half clear with stars and a half moon shining brightly, and the other half had these dark eerie clouds and fantastic lightning shooting in all directions..there were no lights so it was all the more fascinating to watch...it was so hot inside 33 degrees celcius..what, 100F +?...all the heat from terrace oozing downwards into our rooms, we went out for dinner...

    this morning the sky was really dark, we had to out on the lights even at dawn...and then it started raining...hard and then steadily, its brought the temp down a bit.

    Ive been doing a lot of breathing so i can get the energy to go out and do some errands. Its my bro in laws b'day today so have to go and leave some flowers or something at his place, he will be at work...he has started working in a bank. Im out of oil, glass cleaniing liquid, detergent, oh so manythings...i go to the supermarket and come back forgetting so many things, a list is what i need.

    I got an email from husbands cousin in Minnesota...she told me to tell her parents that she is one out of four students selected to speak during the graduation ceremony...and she has prepared a few words in nepali for her parents, which she wants me to keep a secret. Her father rushed out to look for a camcorder so he can record her speaking..lol, when i phoned them. Im sure aunt is going to cry when her daughter gives them a special message in Nepali.

    ....I hope my fatigue doesnt set in today and play spoil sport with all my plans to go out; Lord knows theres enugh cleaning jobs piled up around the house due to the low energy and motivation spell ive endured this month.

    Hugs all

    God Bless

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time and I have no NRG but I wanted to check in. Got up early this a.m.. The alarm had to wake me up forr early church. Gee, and I am xta achey today. Don't need that.

    Springwater - thanks for your sweet words. I only wish all my grandchildren had the drive these three will have growing up with their parents. I am afraid that some of them, especially my middle daughters children won't be as busy and successful as my eldest daughters children. Long story so I do not want to talk about that. How wonderful that your husband's cousins daughter will be speaking at her graduataion. I am sure her parents will be SOOO happy. Yes, I am sure she will cry when her daughter reads those special words to her "them".

    Julie - What, you are baking cookies at 3:15 in the morning/?? If I got up at that hour and couldn't sleep I am not sure what I would do, but it wouldn't be baking cookies (-: !! MMM, angelfood cake for your parents. My FIL used to love Angelfood cake for his birthday. I love it too and really don't need anythig on it. Just strawberries would be good, like you said and a little whipped cream !! Glad Amy enjoyed her birthday. Now you need to rest my dear and try and catchup on your sleep.

    Georgia - how is your aunt doing, any better or about the same?

    Hope Linda is doing well after her surgeru !!

    Lots of hugs to everydobby. Have to run for now. Have some things to do for our dinner group tonight. Thank goodness it is not at our house !!


  11. jole

    jole Member

    I KNOW I posted on this volume, but either I'm wrong or it disappeared...and this will have to be short while my pain pills are kicked in.

    We went to watch my grandson (16) yesterday in a rodeo. He started with the high school division this year, and is a saddle bronc rider. It was pretty exciting, because we got to sit right directly above the chutes and see everything the riders do with the horses before they ride. They really do spend more time with their horse than I was aware of, and have time to get to know them a little before leaving the chute....not that they can't be deceived! lol.

    He was very excited also, because it was his first time to actually make the full ride and score! Yea!!! I did get some good pictures of him buffing his saddle, preparing the horse, standing with the other riders above the chutes, etc. His mom got a video of the ride.

    So it seems we're all having great grandkid moments, and the pain that follows! All worth it though.

    Has anyone heard from Linda yet since her surgery? Also, Hi there froggy!

    Will try to spend more time after the pain/fatigue lifts. Love ya all***Jole***
  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Juat wanted to pop in quickley and give you a update on Linda. She is doing pretty good considering everything and her hip was a gonner so she needed this. She sends her thanks for your good wishes.

    I have been trying to finish my door project and then my elbow is in pain so have to rest it so haven't done much computer stuff.

    Georgia i am sorry about your aunt, I can't imagine how hard this is for you, glad grandpa got you out your jeans- :-O

    Hey Jole glad you had fun at the rodeo, hope the pain eases soon.

    Well Des Housewives is on and was just interrupted by a phone call, a nieghbor wanted to know if I had a fax machine then got all chatty.

    I'll be back tomorrow just wanted to update on our lincamp- Hellooooooooooo to awlllllll-Carla
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ALL - -I have a little bit of time before I have to leave and go to my line dancing class. I am so achey. Howeer, maybe will help to get me feelng a bit more flexible. Then have to help DH with some yard maintenance (just what I love to do -NOT (-: !! Will probably just be picking up some stuff and weeding. The clover is all over the place with al this nice weather and lots of rain we have been having.

    Carla - thanks for leting us know about Linda. Glad she is doing well after her surgery. We have been missing her hee on the porch. Hope this will finally help her to feel better.

    Mickey - Hope you had a wonderfuly and quiet weekend with Lindsey. Sometimes it is nice to have those so you can just do what you feel like doing. Sometimes doing nothing is a good thing too !!

    Georgia - sorry about your aunt. Hope she will be doing better now that she is out of the hospital. Glad you got to go out on a date with "Grandpa". You sound like me almost always in eans and maybe no some shorts mixed in with capri pants. It is getting warm or shoud I say hot here already.

    Elaine - Hope you are doing OK my dear and have been having some fun with "John". Have you started getting any of your company yet?? Good luck !!

    Well, I have to get ready to leave and go to my line dancing. Maybe it iwill halp me to feel more flexible than I have been feeling lately. Since this weekend I have been more achey - just what I don't need.-more pain YUCK !!

    Well, I gotta run. DH will be home and I need to leave. Hi to Vivian, Cate, Rock and everydobby else I did not mention.

    Love to Y'all,

  14. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. The weather is beautiful here in N. Michigan, flowers in bloom and buds on the trees. Springs in the air.

    My youngest are counting the days till school is out, though I'm not sure why because then they will complain of being bored:) I'll have a list of chores ready!!

    May is going to be a busy month...we have 3 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, and my disability hearing as well. I almost forgot Mothers Day!!

    We found out that my second oldest is having a boy!! Her second....she really, really wanted a girl this time but has decided that once the children are old enough she will have a little girl...a little girl "yorkie" which she can dress in pink:)

    Well...I guess I'll sign off for now as I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

    I feel bad that I haven't acknowledged all of you...so consider yourself greeted and hugs abound:)

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Culinary dept.: Gordon & I made tuna salad
    last night. Musta been good, cause it's all gone.
    We left out the celery (since I can't chew so good
    no more) and the onion (since we didn't have any), but I put in some lemon juice for that piquant touch.

    Heard some crunching at the front door last night. Too loud to be a cat. Turned out to be a
    possum enjoying the cat kibble. He ambled off
    when he saw me.

    Hour or so later I heard more noise. It was our
    old friend the possum pushing the water dish around while a skunk finished off the kibble.

    A year or two I opened the door and there was a skunk a foot away. It came over and sniffed my shoe and then took it's leave. Good thing they are phlegmatic in nature.

    Deb, I remember what a relief it was when spring would come to Minnesota after yet another fierce
    winter. My mother recited this little verse every spring.

    Spring is here. The bird is on the wing.
    How absoid. I've always hoid,
    The wing is on the boid.

    Was reading about northern CA climate last night. Some of the towns up there get snow in the winter. Like 2 inches! That's 2 inches all winter! Maybe I'll move up there. I'm sick of LA.

    Elaine, thanks for the answers. Charles Ives wrote a musical piece called "The Unanswered Question". I guess in your case we had the unasked answers.

    Granni, line dancing sounds like fun. Last time I
    danced was some years ago. We did folk dances at the Sons of Norway.

    All folk dances are line, square or round. For some reason they never got around to the triangle or the octagon.

    Jole, will we see the rodeo video on Youtube? I have the impression that all middle-aged rodeo riders and stunt men have a lot of scars and healed fractures. I suppose a 15 year old wouldn't really be interested though.

    Will come back and post more later.

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Gosh lots has been going on at the Porch. Not much on my end except just being way too busy with work and such.

    Georgia, I am really sorry about your Aunt, she sounds like such a wonderful woman and I hope she is not in too much pain and can go peacefully to be in heaven where the sun is shining all the time and the angels are always playing their harps. That is how i like to think of it.

    Carla i put a message on the Lincamp thread and i hope i am not too late either.

    Debbie don't beel bad about not addressing everyone, gosh, there is no way i can remember every little thing even though I do read every little thing. It seems though as soon as I start typing I forget everything. LOL

    How exciting to have another grandbaby, I bet you just can't wait to see that sweet little baby face. One of the ladies i work with just had her 3rd grandbaby girl and she emailed us all a picture. She is just adorable as can be and you can tell she is a proud Grandma.

    Rock, Tuna Salad is my favorite, love it. I would rather not have celery in it anyway, I like a little pickle relish in mine. Have you ever had Salmon Salad, it is the same as Tuna Salad except with Salmon instead. It is really good too, especially on crackers.

    Elaine, I can totally understand that your Mom feels obligated because it is her son. However, he has to play by the rules or she will definetly need to give him tough love and tell him he is out if he doesn't behave. I am sure you will help out in that area. Your Mom is lucky to have you to back her up.

    Gosh guys it seems the days are just flying by so fast. It is already May, Wow. I had a great weekend, I went out Saturday night with my sister to watch a wonderful band play. There was a mile long line to get in but it went really fast and we had front row viewing. It was a lot of fun, but OMG Sunday I could not move and yesterday was even worse. Today is much better. These muscles just don't work like they used too.

    The weather has been pretty good, the sun is trying to come out but at least it is nice and warm. Our electric bill should be really low this month with being able to have the windows open and not haviing to use heat.

    Well Friday, Ashley comes home for the summer so i am really looking forward to that, a very nice Mother's Day gift for me. She will still be traveling back and forth every other weekend to work but that is okay she really loves this job.

    Well gang, i have rambled enough and need to get back to this heavy load and also my tummy is growling so that means it is just about lunchtime for me. So take care and love you all.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    All was well this morning and went to my board meeting for our ladies club and then got home and everything was fine at that point. . DH was going to play golf with a friend and he left. Well, I thought that would be a great time to run to the store to pick up a few things that I needed. Well, to make a long story short, as I was backing down our long windy driveway and made the turn - yikes there was this car in the way (that belonged to our friend who was playing golf with DH). I didnt realize it till after I hit the darn thing and then got out to check. It is a pretty sports car that he loves. It hit one of the little partial covers that comes over part of the front headlights,. I don't know if I explained it very well. However, that is what I broke. I told him to check the price and I will pay it off somehow, little by little. I didn't want to tell DH as I knew he would be all upset but I did.

    Well he did get upset but not as bad as I thought at least up to that point. DH said if we called it into the insurance company we would have to pay the deducitble which is quite high. I just hope it doesnt turn out to horrible. Right now we have DH dentist bills, and then mine coming up in June (gum surgery), and possibly this week or next we will have a guy come to work on the support beams under the roof and Living room where we have some cracks showing up on the ceiling. That we know is not cheap either but he did give us a abaid so we know how much that will be - ugh !! Why does everything happen at once ??

    Well, enough of that until I get the price it will cost - gee whiz. Please pray that it doesn't turn out to bad.

    Mickey - I am sure that you will be so happy that Ashley will be home for the summer (sort of anyway). Glad that she enjoyes her job.

    Elaine - Yes, I don't know how things will go with you and your younger brother when he come to live with you and Mom. Yes, he will need lots of rules and I do not think he will be liking that either. Glad that you will be there to help your mom. Neither of you need that aggravations. Wish there was someplace else he could go. He needs to fine a job and go someplace my himself ( but somehow I can't see that happening anytime soon, from things you've been saying.)

    Julie - glad all went well with you all on your trip. Congratulations on you having new grand kitties !!! I am sure that will be exciting for Kiera t see them. Yes, Line Dancing isa alot of fun. I figured that I had better get back to it since we are no longer tap dancing. It is good exercising and the people are very friendly.

    Rock - Yes, I love tuna salad also. It can have celery in it but most of the time I don;t use it cause I do not have it. I like relish in mine too MICKEY, spices and Miracle Whip. It is yummy the way it is. I really should make it more often.

    Jole - sorry but I keep forgetting to write to you. I think you siad your grandson ws doing some rodeo event, I forget which it was. Most of them are danagerous and I would be scared too. I know that you were also very proud.

    Georgia - sorry about your Aunt but hope she passes quickly without much pain if that is God's will. I know it must be very sad for you.

    Deb - I know what youmean about hoping for the other sex. I had 4 girls before Ihad a boy and didn;t believe that it was a boy when he was born and the doc said it was. Oh well, she will just have to get that little Yorkie and dress it in pink. Now that is a cute idea. My son and his wife have been tryig to get pregnant but nothing has been happening. Ihope he keeps his job (the contract is over this month) and then hopefully they can think about checking with a fertilitiy doctor. I hope they will do so.,. She also has her dad living with them.

    Carla - Thanks again for sending out our notes to Linda. You are a good friend. Gotta run for now ans sorry for anyone whom I haven't mentioned today. Hope that this will go.


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  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so sorry for the loss of your Aunt honey. Please know i am giving you a big gigantic hug right now. She is in a better place and what a wonderful dream to have of her memory.

    Love ya and God Bless.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I go to bed soon !!

    Georgia - so sorry to hear about your Aunt passing but it will be the best for her and she will not suffer any loinger. I can imagine if you were the only lone left you would alot ot do do for your aunt. Are there any other in the family , besides your dad who could be helpful with everything? It is very hard when you have to do everything for the decieased. Luckily, when my mom passed my bother and his wife did it all since I was so far away.

    Well everydobby, it looks like it is time for a new volume so I will see you all on the other side.

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia, I'm thinking of and praying for you. Such a hard time to go through, and yes, lots to do afterward. You were a good niece to your aunt, and I'm sure she appreciated all your efforts.

    Did you ever have that visit with your dad? How did that go...you may have said and I've forgotten already....

    Rock, yep, those critters have a way of making themselves known here also, but I certainly wouldn't have thought they would be in the city. I'm not fond of skunks...they're not quite that docile here, especially with a dog chasing them! And oh, that smell lingers forever, no matter what I use to try to de-skunk her with.

    Loved your titanic humor! Thanks for the laugh.

    Elaine, answering before asked is something I need to try. At least I couldn't be wrong that way! haha

    Our grandson is in two more rodeos this weekend, near where our one daughter/hubby/family lives, so we're going to try to make it...although the weather is only going to be in the low 50's so not sure if I'll get to be there when the time actually comes.

    Yes, he knows about the danger involved. He's already caught a hoof in the face...huge black eye, cut on forehead, and abrasion on other side of face. Why anyone wants to ride is beside me, but he loves horses and challenges. I never would have let his father do something like that.....

    A good friend of my one daughter went pro...a bullrider...and was so broken up by the time he quit at 30. He had so many broken bones in his face that had to wire the bones together. and he rode with ribs taped due to fractures, and hands in splints, leg in brace, etc. The money they make certainly isn't worth it! None of them get rich by any means! Just gets in their blood and they're not happy if they can't ride.

    I say they should just break wild horses for a living and do something good.......

    Whoops, lost part of my post, so will close with a big hug to everyone else, and hope to be back tomorrow. Love to all***Jole***