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    Here we go Porchies, another new volume, I moved my post and Rock's post over for easier viewing. LOL

    Oh Cynthia you took the words right out of my mouth about Julie, she is an angel sent from Heaven. Well I think all the Porchies are for that matter!!!!!!!! They have all been my Angels of Saving Grace, that is for sure.

    I too want to thank everyone here whose families are in the military, without them, our country would not be safe and i am thankful and pray for them every day!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I thought my tummy was getting better, but now it is all queesy again, i shouldn't of had what i did for lunch, my fault. I guess i will learn next time and should of just stuck to my pretzels, LOL.

    Well all, I am off tomorrow so not sure if i will have time at home to get on the puter. Yoohoo 4 days in a row off for me, I am so excited.

    Lindsay's (my 16 year old) first fastpitch softball game is tonight so I am excited about that, can't wait to start watching softball again even though it makes me a little sad that i can't play anymore. The game is at 8:15 so I am definetly glad i am off tomorrow because it probably won't be over until after 10 pm, which means i wouldn't get to bed until about midnight and that is way past my bedtime since getting up for me during the week is 6:30 am.

    At lease tomorrow i can sleep in until about 7:30 as i have a doc appt at 9:30. Just my regular rheumy visit so it shouldn't take too long. That way i can get right back home and start getting the pool opened. Saturday, Jack (my yellow lab) has his doctor appointment. He is considered a senior citizen now, LOL. I think that is so funny, he is only 8 (dog years though is 56). Wonder why they don't get discounts for everything, not fair. LOL

    Ashley and 2 roomates found a house in the country in Columbia, MO for school next year. She is so excited and so am i for her. It will be much cheaper than her staying in the dorm and they will have there own house with 5 acres of land, which you know my country girl, she will love that, plus there is plenty of room i get to visit and stay the whole weekend with her. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house and only 825 a month plus utilities. So her rent will be about 300 per month. I cant believe staying in a dorm room is more expensive but it is.

    She will only be about 15 minutes away from school and work so it will be perfect for her. We are going to go down in a couple of weeks so me and hubby can check it out in person. We have already started buying stuff for the house, which i love decorating so that will be so much fun. I think we are going to hit some garage sales over the next few weekends to see if we can pick up some things for the house.

    Well other than that stuff, nothing else much going on, we were going to go out to dinner tonight before Lindsay's game but Russ isn't feeling very good so i think we are cancelling that for now, which i am fine with. I would rather just go home after work and rest a little before the game.

    Anyway gang, don't worry about me if i am MIA the next few days. I will be thinking of you all every day and will really try to check in. I don't know why when i am at home, i never get on the computer, i just never really think about it. I guess I am burnt out because i am on it all day at work 5 days a week. Who knows.

    Take care and have a wonderful Holiday weekend you all. Love you!!!!!!!!!!


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    Well, it's a quiet day in the neighborhood. So
    far anyway. No dogs barking; no car alarms; no
    helicopters. Knock on plastic.

    I have nothing important to do, and I'm doing it.

    Bet Ursula enjoyed her treat, Georgia. Is she
    rested up now?

    Mickey, good for you. Saying "No" is nearly impossible for some people. Something I only
    started to do in the last couple decades.

    Hope you are back to your normal state of ill health. Well, that applies to all of us, right? Once we get over something temporary we're still stuck w/ our chronic problems.

    Carla, I have never heard of anything but blue
    Irises. I looked on the net.


    Anydobby who's curious can see other colors at the above URL. There's a pink one named Beverly Sills. Somewhere I have a postcard from
    Bubbles w/ her picture on it.

    Pippi, have you had a blow to the side of the head? I was reading about temporal lobe injuries recently. Can cause hallucinations, but
    they tend to be wispy things like something, maybe a cat, walking by.

    I've been seeing these now and then for the past couple years.

    Elaine, I don't know how old you or Guns and Roses is. But as Lincoln said at Gettysburg, I don't have the power to add or detract.

    I think of you as a wise child. Sometimes bursting w/ youthful energy and enthusiasm and
    sometimes making sage observations.

    Jole, maybe we can go into business. CA, the home of fruits and nuts, would be the perfect location. We provide people w/ a happy childhood.

    Maybe we can buy up a defunct nursery school or day care center. Take people on trips to a petting zoo or the park. The main requirement would be to have the right personality in charge. Someone w/ the qualities of a doting aunt, a
    used car salesman, a TV evangelist, and Pinky Lee or Pee Wee Herman.

    Julie, I never thought of anyone learning to jump
    either. I remember a co worker joking that his
    childhood was blighted 'cause he never learned to skip properly.

    That was over 40 years ago. Wonder if he's still working on it.

    Granni, I believe you're going to have to get another computer or another husband.

    Students of semantics will note the equivocation w/ the word "another". Which reminds me. Julie,
    glad you learned a new word. Now you need a mnemonic device to remember it.

    Now did I post that little joke already, or did I just think about it? Having so much trouble in recent years distinguishing what I did and what I intended to do.

    Ah well, life is what you make. Except when it
    isn't. Which is most of the time.

    Pippi, I don't know what brand the Ipod is. It isn't big enough to have a name printed on it. But it is sans disc. Any disc involved would have
    to be smaller than a dime.

    Ok, I'm all posted out. Toodles


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    I had a 911 today. I spent about 7 hours at the hospital getting stabilized, & then I got to come home! YAY!!!

    When the EMS guy picked up my hospital bag so I could take it with me (I never know if I'm comin home, or stayin a while), he said: This thing is kinda heavy. What's in here?
    I just said: Just stuff I might need.

    But y'all, my porch mates know what was in there. My laptop computer, of course!!!!! LOL!

    I'm BEAT & am going 2 bed now, so I'll see y'all tomorrow.

    Hey Rock - If you do start a kindergarten for grown-ups, I wanna go to the petting zoo with y'all!!!!!!!

    Oh, & I think a simple optical illusion is the most likely cause of my "ghost". Fun to consider the possibilities, tho, huh? :)
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    It's kinda funny that you mentioned house cleaning.
    Yesterday, one of the EMS guys who came to my rescue, commented that I had the cleanest apartment he's seen in this building! LOL!
    I told him to watch his back, cuz the dust bunnies under the bed are planning to mount an attack any time now. haha. (He thought that was funny.)

    Good Mornin' to all my porch mates!!!

    I'm feeling much better today, but I'll be taking things quite easy today.
    My little emergency yesterday had the effect of forcing my hemo to speed up the pace of some new tests he had ordered.
    Nothin' like scaring them, I reckon!

    Everydobby have a wonderiffic day!!!!!

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    Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a wonderful Memorial weekend. My plans include no cleaning, watching bad TV movies...SCI FI and Lifetime have some one the best. Boy, do I ever get sucked right in and I can't turn them off:) Not to mention no guilt lounging around!!

    Well I guess that's it since I can't seem to remember anything I wanted to write about, love that FM:)

    Have a happy but safe Memorial weekend everyone!

    ps...yea, I know "safe" takes all the fun out of it!!

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    Have a wonderful Memorial Day !!

    Not sure how much I will get on during this weekend. So, I did want to pop in and say hi. I am thinking of you ALL !!

    First of all, I have been worried about my daughter #3, the one with the 3 boys and all the problems, was divorced and then engaged to a guy we liked, at least he seemed very nice and he did great with the kids and they lovel him. I was concerned as I hadnpt heard from her in months, since Easter. I left messages and sent e-mail and thought she was mad at me for possibly bringing up our oldest grandsons inability to get out there and take his drivers test and or get a job.

    Well, I did sent her a frantic e-maoil and somehow she did answer me and told me there was some news. I was hoping it would be good. However, it was that she and her fiance, *thank goodness they were renting a home and not buying one). I jhaven't found out any of the adetails yet but all she mentioned were they were arguing about money. Not sure about that one. They will always have a problem with money and her x too who never gave her any money. They have one almost 19 year old still no job or joining the AF as he had planned to do, or get a job. The 14 yr old is learningndisabaled and probably will always havae to live with her or a special place. The 7 year old is the one sho had leukemia. I think he may be in remission now but not positive yet. So, I have been worrying all day about them,

    Ran to the stores and the bank, and the gym where I did the tradmill but did not make a mile today with DH and then did some preparing meat for the freezer or marinating in the refrig. They had a wonderful sale on beef brisket (that we BBQ) here in the southwest = not corned beef. Not sure when we will eat or make it but it is now marinating and put the rest in the freezer.

    I am so tired from running around and the meat preparing, etc.

    Elaine - Oh my goodness dear. You have been through the wringer haven't you ? Good for you for sticking up for yourself. I can't believe she astarted the whole thing again . Looks like she is just looking for a fight anyway. Glad you gave her one and that your mom agrees with you.. I hope she will come to agree with your attitude also towards your little brother.

    Mickey - sorry you are still not up to par with your tummy. Guess you will have tobaby it a bit longer. Goodluck on Lindays softball game. I did alot of watching those with two of my girls and their dad was a coach and umpire.

    Georgia - so glad that Ursula is back and all is well. That sure was a scary time for all except for maybe the cat (-: !

    Linda - hope you will heal fast from your surgery .

    Joan - still thinking about you and your family getting over your terrible loss.

    Julie - Well, you are off agin my dear. Yes, we need to send all our ironing to Springwater. What a chore for me. I see you have a softball game that you will not be attending (midnight - you have got to be kidding???) but will get to be with Kiera again.

    Hugs to everydobby,. Sorry I cannot mention you all. Have a wonderful weekend and hope this will send after I push submit. I will check in again if and when I get the chance to. Weeding on the agenda again tomorrow - ugh. There goes my back , it will not be much at a time for me.


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    Everydobby's usernames / real names are confusing me! LOL! But then again, I'm easily confused.

    Yeah, that was pretty funny that the EMS guy commented on my house being clean! haha!

    Laundry is my major hang-up. I hire a neighbor to do mine. It's one of my few luxuries. My laundry guy is a GUY, too!
    He's going thru that awful process of trying to get his disabilty approved, & in the meantime he takes in washing, runs errands for elderly neighbors, & does whatever odd jobs he can manage, just to get by.
    So, we're helping each other out, with our laundry deal.
    The laundry-mat in our building is down on the 2nd floor, & it's just too much for me to manage for now.
    I'm really grateful to have his help!!!

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    Just stopped in to read today. Can't post because am too incoherent today. Will try again later.

    Hug a veteran or a current military persson this weekend!
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    Did the dishes, watered the plants and took a
    nap. My day's work is done. I didn't want to introduce a
    negative note on Wayne's post, but I
    don't think I do anything important anymore.
    And, as indicted on my previous post, I think our
    choices in life are very limited.

    Thanks for moving my post, Mickey. I guess you
    probably won't see this till next week. (It's all
    on accounta the Earth spins toward the East.
    Your time is 2 hours ahead of my time.)

    Hope you had a nice long weekend, and that your tummy
    is back to normal.

    Pippi, glad to hear the hospital stay was ONLY
    7 hours. Don't know how you stay so cheerful.
    BTW I love optical illusions. There are lots of them on the net.

    My aunt sent me a book of same a couple years ago. I was amazed
    to see that many of the illusions were identified w/ the year of creation
    and name of the creator.

    Yes, the juxtaposition of names on the board can be confusing.
    My real name, for example, is Elaine.

    Georgia, the fiscal mess in California (and all over the country) is
    deplorable. I firmly believe if
    all the govt. entities had their deficits wiped out
    tomorrow, the politicians would immediately start
    overspending again.

    It doesn't help that the voters consistently vote for tax increases.
    They are always voting for bond issues. I don't think people realize that an
    400 million dollar bond issue for the schools means an 400 million dollar tax increase.

    Julie, I think people who play softball at midnight are probably soft in the
    head, but I am a firm believer in letting people do what they want as long as
    they don't you know what.

    At least the fielders can't say, "Shucks, I lost the
    ball in the sun."

    A Do-Nothing room sounds good to me. Our
    whole place is do nothing to me.

    Don't think your problem is time management. I
    think it's that you do more than there is time for.
    Even Lynda Carter would have been slowed down if she had our DDs.

    Did you buy a cart full of beef briskets, Granni?
    Gordon stocked up on tri tip roasts which were on sale last week.

    We had our usual discussion. Me: the freezer
    is already full. Gordon: No, it isn't.

    Haha. He bought the limit (3) and had to take one or two to work
    to put in the office fridge.

    Springwater, hope you and everydobby are fine.
    Any festivals coming up?

    Elaine, one of the great truths of the universe is:
    People who look for arguments, find them. Your sister seems
    to illustrate this maxim very nicely.

    Wugs and Haves to everydobby.

  10. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    (If you ARE actually Rock! LOL!)

    When you said you "don't do anything important anymore", I know you meant "things" around your house, & work-type "things".

    But I sure hope you realize how many important things you do here, for all of us... for me...

    Being serious & wise, or wickedly hilarious, you do SO many important things!

    Don't sell yourself short!!!!


    Don'tcha just LOVE it when ya win an argument??? LOL! (The room-in-the-freezer argument.) Just curious: When ya win an argument, are ya silent & smug,or do ya go ahead & rub it in? haha!
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Been lying low because ive been kind of bit spaced out…maybe bipolar is what I am. Anyway,cant seem to get myself interested in doing anything. I got this around this same time last year too but last year I was on the move holidaying in my hometown in India. So couldn’t afford to just sit around. This year im home and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do except sit and wait for the slump to end. No aches, no pains. Just empitiness. Kind of a dreary landscape. One of those spots in my brain acting up. This spot is making me feel numb.

    Jole – thanks for the birthday wishes. You seem to be having a great extended family and enjoying them when the DD allows you to.

    Julie – my birthday is on the 25 th of this month. Not that it matters much :). I sort of stopped counting ever since I hit 30. Was born in 1962 so..that makes me , what? 48? Please take care to rest when you can. Seems to me you do more than a healthy person does.

    Carla – your utube. Loved it. Where did u learn how to make videos? Wish I knew. Some of the pics took me back to the 70s. Brought back some nice memories.

    Pippi – Ive seen too much evidence for me not to believe in ghosts, spirits, and my culture accepts those so its ok. I had a friend who used to scoff at me, until her maid died in her house and started making her presence felt. No other help would stay and her own sister and another person actually heard and saw the deceased girl. So she had to perform this prayer cleansing and purifying meeting. No more scoffing at me now I can assure you. She just looks crestfallen when the subject of paranormal comes up and here was this hard core skeptic.

    Rock – I didn’t understand, is your real name really Elaine? Or were u joking?

    Elaine – your family would drive me crazy. My family does too, But at moment they seem to be lying low.

    Everybody else..forgive me for not addressing individually.

    I know Mickey was going to go house decorating. Granni as usual had a lot of activity on her roster. Georgia wasn’t feeling good about the way her workplace was run and that she is a socialist. Bit foggy so I wrote what I remembered.

    Cate, Monica, Sweetie, Debra..everyone else – big wave

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, not much going on here.

    I did get an email from my daughters buddy who is in college in the states. He and she graduated grade 12 A levels together. And he seems now to be in China on a study tour.

    Having nothing to report I will just copy paste that instead.


    Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 13:09:45 -0400
    Subject: Blogging from China
    From: p


    I just wanted to let you know that I've redesigned my website/blog
    RealityEquation, and have new content up:

    Also, I am currently on a month-long intensive summer Chinese program
    in Hefei, China and will be blogging about it as I go. This will be my
    first time for both being in China as well as learning Mandarin.

    I'm updating the blog whenever I can, and given I'm only
    spending so much time updating it (Mandarin comes first), there's a
    lag between when the first draft goes up and when it's complete. I
    will eventually try to get everything up, so keep checking back.

    I hope you enjoy, and you're welcome to leave comments.



    springwaters reply

    Good Lord P

    i am flabbergasted; but thought its very P like to spring one out of
    the blue...I honestly thought you were somewhere in the US with your
    relatives. Ive spoken to D off and on not too much coz she really isnt
    the haff to keep in touch kind but the last i got from her was you was
    attending some class where you were the only guy in a class full of gals and
    were enjoying giving the only guy perspective on things....i didnt tell her
    you were probably also hugely enjoying all that female company WHILE
    studying whatever you were studying in that class.

    I just told my husband youre in China and he is impressed. I honestly hope
    D will get a job during her summer break and learn something while at
    it, values and stuff if not too much money...i dont want her just whiling
    the time away.

    I have never read any blogs...i somehow never got around to doing blogs or
    twitter or any of those new things...but will look up your site.....Im sure
    you are enjoying every bit of it including the new menus -snakes, dogs,
    cats, spiders..oh wait that was vietnam.

    Kathmandu is so boring that i have nothing to say about it, i dont suppose
    you would be interested in hearing about our power cuts or the erratic
    petroleum supplies....or the ongoing tussle for the ouster of the Army

    You take care

    D’s Mom

    PS's reply

    Glad to hear from you, it'd been a while! Yeah, I myself thought I'd be in the US over the summer until quitelate into the semester. I found a summer program in China, and seeingas this was something involving language + traveling involved (and, ofcourse, food), I jumped at it. Being here, I'm glad I decided to com;it's an almost surreal experience, and I keep having to remind myselfthat I'm in Hefei, China! Or maybe that's because so many things arelike Nepal here, hmm....

    I haven't spoken to D in a while. I tried calling her before Ileft, but her cell phone doesn't seem to be working, and I don't know her dorm phone (and couldn't find it). Ha! I was, in fact, •not• the only guy in my class at Smith (that was last semester, and yes, I did enjoy it). My instructor was a beefy (butvery gentle) guy that my classmates (and, in fact, any female who'smet him) seemed to quite fancy describing him as "that hot French teacher"- something I didn't exactly need. But yes, still the only malestudent. Not by choice, to be sure.

    I'm glad you're reading my blog. I know at least some one is :)

    I check Nepalnews every once in a while—these last few weeks I haven't
    had to, I could just follow what was happening on BBC—and its rather
    disconcerting the way there's this sense of crisis and turmoil, and
    yet it all has an artificial feel to it. Like there's a sort of
    "higher plane" of politics, and a shaky, revolving planeof everything else in between, elaborate metaphors aside, I do hope we'll have a reason to genuinely be
    proud/happy about something soon, Nepal-wise.

    Again, it's really great to catch up after so long.


    God Bless
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    Pippi1313 New Member

    Thanks for explaining the name Lydia. That's VERY interesting!
    Unless I have my history lessons completely confused, wasn't there a time (like back in biblical days) when it was illegal for anyone except royalty to wear the color purple?
    I'll call you Lydia from now on, cuz I really like that. :)

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It will be another busy day of this and that outside and in. Not much to talk about. I didnpt tag onto the volume so I probbly will forget everything said.

    Pippi - Rock's name is not Elaine :) but he is one of those with dry senses of humor that we just love. They like to catch you , so be careful !!

    Rock - Yes, please do not sell yourself short my friend. We will surely miss you if you were not here with us.

    Spring - glad to see you back on the Porch. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I sort of skimmed over your post and I think what was your daughters letter. BTW, I have some more ironing to send you , OK ??

    Julie - How nice to hear the story of your UN. I think you might have already mentioned it but my brain sort of comes and goes you know. Just put some more wash in, I think you must have dumped a bunch in my laundry basket :) !!! Hope you have a nice weekend and try and rest some !!

    Elaine - Hang in their kiddo. Hope things now straighten out some with your little bro. after all the goings on with your sister. Yes, we want more details when they happen.

    Gotta run all, DH is back from the store and I have to get dressed and start doing some stuff around here. DH now has a slight cold and or allergy and we were supposed to go out to eat tonight with some friends. We may now have to cancel. If I had just a runny nose ans little scratchy throat I would go out anyway and eat dinner - unless I felt that I was contagious of course. He is not used to pain or any discomforts at all.

    OH well so what else is new for me, not much - yuck.

    Everydobby have a wonderful Memorial Day. Ours will be very quiet. Sorry I did not mention everyone. My daughter with all the problems will be calling me this afternoon to talk abaoaut all her problems. Ialready mentioned some of it on this threat. Not going to post it all again.



  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - what a terrible scare. I am sorry that they had to take away the vehicle but that surely was not the way to do it, scaring people half to death in the prcess. That would make you upset andmake you feel worse than usual. Sorry all this had to happen. Hopefully they will not bother you again adn that you get some results with the complaint. You did not mention if they did take the truck this time or not. It is bad enough when they have to take the truck but to bang on the doors like that and scare the you know wht out of you . There is no excuse for that !!

    Glad your students are a joy for you and that you are enjoying it. Sorry though about some of the people at work making remarks or whateer they are doing. It surely doesn't make your work a happy place when they do tht. However, unfortunatly there are many times dopey people like that around who like to mouth off and do not care who they hurt in the process.

    DH still is blowing his nose and carrying on so not sure if we will go out to eat or not. We'll have to wait and see. His muscous or whatever coming out of his nose is not colored so it may be mostly allergy. He does not take discomfort very well.

    Everyone have a great holiday. I will try and check in to see everydobby tomorrow.


  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to pop in wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and thank all the families who have served our country, very courageous people indeed.

    I am still marking off my list of projects, I am scubbing the front porch to my house today, it is 52 ft long so it will take most of my day, I am taking a break, just ate a PB&J and getting ready to go back out.

    SW I was wondering were you were, I am sorry you are feeling down again, very nice of your D's friend to write you and share her site with you. I know you miss your daughter very much and wish she could home for a visit with you. Feel better soon

    Pippi- your not crazy- I have seen ghosts too, lived in 2 houses where odd things happened, long story but I do think there are "others" out there, but then again maybe I am the one that is "out there" lol- Glad you are back at home and recooping.

    Georgia it just goes from bad to worse for you- I hope everything gets sorted out.

    Rock were you amazed at all the colors Iris's come in? BTW did you feel the earth quake from last week? Hope you and Gordon have a good weekend
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to pop in wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and thank all the families who have served our country, very courageous people indeed.

    I am still marking off my list of projects, I am scubbing the front porch to my house today, it is 52 ft long so it will take most of my day, I am taking a break, just ate a PB&J and getting ready to go back out.

    SW I was wondering were you were, I am sorry you are feeling down again, very nice of your D's friend to write you and share her site with you. I know you miss your daughter very much and wish she could home for a visit with you. Feel better soon

    Pippi- your not crazy- I have seen ghosts too, lived in 2 houses where odd things happened, long story but I do think there are "others" out there, but then again maybe I am the one that is "out there" lol- Glad you are back at home and recooping.

    Georgia it just goes from bad to worse for you- I hope everything gets sorted out.

    Rock were you amazed at all the colors Iris's come in? BTW did you feel the earth quake from last week? Hope you and Gordon have a good weekend.

    Hmm I didn't hit submit but it posted it anyway- maybe one of the others did it.

    Well I need to get back while I still feel like it, or loose the post. Hello to Julie, Granni, Elaine,Jole, Sweetie, Linda well my brain just short circurited but you all know who your are- oh teacher and Debby and Cynthia too- Have a great weekend and catch ya later- Carla
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  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I bet more people have "seen a ghost" than care to admit it!
    Ya think?

    Hey Rock - I felt a little bitty earthquake once. Around here, that's a Major Big Deal!!!

    I had fallen asleep the night before, with the talk-radio station on.
    Around 5:00 am, the jolt woke me up. A stack of books fell over & a few things rattled around.
    Being half-asleep still, I didn't know what had happened. But the morning show guys on the radio (which was still on) yelled, "What was THAT???!!!". (The radio station has a 10 second delay, in case they get a nut job on the phone & hafta cut the call short before someone violates FCC regs.)
    Then peeps started calling in, talking about the earthquake.

    One guy at the radio station said he didn't even feel anything. But I sure felt it up here on the 15th floor!

    Even tho we're on a massive fault (the New Madrid) there hasn't been a quake in like 100 years. They keep saying we're gonna have a "Big One" any time now.
    The last time the New Madrid went to quakin' it was so strong, the Mississippi River ran backward!
    But buildings here aren't built to earthquake-code, cuz nobody really thinks it'll happen.


    Georgia - Those PUNKS can't go around threatening CHILDREN!!! Those repo-thugs think they're above the law. But then again, most criminals do think that way!!![This Message was Edited on 05/23/2009]
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a major trauma yesterday. Got my bill from the Discover Card. I expected to
    have a credit balance as I recently sent in two checks. Instead I was informed I was
    in debt and was charged $19 for a late fee.

    So I looked at my checkbook and found I had written several checks w/o noting
    the date of same. There was a record of only one check to Discover.

    Gordon called. Discover agreed they had received one check, not two, and cancelled
    the late fee. Of course it says on the back of the bill, if you have problems you
    can call us but it "won't preserve your rights." For that you have to write
    a letter.

    So maybe things are fixed w/ the credit card company and maybe they aren't.

    But of more importance is, things are not fixed w/ my head. Looked up the
    stages of Alzheimer's. Stage four includes difficult w/ complex tasks such as
    paying bills.

    There are seven stages. Stage seven is fatal.

    I only write about 2 checks per month. From now on Gordon will take over same.

    A college roommate who loved old movies told me that in "Dark Victory" or some such
    classic, Bette Davis is informed of "Prognosis Negative".

    Guess I'd better fasten my seatbelt. Bumpy times ahead.


  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Good for you! You showed them they can't push ya around!!!
    As for your crummy neighbors: What comes around, goes around! And I'm really glad it does "come around"!

    Cyber "high-5" to ya! :D

    I'm so sorry. My heart is breaking for you. I wish I was standing right there. I'd give you a big hug.

    Peace to all.


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