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  1. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Porchies & Peepers. Please come join the fun in posting and please check out the last posts on 387. We are all thinking of you Elaine.

    Love you all,


    By the way, here is my funny thought of the day.

    A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking
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  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I was wondering about Rock, also!

    Where are ya, Rock? Everydobby here is missin ya!!!!!

  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well friends, i will be off work until Tuesday, June 23rd so everyone have a safe and fun weekend, I am sure I will check in from home over the weekend, but just in case, just wanted to make sure you all know where i will be and you won't worry about me.

    Take care and love you all!!!!!

  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Too much sun yesterday. Paid for it today. I wasn't out long, but I didn't run the air conditioner in the car. I didn't think it was hot enough. Oh well. Thankfully, I have air at home and it only took 24 hours to start coming out of it.


    Put the rest of my groceries away today. I now am the proud owner of five bottles of salad dressing, six cans of peaches, three packages of raisins and four packets of sloppy joe seasoning mix.

    What did I forget?

    Dishwashing liquid and trash bags! hee hee

    Gotta go to the chiro tomorrow. I guess I'll have to go back to the store! Maybe I'll take my mom with me and she can remember what I'm supposed to buy! hee hee

    Oh well. Back to rocking on the porch. I'll be here singing while you all enjoy family and friends this weekend. Join me if you get bored with your other activities.

    Hugs to all!

  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Again I have been off so long that the vols. just fly by.

    This is not a good day for me and I won't bore you with my thoughts. While reading all of your wonderful thoughts in the past few vols., I feel so old - I know that I am sooo much older than all of you other dear friends - I am discovering that I have no one to talk to (other than my kids) that has my thoughts and feelings right now.

    I enjoyed the past few volumes. Elaine - I am glad that you are recovering and full of the "old Elaine".

    To all of you, you have been so wonderful to me and I can't thank you enough.

    Gentle Hugs to all you dear friends,

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I caught a stomach bug…eating something out of the fridge I think…..its hot and the power cuts….must be careful not to at any leftovers from now until the weather turns cooler.

    Ive taken some antibiotics….its helping a bit…no more runny tummy and not so much sharp pains either, but I didn’t get out…and the weather is too hot to go out anyways…

    The nest in the garden is a birds nest after all, and the tiny tiny eggs have hatched!!! I was so excited becoz I never saw one this kind before although two baby pigeons just are learning to fly after hatching from a nest on my bathroom ledge. But these birdies young are tiny!

    Elaine – ive read enough about your sister to know I probably would keep my distance from her too…I just cant stand too much drama. I glad u have big brother on your side.

    Mickey – lady, that black dress contrasted so much with your beautiful blond hair..loved the photos

    Joan – happy to see you pop back onto the porch, do you go for coffee nowadays with yor friends? I remember you had a coffee group some time back…Im guessing not, since you didn’t mention it.. but maybe you should…

    Hugs to all

    God Bless
  7. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Why does your post sound so ominous?

    In many ways, age has nothing to do with anything.

    Of course, I know it can cause someone to feel "different", like they're from a different place, & not just a different time.

    How "old" we really are, has more to do with what we've experienced, than how many birthdays we've had.

    I know. You're saying: "Sure, that's easy for YOU to say!"

    And you're right.

    But in some ways, I think I know what it's like to be 100 years old.
    I've been at the complete mercy of a society that doesn't care if I live or die. Actually, they let me know they'd rather I go ahead & die... I've been trapped, literally, in beds in institutions where the "help" will beat me up if I disturb their smoke break by needing something.
    There was no escape. Physically, my body couldn't move. I couldn't get myself out of there. Nobody would listen. Nobody would believe what I said about what happens in there.
    I was in a "safe place" as far as my family was concerned.
    I spent weeks like that. Helpless. Terrified. Not terrified of my illness. Terrified of my "care"takers. Not knowing if I would ever escape, or if that was where &how I was gonna die.

    Is that what "old" feels like?
    Or is that just what we FEAR "old" will be like?

    And that was just the hospital. If my parents hadn't taken me home to care for me, I was to be shipped off to a nursing home...
    That's not supposed to happen to "people my age".

    So it comes back to that... Age... What does it mean, really?

    We're all in this together - us Porch Peeps.

    Maybe, it's good that I know these things.
    I probably don't get to be old, officially, as per birthday-count...

    I hear the peeps here talking about their grown kids, their grandkids, their hubbies & wives (living or living in memory).
    And I know I don't get to experience any of that.

    It's likely my parents will outlive me.

    Talk about feeling like an alien on a strange planet! LOL!

    You say you have no one to relate to, because you're a different age.
    Heck, I'm practically a different species...

    But I know one thing for sure:
    I know I belong right here!
    "Being normal" isn't on our list of options or possibilities.
    That's why we relate to each other here.
    Because we have such a huge, important, major thing in common!

    I need you. I need all of you. Since I found this place, & you peeps, I don't feel so much like the societal-orphan I know I am.

    I know that when you say you have no one to talk to, you mean flesh-&-blood, right-there-in-person, people sitting with you, being present, being there, so that when you turn suddenly & say, "Hey!" someone responds, "What?".
    It's the immediacy of presence that we don't have...

    I know how lonely that is.
    It's not about age...

    Gentle hugz & love to you tonight.

    PS: Porch Peeps: Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow, as I have to go back to the hospital in an attempt to re-start my treatment!

    Hugz 2 Everydobby!
  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    you've been gifted with words. How wonderful to be able to say what others are thinking so gracefully and clearly.

    Thank you!

    God bless at the hospital tomorrow.

    And remember, you can always go bowling if you need too! hee hee
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Grand daughter is still sleeping and it is almost time for DH to bring the boys out to their last day of golf camp. Their dad will be coming to check it out and then bring them home. Not sure if they will have lunch here or not afterwards. It has been a busy week and it went pretty well. It was fantastic we had a great place to bring the kids. They all got along so well, very well behaved for the most part. We had a fish fry yesterday made with the fish that one of the boys caught as well as some others in the freezer and other fillets we bought at the store. We were feeding 13 people. Well, there wasn't very much left - just a couple of pieces. The kids played in the lake most of the time but we did take one day of a break and they all played inside to not to get so much sunburn. In midday it was in the hi 90's with sun out most of the time. Thank God here for having a/c !!

    Pippi - you are so right about the folks here. We are here for everyone and many of us just know how it feels to be the way we are and so others as well. Yes, age is not the most important thing. It is our experiences that make us what we are and how we truly understand. You are a very smart young lady and very perceptive !!

    Hope your treatment goes well today. We will be thinking about you. I know I will and hope that we get a good report this time sweetie.

    Teacher - I keep forgetting. Not sure if I already mentioned that I am so happy that you are now in remission or cancer free. Iknow how that must feel. Our grandson, who is now 7 is finally in remission from his leukemia. They found it when he was 4. What a terrible time. To make it all worse that was when my daughter and her husband were separating. What a terrible mess. Glad that is over with now anyway. He is finally getting his port out.

    Joan - Thinking about you my dear and are so glad you have come back to visit with us again. I can imagine how hard it is for you. My mom went through the same thing when dad died. However she lived about 12 years longer than my dad. Luckily, my brother and his family all kept her involved with the family as much as possible in their busy lives.If you are sad and just want to talk please know that we are all here for you. We are not always here just when you are feeling UP !! Lots of hugs to you sweetie !!

    Mickey - Have a wonderful weekend my dear and try not to wear yourself out !!

    Elaine - I am glad that your older brother finally saw more of your sister and her partners antics at the gathering so he could figure out what has been really going on in your life, and theirs too. Sounds like they are very selfish people and another have seen through them too.

    I understand why you do not want to mention your upcoming surgery and new growth. As my parents would say - they have made their beds, so let them sleep in it. I am surprised anyone wants them over EVER !! Glad athat your brother now understands too now !! So happy that your head has finally been turned around. I am sure that J.S. has been a very good thing for you. Keep it up sweetie !!

    Well, everydobby I had better get off here and check to make sure the kids are on their way to packing their stuff to go home later on today. Also hope that I can actually get this to sent when I push submit. When it gets long it doesn't always go as it should.

    Hey where is Rock, Georgia, Jole, Springwater , Monica, Cate, Deb, Linda and everydobby else.?? Sorry if I did not name you ALL. Have a safe , fun filled and hopefully not to painful weekend !!



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  10. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi ya, Porch Peeps!!!!!!

    It's just past 1:00 in the pm here, & I'm already back home & settled in.

    My treatment this morning went GREAT!
    I had my Good Nurse (who got the IV in w/o my even feeling it!) & the NS came in to check on me also.
    The last time NS & I saw each other, we were both crying, but today we were both quite relieved & smiling! :D

    I had to stay an extra 30 minutes, cuz right at the end of the treatment, my BP dipped. So, they checked it several times over the 30 minutes & it came back up just fine!

    5 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!

    Elaine: I'm SO glad your bro came to understand what you'd been trying to tell him! The brother/sister bond is a very special thing, & I'm glad the two of you are re-establishing that.
    The rest of the world can go dig a hole & jump in it! LOL! You have your brother!!!

    Of my 5 brothers, there's 1 who understands me more than anyone else on the planet. The thing is, we became SO close, & learned so much about each other, following a major MISunderstanding! The misunderstanding, led to a REAL honest talk, & we learned things about each other, & about the relationship between the two of us, that we would have never known, if it hadn't been for that misunderstanding!

    That's a long story, but I'll tell about it sometime.

    Granni: Oh, whatta week you've had! I can only try to imagine what it would be like to have grandchildren... To look at them & know you have created unlimited future generations!!!
    I didn't know about the little guy having leukemia. I'm so glad he's in remission!!!

    Thanks 2 Everydobby for the prayers & thoughts for my treatment this morning!!!!! When you peeps pray, stuff happens!!!!!!! LOL

    Springwater, Jole, Teacher, Cate, & everydobby else: Have a great day!
    More x-tra hugz 2 U, Joan! :)

    Hey Rock! Rock? U there, Rock? Yo, Rock! ;)
    I sure hope you're out there doing something interesting, & NOT having a problem of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, or computer variety!!!
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    whatever that (normal) means anyway. The gkids dad came and had lunch with us all after the end of golf camp. then they loaded the car and left.. It is quiet now and so I figured I would check out the computer since no one needed it. I have already done abput 4 washes of bedding anda towels and such. I think I only havae one more in the wash now that needs to come out and dry. Luckily, SPRINGWATER doesn't have to worry about ironing today since there is mostly towels and things that don't need any.

    Springwater - Hope you are doing OK today. haven;t heard from you in awhile. Hope you are havaing an UP day !! I don;t have to send you any ironing today so RELAX !!

    Pippi - So glad that you had your treatment and that it was a good experience for you this time. YAY !! Glad that you all were smiling this time!!!

    Yeah ROCK - where have you been? I hope you are doing OK. We miss you around here.

    Hope to hear from some more of you today now that I have the computer (sort of) again. I guess Mickey is busy at work. Not sure if she was off today too. I know she was off till tuesday I think.

    Georgia- Hope you aren't feeling to badly with your UTI or any other problems. I know how awful that can be. Hope your sciatica has gotten better also.. I get my share of that also.

    Well, I hope to check again later. Everydobby try and stay well (as can be expected) and happy !! Have a great weekend for all that that will be busy !


  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    (I include the "Lydia" part, since U explained what it signifies, I really like it!)

    I meant to comment about Grandpa earlier, but I got distracted... :O

    I'm so glad y'all got sidetracked & Grandpa didn't get home til after the thieves had gone!!!!!!

    Did he lose anything irreplacable, like things with emotional / sentimental value? Gosh, I sure hope not.

    I hope his homeowners' (or renters?) insurance will cover the financial loss.
    Since they have a small suspect pool, are they likely to catch the burglars?
    As you said, there are only a few people who knew about the safe, AND knew he wasn't at home...

    I can imagine how violated, vulnerable, & angry he must be feeling right now.
    That's so sad. I'm angry anyone would do this to him.

    Maybe, all the relatives can chip in to get him an alarm system for Fathers' Day?

    Hope he's able to recover from the shock & violation of this.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry in my last two posts I forgot to mention Grandpa and the robbery at his home. How terrible that is. Yes, I can imagine how terible he must feel and like Pippi said I hope they did not steal anything that was very important to him. Yes, some kind of a alarm system would be perfect but don't know how expensive that is. However, if a bunch of people could pitch in it surely would be worth it.

    How far away does he live from you or anyone else in the family or good friends? The whole thing is just terrible !! I am so sorry this happened to him.

    Talk to you soon again ! I am sure you and everyone was upset by this.


  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i had a nice letter written and rahter long, not complaining either, but hit something and away it went~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``

    I will return tomorrow and try to remember what I wrote. Probably be something different.

    Think that I will tell you all about granddaughter's wedding last Sat. So beautiful and oh, that great-granddaugher was the prettiest thing you ever saw!!! Proud Grammy!

    Well, since we here in N. Indiana are under a weather watch and I just put the AC's on (90 outside and was 82 in here), think I will head to the kitchen and see what I can find.

    Springwater: Do not eat anything that you have any doubts about in the frig!!!! I forget when I opened something and then it goes too long til I want it again. Have 2 bottles half-full of juiice that I will dump tonight. 4 weeks old!!!!

    I am sorry that some of you are having such health problems and I will say a prayer for you!! Love you all~~~~~~~

    Love and Gentle Hugs,


    P.S. Tell me again how I can read all about you and write at the same time. Thanks.[This Message was Edited on 06/19/2009]
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member




    Ok, I'm punchy. Time for bed. I hope everyone had a delightful day.

    Goodnight everydobby!
  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Whenever I write a long post, then get to the end only to discover I've timed out, I see the message "You must be logged in to do that".
    The "logged in" part of that is underlined. I click on that "logged in" part of the phrase.
    That takes me to the log-in page & when I re-enter my info & click "submit" (or "Continue", I already forgot! LOL), (or press my "enter" key), it takes me back to my post. The post is still intact, & I can then click "submit".

    I discovered the hard way, that if I take myself to the log-in page (as opposed to clicking the words "logged in" on that message), I'll lose my post & have to start over.

    The other option is to drag your cursor across & down the message you just typed (highlighting what U wrote), go to the top of your screen, click edit, click cut, - THEN go back to the log in page - then go back to the post you were replying to - click in the reply box - go back to the top of your screen - click edit - then click paste.

    That's the long way 'round, but it works.

    Hope that helps save ya a lotta frustration & lost posts!!!!!

    The first way is MUCH easier!
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is out and so I will at least check in .

    Julie - sorry you lost your long post. I know how frustrating that can be. I have don it many times. Hope all is well at home and you are feeling better and grandpa is still not horribly upset by the awful robbery. Hope they can find the person (s) that did that.

    Pippi - Thanks for the info on preventing adn fixing lost posts. I have been able a few times to retrieve it but not always so have printed out your info.

    Joan -Hope you are feeling OK today. Here is how I can type and read the posts at the same time (or almost). Hope you can understand it .

    After you log in and get on the chit chat board just click R on reply.

    Click and open the NEW WINDOW ( a new box will pop open for you to click)

    The page will then come will come up for you to start posting.

    When you want to check the other posts on the volume left click on the very bottom, rt hand side (bar), where it says (Prohealth Inc) .

    Then click the bottom "bar" again to see your post that you have been posting.

    Hope this helps, makes sense, and works for you. It sounds hard and like a lot of steps but after you do it a few times you do not have to think about it.

    Well everydobby, I hope all is well. Have to go and do some work around here since the munchkins are gone. Have a great weekend awl !!


  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – that was terrible to hear about FIL’s house being broken into! I remember many years ago when I was in my 20’s and someone cut the long string handle of my purse when I was on a bus to work….I was in shock for a moment, then since the bus was jampacked and people getting off and on all the time, (no chance of recovering lost purse)I just walked back home and cried.
    I didn’t have much in the purse but the sense of violation and rage and helplessness! It’s a sign of the times isn’t it? When something like that can happen there.

    Pippi – you are so articulate; I have to admit I never thought about you as being ‘lonely’ and that things like husband and kids is stuff you have not experienced…maybe because your posts seem so bright and mature..I tend to think of you as like most of us, going about our work/daily lives …its when you write down your thoughts and let us know of your ongoing treatments/daily life that I remember you are going through some stiff challenges on a daily basis. I do admire your fortitude. I could borrow some of your strength right now, the heat, a stomach bug and an unceasing muscular ache in the back of my legs, is making me feel extremely unmotivated and heavy.

    Granni –I haven’t come on much due to the power situation and being a bit unmotivated due to the heat et all. Since we seem to be having quite a few MIA’s I am guessing the summer is taking its toll on others too..Cate,Carla,Linda,Rock,Jole, etc.Granni - my ironing has been to the bare minimum these days..a shirt and trouser for hubs, school shirt and trouser for son, that’s it.:)

    Elaine – I think it would be a good idea not to let your young nephew and niece be around when your sisters partner is there, I mean getting drunk and flirting with their dad is not something healthy for kids to see. I would hate for my kids to be around when someone acts like that…drink is just the pits isn’t it? Drink is what has driven many families into the pits. My own younger brother seems to be truly getting hooked onto beer these days…I smell it on him even when I visit(rarely visit) at morning times….and Im just done trying to wean him off it….Im just too tired of the struggle. I just want to lay me down and go off to sleep forever.

    Teacher – I dare not trust my memory when going shopping…I always pay for it by forgetting some essential or other..so a list is what I take mostly. Right now the fridge is filled with bottles of mango juice..its so hot.

    Joan - dont be unafraid to unload here if yore feeling down..chances are a lot of us are feeling same as you and can commisserate...its not just the lonliness of age..and seeing people of your own age pass on..theres the loneliness of having chronic disorders and not feeling one of the normal crowd..the loneliness of always having to keep up a struggle to keep functioning...you seemed to be feeling better ..about the porch page, why dont you open two porch pages...and only log in on one..and type there, but i found the safest way is to open a microsoft word page and type it there..and you can ask one of your children to teach you how to copy paste onto the porch page..its very easy.

    will post this

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My stomach isn’t completely rid of the bugs yet, but getting there. The heat is bothersome, especially when we have power cuts..

    Last eve husband came back from work , and was watching tv when the power went off…so he said lets go check out the new supermart…I was aching everywhere, fibro?
    And told him nah, he can go…and then when I saw him go off alone, I felt sad for him, I don’t seem to be much of a wife, lots of chores left undone, meals very basic, so I told him I wud go…and hurriedly dressed and went….my hair was filthy but I just scraped it up in a bun…

    The new mart is huge, and by Nepalese standards luxurious. But its not functioning properly yet, its supposed to be air conditioned, but it was down, the lift gave me a scare when it didn’t function, I made hubs get out of there fast and when we went up into the restaurants, we had just settled down, and the lights went off….I can imagine the pilferage which could occur if this keeps happening. The grocery section wasn’t open but the owner took us around and explained stuff, what he was gong to sell n all, he said he made the mistake of getting foreign chocolates in before the a/c was installed and had to bear losses of hundreds thousands of rupees because the chocolate melted. We bought son a shirt and brother in law a t-shirt and husband bought a belt and wallet. I looked around for some kurtis, (Nepalese dress) but none the kind I could wear, too much embellishments and anyway, Ive decided I will get rid of the stuff at home which I don’t wear before I buy more stuff. De clutter. Yes that’s my policy now.

    Well, the fan is going on but its blowing hot air,,,so I will close up and head for the bedroom where the only a/c is installed before I get a headache.

    Hugs to you all

    God Bless
  20. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Just dropping in to say hello to all my porchie friends...it's been awhile but everything is as well as can be expected. Hope everyone is a-ok and I will chat with you all later:)


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