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    Howdy Porchies!

    I've been reading but I cannot respond because the brain is fogging AND freezing today. Can't spell too good either.

    I DO want to say that I like the fighter spririt around here. NO ONE is willing to give up! I love it!

    Hang in there you all. We may be delicate but we're strong!

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    Yikes! I seem to have gotten caught in the door! LOL!
    As I entered my post last night, I came back to the main board to discover a new porch session had begun.

    Oh well! I didn't get any fingers slammed in the door, so I'm OK!

    Happy Dads' Day to all the dads, to everydobby who has a dad, AND to every man who is the father-figure to those who don't have bio-dads around!

    I'm off to hang with Pop today.
    He's my one-&-only dad. I'm his one-&-only daughter. There's no question about that.
    But I don't think I've ever mentioned something about him:
    He's not my biological father.
    I wasn't an abandoned baby. My father died when Mom was pregnant with me. (He was only 26.)
    Pop talked Mom into getting married when I was about 1 yr old.
    THAT took some SERIOUS convincing! LOL!!!
    My Pop CHOSE to be my dad. Of all the baby girls in the world, he picked ME to be HIS daughter!

    One of my favorite things, is when someone sees me with Pop, & comments about how I look just like him. :) I LOVE that!

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Since I don't have a father I had forgotten it was Fathers Day, so I hope all the fathers are having a special day. I know many woman that are treating dads, hubbies, brothers and such special today.

    Teacher thank you for starting a new volume, and so glad to hear you are cancer free. I am almost 14 years clean myself. Hope you have many many more.

    Pippi I must say you have really have such a wonderful attitude and have been a welcome edition to this porch, your warmth and humor is greatly appreicated.

    Elaine I am glad to hear your brother and mom have seen that you have been right all this time and hope you enjoy the rest of his visit.That was very sweet about the BBQ and his old freinds.

    Joan I am glad to hear you are getting up everyday and going about your life after Harley, you are so lucky to have your coffee club to get you up and about everyday.

    Julie whew woman I don't know how your do it. I must have missed something about Den's dad being robbed, was that in the post you lost? I will have to go back and look. What a shame but I hope he wasn't home and they find the person that did it. I bet there were life insurance poilcies and who nows what else. Cute about Keira and calling Amy M-Amy, hope she is settling into her terrible twos.

    Georgia I know how you feel about old freinds, sometimes we have to move on from them, I feel she is jealous of grandpa and your happiness and you don't need people like that in our lives.

    Granni you have the grandkids so I know you are busy and hope you enjoy them while they are there, they grow up so fast.

    Well I had more but got distracted when I a nieghbor stopped by. Oh well that is my mind, gone with the wind! Hello to everydobby else- Oh where is our Rock??? I hope you aren't fighting the puter gremlins again. I'll try to come back soon, still playing catch up on my chores- take care-Carla
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    Got the computer back. And here's the story for those who like gory details.

    The darn thing crashed. So Gordon took it
    to one of the computer guys at work. Turned out
    fast service was not his motto. First he forgot to take it home so he could work on it, and then when he did, he remembered he had to go to a graduation. Well, you can't work on a computer when you're attending a graduation.

    And then various other delays.

    So we got it back after a week. First thing I did was answer an e mail from my younger brother. He so seldom writes, I wanted to give him a fast response.

    Soon as I hit "Send" it all vanished in a puff.

    Gordon said, "Well, Jessie didn't fix it. He just got us back on the internet." As Gracie Allen
    woulda said, "For this we paid 40 dollars?"

    And then I wrote to my other brother, and that e mail also disappeared into the wild
    blue yonder.

    I noticed I was less depressed and more serene w/o the computer. Maybe I'll have to cut down my time w/ same. Not my time on the message board, just my time visiting
    other places like Youtube or the news. The news is pretty much all grim anyway.

    Will have to catch up the prior posts. All for now.

  5. Pippi1313

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    (A short but true tale)

    Picture the scene of the calamity:

    A backyard swing set. I'm 2 years old & just shy of 2 feet tall.
    It was all my big brothers' fault! He said my head would fit in there!

    The "teeter-totter", it was called. It was the swing with two seats facing each other, suspended by 2 vertical parallel bars.
    I climbed up onto the foot-rests, & gave it a try. He was right. My head DID fit between the two metal bars!!!

    Problem: For some reason (physics has yet to find an explanation for this) heads that can pass into certain spaces, cannot pass back OUT of said spaces!

    Uh-huh. I was good & stuck!

    One would think, Big Bro would run for help. NOT! Culprits rarely participate in alerting the authorities!

    Mom & Pop heard me screaming bloody-murder, & came running!

    Mom knelt on the ground, wrapping her arms around me to hold me up & take the pressure off my head & neck. (My little legs were getting wobbly.)
    Every Super Hero has a sidekick!

    Super Dad wiggled his hands as close to my head as he could get without hurting me, wrapped a hand around each metal bar, & with a strength created by hard work (not bar-bells or exercise machines) - gave a great heave & pulled the bars apart!!!

    I popped free, & was swept up by Super Dad & his Sidekick. They checked me for bruises, cuts, scrapes, & stuff. Amazingly, I wasn't injured, merely upset.

    Later, my dad tried to push the bars of the teeter-totter back together, so it wouldn't look all bent outta shape.
    Guess what? The metal bars were so thick & strong, he couldn't get them bent back into shape!

    It was his need to protect "the baby" that gave Pop his Super-Hero strength!

    My Dad, the Superhero!

    (In honor of Superhero Dad moments, long remembered, or long forgotten!)

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    ROCK! I'm SOOOOOO happy to hear from ya! I was really starting to worry!!!!!

    & you're right about not watching too much news. I discovered that awhile back. YouTube is ok if I'm just watching things like cats falling down, dogs running into things, or babies laughing! LOL
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    We will be having a very quiet Fathers datyy with steaks on the grill. I got him a shirt and some BBQ tools he can use with our new grill. He was so thrilled.mmOur eldest daugther who was the mom of the kids we watched asked us to come over for a BBQ but DH was tired and it is SOOOO hot outside.. He didn't want to go. So home we stay. I am pretty lazy myself. It is about an hour or more drive with who knows what traffic for Fathers Day.

    Pippi - how cute about your dad being a super hero. Yes he was getting you out of those bars. Wow, that ws wonderful that he could g et you out. Guess that was some adrenlin since he couldn;t get them back again .

    Elaine - so glad that most of your family is seeing the problems of your sister and her partner for what they are - that they are the trouble makers. How sweet that you older brother was crying and appreciative of what you all did for him for arranging the susprise at the party for him.

    Julie - would you slow down sweetie. Sorry you lost your long post that is always so terribly frustrating. I think now there is something with the new board that we didn;t have before. After awhile I guess you are no longer on line on logged int. What a major pain that is.

    Georgia - Glad grandpa will be at h ome with you today. That was sweet of him. Just forget that x friends who became terrible like some of your family. I know it is hard when you have been close for quite awhile.

    CARLA - The kids are gone so it is quiet again. Hope to see you soon again after you finish with all your projects and hhope you feel better soon too.

    Well,, every dobby I gotta go and fix lunch. Hipe to check in later on.

    Love also to those I didn;t mention.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I posted a really neat poem as a new post on Chit Chat about those Dad's who talked alot to their children and had a wonderful influence on them.

    Please read it if you have the time. I thought it was beautiful.



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    Fiddlesticks! I didn't get you all back as instructed - I don' have any idea as towhat I did or didn't do. The only "Pro-Health" I can find is at left bottom and that sure isn't it. I tried it and flubbed. Oh well.

    it was a very different Father's day. I always got DH gifts too - he was the one that made it possible for me to be a mother! I had sent cards with lovely messages to SIL and 2 sons. Got a call from SIL and #1 son thanking me. Made me feel good that I had made them happy!

    Went to church and coffee, then home and changed clothes and did little things. Oh yes, yesterday I cleaned out the Garbage disposal. Ever do that??? Yeek!!! have always used fingernails to dig stuff out around the top but this time I sprayed cleaner on it and used the green scrubber. No one else but me knows that it's done.

    I hlope that all of you with daddys (alive or in Heaven) had a good talk with them. It sounded as if some of you did and that is so wonderful. I talked to the daddy of my children and told how wonderful they all are. He already knows that too.

    As for GD's wedding - it was perfect from begining to end. All 25 of my children, their spouses, grandchildren and spouses and great grandchildren were there. Harley was there in everyone's hearts.

    It was an outdoor wedding on the Potowanami's deck - I guess it (dec k)is there just for weddings. During lunch the rain came. It drizzled and drizzled on and on. All were dressed up ready to go, sstanding in the lobby. Finally, #2 son told all men to get towels and wipe the white chairs and they had so many that all didn't have to wipe them. The wedding was to be at 3:30. At 3:25, the good Lord above and I would guess with a little please from DH, turned off the rain!!!!!! Guests weren't ushered in but went quietly to a seat. Then grandparents were ushered in. A front row seat in a cloudy but wonderful day.

    The bride was so beautiful - just beaming at her husband-to-be. I wore my new purple chiffon dress (with old sandals). I had a long white scarf with purple lines running thru it and fringe the ends. Everyone loved it and I could say, "Guess what? I got it a Wallyworld for $5!!"

    And of course, the little flower girl so so precious!!! My great-granddaughter, Arabella. Her dress was long and full and she tossed the petals perfectly and acted just like she was a princess. So beautiful and precious!! GD's new hubby is so wonderful - always smiling (beaming at GD), a wonderful Christian gentleman and so handsome. T hey are living in a parsonage in a small town. He is at the church, just on weekends to urge mid-school and newly weds to organize, and be at church. During the week he works with his father on construction. SuCH A WONDERFUL WEEKEND. i knew that DH was there - I could just feel him there!!!!!

    I hope that those of you who are having medical problems are receiving God's grace and allis going well.

    My land, it is way past my supper time - going to have a micro baked sweet potato. love them and it is so simple.

    Have restful evenings, a good nights sleep and a feeling-better tomorrow!

    Gengtle Hugs!!

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    Well, we'll see if I can get this posted or not. As
    as been pointed out here several times, it is a good idea to copy all e mails and posts before one tries to do something w/ them.

    Personally I always do that. Except my poor mind forgets to do it about 80% of the time.
    My mind and body are both falling apart. Good
    thing everything else is ok.

    It's getting so bad, couldn't think of Gable's first name the other day. And I can't remember my
    6th grade teacher's name. Did I already post that? La dee da. I'm not in the Twilight Zone, but the Twilight Zone is taking up residence in my brain.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the various expressions of
    wonder, as in "I wonder where he is." Also thanks to those who did not post, "wonder where that bum is now."

    Mickey, hope your parties were a big success.
    Your lucky to have relatives you can invite to your home. If my relatives had been at your party they would have gotten drunk and either fallen into the pool or pushed people in.

    Nothing like a bunch of jolly drunks to liven up a
    party. (By the second drink, most of my people switch from "Jolly" to "Mean".)

    Hi Teacher, I'm so old I remember when "Rock around the Clock" was new. Guess I was in 10th grade. Might have posted this before. Anyway, when I ran for student council or class office, my slogan was both timely and timeless: Roll w/ Rock and you'll gather no moss.

    Joan, glad to see you on the porch again. I don't suppose you will every stop missing your DH. George Burns and Gracie Allen are buried at Forest Lawn. There's a marble bench. George used to go and sit and talk to Gracie.
    I think she died about 40 years before he did.

    Sorry you and Julie lost your posts. Enough to
    make you wanna go back to the quill.

    Ah, I see you were posting while I was typing. Glad to hear the wedding
    went well. Arabella sounds like the perfect flower girl. I think
    Richard Strauss wrote an opera by that name.

    Springwater, is your tummy back to normal? Are
    you going to personalize your new shopping bags? You can write your initials w/ nail polish.

    Julie, crime in rural Iowa. I am shocked! They've only had one crime in the village my brother lives in during the 25 years he's been there.

    It was a doozy though. The kindly and respected banker embezzled about a million dollars. The crime was discovered 2 years ago.
    He and the Feds are working out some sort of deal. So far he hasn't spent ten minutes in jail.

    Pippi, glad to hear you got your IV treatment.
    What was it for? (That's a bilingual pun.)

    You asked if I was having problems. Yes, w/ all the 6 categories you listed.

    Amazing story about your dad. Super Dad shows Super Strength!

    Have you thought of a bumper sticker for your Bratmobile? How 'bout: Watch it! Either toe the line or your toes may run over!

    Well, better see if I can post this. But first I'll
    copy it. (But even that is not a sure thing.)

    Big hugs and waves; back later.

  11. Granniluvsu

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    Did you try what I told you to do about being able to type (post) and read the volume at the same time? You didn't mention it but it sounded like you tried to do something. If soi, please try not to get to frustrated at the first time or two or three. If I remember, I goofed it all up quite a few times before I actually got it right.

    So, if you do not succeed at first pleast try and try and gain. Try and not get to frustrated right off. It is easy to I know. I am not a computer whiz by any means..

    The wedding you sent to sounds just wonderful and eveyone beautiful including little Arabella. I would love to see her picture now. I think you showed it to us when she was really little.

    I gotta run for now but hope you will continue to drop in on the Porch. We all can use some perking up for sure.


  12. Pippi1313

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    It's almost midnight here in the east. I'm exhausted, but I had to step onto the porch to say goodnight.

    We sure have been having a lot of beginnings & endings, here on the porch. But through it all, what I see is a theme of continuance.

    Joan: My heart still hurts for you. Just always remember that in those quiet times, after the flowers have wilted & the proper people have received thank-you's - we are still here. We know that grief & mourning have no expiration dates.
    Society allows a "proper" period of mourning, & then expects you to "get over it". But here (ESPECIALLY here!) we know how utterly clueless society is anyway.
    I know we can't lessen your grief. Please, just remember what I said, about grief having no expiration date!
    Please allow us to hold you up, when you need someone to lean on.

    Rock: Gosh, I've been so happy today, knowing you're back!

    Granni: Milk & cookies tonight???

    I'm glad y'all liked the little story about My Dad, the Superhero!
    I hadn't even thought about that incident for quite awhile, but felt compelled today to share it.

    I saw my big bro today, but he didn't tell me to stick my head in anything. LOL!!!

    I was almost too sick to get to Mom & Pop's house today. But I did get there. I hadn't expected some side effects I'm having to the treatment (along with already being sick), but I did get there.
    It was SO great to be with my family... My little baby niece, Rachel, is getting soooo close to almost being able to walk!
    We all had a good time, even though I did most of my visiting while laying on the couch in "the big room". (We never did actually name that room...)
    Everybody could see how sick & weak I am. Pop said those hospital peeps aren't gonna get away with mistreating me again, even if the whole D family has to show up & practically stage a riot!!!
    He means it, too! The man has never made an idle threat in his life!!!

    My brother, David, is my legal healthcare surrogate. We filled out the papers & made it legal, when I realized how sick I am.
    I talked with him today, & he told me he carries that paperwork in his briefcase every day, just in case I have an emergency, & he needs to get there quickly. The paperwork is on file at several hospitals, & with all of my docs, but we don't trust them to retrieve it in a timely manner.
    David knows me better than any of my other bros. He also knows if a doc or hospital is trying to BS us. He is a research scientist in the bio-med field, & university prof (pharmacy), &his doctorate is in chemistry.
    No hospital beurocrat is gonna put anything over on HIM!
    His current research is in anemia, which we both find to be a fascinating subject, although I'd really prefer not to be so darn familiar with it! LOL

    All of this midnight rambling, is just to say: It was a very good Fathers' Day at Pops' house. But also, the entire family realized they have to fight for me, or risk losing me.

    Everydobby, please pray in your own way for me & my family.
    Things really are that serious right now.

    Exhaustion is winning the battle for the moment. Bed time.
    I sure could use a story tonight, Granni! :)
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Pippi – youre lucky in that respect, having a man pick you out to be his daughter, and taking care taking care of u like you was his biological child! Hats off to your daddy…the world could do with more daddys like him. I have anemia too and have been taking folic acid for since I don’t rememeber since when; praying for you to be able to handle the treatment and for fast complete recovery. Stay strong young lady.

    Rock – yay! You got back….i cant remember names either..before I attend a function with my hubby I run thru his associates friends names and wives names in my mind so I don’t make a boo boo. And I cant recall so many actor actresses names which I cud easy as pat before, definitely the gremlins are affecting my memory cells there..if only I could forget how sinister life can get sometimes, that would be nice.

    Joan – I loved reading about GD’s wedding..seems to have gone off so well; ive always wanted to be a bridesmaid at a christian wedding wearing a dainty filmy frilly ruffly swishy something with pretty flowers in me hair…ah..we don’t all get what we want, I love the idea of the brides lacey veil too! And the tiara which holds it in place. Nice to see you are stll going to the coffee group

    Granni – thanks for posting the Father who talked to me poem..i had a father who was very humorous, (when he was sober) he could really make anyone laugh including my ma in law!

    Georgia – that psychologist talking to you made me wonder how she became a psychologist; even if you want someone to know something, saying it in a mean way is no way to do it! Anyways, I feel we most of us know when something is wrong with our own selves, experience, other peoples reactions to us..all these help educate us. I know I had a problem with anger, because a couple of people told me, and I noticed I took long to forgive, compared to other people. As years passed by, Ive calmed down. & I try not to cling onto feelings of anger. This has made life more simpler for me.

    Your childhood seems to have been a rough one…and your dads behaviour, not dadlike at all! Im glad you have Mr M now. You deserve loving and caring. I love reading about your life with Mr M. It is so sweet. Even if he did manage to lose Ursula and got into trouble for it :)

    Julie – as busy as usual you are. How did the people bust into FILs house? Is FIL going to upgrade his house’s security system? At least now he has his daughter with him. It would be disquieting to be alone if you knew some hooligan came by before.

    Carla – great to see yu stop by on the porch again; I hear yu about the ups and downs, lol. Me too. Me too.

    Elaine – glad to hear about the lovely time you had with your older brother. You sound so much more cheerful now. Isnt it nice when you have family that arent dysfunctional?

    Teacher –thanks for starting us up on the new volume. Im sure yu must be making the most of school out time!

    Will post this
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    (i had typed this out in the morning and the lights went out just as i was ready to submit it!) Nowis afternoon 4pm and steamy as heck..am sweating rivulets down me back)

    Well, yesterday I managed to give one bathroom a real good clean up! All the sticky stuff on the walls.

    Then I managed to go and do shopping in 91 degree F sun! This because I was remorseful, the previous eve son came back from college and there was nothing to eat. Except eggs and some old curd. And old bread.

    So yesterday afternoon I braved the heat and went walking (microbuses all full); to supermarket and bought frozen bacon, ham, bread, readyto eat noodles, banana,fresh curd. Also had made pancakes and prepared a chicken to roast for dinner but the power went off, so no go.

    But I made the chicken this morning…yay! The smell is wafting across all the rooms. The hubs wil be thrilled. In the afternoonyesterday because the power went off it was so hot..we stay on the topmost floor…and the heat of the cement comes seeping in thru the cement ceiling at night; I felt like crying. We’ve decided to make our rooms right down on the basement but it will need some extra construction work; its just a huge hall just now; I am not looking forward to the extra expense but I cannot bear the heat.

    I got an email from daughter, she is busy going around with friends, cooking nepali dishes, and bowling etc

    today the soreness of the limbs has left me..so i feel much more like a human being; been doing breathing and meditating exercises so that could be it...

    Hugs to all

    God Bless

    PS Julie - your situation with your ex son in law seems like the one i used to have around my own inlaws when i was living with them..it used to drive me round the bend...pls call him out on the beads because young kids have swallowed/put small objects their noses..its not a safe thing to do!!! I really feel sorry for your having to have this kind of thing on your hands, especially when your family is so different...I dont know what to say except pls know keira will start growing up and then you can coach her on the dos and donts when she has to go visiting there. And later maybe make up her mind as to where she wants to be.

    God Bless
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    pls never never skip on taking your blood pressure meds...the doctors say its very dangerous to do that....my husband also has been on these meds now for years...

    our elderly neighbour who used to look so robust told me she didnt take meds for her blood pressure, just walked for exercise....after some months she just collapsed on the bathroom floor, had a stroke, lay paralysed in hospital for two months before passing away.

    Another friends husband who was irregular with his meds, was returning home from a trip out of town by jeep, he was sitting at the back of the jeep and they thought he had gone to sleep but when they arrived, he had passed away from a stroke!

    God Bless
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Whole lotta cookin' goin' on. Gordon has been busy this past weekend: chicken stew; broccoli
    soup; tomato-beef stir fry; rice; and some things he made to take for lunch.

    He decided to postpone his Vietnamese dish till
    next week. Just the list of ingreediments will wear you out: Romain lettuce; rice noodles; mint,
    cilantro, and pickled daikon; cucumber; angel-
    hair noodles; beef or chicken; fish sauce made
    w/ anchovies; and unsalted p-nuts on top.

    I might as well give you my recipe for berry sauce. It has only one ingreediment. Put the berries in the blender and whiz. Now pour it
    over whatever you like. I made strawberry sauce

    Put it on orange sherbet, and it was too, too devoon as my neighbor says.

    Carla, it is amazing that everything seems to be
    falling apart at once at your house. Reminds me of the one-horse shay Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote about.

    As Granni put it so eloquently, "AAAAACK!"

    I wish Haley good luck. I've heard of folks eloping, but usually they've met the groom before they do it.

    Georgia, I am reading Maggie Sefton's "Dying to
    Sell". Thanks for the recommendation. I had
    a couple of problematic shrinks over the decades. LA is loaded w/ shrinks. Easy to get another one when they reveal their deficiencies.

    Joan and Teacher, yes, buying stuff at the market is a struggle when the fog is active. I have made lists, lost lists, looked at the list, but
    forgot what I was doing before I found the item, etc.

    I figure if I get 50% of what I aimed for, that's about all that can be expected. Also a good reason to only use recipes that call for a small number of ingreediments.

    Course it's hard to make roast duck if you forget the duck.

    Deb, come back when you can put your feet up and stay longer.

    Pippi, what are the advantages of those forearm crutches? I'd look up the proper term, but then I probably lose the post. I think I read that they avoid the over-developed shoulder muscles.

    What kind of pogo stick do you have, Georgia?
    When I was a kid my great uncle used to carve
    canes for people. I think the wood was diamond willow. They were gold colored and naturally decorated w/ (wooden) diamonds.

    Here's an old riddle for you: why did the boy take his pogo stick to bed with him?

    Jeepers! I have notes all over the place. Old ones and out of date ones and who knows what. If I wrote a comment to you that makes no sense, well, that's why.

    Answer to the riddle is: he didn't want to walk in his sleep.

    Speaking of which, didn't get any last night. I'm so happy all those decades of trudging to the office are over. The last few years at work I used
    to fall asleep at my desk.

    And, of course, the other great advantage to no
    longer having to work is: no more meetings!

    Elaine, sounds like your mother is getting in touch w/ harsh reality.
    Hope it lasts. And hope things settle down for you.

    I 'spect Mickey will be getting to work pretty soon and will give us the report on her party-filled weekend.

    Hugs to all

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rock is back! Howdy!!!!!!!

    I like your berry sauce. Easy.

    I've been reading, but am still unable to post coherently to idniviuals right now. Am praying for all though! As wll as laughing , groaning, oh dearing, etc. Tahnk you for making it alright to be nomral.

    Campmeeting started yesterday so will be busy all week. Will read you all thougn, as have time and energy.

    Fro those that don't know, campmeeting is a time shen youget toether wtih people of the same faint and have church tow or three times a day for a week. People come from all over. Its' fun to see folks you havent' seen in a year.

    So, anyway. I will rade aocassionaly, but probably won't say much until next week.

    try to stay our of trouble. I won't be able to ride to the rescue!

  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Rock!
    The fore-arm crutches are safer cuz the under-the-arm crutches can cause permanent nerve damage.
    If the under-the-arm crutches aren't used correctly, or if someone simply puts too much of their weight on them, there's a nerve under the arm that can be damaged, causing severe pain & sometimes permanent loss of the ability to use the arm.
    I never knew that until my phys-therapist told me about it.
    I did experience it once (temporary, but very painful) a long time ago when I sprained my ankle & had to gimp about on crutches for less than a week!

    To Everydobby:
    I'll check in later. I hafta crawl back into bed. Mom is calling 2 of my docs, & she'll be calling me back in a few.
    I might be admitted to the hospital later today.
    For now, I'm too sick to sit upright anymore. So... Back 2 bed.

    Hugz 2 All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im feeling very satisfied just now…we just fed brother in law dinner and spent some time talking with him before he motorbiked back home. His moms out of town. There was the roast chicken and I made a Bhutanese dish containing cheese, butter, big green chillies, potatoes all boiled together with seasoning, tomato chutney, some spinach and the mandatory nepali staple with rice, pulses. I had to go again and do shopping in the afternoon heat for tomatoes and stuff so I felt today was a productive day. I mean I have been laying around for a few days now with aching muscles. So i feel like superwoman comparatively.

    Carla – when you mentioned your granddaughter marrying someone she hasn’t seen, I remembered my sis in law. Husbands sister. She was packed off at 19 by FIL to Switzerland because “he and his best friend had promised each other their kids in marriage when they were young”! Neither child had seen the other except in a photo.Did you ever hear the like except in fairy tales? But luckily this fairy tale had a happy ending, touch wood. They complemented each other perfectly and now are considered the ‘best’ couple by all the clan members. Actually, the husbands brother was married off to sis in laws cousin sis in much the same way some years later. The parents agreed, the kids agreed and off she went to Switzerland, without having seen prospective husband in real life. That also worked out, they have three kids.

    So maybe it will work out for good Carla..and especially heartening to know the to be inlaws adore your GD.

    Rock when I read about Gordon cooking all those yummy meals…it brought to mind , an email I got from my daughter the other day re her cooking experiences. Reproducing below the relevant segment:

    I will now tell you about my cooking exploits

    the cooking disaster:
    i was all set to eat healthy so i rang up acha yeshi and asked for her yummy bok choy recipe. for all those ignorant of world cuisine bok choy is a chinese spinach. i bought the bok choy and some sesame oil and soy sauce for the recipe specifically. after bragging relentlessly about how healthy i was being i started cooking. I painstakingly cut the garlic into perfect chunky cubes, mashed the dried red chillies and went on to cut the bok choy only to find that in a hurry, i had picked up the lettuce instead of bok choy spinach. oh the teasing i had to endure

    cooking succeses
    nepali chicken curry yum yum
    succulent mushroom
    eventually bok choi

    Hahahahaha, my daughter forgot the main ingreediment! Rock, be sure to tell us how the Vietnamese dish tasted, for all those ingreediments, it better be good!!!

    Pippi – thinking of and praying for you to feel better soon. Wish we could all collectively send you a nice card or better yet, a collective hug.

    Teacher – you seemed a bit woozy; good luck with the camp meeting. Take care of yourself.

    Georgia – that was so touching to read that you are working to pay your bills before you get married so Mr M wont be saddled with them if anything happens to you, it made me tear up.
    Im betting you and Mr M are soulmates..got together in this life from a previous life.

    Well, its 11:30 pm. And I feel good now. No aches, no pains, in the body or soul. Of course I dnt know when I will relapse but Im enjoying feeling normal right now.

    Hugs to all

    God Bless

    PS. Just realised Julie was on same time as me...hey Julie..hav a good time at the salon.

    [This Message was Edited on 06/22/2009]
  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Our tow nown has a "boil order" - must boil water to drink, I guess, for 5 minutes and do smell the boiling. What a nuisance! This a.m. well didn't evem have water.

    I send my love and wishes for peace and I will get back to you tomorrow.

    gentle hugs,


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