Porchlight is ON, Volume 392

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Honor your partner, take her hand.
    Walk her 'round to the lemonade stand.

    Ladies curtsey, Gents all bow.
    Do-see-do; You all know how.

    All to the center and form a wheel.
    Give a little tap with your toe and heel.

    Hay in barn; taters in the sack.
    Grab your partner; promenade back.

    Allemande left and then go right.
    Gonna dance with your Sweetie all the night.

    Now clap your hands and

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    Well, I hope I got the volume number right.
    But then again, I'm trying to give up being a
    perfectionist, so I guess it really doesn't matter.

    My sister in MN sent me an article from the Rochester paper about sinkholes. It all has to
    do w/ the limestone bedrock in S. MN, and the
    development of the cave where I once was a guide.

    Would I have been called a cave Guru in Nepal,

    Anyway, there is a picture of Marilyn Trouten who was my neighbor half a century ago. She
    was blonde and glamerous, a little older than I.

    Now (and this is really annoying), she looks younger and slimmer. You think she uses botox?

    Pippi, yes, here in the heart of LA, surrounded by 12,000,000 people, we have skunks and
    possums and raccoons. There was a skunk outside the door nibbling at the kitty kibble last night.

    It has the usual markings except the stripe down the back splits and angles off toward the legs.
    The raccoon was here 3 times last week. Haven't seen a possum for a month or two.

    I checked on the Brown Hotel to see if it's the same one I saw on the food channel. And it is.
    They featured regional dishes. The "Hot Brown"
    was discussed. Sorta looked like a pancake to me.

    Anyway, folks, it's an open-faced turkey sandwich w/
    bacon and sauce. Probably cost a dollar when it
    was invented and $20 now.

    Granni, I used to send away for stuff w/ boxtops.
    The only thing I can really remember was a telescope ring. It worked too!

    You're right, though. A lotta that stuff they sold
    to innocent kids in the comic books was just junk.

    Elaine, is your procedure today? Nowadays they just whisk people in and out. When we had Kaiser coverage at the office, we used to joke about their drive-through surgery.

    Well, we are all sending good thoughts and vibs your way.

    Carla, the train was still popular when I was a kid. I didn't know anybody who had ridden in
    an airplane. I think I was 27 when I took my first flight.

    Anyway, we used to drive to La Cross, WI, and
    take the Hiawatha to Chicago where my grandmother lived. (In those days trains had

    It was a big treat to eat in the dinning car. The
    tables had layers of table cloths and heavy silver ware. Cloth napkins. All the waiters and porters were Black in those days.

    The food was excellent, but my mother impressed on us that it was very expensive, so we weren't allowed to order anything but a sandwich or a bowl of soup.


    My post just vanished. But somehow I got it back again. Well, I am posting this. Will come back and do the rest later.

    Wow! Whew! What a narrow escape.

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    Rock: When I lived out in the Boonies, I once had a raccoon try to break in the house by ripping a screen window out of its' frame. I thought I scared the little bugger off, but NO! He came back with a BUDDY so they could both give it a go!
    I did manage to keep them out. My laughing hysterically is probably what drove them away!
    BTW: Have you ever been to Mammoth Cave, here in KY? It's one of my fave places in the whole world!

    Wish I could say good mornin 2everydobby, but it's a high-pain / low-brain day, & I gotta go back 2 bed.

    I'll be poppin in throughout the day to check on y'all!

  4. Pippi1313

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    Why on earth would your invitees refuse to attend???????

    PS: Sent e-mail w/pix of the cap I was talking about.[This Message was Edited on 06/28/2009]

    BILLCAMO New Member

    <<<<<<BOO>>>>>> :>) to all you porchies !!!!!!

    If I really scared anyone , please feel free to contact my lawyer at :

    1-800-UGO-FISH [sic] ;>)

    Blessings ,

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    First of all, before I forget I was to tell ELAINE I am thinking of you. Hope all will go well with your surgery tomorrow. I am sure it will but you are in my thoughts and prayers anyway. Will JS be with you or bring you there tomorrow. Is it in a hospital or day surgery building? There are lots of those around here. Next they will be doing heart surgery in a day surgery clinic - geez !!

    Georgia - I can't believe some friends didn;t want to come to your party. It surely sounds like fun to me, the food especially . We love Mexican food. Unfortunatly I am cannot drink much beer if any so maybe I could bring some Margaritas !!. DH would help you drink the beer though:) Hope you have a wonderful party. Whe actually is yur birthday? Gee, you are SOOO young at 51 my dear.. Wish I could be that young again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY TO YOU, DEAR GEORGIA !!!!

    Rock - Thanks so much agai for the SD call and getting us started all over again. You did a great job as always.

    Julie - Hope you are feeing OK and getting a chance to relax at least some. Hoping all with be OK with your mom. I am sure you are worried about her

    I forgot who else actually posted but I wanted to get in to say hi and to wish ELAINE the very best wirh her surgery tomorrow.
    I guess I am doing better, went to church today and didn't cough to much but took a cough suppressant. Last night I was up every few hours, I am thinking I have caught up on my sleep again since I napped for 2 hours yesterday. So, no nap today and see what happens.

    Love everydobby,

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  7. Pippi1313

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    I'm thinking of you also, & wishing you well.
    I hope JS will be a source of comfort for you.

    I hope he's the kind of person who realizes what an honor it is, to be a source of comfort.

    My thoughts & (my version of) prayers will be with you, uninterrupted until I hear from you that you came thru everything with flying colors & JS is standing guard!

    :) X-tra HUGZ 2 U!!!!!!!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My goodness it will be a busy day for you on your birthday. Hope your mom's doctor appointment goes OK and she gets that mass taken care of right way. I can magine what a worry that must be too. It will be a wonderful birthday oresnet gfor you if it is not to bad and they can take care of it soon. Hope Grandpa's sleep study goes well too. How can you ever relax ???

    Pippi - hope you are feeling better. You sound much better than you were for sure. Hope you got in touch with Georgia too and decided what lovely thing she will be making for you.. I know whatever she makes will be gorgeous and made with alot of love.

    Hope those just peeking in are doing well aa with the others who have posted. If your are MIA I love you too,

  9. jole

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    but not for long...needing a nap to get over this headache. Pippi, it sounds like my day yesterday has become your day today, and I'm sooo sorry! Feeling terrible is certainly no fun.

    Rock, thanks for the new jump-start for our batteries with the dance. You and Carla had me thinking about my one and only train ride when I was a kid. My aunt (who only had one child and "adopted" me) was determined I would get to do a few things in life, and took me by train to visit my grandmother. I loved it also.

    She also took my younger sis and I to our very first outing to a ice cream shoppe. Told us to get whatever we wanted....well, we didn't even have a clue what there might be, so she patiently explained all the different things they had...and we settled for ice cream cones...lol....I never could make up my mind if given more than 2 choices!

    Georgia, you should invite US to your party! We would all come!!! What's the matter with those people, anyway...don't know a good party when they see one, or what??? Sounds like lots of fun, and good for Grandpa to think of you.

    When will your trip to Mexico be? Bet that will be a good time.

    You're becoming quite the knitting instructor. Keep it up and you can quit your day job..hahaha.

    Bill, love the phone number. I'll have to remember to give that one out!!!

    Granni, yes Julie is young. At that age I was still feeling fairly "normal" and could still work. Unfortunately not for long after that. I'm glad you're feeling better...keep it up!

    Julie, cherry pie and pumpkin bars sound so yummy! I haven't made them in sooo long. Need to find my recipes again and hope I can follow them...lol...

    Hope your birthday Tuesday is a good one, with a good report for your mother.

    Elaine, wishing you a great day tomorrow at the horse pistol!

    No news here..just more of the same, so heading off for a nap. I'm going to get really lazy if I keep this up...oh well...I feel lazy most days anyway. Love and hugs to all....Jole
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    Just a quick stop before I fix me a big ole juicy cheeseburger and take my girls for thier ride.

    Elaine I will be thinking about you tomorrow just know how many people care about you are praying you will never have to worry about his again. Please let us know asap how you are and hope JS will be there for you.

    Wow 2 birthday girls this week-I hope both of have great days with your loved ones and freinds. Julie can you pass some of the cherry bars?? Hmm smell good too. At least the "thieves
    told on themselves :) You are our energizer bunny.

    Georgia I am so glad Urs is better, maybe she thought she was helping you by digging in the garden. I know how much you love her and worry about her. I hope you have a grand party and I will be there in spirt too.

    Pippi I have been to Mammoth Caves yearssssssssssss ago when I was a kid, have you been to Carter Caves? they are cool too but not as big as Mammoth. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Jole sorry you are feeling bad, I am just the opposite, I hate the heat-it just sucks the life out of me. At least when it is cold, you can add a layer, when it's hot, well I know my neighbors don't want to see what I got under those layers-lol

    Rock thanks for getting us going again and you got it right too. So you saved a lost post, I did that too with this one. I went back to the sign page then hit the foward arrow and ther was my post. I loved reading about your train rides and remember movies that had the fancy trains with waiters, table cloths, ect. I was 10 the first time I rode the train from Ky to Toledo to meet my grandmother.

    They have tours every Oct of the New River Gorge, oh it is a beautiful place in the fall and and is famouse for it's white water rafting but I will take the train instead.

    Granni are you over that cough yet? I have been thinking about you as I have been weeding myself and I know that is your favorite past time- NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I get one area cleaned up then they are back somewhere else. I swear I wish I had a concrete lawn and paint if green.

    Springwater I love your lawn care thoughts, my back yard IS a jungle, in the winter there are paths you can walk on, but the summer forget it. I had two big bucks come across the road at dusk the other night, the dogs took off after them and what a ruckus they made. I finally got the dogs, Butter included, back and settled down, then the bucks were in the woods rubbing thier antlers against the trees and there the dogs go again. I finally had to make them come in. I was jsut trying to have a relaxing evening sittin on my porch but wasn't going to happen.

    I hope you were able to make peace with yourself over your SIL, it would be very hard to make nice after she has hurt your brother and took advantage of you and your husband. You are a wonderful and giving spirit and I admire you for all you do for your family.

    Well I am starving do need to eat, I have been cleaning and re-oranizing my studio today. I have finished another painting but don't have it framed yet but will post it soon. Hello to everydobby else, hope you are doing your best.
  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It's official. The hospital is now the Horse Pistol!!! LMAO!!!!!

    Happy B-Day to the B-Day girls!

    Luv & Hugz!
    (no whirrled peas)

  12. lilaclover30

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    i di it again -lost it all!

    I got on Tech Support and asked what do I do wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try to remember a little of what I wrote!!!

    Rock: "Hot Brown" is slices of turkey, crisp baconj strips,. cheese sauce and topped with a slice ot tomato. Took the tomato off as I don't like them.

    on't know if Brown Hotel is still there but I once attended a convention there. We went down by train and the day we left, we got to the station too late abnd missed the train! We hired a taxi and went to New Albany, IN and caught the train we missed. What an adventure.

    Elaine: We do wish you sspeedy recovery and just the best of things. we will think of you and say a pray for you. You are a brave lady to want to go alone. Of course, I'd probably do that if I could get by with it. Someone would have to gtake me and come and get me. Bless your heart and only the best for you. We love you!

    Yesterday was tiring and frustrating. #1 son came and we went to the monument place. I had chosen a cheaper color - mid-priced- but he insisted on getting what i really liked. What decisions! Size, color, how many sides polished, want a foundation, how do you want your name, how do you want our own names, what else on it????? Couldn'ty believe how much to do. D comes for the 4th and the next week and she can come with me and make more suggestions. It is not a pleasurable thing to do when hyour mate is already gone. So many thibngs I would likerd to have asked him. But maybr he helped me make them!! And the PRICE!!!! My - it is overwhelming.

    I am too tired to change my mispellings so forgive me.

    If the one who mentioned how to hit shift and reply and open the new window could help me out----please do. When I hitr submit on the new window, it poofs! I can't remember which one of you dear ladies told me. I did it 2 times OK. I can not find copy and post either.

    "Good Nite Ladies, parting is sweet sorrow". I am sure no one remembers that song from way back when. Sorry it didn't mention guys!

    i'M getting goofy now so it is gtime to find something to eat!

    Remember Elaine, we love you and will be thinking of you tomorrow. IOh by the way, my BIL is having gall bladder surgery and a foot of colon taken out for a cancer on Tues.. Say a prayer for Bob. Thanks.

    Love to ya' all,

    Joan - that is pronounced Jo-anne i answer ro anything.


    Someone mentioned home-made ice cream - my most fabvorite food in the world. We quit making it yrs ago as DH always got mad cause it didn't freeze as fast as he wanted. Anyone make it? I love the cooked custard recipe of my mom's. Oh how good.

    That's all, folks!!
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    just got off the phone with Mom. Things are even worse than we knew. She's going thru boxes of my medical records. She's finding stuff - serious stuff - they found wrong with me, yet never told us. Just the opposite. They swore these tests "showed nothing wrong at all".

    This is in addition to the stuff they DID admit is wrong with me.

    This is "healthcare"?

    Why bother? What hope is there, when the peeps who are supposed to help, seem to be trying to kill me? (But only after I've suffered enough to amuse them.)

    I guess I have to leave home, if I'm gonna survive.

    KY always rates dead last in healthcare, education, & just about everything else they keep track of...

    I have to leave my home, my friends, my family, my life, my history... Just to survive?

    And I haven't a single clue where to go instead...

    Is it even to be found in America?

    Where is healthCARE???

    BILLCAMO New Member

    As most here , I just do the best I can. :>)

    Been doing as good as I can & ...as usual.....:>)...my puter has been sick too.... My wife lost her sister & I've been doing what I can to help....

    Love you all !

    Right now , I'm dialing 1-800-HOW- LAT- THEM(OON) :>) (HOWL AT THE MOON) ;>)

    I'm not liking the pain meds my doc finally gave me , but , there really are no answers for any of us.....I don't like the side effects , etc.............

    Still , I try......or am trying....lol.....

    Blessings ,

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Pippi – I can understand your frustration and anger at things getting bungled up on top of your being ill. Wish we all could do something to cheer you up. It’s a lot of stress and I do advise you to get a book on reducing stress, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises…I think it would help out a bit..because all the bungle ups must be having a toll on your stress levels.

    Elaine – good luck with the procedure….you are a brave one going it alone, but I understand. Sometimes one wants to be alone.

    Georgia – I envy you the energy and motivation to be able to think of getting up a party. I haven’t dared in months now. Which date is your birthday? I know Julies is on 30th.

    Joan – pls ask one of your children to teach you how to open up Microsoft windows and type on that. And how to select, copy paste on to the porch page no. 2. Then submit immediately. If you take too long, poof it vanishes.

    Jole – sorry to hear about the headache and downslide. I would rather bear the cold than the heat myself. I love train rides. As a child I had a long overnight one with my brother. I was in grade nine. A sweet monk friend lent us kids money to go visit our aunt in this big city for our winter vacations. It was fascinating, buying hot sweet tea through the train windows from the Indian tea sellers, and drinking it in clay mugs and trying to return the mugs before the train started off again! The hawkers selling Indian food for lunch would just jump aboard the train at one station, stride up and down the compartments,serve the customers, and get out at the next station and hitch a ride back on a returning train! It was freezing in the night and a nice man lent us a blanket and taught my brother card tricks throughout the journey.

    Julie – good to know you are feeling more on top these days…4th of July fireworks must be a sight to see; can you imagine how excited lil Keira will be?!

    Rock – Marilyn Trouten sounds like the other more famous Marilyn.. Monroe. Im sure she must be using botox , or either really taking care of herself. Nowadays there seems to be a bewildering amount of procedures for people to look younger.

    Mr Bill C –hi.

    Wil post this
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Hey honey....what's going on there with all that nonsense? I can't imagine why the docs would be withholding info from you, but it definitely sounds like it's time to move on.

    Is the Mayo Clinic still open? I've heard a lot of good things about that place...maybe it would be worth a shot? Also, depending what your main dx is, perhaps there's a hospital that specializes more in that area of treatment? I'd certainly do a search.

    I can certainly understand why you would be upset/angry/frustrated/depressed, etc. and feel like giving up when the people who take an oath to help aren't standing up to their end of the bargain! Maybe you need a "manager" of sorts to deal with your health care issues and "interview" the docs before you arrive....lol...

    No, the prospect of moving away from family/friends can't be very appealing, but it wouldn't be forever. Sometimes they can just get you started on a treatment regiem and it can be continued by your doc there. Could your mom go with you, or is she working/unable to get away? What about a brother or friend for a few weeks? It may not take very long....

    Remember Elaines words, "giving up is NOT an option!" And give us the addy of that doc so we can all kick a** for you, 'cause this really makes me angry! I would think if withholding that info has caused any harm to you, you would definitely have a lawsuit (and I'm not one that believes in suing)....but this is just not right!!!

    Keep us informed as to what's next on your agenda, please. And I'll pray things turn around for you so you find the right doc to help you. Love ya, kiddo....stay strong! And know that you're still my hero! Jole
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Havn't got the fortitude to post much. Just lost another e mail. That's about 6
    in the last couple days.

    Bill, drop by more often. Always nice to have one of your cameo
    appearances. Were you wearing camouflage while you were typing?

    I called Howl at the Moon. They put me on hold. Listened to music:
    "Moonlight BAY".

    Pippi, I got confusiated by your last post. Why would you leave
    home? To try and find better medical care somewhere else?
    Sounds like a rather iffy proposition. Might end up w/ worse care.

    How old are these records, and why was your mother looking through
    them? Nobody looked at them earlier? Is the info relevant to your
    current situation?

    Don't you think it would be better to stay w/ your family who can
    help you?

    Well, time to go back to bed. Maybe I'll dream of flying, finding money,
    and a computer that works like a dream.


  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Typing quickly again. Guess I am getting better with my bronchitits. At least I am not constantly coughing. Maybe this week I will be back to shall we say almost normal - whatever that is. I haven't felt "normal" in over 20-25 years. I have been up every few hours but guessing it is due to the antibiotic. However, I have been abale to get some sleep which is better than the Levaquin. I figure only a few more days on the medicine so will just finish it all up.

    Pippi - Georgia and Rock have some good questions. I do not understaned why you are just finding out all this other stuff. It sounds to me like a changing of the guards (docs) may be in order I think you need to go with your mom or some other person who can be there for you and have a frank talk with your doc(s) to explain these possible problems. If they refused to talk to you about it or beat around the bush then just look for another doctor.

    After you talk to the doctor you MAY want to change docs anyway. Not knowing anything about your medical problems makes it so difficult to talk about your situation.. You certainly are entitled to the truth, no matter what it might be.

    I know that some doctors don't like to give the patient readlly BAD news, esp if it is terminal and there is really nothing they can do about it. I certainly hope this is not the case (that is anything that could be called terminal or something that really could not be cured. Of course you absolutely need to find out what is and has been going on with your body and you should have been told.

    I do not understand why you need to leave your home and family unless perhaps there is place out of state where you could obtain some true help that you have been unable to get at home.

    However, I do think you need to have a meeting with the doctor(s) who were holding medical information from you. I am so sorry to hear this and that you are so upset. Try and stay cool sweetie that does not help to uposet yourself so. However, I do understand.

    Elaine - thinking about you today. Check in when you get the chance. Hope you are not feel to bad afterwards.

    Julie - Good luck with your mom tomorrow, Thinking of you to my ear. You really wear me out with all your cooking, baking and comings and goings for ALL.

    Georgia - sorry you will be calling off your birthday bash. You can party with us here on the Porch though !!'' You and Mr M can always party a little after work.

    Rock - Hope your puter is behaving itself and that you are too :) !!

    Well, I suspect DH will be home shortly and I can't think of anything else to say for now. Just know I am thinking of you all.



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  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yeah, that was admittedly confusing.

    I meant Mom was looking thru copies of my medical records, & discovered that some things we'd been TOLD by docs, were untrue AND they knew they were lying when they told us some things.

    I'm in the hospital now.
    Had another emergency occur last night.
    I went to a different hospital.
    I'll be here at least a few days.

    More later. gotta sleep now...
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Pippi - hang in there. Good u get to come online with all these hospital ins and outs.

    Had a pretty busy day today. My maternal cousin had called up from India and asked me to ask my brother to find out if a certain monk was in town.And she wanted to find out some other stuff. So elder and youngest brothers came here. After giving them the message and feeding them tea and pancake we all left together. Me to my middle brother. My daughter had sent my niece and nephew and a top and t shirt so I took those with me. I walked a bit and took a new way and enjoyed looking at some nice new houses with flowers in pots outside them. Bought some mangoes and bananas too to give. I didn’t meet my sis in law because she was at the doctors getting checked for a fractured hand and piles (sigh). I wish something would go right for that family for a change. But brother was at home, and he did not smell of beer. Told me he was giving it up. That lifted my spirits. Lets see, if it lasts.

    From brothers I went to the monastery stupa which is on the way and lit a butter lamp. Then I got into a cab and came home. Want to be back home before son gets back from school so I can check he eats proper tea and studies. Today there were pancakes. Lots of times he just eats ready made noodles, not healthy.

    I cleaned two rooms out and washed a shirt and pant…and in evening I went to brother in laws and took him some food. So when I look back I have been pretty productive comparatively.

    I also made mutton curry with peas for dinner. And rice. And again purged the fridge off leftovers…gave some yesterdays beans and spinach to the dogs coz im not sure with the lights going off all the time if they have kept. Also threw away some other stuff coz didn’t want to risk doggies getting sick.

    Well, you all, hugs

    God Bless