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    Was strolling through the forest and saw it was time to stop by the porch and get a new thread started. I changed the bulb too.

    Fresh baked strawberry rhurbarb pie and ice cream await you
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    Greetings from the soggy North, worst summer , its all the talk of the news. They really don't have to "tell" us about it, we alrerady know its a yucky summer.

    BUT...its better than snow and ice so I will take it

    Lets see what I can remember...

    Rock-are you on the road to recovery, 11 pound weight loss....holy smoly. I'll make you a pot of chicken soup OK??
    Yes it was Lucie running thru the sprinkler, shes such a silly girl. I tried posting her pic but the computer wouldn't cooperate. Hope you feel better soon

    Elaine-best of luck in the research department and w your test results Monday.

    Pippi- I love your watch dog story. What a great idea

    Spring- I bet you are fast asleep by now ..middle of the night for you. We cancelled the psychic reading travel plans due to bad weather. On top of it I was told the area is very hilly and difficult to naviagte so I don't think my new titanium hip would have liked it. "I saw it in the cards" lol

    Instead we drove to the country and went to a cute country store that was housed in an 150 yo old barn. The sold all kinds of homemade products using the produce and fruit of thier family farm located on the same property. If we wanted we could have picked our own cherries, rasberries/blueberries etc. They own alot of land!!!

    Bought some homemade strawberry/rhubard jam, peach jam/and zucchini jalepeno relish. I thought that sounded very interesting, its quite tangy . Also bought some locally harvested honey. They say if you eat "local" honey it can help reduce allergy symptoms due to the fact you are exposing yourself to the local pollens in the honey

    Julie-how is the tail bone. Had a friend who broke hers water sking, she was on crutches for several weks and she said how very painful it was. Hope you are back to sitting w ease real soon.

    Mickey- TGIF!!!!!!!!! for you
    (Spring...that means thank goodness its Friday)
    ICan I come over and float in your salt water pool. I know my aching muscles would like it. Any special plans w the girls this weekend What ever you do, enjoy

    Granni-Good luck w your decision making and doctor visits. I hate being on the medical merry-go-round. Once you start,its hard to get off.

    Teacher, thinking about going back to school so soon. Seems like you just finished. I see Walgreens has been having some great deals on school stuff...9 cents for glue, folders pens/pencils..."now THATZ a deel"

    Jole- I can see why you worry about hubby, that sounds like one very invasive surgery. I would certainly want to go the epidural route. I hope it provides him some releif. My mother did them for years and they worked for her for quite awhile. She too has spinal stenosis. I will pray for the best outcome for you both

    Cate-"foot is slightly fractured" ???? When you are up to it you will have to share that story w us

    Georgia-good luck w the yard sale, they can be alot of work. I hope you make lots and lots of money

    Carla- hey hey hey to you too. rest up my friend

    Ok, I am otta here, til next time...Linda
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    Hi Linda, thanks for getting the new Volume rolling, boy are they going fast. Nope, nothing much this weekend for a change, which i am glad. If it doesn't rain I am planning on doing just what you said, floating in the saltwater pool and catching a tan, which mine is just about gone.

    Last night it stormed out of nowhere so i wasn't able to water the plants. I wish Jack liked the water, but he is a big baby when it comes to that. When we go for our walks and there is a sprinkler in his way, he will walk all the way around it so he doesn't get wet, LOL. crazy dog.

    Yes, Cate the weather has been a roller coaster here is St. Louis, cold, hot, stormy, dry, it is all over the place, glad to see you back on the Porch, we missed you.

    Sweetwater (cute) - You sound like me when it comes to Lindsay's curfew, we are very strict about it, plus the curfew is 11:00 during the week and 12:00 on weekends. She has been pretty good sticking to it so i have been proud of her. No calling and having excuses, she is always home on time. Knock on wood. (which, means, hopefully i just didn't jinx it, LOL)

    Georgia - Well at least you know you have a job. Did the other one just not work out or did you just decide against it????

    Did you all see the post that Kjade had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I am so happy for her.

    Jole i am so sorry about your husband having to have surgery again. That is just the news you didn't want to hear or need. Gosh, I will be praying for you guys and i will put you on our prayer list here at work. I know for a fact that the power of prayer is the best help that you can get. Take care honey.

    Julie - I think your extended family are just feeling a bit guilty and trying to make themselves feel better by thanking you. I totally understand, why would you thank someone for doing something that you should want to do for someone in your family, like they should. They just don't get it. Selfish people. YOu are one of the most caring, unselfish, helpful, loving person that i know. I truly mean that. You do things because you want to, not because you think you have too and that is what makes the difference. Your family (all of them) are so lucky to have you. I don't know how you do it all.

    Elaine - again my prayers are with you and you are already on our prayer list here at work, so please know that. I am not sure if you are religious or not, but even if you aren't it wouldn't hurt so I hope that is okay with you. I care a lot about you and think about you everyday. You are going to get through this because you are strong and you have JSmith by your side, LOL.

    Well i know i am missing some of my porchies, but i can't remember everything now, i keep getting interupted by people coming in my office asking questions. The nerve of them, do they think i am working or something, LOL.

    I will catch you all later, bye for now my pretties.

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    I just posted on vol. 402!

    Oh well. If that's the worst mistake I make all day, I'll be doing OK!

    Anydobby interested in my ramblings can flip back a page & read what I wrote!


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    Good afternoon, Porch Peeps!

    I had to run a quick errand this morning, & took the Downtown circulator bus. Unlike the city buses that run miles out in all directions, the circulator bus does just that; circulate around the downtown area, past pharmacies, shops, docs offices & the massive hospital complex. & a circulator bus arrives every 20 minutes.
    Providentially, it also stops right at my front door.

    It was the trip home that was interesting.
    The wheelchair-seating area is at the front of the bus.
    I struck up a fascinating converstion with a lady sitting directly behind me. We talked about the books we had loved as small children, & how we now see the deeper meaning behind the authors' words.

    Okay... I guess ya had to have been there, but it was a VERY interesting convo!

    Granni: If I made something called a "surprise salad", it would be surprising on SO many levels! LOL! First surprise: I made food. Second surprise: Peeps ate it. Third surprise: Nobody died! LOL!

    (Sweet)Springwater: Wow! Eclipse-related superstitions! That's kinda cool!
    About your eyes stinging - does that happen often? Is pollution bad there?

    Rock: Have you seen the Carol Burnett sketch based on "Gone with the Wind"? I saw it on PBS recently. HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julie: Dang.... Makes me glad I don't have kids... If my nieces/nephews someday treat me that way, it still wouldn't be as much of a betrayal as if my own offspring did me that way!

    Well, Peeps, it's time for me to go run the hallways or hang on the balcony or (gasp!) visit the sociable sitting areas!
    I got myself a new manual wheelchair, which is SO much easier to push, control, & steer than my old raggedy chair!
    This means I'm getting more excercise, & preventing loss of upper-body strength.
    I finally got a pediatric chair. They're SO much easier to operate than those big ol' klunky grown-up sized chairs!!!!

    More later.

    Luv & Hugz 2 all my Peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I didn't mean to disappear - hope that I was missed. I wrote on Wed., poof and too tired to do it again. Yesterday, I wrote 3 times!!!! I hit some key that makes it go poof! What key is it?????? i was so tired and yesterday was a really bad day mentally.

    A couple of vol.s back, someone asked it the funeral I attended was one of the 2 that died in the accident. No, it was a friend that we had coffee with for years and years, probably 30. She was with us on last Fri. and she passed away unexpectedly during the night. The 2 ladies that I knew well from the accident added to the grief. Yesterday afternoon, it got the best of me-----i sat and tears rolled from about 4 p.m. on.

    I wanted to go to the fair for the pork chop supper but. A friend offered to come pick me up from my car when i got there and take me around in a golf cart but-----I guess this depending on someone else is getting to me. If I had gone to the supper with my walker, I wouldn't have known how to get my plate to the tables.

    I have taken care of others all of my life. My mom was sick a lot when I was in school and I cleaned house and cooked =- learned how to make delicious meat loaf, salmon patties, ham salad, etc. Thene when i high school she fell and I took care of her again. When I was 41 DH had a heart attack and i had to take care of the business. (Rock - I will get back to you later) That continued most of our married life. I spent hrs. each day off and on taking care of the stump of his leg. Then the past yrs,. have been bad. - I was ill and DH really resented that (I did and sgtill love him so much in spite of that) This is the first time I have felt alone - no one to do for me!! tat sounded so selfish, didn't it????? I guess gthat is jusgt my mood beside missing him so much.

    I didn't mean to go on and on like that but it seemed that when I got started, I couldn't stop! I'll be good now.

    Julie: I know just how much pain you have from your tailbone!! The Dr. said mine is a complete mess! and it hurts.

    Think I had better submit.

    Be right back.
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    I don't remember who talked about a small newspaper in a small town but the was DH and me!!!!! We inherited it when my dad passed away. And guess who wrote about who did what and when??????? that was my job. I began doing it in 1956. On Tues., I had a listg to call ---some answered the phone and spilled all gthat they had done the past week. Everyone depended on it. When I stopped in the late '80's, everyone asked why I didn't still do it. I was TIRED OF IT.

    Linda: That sounds so nice - going to the little store and finding all those luscious things to enjoy. Did they have crafts, etc.? I love riding and finding those neat little spots. Venting again -----I won't be doing that any more. (Excuse me for that).

    And Linda - I Know about the chilly, cloudy, Midwest. It actually warmed u p some today but, as usual it clouded u p in the afternoon. I decided to put on my capris anyway today - haven't worn them much this season, whatever you call it - Tomorrow it is to be 77. Normal is 85. Oh my, mother nature does just what she pleases, as many of you know.

    Oh, Jole: I am so sorry about DH's back! D's MIL has had her back "cemented" a couple of times. Backs are so difficult to repair. Does he have spinal stenosis? I do and the surgeon said surgery was out! Igt would be 8 hr. and a rod in my back (and I gthink that he also meant "You're too old")If I stand very long without a cane or even with one, I just stoop lower andlower.

    I do wish him the best, sweetie. I know it is so hard to know how to handle it all. He does farm doesn't he? I certain that is a big worry for you both. Do neighbors come in andhelp like they do around here in an emergency? Hope so. I feel so bad for you both. Sometimes you just have to say "I will handle it one day at a time"

    And dear sweet Elaine: You are so strong and so intelligent to investigate all the possibilities fofr you treatment. I think of you so much. You are fairly young, aren't you? How wonderful that you have J.S. by your side to love you and be beside you in your trouibles. He came just at the right time. Was that pure coindence or did some angel send him? Please keep us informed when you feel like it but in the meantime, you will be in our hearts, dear one.

    Rock: The Carol Burnett sketch on "Gone with the Wind" is possibly the funniest sketch I have ever seen on TV. I jusgt think of the one scene, her comiong down the stairs with the drapery rod on her shoulders! Wish they had shows like that again.

    I fixed cucumber and onions after lunch and have them in the frig. marinating. I jusgt love them. A dear friend also fixed them in a way that I really like. Sliced with onions but the dressing is a mixture of mayo and sour cream. She had no recipe so I jusgt made them "by guess and by gosh".

    Grannie: PLease tell me what "surprise salad" is?

    My neighbor brought me the 5 lb. box of blueberries that I ordered. I want to get a big portion of them in the freezer. I don't dare eat too many at one time or my tummy rebels!!!!

    Too much chatter!

    Think of all of you and will try no to be absent so much and be much cheerier!

    lUV YOU ALL!


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    Joan: You really hit home with that one, telling about taking care of peeps, but then having no one to take care of you when you're in need.

    Once when the hospital was going to release me, but I wasn't able to take care of myself yet, they insisted I had to go to a nursing home.
    Luckily, my parents put a hospital bed in the family room & took care of me.
    Would it be too ungrateful to admit I hated it?

    It was preferable to a freaky nursing home, of course. But still...

    I don't have kids, but if I live long enough to get old (or if I just get that sick again) I wouldn't want my "kids" taking care of me, just cuz they feel obliged, or worse, being abandoned by them, & assuring themselves it's OK, cuz "professionals" are doing it (meaning, they aren't remotely inconvenienced, & won't believe me if the "professionals" turn out to be abusive).

    So, sometimes I wonder: Who will take care of me?

    It's a valid question. The unknown, mysterious, future is a pretty scary place... We like to be able to plan for things. It gives us a sense of security.

    But, who will take care of us?

    Life is scary for sick peeps, cuz we can't escape reality.

    Healthy peeps have the delusional luxury of convincing themselves, it's something THEY will never have to confront...

    The only thing I know for sure, is that just for now - I'm very well taken care of on The Porch. & I wanna take care of y'all, too!!!

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    Cate - so sorry to hear about your fracture. I also have osteoporosis so have to be really careful I hope it heals fairly quickly. I can imagine your reunion. It sounds like it was really hysterical.

    Joan - We are going on sunday to a dinner group where the people in charge decided to do a "surprise salad" something that someone else had done before. I had not heard of it eeither. The people planning it bring the lettuces and other things in the menus. Everyone else bring two things for the salad which is not predetermined and no one know what others are bringing. So, I am not sure how that wil work out. Hope that there isn't or aren't many of the same things brought. That will be very interesting for sure !! I am bringing cucumbers and mushrooms.

    What is that recipe with the cucs, onion, mayo ans sour cream.? I have been looking for something like that foreaver. I had it sometime ago and have never been able to copy it.

    Pippi - You were and ae still very lucky to havae your mom and pop to take care of you. They sound wonderful . Yes, we would love to try and take care of you sweetie.

    Julie -I can't believe that someone in your family would have something not to nice to say, about you helping to taking care of your parents and who ever else in the family. He really has the nerve. Did you say he was or is your grandson? I didn't think you were old enough to have one, or at least his age. However, how old is he. If he is an adult he should know better and if he isn't he still should know better. GGGRRR! You , my dear are almost a saint ! I know you will disagree with me but I can't believe all that you do for others. I wish I had the NRG and felt well enough to do 1/2 as much as you do for others. My family is not that as close as yours though.

    Linda - thanks for starting us up again. You know you are missed here my dear? Sorry you are dealing with such yucky weather. Hope it improves soon. I am guessing it is too hot and rainy but I do not know really. If you have any rain please do send some our way. We REALLY need it.
    Elaine - continue to think of you my dear. Come back when you get the chance and have done your "homework"!!

    Jole - thinking about your and dear hubby. Hope everything will work out well for him.

    Well I had better sign off before this goes poof when I try and submit .Still trying to figure out a good story for PIPPI for beddy bye. I'll tuck you all in MICKEY TOO and give you a special hug and good night kiss. MICKEY likes to get tuckkd in !!

    Is that to mushy?? I don't think so . So here - SMOOCH !!! (((PIPPI )))(((MICKEY)))'''
    and ((((EVERYDOBBY ELSE)))) !


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    Seems everyone is going to beddy bye. Not me, i will be up till at least 1 a.m.. Lindsay is at a party and i will need to pick her up since it will be past curfew, we wouldn't let her drive, so being the nice Mom that i am i offered to pick her up. Why is the world did i ever do that, I am so so tired. Oh well, i get to sleep in tomorrow so that is the only reason i agreed to do this.

    Are you all surprised i am on the puter at home, i am. I am so bored so i decided to come visit my porchies.

    Well, i didn't get to sit in the pool tonight and water the flowers, the water was way too cold, however, i did water all the plants including my tomato plants. By the way Pippi, my tomato plants are doing great, knock on wood, they are growing taller and taller.

    Did you all see Kjade's baby, she has it on her profile. She is adorable and i love the name, Sydney Rose, fits her to a tee.

    Joan you are such a sweetheart, I just love reading your posts. Well for that matter, I love reading everyones posts, you are all so special and each in his/her own ways.

    Julie I can't keep up with you, you have a lot of spirit and gusto that is for sure. I bet Den is so proud of you the way you keep the family going.

    Granni - you betcha i like being tucked in so thank you very much. I will remember every night that you are tucking me in.

    Well, i am going to go upstairs and see what DH is up too, probably snoring away in his chair with the remote in his hand, ha.

    Goodnight everyboddy, love ya and take care.

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    Wow, it seems like a late start to the day....then I remembered it's Saturday, so imagine this will be a slow porch day. Anyway, I didn't sleep last night and don't feel like working this morning, so thought I'd play "catch up" with everyone.

    Lin, sorry you're "all wet" there....and like Granni, NW Kansas can sure use the moisture also. Wish we could share and even things out a little. BTW, I love your doggie stories! Ours does the same thing with the sprinkler...aren't they funny?

    Mickey, I was hoping you'd be pool floating but it's hard to believe the water's too cold. It's in the high 90s here....maybe the rest of the weekend will be better for you...summer will be over all too soon.

    Pippi, do you have a web site to show off your art creations like Carla has? I would love to see some of your work...it sounds very interesting! (It just dawned on me that someone else may have asked you that??)

    Joan, I wish I lived closer to you so we could go do things together. After my dad died, my mother finally had time for herself and learned to enjoy lots of things she had missed out on during her marriage. She lived fairly close to a college town and she/friends would go to concerts, performances, etc. at the college, plus monthly outings for lunch at different restaurants, etc. She joined clubs, etc. and really learned what life was about. We were so happy for her. Of course she was fortunate to be in good health also.

    Yes, my hubby has severe spinal stenosis. I think all his problems stem back to 30 years ago when a combine he was working on before going on a harvest run to N. Dakota fell on him, doubling him over and breaking his back. He was flat on his back for 30 days back then waiting on his brace to be made to fit....now they get their brace and are out of bed in 2-3 days!

    In all he's had 3 back surgeries, the spinal stenosis, DDD, lots of calcium deposits, spurs, the tear in the spinal sac with fluid leakage, and muscle atrophy from the nerve damage. And yes, by the end of the day he's like you, quite bent over. I'm so sorry you have the SS also. It can't be any fun....no back pain is!

    Cate, what fun your reunion must have been! Wish I'd been a fly on the wall to watch....sounds like it could easily have been my family...lol...hope your heel heals well and quickly!

    Granni, love the salad idea! You have some great friends! We used to belong to a couple of clubs and did lots of fun things together....unfortunately either they've all moved away from our small town or gotten a divorce but us and one other couple! And the other couple is very involved in community things in the town next door so don't have time for us anymore since I got sick. Hmmmmmmm

    Georgia, I'd love to send you a new knitting mystery, but unfortunately my skills leave nothing to the imagination. You must be relieved knowing your job situation is settled....I think you did the right thing...every job has its frustrations and at least you know what you're dealing with there, right? Good luck!

    Julie, wow, such hard therapy you're going through! I've been there with my MIL and it's no fun at all.....also with my immediate family. It takes a long time and effort to deal with past issues...still working on my own, so I empathize with you and wish you the best. Just don't wear yourself down working things through, okay?

    Hi to Rock, Elaine and all...

    By the way..... sometimes I wonder why that frisbee is getting bigger.....and then it hits me.

    Love to all....Jole
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    I am fagged out…it was so hot today. I went and got DH’s present. Gothim a pale blue/grey cotton shirt. He doesn’t have that colour. Also bought a bunch of blood red carnations.

    Son made a card for him and we lit a fat red candle and some little flower shaped ones . Put card, present,candles and some mangoes on a tray and took it in to him.

    Daughter seems to have already called him in the afternoon when he was at golf. Must have been her wee hours.

    DH wanted wild boar so I made a curry out of that.

    I need to go take a shower as have been putting up washed curtains. Hot and sweaty.

    Take care, all

    God Bless
  13. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Nothing new to report here...Lucie is asleep w her head on her pillow. The same pillow she picks up w her mouth to greet whomever comes into the house. She walks around w it, head down, tail wagging until she gets petted and recognized.

    Sweetspring-( I gave u a new name ...lol) Sorry to hear you are all fagged out. the heat can do that to you esp when working in it. Tell Hubby we say Happy Birthday

    Jole-Hi, yes very damp cool summer here so far, supposed to rain agin today...boo hoo. I heard on the news the only people enjoying all this rain are those who rent tents for special occassions.
    Is your hubby still in lots of pain or have they given him his epidural yet. As stated before, my Mom has severe SS , I know how debilitating it can be so I feel for him and you.

    Joan-nice to see you again. I was thinking Jolesadvise to you was very good...Its now "Joan Time"....hopefully you can get involved in more activities and do things you did not have the chance to do in the past

    Juile-Den Dad house sounds like my Moms house. Tons of shelves w tons of knick knack too much work for anyone our age healthy or not. I tried to get her to simplify but she likes her stuff. Unfourtunatley its to the point I can no longer do it for her so there it sits collecting dust.

    Dont feel bad about sharing your family woes w us, we all have them. Iused to think everyone else family is like Leave it To Beaveror Ozzie and Harriet. W age came wisdom and now know those only exist on TV

    Granni-thanks for missing me. For some reason I have a tad more energy so come here more w that energy. How did the potluck salad turn out??? I'll send some of our rain your way. Any luck finding cheaper BP meds???

    Mickey-you remind me of me...waiting up to drive the kids home. My D#1 went w friends to a party on the Lake last night..45 minute drive away. I was worried all night il I heard her come home.

    In our area 4teenagers were killed in the last 48 hours, one was a DWI, the others were due to inexperience....makes you rethink and worry. Guess thats a Moms job

    Sorry to hear the pool was too cold, hows about we rent a hot tub??? lol

    Rock-you out there peeking in and not able to find the reply button? Hope you are feeling better by now

    Cate-ouch,,,your heel problem sounds like it would be painful. Are you needing crutches??

    hi teacher, Hi Pippi, Hi Ealine and any and all others............

    Off to check the sauce, pasta will soon be served, grab your bibs and pull up to the table

  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    After reading last evenings, & this mornings posts, I must say, OMG!!! I'm so sorry some of you have back problems!
    I've never had to endure that particular form of hell, but I know peeps who have. & it's just awful! I hope y'all find a way to get some relief!!!

    Granni: Thanks for the "tuck-in" last night. I slept like a baby ALL night!!!

    Julie: "Trivial problems"??? Says who?? "Them"? "They" have NO right to categorize your problems. Don't let them get away with it! When stuff is serious, stuff is SERIOUS! Of course it's trivial to THEM cuz they don't have to deal with it!
    I know (all too well) how cruelty combined with stupidity, can make me doubt myself, & discount my own needs & feelings.
    Forget a buncha that! It's high time your peeps took you seriously!
    (in my not-so-humble, big ol' freakin opinion! LOL!)

    Georgia: U R 2 funny!!! Great puns! U made me LOL for real! haha!
    U & Rock could take your comedy show on the road!

    Jole: I haven't created an art-site yet, but I intend to.
    In the meantime, if you're remotely intersted in reading about my solo, cross-country train trip (pre-relapse), I made a site for that.
    Serious, Fair Warning:! Turn on your pop-up blocker!!! I use Tripod, which is a free-site, hence there are pop-up ads.
    I use a pop-up blocker (freeware, of course) that works really well. It can be downloaded at panicware.com.

    My travel-site is at
    (no WWW's)

    (PS: That frisbee joke cracked me up!!!)

    (Sweet)Springwater: Your life absolutely fascinates me!!!!
    Just curious: Is there significance to the candle being red?

    Have a great day, Everydobby!
    I'm headed over to the Louisville Palace with bro, Joe, to watch classic monster movies. Well, maybe. We'll either do that today or tomorrow. The across the street for lunch at Cunninghams'. YUM!

    Luv U ALL!
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is actually the afternoon and not time for beddy bye !! Went to the store with DH today and did some weeding in the heat but not to long, thank goodness.

    Joan - the Salad supper is tomorrow night. I will let you know all about it later on..PLEASE GIVE ME THE RECIPE FOR THAT CUCUMBER SALAD WITH ONION, SOUR CREAM AND MAYO..I think that is all the ingredients. I have been trying to find a recipe with those ingredients. I have tasted a salad like that some time ago and haven't been able to completely make it taste the same.

    Linda- I think you asked about the salad supper too. I can;t remember who said what lately-ugh !! So glad that you feel better or well enough to come see us once in awhile. I still am picturing Miss Lucie prancing through the springler in her probable most dainty fashion :) !!

    SWeet Springwater :) _ When you are finished washing youra curtains would you please come and do mine. I have some that really need to be changed. The washing or sending to the cleaners isn't as bad as the taking down or trying to and it seems that DG is not always in the mood. Hope you are feeling better my dear, esp after your shower. That is alot of work to do,esp in the heat with no a/c.

    Jole - so sorry to hear about your hubby's back. I know how my back bugs me along with every thing else. However, with hisproblems and his terrible accident it must be really terrible pain at times. Sorry some of your friends left after you got sick. You do what you can do anda reach out when you can.. I used to have more personal friends also but for one reason or another they are gone too. Some of these are through groups and such.

    Julie - Hope Den';s dad gets the award. That is really neat. I wish we had a fair around here. Oh sometimes they do I guess bit it is not really small town fair. I know what you mean about these grown up kids or supposedly grownup THINK they know everything about aeverything.

    We have a SIL who is that way. Sometimes we have to bite out tongues. Occasionally we have had a bit of a fuss, to say the least. He is older than your relative and he definately should no better. He just THINKS HE knows everything about everything and he DOESN'T. My daughter lives with him (they are married) and some times I wonder how she can stand it when he gets in a tangent or in a mood.

    Mickey - glad to tuck you and PIPPI in last night. Hope you had a goaod nights sleep too. Have a great weekend my dear.

    Georgia, Rock, Cate, Teacher, Elaine, Carla and everydobby else have a great weekend. Sorry I can not post to all.

    [This Message was Edited on 07/25/2009]
  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    All the talk of hanging curtains, reminded me of a joke.

    It's only slightly off-color, if one is EASILY offended! ;P

    A woman steps outta the shower, as the doorbell rings.
    "Who is it???" She calls out.
    "It's the blind man!" Came the reply.
    Thinking it didn't matter at that point, the woman opens the door.
    The mans' eyes bug out & he exclaims: "Wow, Lady! Great hooters! But where do ya want me to hang these blinds???"

    (OK, already! I apologize! I thought it was hilarious!!!!)

  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I read that a long time ago but some jokes just stay with you and remain funny!

    Grannie: I am sorry but I just had to make up the recipe. My friend didn't have a recipe so she just made it up too. (BTW - she was a very close friend who laid down to take a nap and never woke up!) Just use sliced cukes and sweet onions if available. Stir in sour cream and add mayo, and some sugar. I have no idea just how much of everything but there is more sour4 cream than mayo. Hope you can do something with that!

    Had some of my marinated in vinegar cukes and onions, sweet, for lunch and they are sooooo good! Hope that they will last for a while - they will if I don't eat too many!!!!

    Is it the weather, the moon, or what? Everyone, including me, seem to have some issues going on with them and are sad, blue or depressed. I'm notr ashamed of it ---but ----I would like to cheer up sme.

    Got a call from D and her DH on theior cell phone an hr. ago and they are on their way down now to take me to the fair, even though it is the last nite. They will spend the nite, go to church with me and out for breakfaast and go on up to his moms'. Nice to do since SIL is retired!

    Pip; At first DH wanted me to come out to live in the NH but my health wasn't bad enough. That is why I talked to him 2 times a day and was out there every day for 2-4 hrs. I miss him so much.

    He was still as handsome as ever and I look like an old lady! Since i have lost weight (40 lb,) my cheeks have lost weight too and are wrinkly. I don't think that it reallty matters - I am still me.

    I do belong to a group of ladies, 6 at first, that seems to get togther for lunch every other Tues. It was a fun time but I never went if H. was ill or if they stayed overnight somewhere. One gal, a widow that I called everhy evening agt 5:30, developed a recurrance or cancer. Whe hae to go to the hospital and one eve she called me and said,. "Joan, i have 6 mon. to live" I just answered, "Oh no" and we both hung up. I missed her so much.

    then 3 of the ladies decided to be "snow birds" in gthe wingter in FL. That left 2 of us at home and we seldom got together. She is also a widow abnd has bouts of sadness as I do. Another gal whom I have knowen since I was 3,about died this spring and summer. Found out she had a bliood infection that is taking a long time to get over. She goes about 25 mi. each day to get hocked up to a port and have antibiodics dripped in for 2 hr. every day of the week for I gthink, 3 more weeks.

    Georgia: I love to hear you talk of your knitting. I have done all kinds odf needlework except knitting. I just couldn't master that. I love to crochet but there isn't much to crochet anymore.
  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just taking a break from painting, I am letting it dry before I go to the next step.

    Julie I have heard that joke and always give me a chuckle. Good luck with the company and just let go any comments that are said, you know the truth and that is all that matter, well God knows too :)

    Pippi you need to write a book, I did look at your site and read about the train ride and felt like I was there, very good stuff. I have a website calle Carla's Stained Glass Creations, just google it and will be right there. It is about my stained glass, my dogs, house, and art.

    It is nice to meet a fellow artist.

    Joan I know just how you feel, I have felt like for the last 9 years, I really have no one and can go for days and not see or talk to another human, other than my cart rides, but are just neighboring waves or nods. My grandaughter is moving to Gernamy, my 14 yo grandson has Aspbergers and that it it. So I hope I go in a really quick way like a heart attack or car wreck, just be gone and not lingering in some nursing home. Hang in there, you have every right to feel the way you do.

    Rock hope your virus of your body and your computer is gone and you are up and running again, well a casual walk will do.

    Jole you have your hands full and hope things work themselves out.

    Springwater, I like your new name Sweetwater, you have been busy too then you always pay don't you. I am still recovering from my trip.

    Cate welcome back- glad you had a good trip and hope the foot heals quick, was that from all that foot stomping you may have been doing at the ho-down with the courtry band???? Oh wabbits, i wike wabbits

    Yes I have to vote for Carol Burnett with the curtain rods, one of the best shows. i always like when they got tickeled themselves and would try not to lose it, Tim Conway was famous for it. Thanks for the memory.

    Georgia, Granni, Elaine and who ever eles I can't remember at the moment but need to post so I don't lose it and get back to my painting- Carla
  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i loved to do counted cross stitch and made myself and the girls sweatshirts. They wwere so much fun and fun to wear. I have done crewel, regular cross stitch (made a wonderful huge picture) and am doing nothering right now. (My fingers are not working real well so forgive the typos) I made 2 big pictures in crewel for 2 of my GDs when they wqere small for Xmas. Well, one of the mothers, rather differient, didnt' hang it as it was of a big orange striped cat on a wooden fence with roses on the railling. The orange didn't match the GD's room ----- so----. so I never saw it hanging. She loves tro have yard sales so guess what???? Maybe I should get somethingf started again.

    What could I crochet? Ideas?

    Springqwater: Could you come to Indiana abnd do my kitchen curtains? I have to stanhd on the kitchen ciounter to get them down and put them back up. I had a cleaning lady who would do anything and she was the last one to do them. i just try not to look at them to closely. Any of you do that to things in your home?

    I'm sorry that so many of you have yours or famioly health issues. As all of us have said over and over, "Our 'friends' don't realize what pain like FM or stenosis or depression are really like unless they havde walked in our shoes".

    I have some church friends who are in their 50's who get around great and don't realize juist what pain is. I don't ever say anything to any of them ---- . i juust pray that they don't have to go through unending pain.

    My middle finger is gettking "stuck" and my typing is awful. I hlope that you can decipher all of this.

    Cate: I don't think that I really know tyou very well. But I do klnow that depression is sooo difficult. You can tell yourself to "shape up" but it is impossible to do alone! I am so sorry that you are going thru that now! I juist hope that you can feel better soon.

    My fingers can not hit the righty keyus so I best say so=long! I love you all and feel for all of you in your troubles. I'm sorry that I dfidna't get to all of you but I chattger off and on when UI am reading your posts.

    Have a good weeken d.

    Huzs to all of you dear porchies,

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Joan, yes, I know exactly what you mean about not looking at things I can't clean in my house...and a few that I can :) This past spring when the weather started warming up I was afraid to turn on my ceiling fans for fear I'd choke to death on the dust...haha..

    Spring, did you really have to wash your curtains, or did you just do it to make the rest of us look bad???? (Just wondering..lol) Mine need it too...

    Most days I do okay with laundry and dishes, after that it's a really good day!

    I used to work nights at the hospital years ago, and if we had a slow night (the hospital was really, really little) we would crochet for an hour or so. After awhile I had afgans made for each of my kids, which they still have and use years later. Also made one for my DIL the first Christmas she was invited to join the tribe.

    My mother embroderied beautifully...I can do it, but not nearly as well as she did. I also did several counted cross stitch wall plaques for the grandkids when they were born. Of course I used to play the piano also....now I do none of the above. I no longer have the concentration or desire.

    Sometimes I watch my grandson who has ADD terribly and I understand exactly how he feels, 'cause that's exactly how I am....can't concentrate, stay on task, remember, etc. We make a good pair and can laugh at each other 'cause we KNOW the other won't remember what they're doing long enough to get to the next room some days. I love that kid!! Well, I love all of them, just appreciate his efforts more I guess.

    It's so hard to try to explain to my daughter what he's going through....she wants to understand, but just can't. I can just cry for him and his frustrations with life....to try soooo hard and never be the best at anything. His father has a really hard time with this, and is pretty tough on him, thinking he's just careless. Can't explain to someone who won't listen though. So he and I have a special bond....maybe one of the reasons I have this DD is to be there for him??? Never know.

    Hubby is doing a bit better today. Our SIL is a chiropractor and has suggested hubby try something called spinal decompression. Not even an hour later we turn on the tv and there's an advertisement for it! Coincidence or someone trying to tell us something? Will have to do some more looking into it before trying something that could cause more harm than good....but it did sound promising.

    Okay, I'm just typing to prove I can be a chatterbox too....lol....Joan, I'm not making fun of you...as a matter of fact, I feel a special bond to you 'cause we share the same name...honestly! (But I won't say that again 'cause I try to keep my posts incogneeeto!)

    Rock, wherefore art thou???? Hope you're doing well.....

    Will close....love to all....Jole