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  1. jole

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    Well, I'm sitting here with my book waiting for someone to show up to visit with.
    See the last posts on old vol....
    Pippi, glad you had a good day out with your brother despite the weather.

    More later...love to all...Jole
  2. Pippi1313

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    There's a knitting show on PBS that I love watching.
    I have NO idea what they're talking about, but a recent show was all about how to turn heels in socks. I was fascinated!!!

    (There was a comment on the last post about turning sock heels, & it reminded me of that show.)

    If I knew anyone local who could knit, I'd BEG them to teach me!!!

    Have a great, good, or better day Everydobby!

    In case ya didn't see it, I posted the recipe for zucchini bread, that some of ya asked for. (Thanx 2 Mom!)

  3. Granniluvsu

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    Well, I am back from church and then went to a friend's 90th birthday party at the church she plays the piano and organ. This woman is absolutely wonderful and SOOOO talented. She can also play by ear, just amazing ! They had the birthday after their church service where she plays. I had heard about it from another friend who I knew. There wee no invitations sent out, just word of mouth and there were lots of people there. The church choir made up a funny song to the tune of Hello Dolly. After that all sang Happy Birthday. There were all kinds of pics around of her and husband when he was alive. There was even a pic of her standing next to a piper cub plane I believe it was. She actually flew that plane. She was and still is one talented and fiesty lady. They had food and drinks courtest of the church and some of the ladies there. It was so nice. I hope I am half as with it as she is if I ever make it to her age. She does sometimes have to carry oxygen with her but otherwise she is still amazing !!

    Georgia - I hope that you aren't coming down with something.. Go to bed early if you can and try to get a lot of rest. Maybe you can get some with Mr. M gone today. How great that your mom was such an inspiration to you in knitting and probabaly othersie too. I know what you mean about missing your mom. I really miss mine too, even though we lived thousands of mies away for year. She was also one feisty and special lady, very storng considering all she had to put up with in her growing up years with no parents, etc.

    I used to know how to knit too and I even started a baby sweater for my 1st daughter before she was born and never did finsih it cause I got frustrated when I had to rip out one side front that I forgot to reverse the pattern to. I probably still have the yard and needles. Gee whaiz !! Wish you lived close to me as I am sure you could use it for something practical.

    Hope you get to go to Mexico soon like in your dream !!

    Cate - I thought of the same thing when I read abaoaut SW's cooking wild boar. Doubt if you could find hat anywhere around here. I would guess it just tastes like a pork roast. (DOES IT SW??) Hope you are feeling well today.

    Glad you got to get out yesterday to seee the lovely sights and wild creatures, birds, etc. That is so neat. Oh yes, and may all your curtains be clean - cough cough ! Anyone want to come and clean mine??

    Jole - thanks for getting us started on the new volume sweetie. YOu reading anything interesting and exciting? If you mentioned it it went way over my head.(that is easy to do). Hpe you ahd DH are feeling mor up today condisering the medical situation. Hope he isn;t in to much pain right now.

    Pippi - Gee, maybe if you could watch a knitting(and ora crocheting) show or even get a book or CD or something that could show you . It probably would be a great thing for you if you are stuck in the house a lot or want something to do for a change besides watching dumb TV and of course visiting on the boards. A friend of mine crochests alot while she is watching TV of listening to music or whatever else. She is SOOO talented with all she does.

    Years ago I even crocheted ponchos for all 4 of my girls when they will youg and that was the very IN thing !! I even finished them !!

    Springwater - Hope your DH had a nice birthday dinner. Tell about it and the wildborar. Hugs to you sweeti.e You will always be my Sweet Spring Water:) !!

    Well everydobby.,. I had better run so this will go when I submit.

    Love to awl,

  4. jole

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    Sounds like a good book to me.....

    Georgia, I just finished reading Mary Mary by James Patterson. I love murder mysteries for some reason, and can always figure them out....but this one had me stumped!! Nope, not a needle one....

    Thanks for the tips on what to do with crochet/knitted items. I never thought of making child size blankets to donate to hospitals for children!! I use to love to crochet and watch tv...maybe I just needed an incentive to try again.

    Cate, it's so good to hear you out and about. Nature just has a way of reviving the mind, body and spirit, doesn't it? Here I live in the country and you've seen more in a day than I ever have...lol...

    The heat has really dried everything up here...even the weeds are looking really sick this week. My poor (2) tomato plants are losing leaves for some reason...underwatering or overwatering? The way the leaves are curling I've been watering them a lot early morning, and don't see any bugs/worms on them at all. Yummy...I love them...have just had a few, but there's lots set on now of all sizes.

    Pippi, I love zuchini bread...just no zuchini right now. I also love the cookies and especially the chocolate cake. It's soooo moist. My DIL refuses to eat z. but loves chocolate, so the first time I made the cake we didn't tell her it was in it. She loved the cake and asked for the recipe. We had such a good laugh over that one! She hasn't asked for a recipe since...lol...

    Granni, what a wonderful lady your friend was. Thanks for sharing the story. You have a great church community! She makes me think of mom...so outgoing and busy. I'm much more of an introvert, although I wish I weren't. Just don't do well in crowds.

    Okay, nap time, then dishes...curtains still waiting on someone....Jole

  5. rockgor

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    Am busy re-reading a classic reference book,
    one that has helped many people over the years
    by providing fresh insights and the strength to
    cope w/ life's many difficulties. I know it has
    been a real source of inspiration to me.

    It is Garrison Keillor's Pretty Good Joke Book.

    Here are a few gems you may want to post on
    your refrigerator.

    NASA wants funding to build a restaurant on
    the moon. President Obama is dubious. He
    says even if the food is good, the place won't
    have any atmosphere.

    A few years ago Janet Jackson was disappointed
    when she asked Michael for
    financial help and he said No. His attorney
    explained to her that Michael couldn't be her
    brother and assist her too.

    A mushroom walks into a bar. Bartender says,"Get out!"
    Mushroom says, "What's the
    problem, buddy? I'm a fun guy."

    Got outta the house yesterday. Went to the market
    and the bank. Everytime I go to the market it's sticker shock.

    The cheapest cheese was $5 a pound. The imported stuff was $20.
    In the middle of a recession! Organic orange juice: $9 a half
    gallon. Seafood: $20 a pound. Who buys this stuff?

    Pippi, I visited your website. It's great. I did
    some research on Alcatraz a year or two ago.
    I have a hazy memory of reading about a
    diplomatic incident. When Alcatraz was a military installation
    during or shortly after the Civil War.

    It fired its canon across the bow of some ship.
    Turned out some VIP, like the British Ambassador, was on
    board. You know how easily offended the British are.

    Anyway I'm going back to read more. I salute
    your courage in taking that long trip. You were
    alone, right?

    Julie, can you box up that clutter, or does FIL
    really want it around? It ridiculous for you to
    be doing all that cleaning every 6 months.

    Bet Keira loved the video. (I don't even remember what I'm
    talking about? What video?
    More and more I have illegible notes and/or
    mysterious notes. Uff-da!)

    Joan, so you were in the news game. Like Rosalind Russell in
    The Front Page. Here's an
    amazing kawinkydink for you.

    Our home town paper was put out by James
    McGinty and his wife. He was a red-faced Irishman who
    drank a lot. She was very efficient and very sweet. Guess what
    her first name was: Lila!

    Cate, always good to see you. Did you injure your heel
    dancin'? Square dancing? Maybe
    you were doing the Varsity Drag.

    "Here is the drag; see how it goes.
    Down on your heels; up on your toes.
    That's the way to do the Varsity Drag."

    What is the prognosis?

    Ok, I have lots more notes, but they will have to
    wait till next time. Ha det bra

  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    LOL! Reminds me of my ex-boy-fiend!

    (Sorry! Couldn't resist that one!)

    The knitting show I saw on PBS is called "Knitting Daily".
    I don't even know what the words mean, when they're explaining what they're doing. Still, I'm fascinated.
    BUT! Y'all gave me a great idea!!!!!
    There's a bulletin board downstairs in the 2nd floor lobby (where the offices & community room & mailboxes are located). I'm gonna make a colorful little poster, asking if anyone in the building knits, & if they'll teach me.

    I'll let ya know if anything develops from that!


    Mom says "you're very welcome" for the Z-bread recipe!

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What? You want more jokes? Ok, you talked
    me into it.

    Woman is driving down the road knitting. Motorcycle cop drives
    up and yells, "Pull over, pull over."

    She yells back, "No, just a scarf."

    How much does a pirate pay for his earrings?

    Granni, the concept of pot luck salad sounds
    good. Did folks bring lots of different dressings?

    Carla and Mickey, Yes, Carol Burnett's show was wonderful.
    The last variety show. I read
    they did a GWTW skit 4 times. Don't know if it
    was always the same skit or if there were variations.

    I read Vicki Lawrence's bio a few months ago.
    She had nothing but good things to say about Carol.
    Was so grateful for all Carol and Harvey
    taught her about comedy.

    Jole, backs and knees are the worst. The problems just keep
    coming back. I hope your
    poor hubby can get some relief.

    Georgia, Gordon has some UFOs lying around
    the place. One is a cross stitch. Must be ten
    years since he started it.

    I started a latch hook rug/hanging when I was
    disabled for a year. Put it away when I went
    back to work. Years later I was off a few months
    and worked on it some more.

    It was about half done. During our last move, I
    took it to the thrift shop.

    Is your new schedule of 2 days a week permanent?
    Last few years I worked I could only
    manage 2 hours a day. Still saved the office
    from a lot of malpractice.

    Linda, thanks for the offer of a pot of soup. Would love it.
    Gordon has something in the
    crock pot right now. Might be soup or stew.

    I didn't understand what you said about Leave it
    to Beaver. You mean it wasn't a documentary?

    Mickey, that was very nice of you to let Lindsay
    stay out past curfew. Hope she had a good time.

    Cate, saw some pics at the Lone Elk Park site.
    Those elk look majestic. Also scary. I used to
    work for Hartford which used an elk as a logo.
    A really rotten employer.

    Springwater, Gordon used to have a really old
    cookbook that told how to cook game. The cover
    was missing and some of the pages were charred. Don't know.
    May have been cast off
    during the last move.

    Julie, how is the tailbone injury? Do you need
    a cushion to sit on? Another nasty injury that
    tends to hang on and on.

    Hugs and waves

  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yes. I was all by my little lonesome, when I took off cross-country.
    Actually, I felt the early signs of an impending relapse, when I left on my journey. I figured, what the heck? We'd be passing thru plenty of cities w/good-enough hospitals, if the worst happened.
    Heck, nothing could be worse than a KY hospital!!!

    Somewhere around Iowa, I asked the conductor what they'd do if a passenger got seriously ill, out in the middle of nowhere.
    He said they'd radio ahead to have an ambulance meet them at a cross road, or in a dire emergency, stop & have a medivac helicopter land nearby (like if we were in the middle of the desert or something).

    On the return trip, when I made the comment "I shoulda got off the train in Lincoln" (grammatically incorrect, I know), I was right!

    The homecoming hospitalization was one of the worst to date...

    But I HAD to go, even knowing I was getting sick.
    I mean, what if that turned out to be only chance ever to go, but I stayed home instead, cuz of being afraid???

    I woulda always regretted not going...

    It really wasn't as "bold" or "daring" as peeps think...

    Besides. I found my lucky coin on that trip.
    I found a Sacagaweya dollar coin in the train station in Denver! LOL!
    Still carry it with me, too!

  9. jole

    jole Member

    YEA!!!! I was about to send out an SOS for you....but couldn't remember what the initials were....

    It's so good to have you back, and enjoyed your jokes. One that I like....

    "I didn't hit you....I simply high-fived your face!".....lol...

    ELAINE, I'm thinking about you 'cause I think tomorrow
    is when you get your test results back from your last
    scan, and wishing you well.

    Sleep well all....hugs on the door knobs! Jole
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Julie – I can empathize about not being able to disassociate from ma in laws past behaviour. I went through a similar thing…and I know a lot of the stomach problems I have now were developed during those ‘dark ages’ when I was living with in laws and had to stomach all the injustices silently. I hope we both can shed the past one day and not let it impact what we do now….but heck! Isn’t it grrrreat to be able to do what we want,the way we want,how we want now and not have ma in law poking her nose in?
    I do a mental cartwheel every time I think about that.Haha.

    Pippi – that ‘risque’ joke was great…had me laughing out loud…so was Julies, about the iron rods tho I have heard that one before. I hope your friend James gets better soon. I read a book by Sylvia Browne about BelaLugosi, she went with a team to his house to investigate paranormal and she says it was the most evil place she ever went to, that he dabbled in the dark side and was still there…I must visit your web site….oh the candle was red because that s what I found in the house,lol.

    Jole – really enjoyed your post about how you used to crochet afghans et all….the onething I have crocheted is three caps…during the seventies the crocheted cap rage swept thru the school and anyone who was with it HAD to have a crocheted cap.

    Joan – I love the sound of your marinated cukes, we eat something similar,this is marinated green chillies in vinegar with noodles or meat dumplings but because my stomach is so raw and weak, I just need to eat one helping of the chillies and im laid up with stomach pain. Its frustrating because I love it so much.

    Granni – did you make the salad with mayo,cukes etc..it sounded delectable, im wanting to makeit myself now – lol! Taking down and puttingup curtains is one of the jobs I dislike most, luckily my help is there to lend a hand…that’s why I was able to do it. Otherwise with my body….wish I could come give you a hand tho.

    Your friends birthday do sounded so great…love hearing about these places you go to, I sort of put a marker down in my mind to say – I too want to be like that..and not let my this body prevent me, and that of course reminds me to take my vitamins, supplements, do my EFT etc.

    Cate – good to hear the heel is not that serious and that you are healing….how frustrating tho for the time being! About the depression, you are not alone….I know mine is creeping up because of some family issues. Siblings issues to be specific. I know I should disassociate and am trying but its difficult. Im trying to apply the Buddhist principles of non attachment, but so difficult when it is impacting you majorly. However, breathing is helping greatly and EFT. I almost had a recurrence of a panic attack during the night before but was able to keep it at bay with some breathing exercises and Guru Rinpoche mantras…I have even been able to pray for guidance and help for my this particular brother although he is singlehandedly making the whole family sick with his doings. Im praying for you to to be restored soon….i hope they can eliminate depression the way they eliminated small pox. It is a scourge which only those who have had first hand experience understand. Take care, dear.

    Your post on the vol 404 was so upbeat, lol. I was reading the previous one and replying. Very happy to hear you had a good day. Wish you many many more of those. Wild boar is sold here in a local meat store which is close by. It is probably the tastiest meat of what I know..but then I have never eaten deer, rabbit, and so many so…its also so expensive, we don’t have it often.

    Georgia – my mum used to have back ache, I thought it was because she gave birth to six of us at a young age….now my husbands aunt is similarly affected,but she had only three kids at a right age….it gets aggravated in coldweather. I hope I escape it.

    Rock – the food prices here also are unbelievable! I don’t know how some people live, those who are daily wage labourers at building sites…no wonder kidnappings have increased to an all time high. Sometimes I feel we are fast approaching the failed state situation.

    Did you finish reading your book? I wouldlove to have it today, its raining in torrents, yay! The country needs it. My recipe books are mostly all well worn, grease splotches on them…pages torn. But it means theyre being used. Heh.heh.

    Linda- oh disappointing about the psychic fair. Never mind. Maybe another time. You do seem to be recovering nicely, touch wood. That trip to the quaint farm sounded lovely,I m always wanting to see things growing on their plants. Living now in the city as I do, not too much variety here. No berries at all.

    Carla – how is it in your neck of the woods…right now? Most of America experiencing cold wet weather. Have you been for any rides yet in your cart or been too busy after returning? I still remember you, twy and Missy riding and that stray dog barking after you. Lol.

    I have a busy day today…gotta go tackle some stuff of brothers…he has got into such a bind with his creditors…its driving all of us sick. More later.

    You all take care

  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    A man goes into a bar, carrying a set of jumper-cables.
    The bartender eyes him warily & says:
    "Don't you come in here trying to start something!"



    Gee! I didn't know crafters could be so clique-ish.
  12. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia....x-eyed! Hahaha...never thought of it quite that way before, but it's sure true. I remember doing counted cross stitching until I saw nothing but x's!

    Spring....I also understand the family matters. Actually, my one brother I haven't talked to since my mother's death 5 years ago e-mailed me last night. It was amazing! A very civil, brotherly email telling me what he's been up to and where they live (they'd moved to another state somewhere), and asked about our lives....I'm hoping he's sincere, and I emailed him back with happiness but reservation.

    Julie...I know there are times I miss answering your posts directly, and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes when my pain is bad I guess I get into a "defensive" mode and find it hard to communicate well with people that can still get out and do all the things I wish I could do but can't. I have a real hangup there. Bless you, it's not you...it's me! Some days I feel like I've totally accepted the facts of my life...then it all hits me in the face again, and I know after all these years I really haven't. So much for therapy.....lol...

    Cate...I understand you totally! Hope you got some great shoes!

    Pippi, hope you're having a good day.

    Rock, if a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

    ELAINE...thinking strongly of you today...and hoping all is well with your test results!

    Granni, Lin, Carla, Mickey, Joan and all...wishing you well.

    I started off my day early. Found some of those darn ugly tomato worms on my plants yesterday so went out armed with my trusty Sevin this morning. As I came back up to the house I fell UP the steps and rammed into the side of the house. Now have a skin torn arm and bump on my head...lol...amazing how graceful we can become with these DDs!

    Am heading back to bed...it's safer there! Love to all....Oh, Julie...I was going to leave hugs on the porch floor, but couldn't bend over...was going to leave them on the bed posts, but thought that was too much of an intrusion of privacy...so left them on everyone's door knobs instead. Guess I didn't make that very clear, did I? Hugs again....Jole
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am having potato stew for brunch. That's
    what Gordon had in the crockpot. It's about 80%
    potatoes which is the right ratio for someone of
    Norwegian, Irish, German descent.

    Gordon and I had our first big fight yesterday.
    He came home and started complaining about
    no fan activity. As I have mentioned 30 or 40
    times, he believes all the fans in the house should be
    on at all times, even when no one's home.

    So I pointed out the living room fan 3 feet away
    was on, and the kitchen fan was on. He just
    humphed and went to take a nap.

    So, considerably annoyed, I got in the car and left.
    Went to the big music store in Hollywood.
    I never go on weekends, because it is too crowded.
    Was yesterday too; no parking.
    So I just came home. Was gone about 45 min.

    Gordon was fast asleep. Never knew I was gone.

    So that was the big fight. Shocking, huh?!

    Pippi, how lucky to find a Sacagawea dollar.
    I don't believe Sacagawea ever went to Denver.
    If she hadn't been so timid, she might have gone
    to Boulder.

    Georgia, great picture of you knitting at the wheel.
    Looks like it's from the 1930s-40s. I still
    think intarsia looks like it has something to do
    w/ the bones of the foot.

    Jole, the proper way to spell SOS is 9-1-1.
    I don't know for sure, but I suspect a turtle
    without a shell should get help from a Shell

    Elaine, as Jole said, we are waiting to hear and
    keeping our fingers crossed.

    Springwater, I think your hubby is a saint to keep
    bailing out your relatives. Did he like his new shirt?

    Julie, I used to turn a cartwheel every b-day.
    Stopped a few years ago at age 64. It suddenly
    looked too risky.

    Library opens in 5 minutes. I need some new
    books. I picked up 5 last Thurs. and didn't like
    any of them. Bummer!

    Hugs on the doorknob, the bedpost and the
    hat rack in the foyer.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just thought I would pop in before DH needs it again for bills and such.

    Went last night to our small group dinner that was a salad aupper with the SURPRISE SALAD -Well, as I suspected 3 of us brought cucumbers (plus other stuff. However, there was enought good stuff to make it takste really yummy. Everyone was supposed to bring two things. The host couple had assorted lettuces and thank goodness also had cherry tomaotes and grilled slised chicken. I had also brought mushrooms oneof our favorites, othres brought manderin oranges, and broccoli.

    There was also a yummy cheese bread with assorted salad dressings, and 3 kinds of sherbets. There were also wines, beer, tea or whatever to drink. The company was great and it was alot of fun. However, DH woke up today with (loose bowels) so is compaining and I had to find some immodium for him. Everything seemsed really fresh so am guessing it is a bug of some kinds which I hope soon disappears and that I don't get it.

    Lucky me I do go to the doc tomorrow for lab draw (fasting) and then go to talk to her about my meds, what specialist to go see about my incontinence, etc. I went today to have a bone density done. Gotta run now as DH needs the puter.

    Hope to check back with everydobby later.

    Love to awl,

  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been trying to post off and on since yesterday but am having problems with IE8, I knew I shouldn't upgraded from IE 7 and now I get error messages then it shuts down when ever it wants to.

    So I left it alone as I was getting frustrated and did clean house and worked on my painting.

    Pippi I went to SF in 1978 and sepnt a month there with my sister, she lived in San Jose but we took the monorail to SF one day and did the fishermans wharfe, GG bridge and Ripleys. Then took a ride on the trolly to China Town and ate something like squid, more like a rubber tire, but enjoyed my trip all the same. I like your spunk and living life to the fullest today with no regrets. You really should write a book. Seems like you are doing better now than a few weeks ago.

    Rock loved the jokes so here are a few for you
    Do you know why the farmer called his pig Ink?
    Because he always kept running out of the pen-

    I called my little dog Hardware because when he hears his name he bolts for the door.

    What happens when you sterlize a cow?
    She's decaffeinated-

    Do you know what happens to a sheep when he goes to get his hair cut?
    He goes to the baa baa shop-

    Ok I will stop for now before someone busts a stitch with laughter- youck-yuck-yuck.

    Sorry couldn't help myself- I found a old book called The Bell, The Clapper and THe Cord-Wit and Witticism. It has all kinds of these sayings. I'll save some for another time.

    Springwater- I ride my cart everyday, the girls would never let me miss a day, except rainy days but I check the weather and if is going to rain later in the day I will go earlier. Wild boar huh, when I went to Haley's reception, they offered us Buffalo Steaks which we passed on, but take the Crocodile appeitizer, it was deep fried and looked and tasted like a moist chicken tender. That is wild as I get, well at least with food-lol.

    Julie good luck with the cleaning the high places, I watched Extreme Makeover last night and the house they did had 27ft ceilings in the living area- why? and who is going to clean and change the light bulbs up there. It was beautiful but a little extreme

    Georgia sorry about the cutbacks, I do hope your knitting classes picks up some-Has Urs been behaving herself?

    Well I am going to post this before I get cut off and lose this one too-hello to Joan, Jole, granni, Elaine I am thinking of you today, Cate, teacher and anyone else- you know who you are- be back later- I hope-Carla
  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    is that when we say "LOL!", we actually DID!

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    This volume is flying by.

    Well i just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyboddy. It is already 4:50 and time to leave, today just flew by as well.

    This weekend was hot so i sat in my little floatie chair and read for about 2 hour and then swam some. Too much sun so that was all i could handle.

    My mother in law brought over some homemade peach ice cream that she make. It is so yummy, the best ice cream i have ever had.

    Jole - you poor thing, falling up the stairs, well i am glad you didn't get too hurt. Jack, my dog is constantly falling up the stairs, however, i think that is much better than falling down the stairs.

    Carla you paintings are just beautiful, you have so much talent.

    Pippi, you too girl. YOu should be a writer. I went to your website and was amazed at how you write and describe everything. It is almost like you are right there. You have talent girl and you should use it.

    Well I am pooped out and need to shut down gang. So i will visit tomorrow.

    Love you all,

  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I know what ya mean, about feeling "defensive" at times, too.

    I don't even WANT to hang curtains, mow grass, or (YIKES!) go to a church social...
    What I DO want is the option to choose. To do something, just cuz I can...

    It's hard to explain, really.
    Of course, we're glad our Porch Peeps have good days & fun times & get things accomplished.
    It's just so friggin unfair, that we have fewer options.

    Yeah, I know... Somebody (not a Porchie, of course) will always say The-Big-Fat-Stoopit-Thing: "Well, life isn't fair..."


    I always reply: "And with so many of YOU people accepting that as being OK, you make the world even less fair than it COULD be!"

    That pretty much shuts them up.

    If it doesn't, I point out that THEIR god could change that unfairness in an instant... IF he wanted too. So, what's god's major malfunction?

    That either shuts them up, or inspires them to begin a preachy sermon.
    At which point, I'm reduced to rolling away & saying something very mature, like "bite me, moron!".

    All I'm sayin is: I get where you're comin from, Chickie!

  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I planned to be here yesgterday but somehow or another, I didn't make it! D and SIL went to church with me and we had lovely visits with friends during the coffee and doughnut time. Then we went to next town for breakfast, and then they scatterred.

    I did 3 loads of clothes today (not folded as yet) but rest of the a.m. and this afternoon have been lost. I imagine that rest of you have been in this mess too.

    I got a bill from the distant hospital that Harley was in when he passed away. It said, "Remit immediately!!" and igt has between 30-60 days overdue---this is the FIRST one i have gotten. Then there were 3 numbers that I might call if I have a question? LOL. Harley ended up on Medicaid as we couldn'gt afford full price when Medicare was over (Any of you have that pfroblem?) Well, on the bill were no Medicaid payments. I tried for almost 1 1/2 hrs. in the morn to get on one of the 3 phones. The answer "I know that your time is valuable but all reps. are busy. Just hold." After 30 mojn. i hung up on each. After lunch I tried again - same gthing.

    That whole thing is jusgt a mess. Then I tried the web site. Says to click on such and such. Couldn't even find them.-------------. I finally got the brilliant idea to call the NH and tell her my problem. She said to bring bill out and she would call and give them his Medicaid #! I have never had it.

    The whole thing just wore me out.

    About boar! I guess I would trhy it. GD was in Tiawaan and tried "stuff" I wouldn't have couragde to try. You know - like that part of a roaster that makes him a male! Yes, they eat those things. Also eel, squid, octopus, fish with head on - big one too - . I have eaten things in my earlier yrs. that others have said thata they would not eat and I liked them. My grandma always cooked the chicken's feet and I would chew on them. Then the old hen that she would always stewed had an egg bag with eggs of all stages, tiny yolks, bigger ones, etc. That was always for me, always then loved the homemade (from the butcher) pickled pig's feet! Those in the glass far now are not the same. Then my aunt always made headcheese. that's all the meat from the head - after it is cooked a long time, it's put in a loaf pan and sliced for sandwiches. Really good.

    #2 S. likes brains fried. Won't try them.

    Now that I have made all of you half sick, I'll change the subject. About crocheting --- a pastor's wife here in town knits dish clothes in varied colors and sells them. I love them. D just ordered 9 of them for friends. I wonder if I got some of the cotton yarn to try to crochet them what they would look like? May try it at least.

    Will submit.

  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I just lost it! I was going to reply to something someone wrote about but I can't remember who or what it was about. Oh my ----my memory. i am too tired t o go all over the vol. again.

    I watch Extreme Makeover too, who ever you are? Too tired to look!! Sometimes I think that they use awfully brivght colors. Kids lover them I guess.

    Anyone watch Home(or House) and Garden in the evenings? I am hooked on it - love to see which one they chose and which one I would. Can't believe the prices of housing!!!!! no wonder I live in an old house!! I love it though.

    My neck hurts, my fingers hurt, my back hurts and I guess my brain is going too. Saying good bye and sorry that I didn't talk to all of you dear porchies. Next time. love you all,.

    Gentle Hugs,


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