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    I just noticed that I was number 30 so here goes a new one.

    Pippi's going rollercoastering! I haven't done that in years. Have fun, girlie!

    Thank you, Jerome, homemade ice cream. You're too kind!
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    Well, that last volume sure zipped along. Just like the days of our lives as we
    get older. I'm still waiting for the part where I get wiser.

    Watered the plants and did the dishes. My day's chores are done.
    Read some more of Julia Child and a mystery I have going. Started a
    book alleged to be as humorous as the two Daves: Barry and
    Sedaris. I didn't think it was half as funny as one of them.

    Mickey, you are Right With Eversharp! It was DeWitt Clinton, Governor
    when the Erie Canal was built.

    And here's another. What man had two automobiles named after him?

    I'm glad you were entertained by my carrying on. Crawling underneath
    the table is hazardous. The table top is a slab of black marble. Big enough for
    two tombstones. Capable of an impact that would stun a water buffalo.

    Illustrating how everything is connected, the Erie Canal ran from Albany to

    Pippi, Gary Larson, The Far Side, had a chicken cartoon. The chicken who
    is eating another chicken says, "I'd say we taste like chicken."

    Nothing funnier than an Norskie (unless it's a drunk Norskie trying to bowl).

    Saw a video recently on The Great Lodges in the National Parks. At one of
    them a lady chef was making rattle snake tacos. And she had the poor
    dead snake on the counter. Gross!

    Teacher, the Bobby McFerrin video froze up at 51 seconds and had no
    sound. Not a real learning experience.

    But I am familiar w/ his father Robert McFerrin who was the first Black male
    singer at the Met. I had his recording of Rigoletto. A great baritone. Also had a
    children's record he made.

    Later, Kids

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    Just woke up from a long nap. Nobody has posted on the chit chat board for
    the last 4 hours? That's hard to believe.

    Turned out when I got the modem going again, I somehow disabled the
    sound. No wonder I couldn't tell what Bobby McFerrin was singing.

    Maybe I disabled something else. Well, can't stew about it now. Gonna
    go make some sort of hamburger-potato hot dish. All I need is a batch
    of some kinda bars and a beverage, and I'll have a complete 2-course
    Minnesota meal.

    The kind that sticks to your you-know-what.

    Yeah, you betcha. Uff-da!

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    You betcha....can we say that without being political????? LOL....

    Just couldn't resist the urge.....hahaha......Jole
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    I couldn't sleep, so I was up surfing recipe sites. It reminded me of the comments you've made about not being able to cook.

    Try using recipes for children. The ingredient list is usually short and the directions for cooking are quite simple.

    Actually, I use ideas from kiddie recipes all the time. I'm too tired when school starts to do a whole lot of cooking. I save the more complex stuff for the weekends or holidays.

    When I was a kid, the recipes were junk, but they have improved in quality since then.

    Also, try crock pot cooking. Dump stuff in, turn on, let cook for alloted time, eat. Real easy.

    Ok, I'm going to try going to bed AGAIN.

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    Rock to answer your trivia questions, here goes:

    Ransom Eli Olds is the only man in the U. S. who has two automobiles named after him. As early as 1887 he made in his family's machine shop a steamer which he tested on the streets of Lansing, Mich. before dawn so that he would not annoy his horse-driving neighbors.

    Four years later he sold to a firm in India the first automobile ever to be exported from the U. S. By 1899 he was building the first factory in the U. S. designed solely for automobile production. In a few years the early curve-dash Oldsmobile runabout was the fastest selling car in the country (5,000 units annually) and "In My Merry Oldsmobile" was a smash song hit. But Mr. Olds had differed with his backers and retired, a millionaire at 40.

    OMG, this is the first for me, everything went poof on me, now i now how you all feel when that happens. Rock keep the trivia coming, i love learning something new everyday, especially things that i would have never even thought about. Pretty cool.

    Well, i brought in a big chocolate chip cookie with icing for one of the guy's birthday today. Another fattening food day here at the office.

    I was up early today, even got to watch one of my recorded shows, have breakfast, get gas, go to the grocery store and even made it here by 8 a.m. Wow that is new for me. I think hubby coming home last night helped me a lot. I got a great nights sleep.

    Well gotta go for now, i will be back.

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    Yep, Teacher: That's the original words to the "Happy birthday" song, written by 2 school-teacher sisters from KY!

    On the last Porch, you were explaining the origins of some songs you parodied. Upon reading that, I didn't know who Donald o'Conner was, but I got a mental flash of Donald DUCK doing a fine rendition of "singin' in the Rain"!

    About kiddie recipies: I can handle "ants on a log" w/o creating a haz-mat incident. LOL

    Combining the two thoughts: Your kiddos don't already know the official "School Lunch Song"???


    Rock: I saw that show, too! The one with the lodge-lady cooking the rattlesnake. There's a whole PBS series about the "Great Lodges". Pretty cool. (The lodges, not the snake dinner.)
    But as I watched the series, I couldnt help noticing how many places nobody could go in a wheelchair... sigh.... Oh well. This wheelchair-thing has always been temporary so far...

    (Pausing for a moment of self pity..... OK! It's over!!!!!!)

    Julie! Hey! You noticed that too!
    When I start seeing clutter around here, it's a sign that I could be depressed. My reaction (or lack of reaction) to the clutter, answers the question.

    Luv 2 Everydobby! B back later!

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    Well, I thought I had better check in this morning to see how al we doing. DH ws going to play golf this morning with a friend bright and early. Well, he got up ate breakfast and then starated hearing thunder , louder and louder. Yep, it rained and ruined their plans but we really needed the rain so we cant complain. Gee, it looks like places on the NE have had flooding and terrible winds ad some destruction. Yhat is terible ! However, glad that we got the rain. It is very cloudy here and it looks like we ould get some more but who knows.

    I had to go and make a big 4 beans sald for our choir party tonight. I might not have gone since DH isn't up to going and driving but this one is our subdivision. So, it will be close by.
    I am glad that I I thought to pick up all the ingredients last week, mostly canned goods and a few other things.

    Julie - Have fun at the zoo. It sounds like fun and hope the weather stays good for you and isn't too HOT !! I am sure that Keira will enjoy it. You may also enjoy it too.. I know I enjoy the zoo and hadnpt gone for years , when our kids were little. I did go a year or so agao when I was visiting daughter #4 and our grandson. Hope you are feeling better.

    DH needs the puter again so I will check in latear again.



  9. Pippi1313

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    When our families ignore the problem:

    I've been reading all the posts about family members & friends who ignore our illnesses & related problems.
    Some replies are absolutely correct, of course. People ignore what the cant, or won't, cope with, hoping it will just go away.
    I realized that approach doesn't work, when I was 3 or 4 years old. For me, if something doesn't work, it's off the option-list. I guess I have a find-the-solution type of personality. I get that from my family. It's just how we operate.

    I study people. I've spent my entire life trying to figure them out. I've learned a few things along the way, but I'm honestly often quite mystified.

    That's why I was so shocked by what Mom did...

    About 3 years ago, during one of my many hospitalizations, Mom was acting weird. I'd been noticing this for several months, & frankly I was becoming quite angry about it.

    During remission times, we were fine. During relapse times, Mom seemed to be very angry at me.
    Finally, we exploded...

    We had a HUGE argument, right there in the hospital. It was BAD! I even shouted at her: "Why do you always act like you HATE me when I'm sick???!!!"
    She didn't reply. Nothing. Silence.
    I told her to go away, because things were hard enough for me already, & I didn't need her there making things worse.

    I was serious. I meant it. She left...

    Several days later, I was back at home.
    Mom called & apologized.

    Coming from most people I've ever known, an apology is meaningless.
    But Mom isn't a chronic apologizer. From her, it means something.
    She admitted the blow-up was her fault. She said she'd been under a lot of stress lately.

    I accepted her apology, although I still felt betrayed & hurt & confused.
    (She hadn't always been that way - acting angry when I was sick, I mean.) But why would she take out her stress on me? And why when I needed her the most? Why when I was SICK???

    It took me awhile. It took quite a long time actually, for me to connect-the-dots.

    DUH! It was BECAUSE of me!

    Let me explain:

    Only a few weeks before The Big Blow Up at the hospital, I had arranged & paid for my funeral.
    No, I wasn't planning on kicking the ol' bucket any time soon.
    Although I know it could happen, the same is true for anyone - even healthy people.

    There had been a recent conversation about life insurance. Someone asked if I had life insurance. I didn't.
    Thinking it over, I realized it'd be hard, if not impossible, for me to get life insurance. And being solution-oriented, I did something about it. I went out & bought myself a funeral.

    Mom was there (at her request) at the place where I had attended my first funeral as a young child, as I made my arrangements & joked nonchalantly with the 4th generation owner of the place - a man who knows my family, & has buried many of us.

    It was 2 - 3 weeks later that I had another relapse.

    DUH, me! Dots connected!!!!!

    What mother of a desperately ill child could watch her child light-heartedly making funeral arrangements, & NOT have some sorta emotional "snap"???

    Which brings me back to my original point: Having loved ones who ignore or downplay the seriousness of our illness.

    Mom doesn't ignore it. And she's one of the strongest people I know.
    Yet, even SHE couldn't quite handle it...

    She loves me too much to have said WHY she'd "been under a lot of stress lately". She wouldn't do that to me. She KNOWS things are hard enough for me already, & she would never let her stress become my guilt!

    To those of you who are ignored and/or dismissed:
    I'm SO very sorry!!!

    It's possible that your people DO know how serious things are for you! What they don't know, is how to cope with it....

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    Glad you all enjoyed the jokes, but remember,
    Kids, I didn't make 'em up. They are from Garrison
    Keillor's joke book.

    He didn't make them up either. He and his
    staff collected them. They do a joke broadcast
    every year.

    Here's one that presents a variation of an old
    philosophical question.

    If a man is in the forest, talking to himself, w/
    no woman around, is he still wrong?

    Jole, here's one you might like: What do you
    name a child who has a parent from Minnesota
    and one from Palestine?
    Yasir Yabetcha.

    I made tater-tot hot dish in the middle of the
    night. It turned out to be less than optimal.
    I had a generic brand of tater tots and they had
    been in the freezer too long. I bet my animal
    friends will be happy with it though.

    Mickey, you are right again. Ransom E. Olds.
    They stopped making the Reo a long time ago.
    I think I read they recently stopped making the
    Oldsmobile too.

    My dad had an Olds back in the 50s. It was
    a very stylish car; two-tone blue.

    Cookies w/ icing sounds good. Last time I did
    that I bought some choc. chip cookies at Ralphs.
    Only when I got them home it turned out the
    the store clerk's English was not so good. They
    were raisin-oatmeal.

    I called the store and complained. The manager
    told me to come to the store immediately and he
    would give me the correct cookies. I said I didn't
    want to make a trip to the store again. He said,
    "Well then I can't help you."

    Typical big business attitude. Spend a million a
    week on advertising and then treat the customers w/ contempt.

    I read that while General Motors was going bankrupt,
    it was still spending 2 billion a year on advertising.

    Granni, never heard of 4 bean salad, only 7
    bean. Are there any ingreediments other than
    beans? How do you know which ones to use;
    can you just pick them at random?

    Teacher, yes, crockpot is the easiest. Gordon
    loves to read cookbooks. He had one from the
    library a couple years ago. All the recipes had
    only 5 ingreediments.

    I've seen some that had two dozen. Usually a
    forth of them are spices. I finished Julia Child's
    memoir of her years in France. I wouldn't want
    to cook like she does, but I wouldn't mind doing
    a little tasting.

    Julie, hope you had a wonderful trip to the zoo.
    LA has a huge zoo. Haven't been since the last
    time I took my son. Must be at least 25 years ago.

    So you got married in a park? Was it a hippie
    wedding? I think the American custom of spending a
    fortune on weddings and funerals
    is nutso. Well, I've probably said that 3 or 40 times already.

    Pippi, I guess many of those National Park Lodges and Hotels
    were built long before there
    was any concept of access for the disabled.

    I never even thought about such a thing until
    my sister and her husband came to visit. He had polio
    when he was a kid. We were going
    out to eat. My mother and sister spent 20
    minutes calling restaurants to find one with
    wheelchair access.

    Georgia, do you or granpa know any music by
    Manuel de Falla? He was a Spanish composer.
    His most famous pieces are ballets: El Amore
    Brujo (Love, the Magician) and El Sombrero
    des Tres Pico (The 3-cornered hat).

    One of his friends did the sets for the latter:
    Pablo Picasso.

    Both deFalla and R.E. Olds were born in the
    19th century. Both died when I was a kid. So
    once again we see that history is just around the

    Well, my big project for the day is to go to the

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    Couldn't believe the we were already on Vol. 408 (that right?) I read all of the last vol. - I didn't make it back to it.

    yesterday was my day to go to Walgreens to pick up Rx's. From there I went to W.M. This isn't a WalMart Super store but does have several aisles of foods. I bought my favorite frosted flakes, instant oatmeal, instant garlic mashed pot., etc. and all were cheaper than the big grocery next door. Of course then --0------Hey, I just lost not only the main chit page but all the logos t the bottom! I will return I hope.

    Well, it came back but disappeared again. Now what it the matter? I typed "rest of the story" but all of it disappeared and nothing is on the task line of anywhere. i better not have a problem ---well, #1 So in coming tomorrow! My remote is broken in spite of new batteries so took Harley's working remote plus my cruise control isn't working. I'll probably gegt a ticket for going too fast withouty it! My foot just seems to keep going toward the floor!!

    I'm going to close this thing and see what I can do in getting it back in shape...Hope to see you again today!!!fingers x'ed

    I'm too frustrated and gtired to give hugs. Jusgt imagine that I am hugging all of you dears.

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    Don't even get me started on Picasso! LOL!!!

    The man was a genius. Not an artistic genius, tho.

    Whatta great scam! Made Ponzi & Madoff look like pikers. haha

    Gotta admire THAT!

    PS: Having obtained my artistic license, I turned it over & read the back. It clearly states we have license to criticize other artists. ;P

    (Advance apologies to all true Picasso fans.)

  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Somewhere there is the remainer of this posgt but I have no idea where?

    A short summary of what I said!!!! The check out girl held up apricots and asked what they were----------held up nectarines and asked what they were! The fresh fruit was put on the bottom with bottle of vinegar, stc. on top! Can't they give these kids some training before the put them on a register?

    i came in here yesterday and got on and----the phone rang. Neighbor---D's age--- called to say she was bringing over sausage, fresh green beans, onions and red potatoes cooked with skins on and slices of pork tenderloin plus bag of blueberries over. She came in and we gtalked
    about an hr. (My typing has also disappeared out the window with t he other stuff. Just excuse it or I will be here til midnight) Came back in to open up and phone call from D. I just gave up and ate what the the neighbor brought. It was soooo good and good today too.

    Teacher: I haven't used my crock pot in ages so got some Polish sausge to cook in it with sauerkraut and red potatoes. my problem is that I like big meal around noon. Creature of habit, I guess. Never know when to start pot!

    Julie: I have not been to a zoo in yrs. and yrs, before kids wwere born! I love it but will NOT go into repitle house. Can't stand those crawly things. Brrr! But it does sound so much fun if someone wanted to push me around. LOL

    Mickey: Isn't igt frustrating????????????? Especially when you don't know what yiou did to cause it? Boy, that cookie sounds so good!

    And #2 S is a trivia buff ----has been all of his life! He loves it ande loves to find the answers.

    i just can't stand clutter either but I have it with antique knick-knacks around. Try to arrange them artistically but. Keeping the bath, bedroom, and kitchen counters is the main things I triy to keep de-cluttered and usually suceed. ----(that is, if I am not gtooo tired!)

    Another interruption! My ddear friend, the fuineral director knew that kids and I wanted something done with some of money that was given in memory of Harley during visitation. He had talked gto me this a.m. at coffee about what he had seen at religious book store that is moving to mall and had everything at 50% off. I gave my OK. He just brouvght it in for me to see. Sooo beaugtiful. There are 2 foot tall gold vases that are on 3 tiers of wood-----These willi be put on the altar. Then----it is an enormous dark wood framing a lighter wood plaque. It is very large. On it is written in laser the 23rd Psalm. It about made me cry to see it. It will be hung on a side wall in the sanctuary and will have a metlal plaque on it dedicating it in memory of Harley. He would be soooo proud. I am still in awe of it!!! The toal cost would have been $800.00 but sale total was $350.00

    While on this theme, (hope it isn't to dreary for you) i am impatiently awaiting for the foundation to be poured for our stone. The gravestone is paid for but cannot be put out until that cement is poure4d and drys.

    Grannie; What we make arouaand IN is 3 bean salad! is it just a vinegar marinated salad? Green beans, wax beans and red kidney beans. I absolutely love it!!! Igt keeps a long time too in frig. My aunt always used bfrown sugar, vinegar and oil. Pretty good too.

    Think I had better stop and submit. Talk again! Joan
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    Pip: The 3 kids and I went to funeral home and made pre-arrangements for Harley and me. Have you ever had to pick out your own casket???? I hope not. But, you might put in your puter what you want in you obit. I know that is weird but I did for Harley's and was swo happy with it. I had mine done and just printed out ----itr was on this desk when H. passed away and someone ran it through the printer and somethingf else is on gtop of it. can decipher it though. Enough of gthis subject. It will make us all depressed!!!

    Someone was talking of weddings at parks, but 2 of our grandchildren were married at state parks. Both were berautiful. One was to be outside but igt rained and didn't stop. Had a wonderful place though - the reception hall.

    the last one was in June and it rained until 10 min. before servicde was to be held outside.

    I an suddenly just exhausted. Think I will close this off and on stuff and go get an apricot and a magazine.

    #1 S is cominvg tomorrow so may not greet you tomorrow. I suppose byu the time I get b ack it will be the next vol.

    Have a nice weekend and a smile on your face. i luv u all. You are such wonderful, caring people. You, Rock, help us to laugh so much and gthat is such a wonderful gift.

    Gentle Hugs,

  15. jole

    jole Member

    That's a great one, Rock!!!! I'm going to have to mention that to my pregnant daughter........

    Just a fairly general "Hello" today, 'cause I'm "trying" to do a little cleaning before daughter/family gets here for the weekend. I don't know why I do it, 'cause it always needs it after they leave. Besides, then I'm too beat to actually enjoy them. But old traits are hard to get rid of.

    Pippi, how old are you????? I think you must be at least 90 to be so wise! I agree with you completely that our families say nothing because they wish things were different and simply don't know what to say...other than "I'm sorry", which they've said a million times before. It's much easier to deal with problems that can be "fixed".

    Julie, enjoy your day at the zoo. The four? generations together will be sooo much fun, and something you won't be able to re-do if you miss out on the chance when it presents itself.

    Georgia, my mom had the "gift" also....she hated it! I'm really happy I don't have it. I know it's a burden at times, and can cause much worry and stress.

    Joan, so far we just have a generic will, and need to update...plus make our funeral plans. It's great to have that out of the way so someone else doesn't have to do it. And to have the obit on the computer is a great idea!!! I'll have to do that.

    Elaine, prayers and strong healing thoughts coming your way!

    Everyone else, my break time is over, but I love ya all......need to clean a bathroom, get a shower, and rest a bit before family gets here. Hopefully talk tomorrow! Jole
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    Pippi and Joan - Joan, you might have the same or similar recipe. It is so easy and you can mix almost any or amount of canned veggies that you lile. Ialways double to marinade, which is (2/3c each of cups of white vinegar, red wine vinegar and salad oil), and 1 cup of sugar.

    I just put that in the bottom of the big bowl and cut up an onion in rings and then cut in half again and add them. Then I slice a green pepper and throw that in too. I don't cut them small so people can remove them if they don't want it of take it if they like it. I also had a red pepper, which I don't usually have but they had a sale. So, I put a 1/2 of it in there too. Add 1 cup of sugar. Gee, Joan I had never heard of brown sugar but I imagine wht would really give it a different taste. I mix the marinade well and add sald and pepper (or just a few sprinkles of garlic pepper that I usually put in everything. If making a big bowl you might wanat to use a larage onion or two small or more peppers depending what you like or want.

    Then, just mix that around really good and add your canned veggies. I always double at least the veggies (esp what you have or like the most). It calls for 2 cans of green beans (cut), at least one each of garbanzo beans (chic peas), red kidney beans, and waxed beans). I usually add at least two of each IF I am making a big bowl to bring someplace and 3 or 4 cans of gr beans .

    It goes a long way, and lasts quite awhile. I usually also do not have to make more marinade.
    Stir well, taste to see if you need any more seasoning. Stir and refrigerate at least 4 hours or more. The longer it cools the better, and you might also take it out of the refrig. a few times to coat the veggies with the marinade.

    Joan - so sorry that you had so much problems with your post.

    Pippi - you are absolutely right. I thik many times people act that way and ignore sick peoplc cause they care and do not know what to do or how to react. Your mom sounds like a dear !
    IF you are making that salad fora ayour self you might just add i can of each or whateaver you like best and 1/3 c of oils and vinegars if just for you.

    Georgia - It must be something to have that gift. No, I do not have it and usually can't remember my dreams either - boring ! Hope you find Mr. M's friend you dreampt of and that he is OK.

    Hi to Mickey,Jole, Rock and Rocky too (and everydobby else). Have to go and gaet ready to go to my choir party. Hope they will eat alot of my salads. It usually goes pretty well but not sure how many of our group will be there or not. I made a huge bowl and after it cooled some I mixed it around and put some of it in another smaller bowl and made an even smaller bowl for DH as he won't be going.

    Have a wonderful weekend everydobby. I have to go to a workshop tomorrow for 3 hours in the morning at church. I hope I can sit for that long and go without having to "go" if you know what I mean.

    Hugs to awl !


  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    No coffin, no obit!

    That's how I want it. It's all written down in my "dead box", w/my paperwork. I don't even want a death notice in the papers.
    (And I told my family what I want & don't want, so they'll know.)

    I decided on cremation. & I picked out a really cool urn. It's on the closet shelf, in the dead-box, too.

    As for obits: If somebody has nice things to say about me, well heck! I'd like to be around to hear it myself! LOL!

    I wrote see-ya-later letters to a few friends, & sealed, addressed, & stamped them (with the "forever" stamp, of course!), & put those in the box, too.

    I don't find it morbid or depressing in the least!
    Now that it's all arranged, I never hafta think about it again. :)

    I know many peeps (WAAAAY too many) who are so freaked out by the very topic, that they won't stay in the room, if anyone even says the word "dead". Of course, they don't have wills, or any arrangements... Which I think is somewhere between irresponsible & stoopit.

    I think it's because I don't have kids, that it took me so long to figure out what was bugging Mom...

    Granni: Picky-little-me doesn't like vinegar either... So much for bean salad of any number (Number of beans, I mean. There seems to be a number-of-beans debate going on. LOL!)

    Nap time! C Ya Later!

  18. lilaclover30

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    Just for the heck of it, I went onto Fibro. Too many deep and negative things there! I opened quite a few and I didn't really care for what I read. There were a few that seemed to be OK but I am much happier here with all of you - we think, we have a good time, we can tell others our personal and physical problems. Others don't tear one another down. Even some of the threads got too deep for me right now! We can laugh (Rock will see to that), we can sing, we can cry. I am much happier here at what seems like "home".

    Pip: Your plans are fine - plan what feels the best for you. The letters are great - give friends and family a final and up-beat good-bye. My best to you for your planning. Did you say that your urn is attractive!

    nite, nite and supper time for me,

  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Sorry if I got too intense or depressing for some, with the things I was talking about.

    That wasn't my intention at all.

    I plan to be around for a very long time, AND to have great grand FUN at every opportunity!!!!!!!

    Luv 2 Everydobby & G'Nite!

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    here is same procedure for everyone who passes on…the buddhist priest is called…along with a couple of others if one can afford it, they pray and according to The priest a date is picked out for cremation. Whoever comes to pay condolences is Fed and watered. Whoever is able accompanies the family and priests to cremation ground where more prayers are held. Everybody has to be fed and watered again,.

    The bones of the deceased are handed over to family to be scattered in running water. Those who can afford it will hold prayers with the monks in their home seven times, once a week. And a huge prayer ceremony on the last day 49th day that is. The last prayer ceremony is held one year to the death of the person. And invitations sent out to everyone
    One knows to come eat.

    As you can see its very very taxing on the pockets. One of the things I hate about my
    Culture. After all, if the person deserves it, he she is going to a good place with or without prayers. If he she has been less than good, or has been hurtful, they will have another round to learn their lessons.

    Joan – ive been peeking into CFS board for the heck of it..but am not going to post anything. One will just get worked up. I don’t need that. Its nice to see you coming into the porch and sharing more frequently these days. Missed you when you were MIA.

    Granni – hope you enjoy yourself at the workshop. Three hrs is a long time. I would
    Be very fidgety. Im sure everyone is going to enjoy that 4 bean salad.

    Jole – have a good time with the family. How is your DH doing these days?

    Mickey – man, I wish I could have become a millionaire at 40 like that Eli guy.
    That was a lot of things you did early in the morning! If i would of done all that, rest assured
    yu would ve found me laying in bed whole rest of morning, lol!

    Georgia – I hope you will keep an eye on Grandpas friend. Scary to dream stuff.
    I took my son to the monastery around last week because I woke up sweating
    From a dream in which he got bitten in the eye by a snake. I hadn’t been watching
    Any snake programmes on tv either. And here it denotes bad luck like enemies/sickness.

    Today he goes to two parties, one to a freshers welcome at his current school.
    Another to a reunion at his old school. Both organized by schools so I shouldn’t
    Be worrying too much but….

    Oh, I heard spirits and ghosts are different….spirits are souls of departed people
    Who come back from the other dimension to check on their loved ones or a familiar place….ghosts are those unwilling to move on from this plane and are stuck here all
    the time.

    Julie – hope you have a really good time at the zoo. 500 pieces of glassware!!! Im a lover of crystal but I know I couldn’t take care of those many pieces besides not having the
    space for all that. I have a pretty crystal lotus with hints of rainbow colour in it, and
    A clear crystal tortoise which I love. I would love to come see your FILs collection tho.
    Must be a feast for the eyes.

    Teacher – I had bought a recipe for children…a very easy to cook book whch I thought
    Id use for making tea time goodies….for my kids..alas, it is gathering dust somewhere.
    Im still waiting for the motivation and energy to try those out. I normally cook dinner from the recipe books I have. But these days I have stuck to normal usual fare.

    Rock – I once saw a tv cook programme where the host joins a French family for
    A meal and they eat live snails …….or some sort of live creature with dressing.
    Just freaked me out. Maybe the French are now getting so civilized theyre turned full
    Circle and going back to eating live creatures. The host was spluttering …..”but…
    But………..theyre …liiiiiiiiiiiivve!”

    Yesterday I was able to’ Resist a Temptation.’ Took me some self control I can tell you.
    What was this temptation? I went to the supermarket for groceries and resisted buying
    A movie bollywood magazine. I normally indulge. Although I regret it later. One can
    Get a nice half kilo of mangoes for that money. And I opted for the mangoes. Im trying
    To tighten my belt this month. Seems like I did a lot of personal shopping. My clothes & two birthdays cames ups so im trying to stay within me budget.

    Had the good fortune to catch a travel show on Scotland, Edinburgh last night..the big castle is sooooooo beautiful and sinister against the gloomy scottish sky...and their pubs with the bagpipers....oh..heaven.

    Love you all, porchies, MIAs, lurkers, peekers, booers everydobbys whos anydobbys who comes by

    God Bless

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